The Scorpio Birthday Horoscope 2019-2020

2019 was intense, and as you read this, on your birthday in October or November, you are only just coming to see that 2020 cannot possibly continue in the same way. You have to make changes.

Connecting and Communicating

Ever since November 7th, 2018, you have been in a triple cycle of extreme challenge, ahead of essential change. Saturn, Pluto and the South Node have all been in the zodiac sign of Capricorn, passing through your Third House of connection and communication.

This may have been about the worldwide web, social media, your email account, YouTube, Google, Wikipedia, Microsoft or Apple. It may have been about the corporate behemoths like Facebook or the nature of the newspaper, magazine, radio and television business.

On a core level, throughout 2019 you may have been dealing with challenge and incoming, necessary change with your vision, understanding, handwriting, typing, hearing, literacy. Sometimes the triple cycle here, can be about your physical capacity to take in information and transmit it, too.

2019 was intense, and as you read this, on your birthday in October or November, you are only just coming to see that 2020 cannot possibly continue in the same way. You have to make changes. Some of these may seem quite radical now but having slogged through tests and trials throughout this last 12 months, you are no longer prepared to take any more on your shoulders. At the very least you want to minimise, shrink or cut short what is ahead.

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63 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica,
    could you please tell me what is ahead regarding career, money and love in 2020?
    At the moment, I have none of the above. Regarding my career, things have been difficult since around 2007/2008.
    Uranus is currently on my sun (4 degrees Scorpio)
    My descendant is 23 degrees capricorn (I plotted the wrong hours in the chart on your site).
    The nodes are 25 degrees capricorn.

    1. Hi again.
      I’m so sorry, I got something wrong in the previous posting regarding the nodes. I meant that the MC (not the nodes) is 25 degrees Capricorn.
      And the rest of the information is as follows:
      Sun 4 degrees Scorpio – currently being opposed by Uranus in Taurus.
      The descendant is 23 degrees Capricorn (I plotted the wrong hours in the chart on your site – don’t know if you’re looking at it or not).
      Could you please tell me what is ahead regarding career, money and love in 2020? At the moment, I have none of the before-mentioned .
      Thank you in advance, and thank you for a great, informative website 🙂

      1. If you are actually a Premium Member you are not logged in, so I cannot see your chart unfortunately. Thank you for your thank you, though, which I will pass on to Alyas, Brooke, James, Jodi, Justin, Kerry too. Essentially if you have the Sun at 4 Scorpio and are going through the long transit of Uranus at 4 Taurus, you have to expect 2019-2020 to challenge your sense of self and identity – all the things you are proud of about yourself, and not so proud of – in terms of your financial situation, lifestyle, shares, house, apartment, debts, legacy, and the legacy left to you. We can put valuables, insurance, pension/superannuation and so on in there too. Uranus works like an electrical storm, coming from nowhere, to overturn everything, and liberate. Only resisting and trying to deny the process brings issues! So as you go through this, keep bending, flexing, adapting, adjusting and rethinking – reshaping yourself – to suit change in changing times. Dance in the storm of 2019-2020.

    2. Further to my other reply, you need to look up Uranus in Taurus on Search and see that you are affected by the ripples reaching your shore, from the enormous whirlpools on Wall Street, in Washington, in Beijing, on the London Stock Exchange – all the way to The Australian Stock Exchange, which I am close to now. Big stones thrown, waves touch your life – make it your business to be absolutely across what is going on, say, between Great Britain, Italy, the United States of America and the European Union. You’d be amazed at how one pebble thrown there can have an impact within your own town or nearest big city/capital.

  2. Thanks Jessica

    I am a Sun Leo married to a Sun Scorpio with three children (2 born 2001 & 2005) and two of them interested in moving overseas … looks like we are in for a busy year!



    1. Your lives are set for long transformation Natalie as you probably know. You’ll see the most interesting offers overseas in February 2020 and then in December 2020 it’s decision time, with one option falling away, but some really intriguing choices cropping up. Further ahead, you have to rethink what family/marriage actually means and reinterpret that for 2023 and beyond…your husband has a tremendous sea change ahead of him, emotionally and spiritually, from Christmas 2020 and the year 2021 seals the new deal.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you as always. There is a lot I would like to tell you but cannot write it here. It’s a lot of – “I never thought that would happen” kind of stuff with respect to Uranus in my relationship zone.

    It’s interesting what you are saying about communication because I have been asked to do a podcast and share some stuff about my life and family, and have put it off, I am hoping to do it next year due to all of this cycle. The podcast will reach many people upon release and into the future so I want to make the most of the opportunity.



  4. Hi Jessica, you’re right 2019 has been really intense and most of it came as a surprise. Changed jobs after 13 years and personal life has been really unstable too including betrayal and possible separation as the year ends.. Looking at my chart, which area of my life is most likely to be in more stable grounds, hopefully much better grounds than this year? Thank you

    1. You are up for major repair work in 2020! You have put up with really difficult situations which have stretched your patience to the absolute limit in 2018 and 2019. Most of it has come from the wider career, business, work or corporate picture, which affects you personally (so you deal with people who keep on rejecting you) or you find you are involved on a personal level with men, in particular, who cannot find stability or happiness in their careers, so their own behaviour becomes erratic, difficult and unfair! You might say it’s a case of directly being affected by insecurity and anxiety within the big business/corporate world, but also seeing the ripple effect as males in your circle of relationships or friendships cannot cope and you end up having to deal with their failings. The good news is that 2020 brings Jupiter into the picture and we are going to see a huge detox for this part of your life. You’ll finally feel as if you know what is authentic, true, real, fulfilling and (finally) empowering for you professionally, although you will have to make massive changes to get there. In turn you are also going to see some really interesting new people in your life, one of whom has given up so much to be fiercely committed to his goals. He’s so inspiring.

      1. How about my love life Jessica, will there be stability in 2020? With a Capricorn man (getting divorced?!)

        1. He needs to finish the karma with his wife, and this takes place in May 2020. From that point on it is all about the world of babies, children, infants or teenagers for him. That’s his entire agenda and things will change radically for him as a father or prospective father. It’s a revolution actually, and you will play your part in that massive alteration, which finishes up for him in 2025.

  5. Dear Jessica

    Thank you – this is a comprehensive and very interesting look at the year ahead.

    I am so glad you said these are difficult transits. It has been a very difficut year and another 6 month’s of the same…..deep breath time. Work-wise and financially it is getting harder and my certainty of where my best role is is fading. I am trying to go back to the kind of work I was doing back in 2015 and before. And as you always say, the body is somehow linked here.

    You mention family trees and I worry. We lost a few from the wider family this last year. I worry about my very close family.

    Very interesting about the houses and those dates – I was in 3 diffferent homes between 1995-2003. My ex and I moved into that big home on this very day – 24 October – in 1994. And I moved out in 98 and bought this place in 99. You are spot on about homes affecting us. I am still unsettled by the multitude of things I would like to do to this place to make it feel more like home….but then I am never sure if this is where I belong.

    I love the tarot card. The description is apt for me and my family. Sometimes they don’t hear and I end up having to be louder and possibly provoke conflict.

    Many thanks Jessica and I look forward to easier times.

    H xx

    1. Thank you. I am glad this reading makes sense to you, in terms of the dates and your previous homes. You won’t have to put energy into the family in any substantial way until at least Christmas 2020 and possibly February 2021, so you don’t really have to think about that now. What would work best if you can get one man in particular to join forces with you, so you can co-operate on tackling family tasks which have been left hanging in 2020. We’re talking quite a long way into the future here. You should not worry about this, but just bear in mind that Christmas 2020 into early 2021 will ask you to set aside some time and space to sort out the relatives on either side. Maybe both sides.

  6. Hey Dear Astrologer,
    Please give this scorpio sage words of wisdom and astrology for the year ahead.

    I drew up a chart for the exact moment of my solar return to come and found moon at 0 aries. Is this significant?

    Also I have seen page of swords card turn up thrice for 2 days in a row. Does this mean I have to gear up for more seventh and third house antics from covert individuals?!?!
    Thank you.

    1. That’s interesting. You are practising divination and finding the Moon at 0 Aries. It is significant and reveals that a woman with a strong maternal instinct will look after your personal appearance. She may be a personal trainer who helps you reshape your figure; a cosmetic surgeon who is happy to doctor your face; a public relations professional who has an interest in your Twitter presence. The Page of Swords is a clear message to slow down, cool down, and open up space so others can do the same. In this way the energy and determination becomes constructive and creative, not damaging.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for our 2019-2020 forecast. Can you please tell me if there are any major things happening for me?
    Thank you Jessica!

    1. You’ll have a hint of this in January-February 2020, but from Christmas 2020, into 2021, it’s really about understanding the new era is rebuilding, building, repairing, reconstructing – family or domestic life.What’s happening is a double whammy in your horoscope, as you have the North Node of stuck karma finally leaving your relatives/home zone in May 2020, which opens up space for change. Just before that happens you see the Sun going through the family/property area of the other chart I use for you, based on your sun sign, right through February. You then go into a long pause or gap when nothing much happens, although particular conversations will certainly have taken place in the first quarter. You then get to December and things become very real, very quickly, as you realise the year 2021 is going to be very different. From this point forward you may move, commit to serious. home renovations, have a new face (or faces) move in with you, see dramatic changes within the family tree and so on, Maria.

  8. Hello Jessica,

    Once again, absolutely accurate with my experiences – thank you. Can you please tell me if I have anything important ahead? 2019 has been a doozy…..still in the process of divorce, experienced a terrible relationship over the past 10 months and have gone from very healthy finances to almost not being able to afford to feed my children. But still slogging through! Your horoscopes help me every day to push through – thank you.

    1. Thank you very much. I am so sorry you have been put through first a divorce and then a bad relationship. You poor woman. Well done for making it this far. Would it help you to know you won’t have this again in your lifetime? You literally have a pattern not seen in a quarter-century. You are powerful. You also have a ton of karma with the children, who may have been your parents in previous incarnations. Thus the heavy pathway you are on, but I am sure you know in your heart and soul there is more to this than first appears. Past life debts and credits often come up like this and we basically have to shoulder them. Then we release them and they go (yours goes in May 2020). You are going to be very happy. You and the children will have a lovely place to live, you’ll be in an equal partnership and feel like everything was worth it. True. Hang in there. Keep going. It happens when it happens and your future partner will love you all the more, for the person you have shown yourself to be. I feel not the city with this – country or leafy green suburbs.

  9. Dear Jessica,

    My ascendant is in Scorpio (sun sign is Gemini, if it matters.) I know that this forecast applies, and that you have explained it in the past, but does that mean, since it’s my rising sign, that this affects only my image rather than my internal life? Should I read this as though it applies to me but mentally note that it’s applicable externally? Should I read something else instead?

    I ask because my life is no longer compartmentalized at the moment. My public perception, my image, is all wrapped up with my work, which is all wrapped up in who I am, and it’s making a lot of things quite confusing – including this.

    Thank you!

    1. You’re a Gemini so don’t read this. Please, please don’t read this. The Ascendant is about as important as lipstick and shoes. You are now in ultra healing mode until the end of the year. Jupiter, Venus and the New Moon in your zone of past relationships, toxic lovers, seriously intense attachments, pregnancies, children, sexual partners – are here to help. You’ll cross that bridge. You will be a ton happier and lighter when you do. The past has such a pull on you as the year closes but you can and will sort things out. You can either repair the fallen-over bonds or just kick them away from you. The future is astonishing. There is a group you join or rejoin and it helps you cross the bridge to a whole new home life. But that’s another story after 2021.

  10. Jessica
    Thank you for this article so so much. If you have a moment please tell me what you see coming my way.

    1. There is a sum of money which may (or may not) be there. It’s a mystery but you have to find out. This may be missing superannuation/pension, lost valuables or simlar. Get the right people to help. You need people who are highly skilled, not amateurs or those who don’t really care about money. Let’s hope you find it. If you don’t no matter – but you will have tried. This is Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio and it holds through January 1st 2020 in your particular case, as you have a ton of transits in your Second House and Eighth House of finance,property, business, charity and so on.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    It’s really fascinating to read comments from other people kind of similar to my own experience in many ways. We live in our third house since 1994. It was a long and trying decade. I don’t even know, how to express it!!! whether my life improved in the last year or I become so numb to disappointments and so used to dealing with it, doesn’t matter anymore. I have Moon in 24 Capricorn, but only one factor: Jupiter 21 in Taurus. What can I expect in the coming year in my career, family, relationship etc?
    As always Thank You so much.

    1. I am very sorry you are being hit with this Cancer-Capricorn cycle. Right opposite your Moon. It happens once in every 240+ years and you’re going through it. You will feel happier in stages as relief/release comes in waves. First December. Then May 2020. Then hugely in December 2020. From 2023 it’s just a memory! You are not alone and we have bizarre, historic, unusual and extreme patterns in Capricorn-Cancer and everyone is feeling it, either with work, or home. With their unpaid work or their family. With their house, apartment, home town, homeland – or their course. You’re going to rest, recover, repair, renew and relaunch in 2020. Jupiter goes over your Moon at 24 Capricorn for the first time in 12 years. You desperately need to get over the pain you have suffered and you will. More sleep and meditation will really help. When the time is right you can make a lovely dream real with a child. This may be your son, daughter, a child to come into your life, godchild, niece or nephew. It’s waiting for you. When you are reborn you can reach for it.

  12. Hi Jessica!
    2019 has truly been hard. I have tried to advance many things, particularly with my career. I would like to change careers and was all set at the beginning of 2018. But my health deteriorated and I have had to stay in my old job. Everything seems stuck in that arena. I am hoping to start my own business.

    My relationship with an aquarius man is very good. I feel that we are on an adventure together and we are very in sync with our view of how we would like to continue our life. Outside influences like his ex-wife sometimes complicate things a bit and are tedious but all in all I am in the best relationship of my life and feel very loved and supported. We have been planning our wedding to happen in the spring of 2020 the latest.

    Do you have any advice for me especially regarding timing? Thank you so much again. BR Hani

    1. Your Aquarius man is all about the children, actually – either the child he had, could have had (it ended in miscarriage or termination) or nearly adopted. You don’t say if he had a son or daughter, or not. You also don’t say if you have a child or want one. This is the whole, total story for him from May 2020, into the year 2021 and until January 2022. There is tremendous karma from the past to catch up with, for him. It would involve the year 2001, 2002, 2003 and perhaps even earlier in his life – I do not know his age. So, it’s about him being a father. Or not! And his karma there – he can and will settle up with his ex wife, spiritually.

  13. Hi Jessica.
    thank you for another really interesting article.
    can i ask what is ahead for me from now until next year relating to my career and finances. i recently moved to a promoted post and there are signs i may be being set up for further promotion , which i would relish. I am good place now with work , since mid year with a new employer who sees my potential. whats your thoughts ? life is also changing with family which is also positive and welcome given the harshness of the previous years in relation to work , finance and home.

    1. Your career potential is fantastic now through the end of 2020 so just keep doing what you are doing – but with even more energy and belief. You will see a massive reshuffle in your work place or within your industry/profession in January with demotions, departures, mergers, promotions. That’s your cue. You will have three amazing projects or promotional chances next year so just go for it.

  14. Hey Jessica, I’m a sun sign Scorpio coming up for my second Saturn return at Capricorn 24 exactly quincunx my north node at Leo 24 with a square from mercury at Libra 22. These are intense times that’s for sure!! I’m working on a super cool retro album of original old Skool love songs (created with some amazing people) and have also been blessed to win some wonderful awards this year and last for some of the preliminary work, especially the lyrics … I’m planning on releasing the album next year, single by single, as part of a focussed social media campaign with a final album launch toward the end of the year (or second half). Can you recommend a great launch date for both the first single and the album? Your insights would be much appreciated Jessica!!

    1. Preview your album final week of November if you can, with foreign countries or distant regions as a market. Congratulations on your awards, especially for your lyrics. You will find you skyrocket three times in 2020, but put out feelers now into foreign language markets or parts of your country you consider so culturally foreign! (Morrissey does okay in Mexico, despite being a Brit who lives in America). For 2020, check my Mercury Retrograde warning dates please, as I posted these in 2017. Hit Search and see ‘When not to launch’. You’ll see the prediction named Los Angeles and gave October 2019 as a date. This stuff works – do use it to plan ahead!

  15. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your comprehensive forecast and congratulations on the courage you’ve displayed using this platform to raise awareness (and hopefully action) on climate change. I am turning 40 and have been in a huge period of contemplation for the last 12 months regarding career, family, health and my values. A sensational opportunity has arisen work-wise and I’m curious whether I ought to step onto this path or stick with the status quo. Thanks, as always, for your guidance.

    1. Thank you so much. Go for the opportunity! Just go for it. Even if this is not your final destination by 2022 it will be a first big leap. The choice is yours.

  16. Hi Jessica, I would love the chance to ask a question on behalf of my partner. He’s been stuck in a toxic dead end job that pays pittance for the past 8 years. It’s broken him mentally and crushed his soul.
    Recently our eldest son decided to enrol him in a course that will not only provide a healthy mental outlet for him, but potentially offer the chance to dive right back into a work environment that he used to thrive in; information technology.
    I recall about a year or so ago I asked you about his work situation then and you aptly described it as Stalin and Mussolini on roller skates! Yes indeed! Plutonic overload, much? You had also made mention of the need for him to study and he would eventually do a “rise from the ashes”…could this be the start of baby steps in his Phoenix movement?
    I can’t describe the financial, and subsequent marital stress that we’ve also endured throughput this time as a result of all this. I just want to put the past behind us and hopefully, give him, and our family a glimmer of hope. DOB: 21/11/1963. I also suspect he’s a Capricorn moon, if that helps any! (Birthplace Sydney). Many thanks x

    1. Yes,the prediction is coming true. He will return to study and rise from the ashes. Your son’s instinct is correct. Even if this is not the first course he chooses, there will be another. He’ll be back. Your love and support help him more than words can say.

  17. Hi Jessica

    I’m almost 39 years old, i was born on 18th November 1980 and am really wondering where my life is heading. I’ve been working so hard and trying so hard to advance but never seem to get over the financial stresses and the feeling of being under-appreciated at work. At times I just feel so different to everyone around me and I’m really wondering where do I really belong and how do i improve my life and family’s life going forward. My lady and I are about to get married and we have a blended family which I want to look after well but I don’t know how to move us forward financially so I can give them a good education and a brighter future. Please help me make sense of this path I’ve been walking. Thank you. Cheers.

    1. Please don’t take the work situation personally, or the money situation, actually. You are not alone and in fact the whole planet is going through this! We currently have a very difficult line-up in Capricorn, which rules career. We also have changes happening with the world economy, which is Taurus. Put that together and millions are working very hard and getting nowhere, and also finding that their salary is not enough to cover what they need. You are responsible, have a good soul, a strong heart and want to do the best by your new blended family. You can and will succeed. Please treat 2019 as a year that is almost over! In fact, it has been the toughest year for a very long time and you have been pretty strong just to get through it. You also need to give yourself a break. Congratulate yourself on powering on through and acknowledge yourself for what you have managed to do. It’s been an obstacle course for you. From May 2020 the situation with the family and your job finally starts to change. You have choices from May 2020 onwards which you never had before. You could easily get another job or find that one or two of the problem people at work leave or are fired. That can happen. Look around for other work from May, when the Nodes move out of Cancer and Capricorn. Further ahead, into the years 2020, 2021, 2022 you will see that you have a connection with foreigners and can make that work to your advantage. You have a link with people from other countries who speak different languages and that will reward you. Feeling different to everyone around you is just your imagination. You are in the same boat as so many people but nobody talks about their own struggles with work, money and family. Reach out online and you will see there are men in web-based support and talk groups who feel just the same way. This can and does get better. This is just a really, really tough cycle!

  18. Hi Jessica
    Today transit NN conjunct natal SN exact (and vice versa.) I also had an extremely bad day. These upcoming transits approaching have me so concerned. I’m almost about to cancel a short trip because I am scared as inverse nodal return is active that something will happen to my home or children while I am gone. My Leo partner and I (of 10.5 years) are on the verge of split and I am so lost. Please do you have any insight for me regarding my 3 children and partner (ex? I don’t even know…) Saturn Return is coming, my eldest has her first Saturn square, my mother has her 2nd return, so many big astrological milestones and I am scared to the point of having frozen.
    I found astrology at the correct time. But I am so worried.

    1. You sound as if you are going through a lot of anxiety. Astrology is here to help, not to make you worried. I am not sure why you think the North Node and South Node patterns are reason to cancel a trip. Not at all. Saturn transits are also no reason to be scared. Let me set your mind at rest. The Nodes are really just karma – from 19 years ago – coming back. If you are owed, you receive. If you owe, you repay. It’s spiritual debts and credits. As for Saturn, without it, nobody would build anything in their lives. We literally would not have ancient castles. Saturn helps you structure. It helps them structure too. I can see why you are dealing with increased stress because of your partner and three children. Do you have support from outside the family? Do you have one or more friends you can confide in and lean on? That’s really important. If you don’t, pick up the telephone and call the Samaritans or another organisation to talk it over. Just talking about it can help take some of the pressure off. You also need to know that you have patterns stretching across to your Sixth House of mental health and physical wellbeing now. That means you need to look at your mind, body and spirit as a whole. Do you realise anxiety is a body/physical condition and state that can also have an impact on the way you think? The time has come to explore ways of reducing your anxiety symptoms. I always recommend the books and recordings of Dr. Claire Weekes. Her family have generously kept her tapes on YouTube, free, and you can see the comments endorsing their effects. You might also want to talk to your doctor about the anxiety you are living with. It has a reason. Problems in a marriage are always stressful! Yet, you can reduce what your body is going through, and this will have a fantastic effect on how you are thinking about your life. It does not have to be medical help, though it can be. Your doctor may have excellent alternatives which are natural. This is where the work of Dr. Claire Weekes comes in. When you feel a bit more balanced, you can start to look at your Saturn Return and understand that the next few years will be about restructuring, and rebuilding your life. Just like renovating a house. You are going to be repairing and recreating your world. It takes time. You need to support yourself while you are doing that, so it is necessary to start adding meditation, yoga, walking, perhaps swimming and other outlets to your day – perhaps twice a day – so your whole system is more balanced and you can help yourself.That’s what I see in the chart.

  19. Hi Jessica, thank you very much for an insightful read! I am having quite a tough 2019 so far and really could do with a little hope for the future. My main issue currently is a long awaited and wanted pregnancy, which has been very difficult so far (21 weeks). I have not had a single day of peace and since yesterday I am half dead as they told me baby may not make it much further… 🙁 It’s been one issue after another, and as soon as one issue gets ruled out, another appears. I really need some answers! Why me, why my baby? Is there any light? At the beginning of this year I read your 2019 prediction and for me (scorpio) it said with big letters that The world of children will give me the the so longed for soul satisfaction. I was living in hope and now, now I am devastated.

    1. I am so incredibly sorry. I cannot imagine what you must be feeling at the moment. You have been longing for a baby and after 21 weeks you’ve been told this news. I am not surprised you are asking ‘Why me?’ at this time. It is quite true that Scorpio people find soul satisfaction from the world of children. It can be found in many different ways – through godchildren, nieces, nephews, children’s charities, children’s schools and sports teams. The Fifth House of your chart, which rules infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and younger people is hosting Neptune cycles, so if you want a holiday from the real world, you can find it through these younger faces. I realise this is only small comfort when you are going through an uncertain pregnancy. In personal astrology this is ruled by Leo in your chart. (Leo rules the Fifth House). Vesta, Hygiea, Panacea and Ops are all in Leo in your Fifth House, which you can see. These horoscope symbols are concerned with health, actually, as Hygiea is about preventative health and Panacea is about cures and remedies. I am not surprised you have one issue after another. For the record, both these Roman goddesses were related to Apollo and Aesculapia and they have been named in The Hippocratic Oath taken by medical professionals, for years. So you have ended up with these medical symbols in Leo, in the area of your chart where we find children. (Vesta and Ops are important, but nothing to do with your doctor). The reality is, if you want a pregnancy, then you have to automatically deal with health questions with these placements. You already know that. I am going to make a suggestion that you give yourself time and space to recover, just for the moment, rather than place more pressure on yourself by thinking about outcomes. Give yourself a break. When you feel able, look at the whole spectrum of children in your life. Not just pregnancy. Children and teenagers, actually. And not just those who belong to your friends and family, but also younger faces out there who need you on a different level entirely. This switches the focus in your horoscope and makes it less intense. I hope this answer has helped you. If you are curious, look up Leo and Fifth House on Search. This always has, always will rule babies and children. You have two ancient medical and hospital symbols there, and that’s the way your chart looks. You would be a superb nurse of small children by the way. Did you know?

  20. Thank you Jessica for the insightful read! I never knew there are so much more on this site. I just become a new premium member today, after a few years of reading the first paragraphs only. What a difference. I feel I just discovered a hidden gem. Reading other people’s comments is also interesting and all seems extremely relevant. Thank you! Can I please ask what you can see about my career and finance in 2020? 2019 is surely hard and challenging in many ways. Go through the struggles and self doubts I have also seen myself grow in so many ways that I have never imagined or planned. I’m tied of feeling unnoticed and undervalued and I’m ready to make a move. Any insights or direction I should follow? Many thanks!

    1. Thank you. Welcome to Premium Membership. I love reading the comments too and some of the older features are a goldmine of information as we all share astrology inside information. I am sorry that career and finance have been a struggle. It’s not you, it’s the cycles of time. You are going through very heavy Capricorn weather in your Tenth House of work. At the same time you have this radical new cycle, Uranus in Taurus, in your Second House of money. Feeling undervalued and unnoticed is pretty common at the moment, as ‘the system’ of your particular industry, field or business is really about the people at the top – the elite – and there is a real lack of awareness of anyone who is not at head office, so to speak. At the same time we are seeing Generation Capricorn, born in the 1990’s, (now in their twenties) with Neptune in that sign, so starry-eyed about the bosses (and wanting to be boss) that they treat everyone else as if they are invisible. I am seeing a lot of readers talking about that, and even readers in their twenties who see their peers behaving that way. So, just to repeat, it’s not you – it’s the cycles of time. You will see huge improvement next year as Jupiter goes through Capricorn and your Tenth House of achievement, ambition and success. As he does this he will trine (make a stunning aspect with) Uranus in Taurus in your Second House of salary -and money saved. The trick with this cycle is to start casting about for solutions and open doors as soon as it begins, and that’s the first week of December.

  21. Hi Jessica,

    I am thinking about what you are saying about the communication things/3rd house/Capricorn things for Scorpio. I feel I have learned to be pretty impeccable in this area. However there are a few individuals from my past, going back to the 80’s who seem to want to gossip about me whenever they have a chance and I want this to end. I am thinking of sending them each something in writing to address these issues. I tried taking the high road of ignoring them and moving on but it hasn’t worked. They have been asked repeatedly to stop and they can’t seem to control themselves. Any thoughts?


    1. CG, you have Chiron in your First House of reputation until 2027 so you have about eight years to stop this. You’ll be amazed at what you can get away with, actually, although you may want to find a mentor, guide or guru in this area. The internet has created a whole new industry of organisations devoted to reputation protection. You’ll find a teacher figure. See just how much things have changed out there, in terms of protecting yourself.

  22. Hi thanks for this insight. Really interested in career changes coming up, I started a new role in a new company earlier this year and I’ve not settled, so I’m looking for other opportunities in a different sector, I’ve had a health issue this year too and that’s making me hesitate when thinking of making another job move, any specific chart info for me that will help? Thank you

    1. Within 12 months you have major Neptune/Pisces patterns in your personal birth chart and of course this is in opposition to Virgo/Sixth House – which rules your health. You will get to the bottom of this with the right doctor or practitioner. He’ll catch it – you will feel ‘caught that!’ and will be pleased with the outcome. Work-wise, you’ll be also dealing with the same story. Major Neptune and Pisces aspects which fall in the Twelfth House, right opposite the Virgo/Sixth House. The deeper meaning of all this uncertainty about career is that you need to have time and space to experiment. To play. To escape from the real world, actually. How far you take that is up to you.

  23. Hi Jessica! 2019 certainly has been intense! Would love your perspective on 2020 for me personally. This Mercury Retrograde has been really tough. my cat is even feeling it, having health problems all of a sudden. At a major crossroads…considering breaking my lease early – already moved 3 times this year alone with each property having major issue, but I am trying to wait until Merc Rx is over, but every day it seems to be getting worse. It has been really difficult on my marriage (Sagittarius), not only this year, but the past 5 years. Hoping to buy soon, but the values still aren’t coming down. Also struggling with my career ever since I graduated in 2009 not being in the field I went to school for (Law). Would love any insight you have. I pray 2020 is easier.

    1. A crossroads is often the path that leads you to the edge of new territory and you must then decide to take a leap. What we have here is the South Node going into Sagittarius and your Ninth House of relocation, travel, adventure and discovery in 2020. It moves in there on May 6th next year and remains until 19th January 2022. I realise you have moved three times in 2019 already. Many of the clues and details which set this up are in place now, while Jupiter transits Sagittarius and your Ninth House until December 2nd, 2019. I’m sure you will feel utterly set free. However, there are voices of caution you must listen to, before you rush in where angels fear to tread. There are so many ways to do this thing. Choose the smart and sensible way in 2020.

  24. Hi Jessica-2019 has been transformative for me – I retired on a high note, enabling me to engage with my teenage kids as a mom vs executive. I’ve been enjoying the year’s rest, re-tuning, and restoration of my inner self. And, I feel very secure and grateful; However, I know I’m meant to pursue another (a)vocation, but wonder if I’m meant to go seek out opportunities in a similar realm to my previous vocation, or continue to enjoy my personal renaissance and await opportunities that find me – which may be completely different from how I’ve previously defined myself and success. I’m open to the possibilities, but recognize my own impatience might get in my way. Thoughts?

    1. You’ll see gaps everywhere in December 2019, January 2020 as people quit, are pushed sideways and companies restructure. Become the person you know others need, and fill that gap – make yourself known – make yourself a presence on all the usual suspect websites but also make sure you follow the companies you love on Twitter. We’re in a big Gemini-Sagittarius year in 2020 and it’s all about being cleverer than the competition and being in constant connection/communication to jump into the hot spots (and get promoted).

  25. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for your words and wisdom.
    I am 30 oct 80 born on 2:20am. been through extremely intense year. With many shocks that i am almost feeling numb at the moment. Not ready to take anymore. Yet hoping to change the career direction from being an film editor to film director. It is a huge leap. Physically, financially and creatively. Will it go fine?

    1. I am sorry you have been through such a tough year. As a Sun Scorpio you are going to have more money in 2020 (if you believe you deserve it, and are prepared to reach for it). This will enable you to experiment with directing on the side. You have to find another way to communicate, that’s for sure. You will do that next year. It may be directing, or you may choose another direction, actually.

  26. Hi Jessica

    Can you please tell me what is ahead for me in 2020 pls? Particularly my personal life.. I have a soon to be ex husband who’s a Virgo and a current Capricorn partner who’s still married to his cancer wife)

    Many thanks Jessica

    1. You don’t say if you have children with your husband, or if the Capricorn who is a married man, has children. That is actually the whole story here and if there is at least one child in the picture, or there have been discussions about a son or daughter in the future, then you will find December 2019, January 2020 is a huge turning point, with another one due in April-May 2020. The Cancerian wife will never entirely leave the picture but I guess you know that.

      1. Hi Jessica,

        Thank you. Yes we both have children from our marriages. In what sense turning point? In our relationship
        Or his marriage? To make it more complicated, he’s moving to another country for work and May is when his wife and kids will be joining. What am I to expect? As I’m lost

        1. Oh, it’s about his children.And it is karma between himself, his wife and them, so beyond your control. You mentioned May – that is when the Nodes of karma change direction and leave Cancer (family). So May is your month of choices. For yourself, not so much them – they have their own past life agreements to sort out.

          1. Thank you Jessica

            It is a very difficult situation for me, as he’s already with her simply because of his kids – he adores the kids. We broke up twice this year because he wanted to give his family a chance, but then came back to me. The turning point might be that we break up completely in May then?
            I doubt the turning point will be in favour of us with this guy. And to be honest, I don’t want get my heart broken once again so I’m confused on what to do. maybe I’m reading my chart incorrectly, but not expecting a positive year in my love life 2020.

          2. I am so sorry because I understand you will be going through a ton of emotional twists and turns. It’s really tough. You do not have to sit around and wait for May. That is actually his deadline. Not yours. Does he have a brother? I hear ‘brother’ with this. I think you are v. self-sufficient and could easily end up with a younger lover actually. Up to you.

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