The Virgo Birthday Horoscope 2019-2020

Moving forward into all that is new, different and better. Keep an eye on that combination of travel and the internet, as more than any other sign of the zodiac, you are likely to find it is the cutting edge of technology, apps, mobile phones and so on - that offers you an entirely new way to explore other regions, cultures or countries.

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Happy Birthday Virgo!

Moving forward into all that is new, different and better. Keep an eye on that combination of travel and the internet, as more than any other sign of the zodiac, you are likely to find it is the cutting edge of technology, apps, mobile phones and so on – that offers you an entirely new way to explore other regions, cultures or countries.

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20 Responses

  1. Ahh, I wait for this horoscope all year. It’s not secret the past few years have been like living through an endless spin cycle. Bits have been sorting itself out and am finally, finally launching the next phase of my work (independently owned business) on 8/30. This summer has not been smooth sailing at all, and I am dying to move out our confining area AND finally hit my stride with money, career…and travel. (In fact, would be ideal if we could move abroad). I am tired from being jerked this way and that – I am so focused on my stuff but outside forces constantly intervene. (Plus, I took an amazing trip abroad in May that convinced me the world is vast and I am meant to be exploring it!!! Not sitting here!) do I have any big exciting changes to look forward to? Thanks, as always!

    1. Thank you. The trip you took in May was important and is the start of something – over the next six years or so – and you may eventually consider moving, actually. The move could go into planning stages by 2nd December, or you may be waiting for the new cycle starting May 2020, running into 2021, when a part of your country/the world which was important in around the year 2001 is back on your agenda. The ‘spin cycle’ feeling will stop next May as well.

  2. Dear Jessica,
    My daughter’s birthday is August 30,1981. She just ended another cycle of IVF. It did not work for the second time. Can you tell me if she will one day have the baby she wants so badly?
    Thank you so much for your precious time

    1. Sorry, but I can’t read for other people – she would need to be a Premium Member and have her chart in front of me. I am very sorry she is going through this. She will find her path to parenthood in 2020 no matter if it is fostering, adoption, IVF, step-parenting, god parenting or a natural birth. Jupiter in her Fifth House, using her solar sign chart.

  3. Hi Jessica. You talk about April 2019 in the money and property section. Did you mean Aprl 2020?

  4. Waw! Thank you for all, dear Jessica. I have the sun in virgo but three planets in libra. How this afeects me?

    1. Thank you. Have you moved or renovated yet? You can do this very happily by December but you will need to follow up on recent opportunities you did not pursue at the time.

  5. Hi Jessica
    This has been a tough year. Can you peek at my chart and tell me what this next year holds for me?

    1. It is a tough year and it is not your imagination. We’ve not seen a line-up like this in our lifetimes and it’s tremendously heavy. Saturn leads the procession in Capricorn. Saturn is associated with lead. It’s a load to shoulder. Capricorn is associated with Saturn, too, as this planet rules the sign. So here we have a double whammy of ‘heavy’ and you are feeling it. December 2019 is a turning point for you, as you are finally able to stand back from 2018, 2019 and understand how you shape your own existence. The Christmas break is a good chance to do that. The phrase ‘you make your own bed and you lie in it’ is appropriate. You absolutely have to look at how you have created or manufactured particular situations, even if you have been quite unaware of that. It’s a little too early to change at the moment, but as you go into the first week of December you will realise how much is at your fingertips. A firm conviction that you are never, ever going to repeat some aspects of this year is the first step. Once you get to ‘Never again’ figure out how to make that happen. It will involve a massive change in quite another area of your life, but if you are convinced that it’s time to surgically remove something from your world, then you will have the commitment and energy to transform everything. You will honestly be so much happier once you’re there. You will be looking at your life as if you were a dummy in a shop window display, watching yourself, watching yourself. From the outside looking in, you’ll ‘get it’ and once you have that insight, change happens.

  6. Dear Jessica, great to read the Virgo annual horoscope. I was very happy to move to a better job this year and travel. What can you tell me about my love life, do you see me meeting someone and starting a family? My personal life has been the only area I would really like to change and your direction and insight would be most welcomed. I don’t have a partner nor kids. Thank you.

    1. Congratulations on your new job in 2019. You want to get married and have children. You have a stellium (unusually high number) of horoscope factors in Libra in the Seventh House of your chart, which rules marriage as well as common-law marriage (living with a partner). This means it never rains but it pours for you. Whenever you have astrological weather which triggers the Libra side of your chart, you have extreme romantic highs or huge lows, and life has been quite dramatic for you, just over the last few years, with Uranus in Aries opposing, or clashing with, every single one of those Libra factors. Thus, commitment has been hard to come by. Now, you have Chiron in Aries also opposing your Libra factors, and as he is associated with teaching, and particularly unconventional or unorthodox teaching, the time has come to set aside what you ‘absolutely’ know about what you want from love and sex. In other words, try not to hardline ‘detail’ what/who you assume will make you happy. It may not be marriage at all. It may not be pregnancy at all. If you can accept that partnerships can take many forms, and not just the standard bank advertisement ‘dream’ of a bride in a white dress, with a man in a bow tie and cake – and 2.5 children – you will be much, much better off. Chiron has a reputation for showing us what we usually think is impossible, outrageous, unacceptable or ‘unthinkable’ can actually become part of life! So stay open, over the next few years, and try to remove any ‘musts’ and ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’ about who you want, what you want, when you want it and how long you want it! That will open you up to some really interesting new relationships. The alternative is to be quite rigid about your hopes and dreams and then have Chiron knock those around, which is never fun. For more on this transit do look up Chiron on Search and in your guidebooks, but have a look at the Seventh House as well, because that is a big part of who you are. As a general rule, when the Sun transits your Seventh House, from the final week of September through to the third week of October of any year, that is when you do your best learning about your previous sexual relationships, and achieve the most insight. It is also far and away the. most helpful period of any year, to look at potential new partners for the future and really turn the microscope on them. So, over the short-term, in just a few weeks you will find it is possible to really get to the bottom of previous relationship patterns you have and, in particular, address any fears. I say that because you have Saturn in Libra and that is a symbol of someone who builds walls, defences and safeguards around herself, after one or more very difficult experiences with partners. Being quite ‘defended’ and rather rigid and formulaic about love and sex is a pretty common response to Saturn in Libra and yet it can shut love out. Not only can you not hurry love, as the song goes, but you cannot also tick boxes – not when Chiron is passing through and ultimately opposing Saturn. Even something as basic as watching a lot of film or television which shows unlikely love stories can help you loosen up a little!

  7. ​Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this birthday article!

    Everything seemed heavier than usual over last year. I was questioning why, how and really overthinking.
    I guess it is time to find a new creative ways to move forward.


  8. Thanks, Jessica, for this spot-on birthday forecast. This Pluto, Saturn and South node in my fifth house rings so true. The past has been coming back to me since August 14, such as old school mates or childhood friends showing up or making contact. Some I haven’t heard about for over 30 years.
    One old friend messaged me about a school reunion with some girls that I have had no contact with for 40 years. The trouble is those high school years – 1978 to 1979 – were so painful to me. I hung around with two girls who I never should have hung around with. We were constantly fighting, and it was a fiery triangle all vying to be the preferred friend. One of the girls would sometimes threaten to take an overdose.
    But it wasn’t just the turbulent trio I was in, it was a time when I got constant criticism whether it was for my looks, or how I acted. I did everything in that time to be liked, but everything I did backfired. It was a traumatic time where my self-esteem was crushed. I didn’t think I was good enough.
    Anyway, I’m writing a novel about an eating disorder I had from 1980 to early 1982, when I was 16 to 18 years old. I do believe that painful 1978 to 1979, when I was 15 to 16 years old, planted the seed for it.
    Coincidentally, I’m presently writing about those awful years which lead to the disorder. I’m up to the second half of 1978, so it’s quite uncanny that I’d be contacted regarding a reunion with the students from that time.
    I recently joined the Facebook group page for that school where there’s many past students, and the energy from that time has come flooding back. It’s beneficial feeling that energy for writing purposes. It’s like a writer’s gift but gee it’s heavy and draining. I think writing about the actual binge eating will be the easy part compared to these teenage angst years.
    I will not go to the reunion, as the Facebook page is heavy enough for me. Plus, it’s insincere turning up and smiling with people who I haven’t cared about reconnecting with for 40 years.
    I can’t see myself completing the novel until late next year but can see the chapters about those awful years being completed by May 2020, when that South Node leaves. And it has felt like it’s going on forever as I started writing about that time at the end of 2017. It’s been like a turtle on slow motion.
    I can’t wait to finish it and get back to my painting. But I just feel that I need to write about it as it will help people understand what it is like to have an eating disorder and be able to recover from it.
    Thanks for the article as it has given me a clearer perspective about the astrological energies happening now, and how to facilitate it and benefit from it.

    1. Thank you so much – and 2019 is a good year to work on a novel even if you have your eye on completion later – Jupiter (growth) in Sagittarius (publishing) is on your side until December.

  9. Thanks for this! The past year and a half or so has had its challenges and also its growth and expansion. In looking ahead wanting some insights around, my business considering expanding into a new area and incorporating a bit of education in a cutting edge arena I waffle a bit here as i can see myself going in a few directions. Also, would appreciate any thoughts on home, kids, and my spouse. Thanks and thanks for the work you do and share.

    1. Happy birthday. Make your home the absolute priority if you can, between now and December. Your family, the actual space, the way the household runs and also your local area – even your country – which is your wider home. Think about both sides of the family tree as well. You have been seeing big messages all year about the potential here. You have even been directly approached once, twice, three times. Even if one of those opportunities fell through, there are still two more you haven’t really exploited or followed up – this may be the right price for renovations; amazing mortgage deals; excellent family options and so on. We might extend that to Air BnB as a classic example of this cycle – do you have a spare space you don’t use? Your situation is obviously your own but I urge you to follow through on those two very good opportunities you had before and really do something much stronger with them. This trend won’t last so try to get in while you can.

  10. Your job offer and living space improvements were the first part of the cycle. You now need to realise what is actually on offer to you. You may not be seeing it – you can and will exploit a fantastic opportunity to bring a better house or apartment/living situation into your life, once you realise it’s right in front of you. I understand you’ve had one disappointment, but think about it – there are genuinely two more excellent leads – and by December you will have followed up, followed through and made good. There is even a third, actually, which to your eyes looks like a let-down, but the truth is, it can and will do you favours. Again, this is by the first week of December 2019. Think back.

  11. Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for this post. I want to ask for more clarity on my property/home situation, particularly as it relates to this statement: “You will have one amazing opportunity or open door, after another, from the moment you read this, until the 2nd of December.”

    For the last two years, I have been experiencing constant issues with my home/property and I seem to be stuck in a weird holding pattern of one step forward/two steps back. In particular, there was a serious incident in April that resulted in damages to my property. Since then the resolution process has been filled with disputes and delays. There was some progress in July, but I continue to await full resolution to outstanding repairs.

    I am wondering what are these “amazing opportunities” you reference to and how I would be able to recognize them, because so far it seems to evade me… Do these opportunities include legal action?

    1. The Jupiter cycle I am talking about here, has only been with you in 2019, so ignore the 2018 situation with your home.The opportunities have not gone away – they are still there – and you could walk away with a really good (if complicated) deal by December. You will have to compromise and will not get a perfect outcome, because there is no ‘perfect’, but you are being offered more than one pretty amazing potential outcome. Much depends on communication and explanation – from all sides. You are going to have to ‘sell’ your case, but also show yourself willing to be sold to. Go into this ready to trade; negotiate; aim for a win-win. The absolute key to any Jupiter cycle is deliberate optimism, hope and positive thinking. This goes beyond your home into other aspects of property. So, for example, you should be looking at other houses or apartments; other possible property arrangements. If I were you I’d go and talk to a professional, as you may have been missing something here. If your property was damaged in April and you have not gained from that (for example, with insurance) don’t waste any time in finding out what your rights are. The cycle ends in December.

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