Australian Fires – Astrology Predictions

How do the 2020 Australian fires show up in astrology predictions, using the five different horoscopes we have for the nation? Will PM Scott Morrison last in 2020? And is this the new summer?

Astrology Predictions – The 2020 Fires in Australia

You don’t have to be an astrologer or psychic to know that every summer brings terrible bushfires to Australia. I spend about half the year in this country, and have a fire plan, and a fire kit – as most of us do, who live in the bush or on the coast.

I’ve had questions from so many readers in January 2020 about these new, devastating fires. You want to know if Prime Minister Scott Morrison will last, given international as well as national criticism of his government’s handling of the tragedy. I recently held a workshop in Sydney where some of you also asked if the Governor-General would dismiss him as PM.

Why is Everyone So Divided Over Scott Morrison?
The last election in Australia was held on a Full Moon. The Sun clashed with the Moon, across Taurus and Scorpio, the economy signs. (Also the signs of huge bills, like those currently coming from the catastrophe in Australia). I ran this prediction on 5th of April 2018, just before the nation voted. It was always going to be about money. And always divisive!

The Liberal Party leadership has an overload of Taurus and Scorpio men, to make matters worse. You might also have seen this prediction, that the 2018 election would be about ‘coal or koalas’. Well, that has now had a heartbreaking outcome.

4xndhf0na y 600x400 - Australian Fires - Astrology Predictions

Big Answers! Liberal Spill for Leadership in 2020

We are going to see a crisis within the Liberal party in 2020 with a spill, unless everyone can switch direction and unite at the last moment. The threat of the spill will come rapidly and it’s a make-or-break moment for Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

We’ll see the #LibSpill2020 threat when the Australian economy is hit by foreign trade storms and a new global financial crisis.

Absolute Chaos in February and March 2020

We are also going to see absolute chaos in politics in Australia, starting with Mercury Retrograde on Monday 3rd February and ending Monday 30th March. PM Scott Morrison was given the job on Mercury Retrograde! This is my statement on that, here. It was always going to be a ‘wobbly path’ for him. He could easily come off his bike, February and March 2020.

The Astrology of Scott Morrison

There is no point in casting a horoscope for the controversial Prime Minister, as he has no verified birth time. Yet, we can look at up to five horoscopes for Australia as a nation and see the same pattern.

From a previous feature: “This is a nation with many ‘birthdays’ and birth certificates. We get to choose from 26th January 1788, 7th February 1788, 1st January 1901 and 9th May 1901. Finally – the most interesting Australia astrology chart of all – the one set for 27th May 1967 when Aboriginal Australians won a landslide referendum in favour of equality.”

The Governor-General, the Royal Family and Australia

January 2020 is critical for the relationship between Australia, the Royal Family and the Governor-General. Remember, this is where the ultimate power lies (and it was how Gough Whitlam was sacked in The Dismissal of 1975). In January 2020 Her Majesty the Queen is at a critical point in her relationship with Australia, as is Prince Charles, her successor, by January 31st, 2020. I am writing this on January 7th, so it’s weeks into the future. So is this a constitutional crisis or something else?

February-March 2020 Mercury Madness – Possible Scenarios
If the Senate blocks supply on this Mercury Retrograde, the country grinds to a halt. Yet – what if Australia sees no end to these fires? Or more leaders on holiday when the country burns? As I write this on January 7th 2020, we have already seen hell. What if this does not stop? Perhaps, then, the Senate will trigger a crisis, to call a halt to a crisis.

Cyclones and Flash Flooding, February 2nd until March 30th, 2020

Australia will experience a heavy cyclone and flash flooding risk, during Mercury Retrograde. This begins close to Sunday 2nd February and ends near Monday 30th March. There will be piped and tank water shortages, but ironically, floods as well.

The Second Mercury Retrograde and Australia
We also have a second Mercury Retrograde from Tuesday 2nd June until Monday 27th July. It takes place in Cancer, which rules property, land, families, the national identity, homes and other issues relevant to Climate Emergency fires. Mercury is a symbol of paperwork, negotiation, information, communication and transportation. Retrograde (or appearing to go backwards) in Cancer, this planet suggests a messy period in the aftermath of Australian fires – in astrology.

Watch the Senate and Watch Zali Steggall

We are moving out of the old Age of Capricorn and into the New Age of Aquarius around the world, in slow stages. By December 2020, the new rebirth is complete. Aquarius phases in astrology are about global community, one world thinking, humanitarian values, diversity and equality.

How to vote for Zali Screen png 424x600 - Australian Fires - Astrology PredictionsThis suits the Senate of Australia and its big spread of independents, men, women and politicians from the right and left. I would watch Zali Steggall during the chaos of February, March 2020. Will she cross the floor? Are we seeing a No Confidence Motion?

Aquarius is not about the old two-party system. No, not at all. Australia seems extremely likely to be the ‘test’ country for a new way of leadership which is inclusive and diverse. Remember, Steggall ran on climate change and defeated the former Prime Minister, coal-loving Tony Abbott!

Is the chaos of February-March productive, then? Are we going to see the very start of a radical new ‘blend’ of power, involving the Greens, Labor, independents and perhaps rebels in the Liberal party? That would fit the astrology really well. The Capricorn Age was old white men in suits. The Aquarius Age is – a collection of minorities.

Chaotic Mercury Retrograde Weather in February-March 2020

The chaos from the fires is not going away. We are going to see Mercury Retrograde in Pisces (water supply, dams, water shortages) from Tuesday 4th February until Monday 30th March. I wish it wasn’t so, but this is a dangerous period for Australia. Country towns are running out of water now.

Why Australia Will Change Political Direction in 2021

The new one-world thinking (Aquarius) is coming just before Christmas 2020. A fantastic Christmas present for everyone troubled by Climate Emergency. The year 2021 is when Australia abandons the old Capricorn age of ‘total power from the top down’ and embraces horizontal power, shared equally, by politicians who represent diversity and equality. Not white. Not male.

Fires 1 540x600 - Australian Fires - Astrology Predictions

Let’s turn to astrologer Margaret Hone, peering at the sign of Aquarius, seven decades into the future. As Principal of the Faculty of Astrological Studies between 1954 and 1969, in London, she was hard to beat.

This does not sound like the old choice between ‘Labour and the Conservatives’ or ‘Labour and the Liberals’ or ‘Republicans and Democrats.’ Rebellions within the parties themselves are an issue.

“Aquarius: Detached acquaintance-Free Thinking-Revolutions and rebellions” was Margaret Hone’s verdict in her 1950’s classic, The Modern Textbook of Astrology. Based on that, I would bet heavily on blocked supply, crossed floors, no-confidence motions or similar radical politics in Australia, February-March.

The Dismissal of 1975 and the Spirit of Gough Whitlam

At my Sydney workshop in January 2020, we tried Bibliomancy – the art of choosing a book at ‘random’ and finding a line inside, to answer a question. Our question was – will there be a repeat of The Dismissal in 2020? We were all rather interested in this book, Whit, by Iain Banks, which shows smoke on the cover (fires) and the ABC-TV logo sideways. I am sure you can see the other clue in the title – WHIT(LAM). How would you interpret this piece of bibliomancy, below? You can see the Aquarius logo at the bottom too!

Whit by Iain Banks - Australian Fires - Astrology Predictions

Australia and Water Supply in 2020 – and Religion, Too

Watch February for deeper controversy over religion in Australia and PM Morrison’s own religious beliefs. Why? Pisces weather. It has always been the sign to link with Christianity. Pisces also obviously rules water and issues like dams, water sales to foreign buyers, cleanliness of water supply and so on, dominate February. Watch for a major media episode with Morrison’s church.

The Scott Morrison Astrology Chart – Sworn In

We really miss the brilliant astrologer Ed Tamplin at times like this, because of his work on Australia and its destiny. The data for the swearing-in of Scott Morrison as Prime Minister shows these patterns. There are alarm bells ringing here. There is a second chart (see Comments) but Ed’s choice is not a bad one to begin with. What I am seeing here is not just the lid blowing off Morrison’s career – there may be actual physical and structural issues with Kirribilli (The Lodge) or within Canberra itself – Parliament House. Those of you who are astrologers can get a lot from this chart.

Scott Morrison was sworn in on 24th August 2018 at 6.13pm in Canberra

Saturn at 2 Capricorn, Uranus at 2 Taurus, Sun at 1 Virgo is one to watch – that’s a hotspot at 1, 2 degrees.

We should also be looking at this Aquarius pattern: South Node at 5 Aquarius, Moon at 7 Aquarius

Australia – the Aquarius Nation in the New Age of Aquarius

Born (constitutionally) in February and (popularly) on 26th January, Australia is an Aquarius nation, either way. This is the sign of the water-bearer. The recurring image of koalas drinking from water bottles held by humans, has become a sign of the times in climate emergency Australia. The ABC News on January 25th, 2018 broadcast this image from Adelaide. Now, look at the classic 19th century astronomical map of Aquarius. A different kind of water-bearer!

ABC News January 25 2018 Adelaide  600x338 - Australian Fires - Astrology Predictions

Wikimedia Commons 600x420 - Australian Fires - Astrology Predictions

Australia – the Astrology of 2020 from March to December

If January is about the relationship between Australia and Her Majesty the Queen, and February is about water supply, how does the rest of the year look? Let’s race around the five horoscopes we have for the nation and see.

  • March – Australia in a war of words with the rest of the world over PM Scott Morrison’s Climate Emergency denial. Green wars. This is a furious month with media and social media battles and the Greens in Australia will also be at the heart of the conflict. The Greens may be divided between blocking supply (chaos!) and keeping things intact.
  • April – The country finds herself caught in legal issues and justice is done – this may be class action lawsuits. The High Court may be called in. The NSW Rural Fires Act, 1997 set out a very clear responsibility for ministers and officials. We could easily see a constitutional crisis resolved then, but also farmers, firefighters and homeless families – taking steps.
  • May – The focus on marriage, civil partnership, common-law marriage (de facto relationships), gender, sexuality and the personal aspects of the nation’s private life, gives us all a diversion. Unfortunately fires are still burning in May 2020. This is never over. A ‘hot romance’ involving a politician is another diversion.
  • June – Australia’s relationship with Great Britain and PM Boris Johnson is centre-stage as her old mother country is caught up in post European Union debates about free trade, visas, residency and so on. Mercury Retrograde! Expect a long waiting game. PM Johnson has obviously taken a strong stand on climate change. What does his Australian ally say?
  • July – Steady economic growth and good employment remind people that Liberal governments are devoted to the bottom line, jobs, wages and that a huge part of their support base is working-class. Climate Emergency debate is taking a back seat then.

Australia Alone – the Second Half of 2020

  • August – Australia alone. At this point in the year the world is beginning to come together far more on strong measures for 2021 and a united front, on Climate Emergency. This may be because the USA Democrats and their Green New Deal are rising. There are tremendous questions in August about religion, as well.
  • September – Again, the PM Boris Johnson ‘dangle’ over life beyond the European Union affects Australia too. This particular ‘special relationship’ (remember Her Majesty the Queen prevails) will be in sharp focus again as Downing Street is caught up.
  • October – Australia is back to the water issue again in October. Water supply, drought, water quality and also fish stock depletion. Climate Emergency issues from The Great Barrier Reef to ocean pollution and over-fishing begin to dominate.
  • November – This is a really interesting month as it’s American election time. What we’re seeing is Uranus in Taurus kicking in. This is Green New Deal thinking on world trade. Australia will be making major choices about economy and the environment.Unknown - Australian Fires - Astrology Predictions
  • December – A woman rises enormously in importance. This may be Penny Wong or another strong leader. This is a fascinating month when ‘the green economy’ really starts to kick in. This woman is a feminist. Is this her, on the cover of The Monthly? 


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39 Responses

  1. Thank you Jessica,

    This has been an utterly heartbreaking time. I’ve spent the last few days utterly heart -broken, but wondering if the rather amazing Celeste Barber’s fundraising; someone using her authentic, real influence for the common ‘global’ good has one friggin incredible chart? Her role in single-handly, getting awareness into the hearts and souls of others globally was nothing short of breathtaking. Was this a moment the star’s aligned, her calling to something bigger? Or, was it something more in the global collective with people so fed up with the denial of climate change that triggered this outpouring?

    It does gives me hope of the Aquarian power of the people and our ability to work together across boundaries in realtime to help and effect change, even if it’s only money to help in the re-build.


    While this is tragic reading that this is set to get worse, I thank you for your honesty and for helping us prepare emotionally to support our fellow Australians and other family around the world, in similar circumstances.

    1. Isn’t Celeste Barber astonishing? She has saved Australians, along with her generous, generous supporters. Literally saved their lives. Her name is astrology code. Saturn is the planet shown by the scythe or sickle – he cut down his father, Uranus, who was the sky god. So, ‘celestial barber’ is really the universe talking to us. She’s just played Saturn and she’s released a new world for us. She did it on the historic, approaching Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. First and last time in her life. Thank you so much for your message. Australia will be a different country from Christmas 2020 but it starts now. The old Capricorn age is crumbling as we speak.

  2. Hi Jessica

    Thanks again for a great workshop yesterday! I didn’t understand my cards because I was applying them to me personally but today I went through your tarot book and realise the cards belong to the PM. The card I pulled for the present was the Eight of Cups, a man walking away with his back turned to the 8 states and territories of Australia. The moon was looking tentative and obscuring the sun, so there is something hidden. The man is wearing red shoes, which reminded me of Dorothy, “there’s no place like home” and our homes are burning!

    Then the card I had for the rest of the year was the Nine of Cups, a smug looking man sitting in front of a curtain and all is not yet revealed. The 10 cups, like ten green bottles sitting on the wall, if one green bottle should accidentally fall….

    The last card I pulled was the Justice card, which may need no explanation!

    Of course my chart (I’m quite Cancerian) and these cards may tell a different to you but it really feels so relevant to our nation.


    1. Thank you so much, Sharlene – and for coming along to the first Sydney workshop on such a hot, hot day. I am so fascinated that your Tarot card was about PM Scott Morrison. I know the card really well, it is the Eight of Cups that Pamela Colman Smith created to immortalise an eclipse in Britain, in the year 1909. Would you believe, we have another eclipse due in Australia now! Your card is amazing. I like the red shoe interpretation too. I think you are seeing your life, on one level, but definitely the nation on the other. Justice sounds to me like a class action lawsuit or perhaps what the group was speculating about in Sydney – The Dismissal II. Wow!

  3. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for taking the time to write this insightful article. Everyone I talk to is upset about Scumo’s (not a typo!) behaviour over the last few weeks and the general lack of leadership. I was wondering if there would be another Dismissal as the public seem to want it and I think the “man” has lost all respect and credibility here and internationally. Too little too late. There is a great interview by Josh Szeps on ABC Radio Sydney with Greg Mullins, the former NSW Fire Commissioner, about the bushfire response. It is worth looking up and listening to.

    It’s great to know there will be changes afoot as a result of this disaster but it is a shame it has to come as a result of this devastation. I hope we adopt more of the indigenous fire management practices and see more acceptance and sharing of old knowledge and be the stronger for it.

    Looking forward to your talk in Sydney next weekend.



    1. Thank you Fran. A bad Taurus is often miserly – mean, cheap, tight – and in Australia of course ‘scummy’ is the word used. PM Morrison has been a bad Taurus. When I think about the volunteer firefighters waiting for $6000 at the end of the month, after they were prepared to lay down their lives – don’t get me started! (My father Mike Adams was a volunteer Fire Brigade Captain in Australia – Leo!) It looks like we will all have an incredible astrology/tarot/psychic session in Sydney next Saturday. Let’s see what the hive mind can produce.

  4. Hi Jessica

    Wiki has Scott Morrison as a Taurus born 13th May 1968. You mentioned he is a Capricorn in this article. Given that he is a Taurus, and given that this year has begun not only as Australia’s Annus horribulus but seemingly Morrison’s, would you say that Uranus has a hand in his bad unfortunate choices. I mean the man cannot do anything right and he is getting hung out to dry for everything he says. There is no coming back from this for him.

    Once the dreaded 22 degrees moves out of Saturn, should we not expect some relief from the drought/fires? After the 3 degree orb?


    Tiny Dancer

    1. Tiny, thank you. We know PM Scott Morrison is a Sun Taurus, but he is a Capricorn type/symbol (the goat at the top of the mountain) and those elite goats who look down on everyone, are going to crash – although it may be the mountain (the structure of government or the Liberal party) which crashes first. I am afraid Australia is going to run out of water or have huge water/dam supply issues in February. I wish it was different. We can’t let up. And we have to keep on working this, because it’s become obvious that politicians have failed.

      1. Jessica what do you think about the balance of the element of water swinging the other way when the yearly Pisces energy comes around in a few months? Personally I think that water supply/dam issues could mean we get some serious and unexpected flooding in some places which will add to the existing environmental devastation, as well as contamination of water supply because of destroyed infrastructure, pumps not working etc. The latter is already happening, but we don’t have any idea of the scope at present because we’re in the middle of a slow motion disaster. Also, would you please comment on the astro symbolism of the smoke haze that has more or less shut down Canberra and pushed it to the top of the table for the world’s worst air quality? Thank you so much for your insights and commentary. I am agog to see how it all pans out politically under these transits to Australia’s charts!

        1. You are a natural psychic, so thank you for your insights. I am going to add to the feature as you are correct. Flooding, water contamination and failing pump technology are part of the problem for Australia in February-March. We are beset by fire now, but when Mercury Retrograde is in Aquarius (the water-bearer) and then Pisces (fishing rivers and oceans) we will see the normal ‘flow’ disrupted. Canberra is an interesting one – I feel the actual offices and buildings, and perhaps the chambers, will be under threat. Nothing like that to make politicians wake up.

          1. Thank you Jessica, I look forward to reading your addenda. (BTW I was the one who posted the links to both petitions as well, I didn’t check to see if I had maintained the same username, sorry for any confusion.) I live in one of the areas which is drought affected and was hit by fire in November. The nearest main town to us has started carting water and is on emergency rations and the local Manning River, which is the source of supply for the entire region, has silted up at one of its two entrances and has stopped flowing at its headwaters. We only have a small dam storage which is taken from the river and it will be at emergency level in February if it doesn’t rain. Authorities want to pump water from nearby bores newly sunk into the aquifer, and supplement with a portable desalination plant. Projections for yield have been optimistic from the aquifer. Personally, I cannot see how small townships all over the area and country can survive on this and carted water at a cost of 10,000 dollars a day, ultimately borne by us, the rate payers. Firstly there is a limit as to how much people can be charged for services by council, and secondly, the entire continent is short of water and it all has to come from somewhere. What this will all lead to I think is an incremental breakdown of the centralised system of infrastructure on which we are currently dependent – because it is clearly not sustainable or logistically possible to maintain such arrangements at a widespread/national level – and so this will ultimately spread upward to physical and symbolic manifestations of the machinery of government not being able to function once the parliamentary year resumes. This process has already begun, with government departments responsible for disaster management and health having to close their doors and/or relocate. I was reading today that experts do not expect the smoke to clear from Canberra until the fires literally stop burning, which could take months!

          2. Everything you are talking about here is ‘real world’ Australia and there is so much denial going on at the top. You will be pleased to hear that the astrology is suggesting breakdown of old structures, to be replaced by much better new structures. January is intense because of the breaking down part…transformation and turnaround later. Carting water belongs to the 20th century as does climate emergency denial (the denial of science, actually). It might seem like a long way off, but actually, the seed of future growth and improvement is in what is there now. What you are actually waiting for is April, and the first of the life-changing, planet-changing Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions. Thank you for your information and link. I have a lot of readers from around the world looking at this feature and you are reporting it from the ground up.

          3. You’re welcome Jessica, I’m glad I can make a difference providing some detail here to let people around the world know what is going on. I am a Cancer with Sun 8 degrees and Mercury 18 degrees, Moon 6 Libra and Uranus 9 Libra. My angles sit at the first degree of Aries and Capricorn, so I guess I’m responding to the Capricorn transits in a new way as they play out in my ‘public’ sector!. I have studied astrology my whole life and have had some professional practice, so I like to keep myself tuned into the bigger picture. I also have Mars and node in Aquarius in my networking sector, so to my mind these have been real sleeper issues in many ways, and the message needs to get out there so collective action can be taken. I have been following developments for a good few years now – thank heavens it’s now all hit the headlines in a major way, and hopefully for the better in the longer term. Just this morning I read that there will likely be shortages of some dairy products (Ceres) as a result of these disasters, and then I saw this about the longer term impact on the overall aquatic ecology:

  5. Hi All, it’s devastating to read about the fires and be far away in Germany unable to do anything.
    I’ve meditated yesterday and took some of the heat energy from the fire out and channeled it into warming camps if refugees that are freezing at European night. It’s redirecting energy in the end.
    Maybe someone wants to join me. We all can fix this, let’s not wait for the government.
    Love you all

    1. It is so lovely to hear from you, all the way over in Germany. It is raining tonight in Sydney so helping a little – there were prayers said by people from all religions this weekend. Prayer and meditation is proven to work. And I agree, we can all fix this, we do not need to wait for PM Scott Morrison, or President Donald Trump, or China, or anyone else. The astrology says this kind of thinking is starting in a small way now and will actually change the world in 2021.

  6. Hi Jessica

    Happy New Year and looking forward to your workshop on Saturday.

    I am so glad you have published this blog. My family and I have just come back from a week on the South Coast and it was a life changing experience. Seeing first hand the scorched earth, the dead or dying animals, the scared humans was very confronting to say the least. But beside feeling scared at times (we were without power, fuel, food and telephone reception for two days), I was overwhelmed with anger and hope.

    Let me explain: anger at how we have ignored all the warning signs for decades and how our goverment in Australia has continued to deny what nature, animals, scientists and our fire chiefs were warning us would come and HOPE that this catastrophe would show the world that it was time for a swift, united and global action on climate change. Out of this suffering will come the action we have been waiting for decades.

    I have had several visions about a female Prime Minister for Australia … labour and this before the end of 2020 so I was super happy for you to also predict this with your wonderful astrology. 2020 is going to be very hard for Australia but it will be the turning point and allow our country to be reborn like a Phoenix!

    Many thanks


    1. Thank you Natalie. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. You should talk to us all about what you experienced on the South Coast so please come and say hello. I am terribly sorry you were put through the awful experience of seeing dead and dying animals. And you had no resources for two days, in that unbearable heat. I can’t even begin to imagine what you must be feeling, although I guess you know the astrology is as plain as day. Severe Capricorn-Cancer ‘weather’ in January, and Cancer rules your home, family, homeland. Capricorn is right opposite, and we have this bleak line-up there with Saturn and Pluto and Ceres and the rest! I am very pleased you are seeing a female PM. Now, what is really interesting is that Julie Bishop has popped up again. We’ll have a lot to talk about when we all meet in Sydney!

  7. Hi Jessica

    Recently there has been a people’s movement due to these bush fires, only have to see Celeste Barber mobilise her instagram and FB followers worldwide to raise over $15m in a few days, to acts of activism in the form of call out to bombard local MP’s with letters for action, to so much more community action (whilst almost none to inadequate from our federal Government). I’m grateful for this people power mobilisation. Though the months leading up to the end of things seem slow and still full of crappy things .. thank you for the month to month predictions.

    How do you see the Iran escalation play out? Seem the Republicans are gearing up for a potential war .. on the other hand, may it mean an end of the totalitarian Iranian government? This wasn’t the good news I think anyone was hoping for right into so early 2020.

    Thank you

    1. Shaolee, I wrote a prediction two years ago called The Capricorn Effect about January 2020, which was about the end of power from the top down, and the start of power across horizontally. So this is part of it. I also posted a prediction about Iran quite a long time ago and for the same reasons. A head rolling, and the start of people power horizontally, not from the top down. My bigger concern is North Korea. I wish it wasn’t so. This is all based on comparing the different astrology charts, of course…

      1. Hi Jessica,

        Fascinating, I will search the forums on your Iran (and N. Korea, who I had completely forgotten about in fact) predictions.

        I hope you’ll do another update of the predictions you’ve seen come to pass so far, I find those so fascinating to read!


    1. Thank you so much. Now that’s fascinating.Guess you’ve just seen Jennifer Aniston reading out Russell Crowe’s statement on climate change and the Australian fires too. Things are moving.

      1. I believe Zali Steggall will be at the heart of the chaos in Canberra which begins in the opening days of February and is resumed in March. Depending on the choices she makes, she could be right at the centre of a massive change in Australian politics, commencing Christmas 2020.

      1. Thank you. The Dismissal (Mark Two) would be a shocking outcome for Australia, but then – we are living in times which are not business as usual, nor will ever be ‘business as usual.’ We certainly have two chaotic periods this year. One in February-March. The next, due after the end of the financial year in Australia. I will be in Great Britain then, but be watching closely.

  8. Hello Jessica,

    I’m intrigued and agree that there will be a leadership spill for the Liberals this year. The climate change denial from members in his party will certainly cause chaos within it. This is because most of the public now rightly agree that global warming is behind these devastating bush fires and they will certainly put pressure on Morrison and his extreme right-wing fools to create policies for the environment. And I can see there being in-fighting with the believers and disbelievers in his party whether to have climate policies.

    There is actually another swearing-in chart for Morrison for after he won the May 18 2019 election. He was sworn in on May 29, 2019 at 9.34 a.m. Canberra.

    For this chart there is a 7 deg Gemini Sun and a 10 deg Cancer Ascendant. Interesting as the July 2019 Solar Eclipse conjuncts it. Mars is in the 12th house at 8 deg Cancer and conjuncts Ascendant. The 7th house has Pluto 22, Saturn 19 and South Node 18 in Capricorn.

    I find this chart very hostile, especially with those heavy planets in the 7th house and with Mars on the ascendant. Little wonder there were police raids on journalists not long after the election. And also, no surprise that Morrison and his government are no longer in good books with the public because of his lack of leadership during the fire disaster and their lack of climate policies.

    Here is the link to the second swearing-in-chart which is on the site.

    Thanks for the interesting article and Happy New Year. I cannot wait until December 2020 when this heavy Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn transit is gone and replaced with humanitarian Aquarius planets. Mother earth will be a lot happier with Aquarius and no more men in suits ignoring her.

    1. Thank you so much, JC. The second swearing-in chart is terrific. So, apart from Ed Tamplin’s first record, we have something to compare. The Sun at 7 Gemini is of course Rupert Murdoch (Gemini the journalism/media sign and The Sun is literally his British newspaper). That is now under exact transit from Jupiter at 7 Capricorn, the North Node at 7 Cancer, the South Node at 7 Capricorn. Police raids on journalists are also shown by that Gemini Sun. And now, also, proposed cuts to the ABC, which has been keeping Australians alive, in the bush and on the coast, with its incredible news feed. Mars at 8 Cancer is very close, isn’t it? When you say ‘Mother Earth’ you are articulating just that, Cancer being the sign to rule mothers. Hideous though January, February, March, April and the first half of May are – we will see massive reform with Australia’s media soon. And the strain on Mother Earth ends in May, as well. I don’t think anyone who was at my Sydney Astrology and Tarot workshop would be too shocked if the lid blew off the Scott Morrison government. We literally had the lid almost blow off the coffee urn when we were talking about it. And this would seem to be physically about his home, actually, or Government House. So it’s the building, reflecting the internal issues. Let’s watch.

      1. The country so needs media reforms and I really hope that the Gemini Sun 7 deg brings it on. I turned on a certain talk-back radio station this morning and couldn’t believe my ears. The announcer and his listeners – still putting down climate-change supporters such as Labor leader Albo who did an interview.

        It was the same old argument – nothing’s changed their opinion – not even the fires. You get the same old ‘there has always been wild fires in Australia’s history.’ What’s more they are blaming the Greens for the lack of back burning.

        They fail to see that all the back burning under the sun won’t alter the record heat or the drought-created dryness.

        Climate change should be apolitical like it is in the UK. Why can’t an independent climate agency be set up which creates the policies, not the politicians?

        Would you believe that Tony Abbott calls climate change ‘a cult’. This from a Rhodes Scholar!

        I go by the science and the scientific consensus from respected scientists, as well as the fire chiefs, is that climate change is real.

        I also resent those commentators who label those who agree with climate change and call them ‘lefties’. i’m not a Lefty or a Righty – I dislike Stalin and union thugs as much as I dislike Hitler and right-wing extremists. I also go by commonsense and it is common sense to back the scientists.

        I think the climate denial has a lot to do with money. I was at a party where I spoke to a lady who has an environmental science degree and she told us how her dad who is an accountant, and doesn’t believe in climate change, constantly argues with her about it. I was at another Christmas do where another accountant was going off about those who link the fires with climate change. The logic with these money people is that if there are carbon policies in Australia, the country will be economically ruined and that those policies won’t alter the climate whatsoever.

        But what these money people fail to see is that if the environment, which is our home, is ruined and uninhabitable, what good would money and a surplus be?

        I needed to vent this. Thanks for the forum Jessica. 🙂

        1. I think most readers who have been writing in, about the catastrophe in Australia, and also the flooding in Venice, are completely in agreement. Science is not something we should argue with, but people always will. (For whatever reason). At one point, cigarettes were part of normal life and there was massive resistance to the anti-smoking lobby. Anyone who is denying climate emergency is a dinosaur waiting for a cliff, from an astrologer’s viewpoint! We have known this ‘New Age of Aquarius’ was coming for decades and always wondered how it would come to pass. Well, it’s going to be global unity in the face of fire and flood emergency. It rolls in stages, as we are seeing now, and Australia is the ‘carrier’ because she’s an Aquarian country, no matter if you use the February or January 1778 chart for her. This global group ‘swell’ intensifies in February when Ceres goes into Aquarius, then becomes serious in March, when Saturn goes into Aquarius. Crucially from December, when Jupiter goes into Aquarius, we are likely to see a pro-global action American President. At that point all the dots will join up! Until then stay angry and keep signing, writing, marching. People power requires that kind of energy.

  9. Such an interesting article, especially the visual image of the koala and the ancient water bearer, as well as the Ian Banks cover art. Fascinating…
    Just another thought for female leadership Sagittarius Tanya Plibersek…?
    Love your work 🙂 Fascinating

    1. Thank you so much. The punt on a female leader was likely Pauline Hanson and her powerful preferences. The astrology was right, but I interpreted it the wrong way. Future female leadership in Australia is not in doubt, and we are looking at such a radical shift with Jupiter, Saturn and then Uranus in Aquarius we may even be talking about total abandonment of a two-party system after 2023…perhaps because we have to. Awful thought, but it’s there. Our Climate Emergency may demand it.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    Have you seen this? I know not Australia but definitely environmental good news. Your ‘neck of the woods’?

    All the best x

    Sussex bans fishing along coast to cut greenhouse emissions …
    Anonymous View
    1 day ago … Trawling has been banned along a 304 km2 stretch of Sussex coast after a campaign to save its kelp forests, backed by Sir David

    1. Thank you so much! You know, my yacht is moored in Brighton and we have regular Astrology and Tarot sessions on The Barge at Brighton Marina. I am absolutely thrilled that Sussex has banned trawling and is saving her kelp. Waving my cup of tea from Melbourne – off to Sussex soon!

      1. Hoped it might cheer you up a little bit after all the terrible heartbreaking things happening. You’ve helped me in the past so thank you! x

  11. Hi Jessica

    A very late comment and you might have already closed comments for this blog.

    But I attended yesterday the ‘Climate Act Now’ rally which was organised to draw support for the Climate Change bill due to be introduced on 23 March to parliament by Zali Steggall. I was very impressed not only by her but by the attendance of what could only be described as the Quiet Australian demographics. People in their 50s and 60s (and older), white, affluent, probably traditionally Liberal who would have really benefitted from the growth of the Australian economy in the last 30 years.

    I am also a member of the Australian Greens and Adam Bandt, the Australian Greens leader launched today the Climate Emergency Declaration Bill.

    Is this a sign that Climate change is finally creating change in Australia? What about Zali Steggall? She looks to me to have potential for the top job!

    Would really appreciate your feedback.

    xxx Natalie

    1. Thank you Natalie. That is a really interesting piece of information about something that will grow exponentially in December 2020, January 2021, and particularly February 2021. It will be fear of another horrendous summer of fires and heatwaves and water loss – of course – but there is also something astrologically important happening at the end of this year. Generation Aquarius rises to vote for the first time. They were born with Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius and Jupiter, Saturn and ultimately Pluto will also be in Aquarius. People power across all ages, genders, nationalities and social positions. You are ahead of your time. Zali Steggall is an Aries who has a massive choice to make about becoming a unique cross-party leader. She’s very special. The choice is hers but she could head a revolution in Australian politics that goes beyond the usual Labour, Green, Liberal-National Party selections and into something way more interesting. Today’s teenagers will swing it.

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