Why Astrology is Different for Women

I was recently asked to write about astrology for men, by the editors of GQ magazine in Britain. It reminded me about the huge male-female gaps in your horoscope and why it is so important for women to know their Moon sign.

Wisdom From 1944

Towards Aquarius Cover 2 - Why Astrology is Different for WomenIn 1944, the astrologer Vera W. Reid published Towards Aquarius with some stunning predictions about the future. The book, put out by Rider & Co. (publishers of the famous Rider Waite Tarot), saw the 20th and 21st century in one sweep.

She saw the internet, for example. “Today, for instance, we have radio, telephone, telegraph, television – tomorrow, telepathy, thought-transference and other more subtle modes of intercommunication.” Twitter trends like #ClimateEmergency operate like waves of ESP across the world, in minutes.

She also saw the new equality. “A world system which includes equality of opportunity for all, security for all from birth to death and equal rights of citizenship to men and women everywhere.”

The astrology software has kept up with this vision! In fact, Solar Fire, created by Stephanie Johnson and her colleagues, has a library of asteroids to choose from which include just as many female symbols, as male. So, the new horoscopes (like your horoscope) show gender equality. How does it work?

Male and Female Symbols in the Chart

Every woman should know her Moon sign as it is the ancient symbol of motherhood. It’s only been since the 1960s and the introduction of The Pill that the Moon sign has fallen in such importance. Still (mother or not) you need to know it.

I was happy to write about this for The Female Social Network recently – article can be found here.

The Asteroids, Dwarf Planets and Other Objects

Femininity is not about blusher, bubble bath and having the door opened for you! Nor is it about womanhood as defined by men. So, your femininity as a female is not about being a man’s wife, or his mother, or ‘mother to the boy.’

Running through your chart now, which you will have if you are a Premium Member, you can see not only the Moon (motherhood), but also Venus (sexuality), Psyche (endurance), Juno (commitment), Fortuna (fortune and fate), Minerva (wisdom), Diana (independence), Vesta (gender politics), Ops (problem-solving), Salacia (alternative realities), Ceres (power sharing) and Proserpina (negotiation).

All these are female/feminine symbols. The zodiac signs they are placed in, and the houses they occupy, show how you channel them. Take a look now.

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Horoscope Wisdom From 1933

Story of Astrology 3 - Why Astrology is Different for WomenThe Story of Astrology, published by Manly Palmer Hall in 1933, was written at a time when software like Solar Fire was just a dream – and the new heavenly bodies like Salacia (Neptune’s wife) were decades away from discovery.

My copy of this book comes from The Astrological Lodge, in its early home at 6 Queen Square, Bloomsbury. It’s amazing what you can pick up at a secondhand book sale!

When so few of these old astrology books from the first half of the 20th century are being digitized, it’s important to try to preserve them on the shelves.

Diana and Feminine Freedom

Palmer Hall writes about Diana (an asteroid in your chart) as the ‘Multimammia’ at the heart of the rites of Cancer in Ephesus.

Now, normally we give ‘mama’ and also Cancer to the Moon, but Diana in your chart shows the other side of motherhood. In fact, she is often shown with the Moon as a hair accessory.

Here you can see her in a famous painting.

Woman 600x489 - Why Astrology is Different for Women

Diana in a Landscape at the Museo del Prado

Looking at paintings and sculpture of Diana, Jupiter’s daughter, can be a life-changing way into this asteroid in your chart. By sign and house, she shows how you ‘mother’ in an alternative way. By being your own person. By being free. By being independent.

In 1739, the artist Louis-Michel van Loo, who lived in Paris, created this image of Diana, the Roman goddess of the hunt, wearing the crescent moon.

The moon is important as a symbol of a woman’s period. It moves in approximate 28-29 day repetitive cycles, just like menstruation. It waxes (builds in size) and wanes (reduces in size) like the lining of the womb, or a pregnant woman’s stomach.

a vindication of the rights of women - Why Astrology is Different for WomenHere we have a woman who is asleep, just waiting to wake up. It’s a pretty good – naturally psychic – piece of art. It shows women waiting to be woken up to feminism. In 1792, Mary Wollstonecraft would publish the groundbreaking, planet-changing book – A Vindication of the Rights of Women.

So, about 50 years later, Diana sprung to life. In your horoscope now, male or female, this asteroid by sign and house will reveal how you are an ‘alternative parent’ or protector, guide and mentor. In the Second House, for example, in the sign of Taurus, you may find your Diana in Taurus leads you to work as a financial advisor. In the Fourth House, in the sign of Cancer, your Diana may encourage you to play a caring role within the family – but by leading a separate, autonomous, liberated life – remaining outside.

The Secret Zodiac and Psyche

The Secret Zodiac 2 446x600 - Why Astrology is Different for WomenFred Gettings, the art historian who also had a passion for astrology, published The Secret Zodiac with Arkana/Penguin in 1987, at the peak of the boom in ‘New Age’ thinking, as it was known then.

Again, the sophisticated software we have today from Solar Fire was just a vision in 1987.

Today you can find the position of your Psyche in there (a crucial female asteroid as she was the daughter-in-law of  Venus). If you are a Premium Member, of course you will automatically have Psyche shown by zodiac sign and house in your chart now, which will show on this page.

Fred Gettings talks about Psyche in terms of losing love – giving up and giving in – having to ‘relinquish her contact with a great god.’ This is true. Venus hated the fact that Psyche was in love with her son, Cupid, and tried everything she could, to make her prospective daughter-in-law give up.

Psyche in your chart shows struggle. By sign and house, it reveals the struggle which will make you immortal (which will live forever and outlast you, as a testament to your staying power). Psyche in Leo in the Fifth House, for example, can describe your struggle to have a child, or keep a child in your life.

Psyche is often literal. It frequently shows woman against woman. We hear a lot about the sisterhood, but astrology tells us the truth. Women can be bitchy, even vicious, with other women. They can seek to destroy.

Hopefully Psyche in your personal birth chart has not resulted in this toxic kind of battle. Venus was a jealous goddess. She resented Psyche for being beautiful. She loathed her even more, for having the love of her son. Sound familiar?

We still see Psyche stories played out today. She can be a pretty boring symbol in your chart, if played this way. Astrology is all about finding more interesting, thoughtful, creative and productive ways to live out the Psyche story in your chart.

Mapping the Heavens With Female Symbols

Mapping the Heavens by Peter Whitfield 1 - Why Astrology is Different for WomenI was recently in The British Library researching my next book, when I stumbled across the new edition of Mapping the Heavens by Peter Whitfield (The British Library, 2018).

He talks about Venus and her huge global, cultural impact. Babylonian people lived in an age when omens were taken very seriously, and the sight of Venus in the sky (they called her Ishtar) was faithfully recorded.

By the time of Plato, the Greeks were identifying Venus with Aphrodite, the goddess of desire. “Astral religion, the belief that personal divinities inhabited the planets, spread from Babylon to Persia, India and Egypt and throughout the Graeco-Roman world. It carried astrology with it to the extent that this became an important component in the intellectual life of the entire Christian and Muslim worlds, a system that was half-way between a religion and a science.”

How We See Venus in the Twenties

download 2 - Why Astrology is Different for WomenHow we see Venus in the Twenties (2020 to 2029) will reflect a changing female symbol for changing times. The old Venus was a beautiful, jealous, seductive, immoral goddess. She slept with Mars, behind her husband Vulcan’s back. She tried to destroy Psyche, because she was more beautiful – and because her son desired to marry her. It’s interesting to see the way Venus is changing. Jane Fonda’s arrest during a Climate Emergency protest and her ongoing activism on the crisis, reminds us that Venus is a flowing 1 - Why Astrology is Different for Women

It can be really interesting to picture Venus looking into her famous mirror (the mirror became reduced as a symbol, showing a circle on a stick, in your chart) and reflecting!

Paranoia about fading beauty and lost youth and resentment of younger, gorgeous women can be transformed into sisterhood, if Venus works at it. Jane Fonda is now officially on the same planet as Greta Thunberg. She is in her eighties and Greta is in her teens, as I write this in 2019 – and that’s quite a leap.

The HBO series Jane Fonda in Five Acts captures this brilliantly. Did you know Venus has five petals in astronomy? There is a link between the number five and this planet in your chart.

The Pentagram of Venus

qe8TRUP 600x315 - Why Astrology is Different for Women

You can watch this Pentagram of Venus on YouTube now. Successive inferior conjunctions of Venus against the Zodiac form a natural pentagram, or five petal (five point) shape. I hope you can see how this natural association with witches (crones) and womanhood, ties in with Venus and the famous pentagram symbol. These connections go back centuries.

Venus can be extended by association as the ‘evil’ mother-in-law of fairy stories. The crone or witch. The hag, drawing the pentagram on the floor of her hut, or haunting festivals today with a pentagram necklace or tattoo. Astrology is curious indeed. And Venus has five faces or five sides.

Working With Psyche, Venus and Diana in Your Chart

If you are a man, it is really important to know that your vision of women is described by the zodiac sign of your Psyche, Venus and Diana (to count just a few of the female symbols). Your idea of good women/bad women is drawn by this, according to your horoscope. You project it onto your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, boss, colleague, friend.

If you are a female, it pays to know you also carry around particular projections of womanhood inside you. How do you feel about your Venus sign and house? How have you lived with your Venus and her five faces, or five ages? Your Venus sign and house clearly shows a lifelong pattern of female-female relating. It may have begun at school. Perhaps it was there with your sister, or a female cousin, or female best friend.

Like all symbols, Venus is there to be fashioned into something new and powerful. This is the alchemy upon which astrology is based. How have you shifted the chemistry?

Understanding your female side in the personal birth chart is a fantastic way to go through the Twenties. Why 2020-2029? We enter the New Age of Aquarius then, as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all go through Aquarius for the first and last time in your life. Aquarius is the sign of diversity and equality, within a global community. It’s about sisterhood and brotherhood. It’s time!

Women Astrology 1 600x289 - Why Astrology is Different for Women

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51 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica,

    I find it so interesting that Venus forms a pentagram. Is there software to show us which planets, in our birth chart, are involved in this pentagram? Also, I have Venus in Gemini. Could you help me understand Venus in my 12th, please?

    Thank you Jessica!

    1. The pentagram is drawn by Venus in orbit and was found many years ago by Neil F. Michelsen, the well-known astrologer and programmer. Venus in Gemini is in your Third House in the Natural House System, which I prefer to use for accurate prediction. You seduce by using words. You are a natural love-letter writer; you could also write erotica. You would make a good telephone lover too as this is associated with pillow talk, but using text messages. It’s not particularly physical. It’s all very much in the head.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    What an interesting article! As an art historian (although now working in an entirely different sector living out my MC in scorpio) I love how you always use paintings to illustrate your articles. It really makes me look at them in an entirely different way when I visit a museum or art gallery. Just had a look at my female symbols and five of them fall in aquarius. It would be amazing if you could shed any light on that. Best wishes, S

    1. Thank you so much. As an art historian you will know that the painters and sculptors of the past projected their own archetypes into their creations, so often when you look at Jupiter, or Venus, or Bacchus (and the rest) you are seeing the projections through the eyes of people who poured themselves into the end product. You are strongly Aquarian and feed the group. You supply your friends. You are never fully merged within the group, as you are always an outsider, but you can come and go within it. It is common to have involvement with one or more groups, so, for example, Amnesty International as well as a political party, or a book group as well as a swimming team. It is hard to have intense, intimate sexual relationships within these circles as it does not really suit the atmosphere. Thus, keeping it light, bright and filled with space, tolerance and room to move – emotionally and physically – is your path. You can have non-physical, platonic friendships with people within that kind of setting and it works very well for you, though heavily Scorpio friends will never understand how you do it.

  3. Hi Jessica, this article is very interesting.
    I have Venus in Gemini, Diana in Cancer and Psyche and Moon in Aquarius. I am a very independent woman and I have never wanted to have children and have been single for more than 10 years, now. Can you take a look at my chart?

    1. This is the chart of a woman who relates better to the group, or her friends, than she does to a man in an intimate one-on-one relationship. Venus is all about seduction, desire and being seduced and she is in Gemini in your Third House of internet, letter-writing and text messages. So this is not particularly physical, when it happens, it’s really about ‘the word’. That can be rather distant and in fact, relationships where you come and go, suit you. Venus in Gemini is also about short journeys; romance on the road. Diana in Cancer is fiercely independent at home and as Cancer rules the family circle, and Diana in mythology rejected motherhood, that is not your path. The Moon and Psyche in Aquarius are in the Eleventh House of groups and friends, so you are mother hen to your brood of friends, but again, it’s not physically close or intimate. You would probably feel suffocated or trapped if you were in a conventional marriage with 1.2 children and a white picket fence. Your life will change hugely from the year 2021, past 2023, as Jupiter, Saturn and then Pluto go into Aquarius. Your involvement with a club, team, band, society, association or similar will become your most significant relationship then.

  4. I searched the internet for the pentagram of Venus and discovered it’s orbit forms a pentagram. Excuse my ignorance.

  5. Hi Jess,

    Is there any chance of seeing the article for men you referred to please?


  6. This is really fascinating Jessica! I’d definitely like to read more blog posts about female astrology. Can I ask you, Psyche in Aries…would this play out in my attempts to beautify myself, through surgery and make up, or is it less superficial than that? I’m planning surgery next year and don’t want to think that it’s an endless loop of unsatisfying treatments! I’m hoping my Jupiter in Aries will ‘offset’ what astrologically feels to me like a no win situation! How can I work with this chemistry to my advantage? Thank you x

    1. Psyche in Aries in the First House is indeed a symbol of beauty, as Psyche’s entire issue was being threatened by Venus, who was jealous of her looks. You’ll have Chiron in Aries exactly semi-sextile Uranus in Taurus in the second half of January 2020 so the choice comes down to money.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    I love my Venus. I’m a very sensual and tactile person and my home is like a sanctuary of all things Venusian which fits it so perfectly. I think because there is so much air in my chart it also provides me with some much needed stability. Would that be helped by Fortuna’s placement and does it mean I need to make it more of a focus? I’ve always been very interested in women’s health not only physical but mental and spiritual. I’ve wanted to incorporate this in the past but let it go due to other constraints.

    1. I had to add this. After reading the post I kept thinking of Diana in my life and then the work I was planning to do several years ago – it involved writing and connecting with like-minded women. So I asked the Oracle and Diana and the third house came up. That made me laugh and the first sentence floored me. Sounds about right. I’m also all about connecting. Even a new job I have has become very third house even though it wasn’t planned.

      1. Diana in the Third House often turns up as a single woman who is child-free and marriage-free, and whose independence influences her role in projects and plans. In other words, she doesn’t compromise and she may not commit – although she delivers!

    2. Pluto at 27 Virgo square the Moon at 27 Gemini in your chart is likely the explanation for your interest in women’s physical and mental health. You would actually experience this twice every month as the transiting Moon goes to 27 Virgo and 27 Gemini, triggering the pattern. Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House is about the need to control food, drink, drugs, healing, fitness – and the empowerment that comes when that happens. The Moon in Gemini in the Third House is about the need to communicate. The internet is a natural home for your passion.

  8. Hi Jessica, I really find this article fascinating- I have many factors in feminine signs (and quite a few at 7 and 13 degrees). My moon in Pisces (I was born in the balsamic period) kind of sums me up! Big strength/big weakness perhaps? I’ve had very difficult friendships with women throughout my life, I have very few friends now and can think of multiple times where a falling out (or just a disappearance!) has resulted in the end of a friendship- in saying that I’m not into superficial relationships either (I used to be the over-giver) and happy to clear the decks when required. I work in an intuitive field but have also found women in the industry difficult to connect/collaborate with. I was also a huge tomboy until my mid 20s… Does my chart indicate opportunities or challenges related to these feminine signs? Or is it just me!? Haha. Thanks so much Jessica 🙂

    1. You have Vesta at 0 Virgo square Uranus at 0 Sagittarius. Any time you get into a situation with a majority of females and just one male, you run into trouble. The classic mistake people make with Vesta aspects is to compete with the other women or girls, rather than figure out the real problem, which is usually the male. This suggests work or housework, daily routine, perhaps your health or fitness as Virgo rules all that. Uranus in Sagittarius is the upheaval that occurs whenever you act out the transit. You may have acted it out with people from other cultures, nationalities or regions as Sagittarius rules those! The way to fix Vesta is to understand that the man ‘in charge’ is manipulating things to gratify his ego or protect his insecurities. Problem over.

  9. Hello Jessica, thank you because once again, an original article and wonderfully enlightening.
    Thanks to you, I discovered asteroids and their power a few years ago.
    I am a Sagittarius Neptune conjunct Venus, who loves to travel and is intensely romantic although I force myself to return to earth and a juno in pisces who is more comfortable initially in the blur or in a form of fusional & spiritual relationship…With space ! I am single again and have been single, and free, a good part of my life, with always this poignant desire to be with someone and madly in love, but at the same time the compulsive need to be alone and maybe free in a sens, like behind a window. Loneliness in love and no child have been really hard at times. My friends are also my great loves, moon in Aquarius, and with 11 elements in this sign, i am in many groups and i have always met new friends easily (contrary to lovers). But I still have in me this dream of fusion with a lover, physical and spiritual and I would like to be in a relationship again. On the other hand I have a hard time understanding how my Diana in capricorn, Pysche in balance articulate ? And especially what means the conjunction Ceres and Vesta in Aquarius. Thank you for everything, it’s a daily joy to discover new articles and comments. Have a great day, and many thanks, Ninon

    1. Thank you, Ninon. You will eventually find the lover you are looking for, but you may need to wait for the Aquarius weather, which begins in December 2020, rolls into 2021 and then continues past 2023. It would not be a standard marriage but it would very much involve your friends and the groups you are both involved with.

  10. hi Jessica,
    I was born with the following:
    Moon in Gemini
    Venus, Psyche, Fortuna in Sagittarius
    Minerva, Diana, Ops in Aquarius
    Juno, Ceres in Libra
    Salacia in Capricorn
    Prosperina in Pisces
    Vesta in Leo
    Can you please comment? Many thanks!!!

    1. You’re all about the internet, travel and travel in the mind. You will eventually be tempted to leave home, marry or move in with someone far away. You’re not going to get through the Aquarius cycles after 2021 without that being triggered in your chart. Even if you take your partner with you, with all bags and cases packed, you will fall utterly in love with another space in another place.

  11. Hello Jessica,

    With Ceres currently at 21 deg and Sag at 21 in Jupiter, I’m curious how this affects me? Any interesting work or love prospects? I’m currently working in a job that pays the bills and provides for the future, but where’s the joy? I am a single mom w an adult son who lives on his own. I’m fortunate in life, but still keep my eyes open for any other fun and exciting mountains to climb. Thanks for your insight and time.

    Ar Ma

    1. Thank you Ar Ma. You are so right to ask ‘Where’s the joy?’ Your own chart tells you. It’s in learning. It’s in learning from other cultures, nationalities, regions, faces, spaces and places. Are you doing that? It can happen online and not take time or money. It can happen on a Saturday morning on Meetups. Your chart ‘Sparks Joy’ as Marie Kondo says, when you travel and absorb knowledge. You will ultimately do that because you will have the time and money. For now, you are fulfilling your karmic promises to your son. Yet that stops in May 2020 and in 2021, 2022, 2023 I believe you’ll be taken away by utterly foreign influences. As I type this to you, they are playing Rising Sun by Cold Chisel in the club where I am using the internet. It’s a song about Australians who fell in love with Asian and Asians. Go figure.

      1. Thank you Jessica. Yes to travel and being a life learner! Interesting song. Hmmm

        One more thing, a few weeks ago you gave me a specific date and said you wouldn’t be surprised if a couple of days around that date I wouldn’t be contacted about a job offer. Funny thing, the day after the date you mentioned I received a text message from a friend about an upcoming position. So it’s now Mercury Retrograde Shadow and things are in the works. I was concerned but then have been informed the start date probably won’t materialize before December. So if after contemplating during the Mercury Retrograde and I still choose to take this position, I will choose to begin after December 7th when the Shadow period ends.

        I just wanted to share with you that I appreciate your gifts and talents. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

        1. I am glad you got the job offer as the astrology predicted. You are right, Mercury Retrograde is here. This should not stop you from pursuing this, ArMa, but just be aware that people will be lazy, slow or disorganised about returning your email or telephone call. This is typical of the cycle. Go ahead anyway.

  12. Dear Jessica, hope you are well.
    I would love to understand the significance of a Venus in Leo vs a Psyche in Scorpio, a moon in Aries and Diana in Capricorn. I tried to put it together using your tools but could not assess.
    Also, you mentioned the significance of the Ceres and Jupiter Sagittarius placement on 21 October at 21 degree, the number I have my moon in Aries. If you don’t mind, which part of life would the natal moon affect on this day?
    P.S. happy Diwali.

    1. Happy Diwali. I’m well and hope you are too. First of all, your Aries Moon is about your profile on the internet, your personal appearance, your image, reputation, title and role. So we’re going to see the chance for a relaunch here. It may be anything from your prescription glasses to your name in print. Enjoy this. You do have quite a complex chart, so let’s take it apart. Of all the placements you have, Venus in Leo matters most. You were born to guide, mentor, lead and set an example to your nieces, nephews, godchildren or children. This is true all your life. Any children or young people associated with you professionally or through unpaid work also get the royal treatment. You are ‘monarch’ to these younger faces and it does affect your love and sex life too.

  13. What an interesting article,once again dear Jessica !
    I noticed that my ‘female signs’ Venus and Psyche are in Cancer and Diana in Pisces (water signs) while my Mars and Moon are in Aquarius.
    Does that saws challenges or smthg else in my chart?
    Thank you once again for the wonderful job you do!

    1. Marina you are a contradiction, because you are so maternal and deeply caring. Your heart goes out to people or animals who need a place to stay – a place to be looked after – or who are vulnerable, broke or ill. You are an emotional mama when it comes to just about everything and everybody who deserves you. At the same time, you realise that if you bring this to friendships, or to groups, it makes life so complicated. In fact it can affect how the network is, or the community of people is! So you are torn between two sides of yourself. You need to fight for a cause. Mars in Aquarius does that. You really, really care about the people involved. Moon in Aquarius does that too. Your intensely watery, psychic, caring side just needs a space *outside* the team, club, society, association to let her maternal instinct find a home, though. Keeping two parts of yourself and your life apart like this can make life a great deal more simple. It can be like cooking, endlessly, for an elderly parent and making sure the blankets are warm in winter – while you race off to a local community group meeting with your clipboard. It’s that kind of difference.

      1. wow..that’s so true
        your last sentence describes describes it all!
        thank you Jessica for your outstanding way of telling and writing things down..

  14. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your incredible knowledge .
    I have learned another important thing in my chart .
    I have
    Psyche 14° in Gemini .

    It means it is hard for me to have a partner or keeping HIM stay with me , is that right Jessica ?

    I am mostly alone 8 years now .
    So that’s it for me ???
    I’m very scared to end my life alone . In few years time my children will grow up and leave home , they won’t need me as much anymore . What am I going to do with myself alone ?

    Thank YOU so much for your time and kindness Jessica .
    I’m hoping to hear from you soon .

    1. Psyche in Gemini has nothing to do with your love life. It’s about your diary and letters, actually, because they will outlive you. Make sure that everything you write – you may even have written more in your life – is exactly the legacy you want to leave, because it will be there a long time. Especially online, of course, where things live forever. You are single and don’t want to be. You have children and they’ll leave home, which is natural. All of these things are absolutely normal and regular, by the way, and there is no reason to be scared of anything. Change the word ‘alone’ to ‘keeping my own company’ and make sure you are the kind of company you want to keep. Entertain and absorb yourself with the kinds of things, you would like to see your companion doing too. Eventually you will put these on the same level of importance as your children. Eventually they may even become more important. These interests, talents, skills, abilities and pastimes will absorb you, as you have an incredible memory, curiosity and desire to know more (and more) with this kind of chart. So you never stop learning. And eventually you will find a companion, whose company you like to keep – because you have become the kind of companion he or she also feels comfortable with. It’s done through shared interests. Don’t set a stop watch please. And your children will always, always be with you.

  15. Hi Jessica

    I am currently single for the last three years, and don’t really want to pair up or get into anything. The break with my ex-Scorpio partner born on Halloween came very unexpectedly for me (though it was right on the astrological weather I believe), and I’m still figuring what I want out of partnerships so have stayed away from all things love and romance. However, since I’m a Libra this is always on the back of my mind and wonder if the Libra weather or just my charts in general will bring anything my way (without me seeking anything out actively).

    Could you please comment on what things may look like for me after March/April 2020 when the family stuff I’m going through will be finally over? It is kind of keeping me stuck in other areas of life too (i.e. I haven’t taken advantage of the Sagittarius weather on writing/blogging because I’m always so anxious about the unorthodox family situation I’m in where I live with my mother and sister, and we all three are trying to figure out our living, household and finances and debt together). Does any of my feminine degrees say anything?

    Thank you in advance.

    P.S. In late 2017 in relation to my career (I think Capricorn was somewhere, and I only have one degree there) you steered me in the right way to see things as they are and not pick something that’s not real. This led to my deciding one job over a second one, and possibly the best decision I have made, I’m valued at work and plenty raise and bonuses my way since starting in 2018. So can’t thank you enough for that also!

    1. Shaolee, I am glad your 2017 astrology guidance helped you with your career. I am sorry about the karma with the family. You are one of many people affected by this Cancer-Capricorn weather, which has not been seen in over 240 years. This is about Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn, clashing with the North Node in Cancer, the sign of family, but also town, country, the house and the apartment. People are getting it in different ways. Some of them are struggling and stuck with situations locked into family ties. Others are dealing with huge challenges to their sense of ownership over their home, or their homeland. Nobody is having much fun on this cycle, but although it breaks in May 2020, it also becomes considerably easier from the first week of December 2019, as Jupiter moves to Capricorn and at least some of those patterns now involve him – the problem-solver of astrology. What you will find in 2020 is a far, far easier year with many more solutions and options. Then, from 2021 when Saturn is out of Capricorn, it’s a new era for you. I do think you’ll have some hardline decisions to make about your mother and sister, though. And you may be quite radical about the finances. That will set you free. Ask yourself about the price tag you hang on feeling liberated and the answer in May 2020 may surprise you.

  16. Dear Jessica, I’m really fascinated by your special astrology methodes with natural and solar house system, and the roman asteroids. I would be very interested to know your opinion on progressed charts / solar arcs and the retrograde planets in birth charts. Do you use them sometimes? If yes, what is their significance? Thank you!

    1. I do not use progressed charts, or solar arcs, or pay much heed to retrograde planets natally. You can pick up my book on Amazon if you want to see the methods I use. Thank you.

  17. hi Jessica,
    I just listened to your beautifully done podcast “All About Venus in Your Horoscope”.
    I was born with Venus at 08° in Sagittarius, Cupido at 18° in Libra, Psyche at 15° Sagittarius, Mars at 20° in Taurus, Vulcan in 07° in Gemini.
    Relationships for me have been a struggle with my family members, who get angry at me, do not tell me the reason for it, but simply stop talking to me. My sister had not talked to me for almost 10 years. She has now within the past year or so started to talk to me. My husband and daughters have not been talking to me for about a year now. So much precious time is just being wasted.
    Could you please take a look at my birth chart and kindly shed some light on my relationships? Will I always be struggling?
    Thank you

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you liked the podcast. You are right about your family. So much precious time has been wasted. It must be very hard to live with your husband and daughters not talking to you. The issue in your chart is the Nodes in Libra-Aries. It’s karmic. (Even the word ‘karmic’ sounds a little like your surname). The Nodes describe life going back in 19 year cycles, so about every two decades, the cycle repeats. Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war, battles and conflict. Libra rules marriage, but it can also rule duels as well as duets. You, your sister, husband and daughters share past life contracts and you have arrived with the North Node and South Node in these signs to learn how to deal with them. Their non-communication is not your choice, but your attitude is. You can change your attitude even if you cannot (at the moment) alter their behaviour. The repetition of the Node means you might never see tremendous change, but you can alter your choices, your approach, your state of mind, your angle – to make yourself feel happier and more comfortable. In other words, you are always going to get politics with the family (especially if you buy into it and keep it alive). Yet, despite the duels, you can do your own thing, make your own plans, set your own rules and honour your own life! For more on the Nodes please look them up on Search. In India they are called Rahu and Ketu. Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail. Look up Aries and Libra too, and the First House and Seventh House. This is where your Nodes are.

  18. Psyche in Leo 13 deg , Venus In Cancer 27 deg , Diana at 23 Scorpio Vesta 00 Gemini , Moon Pisces 22 , I struggle constantly with Mothers , Mother in laws and daughter in law , my son is the center of most of the unbalanced scales . I am treated like a third class event . I am made invisible not counted or included by my daughter in law and x Mother in law she holds the key to my sons heart . My mother always treated me as invisible . Any thoughts please Jessica ?My son seems never to be my son .Thank you .

    1. I am sorry you have this situation with your son. You have the Moon in Pisces so are sensitive, to the point of being psychic, and find it easy to slip into other people’s energy field to feel/think as they do. In fact you can sometimes invade psychic boundaries. You are extremely emotional, which I am sure you know. Venus in Cancer is another water sign (Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio being the three) and of course you have Diana there too. This is the chart of someone who needs to find a channel for strong feelings, as your emotions rule you. There is also some very old pain there with your mother. How awful. Something that occurs to me, is that you need an outlet away from the family, for all that you feel. Something or someone which can ‘take’ the emotion. Have you found that? You need to matter. You also understand, highly intuitively, the pain that others go through. You’d be a very good telephone counsellor at Samaritans or similar, actually. But you’ll find your own path. You would feel much more balanced if you could take your psychic abilities and deep feelings far, far away from your daughter-in-law and mother-in-law.

      1. Thank you so much Jessica , for your kind reply and considered words . I wish I did not know what people are doing and thinking and feeling . How can I turn this off when I need to please ? How do I protect myself from others feeling thoughts and pain ? I am a Hypnotherapist and Counselor , I trained with Marisa Peer Britain’s best Therapist ,going slow with this new idea . . When I was young I never had any emotion about anything , now its all coming up . I don’t want to invade Psychic boundaries , My mother does that and I hate it and its just plain wrong . I don’t know who or what to give the emotion to . Am reciprocating Hypnotherapy with others at the moment but I think this stirs everything up . I love being a Hypnotherapist .I finished my Diploma i Counseling in June this year and am trying to put the two together , I have been a Nurse for 33 years and have retired from that last year . Again thank you so very much ! Have a lovely week end .

        1. Ah, so you trained as a hypnotherapist. That fits. Thank you for telling me. You may need to think about the extent to which this influences your whole life, actually. You have the chart of a natural psychic who can slip in and out of other people’s psychic boundaries. You have channelled that into hypnosis, which is obviously different, but every time you bring people into trance, you are essentially working with their chakras and aura. Can I recommend you look at mediumship for training purposes? Linda Williamson is the best author I know on the subject. You need to learn about the etheric body and how to effectively manage it, as your own etheric body is constantly corded to that of others, whom you hypnotise, but you are also corded to the family members. Linda wrote a very sensible and useful book: your library should have it. Even if you do not identify as a medium it’s a good primer in the human energy field and a lot of professional psychics swear by it.

  19. My psyche is 17 Scorpio, Diana-11 Capricorn, Venus- 16 Aries and Moon 25 Virgo.
    Does that mean I am mostly analytical and down to earth about relationships? I don’t really see much emotions involved here. Do I read that right?

    1. Not at all – Psyche is in Scorpio, an emotional water sign, and you are drawn towards complicated sexual and financial relationships where the passion is fierce. In astrology, Scorpio is ‘do or die’ when it comes to love. Diana in Capricorn is about your career. You want independence at work. Venus in Aries is really about your appearance, as Aries rules the first house of image. The Moon in Virgo is about work too. In fact, you have mixed feelings about work, as one part of you wants to mother people (Moon in Virgo) and look after them – and the other part of you just wants to do her own thing and have her own space!

  20. Thank you for your reply Jessica. I will look up nodes.
    This has been the most difficult cycle. I do not remember it being so difficult the last time around, otherwise I would have remembered it.
    When does this current cycle end?
    Based on my chart, do you see me staying married? I wonder if I will ever be happy and have love back in my life again.
    Thank you again.

    1. Marriage is about your husband’s chart as well as your own – and it’s not here for me to read. You could easily break up, but only when you have your own independent finances organised. It’s all about the money – that’s what your chart is saying.

  21. Thank you Jessica.
    Would I be able to request a chart for my husband, so that you are able to advice me in future? If yes, please let me how and I can provide his birth data.
    Thank you again.

    1. I can’t really look at charts without the consent and knowledge of the person concerned, but your husband is very welcome to join Premium Membership. I am sorry this is so stressful for you. I do understand! Please start working with your Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook, and your own journal, to try finding a way through.

  22. Hi Jessica, Thank you for another fascinating article! My Psyche is in Capricorn and I believe its in the 6th house. I calculated this from knowing I have the Sun in the 8th house in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo in the 2nd House and counting from there with the chart system above. My question is (if this is correct) would it explain why I have struggled in finding and having a career? I am thinking Capricorn (career/achievement) and 6th house (house of work, unpaid albeit) could explain it. I know I have MC in Taurus (slow to come to fruition) so that could factor in too. After graduating and not really knowing what I wanted to do (22 years ago) I had a run as an elementary teacher for a few years and have taken the last 10 years off (of paid work) as a stay at home mom to 3. I would have gone back to work sooner, but lacked any real direction and did not want to go back and teach in the same capacity. I have always prayed for years for a calling, to let my life be of service to others, but never felt a direction or tug until recently. I am looking to create a business where I teach fellow women like myself how to open up to and stay in touch with their intuition/higher selves by learning do for themselves what helps me do the same such as oracle cards, energy clearing, crystals, new moon intention setting, etc. I walk the walk and these are the tools in my toolbox I turn to daily. I envision it to be a spiritual 101 series of classes where they learn the basics, and if they choose to learn more I am availble for that as well. I am of course very nervous to launch (and if I’m being honest standing in my own way a bit) because I have not had success in the career sector before. Would love to know if you have any insight here. Thank you from your faithful reader and subscriber.

    1. I use the Natural House system for accurate prediction, so your Psyche is in Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, and your Sun in Pisces is in the Twelfth House of spirituality. Your Moon in Virgo is in the Sixth House of work and health. You say you have been struggling with career matters. Your answer is right there. You have Psyche in Capricorn in the Tenth House of jobs, and you have been living with not only Pluto, but also Saturn and the South Node – also passing through Capricorn and the Tenth House. You want to teach oracle cards crystals and astrology to women, which is a very smart thing to do if you have the Sun in Pisces in the Twelfth House. You need to train. Fortunately you are in the right time and place to do that, in 2020, 2021 as the South Node of karma goes into Sagittarius and your Ninth House of education. In fact, you’ve learned some of these skills before in other lives!

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