Impeachment Astrology Predictions 2020

Trump impeachment in astrology sees predictions for 2020 falling into line, two whole years after you first saw them here. Find out what's going to happen, why and when.

Impeachment Astrology Predictions

This is a date-stamped astrology prediction about the White House from December 26th, 2017. It was made specifically about the White House, November 2019 through January 2020 – exactly the time-frame of the President Donald Trump impeachment. This is an extract from a longer article, The Capricorn Effect, which also saw a crisis for the Royal Family. Astrology can and does work two years into the future. Remember, this was a long time before Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew.

Extract from December 26th, 2017 follows – you be the judge. What are we seeing here? Because it was written in the stars…

White House Wipe-Out?

igcbfrmd11i 600x391 - Impeachment Astrology Predictions 2020“Let’s zero in on the USA and Ceres which hits her chart November 2019 to January 2020…When we see Pluto and Ceres together like this in Capricorn near January 12th 2020 we are going to see the mother of all upheavals at the top. I use the word ‘mother’ advisedly because Ceres tends to put women front and centre. This is the White House, in the future. Which woman and which man? We don’t know.”

“At this point my fingers are itching for the Hillary Clinton horoscope, not to mention the Donald Trump horoscope, but as you may know, their birth data is far from being solid. (The latest and greatest example of this as I write in December 2017, is Trump’s birthday being out by an entire month, in a voting form he sent in to New York authorities – he authorised a July birthdate, which makes him a Cancerian!).”

“Let’s go without those charts, then, but look at what Ceres does to the American horoscope, which we do have solid data for. The United States is strongly Capricorn, with Mercury, Proserpina, the Sun, Ceres, Fortuna and Pluto himself in that sign. November 2019 through January 2020 is an historic period of negotiation between the U.S.A. and the rest of the world, cutting a new deal for her within the world order. It will necessarily involve the White House. It strikes at the heart of her 1776 constitution. It’s unforgettable.”

Presidents, Prime Ministers Step Down or Get Taken Down

Donald J Trump - Impeachment Astrology Predictions 2020“Starting in November 2019, but reaching a crisis in January 2020, we are going to see a promotion/demotion chain-reaction in corporations and governments, as Ceres moves through Capricorn alongside the other main players – her son-in-law Pluto and her other relatives Saturn and Jupiter. You’ll see Presidents, Prime Ministers and C.E.O’s step down or be rather heavily taken down by destiny.”

“We’ll see The System change. Just as Ceres and Pluto were at the heart of Solar System change in 2006, so 2020 will bring a transformation of what we might call the political establishment, and the big business ‘system’. Royal families are also a system, with a hierarchy which has the Queen or King at the top and the civil or public servants down the bottom. The aristocracy is part of that.”


Watch this Space – January 2020
Did you think Jeffrey Epstein was over? That it was just about a television interview with Prince Andrew and that all the other names constantly raised by the media, after his death, had vanished? No. Watch this space. And do read – The Capricorn Effect – to see why these cycles in the American horoscope were predicting the President would step down, or be taken down. There may be other events, quite apart from possible impeachment, other critical issues around the Epstein case, or still more X factors ahead – yet, this Capricorn era can and must peak in January 2020, as I write this update on a two-year-old forecast, on impeachment day: thanks to Astroscribe on Twitter for catching the time and date for those of you who want to set up charts: Impeachment took place, 8:51:50 pm on Wednesday 18th December 2019 in Washington, USA. 

How Capricorn Weather Produced Brexit, Hillary Clinton and Australian PM Scott Morrison

Jurgen Scheef Unsplash - Impeachment Astrology Predictions 2020Capricorn is the mountain goat at the top of the pile. The elite looking down on the many, if you like. This image is over 2000 years old and as we’ve seen extreme Capricorn weather since 2016 when President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, and the Leave vote defeated Remain in Great Britain – we’ve had huge global Capricorn problems.

Even the Climate Emergency-denying Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been part of this astrological phenomenon. So what it is all about? Well, beyond the actual politicians – it’s been about the system. This photograph by Jurgen Scheef at Unsplash shows both the mountain goats at the peak – and the system itself. The structure. That’s the mountain.


When the Few Dominate the Many

We’ve seen large numbers (the majority) down the middle and bottom of the mountain, being controlled by the few.

On 23rd June 2016, the majority of people in the United Kingdom, voted to leave the European Union by a margin of 1,269,501 votes. They didn’t get what they wanted. In fact, it has taken until December 2019, one referendum and two elections to finally become a reality under PM Boris Johnson. In Capricorn weather if the minority try to control the majority, they always lose.

Again, in 2016 (an extreme Capricorn weather year) the majority of people in the United States voted for Hillary Clinton to become the next President. She won by 2.9 million votes. The voters did not get what they wanted. Now, Trump is impeached. The Jeffrey Epstein crisis continues. When an elite minority direct the destiny of a majority, in Capricorn weather – they fall.

This is exactly what was predicted with astrology two years ago – Christmas 2017. System change and big takedowns.

The Really Big Mountain – 7.8 Billion People

Cassidy James Blaede Unsplash - Impeachment Astrology Predictions 2020The current world population is 7.8 billion and you and I are two of them. A small handful of leaders in China, India, the United States, Australia and other countries are in control of the temperature and rainfall – by their inaction. The more they fail to act on Climate Emergency, the faster we go towards a Climate Catastrophe, according to 11,000 scientists.

That is a big mountain (7.8 billion people) under the thumb of just a very small number of men. The Australian PM Scott Morrison is one of them. If the goats at the top of the mountain don’t do something, we all suffer beneath them.

This photograph by Cassidy James Blaede at Unsplash is terrific. If you can imagine for a moment that this is the Australian Prime Minister looking down on people – as the country burns – you’ll get a vivid image of the way he is seen by many protesters. This is a risky game to play for a leader. If you ‘do’ Capricorn in extreme Capricorn weather, you’re in trouble.

What Happens when Pluto and Saturn Unite in Capricorn?

We have not seen this pattern (exact in January 2020) in our lifetime. In astrology it’s known as a Pluto-Saturn conjunction. It will bring both system change (the mountain crumbles) and also goat exchange – top goats will be pushed off, jump off, or fall off. We don’t even need correct times, dates and places of birth for these politicians, to make that prediction.

Beyond actual people, we’re going to see the collapse of structures that are ‘bad’ Capricorn pyramids. It may be the voting system in the United States and Electoral College. It may be the ‘First Past the Post’ system in the United Kingdom. It will very likely be the United Nations, if it cannot force global action on Climate Emergency.

We can’t go into the New Age of Aquarius (global community) in December 2020 unless the shakiest mountains collapse and the most problematic goats jump, fall or are pushed. In astrology, all high-rise apartment towers and corporate skyscraper headquarters are ruled by Capricorn. So I’ll leave you with this image. (Unsplash/Neon Brand).

Trump Neon Brand e1577227261771 - Impeachment Astrology Predictions 2020

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33 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, this is fascinating; thank you. When you say that Trump will ‘step down, be taken down or others critical factors…’, are you potentially referring to a JFK ending? I’m curious to know especially since I had read that astrology doesn’t usually predict death.

    1. Astrology should not (and cannot) predict death but I have to be honest – it is one of the ways people are ‘Plutoed’ on this kind of cycle. Far more commonly, they resign or are sacked. This is an incredibly rare line-up we have not seen for 240+ years and Trump, as the President, is at the very heart of a massive take-down. We don’t even need his true birth time and date to know that!

  2. Jupiter in capricorn is( apparently) BULLISH not Bearish( as astrologers called it) . us stock market up 7% since October. No president will be removed with this slammming economy.

    1. Jupiter in Capricorn is accompanied by Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. So, while normally bullish, not bearish, this is a takedown and comedown waiting to happen. This is a house of cards set for a reshuffle.

  3. Jessica, please give us your astrology perspective on how justice will be served for the vile, greedy and corrupt cabal of (mostly) men who are currently controlling major global countries, economies and societies. Including but not limited to Trump. Is Jeffrey Epstein the key to all of this? I find it unusual how quickly the Epstein scandal disappeared after his supposed suicide. It made me ill to read what he and others did to these poor girls and young women. I hope there will be vinidcation for those that were affected. And justice.

    Thank you.

    1. Jeffrey Epstein has not gone away and neither has his address book. It is quite remarkable that Pluto in mythology was the abductor of Proserpina, a young girl. He took her away, against her mother’s will. Pluto in Capricorn, the sign of the elite at the top of high society, has given us this unbelievable story – and Prince Andrew, as everyone knows, is not exactly the only game in town. All I can really say to you is that the last time we saw this kind of cycle (Pluto and Jupiter in the same sign) was 1944, the beginning of the end of the dictators – Hitler, Hirohito, Mussolini. As you probably know, there is a film about Adolf’s end called ‘Downfall’ which is a Pluto word. I am not at all associating any particular person with Hitler or anyone else, but the fact is, Jupiter beats Pluto. It did in 1944 and this is in motion now, for late 2019-2020.

      1. Thank you for the perspective Jessica, – Merry Christmas and wishing you many blessings in the New Year 🙂

  4. In your article you state that Pluto is Ceres’ brother in law. He’s her son in law according to myth and I’m surprised to see this error.

  5. Hi Jessica.
    Any chance you could do an article on Scott Morrison? His lack of interest or empathy over climate change is disturbing. Is that because he is “ a true believer “ and expects to be save and the rest of us can burn in hell.?
    So disturbed and anxious with what’s going on in Oz at the moment.
    Kind regards and merry Christmas

    1. Merry Christmas Baroona – you will see another reader in Australia is also concerned about PM Morrison. There are a ton of different charts for Australia but they are all pretty good. We’re talking Captain Cook through to the 1960s. I’m going to go through them over the summer and see what is going on. The fires, Climate Emergency and the rather unusual situation of a fringe religion PM are going to show up. We then need to see if he lasts. By all the laws of astrology if we see a minority inflict its beliefs on the majority, the minority crashes out on Pluto cycles. So if this is genuinely what has been happening…we may see Scotty beamed up!

  6. Hi Jessica

    Please tell me this Capricorn weather will also wipe the political establishment in Australia … including our Prime Minister and his lack of leadership during our current climate crisis. And there is no political figure capable at the moment of taking over. I did join the Greens in frustration but they are also not ‘whiter than thou’ so we need a brand new group of community oriented and above all eco conscious leader!

    Would love your thoughts


    1. You and Baroona, from Australia, both chime in with the same question. We don’t have data for PM Morrison and I am unsure if we would even get it, if we asked. However – what we are seeing in January 2020 is a take-down of anything or anybody at the top – who is not playing by the rules. We have extreme Capricorn weather in January and that’s the mountain goat at the top of the mountain. Our mountain is democracy. Only four in ten people wanted Morrison as their leader so the fact that he’s leading (or rather not leading – he is on holiday in a bushfire crisis) is basically unfair. The mountain is right but the goat is in the wrong place, so to speak. This never lasts. I’ll have a closer look at the Australia chart over summer.

      1. That would be great Jessica

        Went protesting in front of Gladys Berejiklian’s offices 3 weeks ago and was so saddened by the lack of interest from most Australians. ALl we were doing is wanting them to sign a petition to encourage her to do something about the fires and our climate emergency.

        Let’s hope my wishes come true in 2020 and the world gets together to fight this crisis … Australia has to lead the way (for once!)

        Merry Christmas


        1. Merry Christmas Natalie, I think the New Age of Aquarius from December 2020, and particularly in 2021, is the start of the change. At the moment you are ‘being the change you want to see in the world’ and that’s fantastic – koalas and wallabies, kangaroos and our poor wombats and possums have no voice. To me they are like Australia’s Mona Lisa or Venus de Milo. Living precious beauty!

  7. Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff play a huge role in the current events. What planets represent them?

    1. True, they play a huge role – and what they are thrashing out here is democracy – the biggest mass or greatest number of people and their rights and interests. This was actually Hillary Clinton’s win but the U.S. Electoral College system meant millions were bypassed. That would never have been a problem if the decisions being made at the top of the mountain were not affecting the whole world (Climate Emergency) but they are. That’s not astrology that’s science. (But the astrology backs it!) Something has to give at the top if the ‘top goat’ is having that kind of impact…

      1. I actually like Pelosi and Schiff and don’t think they thrashing democracy- they are standing up to bully republicans. Finally. For years Democrats has no balls and finally they got them. I’m in the middle politically, I think both too far left and too far right are crazy.

        1. It’s interesting what you say about ‘too far left and too far right’ because that is where politics is going from Christmas 2020 – we see Jupiter (growth, hope for the future, expansion, solutions) and Saturn (structure, method, organisation) in Aquarius which is about the entire community sharing the same space and pooling resources. And you can’t have extremism or intolerance in that. Looks like the whole world’s shining!

  8. When God’s wrath strikes, it comes from places the victim (or tyrant) least expects. Let’s see who is still standing tall in White House at the end of January 2020.

  9. Hi Jessica

    This is all so exciting! It’s almost like we need the popcorn. Like Baroona and Natalie, I too subscribe from Australia and am shocked at Morrison’s apparent disregard for our nation. I know fires can signify a rebirth or new beginning, do they in astrology too?

    I read today that evangelical magazine, Christianity Today, which was founded by Billy Graham, is calling for Trump’s removal. This certainly supports your prediction if his base is starting to shift.

    And as an aside, I reckon Trump’s birthday is 14 June. He’s just too much like my mother in too many ways (including the tiny hands) to be a month later. Her birthday is 14/6/44 and very node-y for me I realise.

    I think that’s about it. Have a great Christmas and New Year Jessica and thank you for all of the informative articles, I’m looking forward to more in the coming year 🙂


    1. Sharlene, thank you so much and Merry Christmas. I think what we’ve just seen in Great Britain is that you can’t mess with democracy and you can’t dictate – and that would reach into issues like religion – and also the simple fact of the climate. It’s like someone turning up the heat on the air-conditioner in your home, without your consent! This kind of stuff just does not get past a line-up like the one we are seeing in January 2020 and it’s not even about either party. It’s just about the goats at the top. It’s interesting about your mother and the tiny hands! Gemini does rule the hands. So maybe Trump was born in June after all.

  10. The big take down us coming but it won’t be Trump. If it is, the whole evil charade behind the Clintons and Obama will come down with it. Epstein will resurface and the propaganda against Putin will be seen in their respective light. This is really about the forces of light against the dark. The manipulative banking elite (tied in with Presidents, Royalty and the media will be exposed and the Doris agencies too. Astrologers should be well aware if this culmination of events by the Universe. At least Jessica is spot on amongst this who profess to be astrologers.

    1. I do astrology, I don’t do politics, but what you are seeing is extreme Capricorn weather. If you visualise Capricorn the mountain goat standing on top of a peak, with very little room at the top (the elite) a larger middle class and a huge working class – you are seeing a model of democracy. What has been happening in America, Britain and Australia – just to name three countries – is the old system falling apart. It’s not actually democratic. So forget if you are on the Left or Right, anyone at the top who is dominating or controlling the masses, or trying to, is just not going to make it past January…

  11. Hi Jessica,I was born at 5:00 PM,witch was war time,disdain give me he right time,would war time be different,earlier or later? Thank you for your time and consideration. Love your site. Nancy

    1. Nancy, war time does confuse a lot of people and it can be hard to check with the family, if people have passed on. The best thing to do is to test your Gemini Ascendant (Gemini Rising sign) with the one before, and after. So Taurus Rising means people identify you with money, charity, property or collectors’ items and luxury goods. They may see you as a fundraiser or even an economic radical. Gemini Rising means you are identified with the world of writing, the internet, education or publishing – multimedia. Cancer Rising means you got your full name from your mother, grandmother or great-grandmother and are strongly identified with your family tree, heritage, history and culture.

  12. Hi Jessica
    Very interesting, will the extremist religious ideology collapse in 2020. I think the ideology of
    all extreme religious views are bad for the world. I hope that extremist and fundamentals of all religions collapse in the next
    Decade. Happy Christmas.
    Best wishes for 2020
    Sue parmar

  13. This is very intriguing – especially the last comments on the United Nations – any chance you can do a chart on the UN and predict its next year please?

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