The Alan Turing Astrology Chart

If ever there was a man who could never be alone, either in work or love, it was Alan Turing. Yet, Libra is also about ‘fighting the good fight’ and correcting the balance. It is about war as much as love.

download 1 - The Alan Turing Astrology ChartThe new fifty-pound notes in Britain feature Alan Turing, the patriot and mathematical genius who helped make Bletchley Park famous – and shortened the course of the war. He was born on 23rd June 1912 at 2.15am in London. He was also born with the Ascendant, Vulcano, Venus and Pluto all in the sign of Gemini.


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6 Responses

  1. Astrology never ceases to amaze and fascinate me. What a wonderful tribute to a man who did so much to help stop the war.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Another fascinating article. You have the art of bringing history alive. He truly was a tortured genius who we owe so much to. I will be watching out for events next year and hope he is set free.

    It is sad that around the world we continue to punish people seeking love and connection with others when they do not fit a particular mould.

    And as an aside, your comments around the Sagittarian impact on his codebreaking was enlightening as I realised that for me my heavy Sagittarian stellium is is probably what helps me to be a good analyst.

    Thanks again,

    1. Thank you Patricia. Sir Winston Churchill (who grew up in a street not far from where I am working today, in London) also had a strong Sagittarius streak in his chart. It was the Uranus in Gemini cycle, opposite Sagittarius, that shaped that war in terms of codebreaking. What you find about your work as an analyst is similar; we associate Sagittarius with interpreting ideas and philosophies through different languages or just different cultural angles – it’s very much about seeing through/working out…

  3. Hi Jessica,
    I have discovered from this fascinating article that my chart has some surprising commonalities with the brilliant Alan Turing. I’m a Sun Cancer with a Sagittarius signature like Turing, MC and Uranus conjunction in Libra, many planets and asteroids in Gemini (Venus, Saturn, Diana, Bacchus, Proserpina, Vulcano), quite a few others in Virgo (Pluto, Ceres, Psyche, Cupido) and Mars, Mercury, Fortuna, Apollo, Panacea in Leo. He was a gay man working in a world run by homophobic men. For many years I was a woman working in the male-dominated field of software, including cryptography. I’m not sure what to make of this. Do you have any guidance?


    1. I am astonished by this. Your chart is similar to Turing’s – and you worked in cryptography – as an outsider. Cryptography is a patriot’s game and Cancer is about ‘country first.’ Sagittarius of course rules foreign language and foreign enemies. Libra is about equality, usually between genders, sometimes between gay and straight people. Gemini is just what you would expect – it’s about words, codes and language. Virgo is about meticulous attention to duty and the daily routine. Leo is intensely personal, as it is about your private life and any children or young people involved! Have you been to Bletchley Park? If not, you must go. Turing’s spirit lives on there. You may find it very moving…

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