The Pisces Full Moon

The Pisces Full Moon on 14th September 2019 brings a confusing episode in your life to a crossroads, where you can cut your losses and move on. What does your chart say? Your personal horoscope may be triggered.

The Pisces Full Moon

PIS2018 profile - The Pisces Full MoonPisces is the sign of the Full Moon on Saturday 14th September – and it has always shown two fish swimming in opposite directions. This sums up one area of your life which has been confusing you and others throughout 2019. In fact, we could trace this back to 2018 when you first started encouraging the situation! Your Sun Sign (normal zodiac sign) will show what is publicly and obviously confused. Your personal birth chart, which you will have if you are a Premium Member, gives you the inside story.


How Your Sign is Affected by the Full Moon in Pisces

Aries: Your relationship with your God. Your inner demons. Therapy and psychiatry. Counselling. Skeletons in your closet. Your dreams. Meditation. What you believe – from astrology to science.

Taurus: Your social circle. Your friendships, from your old group of bridesmaids, to The Freemasons or the Labour Party. Your social media friendships on Twitter. Your community and your network.

Gemini: Your success in life. Your position and status. Your social rank. Your ambitions. Your career, and also your calling, which may be unpaid. Voluntary efforts. Academia or educational rank. Your goals.

Cancer: Your relationship with cultures or nationalities which are foreign to you. Travel and emigration. Traditional and digital publishing. The worldwide web. Academia and education, both formal and casual.

Leo: Taxation. Business agreements. Income. Your bank. Charity. Mortgage and marriage. Your last will and testament. Legacies which name you – no matter if you know about them or not. Property. Valuables.

Virgo: Your former husband or wife. Your former boyfriend or girlfriend. Your current partner in love or business. People against you – your legal opponent. Any enemies or rivals who are in opposition to you.

Libra: Your daily routine. The relationship between body, mind and spirit. Your job description. Your work ethic. Housework. Voluntary and unpaid work. Your mental health. Your physical health.

Scorpio: Your son or daughter. Your grandchildren. Sexual relationships with parenthood potential, or step-parenting potential. Adopted children and stepchildren as a whole. Youth. Young adults. Gen Y.

Sagittarius: Your family circle. Your family tree on both sides. Your house or apartment. Your home town. Your homeland. The physical state of your home. Your shared household – partner or roommate/flatmate.

Capricorn: Your use of the worldwide web. Your mobile telephone. Your multimedia interests, from publishing to video. Your speech and writing. Your literacy and translation skills. Your voice.

Aquarius: Money owed to you. Your own credit card, mortgage or loan. Your taxes. The house or apartment you rent or own. Investments. Shares. The bank. Valuable items. Your salary or cash flow.

Pisces: Your reputation. Your physical appearance. Judgements of you online. Your avatar or photograph. Film footage of you. Your face – and how it appears online. Your name or title. Your virtual self.

Moon phases - The Pisces Full Moon

Why the Pisces Full Moon is a Crossroads

This Full Moon finds the Moon in Pisces opposite the Sun in Virgo. Like any Full Moon it is D-Day. It’s a crossroads you must deal with, in order to get rid of a messy or muddled situation which has been developing in waves since March 2019, and perhaps as far back as March or September 2018.

On the same day we find Neptune in Pisces opposite Mars in Virgo. These two patterns are just hours apart. Depending on your personal birth chart you may experience the crossroads on Friday 13th, Saturday 14th, Sunday 15th of September. Even now, as you read this, you will be aware of just how much the situation has crept up on you.

This is what any Neptune cycle does. It is equated with the ocean and just like the tides, it works in a subtle way, gradually eroding boundaries. The action of Neptune in Pisces – and this Full Moon in Pisces – has also slowly but surely worn away the structures, rules, ‘lines in the sand’ and all the rest. The actual area of your life most publicly affected is shown above.

If you are a stickler for timing, then note that the Full Moon falls on UT (Universal Time) at 4.32am on Saturday 14th September. It occurs with the Sun standing at 21 Virgo opposite the Moon at 21 Pisces. The reason this Full Moon highlights so many weak boundaries, confusion and ‘blur’ in your life is really down to the unusual clash between Mars in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces on the same day.

That falls with Mars at 17 Virgo opposite Neptune at 17 Pisces, at UT (Universal Time) 5.25am on the same day, about an hour after the Full Moon becomes exact.

What to Do on the Pisces Full Moon

Give yourself and others time and space. When the Sun and Moon are opposite it’s a tug of war. Your inner conflict, perhaps, or a clash between where you stand, and where others actually are. It can also be a huge tug of war for people in your world. They may be going through their own D-Day. Thus, the need for time and space.

Alcohol and drugs – even prescribed drugs – are ruled by Neptune. The clash between Neptune and Mars is hard work anyway and it is unlikely to be helped by wine or marijuana, beer or cocaine. Astrologers have associated Neptune with altered states, pharmaceuticals and alcohol since his discovery in 1846. In fact, they found Neptune in the same year they publicly used anaesthetic.

Try to stay clear, keep it real, and be ultra-sensitive to what/who needs to be cleaned up, organised, or just let go. You may not want to do it on the Full Moon itself (look up at the night sky and you will see it). You may want to register the feelings, then make your choice later – if you can.

Are You a Premium Member?

You probably know your birth chart off by heart, by this stage. Check to see if you have anything on this list for a detailed explanation. Scan your horoscope and look for Virgo, Pisces – and 17 or 21 degree placements in your natal chart.

[contentblock id=show-chart]

Virgo factors: Your approach to life is usually methodical, organised, routine and meticulous. You like things to be as perfect as you can get them. The Pisces weather is coming from the other end of your chart and rocking your boat. Time to reconsider lifestyle, workload, the details of your 24 hours a day. Time to look at how that is/is not functioning for you. Go into food, drink, exercise, sleep. Go into all work, not only your paid part-time or full-time job, but also unpaid work. Housework is worth looking at too.

Pisces factors: Your approach to life is escapist, inspired and also inspires others. It can also confuse you just as much as it confuses them. Getting out of it (using substances or alcohol) or getting away from it (running away, disappearing, being late, not communicating) are other classic Pisces factor expressions. On this Full Moon and Neptune-Mars opposition it pays to step back from yourself and see your patterns. Really look at your faith or beliefs too. Astrology? Buddhism? Christianity? Look at your mental health.

Virgo and Pisces factors: Your approach to life veers between both signs (above) and can leave you feeling torn or absolutely divided, unless you satisfy yourself with a way of life that honours both your Virgo side and Pisces side. It is very common to veer between ‘perfect’ eating patterns – raw, macrobiotic, vegan – and chaos. It’s the same with your housework. You can go between flower-arranging by inches, to absolute kitchen chaos. This is a sure sign it’s all gone too far. Use this Full Moon to rethink how you work and live. Step back from the details of everything from your breakfast to your bed. Then make some changes later.

Horoscope Factors at 21 Degrees of Any Sign

If you have anything at 21 degrees then the Full Moon will make an angle to that planet, asteroid, Node or angle in your chart. You will find that a situation/person/organisation around you which is clearly divided or conflicted, brings to life the factor in your own birth chart which sits on 21 degrees. So, for example, you may have Jupiter at 21 Aries in your First House. You have everything you need as a Premium Member on this website to decode that. Whatever you have, in any sign at all, in a particular house of your chart (life department) will tell you what is in focus and what you need to understand about yourself. What comes around as a crossroads or D-Day for other people, or even your whole town/country – becomes a crucial point of decision-making for you as well, though you may want to make it a little later.

Horoscope Factors at 17 Degrees of Any Sign

If you have anything at 17 degrees then the Mars-Neptune opposition, on the same day as the Full Moon, will focus you intensely on that factor in your chart. You need to decode it, which you can do, using this website and all the benefits of your Premium Membership – the PDF guides, for example, and the backlist of features on the planets, signs and houses. Be aware that there will be a stand-off, conflict or huge point of difference involving others, or even your town/country – and it will affect you. How it affects you is down to the actual planet, asteroid, Node or angle you possess at 17 degrees, its sign and house. So, for example, if you have the Moon at 17 Gemini in the Third House, this is clearly going to be about your ‘need to be needed’ (The Moon) on the internet (Gemini, Third House). You’d be very mindful of your use of Twitter or websites like this one, on Saturday 14th September.

Full Moon 1 600x289 - The Pisces Full Moon

Astrology is Awareness

There are no ‘energies’ despite what amateur astrologers on the internet might claim. Neptune, Mars, the Sun and Moon don’t send out some kind of invisible ray. That’s the kind of thing they believed in the early 20th century. It’s hilarious to see it revived today. No rays!

Astrology is about time, and alternative timing. It works. It predicts the news before it happens. In your own life, on this Full Moon and Mars-Neptune oppositions about reading the signs and marking the time.

The time has come to raise your awareness of inner conflicts within yourself and polar opposites in situations around you. In Virgo-Pisces we are going to see (really obviously) extreme weather, near Saturday 14th, Sunday 15th September as Pisces rules floods and storms, when rivers and the ocean swells to break through sea walls and barricades.

This is climate crisis – climate emergency – but it is also astrology.

You read that prediction back on August 31st when the website clicked over to your September forecast.

Just as Pisces and its ruler Neptune (now actually in Pisces) are associated with the sea and rivers, so too is Virgo associated with work. On the most basic level, extreme weather will stop people getting to work near the dates in question.

Telling your own time – being aware of the timing – also means understanding that this Full Moon period, which various parts of the world will experience Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday – is about tolerance. Be patient and gentle with yourself and allow time and space for other people who are likely in turmoil.

From all this comes order. Virgo rules organisation. We are in Virgo season, in September. When the time feels right step back from what has been so chaotic, messy or muddled – and cut your losses. Delete, edit or remove who/what you feel can be let go.

Nobody in astrology is ever enamoured of a Full Moon or an opposition, particularly one involving Mars, but we also learn from history. History tells us – experience the truth – then start making decisions.

Premium Member? Use Your Journal

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the symbol of journals, diaries and notes. In Virgo season, dealing with a Pisces Full Moon, you will find that making lists and putting things down on paper can clear your mind wonderfully. That is why Justin Tabari designed your quarterly astrology journal to give you space to do just that. Remember, Pisces, Neptune and the Twelfth House are about inner visions, mental floss, imagination and the realm of non-words.

To make sense of what is happening on these two Virgo-Pisces clashes, something that will work really well for you, as you get real and make some decisions, is to put it all down on paper. Get it out of your head and onto a journal page where you can see it. That’s Virgo thinking, in Virgo season.

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84 Responses

  1. Chiron, Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury, oh my! Please help me decode this Jessica. How can I weave these into one narrative?

    Thank you!

    1. Sure, Carol. The Pisces Full Moon, which people in New Zealand will experience on the afternoon of Saturday 14th September (not sure where you are – America will see it very differently, as will Britain) – is right across your chart. Essentially you are involved with a person/people spelling out classic Pisces muddle and confusion. There may be alcohol or drugs – even prescribed drugs – involved. Even without that, you are dealing with boundary issues as he/she/they lack boundaries, but you are also crossing lines all over the place. Virgo weather to the rescue. This is not going to be easy, but you need to work it. Pull back if required. Make rules for yourself. Figure out a game plan rather than randomly walking through this. If in doubt get a sensible and practical friend or family member – an outsider – to comment. Things need to be clear and in writing so there is no confusion. A little bit of Pisces boundary-crossing is lovely because you feel ‘at one’ with particular people or organisations. On the same page and reading from the same hymn sheet. Normally that works well for you, but your chart tells me that you are paddling around in a fairly murky situation. It’s not dark. It’s just unclear and it needs to be fine-tuned and weeded for the details. This takes time, but you will get there; the remaining Virgo weather in September will help you.

    1. You ‘need to be needed’ in the most instinctive and intuitive way, as a working woman – and as a housewife, actually. I am sure you know what I mean by housewife, even if you are not married and not a full-time mother or wife. It’s about cooking and cleaning. In your professional life it is about cleaning up other people’s messes (people who cannot do the job or those who get it plain wrong) but also in fixing, repairing, solving, healing and above all – helping. You are here to help. It feels right. Yet, here we have a strong bout of Pisces weather getting in the way! You need to ask yourself honestly about who/what prevents you from doing things properly, in detail and in depth. Figure it out. Sometimes the answer is right in front of you but you are in denial about it. You also need to ask yourself if you are a machine or have made yourself a machine in some way – and what/who is getting in the way of the wheels going around. And, also – are you really a machine? Time to get real about all this stuff.

  2. Hi Jessica, 20 Pisces for me…eek!? Is this not a good time to join a new social circle? Thank you x

    1. No eek about it, but you may want to keep this weekend nice and simple. If you feel yourself ‘doing’ Pisces or Virgo in extremis, then you know enough to pull back and neatly sidestep a situation.

  3. Hi Jessica

    I have my Sun at 17 Aries & Saturn at 21 Virgo. Can you please explain how this full moon will affect me?

    Thank you,

    1. Saturn in Virgo in the Sixth House is the story here. You have quite justifiable fears about work, no matter if it’s fear of unemployment (because you lost a job a long time ago, or work in an unstable field) or just fear about work per se, disliking it, not wanting to do the 9 to 5, or shying away from corporate. Saturn is also about karmic burden and we all have it. You were born with some quite old karma about being in service, and doing your duty. You may have been in the army, navy or Air Force in a previous life, or (just as likely) in domestic service, or bound to factory life. You come into this life having issues about doing what you are told, sticking to routine, chores and so on – or at the other extreme, being out of work! Now, more than ever, you can face what is there and deal with it. It will not be easy but it is important. A common manifestation of this kind of pattern, especially also involving the Sun in Aries in the First House, is the body carrying chronic conditions, regular illness or a particular injury or condition – which narrows the choices for work down considerably. This is rather like the rock star who finds herself on a walking stick and unable to sing and dance. If there is anything here which you also need to look at, going into the mind, body and spirit connection – then this weekend will surely make you look at it. Decisions will follow later.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    I have the north node in Virgo and the south node in Pisces, both are at 17 degrees. How will the full moon in Pisces affect me?


    1. Well, April, the solution is to recognise when you go to extremes and why you unconsciously rebel against your Virgo side by losing yourself in messy or muddled situations (random, uncontrolled, chaotic) but also when you go too far into your more imaginative, escapist, inspired, intuitive side – and react against that by overworking, overthinking everything and overdoing the tiny details of food, drink, fitness and so on. Neither is particularly useful yet with the Nodes now triggered in both signs, you have some balancing to do. Balance is elusive this weekend but try and reach for it. There is no perfection but somewhere along the line you have to stop veering between being Uber Virgo or Uber Pisces. Look up the Twelfth House and Sixth House because you live in both at the same time, but you are going to figure out custody! In other words, how can you take turns inhabiting both without losing the plot?

  5. Jessica, thank you, as always. Well he has crept back into my heart and mind again, and yes those boundaries are not as strong as I thought they were …. again. I’ve only realised it this last week and a bit. My ex, and the father of our beautiful son, is back in my mind. So much has passed. And yet, there is something timeless about our connection… the 3 of us. This weekend is a very special anniversary for the 3 of us. Will I ever forgive him? Can we rebuild? And if so, how should the new structure look and feel? These questions always seem to linger in my subconscious… but this weekend they feel like they’re pushing strong. Kate.

    1. Kate, you need to be aware of the difference between emotions and raw feelings, which are quite irrational, and the facts (the facts, the facts, the facts). This weekend you, your son and his father are drawn into a Virgo-Pisces pattern which also chimes with an anniversary. You have full permission to go into the memories with an open heart and any soundtrack you want, as music can be quite cathartic. Yet, expecting yourself to come out of this with a really sensible decision is stretching it. Feel all the feelings, let this Virgo-Pisces weather pass. You have to be a realist about a matter which is, quite frankly, floating ten feet above ground. Later on it will be easier to do that.

  6. Dear Jessica
    Having read your Pisces full moon article, I can see I have factors all over the place in my chart.
    Could you kindly take a look and identify the main influence I ahould be aware of?
    Thanks so much Jessica.

    1. Essentially it is about your trust of the great unknown and what cannot be seen or understood completely. You place a lot of blind faith in a person or situation, but the truth is – you just don’t know! Things can be variable. Or vague. Or not entirely ‘scientific’ or ‘rational’ and that is an issue. There is also the wider question of escaping from the real world. The real world of boring, regular, everyday work is far less appealing than a holiday from it all, vanishing into grand ideas, projects or plans which are far more interesting, yet also (especially at the moment) resting on a wing and a prayer. Again, there is a clash here between what is real and not-real or even unreal. Certainly unrealistic, if you are going to be shrewd about this. You need to see what is actually going on here and read/listen more carefully. There is a lack of homework or research and I am not entirely sure why you have given all to trust, and faith, and not so much to what you need to find out! Rather than wade in any further this weekend you may want to do a bit of fact-finding. What are you dealing with here? Be careful.

  7. dear Jessica,

    I have 2 factors in Virgo: Pluto at 04° and Aesculapia at 06°

    I have only one factor in Pisces: Proserpina at 17° in Pisces

    And, I have 2 factors at 21°: Bacchus at 21° in Capricorn and North Node at 21° in Libra

    How will these factors play out for me? Please help!!!

    I can never tell when I try to decode the factors from my chart myself based on the information available on your website if I am doing it right, because when I do and I think something will go one way, it either goes another way or nowhere at all.

    Thank you

    1. Your whole chart is triggered by the Full Moon and Mars-Neptune opposition, and very specifically with work, unpaid work or your university/college degree – as Virgo and Capricorn are involved, and thus the Sixth House and Tenth House of your chart. Other people’s inability to stick to the rules (their terms of service, job description or duties) affects your life by six degrees of separation and you are drawn into a situation which, quite frankly, is not going to become any clearer or easier. There is deception here too. Self-deception but also pulling the wool over the eyes of others, for whatever reason. You may not be intimately involved here, but I suspect at least one of your current plans, goals or projects is pulled into this situation and if ever there was a weekend to get clear, and keep it real – this is it. Be sharply aware of what/whom strikes you as not in touch, not grounded and what is at stake. You are toying with an idea or possibility that has not actually become much more than that. After the Full Moon examine your feelings and see what hard and basic questions you need to ask.

  8. Thanks Jessica.
    Have to say I’m bewildered by this one. What you’ve said makes perfect sense…until I try to apply the patterns to my life. I’m hoping ‘the scales’ will be lifted from my eyes over the weekend.
    In the meantime, does my chart reveal anything to you?

    1. It should be pretty obvious now but maybe you are in denial. There has to be a point at which your own potential for chaos must be addressed so you figure out why it is happening and where it comes from. Childhood or adolescence is your clue there. If you can remember being messy, for example, or unable to stick to homework schedules – and the rest – see what or whom encouraged that. This may help you sort out current ‘randomness’ in your own nature. You are also likely to find that like attracts like, when it comes to Pisces-Virgo weather, so if you are dealing with people or organisations which cannot get it together, it may be that part of you allows that. He/she/they know that you will be forgiving. And yet nothing changes and it just goes on…and on! Be really aware of what you are wading into this weekend and if you feel you need to extract yourself from the swirling mud pools, then do that now.

      1. Thanks Jessica!
        That does make sense. Perhaps less denial, and more a reluctance to push someone vulnerable, who needs a push nonetheless. I was taught in childhood to be a people-pleaser (that’s putting it mildly…), and I still do it, (though to an ever-decreasing extent, as I’m working on ‘boundaries’) even when it is to my detriment.
        I really appreciate your advice. And you’re right. I let people off the hook, and this fuels my lack of focus.
        All the Best!

  9. Dear Jessica, I’ve Mars, Fortuna and Juno in Virgo but also my Ascendant and descendant are triggered at 21 degrees. How should I read this? Thank you!

    1. Your whole chart is triggered by the combination of the Moon’s opposition to the Sun, and Mars’s opposition to Neptune. As you might expect this is about opposing points of view, or inner conflicts. These have to be handled carefully and sensitively as you really don’t want to wade into something that will waste your time. Ask yourself what you actually want from a situation. What we usually get with a strong Virgo line-up like that, is an interest in what is real, sensible and factually proven. What you experience with the Pisces weather coming the other way is a question about what cannot be proven. It is actually a matter of faith, imagination, memory or belief, yet it is intensely real in its own way. Wading into that sort of argument with yourself or others is really unproductive as there are just no answers. If your birth time was absolutely accurate, then you can involve your Ascendant/Descendant in that too so we’d have to suspect it impacts on how other people see you – and may be connected to your former, current or potential partner. Perhaps an opponent, rival or enemy. Even if the time is out, you will still have that Virgo-Pisces weather in your Sixth House of w0rk, unpaid work and housework so there is something here which is a matter of pure faith, not reason, and yet your reason cannot deal with it. For this reason it is not a bad idea to cut yourself and others some slack on Saturday, Sunday and be more tolerant of yourself as well as them. There are genuinely no answers to this one. Sometimes you have to accept it and live with it. As the Sixth House rules health and wellbeing, it is also possible that something which is just a matter of belief (like healing, or the philosophical beliefs attached to being a vegan) is at the heart of the tug of war.

  10. Hi Jessica — I have so many factors at 17* I definitely need help decoding as well.

    17* IC – Scorpio
    17* MC – Taurus
    17* Fortuna – Aries
    17* Cupido – Aries

    I also have my Moon at 21* in Cancer

    Thanks so much, Jessica!

    1. Thank you. Well, the IC and MC depend on a witness accurately noting the clock time, when the cord was cut, so if you are confident you have that – then this is very obviously an issue about the difference between your life now, and your status, and your place in the world – and where you come from, in terms of your parents, family circle or family tree. Taurus and Scorpio describe finances but also values. Often these are political values, because we vote on our taxes. If you know your time was right, then this Full Moon will accentuate and emphasise, just how impossible it is to be your own person, while also being a parent’s daughter, or (say) an aunt’s niece. The Aries conjunction between Fortuna and Cupido in the First House makes you a natural self-promoter, as the First House is about branding and image. Yet, much as you have a passion for that – and also a passion for fashion, jewellery, shoes, bags and/or make-up (again, the First House) there is a constant fluctuation too, with Fortuna in there. You can commit, and then you find the universe spins you around so what you pledged yourself to, regarding how you look or appear, has to be reconsidered. The astrological weather suggests this might all be connected, in which case if your birth time was right, then the issues with your appearance in particular or your ‘pushing yourself forward’ come from the family circle itself and may have been most obvious to you as a teenager. Some of that now comes back to you and memories can be useful. Your Cancer Moon is very much about the family, so this may be the same message spelled out twice. You are maternal, are inspired by your mother or grandmother (what to do/what not to do as a Mom) and yet this Full Moon puts you between a rock and a hard place in terms of your decisions. It will help a lot to remember life is not perfect – was never perfect – and never will be! What you cobble together as a compromise by Monday is the best you can do, and sometimes you have to live with the best you can do. Others need to be more realistic too. Still, I suspect you’ll be cutting your losses and realising how much time and energy you waste on matters which might better just be axed, dropped and forgotten. Sometimes you do need to streamline. And you need to get real.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    I have Sun, MC and IC on 21 degrees. What does this mean’s for me with the full moon?



    1. Your MC and IC depend on a strictly accurate birth time (when the umbilical cord was cut) but if you are sure one or both parents have this right, then the Full Moon will shed light on the family circle or family tree itself, immediately raising quite difficult questions about the ambitions for greater success or higher status in life, which led you to not only leave home, but also depart from the family’s ethos, class or culture. The Sun is more likely to be accurately placed right on 21 degrees and here we have the transiting Sun aspecting the natal Sun, while the Moon makes angles to both. Things have really reached a stage where you must be honest about facing up to other people’s lack of organisation, their inner chaos or their ‘dazed and confused’ approach to life (to quote Led Zeppelin). You have to be a realist about what this muddled approach to life does to your own plans and scheduling. One quick glance at the way things have turned out so far should be enough to ring a few bells. You have some choices to make. A classic example would be – preserving a rather random friendship with a disorganised person, but ditching the plans you had which involved money, say, or work.

  12. Diana in Gemini, Cupido in Sag, and Vesta in Cancer will be factors in the cross-hairs. How do I decode it? Thanks much for all you do.

    1. It’s a pleasure. What you are experiencing is a natural inner conflict you have about your use of the telephone and the worldwide web, for the small day-to-day things – versus your thirst for knowledge, your interest in bigger ideas and subjects, and your natural inclination to go beyond the trivia of social media (for example). Diana in Gemini reveals your tremendous independence and need for space where the world of social media posts and daily chat is concerned – but this has to co-exist, side by side, with your great passion (lust for life, to quote Iggy Pop) for vast plans, projects and intellectual or spiritual challenges. Many of these involve foreign people and places, or remote cultures and more exotic parts of the world. You might say astrology is typical. This is where the Full Moon falls and you may want to accept there is no perfection in this life. You may also want to avoid launching an internet-based project in particular, as it will always carry the inner conflicts or polar opposites of that Full Moon – embedded. Vesta in Cancer is a comment on where this issue comes from in the first place and it does in fact rest within your family circle or family tree, on whichever side of the family had a predominance of girls or women. I hope that helps.

  13. Hi Jessica, I have always felt torn between my down-to-earth practical side and my chaotic dreamy, intuitive side and now I know why – I have my Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces and you have described me to a “T”! “Your approach to life veers between both signs (above) and can leave you feeling torn or absolutely divided, unless you satisfy yourself with a way of life that honours both your Virgo side and Pisces side. It is very common to veer between ‘perfect’ eating patterns – raw, macrobiotic, vegan – and chaos. It’s the same with your housework. You can go between flower-arranging by inches, to absolute kitchen chaos.” Excellent article, thank you.

    1. Thank you. I am glad the astrology is useful in your own life. It is almost a constant lifelong battle, actually, as your Virgo-Pisces side is there all the time. One of your parents or grandparents may have been the same. There is this tremendous conflict between being perfect, being a work powerhouse, having a great fridge, having the right body weight/shape – and just letting go of all of that, and muddling through a completely different life, where you wouldn’t have a clue what is in the kitchen and forget you have a body at all. Extreme Pisces escapism and extreme Virgo overwork/overthinking is a good place to begin pulling back from both ends until you meet yourself in the middle. You can be a professional powerhouse but still have 30 minutes for guided meditation. It really is, literally, about time and the clock.

  14. Good day Jessica. What can I expect on this full moon? My north and south nodes will directly be involved along with Pluto in Virgo and Proserpina in Leo 🙂 I appreciate you’re time!

    1. Thank you. This weekend is really a wake-up call about the whole year, and last year as well. You will be made aware of just how you live your daily life, and that covers everything from breakfast to bed. The Pisces-Virgo weather is about getting real, about what isn’t real – how your beliefs or ideas about life dictate what happens. Astrology would be on that list. You need to look at your workload, and the unfinished or half-tried goals, projects and plans involving not just your paid job, but also any unpaid work and your housework as well. You will never respond well to too much routine and deadly daily detail! You need the escapism as well, but there has to be a fair balance between time off, time out – and time committed to the task at hand. Something has reached a head in your life and it’s happened because you are not across your own efficiency and energy. This weekend will make that clearer and then you can take firm steps in the rest of September, which is ideal for repair work. It’s not too late.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    I just read April’s post above and your reply – I’ve got my North Node at 22 Pisces and South Node at 22 Virgo. Will the full moon affect me in similar ways as your above response? Thanks!

    1. You are strongly Virgo-Pisces and as the Nodes describe karma, were in service in another lifetime. You may have been a housemaid or parlour maid. You may also have served in the army. In this life you need to explore what it feels like, to escape all that. To float ten feet above the ground. Pisces rules meditation, imagination, inspiration and vacation. Virgo rules hard work, every day. Figuring out the balance is a smart idea. Do you do too much Pisces and just float randomly, or escape from the real world to the point you can’t function so well? Or are you overdoing Virgo and feeling like a robot? Figuring out the centre is your task now.

      1. Oh my gosh, this is so spot on it gave me chills! My friends literally call me Robo-Coco because of how hard I work and grind. However, right now a lot of the work and projects have abruptly dropped away, and I just took a real vacation for the first time in years. I am experiencing g what it’s like to have very little work for the first time in ages. This means there’s little money right now, but somehow I don’t care and just feel/know that things will turn out alright. Spending my time imagining how I can serve and live my highest purpose – without it feeling like a grind, just being me. THANK YOU so much Jessica!

  16. Hi Jessica,

    I have quite a bit of Virgo and no Pisces as well as factors at 21/22 and 17/18. I’ve had quite a bit going on recently and this full moon feels important. I’d appreciate any insight you can share about how this full moon will influence me.

    Thank you,

    1. Amy, your name is actually a blend of Virgo-Pisces as Virgo is very much about aim – it rules work aims and goals – and Pisces is about all that is fuzzy, hazy and vague. If you are not aiming true, then you get ‘aimy’ which is rather like someone trying to throw a dart and hit a board, but not quite getting there. Whatever else in your life is going on, you need to put extra effort into aiming true with your daily routine, work schedule, housework, food, drink, sleep and fitness. This is the absolute core of who you are, and what you do, and if the infrastructure isn’t there, nothing else really rolls as it should. This weekend will show you that. Try to see what serves you and what doesn’t, even at the most basic level of your alarm clock, bedroom, regular habits (perhaps you are a meditator), beliefs about work and so on. The time has come to step well back from the way you run your lifestyle and work style actually and see where your aim is off. Then you can get on with the much, much larger questions.

  17. Thank you for another great piece of work Jessica. I have Minerva at 17 degrees Pisces, Diana at 21 degrees pisces and Panacea at 21 degrees Aquarius, all in the mix for this full moon and opposition. Could you help me decipher how these aspects may affect me please. Thanks so much.

    1. Thank you. You are absolutely affected by this Full Moon, exact as I write this now – in fact she is slowly on the wane in London. Yet, with extreme Pisces-Virgo weather all round this weekend, it may not be until Monday that you realise what has just happened. Minerva and Diana in your Twelfth House describe your intuition, which is at professional psychic levels. I don’t know if you have experimented with Tarot, mediumship or crystal ball reading but you can access time and space outside the realms of everyday life. Minerva was actually in front of me last night – I saw Stephen Fry at the London Palladium speaking about her. He spoke about Diana too, although in her Greek form. Panacea in Aquarius is about your friendships, social media, social life – and the group you belong to or are affected by most – and that is a separate matter. For now, look at the Pisces weather and the extent to which you let the unseen world, your private thoughts and ideas, your faith or beliefs, affect how you function in general. It can be so subtle that you are not even aware of the extent to which you let particular ideas control what you do/cannot do. The Twelfth House where your Minerva and Diana show up is about your inner demons as well as the angel on your shoulder. Have a look at how anything from astrology, to religion, to witchcraft looms in your imagination or in your (very real) ‘other reality.’ Dreams as well, and the impact of psychics, are classic examples. The unreal and non-real, in the eyes of others, can be so real to you and have a profound effect on what you do with your relationships, career, money, and so on. If ever there was a time to be sharply aware of how you program your reality it is this weekend.

  18. Hello Jessica I love full moons and I do have a Pisces stellium with Ceres at 17 Pisces – how do I decode it? I’m not feeling like a great escapist – well as a Capricorn 22 I can’t really go anywhere – and I see no muddle only really an endless back and forth with my possible future in academia or writing – would this be significant? Things start and never go anywhere – really from september 2018 as you mention above All the best Eli

    1. Eli, you are describing Neptune weather/Pisces weather when you say you go backwards and forwards with your future in academia or writing, and that things start and go nowhere. Your problem is time and energy, actually. The Pisces weather is in opposition to your Sixth House of order, organisation, routine and efficiency. Your stellium is great for imagination, inspiration and intuition as you know, but you are being taken away by the currents and losing track of time. Virgo is about breaking a large task into smaller tasks (in fact this sign is based on the archetype of the maidservant). Rather than look at the big picture and never get anywhere, which you do all the time, break down the massive goals or roles you know are there into something you can actually do. It may be one page a day. One page a night. In order to do that you are going to have to give up something you waste time on, pretty much all the time! You know what that is. Try to do this by December as Jupiter in Sagittarius is so much on the side of people who want to write, study or teach.

  19. Hi Jessica, the last few days have been brutal. I have Piceses at 21 ° plus Virgo, also both at 17° , any help would be appreciated as I just dont know where I am, up, down I don’t know Thank you for all you do. Cheryl

    1. Cheryl, be reassured you are caught in Virgo-Pisces weather and that is why you feel the way you do. Be kind to yourself and allow for confusion. You can lean on a list to get through. I just mentioned this to another reader who has similar chart patterns to your own. When you feel all at sea, or ‘dazed and confused’ to quote Led Zeppelin, create a list and tick off the boxes. It may even contain the most simple and basic things, like just wake-up time! Maybe, other things – going for a long walk or having a swim/workout. This is all Virgo stuff. It counteracts the Pisces lack of clarity. The planet Mercury rules writing and it rules Virgo, and this can be a wonderful way to push back against feeling up and down, and ‘all over the place, all the time’ which is what Pisces symbolises. Only you can do this and nobody else can do it for you. So if you haven’t already, make a little weekend list then put one foot in front of the other. That should slowly pull the balance back, but I think a firm decision will come out of this, by October. It may be that you decide to end some plan, arrangement or situation. Or begin something so new. All good.

  20. Mercury at 21 degrees in Taurus…I am spending this week-end packing up my house for a move next week while also fulfilling a request to write a 1,200 word piece. Feelings up to now have been house move is right (initiated around time of last new moon and decision made very quickly, but was planning to move and had been looking locally. Now moving back to place I lived around 2-4 years ago, nearer to the city). Last night had a wave of ‘why am I leaving this?’ Probably in two week’s time when I’ve moved and unpacked, I’ll be fine. Right now, I just feel overwhelmed.

    1. Feeling overwhelmed is normal so please don’t worry about the passing emotion. Full Moon weather affects so many people and you’d be amazed to find ‘It’s too much’ being the natural response of millions at the moment! Go slowly, go step by step, and make a list. Work your way through the list and just complete the move. You are quite right. In a fortnight you will be fine. For now, handle the Virgo-Pisces weather by ticking off boxes. You would normally not have to do this, but given the situation in the heavens, and in your horoscope, you may want to be extra kind to yourself and have a little plan. You also need a reward at the end. So, get through whatever is there – then the rewards to keep you going! This is Virgo thinking in a time of irrational Pisces emotion. You even know it’s irrational but you are still allowed to have the feelings. Just walk through the plan, and that includes your 1,200 word piece of work. You’ll be amazed at how much easier things are when you tick each small box.

  21. Hi Jessica – the ongoing Neptune Pisces aspect has been really hard on all of the above for me (Your daily routine. The relationship between body, mind and spirit – I feel disconnected and disjointed too often. Your job description. Your work ethic – hard to muster at times. Housework – I used to be a fanatic but now I’m lucky if I make the dishes a priority. Voluntary and unpaid work. Your mental health – feeling looney. Your physical health – vices like smoking I never had and don’t want) as my daily habits have become unrecognizable in terms of who I thought I was and have been in the past. I don’t feel like myself anymore and in some ways I feel like I am just now embarking on that discovery of who I am and was meant to be… But I feel like I just can’t get it together no matter how much I may want to. Is this Full Moon helping to change anything for me or any aspect in the near future for that matter. I am feeling hopeful that a solution is on the horizon, but can you elaborate. Thank you 🙂

    1. Smoking is a classic example of Virgo-Pisces weather conflicts. I am sorry you don’t feel like yourself any more. If you are not even doing the dishes you may have mild depression. Smoking is a way of sabotaging yourself, which you know, and yet you keep on doing it. The Full Moon this weekend and the Mars-Neptune opposition are not going to fix anything, but they will make you aware of how you get in your own way. You can act later. Giving yourself time out, and time off, is sensible. You are not perfect and don’t have to be. You do have to acknowledge that you are working against yourself by living with mess and the expense and health-wreckage of cigarettes! The rest of September is superb for repair work. If you feel disconnected and disjointed then you need help. It may be your doctor who helps you, or another professional. You also need support and backing, inspiration and encouragement, to fix your space (so you have the least housework to do) and to replace cigarettes with Nicorette chewing gum, or whatever you choose. You’d be surprised how much video content there is on YouTube, free, to do just that. You need coaching. Look to the healers, teachers and experts there this weekend and see what speaks to you. Begin with Marie Kondo! Download the free guide that comes with membership on clearing your space – clearing your energy – and promise yourself to make a start once this weekend is over. One of the great things about ‘Spark Joy’ as Kondo calls it, is that you end up with fewer objects in your home to clutter the space and less cleaning to do. Your energy is low and you need less to do, so you can focus on what needs the work, which is actually yourself. See what or who inspires you. You are going through classic Virgo-Pisces weather.

  22. Hi Jessica, thanks for this great article! I have Vesta in Virgo at 0deg, Minerva at 21 Cap and 4 factors in Pisces including Mars at 21… can you shed a little light? Will it be the direct hits on 21 or the overall number that will have greater weight? Things almost seem eerie compared to the chaos of the last few months! In saying that we have big backyard Reno’s starting Tuesday so here’s hoping it stays that way… thank you again for your time.

    1. Thank you. Your chart is strongly Pisces and you may want to look up the Twelfth House when you finish reading this. You are reaching a point in your life where you need to look at your ideas about who/what is real, in terms of the Universe itself. This may be astrology. Christianity. The spirit world. Healing. The Twelfth House describes your inner life, beliefs and faith and it’s intensely personal so you may want time and space to get real about what is essentially invisible! Others can’t even give you feedback because it’s about your own soul or spirit, not theirs. There is a fair bit of confusion there, mixed messages, uncertainty or muddle and it has accumulated over 2017, 2018 and early 2019. You may not even be aware about the extent to which it rules so much of your life, but take a look. This weekend will make something so obvious to you, in this regard. Next week see if you can take a deep breath and tackle what has been looming over your shoulder for so long. Nothing to do with your renovations. Everything to do with renovating your soul.

  23. Hi Jessica, yesterday the father of my children reappeared from overseas. We’ll need to communicate. I feel internally conflicted about him and don’t think the two of us are on the same page. Could you please have a look at my chart? Thank you!

    1. You are experiencing the Full Moon and Mars-Neptune opposition in quite an obvious way. You do need to communicate, but you may prefer to schedule the discussion next week – preferably before October rolls around – but perhaps not on the weekend of complex astrology. He will no doubt want to see his children or talk to you about them. Remembering that Neptune rules boundaries, and how easily they slip away, you may want to create some. I am sure you do have extremely mixed feelings about him, but there are also sensible lines that should not be crossed and unless it’s urgent that he speaks to you/them this weekend in particular, you may want to be firm and fair about when/where it is appropriate for contact, and on what terms. Boundaries become so important during this kind of Pisces-Virgo weather in your life. You’ll get there.

  24. Hi Jessica, exceptional reading like always. I have a feeling that this weekend will be big for me because I am a Virgo. My husband agreed to the divorce and now I am wating for my boyfriend to do the same. But I have been waiting for 6 years, so….I don’t have kids and his kids are adults with their own families. Any advice from you will be helpful!

    Thank you,

    1. Thank you Alina. As a Sun Virgo you are experiencing Neptune in your Seventh House which describes your divorce, your former husband and also your boyfriend – whom you hope will divorce his wife. I think you will find the issue is his children and grandchildren, and how they feel about the situation. As Neptune rules everything that is confused and confusing, and you are also seeing a Full Moon in exactly the same zone (the Seventh House) this weekend is really best left alone in terms of sweeping decisions or major discussions. You can register the emotions without necessarily having to act upon them. Later on, in December 2019 and January 2020, the situation with your potential stepchildren will come to a head and you will make a big leap forward in knowing who and what matters most, and what to do next.

  25. Hi Jessica, I would like help in understanding how 17 at Panacea in Scorpio and 21 at Diana in Aquarius affect me. Thanks!

    1. There are two separate stories going on here. The first one is about your ability to fix, cure or repair financial matters – this may involve taxation, travel insurance, a house, apartment or pay agreement. You’ll be affected by other people’s lack of organisation or disorder and may prefer to wade into this later, so early next week. The second story is about your friendship within a wider social circle, group or community. You are fiercely independent within this network and need your space, but also lean towards groups which allow you to be free – to feel liberated, autonomous and your own person. Again, the situation with the friend and the group will be affected by a rather confusing/confused saga where people are not clear. Rather than make any big commitments you may prefer to judge and act later.

  26. Hi Jessica, another fantastic post, thank you. My date of birth is 16/09/1973 born in Hillingdon Middlesex at 21:57 and i’m not married and don’t have any children either. I have been going through a difficult period of long term unemployment, not having much luck being able to get a job and lack of money/financial restriction, which has caused me an awful lot of stress and anxiety. Moving forward and taking into account that my birthday is on Monday, what does the full moon and coming year have in store for me. Really not sure what to do or where to turn now. If you have the time, your wise astrological advice would be gratefully welcomed and appreciated, thank you.

    1. Happy birthday. I am sorry you have had such a struggle with jobs. You are also trying to make ends meet. You need to remember that when you were small, in the early 1980s, and even in your ‘best’ teenage years, in the early 1990s, you did best when you worked hard for your pocket money, did your chores, took your homework seriously and shone in any voluntary or honorary role at school. You might have forgotten that or even assumed it doesn’t really matter, yet you were setting up a pattern for future success. It is often the simple, ordinary but absolutely crucial things you do – and have done – that make the biggest difference. This is really not the big-picture, ambitious, flashy, rich-and-famous, super-successful stuff. It’s about understanding what people and organisations need and filling that gap for them. You are lucky to have no ties so can travel, keep unusual hours and also relocate if you have to. Write that down and then add the abilities, skills and talents you have. Have a look at a map of the country and a map of somewhere you would consider working, remotely (online) or even moving to. Get it all out on the kitchen table or your desk and get very clear about this! Leave it out for a night or two and send a thought to a family member in spirit, whom you always liked or loved, and ask for some help to make everything line up. You are here to work, and you are actually indispensable/invaluable but you need to respect, understand and appreciate the people or perhaps even the animals concerned. I mentioned animals because you have a way with them. It’s time to start doing some list-making and a bit of research on your local library bookshelf or computer.

  27. Hi Jessica. Thank you for the incredible article once again. I have sun in cancer 21, mars in Taurus 21, mercury in leo 17, Pluto in Virgo 17. What do you think this means, can you please tell. Thanks again. Love.

    1. Thank you. Well, Pluto at 17 Virgo in your Sixth House stands out here. You need to control your food, drink, drugs, prescribed drugs and you spent a lot of time drawing on your willpower to resist what you know is bad for you. This ranges from sugar, to any kind of smoking, to overeating, over drinking and so on. Your willpower is not enough, though, and so you boomerang between trying to be perfect, and then just giving up! One of the reasons for this is the Moon at 17 Pisces every single month opposes you’re Pluto. With Neptune also in Pisces it’s a bit like trying to stand firm in a tidal wave of temptation. Yet, in September, you will be shown a nice ,simple and easy solution to at least one of your constant battles. You’ll take it on board and make it a habit.

  28. Hi Jessica

    I have just came across your website, it’s fascinating, I will be watching with anticipation around your predictions of Brexit.

    Wanted to ask, I feel like I am at a bit of a crossroads with my career and this was certainly heightened in the lead up to yesterday’s full moon! Also want to make some changes for the better around some of my health habits. Any thoughts please

    10 03 73. 2:40 am uk

    1. Thank you. We had the second of two group predictions about Brexit on The Barge at Brighton Marina yesterday. The first one, last week, was about Her Majesty the Queen rescuing the situation, pulled between Scotland and the United Kingdom. The second prediction yesterday was about ‘fire and peace.’ This makes no sense until you remember October 31st is about flame-lit pumpkin lanterns and November 5th is about Bonfire Night. We have quite a few powerful psychics in our groups. Your career crossroads and your health are connected a I am sure you know. You have been pushed and pulled between Virgo-Pisces weather all year, but now you can do something about it. Make a list and keep a diary this week, please. Get the details of food, drink, drugs, prescribed drugs, sleep, fitness, relaxation, work, unpaid work, housework down on paper where you can actually see how you are using the 24 hours in every day. There are some disconnects there. Fix the disconnects to get what you want. I am seeing ballet shoes for you, clairvoyantly.

    1. You’re really catching up with yourself, after quite a long period of drifting, floating and catching onto driftwood in your life to hang onto! In London there is a place called The Raft by black cab drivers, outside Victoria Station. It is where the drivers cling when they need a fare, but also where tired tourists alighting from the Gatwick Express clutch on for relief. All year long you have been grabbing at passing rafts. The driftwood has helped you steer yourself away from drifting too far out, but this Full Moon in Pisces reminds you that’s not enough. You need a new system for one department of your life and at last, you have the support, circumstances and resources to help you create it. That system should be in place by October.

  29. Dear Jessica,
    My Sun is at 17 Virgo, what should I expect from this Full Moon, any advice how to use these days wisely? Thank you!

    1. The Virgo-Pisces weather is really about understanding how to reconnect with the basics of work, sleep, food, exercise, relaxation. The reconnection and reminder of who and what matters most – and always did – helps you feel much clearer about the rather lost, drifting or confused situation elsewhere in your life, which involves just one other person. This person is on the other end of the scales from you, or the other end of the see-saw. Not being entirely sure about where it’s all going, or where he/she is going, is a classic outcome of the Pisces cycle you are in. Yet, September will be very much about realising that some of the answers, at least, come from a key person in the family or household, or are tied to a stronger sense of belonging to your people or your place. Jupiter in Sagittarius will help out there, all the way until 2nd December.

  30. HI Jessica, definitely feeling low today. I blessedly have no Virgo or Pisces at 17 or 21 but a lot of other factors from 17-22. Any insight? Xx

    1. I am sorry you feel low. Oppositions (clashes) between the Sun and Moon, Mars and Neptune, make us feel pulled in two different directions, or create split situations where nothing can really be glued back quickly or easily. No wonder you are not exactly on the crest of a wave. Yet, the purpose of this dip, is to make you rest more, or sleep more. Resting and sleeping allow your aura and chakras to be healed and balanced – as long as you mentally surround yourself with white light and say a little prayer to your most loved family members in spirit to help you out. They can often pass a task on to one of the many healers on that side of life. A bath or long shower is another really good way to get into the ‘dip’ quite deliberately and use it.

  31. Hi Jessica – this is a long shot, I hope you can reply.

    i have Sun 18 at Gemini and North Node 16 at Aries.

    Can you tell me what these mean? Thanks.

    1. Sure. It’s essentially about your use of the worldwide web, email, social media and perhaps your telephone. It’s also about the confused boundaries which exist between work and your personal life – so, for example, when a colleague is also a close friend. Other typical boundary confusion might be with financial matters which cross over with your former, current or potential partner. It is a good time to be aware of blurred lines or uncertain boundaries with these people who have tremendous important to you financially, professionally or academically but also have other roles in your life. Step back and try to see how you contribute to what has become a rather muddled situation. More importantly, how you could make huge improvements for 2020.

  32. Hi Jessica

    Following a troublesome August moon Im having to face another charged one on the work front. Can you look into my chart and help with points to note and deal with this one? Thank you. L

  33. I’m sorry you are having such a rotten time looking for a job. We can’t always choose the astrological weather at the time, and you are stuck with Virgo-Pisces climate change. This sorts itself out as the month goes on and being past the Full Moon will make you feel much better. In fact, you will have a stunning opportunity no later than the first week of December. The trick with that one is to raise your sights, look beyond who/what is essentially thinking small, and start to raise your game and expand your horizons. Would you relocate to work? Travel? Have you looked at roles which go beyond traditional jobs? It’s not a bad time to experiment.

  34. HI Jessica. I have Juno at 17 in Taurus. What does it mean? I have my own business and lately have been thinking about restructuring. Would it be relevant.? Thanks!

    1. Juno is a symbol of who (or what) you wed yourself too. In Taurus, it is always about a business, charity, investment property, house, apartment or collectors’ item. You rotate the commitment but feel ‘married’ to the results. We have several transits at 17 degrees aspecting your Juno, so you want to restructure. One very good reason for this is that you feel tied, trapped or lumbered. Juno shows the commitment, but also the price of that pledge. You may want to find a way to feel more free – to have more space or room.

    1. You were born with no boundaries with your sexual partners over money, the house or the apartment (and the possessions) so that when you break up, it is almost impossible to figure out who is owed what. You also habitually borrow money from banks or their equivalent to sustain you, as you find it difficult to have a realistic budget.

  35. Hi Jessica

    Just saw your blog now and it might explain why the energy of this weekend was just so intense for me (headaches and almost feeling my body detached from my mind!). I have Chiron in 21′ pisces, salacia in 21′ Capricorn, Nepture at 17′ Scorpio and Apollo at 17′ Leo. Can you please explain why I really feel like I have just turned a huge corner in my life including in my career?

    Thanks a lot.


    1. Natalie, it is common to have headaches if you are going through a Pisces-Virgo pattern, and you also have Pisces factors. Your head literally forces you to stop thinking. You needed sleep, healing or therapeutic dreaming and your headache made you get it. You should feel a bit more normal as Monday unfolds into a new week. Your career is ruled by Salacia in Capricorn and you are turning a corner, because you are finally (at last) breaking over the hardest part of the Pluto, Saturn and South Node in Capricorn cycle in your Tenth House. You are over the hill and on the next slope. If you did a lot of very hard work in 2018, most of 2019, and are prepared to do some more in January-February 2020, then you will be rewarded next year, with an incredible victory, success, appointment, big hit, promotion or award.

  36. Hi Jessica, I have Saturn at 17 degrees in Libra. So I’m learning a lesson regarding the tough and basic realities of my ‘former, current or potential partner and any enemies?’ During this phase? It seems as though my whole weekend was steeped in that theme! Why is it that Saturn also brings about fear? I also have Diana in the same sign. Could that sense of wanting ‘freedom’ also be manifest as ‘escapism?’ brought about by Saturn? Curious to hear your thoughts about this! Thank you 🙂

    1. Yes, people going through heavy Saturn burdens often look to Diana for escape. Saturn is a symbol of waiting games, repetition, stuck situations, heavy weights, lead weights and the inescapable and unavoidable fate we all invite. Diana is a symbol of freedom, space, independence, feminism, autonomy, wildness, adventure, the great outdoors – and no compromise. Saturn is about fear, because in Rome (where our modern astrology comes from) he was terrified of being overthrown by his children. Racing towards Diana for relief is pretty usual!

  37. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for all that you do. I’ve been trying to match this story together – sorry, it is bothering me. I know you can’t get to every response, but I’m really hoping you can offer some clarity:
    Vesta 21 Pisces
    Jupiter 21 Aries – (this is about the inly one I get!)
    Juno 21 Leo
    Diana 21 Aquarius.
    I can’t seem to piece these together and I’d be so grateful for your input. Please? x

    1. Of all this, Diana in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of your birth chart is the most important factor of all. Moving past the Full Moon, which has been and gone, we are talking about the future – so, the year 2021 in particular, 2022, and then from 2023. Diana is a symbol of your need for freedom, space and independence. You find it with friends – other women – who allow you that tolerance. You are similar in that you all like to spend time together, but not crowd each other. Diana is also a symbol of no ties. Through friends, and the groups you join, or are involved with, you enjoy a fancy-free, carefree life. This side of your nature blossoms from the moment Jupiter and Saturn go into Aquarius in December 2021 and intensifies in 2022, when some of the friends or groups around you now deepen in importance and impact. From 2023 one group, which is an expression of people power and feminism changes your life. The Full Moon would have created some ripples around this area of your world, but long-term it will be the year 2021 that shows you how those ripples have turned into a huge wave of change.

      1. Thanks Jessica – and exactly what I’m hoping for as I gear up for 2020 being another hard slog with study-work commitments. While Vesta in Pisces seems like an oddity in my chart, Diana in Aquarius however…I do love my sisterhood and can’t wait until things ease up so I can start living life again. This will, indeed, be in 2021! Great prediction! x

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