Astrology for Nineties Birthdays 1990-1999

If you were born 1990-1999 then your astrology chart reveals some fated horoscope patterns - which might explain why you're drawn to the zodiac. You're also going through a cycle not seen in over 240 years...

Astrology for Nineties Birthdays 1990-1999

If you’re under thirty (or just heading there in 2020) then you were born with some unusual astrology patterns in your personal birth chart. If you are a Premium Member, check your horoscope now, as it will appear below, if you are logged in. What you are looking for are planets in Capricorn, which the majority of people born 1990-1999 will have. People born with Nineties birthdays are astrology fans for a reason: you are currently going through the most challenging but potentially rewarding cycle in over 240 years. It’s the Pluto in Capricorn cycle and no matter what your regular Sun Sign/Zodiac Sign is, you’re feeling it.

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Growing Up on Planet Potter

we7yftgpxlg 600x450 - Astrology for Nineties Birthdays 1990-1999Of course, if you grew up on Planet Potter with Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, then you’ll already be up on your astrology as Nineties birthdays people were hooked on books and films created by an author who actually knows how to draw up a horoscope – J.K. Rowling created one for a friend as a present, before she became famous.

The subtle astrology of the four houses at Hogwarts is very clever – there are also four elements in astrology (Fire – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) and Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). This is ancient wisdom that goes back centuries. The idea of Hogwarts houses also fits neatly with another old horoscope system. The separation of Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and Libra into Cardinal. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius into Fixed. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces into Mutable. You might call this The Sorting Hat of astrology. Maybe it influenced J.K. Rowling too. She certainly knew how to cast a chart.

The interesting thing about Harry and friends is that he also has an astrology symbol (the lightning bolt of Uranus) on his forehead. If you were born 1990-1999 then you may know that astrology for Nineties birthdays is different, because Uranus – the planet of all that is unique, unusual and brilliant – was in the sign of Capricorn in 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996.

That means you are part of an ‘ambition revolution’ as Capricorn rules your career, success in life and true vocation or calling (which you not get paid for at all). You are not going to have the jobs your parents had – in fact, you may create them yourself. The old system of starting at the bottom, working your way to the top, knowing the right people, waiting years for success, being stuck in a promotional queue on the ladder – will transform in your hands. You are here to create alternatives.

The Rule of Four in Astrology and Your Horoscope

xy6fpnfyvjo 600x400 - Astrology for Nineties Birthdays 1990-1999The Rule of Four in astrology which I would guess J.K. Rowling was inspired by, to create Harry’s group of friends, and the famous Hogwarts’ houses, goes something like this: it’s a game of three and four. You are born into one of the three ancient astrology groupings – Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable. Cardinal is Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and it is very interesting to note that at Stonehenge, quite a magical place, the Winter Solstice still lines up where the old astrologers said the Sun would be, just before Christmas – in the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

The other mysterious thing about the ‘three’ in astrology is Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. If you own a Tarot deck or have ever seen one, you’ll realise that The World card has Taurus the bull in the bottom left-hand corner, and Leo the lion in the bottom right-hand corner. Are you beginning to guess which groups Harry, Ron and Hermione might be falling into? Perhaps the answer is in the cards.

The last group in the ‘three’ pattern is Mutable. So – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces are the signs of constant travel and movement. They never stand still. On a broomstick, perhaps? They certainly fly.

The ‘four’ part of the three rule leads us back to the four elements again. Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Your own chart will criss-cross over this three/four sign pattern, but if you are a Premium Member you can check your chart at a glance to see which signs, elements and groups are most loaded in your chart. You may be ‘very’ Fire-Mutable for example.

Elementary Friendship and Love Attraction

Harry Styles 1994 1 - Astrology for Nineties Birthdays 1990-1999You’ll tend to feel more comfortable as friends, or even partners, with people in your own element group. Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are very good as support mechanisms for each other. They back each other up and understand each other. They can rev up enthusiasm for each other and create warmth, just like real fire.

Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn ground each other and keep it real. They are practical supporters of each other who know how to provide. That may be money, food, a bed for the night and so on. These signs tend to roll up their sleeves and take a very hands-on approach to helping. They would rather do that than talk.

Air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius help each other fly. There is typically a lot of freedom, space and tolerance in the friendship or relationships. Air signs let each other do their own thing and give each other a lot of room to move, so that enables each person to be far more independent than in other kinds of bonds. Harry Styles, pictured at the BBC, is a Sun Aquarius who needs to do his own thing.

Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces find emotional understanding and ‘soul’ connection with each other. Water rules tears, as you may be aware. Tears of laughter, happiness or sadness flow with these signs.  These people are all about feelings and not so interested in what is practical, or what is  logical. That’s for robots!

Patterns in Your Astrology Chart in Capricorn

Born in 1990

Even if you don’t have your full personal birth chart, you can still see the Capricorn in your natal horoscope thanks to your birth year. Born in 1990, you have Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn. You are seeing your Saturn Return as you leave your twenties and go into your thirties. Of all the groups in astrology, you are going through the toughest time as a student or as a working person – or perhaps, a volunteer who is between jobs. The reason for that is our current line-up in Capricorn. If you are curious about that, do look Capricorn and the Tenth House up on Search, for more information about this cycle.

Born in 1991

Kate Moss Elle 1995 465x600 - Astrology for Nineties Birthdays 1990-1999Uranus and Neptune were in Capricorn when you were born in 1991. When we talk about astrology for Nineties birthdays 1990-1999 we’re really looking at the whole group, who mostly have one or more factors in this ambitious sign. You understand your generation, and particularly those who are trying to make it – and having obstacles to face – because you are so strongly Capricorn yourself. What you’ll find in 2020 and beyond as Pluto slowly moves out of Capricorn is that you are going to take the world of business, work and success and recreate it your own way. You’re not interested in Boomer ideas about companies! Kate Moss, pictured on the front of Elle magazine, was well and truly on her way to fame by the time you were learning your first words. as a Sun Capricorn, Kate was probably your aunt or uncle’s poster girl. In fact, you grew up with Kate splashed all over everything. She came from Croydon – not the most glamorous or wealthy part of London – and climbed, like a Capricorn mountain goat, to the very top of global celebrity. She also stayed at the top, which is the hallmark of the true Capricorn success. Having Capricorn Kate in the background has influenced girls of your generation in particular. She’s a classic silent role model.

Born in 1992

You were born with Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, but also the Mean North Node in Capricorn and Ceres in Capricorn, right up until March 30th. Born after that date, you are less strongly Capricorn but still have that streak of tremendous seriousness, ambition, striving and a great sense of needing to fulfil your destiny. You may have been very grown-up even when you were at school as you wanted to do so well, very young – but on your own terms. Even when you were little, you related to the music that adults were listening to, or were interested in the books and television shows/films that (even) your grandparents were entertained by.

Born in 1993

You also have Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, so were born during the ‘dismantling’ cycle around the world, when so many organisations, nations and corporations were taken down or rebuilt. Your parents or other key family members, like aunts and uncles, were affected by job and career changes as you were coming onto the planet, so you have grown up hearing quite strong messages about success and what it means. As you are experiencing Saturn and Pluto going over your Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, in the Tenth House of work and employment, you will want to go into business for yourself, merge with your peers or thoroughly reorganise the place where you are already working, as we go into the Twenties (2020-2029).

Born in 1994

Nevermind 1991 - Astrology for Nineties Birthdays 1990-1999You are the most involved with finance, business, charity, fund-raising, crowdsourcing, eBay, Etsy and so on, as you arrived not only with Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn (so you are here to change the system) but also a big chart signature in Scorpio, the money sign. In fact most people born in 1994 have Jupiter (abundance) in Scorpio and also the Mean North Node in Scorpio, and Mean South Node in Taurus, the other money sign. You’re very involved with cryptocurrency if you are typical of your age group, or may be a late arrival to it, as alternative digital currency takes over in the Twenties to come. From 2020 to 2029, Uranus (the revolution) will be in Taurus. In 1991, Nirvana released Nevermind with the famous baby on the cover, reaching for the elusive money. You were just a toddler, but perhaps you grew up with the soundtrack or came to know the picture on the album sleeve, which a parent, aunt or uncle owned.

Born in 1995

Most people born in 1995 know that astrology for Nineties birthdays (1990-1999) works pretty accurately, as you have the kind of horoscope which is so overloaded in two signs (Sagittarius and Capricorn) that when you read daily, weekly or monthly predictions they tend to fit easily. That is because you are more affected by transits in Sagittarius and Capricorn than people born in other years. For example, if you were born in 1995, you likely have Jupiter and/or Pluto in Sagittarius. You very likely have both Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, and so you have a huge need to travel (Sagittarius) but also succeed (Capricorn).

Born in 1996

Most people born in 1996 have Jupiter and Neptune in Capricorn, so you are part of that Capricorn pattern that makes Nineties babies – as adults – unique. In short, you are here to change the way big business, politics and government works. Maybe you already feel that, either because you have had such a hard time with study or career so far (as you are caught in tough Capricorn cycles) or because you just don’t want what your parents had. Or your grandparents! Astrology for Nineties birthdays is really about spotting chart signatures. You will be amazed at the opportunities and solutions in 2020 on your Jupiter Return. If you are curious about this phenomenon, look up Jupiter/Jupiter Return on Search, or in your guidebooks if you are a Premium Member. After 2020, the Jupiter Return is over, but what you create that year will also return to you in 2032. You really look up to your role models, mentors, heroes and heroines. That’s down to your Capricorn signature.

Born in 1997

Most people born in 1997 will have Neptune in Capricorn, the most striving, ambitious, achievement-oriented, serious, dedicated sign of them all. What’s different about you, is that you also have the Mean North Node in Virgo, which rules work. You were first to want an internship or work experience position based on what you actually wanted to do (no matter how ambitious) rather than what was handed to you. You are unusual in that you have past life experience in factories, the army, navy or other military, kitchens (you may have been a maid or manservant) and so on. So – you know how to serve. Yet, you also want the giddy heights of dreamy success and status. You will find Jupiter ‘on’ your Neptune in 2020 brings it closer, and again, another 12 years into the future, so around 2032.

Born in 1998

July 25 1994 - Astrology for Nineties Birthdays 1990-1999You are the breakaway generation in your group and you may find that people just a year or two younger than you, make no sense to you at all! The reason for that is simple. You are strongly Aquarian, with Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius, and perhaps Jupiter, if you were born in January. You are extremely friend and group-oriented and in the Twenties to come, from 2020-2029, you will be organising great change at work, and around the world, by harnessing people power to join communities and even bigger movements. Climate Strike is one example. Yet, you are also across crowdsourcing, male-female networks for change (it’s about friendship, not necessarily relationships) and are the most sexism/feminism aware of all the Nineties Birthdays 1990-1999 in astrology. You were an internet baby. You grew up with the idea of global groups online in what Time magazine called ‘The Strange New World of the Internet.’ Maybe you even grew up hearing phrases like ‘Information Superhighway’ on the television or ‘Cyberspace.’ It seems very quaint now. Yet, you are part of a highly unusual generation, with a loud Aquarius signature – that has landed on the planet, to use your computer and smart phone (and new inventions yet to come in the Twenties) to connect with a global community.

Born in 1999

You have so much more in common with 1998 birthdays, and 1999 birthdays like yourself, than others born in that decade. The reason for this is that you arrived on the planet with Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius. You also have the Mean South Node in Aquarius, which is highly unusual. In fact, you have been in groups all your life, from childhood (gangs and clubs, teams and other little circles) to now. You are completely across social media and know how to make it work, and will find new technology and inventions in the Twenties (2020-2029) make it really powerful for you as a tool. Astrology for Nineties birthdays is thus a bit different for you. Your collectives and communities around the world born 1998, 1999 may not always understand the great yearning for success and status of the others in your generation. You’re more about changing the world.

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