Aquarius Full Moon: Lunar Astrology 2019

The Full Moon in Aquarius takes place on 15th August 2019 at 1.29pm in Britain. It is the most important Full Moon of the year. It draws in the events of 2017-2018 but also predicts your future, starting The New Age of Aquarius on December 20th, 2020.

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The Full Aquarius Moon: 15th August 2019

Welcome to your first hint of a very, very new existence, until the year 2043, believe it or not. It’s not ‘the’ Age of Aquarius, but it’s a New Age of Aquarius and it starts small. Taking place at 1.29pm (London) on Thursday 15th August, the Full Moon at 22 Aquarius will fall exactly opposite the Sun at 22 Leo and trigger soul-searching about the last two years, 2017 and 2018, when we saw so much karma rotate, as the South Node also moved through Aquarius. In a moment I’ll look at how you were affected.

Aquarius rules networks and people power – so this Full Moon on 15th August will  immediately call in major issues, dating from the last two years, for political parties: Democrats, Republicans, Labour, Conservatives, Liberals, Liberal Democrats – all around the world.

Along with the South Node in Aquarius, we also had eclipses stretching across the Aquarius axis of the heavens – so we have had a whole chain of cover-ups and information blackouts involving our politicians in 2017-2018. Other organisations, like the United Nations and European Union, have also led us on a blind pathway. They are also ruled by Aquarius.

We will find out just how many cover-ups there were, involving these political parties, or organisations, during the eclipses of 11th February 2017, January 31st, 2018, February 15th, 2018, July 27th, 2018. All these dates are part of a pattern. I mention the dates because you may find they turn up, within a window of 72 hours, in news stories that start to appear near August 15th. If so, you’ll know the astrology is talking to you.

Mysteries Never to Be Revealed

Some of these 2017-2018 mysteries, involving these political parties, or global organisations, will never be solved. But – they will pave the way for a completely different political and world system when the New Age of Aquarius begins, on Sunday 20th December 2020. What we are going to see is D-Day followed by a long break, then in about 16 months, a huge political change. A drama. Why ?Jupiter and Saturn are both going into Aquarius at the same time!

Good Drama or Bad Drama?

Both. Jupiter is about repair work, problem-solving, expansion and growth. Saturn is about hard karma, life lessons and reality checks. Because the date that Jupiter enters Aquarius to join Saturn also happens to be highly unusual, in coding terms – a repeat of the digits 0, 1 and 2 – you can bet that this is a date which has been handpicked (nothing directly to do with astrology) by people who want to use the worldwide web to bring about radical changes in world politics. Remember that date, 20th December 2020, but also the way it looks when written numerically! 20122020 (British) or 12202020 (American).

Your Horoscope and the New Age of Aquarius

Between December 20th, 2020, and December 28th, 2021, you will experience Jupiter and Saturn both in Aquarius, in the following area of your life (below). In a moment I’ll take a look at your personal birth chart, which you will have on screen now, if you are a Premium Member. If you have any factors in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friendships and groups, you will be strongly affected.

[contentblock id=51 img=html.png]

What follows is the broad weather for you, starting in December 2020 and ending in December 2021. There will be a sneak preview on this Full Moon on 15th August 2019, about exactly the same issues. At that point, you will become aware of just how many blind spots or cover-ups regarding these aspects of your life there were, in the years 2017 and 2018.

I hope you can see this is a long-range cycle. It reaches back into your past and it also predicts your future. It’s very much about the way you relate to societies, associations, teams and so on, as the person who is involved, and yet also on the outside looking in. You play your part, and without you, these friends and acquaintances would not have so much power at their disposal – and yet you are also detached from it. This is a classic Aquarius placement signature. And it’s important, if you have anything in that sign.

Your Sun Sign and the New Age of Aquarius

You may or may not have Aquarius factors in your chart, but your usual Sun Sign (below) will show you the area of life where you hit D-Day near August 15th, 2019, and also catch up with the last two years. This is also where your life is set to transform, permanently, from December 20th, 2020 – until the year 2043.

Aries: Friendships, clubs, teams, associations, societies, trade unions, social media, your social life, political parties, causes.

Taurus: Success, ambition, social position, rank, status, career, achievement, goals, class, promotion, titles, roles, qualifications.

Gemini: Foreigners and foreign countries, travel, holidays and vacations, the worldwide web, education, academia, publishing.

Cancer: Finance, taxation, shares, gambling, business, charity, banking, sales, valuables, commission, mortgages, property.

Leo: Former partners, potential partners. Husbands and wives. Boyfriends and girlfriends. Business partners. Enemies, rivals.

Virgo: Lifestyle, daily routine, workload, work ethic, mental health, food, drink, drugs, physical fitness, strength, vitality, energy.

Libra: Sexual relationships with parenthood potential. Pregnancy, babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers, the generation gap.

Scorpio: Houses, apartments, land, houseboats, gardens, family trees, relatives, households, hometown, homeland, ancestors.

Sagittarius: The worldwide web, publishing, education, academia, the mass media, social media, public speaking, language skills.

Capricorn: Money, loans, accounting, life insurance, superannuation, pensions, property investments, shares, taxes.

Aquarius: Image, profile, name, title, role, personal style, portraits, reputation, self-promotion, body type, face, hair, wardrobe.

Pisces: God or goddess, religion, spirituality, therapy, counselling, dream interpretation, astrology, quantum mechanics, beliefs.

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Why the 2019 Aquarius Full Moon Matters

A Full Moon is always D-Day: it is a point of peak and critical decision-making. On a Full Moon, the Sun is exactly opposite the Moon in your horoscope. Like any opposition, it describes inner conflict (yours) or external conflict, with two sides, two points of view, or even two polar opposites.

This particular Full Moon on 15th August 2019 is the most important of the year, because it triggers strong feelings, needs and emotions in yourself – or the people and organisations around you – which in turn, will show you exactly how much you did not know, and could not possibly see, over the last two years.

Her Majesty the Queen and the Full Moon

Queen Elizabeth 400x600 - Aquarius Full Moon: Lunar Astrology 2019Once again, this will be in relation to the area of your life listed above. To give you some examples – we have confirmed horoscope data for the British royal family (which is unusual; very few high-profile people have accurately recorded birth information).  Alois Treindl’s website is the most trusted internet source for the data and charts.

At a glance, you can see that Her Majesty the Queen, a Sun Taurus, has just come out of two years of cover-ups and blind spots, regarding her own role – as monarch. She has been chauffeured in a Rolls-Royce without headlights or streetlights, on a pathway she has now finished. Yet – this Full Moon on 15th August will make her aware of that.

Charles, Her Majesty and the Christmas Message 2020

Huge decisions will affect her future path, when the New Age of Aquarius begins on 20th December 2020. In fact, it will utterly transform both her reign and the direction taken by her family.

How can we say that? Because Prince Charles is a Sun Scorpio. The Aquarian ‘weather’ is about his family. His residence. His country. Therefore, this Full Moon on 15th August 2019 in London at 1.29pm, takes place over a very important lunch, for both. Watch and wait.

Check Your Personal Birth Chart

If you are a Premium Member, you will have your personal birth chart (available above) with all the asteroids, planets and other factors of modern astrology. Look at anything at all that falls in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friendships and groups, because there is a second story taking place in your life. (If you are a Sun Aries, it will be the same saga, but with twice as much intensity).

Essentially, this Full Moon on 15th August will draw your attention to particular old friends, some more recent new friends, revived friendships – but very much the groups which affect you so much. These may be Twitter communities or something much more formal, like an ensemble cast for the theatre, or an environmental organisation, or a charity.

Allow a day either side for the world to catch up with itself, as I have readers on different sleep cycles from Auckland to Los Angeles, but in general, the 14th, 15th, 16th of August is D-Day.

What You Missed About Your Friends or Groups

From this will come a heightened awareness of just how patchy the information was, about friends or groups, over the last two years. And also from this, will come some astonishing new decisions, just before Christmas Day 2020, which affect your life (and theirs) in the year 2021.

If you do happen to have anything at Aquarius 22 (so, for example, if you look at your chart and see the Sun at 22 Aquarius 10, or you see Minerva at 22 Aquarius 29) then this Full Moon is going to alter your life path. It falls right on 22 Aquarius, you see, and it also picks up an eclipse on 11th February 2017, two long years ago, when the Full Moon at 22 Leo opposed the Sun at 22 Aquarius. If you do have this 22 Aquarius pattern, it will chime with a couple of realisations for you regarding your friend, or the group, that will lead to a huge solution or opportunity in March 2021, October 2021, November 2021. In fact, October that year is unforgettable.

Pluto 600x289 - Aquarius Full Moon: Lunar Astrology 2019

Pluto in Aquarius – 24th March 2023

On 24th March 2023 (allow a day either side for the world to catch up with all its different time zones and sleep cycles) you begin the longest, slowest, most important transformation of your life – concerning the area of your world I mentioned, in connection with your Sun Sign or regular zodiac sign (above).

Pluto is a symbol of power and control, redistributed. This planet is associated with a deep change in the balance of power and once Pluto has made his mark, over many years, there is no going back. This cycle will empower you, if you use your willpower. It will give you control, if you use your self-control. It will be the making of you, in relation to the area of life I mentioned at the beginning of this feature – but only if you pull your own strings. Command your own journey. Run your own show. It’s not for the faint-hearted!

Back and Forth to 2025

Pluto goes back and forth between his new sign, Aquarius, and his old sign, Capricorn, until the year 2025. That really is the start of a new world era. In fact, you can safely predict that we will see the beginning of a new world government, across all genders, ages, nationalities, races – as Ceres is also in Aquarius, in December 2024 and January 2025.

This is now five or six years into the future, as I sit writing this on my yacht, the Lynnie Gemini, in Sussex on the coast of Britain. It’s really clear to see, though, that following all the Aquarius weather (which begins with that Full Moon in Aquarius on 15th August 2019) we are going to well and truly be in a new era of  Aquarian thinking. So – community, diversity and equality – worldwide.

No Room for Sexism or Racism

There is no room for sexism or racism with Aquarius. It is the sign of the water-bearer in Rome who supplied the community baths. It is about pooling resources. It is about tolerance. People power.

This incredible line-up in December 2024, January 2025 is quite obviously the start of a new era in American politics, as another election comes around. Nobody has ever seen anything like it in their lifetime, because nobody has ever seen a run of transits like this in Aquarius.

millennials 600x289 - Aquarius Full Moon: Lunar Astrology 2019

Dig the New Breed – Generation Aquarius

What we are going to see in December 2024, January 2025,  is Venus, Ceres, Pluto, the Sun, the New Moon, Mercury all in Aquarius, all triggering the personal birth charts of millions of young people who were born in 1998-2003. They call them Millennials.

They grew up reading Harry Potter and have been powerfully influenced by J.K. Rowling’s ideas about diversity, equality and community. They were also born with Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius. They are on the planet – to make sure we all share the planet. We have never seen anything like them. Nobody alive, apart from this generation, has Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius – and they haven’t even started.

You can predict the end of the two-party system in global politics (prevalent in countries from the United States, to Australia, to Britain and India) at this time. Two party politics is over. Bring on multi-groups, independents and a completely different way of sharing power. Dateline: New Moon in Aquarius, 29th January 2025. By then, when we look back at 2019, it will look like the last age of the great dinosaurs!

Educated to Change the World

Gen Aqua, as I call them, are astonishing teenagers and very new young adults – as they have been educated to change the world, via the worldwide web, and its language translation, (crucial to the new planet) and its Skype and YouTube campaigns on climate emergency. They are not like anybody else. They don’t do gender. They don’t do ageism. They are also leading a huge global campaign of school strikes to let their Presidents, Prime Ministers and politicians know that they are thinking – as one planet, on climate emergency.

That last point is important, because it is really clear from the astrology that we are headed for rising sea levels, flooding (Neptune in Pisces until the year 2025) and a shocking series of changes in food and farming (Uranus in Taurus, also until the year 2025).

I hope you can see how this is going to work. A strongly Aquarian generation of Millennials, who are ideally suited to one-world government are ready to vote – but also stand as political candidates – ready for the year 2025, when we finally see an end to what will, by then, have been a long and critical period of climate emergency. Their way of thinking is the future and the solution. They are going to use the web to do it, across all languages and time zones.

Aquarians 600x289 - Aquarius Full Moon: Lunar Astrology 2019

Your Aquarian Factors and Millennials

People born 1998-2003 are currently (as I write this in 2019) aged around 16-21 and they are a demographic that nobody in politics around the world has experienced before. They are going to vote…and vote…and vote. And they are going to vote locally but think globally. Their commitment to diversity, equality and community will also span sexual preferences – gay, lesbian, transgender – everybody is in the pool together, when Aquarian thinkers rule.

If you have Aquarian factors then this generation will strongly affect your life, as they grow into adulthood, in a New Age of Aquarius, as Jupiter, Saturn and then Pluto transit this sign. This triggers their horoscopes and yours. There’s a big bond here. Maybe you have already found it with teenagers in your life now!

Goodbye Old Age of Capricorn

In order for the New Age of Aquarius to begin, the Old Age of Capricorn has to crumble. We are seeing this now in August 2019.

Capricorn is about tradition, the establishment, corporations, solid structures, fear of change and ‘the system’ above all else. It is very much about old white men in suits and ties, at the top. That is going to be well and truly wiped out in January 2020. You just do not get past Pluto, the South Node, the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Ceres and Jupiter in Capricorn without the beginning of the end.

This clears the way for a completely different kind of politics around the world, when we will see an unprecedented number of female, non-white, young people coming into power in 2025. (Them in particular, the least represented group at the top).

About The (Famous) Age of Aquarius

Ever since the late nineteenth century, astrology fans have been touting The Age of Aquarius as the historian, author and academic Nick Campion points out. Actually, it’s more accurate to say there are several. When slow-moving outer planets cluster together in the sign of Aquarius, it’s an era – a trend – very much about that sign. Nothing to do with the musical Hair, but everything to do with the astrological climate.

The Rainbow Circle Astrology Camp of 1998 picked that year as their start date for ‘The Age of Aquarius’ – and the distinguished British astrologer and author Margaret Hone chose the year 2000, soon after that. This is around the time the Millennials started arriving.  Not only the slow-moving planets Uranus and Neptune, but also the South Node of karma, passed through Aquarius in the year 2000. Somewhere between Jonathan Cainer’s Rainbow Camp friends and Margaret Hone’s sturdy textbooks on astrology, we have what looks like consensus. A definite Aquarius ‘bump’ around 2000.

The Birth of the Worldwide Web

WWW 600x289 - Aquarius Full Moon: Lunar Astrology 2019

I am sure you can spot the other obvious giveaway – the birth of something people were calling ‘the net’ – or the ‘information superhighway’ at this time, as the Nineties came to an end. It was given to the world by Britain’s Tim Berners-Lee, free, to make the world a better place. It never fulfilled its potential, because Generation Aquarius were infants at the time. Soon, though, they will be ready for a waiting planet.

The babies who become the adults who vote, en masse, but also run for positions of power, as they cross the threshold into adulthood near 2025 – grew up with computers. They know how to use memes, viral messages, apps and the rest.

And that’s how we arrive at a New Age of Aquarius (replacing the other substantial Aquarian era, around 2000) which will well and truly replace what is a – currently – crumbling Capricorn system of old white men at the top. Penny Thornton, the well-known astrologer, author and my colleague in the Sun Sign School, recently described this new period in our lives as ‘the Twenties’. It really will feel like an era.

In Summary – The Full Moon of August 15th, 2019

  • Like any Full Moon, this is D-Day but with a difference: it will directly concern an area of your life where you experienced concealed or missing information – or failed to see the facts – in the years 2017-2018. The Aquarius-ruled house of your chart will tell you who, what, why and where.
  • As Aquarius is the zodiac sign which rules political parties and global organisations like the U.N. and the E.U. we can expect all of them (or most of them) to be drawn into this D-Day Full Moon. The results of this will be ongoing and change the world in 2021.
  • The Aquarius weather in your chart, goes back to 2017-2018, peaks in August 2019, then returns to you from December 20th, 2020, when Jupiter and Saturn go into Aquarius together. From the year 2023 when Pluto goes into Aquarius, you will well and truly have seen one area of your life remodeled, questioned, reshaped and transformed – for the ages. This process will not be over until Pluto finally leaves Aquarius in 2043. Twenty years! You will never forget ‘The Twenties’ either personally, or in terms of what you see happening in your country, and around the world.
  • Generation Aquarius, also called Millennials, were born with Uranus and Neptune in the sign of diversity, community and equality. They will vote in vast numbers, but also stand for positions of power, ready for the year 2025 when we see an intense period of Aquarius weather follow a recent American election.
  • We can assume this generation will finally end the gun crisis in the United States, as Gen Aqua will rise in power, just as Neptune in Aries (the sign which rules guns) is ready to pass over the old position of Saturn in Aries – in the astrological chart timed for the legal ‘right to bear arms’.   As Neptune dissolves whatever it touches, this will completely erode the old pro-gun constitution.

Full Moon 3 600x289 - Aquarius Full Moon: Lunar Astrology 2019

Welcome to the Twenties. In the smallest but most significant way, so much of what you are set to experience in this New Age of Aquarius can be traced back to the developments clustering around August 15th, 2019. That’s an unforgettable Full Moon.

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57 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    My Leo Sun/Scorpio Rising husband called me tonight (Thursday Aug.15, 2019 7:30pm EST), finally, after 6 weeks of separation. (6 weeks, with 1 interlude of what I call the “love bomb multiple texts day, July 20).
    So… I cautiously spoke of wanting to reconcile; he didn’t oppose. During 2 separate moments, I also did say I loved him and he replied in kind, very low, kind of mumbling, but it was said. I cautiously spoke of changes in financial issues, property, as it related to our future. He engaged in all these subjects, even talking about when he retired from his job & where we could live, based on these financials. He disclosed some feelings of his own re: having lost himself in ‘us’. I mentioned that he didn’t quite have a ‘set’ identity to begin with, when Us began. Promises were mentioned about how they were broken – (he had sent me the Eva Cassidy version of the Sting song “Fields of Gold” on July 20th, Love-Bomb Texts day & it had reduced me to a sobbing heap of sentimentality) and how he’d probably break some again. Hmmm? I replied neutrally: “Well, we aren’t going to be perfect…” I didn’t want to get into too much heavy stuff and sure as hell don’t want to know if he physically cheated on me since I moved out June 29, vs. ‘just’ emotionally (which I believe, he said.)… Regardless of what happens next, I know that I have to really prioritize me as #1 in my life. So even if I get my wish of reconciliation, I will still go ahead with projects in Treasure City (5 hr train ride away from matrimonial home), for two weeks at a time. If all reconciles, I cannot ever put all my eggs in his basket, after the horrendous experience he put me through (my Dad dying June 5th & all)… I have learned this the hard way.
    I just wanted to update you – called exactly on this Aquarius Full Moon. Interesting timing!

    1. Thank you. Yes, that Aquarian Full Moon was the trigger. It fell opposite the Sun in Leo, in your Fifth House, which of course rules parenthood-potential sexual relationships, sons and daughters, and any illegitimate babies or terminated pregnancies – as well as stepchildren who exist on the scene, belonging to other people. You are now across so much more, than you were. And other people know what they did not know. From this, comes a clear message about Leo. Fields of Gold – that’s Leo’s metal. Treasure City is also rather Leo. You mention eggs. There are a ton of issues here for both of you about pregnancies that did, or did not happen, between you in the past – and also, likely, what he feels about fatherhood again now.

      1. Hi Jessica, I have a question re: your Leo Birthday 2019-2020 article, which I just re-read. In it, you advised Leos to avoid the Aug.15, 2019 full moon, in relation to partnerships, writing that it’s “… just unhelpful, with your former, current or potential partner. ” So, given your interpretation that it was the Aquarius Full Moon that triggered my husband’s unexpected yet surprisingly positive phone call to me, can you clarify this bit of your article please? Thanks so much!

        1. I think you are making your own decisions about your husband, quite apart from what the astrology is saying – and that’s absolutely your choice!

          1. Ha ha! Fingers crossed then, because, after another talk, an unexpected turn of events: ONAug. 24, my husband is voluntarily coming to get me & all my stuff back to our matrimonial home – wants to work things out. This time, I won’t let Vesta overcome me, will live with humour/detachment (as you originally advised), & will Only give Half my Heart (as my late Dad advised). Maybe that’s how I’ll learn from astrology, through a second try around with your original advice. Can’t wait to sleep in my own bed again & have break from doing everything alone (he now will be helping me w/estate).

          2. Ok, Jessica. You win:
            Life-transforming truth finally revealed Sat. Aug. 24, 2019 night, after being picked up by husband, driven back to our matrimonial home. Oh boy…. Was so happy…. Husband was acting normal-ish all day… slightly ‘dry’ pecks vs. real kisses & a request to take things “slow” in that dept. “Sure, no problem” I’d said with a smile; “we are like astronauts returning to gravity.”
            And upon arrival “home” = Hell on Earth worse than ever:
            Found sugary pink booze bottles in our fridge. My husband doesn’t drink. Well, guess he does now.
            In every way. From the Maggot’s cup.
            In OUR HOME. IN OUR BED. WITHOUT A CONDOM. Aug. 8th, & Aug. 10th.

            You called it re: pregnancies, the works…. in astro. Please God let it not happen.
            It’s bad enough the way it is:
            reeling from this… trying to stay upright & not capsize.
            22 years of fidelity, out the window.

            And now, he says he’s in a very dicey ‘scary’ situation. Read: Glenn Close’s character in the movie “Fatal Attraction”.

            He SAYS – ahem! – I’m taking that one with a grain of salt – that he’s trying to extract himself, step by step, because he’s actually afraid.
            Not physically – but perhaps he says I’m in danger – but emotionally, HE is ‘afraid’ that she will humiliate him at work. (of course he hasn’t told anyone he had sex with her) (they only know what he wanted them to know: that WE were separated & they “supported” his newly single status. Oh Goody).
            Apparently, he says, he has tons of photos of them together (ugh I can only imagine) & he says she will want to hurt me with them; annihilate me psychologically online. (Good thing I’m NOT on social media, however I will have to be on a website for music/band stuff eventually).
            He told me so much (ugh): here are the standout bits:
            – the sex was very bad (“like bad porno, what she wanted. No connection, nothing.”) and that (at least once he knows of)
            – she has been taken against her will to the psych ward at the request of her family fearing her suicide (“but she was let out instantly”), and,
            – a warrant had been issued at some point for her arrest, for taking without authority/custody, her son (“..but she turned herself in…”. Son is now 13 yrs old, estranged from her & living with his father.

            I am in shock – but also in ‘revenge’ mode, in the sense of:
            Pretending to still care about him, put my wedding ring back on, (his isn’t back on yet), being loving & saying “well, after 1 year of HIV testing, and if she’s not pregnant,… we can resume our sex life darling, in the meantime, we can work on our communication issues & re-connect emotionally…”. HA!
            Interestingly, he is completely against me getting alimony – he freaks out about how unfair the concept is, and how if the roles were reversed he would not ask that of me – it’s insane: he\s bringing it up constantly, really pissed off. God Jessica you were right, there’s something unbalanced about the money thing with him & me —- and he lied about being ok with the setup we had, for years. (He made more $ than me always BUT would go on & on about how it was fine & he didn’t mind supporting me. Hmmm…)
            So for now, I’m just acting… and when he is roped back in completely, I will unleash great fury:
            a taste of his own medicine with some random, ensure he walks in, & then, split. And instantly apply for alimony. Ha.
            At least that’s the plan for now, in my haze of pain & shock.

            He is buying my Academy Award contender performance so far these first 48 hrs:
            he’s invited me out for dinner, held my hand walking to & from car, romantically holding out his hands for me to put mine in his at the restaurant, asking me “is this nice?” and me replying “oh yes, lovely…” While calling him a revolting Maggot Muncher in my head. He’s initiating all sorts of affection & invited me out Again already tomorrow night for a concert.
            He’s doing this while juggling the “Fatal Attraction” Maggot, telling me he “had” to go hang out with her at a soccer game the day after we arrived home. So he had & then called me to invite me out for that first romantic dinner…. HA!
            He is (supposedly) “afraid” to tell her he went to get me & brought me back home to work things out together. No one knows yet, at his work that I am back in town, back in my home with him. HA!

            I’m sleeping nude in order to torture him, (so in the morning he takes a second to caress my curves, & affectionately pats my rump & then sighs as he gets up out of bed to make me coffee). I’m being the most “perfect” cool sexy amazing rockstar goddess best friend wife that ever existed. HA!
            The whole thing is mind-boggling.

            His Leo Sun/Scorpio Rising, her Taurus Sun = YOU called it, in many articles & horoscopes of late:
            all the Astrology upcoming points to the inevitable eh? She’s gonna be pregnant.
            Will find out soon enough. It was Aug.8th & 10th, 2019. UGH.

            I don’t know which is worse: pregnancy or him having an STI.
            Holy crap on Earth, Jessica. It’s going to be a LONG year….

            Till next time, (you are mind-blowing).

            Meryl -effin’- Streep.

          3. Back to Vesta again. If you want this to end, you need to opt out of the Temple of the Vestales. Vesta is a powerful little asteroid in astrology and she is the daughter of Saturn, a symbol of fear. There is a lot of fear in this story. To resign from Vesta stories, understand that this man is being enabled by both of you. He needs the harem for security, or ego, or power, or…something else. If you buy out of it, there is no harem. It takes great courage and strength to side with the other woman, or even meet her halfway, but if you can do that, the power is broken. If you are curious about what is going on re-read Vesta in your guides and on this website – and look at the paintings of the Vestal Virgins. Read the history. Vesta is alive and kicking here and it can be very, very painful. The way out is to sack him from his throne and side with her.

  2. It was an amazing Moon last night! I totally forgot about it but I was meting my friends and one of them just randomly looked at the sky while trying to get rid of the mosquito, she just screamed “loook at the Mooon”. So, just curious, as it seems to me that I have enough Aquarius placements to feel the effects of D-day, what will be my story? Thank you for all the hard work you put in this, amazing research and so much details, reading your work is what I consider a well spent time!

    1. Thank you. Well, you know, you are still blinking at who/what crossed your path near August 15th. It is amazing how sometimes you just wake up and see what/who has been parked in front of you. Given that we had such strong Aquarian weather then, and will see more in 2020, 2021 and from 2023 – it is really about getting real about social media, our social lives, our friendships, and the groups which affect us, and that we are involved with. Think back to this week and what you saw, clearly, truly about all that. This is where the wake-up calls are coming and where the new world will emerge.

  3. Thanks for the great article about this full moon! I’m interested in the Capricorn age ending aspect. So many Capricorns are part of the Trump Administration (Susan Miller discusses it frequently ) I wonder how the end of this Capricorn era will affect them. Thanks for your insights.

    1. The Capricorn era ends in January 2020 as the dinosaurs go roaring off the cliff. It’s sociology and history as much as astrology. We are experiencing not only the South Node of karma, but also Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Ceres in Capricorn, forming exact patterns with the ambitious, social-climbing, frequently ruthless Capricorn placements of people in Donald’s family and administration. Also within other political parties. The Democrats are not immune. In fact, the top of politics is where you find people with a strong Capricorn signature because they all want to be President, Prime Minister or close to the glorious leader…I’m being cynical here. Anyway, December 2019-January 2020 will absolutely wipe out the administrations of so many countries – and those at the top – if they did the wrong thing 19 years before, around the years 2000-2001 – and karma comes down. Which by the law of averages, you just know it will. Watch!

  4. Hi Jessica,

    Another great article that lead me to use “search” to find the article of 11th May 2017, “The Full Moon in Astrology” to understand full moons better. I have learned so much since finding your site (after a Brexit search like so many others).

    As I am now using your site to educate myself on Astrology I was wondering about asking you some questions/requests but not sure where to ask them, here in the blog, or in customer services, so I asked the Astrology Oracle, my first time, and ended up with the cards “Chiron” and “Fifth house” – so I think that means here.

    My first question is about your book “2020 Astrology: Your five year horoscope guide” as I now have 4 kindles, (well, I am a Gemini). Does the 2020 mean that the 5 years are from 2015 to 2020 with info. on mercury retrogrades, eclipses etc… for those 5 years and would there be a new book next year called 2025 Astrology or is the 2020 as in 20 20 vision. I would like to buy the book but would rather wait 4 months if a new 5 year one comes out next year.

    My next question, or to be honest is more a Chiron type request as in the “cheek to have a go” quoted direct from a natal chart I had done from Dennis Elwell in 1989.
    I have printed out some of your articles to read, keep and make notes on and I assume that is okay as there is a print option at the bottom along with twitter, redddit etc…but it takes up a lot of pages especially with pictures and comments, although I really like the pictures and the comments can be really thought provoking and interesting, especially the 2 comments regarding Stonehenge and Bletchley Park in the Full Moon 2017 article. Would it be possible to have a printer version with just the written article that would use less paper?

    Thank you for reading and I must think about going to 6 month membership next month instead of monthly.

    1. You had your chart done by Dennis Elwell? You are very lucky. He was a brilliant astrologer, one of the finest 20th century horoscope authors around. You sound as if you have a lot to chase up here in terms of details and questions. I’ll go to the cards (the book extends to the year 2020 by the way). Your card tells you that you can get away with the so-called impossible, outrageous, unthinkable – with the world of children, teenagers or young people. With parenthood potential partners. You’ll believe an elephant can fly.

  5. Hi Jessica!! What about Saturn at 22º 06’ Aquarius on 8h house??? Help me!!!!

    1. Massive changes coming for you and your friends, the groups you belong to, and the groups you join, from the end of 2020. In fact the Christmas parties, reunions or home town/old school friends who appear for December 2020, January 2021 are the key. You have tremendous fears about/through/for social media, your social life, and groups of all times – clubs, teams, bands, political parties and so on. Yet, you are going to not only go through your Saturn Return, in 2021-2022, but also Jupiter (the repair planet) too – and then Pluto (empowerment, transformation) from 2023. You had a ton of blind spots and hidden nooks and crannies with your friends or groups, 2017-2018. You still don’t know the half of it! Yet from Christmas 2020 it’s game on and these people or the new faces who replace them will change your world for the best.

  6. Hello, Jessica. I am very new to your world. I’ve just joined the membership and looked at my birth chart… I don’t know where to look at for houses. And when you say “have factor” what do you mean? Do you mean I have a planet (or planets) in the particular sign or house at the exact degree?
    I am very fascinated by your prediction of the world stage. Hope you would do some prediction or description from astrological point of view about Japan. Hope my questions get answered! Thanks!

    1. Have a factor, means, have a planet, asteroid, point or angle in a zodiac sign, and a house. You want a prediction about Japan? She needs to watch North Korea, as she has never watched her before, in December 2019, January 2020. January is absolutely critical.

      1. Thank you for reply! How amazing that you can just say about Japan so quickly and with confident, assuming you don’t know much about Japan.
        By the way, I have a few factors in Aquarius but haven’t feel anything. Any changes in me or outside of me. I am a full time mother and yearning to have regular time off for myself. But it is not happening 😛
        Some monthly forcasts say planets are concentrated in Virgo towards the end of the month, and use it to start something I want to make happen. But…since I really don’t have time to do anything other than taking care of my lovely baby, although I have a few factors in Virgo and I have some ideas I want to work on, I really cannot see progress is coming. I mean I don’t have any people to rely on to take care of my baby and nurseries or nannies are already fully booked until next September. How could I use the forcast in this situation?

        Thank you, Jessica.

        1. Thank you. I can’t comment on other astrologers’ forecasts, but I can tell you the Virgo weather is intense from the end of August into September. The whole issue you have with child care is actually what September will help with. You need time out/time off to focus on work, apart from motherhood and what seems impossible now may seem much more possible in a few weeks. All kinds of things can take place to make a nanny, babysitter, minder or nursery accessible – and it may not happen as you expect. Stay open to that idea and see what comes.

  7. 22 degrees at Saigittarius in Mars and Cupido. What does this mean? Thanks for all you do. Tirelessly helping us to guide us.

    1. Watch flight and hotel deals as Jupiter passes through, final quarter of 2019. We are already seeing $9 flights in New Zealand and $99 flights from California to Hawaii. Expedia reduced hotels by 30%. The best is yet to come for you, either with holidays in your country or internationally. You could easily relocate actually.

  8. Hi Jessica, Your article is so interesting and fills me with so many questions. I know it depends on the individual charts, but many of my friends that are older Millenials (born in the late 80s), are starting to plan for kids in the near future. Do you think there will be a generational clash between those of us with a lot of Capricorn factors and their children with the Aquarius factors, especially if our Scorpio Plutos square the Aquarius Pluto?

    1. Thank you. Yes, there is a generation clash between Gen Cap and Gen Aqua, but Generation Capricorn are already over as you read this. The social-climbing and ruthlessly ambitious people in their twenties will not get through January 2020 with Saturn, Pluto, the South Node and Jupiter in Capricorn without being seriously knocked by their commitment to corporate life, status and social mountaineering. In fact they already look ‘over’ by Christmas 2020 as Gen Aqua rises. And Gen Aqua rules from 2023 with Pluto in that sign.

  9. Hi Jessica

    Today my mother revealed to me an information that finally shed some lights on why a friend of mine (another Libra, 20 October 1986) stopped speaking to me in August 2017. Two years ago, at a get together I pushed and pushed for some personal information from her, which I could see she didn’t want to discuss, but persisted anyway, which she took great offence and stopped all contact since. Even as a today, she hasn’t come around (we live very close as well), responded to texts, and purposely avoiding me. I have just then texted her and apologised, not expecting a response back since I’m not sure if she even received that text (incase she has blocked my number and/or changed her number).
    Do you see any reconciliation of this at all? Or have I just lost a friend forever?

    I recently also had another friend cut off all contacts with me with no reasons given to me. I wonder when I will eventually find out this reason.

    Anyway, hopefully you can shed some lights. I’m not used to being not liked, hahahahaha!

    Thank you

    1. This is classic ‘reveal’ from a Full Moon which follows a trail of eclipses. The two lost friendships will never make total sense to you, Shaolee, and it may be time to accept that you have to get real. Aquarius does rule friendship, and also social media circles, which can overlap. Chances are high that one or both of your ex-friends has Aquarius factors in the Eleventh House, so your own behaviour (pushing for personal information) may also have been a mystery to them. The chances of reconciliation are high in the year 2021.

  10. hi Jessica,
    I am re-posting my question, because I am curious if changes in political world also apply to our personal world. I know you cannot answer all your readers questions, but I am hoping you will respond to my question..

    In the post above you mention that in order for the New Age of Aquarius to begin, the Old Age of Capricorn has to crumble, and that is what we are seeing now in August 2019.

    You also mention that the Capricorn is about traditional establishment and that it will be wiped out. Does that hold true only for corporations or people in politics? or would it also apply to the family politics, especially the one at the top of the family tree (my husband – who is a Capricorn)? Would he lose his power if he has used people politics for his own benefit of staying in power – not for keeping the family together – but rather creating rift between members? Will the Capricorn age ending aspect apply to him? He was born January 15, 1956, 11:00 a.m. (latitude 17.284640 and longitude 74.331240).

    Thanks in advance!!!

    1. Your husband is part of the system, because of his work or business interests, or his shares. He may be a tiny part of the system, but he is still a Capricorn goat who has committed to it. Yes, your husband will completely alter course by the year 2023, when at last the intense Capricorn weather is over. He identifies with, gets his pride from, receives recognition by – his status. His career. The name he has made for himself on his C.V. through slogging away, respecting the traditions and hanging in there. Yet, all his ideas about himself which revolve around ‘success’ will be seriously challenged in January 2020, as the collapse of leaderships, corporations, political parties and business organisations around him will give him a first-hand look at what happens when you buy into the establishment so far, you forget what really counts.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    Amazing insights as always. I love reading the comments as well to gain different perspectives through others’ situations. These articles and the info really stay with me.

    Any thoughts about Mercury at 13 Aquarius, Ops at 23 Aquarius, Saturn conjunct Venus at 21, 22 Aries and Fortuna at 21 Libra? I’m cautiously optimistic. . .

    Thanks, Madco

    1. You haven’t really found your true path yet, as you are strongly Aries-Aquarius and have not yet experienced the triple train of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Aquarius, beginning December 2020 and building in power from 2023. Aries-Aquarius patterns like this, which cluster around 21, 22, 23 degrees will be triggered in 2021, which will be the year you promote yourself through the group (friends are involved) but find that your role, profile, image or persona also promotes the group. I am sure you know Angus Young from AC/DC who has a similar chart pattern. They made him – he made them. This may be musical, but I suspect it’s much more concerned with ‘fighting the good fight’ as you also have Fortuna at 21 Libra in the Seventh House of fair play, jusice, duels, battles – so 2021 looks like a cause waiting to happen – and from 2023 you could change the world with it.

  12. Dear Jessica
    I love to get your interpretation of astrological movements in the Heavens, but you keep talking in contemptuous terms about old white men (showing at once racism, sexism and agesim in one sentence! I am sure that is not your intention if you are celebrating diversity.) Black men are mainly in control in mainly black countries, (and some white farmers are being killed in racist attacks, remember,) Muslims control Muslim countries, Indians are elected in India and thus white people are in control in mainly white countries, to match their national demographics. We understand that much must change, but this nonsense of white middle aged men in control of the West misses the point. We should be instead referring to an Elite, indeed mainly white, except for those who belong to the group who aren’t, such as Obama; all of whom are part of a group who have taken control globally for centuries. These are the heads of corporates, the banking systems, the media, the political puppets and Presidents – all selling an agenda which is gradually being exposed . Most astrologers know that the changes are spiritual. They have nothing to do with Left or Right wing but a cultural control over the rest of us. And it WILL come to light, nothing will be covered up or left in the dark, once the enlightenment (Aquarius) brings us together. This will be shocking for many. I would say that as the Universe works harmoniously as the sum of its parts, it has in fact been the last four signs Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces which have been acting in concert, through transits over the past decades, to bring us to this point of recognition. Recognition of what has been a deceit played over us all in forms of government, media, education, health, resources. It is literally good against evil. As for the Gen Aqua: this younger generation will no longer tolerate abuse of the planet that these corporations have made fortunes off the back of, nor will they accept the old 9-5 work day drudgery, and so on. I am a behviour consultant and they are certainly ready for change. But there is no such thing as “they will not accept gender.” The continual selling of the fact that there are not two genders is part of the mind games the Elite have been playing on us all (the 30 major facets of their agenda can be investigated ) and I am surprised that an eminent astrologer is buying into it. What the younger generation mean by acceptance and non-acceptance is that they will not buy into accepted roles of the past, and that everyone is free to be who they are. They proclaim to hate labels for people but there they are inventing more of them! Nevertheless, the changes they will bring are coming, eventually exposing the corrupt systems put into place by those who are not of this Earth. Many of the major esoteric practitioners – and scientists even – are well aware of this. I look forward to this happening and the ending of outdated Left/Right wing idealisms that have led us a torturous dance in th past. Beckons a new understanding that we are spiritual beings who need to be non-reliant on a one world currencies (another plan of the Elite and not to be lauded – read the consequences of their version of it) If we are aware of what the Elite is bringing in (AI, world currency, one world government – ALL plans of the Elite that need to be rigorously fought against) we can rely on a future without money and on exhcnage, doing things for one another and for the common good. i.e. 5 dimensional activity towards which we are heading. Thanks for hearing me out.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    I have three factors in Aquarius and Sun in Aries. I just cannot see what can possibly change so much in my relationships, friendships, political parties etc within a year. Am I missing something that I should be paying attention to?
    I cannot wait for Democrats to win next year so we can undo the damage done by current administration. I worry Trump won’t go out peacefully (I hope I am wrong)
    Thank you!!!

  14. dear Jessica,
    May be I am not asking my question clearly or perhaps I am not understanding your response. I understand it will affect Capricorn’s in politics, corporations, workplace, business, etc.
    My question is, will it affect my Capricorn husband on a personal level if he has deliberately played family members – especially our daughters, against me?

    1. That’s a different question – not related to his career or social status – as it is about you and your daughters. For that we go to Vesta and sure enough we find the usual Vesta patterns in your chart. Have a look at the asteroid Vesta on Search and in your ebooks. She is always a symbol of toxic gender politics when one male tries to influence or manipulate 2+ females. The solution is not easy but it is worth it. Try to find the common ground between yourself and your daughters – recognise you are all females together – and find solidarity and unity. Have fun and gang up on him with a sense of humour. He thinks he is the Pontifex Maximus. He is not. In fact men like this are often disempowered completely when women join forces. Watch.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for all your fascinating articles. I have just subscribed to Premium to be able to benefit more from your great insight. Having many factors around 20°- 22°, I am wondering if perhaps you could let me know how this cycle will affect me.

    I have been going through challenging years, especially since 2016, both at work and at home. (My husband underwent several surgeries.) He will come up to retirement in June 2020. I am preparing a application for a post of a teaching position at University for 2020.
    I have:
    Moon at 24° Leo
    Mars  at 20° Pisces
    Saturn at 22° Gemini
    Uranus at 19° Libra
    MC at 20° Cancer /IC  at 20° Capricorn
    ASC  at 18° Libra/ DESC at 18° Aries
    Diana at 20° Leo
    Fortuna at 22° Libra
    Cupido at 22° Capricorn

    I would greatly appreciate the attention you would bring to my request.

    1. Thank you so much. You are bilingual and write so beautifully and politely too – not easy when mastering two languages. You have Saturn at 22 Gemini in in your Third House of communication and in a perfect trine to Fortuna at 22 Libra – so actually, one of the reasons why you have developed your two language skills so well is actually your marriage. I am sorry your husband has been in hospital so often. Your teaching position will take you back to the past, as the North Node goes to Gemini and South Node goes to Sagittarius (academia) from May 2020. By the year 2021 you will be amazed at how karma from the years 2000-2001-2002 has come back to reward you. There may also be the repeat of a very similar situation, place or organisation (thematically if not literally) that you remember from just after the Millennium. This is all part of a cycle in your life when a foreign country, its culture and people come back to you. In fact, you have may have lived or worked in this place in another lifetime. This actual Aquarius Full Moon that has passed, was really about the children you had (or never had) – you don’t say if you have a son or daughter. If your husband is older this may also have been about grandchildren, godchildren and so on.

  16. Dear Jessica,

    I have some planets and asteroids around 22deg: Diana at 22deg Aquarius, Mercury 22deg Libra, Jupiter 22deg Aries, Aesculapia 23deg Leo, And SN/NN at 23 deg Taurus/Scorpio.

    Can you tell me what will be the area the most affected by this Full Moon?

    Thank you very much!

    1. Essentially this Full Moon was about social media, friendships and the ‘circles’ of overlapping friends. So, for example, your friend’s friend (who may, or may not be, your kind of person). You’ve been shut off from information or knowledge for the last couple of years. This may be because you are literally not on Facebook, for example, where so much goes on behind the wall. In other cases, there may have been people circling you on other social media like Twitter and you’ve really not had much insight into who they truly are, what they are doing there, why they are on your radar and the rest. Well, by now, your Diana in Aquarius has been well and truly woken up and you should be much more aware and alert. You had to find out even if you will never find out the whole lot. And now you can make plans.

  17. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you very much for offering me your valuable insight, which gives me an illuminating hint about the meaning of what I will go thorough in 2020! We don’t have biological children, but our students might be considered as our spiritual children…?(both my husband and myself are musicians teaching at University/Conservatory)…
    Thank you for your kind word. My English skill is actually not as well as my French that is my principle communication language in Geneva where I have been living for 20 years.
    With my warm gratitude and all my best wishes.

    1. Thank you so much. And thank you for validating what I have always believed about the Fifth House and Leo in the chart. Students are often the ‘children’ for teachers and lecturers. You are raising the next generation.

    1. The Full Moon has now passed, but you are still completing the jigsaw of the last two years and little clues are now making sense. Those ‘Aha!’ moments follow on from a couple of wake-up calls you had a few days ago. Someone or something was staring you in the face and you never saw. Now you have. In future you will handle things differently – good.

  18. HI Jessica, I recently lost an elderly family member (dob:14 March 1933). We were not particularly close, although I do feel strong waves of sadness wash over me periodically since her passing. I am certainly not who she ‘wanted’ me to be, but I was wondering if there were any way to deeply connect with her in spirit, or if there were any way at all, you could psychically pick up on anything from her. I just hope she is well and at peace. Thank you x.

    1. The best mediums to read on this matter are Linda Williamson and my old friend Margaret Dent. If you find their books in your local library you are off to a very good start. Lighting a candle in church, if she was a believer, is also a bridge.

  19. Hi Jessica hope you’re well. Your predictions were spot on for me this month! 1. Around 14/15/16 Aug lots of lies by a person born 25.06.83 were revealed, affecting me and (mostly) woman born 27.05.85. 2. Such lies involved among others, unborn babies. 3. Leak of information and a duel but done secretly while person born 25.06.83 was hospitalised unconscious. As I distant myself from a messy situation, do you see anything else I should be aware of? Woman born 27.05.85 is a certain foe. Who is protecting who do you think? Thanks!

    1. Thank you. It’s good the spot-on astrology predictions helped you, though the lies are obviously not what you want in your life. This all sounds really intense and quite difficult to go through. What you need to know is that a great deal more is now known – in the light – and you can make wise decisions about it. The cover-ups and blind spots regarding these areas of your life have been going on behind your back for about two years now. Sometimes things stare us in the face on this kind of eclipse weather and we just don’t get it! Anyway, you are now wiser and older. The good news is you are not going back ‘there’ and in fact can now take proactive, practical steps to protect yourself and separate yourself from this mess. That is all you need to do.

  20. Hi Jessica!

    Does MC/IC return mean anything? I just noticed that mine are in their exact home sign and degree. I did a search, but was unable to find anything (apologies, if that’s operator error.) Thanks much, as always!

    1. The return of the angles (MC is Midheaven and IC is Immum Coeli) isn’t really an astrological marker – it does happen of course, but based on your location, and not for very long. You also need an exact clock time of birth for the MC and IC anyway, and it is amazing how often we don’t have that. If you want to check the angles are right for you, look at the days, each month, when the Moon goes over your MC for two hours or so. If you have definite career questions then, you’ll know your MC is correct. The IC would show family, household or home issues when the Moon crosses over.

  21. Good Morning Jessica,

    This blog has me totally spooked. I’ve got a little Aquarius with Moon 22 Scorpio, Mercury 22 Aquarius, Saturn 22 Scorpio and due to next visit (separated) family on 20th Dec 2020. Given this will 22 triggers their horoscopes and mine could you shed some light on what to expect?

    You’re a darling xx

    1. Thank you. Yes, astrology has called your future a long time before it happens. No need to be spooked, though. Essentially this is about the legacies within the family, so the will you have made out to family members, and the will they have made out to you. There will likely be a discussion about it at some point that Christmas.

  22. Jessica,
    Pls share your thoughts… on an earlier comment I made. Life seems difficult and desolate. Pls help.

    1. Life will absolutely seem difficult at the moment, though desolate is not necessary. Difficult is understandable because you are going through the heaviest and most demanding line-up in many years! You just don’t see the South Node, Pluto and Saturn all in Capricorn, the same sign, all in the same zone of your horoscope and it is affecting just about every area that matters to you. This gets better in stages. You’ll welcome each stage as it comes – as soon as you go into December, then from May next year, December next year and so on. In the meantime you are not noticing a genuine opportunity to travel, on a regular basis, on any free weekend day you get – even just across town actually – but more ambitiously, into another part of your country or the world. This just became affordable/accessible and you may not have seen it. This rather special place or travel related opportunity is short-term but it’s a window you need. Look through that window and a lot of your life will run better.

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