Capricorn and Cancer Karma 2019-2020 – Part Two

In Part II of this 2-Part Series, I’ll look at when it ends as well as what to expect from it in 2020. Particularly, in regard to the “powers that be,” the countries they lead and what we’ve seen before.

This is Part Two of a Two-part series. You can find Part One here.

If you have Capricorn and/or Cancer planets, asteroids, points or angles in your personal birth chart – or even if you are just a Capricorn or Cancer person – take heart. It is not your imagination. You really are going through the most difficult and dramatic cycles with Capricorn weather (work, career) and Cancer weather (home, family) in over 240 years.

Back in 2017, I wrote a 2 part feature on the Capricorn Effect from 2017-2020 and the challenges that lay ahead which you can find here:

The Capricorn Effect – Part One
The Capricorn Effect – Part Two

In this part, I’ll look at when it ends as well as what to expect from it in 2020. Particularly, in regard to the “powers that be,” the countries they lead and what we’ve seen before.

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72 Responses

  1. Well Jessica, I don’t know how else to put this – I can’t take it anymore! I take some small comfort in your post and knowing that this is a difficult cycle for everyone – but I must confess the last 10 years of my life have been basically shit, and the last three years or so, double shit. Please pardon the profanity but it best describes my current state. I have a 7-planet pile up in my Capricorn including Panacea at almost 22 degrees, and then I also have Saturn in Aquarius at 23 degrees. Ack!

    Most of this drama centers around my work (or actually lack thereof) and I feel, in a word, invisible and ineffective. Everything I try goes nowhere. I feel like one of those butterfly specimens, pinned to a piece of cloth and trapped in a glass box. I am almost bankrupt at this juncture, from trying to get my own business going the last 4 years. Then, decided that wasn’t working and looked for full-time work – but nope! That’s not working either. To say things are in dire straits is an understatement. The ONLY thing work remotely well is my yoga teaching, which began as a side gig earlier this summer after a long hiatus. I am actually on the verge of abandoning my “regular” career and going full yoga. I am confused and not a little frightened. I realize things will clear about 18 months from now, but I have no idea how I will make it until then. Any guidance is very much appreciated!

    1. There is more to this than just a Capricorn-Cancer cycle so let’s take a look. You are being guided to teach yoga. This is a Sixth House/Virgo matter as is your employment, as the Sixth House/Virgo rules the body, but also the work. So let’s look. Uranus 9, Pluto 13, Ops 8 Virgo in your Sixth House make exact patterns with the rest of your chart. In fact you were born, unusually, with a Uranus-Ops conjunction. (They are just one degree away from being in precisely the same spot). In the year 2020 you will be given opportunities that can only take place once in 12 years to pursue yoga and general wellness/lifestyle/wellbeing pursuits, both for profit and for your own sake. Jupiter in Capricorn – the planet of growth in the Tenth House of career – will trine your Ops, Uranus and Pluto in that order. You may want to look up the Sixth House on Search to see more about this, but also Uranus, Pluto and Ops themselves – both on this site and in the guidebooks that come with membership. You would never suit normal 9 to 5 employment serving other people and attending to your daily duties. You are much better suited to an erratic, unpredictable, exciting, free, liberated kind of workload – not routine. The price you pay for that is no security. I suspect even with yoga teaching you would be far better suited to freelance work and also self-employment. At the most you could juggle a roster with other teachers but essentially that line-up in your chart is about needing total control (and having to compromise all the time) but also being ‘subject to change’ all the time. A key issue here is allowing others freedom and space to do their own thing – so your students. You would speak to Generation Virgo who are in their fifties and I’m sure there is a huge gap in the market for yoga aimed at people who are less mobile/less fit – or even need remedial help. I am sure you feel frightened but if your side gig is going well, then take it seriously. Write down what you want to achieve and what you can offer, regarding yoga teaching and make it real by adding pictures from magazines. Or – use Pinterest. Be very clear about it. Ask your spirit guides and helpers, and family and friends, to assist you in this exchange. When more guidance arrives take that road.

  2. Dear Jessica

    Another absolutely fascinating article! The astrology mirrors exactly what the spiritual community describes as the New Earth or the shift into 5d consciousness with our planet experiencing a rebirth (after a sometimew painful death of the old ways, structures and powers).

    Such a fascinating time to be on this planet and help rebuild a stronger, fairer and more equal world for all its inhabitants including animals.

    You are an amazing astrologer and the world will soon look at astrology and other ‘spiritual’ sciences for guidance and advice.

    Best wishes


    1. Thank you so much Natalie. This does feel like the difficult end of the old – but the new world from December 2020 will be worth waiting for.

  3. Hi Jessica – thanks so much for this, I am reading the Capricorn Cancer series with interest and would be grateful for your insight

    WIth ASC/DESC at 23 Capricorn/Cancer, Fortuna at 22 Leo and Jupiter at 21 Virgo, it seems that I will be significantly impacted. The earlier article refers to Nodes and I’m interested to know how ASC/DESC are affected. And, with the Fortuna and Jupiter powerhouses on the scene… surely something fabulous is in the works?

    I’ve been building a business in recent years at the expense of balance, stability, joy – from home/romance – I’m hoping to have time now to create that balance. Would you please tell me how this weather will play out for me?

    Joy to you on a beautiful August day, Jessica, and thanks for all you give in the world!!!

    1. Thank you. Your Ascendant and Descendant are dependent on a strictly accurate record of your birth time and even then, are only about your image (ASC) and how the relationship with your former, current or potential partner affects that image (DESC). If you know for a fact that the clock time of birth is bang-on, then now through 2020, 2021, 2022 you will see a transformation in your profile, title, appearance, public face – as a direct result of the changes with your former, current or potential partner. It works the other way too – the chemistry you have with this person always has a huge impact on how you appear and project, and what happens with/to this person immediately rebounds on how you are seen. It’s a big one.

      1. Hi, Jessica – the birth times come from my birth certificate so they’re probably close!

        Can you tell, in this case, whether ‘partner’ is romantic/home or is business?

        Thank you!!!

        1. This is why I need readers to divulge information as the Seventh House is either work or sex. This can be French and Saunders (who presumably don’t have sex with each other) or Bonnie and Clyde, or Kate and William, or George Costanza and Jerry Seinfeld! It’s about the scales and the person on the other end. If your birth time is right you have until 2nd December to reshape a partnership to your advantage or create a new one.

  4. Dear Jessica,
    I appreciate your sense of humour “fat men with bad hair whose hairdressers gave up on them long time ago” – I so much like it.
    I can not wait the other articles of you about the rest of 2019 and about 2020. I am sure, these months will be quite active to me, because I have got stelliums in Capriorn, Taurus, Scorpio and in Virgo, too. But I do not mind whatever happens, because the only thing I would like so much, to be happy with a man who honestly loves me. This is my biggest dream, which I would so much like to come true. There are men in my circles. But my only concern is my Saturn in Leo at 29 degree. It is like an invisible rein… my heart would go and gallop, but my mind and body still not able. Is it some kind of inhibition? Enlighten me please. What should I do to fix it,, or to make it better? Thank you so much if you answer to me.

    1. Thank you! Saturn in Leo in the Fifth House is essentially about babies, children, stepchildren, and the whole issue of becoming a parent or not. It is hard work and it takes time, but it also becomes easier over time as well. Saturn is a symbol of fear. There is always fear lurking with this planet and in your case it is associated with pregnancy, fertility, adoption, termination, IVF, step-parenting and the rest. Your focus is on men and love and sex but actually – your horoscope says if you dig deeply enough you will see it is about becoming a mother, or not! It would be worth your time to really go into that more, using your journal (free with membership), your Tarot cards and Astrology Oracle cards and ebook. Women with Saturn in Leo can and do become very happy in partnerships but they need to look long and hard at the issue of children first – in all its forms.

  5. I have both. 22 Cap, 22 Cancer. My career sidelined. No love life to speak of and no prospects there either.

    I feel like I’ve been white knuckling it for years with no relief in sight.

    Pick between love or money? I’d be happy with either at this point;)

    1. You won’t actually have to pick between love or money at all. You will indeed be in a relationship that matters to you, when the time is right. At the moment it is absolutely not right. You would attract someone who fits the 2019 version of you – and that is not going to work long-term, as you are going to change quite profoundly. So don’t sweat it but do trust the future. You are going to change and that will draw in quite a different sort of partner, to the one you would accept this year, or who would be drawn to you. I hope that makes sense. Career is very much at the core of this Capricorn-Cancer weather and no wonder you have been working very, very hard for such a long time on these issues. It may help to realise you are not alone in this and in fact there are millions doing the same thing, for complicated geopolitical reasons I won’t go into. (In other words, if world governments and leadership was actually functioning, life would be a lot more simple for the majority!) Okay, so your career situation gets better in stages, notably from December 2019, with a major choice in January 2020, and then the year 2020 as a whole will be loaded with solutions, and the sense of ‘stuck’ will finish in May. You are a driven person with one track. A one-track mind and a single objective. This can make you a powerhouse, actually, but you need to make sure that your one goal ‘One Thing’ to quote INXS is actually right for you, right for the times, and right for the reality. A wise outsider who can see this is always worth hearing out.

  6. Looks like a huge storm is coming! I’m really looking forward to my Jupiter return next year and will see how it change with my workload, income and maybe even the possibility of moving out Hongkong (My real dream is to have a home in a few major cities) ?! I have a few factors 22 and 23 too and I believe next year will be a beginning of big changing and growing. It’s scary but also hopeful because it’s about time for everyone to take the leap in the new age of Aquarius! Thank you Jessica for such an amazing blog!

  7. Dear Jessica, I have many many factors at Cancer and some at Capricorn. I would love for your thoughts re the time period from November 16th, 2019 to January 30th, 2020.
    I officially returned to the UK 30 days ago on a talent visa, after an onerous application process but it’s been hard to find job interviews/ and my startup is having some issues too. Need financial stability. Re Capricorn, if relevant, I am single.

    1. You are experiencing the full impact of Cancer-Capricorn as your career is not working but you have made a decision about property and nationality, based on…your career. What you need to know here, is that you are going to have to compromise with yourself. It will feel rather intense and December 2019, January 2020 are likely to lay the facts on the line for you. This transit can be pretty hardline. If you do not have work, or your startup has not succeeded, by January (at the peak of Capricorn weather) you will have to find a different career or relocate again. Of course finding a different career could be the making of you. There is also the other factor here which is the pressure upon you, forces you to be a higher achiever/better performer in the work sphere you already pursue. Either way you have to power on through this and understand that in order to get the home life you want, in the place you want, you have to put massive energy, effort, time and focus into your job situation. At a certain point this does get easier, but for the moment, consider it a challenge where you must rise to the occasion.

  8. Hi Jessica. Both great articles about Capricorn/Cancer Karma. I have quite alot going on, personally, as I have North Node Cancer and South Node Capricorn, not to mention factors at the degrees you mentioned. I know this is an important time for me, and exciting, but I am wondering if you have any more insight on China aside from what is happening in HongKong. I’m an American, living and working in mainland China, and there is a trade war going on. What does the astrology say to you in regards to US/China relations, or is it all just hot air? Would love your input, thanks!

    1. You will know exactly where you stand in China in December 2019, January 2020 – you live in interesting times, which I think is a Chinese saying – being an American there. You are having a classic astrology moment, as the global is affecting you personally. I have filed a feature on Hong Kong which is really about the very, very high chance of HK returning to Britain, if not legally, then spiritually. You need to watch Britain as well as America with China – that’s really where the changes are going to come from. Yet, at a certain point, this karma ends in May 2020. It is very likely that you were Chinese or lived in China in a previous life. You likely know that.

  9. What an interesting read !! And while you write this, all I have on my mind is the home, apartment & country I live in.
    I live in Canada on visa and am currently awaiting my permanent residency here. I am hoping to get it asap so I can travel back to my home country preferably in January 2020 (eeks!!) Haven’t seen my family in 2years and I miss them. I have a load of Capricorn & Cancer planets -, particularly at 16 degrees. I have Juno & North Node at 16 Capricorn & Vulcano & South Node at 16 Cancer. So I am confused as to how (good or bad) this would pan out for me? I also have transiting Jupiter in 4th House so I am hoping for some good news. Any insights please ?

    1. You are having a classic Cancer-Capricorn experience, as you live in Canada on a visa and want to become a resident, and then go home to see the family. The answer is your career. Assuming you work full-time, rather than study at college level. Capricorn rules the job you have, while Cancer rules your home and family. You can’t really aim for ‘home’ without thoroughly organising your career and it is actually this, that the officials will rest their decision on. You will know exactly where you stand December 2019, January 2020 and from May 2020 this chapter in your life is over.

  10. My ascending and descending are at 21 capricorn and 21 cancer, respectively. Is it always negatively or could they be positive things? You have such a good record at predictions, you’re kinda scaring me!

    1. Your Ascendant and Descendant depend on a strictly accurate birth time (umbilical cord cut) so if you are not 100% sure they may not actually be right on 21 degrees. If they are, however, this is really about your image – your profile and appearance – and also the relationship you share with your former, current or potential partner. (He or she being the mirror which reflects you back to yourself). Pluto sweeping across that will utterly transform the way you project, the way you appear and the nature of your two-way relationship. Saturn and Jupiter to follow, suggest that by 2023 at the very latest, you just won’t have the same image or profile and that chemistry with he/she will have been absolutely life-changing.

  11. Thanks for all this brilliant stuff! So much to get our teeth into ! And on a personal note how would this affect my chances of finding a place to live – ive had my fill of travelling for a while. Will the Capricorn / Can cer axis trigger my natal Vesta in 2020 ? Feel i need to be more rooted now. Thanks Jessica – Joycexx

    1. Joyce, you will settle down once the Cancer-Capricorn oppositions have stopped in May 2020. Not long after that you will figure out the house or apartment situation in a much more organised and structured way, as you will be absolutely sure of what you do/don’t want and the price you are prepared to pay. It may be hard to imagine but you will in fact have a secure sense of belonging and a predictable lifestyle ahead.

  12. HI Jessica! Aaah…..should I pack up my things now and smuggle myself into cargo, tropical island bound? I have the ascendant/descendant bang on 23 degrees in Capricorn and Cancer respectively. I’m 100% positive of my birth time.
    So it’s been a ‘tough love’ year for me, ranging from mother issues (Sun in Aquarius/Moon in Saggie), to partner issues (Sun in Scorpio/Moon in Capricorn), along with finances, and my relentless internal desire to travel and find my sense of self. I’m physically exhausted as well as mentally. Does this mean things are only going to get worse before May 2020, before they get better? Any thoughts?
    My only saving grace right now is that I finally plucked up the courage to enrol in belly dance classes. Yet to start but I’m hoping it will be a nice respite for me. Thank you x

    1. It is your partner and mother who will change, actually, not you – and within six years you will know what to do. New independence from each other is coming for all three of you.

  13. Amazing as always Jessica – this elucidates so much of what I have been feeling – especially the men in suits with bad hair!!! And the endless awful construction of third-rate apartments in Sydney (many of which are now proving to be structurally unsound – thanks to the greedies in suits). My poor partner is a Cancerian with Capricorn rising ( 6.15pm Bangalore 11 July ’81). He’s really gone through the mill job-wise but now seems to settling into a new role but is having trouble settling finances/mortgages. He’s much younger than me and we’ve been together for 14 years. Looming on our horizon is his very demanding Indian mother – Sun, Moon, Mercury & Ascendant in Scorpio – who is returning to Sydney permanently as he is an only child. I’m not sure if we’re going to make the distance but I will give him these blogs to read as he always takes great guidance from your writing and at least he’ll know he’s not alone!!! Thanks x

  14. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for your wonderful posts, I can spend hours reading them on your website.
    I have had a tumultuous two years in my career and finances, gaining and losing power in both.
    Earlier this year I was made redundant after a 20 year career and was asked to return as CEO a month ago.
    What do you foresee as possible outcomes for my second go at this?

    1. Thank you so much. I will pass that compliment onto James, Jodi anGod Justin. Your career sounds astonishing – losing your job then being asked to go back as CEO! Go back. You can use this as an excuse to completely reshape your lifestyle, rethink your work-life balance, switch your priorities and really ‘own’ the new role. If you are prepared to put in a huge amount of effort and dedication, making it your duty to serve (the magic phrase) then you could actually change a small corner of your chosen profession, industry or business as well. More than that, if you are able to forge this rather innovative and new pathway within the existing organisation or career area – it would become the start of something fantastic for many years that you would make your own. You had issues before with power, as you say. You were likely power-tripped. Now the power has come back to you again. I know this is tiring but it does end – it is a cycle you are going through – in the meantime you would be well-advised to find a way to make others aware of just how potent a force you are, without threatening them. Tricky. Yet a second chance is so well timed now, if not with this bunch, then another. But try this.

  15. Hello Jessica,
    OMG I love love your articles. Jessica I have had a very very hard 10years. Being a single mom for 17years, menopause hit me at 44 I’m tired. My relationship with my Mom has been estranged for at least 33 years and only because I care I have always gone to make sure she was ok. She is an alcoholic and long story short she is in a nursing home which just started as a fractured foot in April I didnt really come in to play and did I because her HOA where she lives is calling. I stepped in and went to her even thou she did not want me but I had to save her house. Ok so 9 weeks down she has had 2 mild strokes and needs 75% assistance. She is very thankful NOW but Jessica I live in a 2 bedroom apartment with my son who just started college this week and her insurance has ended. Sorry I am dumping this on you. I turn 50 on Friday lol thats when her insurance has been exhausted in the nursing home. Did I mention she just met my 18 year old son 2 weeks ago. I have both capricorn and cancer factors. Can you please tell me what you see. Also I had to put looking for a new job on hold. I drive 82 miles a day and I need to make more money. However I cant expect a new job to give me long lunch hours or take time off so I can go see about my Mom. I’m really stressing about this.
    Thank you so much for reading this. That’s a short story to a long 50 years.

    1. Well LV it will make sense to you that your mother only met your 18-year-old son just two weeks ago. You are in that karma cycle of 19 years at the moment and of course it involves the zodiac sign of Cancer – the family. You will find that you, your mom and your son all share past life agreements with each other to repay and receive, in this lifetime. This may go back over repeated lifetimes. She needs you to survive. However, you also have to look after yourself and your income. You do not mention your father in this but he is the missing person in the story. You need to make contact with him, even if he is in the spirit world. I am sorry she is an alcoholic, which is so hard to bear for you. It gets better in stages – within four months, then again in the second quarter of 2020, and so on – until you realise this episode in your life is complete. You may also want to contact other family members beyond your son as the zodiac sign of Cancer rules all of you, not just three of you, and it is important that people step up and fulfil their karmic obligations. Your finances will change radically in 2020, 2021, 2022 as you confront your fears about money and alter your life budget. This may be life-work balance, your spending, your ideas about an apartment and so on. Try to change, when you are met with change. You will be set free. You have Uranus (the revolution) going through Taurus over your Saturn in the Second House and that’s massive. You’ve not seen it in your lifetime. The struggle to make family-career balance will never be as tough as it has been, and this does get better, but it is possible that in another incarnation you were the mother, she was the daughter and your son was also involved. Wheels have to turn here and then it’s over for another 19 years.

  16. Hi Jessica
    I have really been loving your forecasts so much and am learning so much! I have had many different careers in my lifetime (flight attendant, police officer, Restaurateur, yoga teacher) and am now doing some social media side work and trying to find an Artistic or Natural medicine study to start a new career that can to a business. I recently experienced obstacles in the way while trying to take an Art class that I was looking forward to. My sun is 22 cancer. I am also trying to sell some property I bought in another country so that my husband and I can have a little bit of money to relieve some financial pressure. Can you give me some personal insights. My chart is
    22° Cancer 12′ 17″
    09° Taurus 58′ 54″
    24° Cancer 00′ 30″
    09° Cancer 42′ 56″
    23° Virgo 00′ 37″
    18° Aries 27′ 39″
    21° Aquarius 46′ 05″ R
    03° Virgo 00′ 19″
    12° Scorpio 55′ 02″ R
    10° Virgo 16′ 07″
    14° Pisces 35′ 05″ R
    24° Virgo 39′ 24″
    04° Libra 22′ 18″
    24° Virgo 29′ 33″
    09° Aries 49′ 33″
    09° Libra 49′ 33″
    26° Cancer 16′ 20″
    26° Capricorn 16′ 20″
    01° Taurus 23′ 41″
    27° Aries 29′ 58″
    28° Pisces 57′ 12″
    19° Gemini 11′ 44″
    28° Cancer 42′ 44″
    15° Gemini 17′ 50″
    10° Taurus 23′ 58″
    21° Scorpio 45′ 43″
    12° Cancer 25′ 31″
    19° Capricorn 14′ 53″ R
    18° Taurus 27′ 04″
    27° Capricorn 43′ 06″ R
    02° Pisces 23′ 09″ R
    09° Scorpio 01′ 01″
    20° Cancer 25′ 47″
    20° Capricorn 25′ 47″
    Thanks much for any insight!

    1. Thank you. You have been both a police officer and a yoga teacher? Interesting way to use your chart – your Virgo side is the yoga – your Aries side is the police force. I sometimes see people with ‘split’ horoscopes like this who switch jobs to totally different areas. Now, your Virgo side is calling you again. You will probably sell the property in February 2020 or make another important financial decision then. You will figure out what to do with your career when you make peace with yourself about being at the top. Sometimes it’s easier to shrug off ambition for super success and just find work you love, which helps people in a direct and obvious way. You get a kick out of transforming people. You will be shown a formula with just one or two people that is outstanding and realise you can repeat that formula for many more individuals. That’s deeply satisfying and it would also satisfy your hip pocket.

  17. HI Jessica,
    Thank you for posting part 2; I was waiting for it.
    It is interesting how the revolution of cap -cancer take us to aquarius evolution.
    It is little complicated to interpret this cycle from global to personal level.
    I have direct factors across the board in my chart.
    How do you see this impact me? Thanks

    1. Global to personal is actually what astrology is all about. Let me explain. Trump helps greedy property developers. They take over your town. Prices go up. Noise pollution, street closure, dust and overcrowding become problems for you. That’s a good example of how heavy Capricorn weather (which rules the men at the top) hits Cancer matters – the home – our home town. When Trump goes, which is inevitable by the end of 2020, owing to the new Aquarius weather (it does not suit his leadership style) you will find that politics becomes diverse. You’ll see non-white women in large numbers, for example. This leads to a society which is about equality and community, and so once again you are affected – your taxes may change for example, in your favour, if you are a woman. What you will personally go through is about work, lifestyle, work ethic, quality of life, daily routine, work-life balance and so on. That is your response to what is happening in your chosen field or profession. You will create a new life budget where you look at what you earn, how you earn it, what it costs you in terms of how you feel emotionally, and where you could save or cut costs. This is quite revolutionary by your old standards but you’ll be making a couple of choices in December 2019, January 2020. You will actually ‘pay’ for the things money cannot buy, like relaxation, or better sleep, or whatever – by making dramatic new choices about your entire work-money-life balance.

  18. Hello Jessica,
    A very good and thought provoking article, and as usual you are great at it, and we thank you for it.
    I have the sun in cancer at 22 Degrees what will be the implications of this, in this year and next year january ?
    I think i will be able to put a lot ghosts to rest. I will await your reply.
    Subramanya M.S

    1. Thank you very much. Essentially you are finding your own power by dealing with major questions about control, involving your former, current or potential partner. Perhaps – a rival, enemy or opponent. This is a tough cycle but it can also make you more potent, effective and influential and give you an incredible feeling of being mistress of your own destiny – captain of your own ship. The work you have to do involves tremendous teeth-gritting self-control. Only your willpower in the situation will give you that empowerment. Of course you can ask for help and support. You should also help yourself by using the Tarot and Astrology Oracle cards on this website and the guidebook that comes with them. This will be the making of you by the year 2023 if you can take the situation on. It’s hard to be more specific as you don’t tell me if you are single, married or in ‘combat’ with someone and so on. But if that is your ghost, then it is time to face who and what haunts you.

  19. Hello Jessica! I always love your articles, and I learn something new every time I read (and re-read) them. As much as I am looking forward to the changes ‘at the top’, as they are much needed, I am worried about my families financial situation. I really hope to protect what we have, being our home and our small stock portfolio, but part of me wants to sell everything and stuff it under the mattress. Since I’m a Pisces with Pisces rising, I’m trying to figure out if I’m delusional or psychic!
    Thank you for everything you do to shine a light on the future.

    1. The trick with the Uranus in Taurus transit (most obvious October-December this year) is to keep it real. Avoid bubbles of illusion. What you invest in should be held in your hand, for example, or have real value rather than being pegged to something imagined or assumed. You’re better off investing in backyard chickens and selling free-range eggs, for example, rather than investing in the mythical dollar, euro or pound and its ‘value’ because we are about to see a huge global shift in the value people place on particular currencies. I am sure you know what I am talking about! The need to keep it real is there because Uranus in Taurus for the next six years or so, will burst every bubble there is, for billions of people born in the 1960’s.

  20. Jessica,

    I made so made errors in my previous comment, missing some and repeating other sentences. Apologies for it. I hope you can respond.

    What I don’t understand is that I do not have any factors in Cancer which is about family, so why is it that my family life is going through such a difficult period? I can relate to a reader above who commented her life is “shit”. My husband who lives 3000 miles away for work, has completely cut off communication with me since end of March this year. He is a Capricorn born on January 15, 1956 , 11:00 a.m. (latitude 17.284640 and longitude 74.331240). My two adult daughters have also not been in communication with me for over 6 months. If we had a major fight, I would understand, but nothing that I am aware of has happened, especially with my daughters. With my husband, I have had small arguments. But he is most definitely over reacting. Essentially the three of them have abandoned me. Up until 5-6 months ago, if I wrote, called, texted, I got nothing back. So I gave up. I could have been dead, and they would not have known. I wonder if I should try to reach out to them again?

    I am taking comfort based on one of your responses to my questions earlier in August that life will ease up for me starting May 2020. Your insight helps me put my mind at ease to some degree. But the whole situation I am in, makes no sense at all. Is it karma that I must complete?

    And although I have no factors in Cancer, I do have 3 factors in Capricorn. Salacia at 11°, Panacea at16° and Bacchus at 21°. Any insight on how these will play out for me?

    Thank you.

    1. I am sorry life is so painful and difficult. It is true you have no factors in Cancer at all – and Cancer rules the family. However, you do have Leo factors, and those rule your daughters. You also have a Libra chart signature and that rules your marriage. (Leo is parenthood; Libra is partnership). I am very sorry that you are being ignored by them. This is not karma. Nothing to do with that. There are some things you can do to help yourself and feel better, right away. You need to give yourself permission to do something outrageous, audacious, daring in the extreme – where your daughters are concerned. They have left you with your jaw on the floor. Well, now it is time for you to make your own moves. There is no rule book that says motherhood has to be X, Y or Z. Well, Dr. Spock tried with his book on babies, and people have theories and opinions, but actually the time to throw away the rules has come. See what you can get away with. What is possible these days, for you as a mother? You are now in quite a long cycle – and it is pretty new – where you gain by experimenting. If what you want to do has other people shaking their heads at your sheer audacity you will know you’re doing it right. If you shock yourself, even a little, you are also doing it right! If more conventional or traditional people say that something is out of the question, impossible, should not be happening, then – you will know it’s correct to pursue it. Just experimenting like this will make you feel much more at home with life. If I was you, I would sponsor two girls in an African orphanage, and put my energy into them! Okay, the situation with your husband is most definitely about finance, but I expect you know that. It comes to a head in December 2019, January 2020 and is over in May 2020. If you have not already become absolutely clear about the house or apartment situation, and are clear on the rules/boundaries, and have it in writing – you need to get onto that.

  21. Hi Jessica,

    Great article.

    I have a lot of planets around 21,22 and 23* and the last 4 years have been tough. Will January 2020 be an end to the tough cycle?

    1. Thank you. Yes, you have been doing it tough, as the slow-moving outer planets (particularly Pluto) take such a long time to move past those late degree positions of 21, 22, 23 in the horoscope. You’ll get a break sooner than January 2020, actually, as December 2019 begins the Jupiter cycle which solves so many of the issues that the Pluto cycle has given you. It’s the same with Saturn. Just living with Pluto, Saturn and the South Node in the Tenth House of your chart has set a very particular atmosphere at work, or within your chosen field or profession. It feels heavy, because it is heavy. There are major questions about who is top dog, who is in control, who or what holds the power – the politics, actually. I am sure you have also been dealing with people who are paranoid, which Saturn rules – but you may also have become rather paranoid about specific faces. This has crept up on you but I am sure you can stand back from the world of work, success, ambition and position – and see that where you are now, is an entirely different place. The atmosphere and tone are not what they were a few years ago. Things have become weighty! December 2019 is the beginning of the answer – actually a number of answers. It may be that in 2020 you need to move right away from particular situations or people, as you realise you have become stuck. It is possible that you could pursue a different career in quite a different field, although that would be a radical step. I suspect the answer will be neither of those, but Jupiter cycles famously produce solutions through ground-clearing. There is a fair amount of ‘rubble’ and pollution in your life – unwanted rubbish – which has built up. December and January 2020 will bring this to the surface where it can be faced, dealt with and removed. Then you can begin growing the projects or plans which are most fruitful for 2020.

  22. A lot of people are going to be hugely embarrassed and traumatised when the hammer falls and they see their favourite “righteous” politicians and squeaky clean Hollywood stars fall.

  23. Hi Jessica, I have been considering where to invest my money recently as it’s just sitting in the bank. However, I read on another post or horoscope of yours that my money and property would feature big in the next 2 years. So my question is, would it be a bad idea to invest or move money right now? Thanks in advance!

    1. We are living in the most unpredictable financial cycle of your lifetime (and mine) and you need a financial advisor who understands volatile currency, shifting markets and also cryptocurrency. Money sitting in the bank should certainly be put to good use, but this goes beyond the advice of the professionals into what you actually enjoy – because that’s the whole point of money. As a general comment on where the world economy is heading, Uranus in Taurus is really about the old order falling away. So forget petrol-fuelled cars. Forget meat. Within 6-7 years we will have shifted to electric transport and fake meat. If either of those float your boat, that is the very first place to start doing some homework. We are also moving towards crowdfunded mini-banks of friends, using digital currency, from the year 2021 so think about that too. The old days of fat white men in suits and ties controlling our cash are fading fast from 2021 when the Capricorn era breathes its last! Aquarius transits come in then and Aquarius rules diversity, community and equality. People will want their own ‘banks’ online.

  24. Hi Jessica, my North Node is at 21 degrees Capricorn. The historic pile-up at 22 Capricorn will conjuct my NN and clash with my south node. How would you interpret that? One interesting thing about the cancer-capricorns cycles:: the last cycle ended on October 13th,( my birthday) 2001. ( the year my son was born). The current cycle will end on May 5th( my husband’s birthday ), 2020. What a coincidence !! or would you say a Karmic relationship:))

    1. Yes, your son has a past life connection with you. He may have been the parent last time and you were the son. The Capricorn-Cancer Node patterns now through May 2020 are about understanding that sometimes you have to go back to your home, your home town or your homeland to make it. It is also about the reverse – understanding that sometimes you have to travel, to leave, to make a departure (if only online) in order to make it too, so you can bring the goods back home. This is about your career, university or college degree, or unpaid work. Figuring out the best combination of ambition and location is a continuing puzzle but you will have it solved by May 2020.

  25. Hey Jessica,
    I hope you see this, I haven’t had time to check your site in about 13 days, except for a quick daily horoscope. Everything is turned upside down My dad fell ( not because of something he did, long story, not going to type it all out). Anyway, spiral fracture of the femur. Surgery, rod and screw s put in. My dad is80, but in better shape than I am. He is also my hero. He lives almost 2 hours away. I am commuting between his house( Wednesday night-Monday morning) and spending Monday-Wednesday afternoon at my house so I can go to school. Surgical Technology program is incredibly intense. I don’t know how I going to manage it all. Do you see anything in my chart, etc. that will help guide me with some strategies that will help? I don’t mean a miracle cure or anything, just strategies that will help me balance a bit. I don’t know if that is a weird question, but I am asking it anyway. I hope you are doing well. Thanks for your input.

    1. I am so sorry about your dad and this crisis. You do urgently need to balance your life so that you can manage both him and all your other responsibilities. Two hours is a long way and your course is demanding. He is going to have to accept outside help as he has worked hard all his life and now others can work, to serve him. It may seem odd to have a stranger in the home, but the right person will not be a stranger after a few weeks. You may need two people to help him. See what other people are doing in your local area and what works best for them – his generation are very special and have unique needs – one size does not fit all – and there are some tailor-made solutions which can be adapted to suit him. You need to speak to your supervisor immediately and explain the stress of the situation. Ask for a suggestion. This will work out and you will have a relay system of helpers with yourself and your Dad, who will find it all very new and strange, but once he is into a routine watching the same TV or DVD every day he’ll get accustomed to it. Soldier on.

  26. Hi Jessica,

    I have a lot of Cancer factors in my chart. I am currently in the process of making necessary repairs to my home to list for sale in 2020. The mortgage on the home is upside down but I believe that by the time I list the home for sale I’ll break even. Can you please see what’s in my charts? Is this a good time to try to sell the home?

    Also, there are changes in management on my job. My former manager retired at the beginning of the year and my current manager is retiring at the end of this year. The person being groomed to replace him is part of the office clique that doesn’t include me. How will these changes benefit me? Should I be concerned?

    Lastly, is there anything on the horizon for my love life I haven’t been on a date since May of this year. I have a Taurus male that keeps trying to worm his way into my life again. We’ve been in communication off and on since 2017 before I cut him off for good in March of this year.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. You are having classic Cancer-Capricorn weather here, as you are renovating ahead of moving but also dealing with reshuffles at work. You’ll find the whole process much easier after May 2020 when the Nodes move out of Cancer and Capricorn. Until then you do need to factor in another reshuffle, either in your current firm, or with another company you may work for. This is ahead in December 2019, January 2020. Ask yourself how you can most reduce the pressure on yourself and lower the stakes so that you don’t have all your eggs in one basket with work and money together. The politics still not stop with your current manager retiring and Christas 2019/New Year 2020 will bring decisions from the heart which are about your entire working life, so you do need to set some priorities here with money, home and work and be prepared to do a fair bit of compromising. It will be easier after May next year, though, and from Christmas 2020 so much of the pressure all-round will be off. Love is another matter and your instincts are right – Taurus is not really thinking long-term.

  27. Hello Jessica, I sure am being given the Cancer-Capricorn works at the moment. I already posted once without success and in the meantime I no longer have the job I wrote about because I had to leave due to wi-fi sensitivity (you wrote about health issues at work for me in my daily horoscope – spot on!) So now I would appreciate your insights even more urgently regarding self-employment. I recently noticed that I have lots of pictures of Psyche, which was the answer I received when you recommended I ask the Oracle about a new business endeavour (+ 2nd House). But I am having difficulty in translating this into a material concept?!? I even have Psyche and Cupid on my bank card holder, so there must be something going on! And I have a butterfly chrysalis on my windowsill which I am waiting for it to open! With heartfelt thanks for your generosity and kindness xx

    1. I am sorry that I’m not always able to answer every question here – one look at the top of the page and I can see I have 8,755 people in the queue. I am sorry your health issues were in the way of your work, but glad the astrology was spot on for you. You are asking about Psyche. She is on your bank card holder and there is, amazingly, a real chrysalis on your windowsill. The universe is chatting to you. The Romans believed Psyche was a symbol of immortality. She lived forever. When people passed to spirit in Ancient Rome it was thought that a butterfly hovered over their lips on their last breath as an omen of that. Your new business is showing up in the cards as Psyche. It may help to understand that she passed tests and trials, and was eventually rewarded with immortality by the Gods. She was only human but her staying power helped her and the Gods felt sorry for her trials and tribulations and so she not only found her passion, but found it for all time. Psyche was helped by natural forces – so when she was asked to sort the contents of a barn of grain overnight – the ants stepped in. You are being told that you are being helped by natural forces. Do not rush it. Butterflies take time to evolve from grubs. You are being told that you have support, backing and help from the world for your business idea. You are also being told it could outlive you. This is often the case with the internet. We put a business online, and it’s there for all time. Or, if you want to be practical about this, you could be Mr. Marks and Mr. Spencer, create a shop and then see it outlive you as a brand – a household name. You do not say what your idea is or I could be more helpful. If it is about immortality (the last will and testament, or a legacy) I could understand it better. Even if it’s about home-made soap, you can trust that the brand would outlive you. Even if it’s about learning a foreign language, the business revenue would become part of your own will, so that the money from it would benefit your godchildren, children, grandchildren and so on. Psyche is about what goes on, and who goes on, for all time.

      1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your reply! I am truly grateful that you were able to answer my question and your explanation has shown me how my idea fits in with Psyche – so sorry, I couldn’t see it before! I want to make family heirlooms, keepsakes. I am a Cancerian so you can imagine I have my own “little” collection. I thought about how today’s test tube babies, adopted children, broken families, patchwork families, incest victims etc do not have precious things to inherit, and they also lack something precious to pass on to give their own children and create their own roots. My Gran made me a little cross-stitch tablecloth which I received after her death with the message “All my love in every kiss”. I thought to make quite valuable hand-made traditionally inherited household items but I lacked confidence in my idea so far. Now I see how Psyche is indeed the answer to my question! I am still a bit nervous but I’m going to take the leap! Thank you so much Jessica!

        1. It’s a pleasure – and I am glad you have found the meaning of Psyche in your personal birth chart. I love your gran’s cross-stitch tablecloth. How wonderful. And I cannot believe what you have just told me – you thought to make valuable hand-made traditionally inherited household items. Spirit is with you on this. Very likely, your grandmother. Go for it. Post them on Twitter and follow me @jessicacadams and I will retweet – I’d love to see.

          1. Gosh, thank you so much for your support, I will do that! Yes, my grandmother stayed very close to me after her death, I could often sense her presence. She also very much admired and encouraged my creativity, which my parents opposed. Thank you for helping me to realise that I am receiving her blessings to do this. That takes a huge weight from me as it felt as if I wanted to do something against the family “rules”. Now I realise I’m not alone. I am so deeply moved, and so thankful for your amazing help Jessica!

  28. Hi Jessica, I have recently discovered your amazing website and value your insight and information you provide which is so needed in this present time.

    I have a Capricorn Moon at 19 degrees in the 12th (Aquarian Asc.) and pluto and saturn have passed over a couple of times in the last year or so. I have been developing my indepth art projects which are almost ripe to put out into the world. With Jupiter and Ceres going over my MC I would have thought this would be an opportune moment to reap the fruits but I feel thwarted by the Brexit chaos and feel this will affect the art market in terms of sales and income. Works I have put out in the last year have not sold. This brings confusion as to what my gut instincts have been telling me throughout the gestation period while developing these works which have been a deep soul/psyche, therapeutic journey. Its a long time to wait for all the Capricorn stellium to come out of my 12th and meanwhile I have very little income. I also have an interest only mortgage which finishes 2021 and feel powerless as to how I keep my property. My partner and I both work from home so it is important we keep the house and stability while we continue to develop our creative projects, there is no question of retiring. We are both in our late sixties. Do you see the interest only mortgages finding a solution to switching and extending to a better deal for 60+ age? There are a lot of us out there who need a safety net. I would really appreciate some insight on this, I understand the 2020 crash, it brings a lot of fear and inhibits my creativity. I have other ideas to develop but it all takes time and my financial worries seem imminent. Thanking you, S

    1. I don’t know why you would feel thwarted by Brexit – some amazing deals are being signed from Africa to South Korea – and America and Australia are promising more. You are worried about money and property but also want to follow your creative projects. The art market worldwide is set to change as world trade also transforms – by 2020. If you are not selling your work it is because everyone else has the same fear as you! You are a Capricorn type in Virgo season and the big message in September is to find bread and butter so you can have your cake and eat it. In other words you have what it takes to fit into a larger work system very well. It’s time to work for money – harder than you may remember – but even if you feel you are doing more hours – the money will be there. This month is about trines from passing Virgo factors to your Capricorn signature and that spells earth sign realities. It is time to get real, ground yourself and work for money as well as the dream. Feeling powerless about property is a sure sign you are not ‘doing’ your Pluto transit which is about harnessing willpower, to take control. Once you do that and figure out a new routine and lifestyle – incorporating new paid work – you will regain security again. Age is no barrier. In fact Capricorn-heavy people get better as they get older. You do need to start reviewing bank offers and opportunities, though, right up until May 2020 when at last the North Node in Cancer leaves your Fourth House of property. Once again, big world trade changes will affect the banking market so you need to be constantly updated. I am saying this to many readers, but September is ‘extreme Virgo’ time so the trick is finding what people need – meeting their needs – serving them – and making yourself absolutely indispensable. You are ambitious and that is also correct, but this month is about dutiful hard work!

  29. Thanks for your response Jessica, its really useful to get another perspective. Much appreciated. S

  30. Hi 🙂 Any words of wisdom? My chart has just been a blast this year and last… finances have been a literal rollercoaster and I’ve turned to food for security. Bad enough thatvI just started seeing a therapist, feels like a good addiction.

    1. Well done for recognising you comfort eat and may be addicted to your therapist! Food and finances are both ruled by Taurus in your chart and belong to the Second House. Food is ‘money’ of course. You will actually break out of your fat patterns in 2020 or 2021 at the very latest, because of the most unusual, unique and quite unexpected solution. It is likely to just be there. You didn’t plan it, you didn’t seek it, but it becomes part of the story of your weight loss. Uranus in Taurus can be like that.

  31. Hey Jess!

    Hope you’re doing great. I wonder if you remember me? A few months ago, I reached out to tell you about my breast cancer diagnosis. I’m happy to share that I’ve responded rather well to treatment and am slowly getting back to normal life. I also took this time to work on a lot of emotional healing…It’s been an interesting journey!

    I’ve been reading your recent blogs and I’m wondering if you can tell me a little of what might be in store for me in the near future?

    I have Leo (north)/Aquarius(South) nodes at 14 degrees and quite a few planets between 21-23 …I also saw something about Pluto transiting the same degrees. Seems like an intense time for me?

    Neptune at Sag 21°
    Pluto at Libra 23 °
    IC/MC at 23° Cancer & Capricorn
    Prosperina at 21° Aries
    Vulcano at 21° Cancer

    I would love to hear whatever insights you can share! Thank you for everything you do.


    1. I am thrilled you are climbing back from breast cancer – well done. What you are describing here, in terms of transits, is your need to escape from the real world by travelling or moving, before December. If you cannot do that, you will welcome a foreign or different culture into your life. Part of this will come, because you realise you are more than your illness. You are a person separate from that and you deserve a break. You will get it and love it. If you have not already made plans with tickets, packed boxes or the welcome mat out for someone else – you will.

      1. Thank you Jess! That sounds absolutely lovely….always such a pleasure to hear your take on things to come… 🙂

  32. Such a fascinating blog! I am experiencing some power struggles at work which feel very heavy and seems like to end in sight with plenty of drama. I have my sun at 22degrees will January be the end of this? Can I expect a positive outcome?

    1. Thank you. I am sorry about the power struggles. We are living through this heavy Capricorn weather when people in positions of power are really throwing their weight around and acting like little dictators. Nobody is happy about it, and yes, there will be a shakedown starting in December 2019 with rumbles and ending up in an earthquake by January 2020. You can expect vast improvements in the year 2020 when either a problematic person (or top layer) will be moved on, or you will personally find stunning alternatives which enable you to use your talent, skill and energy in a different setting. Ironically enough you will do better by using your precious time like that anyway, as I am sure you realise how much those other faces suck your time and energy. It’s also quite the wrong setting for you. These dinosaurs are living in the past and you are meant for the future. Focus on 2020 and aim for the biggest and best as Jupiter in Capricorn is on your side.

  33. Hi Jessica, I have my sun at 23 degrees of Taurus, so can you tell me what the effects of Fortuna will have in February 2020.
    Also how will the Pluto Saturn conjunction at 23degrees have an impact on trining my sun as well as Fortuna? can it go either way or can I dare wish for a positive turn of the wheel of fortune, in particular in the area of finance and work opportunities or rewards? Im confused. Many thanks if you get time to reply. S

    1. What you will see in January 2020 is a massive change in the balance of power in your chosen profession or field. You will see mergers, promotions and also downsizing, and likely a departure at the top. This reshuffle benefits you, because Saturn conjunct Pluto, though cold and tough together (and powerful) are trine your Sun. So, you could come centre-stage if you wished, get more attention than usual, win recognition and be in the spotlight – for your values, your financial management, and so on (Taurus). Fortuna is important in the mix, but not as important as the trine which can only happen once in your entire life. You’re going to see karma come down for employers, colleagues, clients, competitors going all the way back to 2001 when they played a game wrong.

  34. Thank you so much for your response to my queries, Jessica, that is very useful to know and gives me trust in the process.
    Its great that you offer this feedback. X

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