The Leo Birthday Horoscope 2019-2020

Leo, armed with your astrological secret insider knowledge and some useful dates for your entire birthday period of July 2019 through August 2020, I hope you have a wonderful day, unwrapping your presents and cards - and many happy returns.

Career - The Leo Birthday Horoscope 2019-2020

The Great Career Reshape

From July 2019 until August 2020, when this forecast ends, you will reshape your career, unpaid role or university/college degree. Actually, Leo, you don’t have much choice. You are currently experiencing Uranus, the planet of revolution, radical change, freedom and independence in your Tenth House of achievement.

This cycle began in May 2018 and since that time you have been surprised by sudden turning points – offers, options, opportunities – that were never on your agenda. Did you realise that following these through would set you free?

Right time, right place, right potential project, colleague, client or employer – that just about sums it up. The whole point is that you break away from the past and move swiftly towards a dramatically different future. Leo, this may involve switching professions, industries, business interests or vocations – what you see as you’re calling in life. In other cases, you may stick with the career you pursued all those years ago but manage it in a very different way.

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24 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica,
    I recently had a reading where the person told me my Leo ex husband Aug 12, 1968 , would be trying to contact me between now and the end of the year to try to get back together. We were married for ten years after he cheated and lied for the last 2 years. We went through a terrible divorce. We never had closure. We never talked about what happened. I was served papers one night. It was April fools day. He thought that would be a great day to have me served. We just had dinner, we were sitting on the couch, he was holding my hand when the knock came at the door. He knew they were coming all along. I was devastated. I don’t know what I would say if he called. I NEVER wanted the divorce. I just wanted him to stop lying to me. Lying about everything. I know I still have feelings for him. I’m just wondering if you see anything for me. Thank you in advance. I know your extremely busy. PS. I’m a premium members

    1. This sounds ghastly E, and serving you divorce papers on April Fool’s Day while he held your hand was sadistic. Why do you still have feelings for him? Can you please throw him to another lover? Put it this way. If you go through a reunion with this August 12th 1968 man and end up marrying or moving in again, for Christmas 2020, then you are going to be put through the most epic power struggle you have ever seen from 2023. I really question why you want to buy into that with him. Because you think you might win? Just putting that out there. Far better that you leave someone else to go through the long, long Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius cycle with someone who has made it really clear, a long time ago, that he was somewhat twisted in his attitude towards you. You have bigger things to do, actually. One of them is to join a new group or circle, a new community, or go back into one with more energy. This would also be happening from Christmas 2020. Buyer beware with this man please.

  2. Hello Jessica,

    I am experiencing the unexpected career opportunities since May 2019. They are big and I have never ever even considered exploring that career path. I now believe in the saying – never say never. One involves relocating to my birth country which will get me to live closer to my aging parents, but, with a considerably less pay than the other opportunity in my current country. I am reeling under shock/surprise with these opportunities. Nothing has been finalized as I am pushing things to not commit under Mercury retrograde. I just read about Pluto and Saturn for Leos from 2021 through 2023. My would be boss in my current country is also a Leo. Should I expect an unpleasant work environment. I am not ambitious and I am not the kind of person to be involved in any sort of power struggles. I usually concede by leaving that situation. But, I want to be prepared for any such situation in the future. Both the opportunities are very exciting for me and I wish I can take up both (or rather get paid a better salary with the offer in my birth country).

    Another interesting thing is – I met (saw) a previous love interest last week at an airport. I did not even recognize him until two days later (we did not speak).

    I seriously (kind of desperate) want a life partner. So far, nothing has worked out. Do you see any opportunities for me in the future in this regard? Definitely not with the person above.

    1. You have a lot of questions here. I suggest you use the Tarot and Astrology Oracle cards and ebooks which come with your membership for your love life. You have no birth data for the other person so it’s impossible to say, but card readings can show you what is really going on. You are having a classic Cancer-Capricorn cycle as Cancer rules family and homeland and Capricorn rules career. Try not to decide in writing until the second half of August at least, if you can. You don’t know enough and in fact we had a Cancer eclipse and Cancer-Capricorn eclipse just weeks ago so you have been missing some information, okay? More will become obvious later, and you will know where you stand in the second half of August. The other major period of decision-making comes in December 2019, January 2020 when you will make your final, final decision about both family and homeland, home town and ambition. The reason you are being made to wait is that you will be given time to examine your heart and soul. You will have to put a price on things that have no cash price tag but still have real value for you. Your call.

  3. Greetings Goddess Jessica,
    Birthday greetings to a fellow Leo! My birthday is next week and unfortunately, I regularly go through a bit of a “depressed” streak around my birthday. This years down trodden mood is currently in full swing 🙁

    To hear some encouraging aspects coming my way is most welcome. Please, if you have a moment share with me some positives I may have to look forward to.

    Blessings and thank you for giving so generously of your time and knowledge.


    my have to look forward to!

    1. Depression on your birthday is likely linked to your relationship with one or both parents and your feelings of self-confidence, self-worth and pride in yourself. This is ruled by the Sun in your chart and we find the Sun at 9 Leo conjunct Proserpina at 9 Leo. The relationship between both parents, or both sets of families (mother’s side or father’s side) was dominant at your birth and actually, your childhood and adolescence involved you heavily as a go-between, piggy-in-the-middle or human bridge, between your mother and father, or two sets of relatives. You are a go-between by nature. Look up Proserpina on Search and read the mythology about her mother, Ceres and her husband, Pluto. Look at the art online as well. Proserpina had a tremendously stressful existence, trying to please two powerful people. She had to roster her time and energy with both. She spent half the year in Hades – Hell – and the other half on earth. For half the year she is all about winter and autumn, and other half, summer and spring. So, your depression is cyclical and literally born again every birthday as the Sun transits 9 Leo and returns to its own place in your chart, which is also 9 Leo. This is the Solar Return, thus we get the phrase ‘Many Happy Returns’ Cat. I think you could heal yourself quite dramatically if you dug very deeply into what it means to get attention, praise and admiration (the Sun) for being the go-between and negotiating the space between powerful people or organisations. I wonder if you do it at work too? This is the most useful advice I can give you, above all else. And in fact if you can deal with your Sun-Proserpina conjunction and learn to master it, you could become rather well-known as an exceptional mediator.

  4. Happy bday, Jessica!
    I have had to accept a job offer made to me on July 16 (eclipse) where i eventually joined last monday. I desperately needed to work and earn, this job is my field but from scratch. But i accepted to start from zero. Do u think this job will do anything good for my career path in the coming future?
    On the personal front, things at my in-laws place are getting. They are making my husband to lie to and hide things from me, which made me furious. Just curious to know if things are gonna improve or go downhill on that front?
    Happy a great new birth year ahead. Many many happy returns of the day!

    1. Thank you so much. It’s fine to accept job offers on eclipses (even) as long as you realise you don’t know the full story. Playing for time is one way through and ideally you would do that until the first half of August, aiming for a final outcome from middle-August. The family is a separate matter. I will stick to your job question. If you must commit or accept a commitment before August 15th about salary, conditions, terms and so on, have Plan B and also Plan C. Be flexible and adaptive then figure out the true way forward from that point.

  5. The past two years have been a roller coaster with my personal development. Got to study with some amazing teacher and worked with different people. Some were a good match and some just weren’t the right fit but every day is a new lesson. I’ve got to do things that I could only dream of a few years ago. I have two jobs now and slowly moving away from having a stable income but an inflexible job to be 100% freelance fitness coach. My target is to have a fresh start on Jan 2020. Is that a good time for me? Or shall I wait a little bit longer or will all the stars give me an extra push to make that happen before Xmas? There’s another Mercury retrograde in from Oct, Nov to Dec so things may start moving on by Jan. I really enjoy my freelance work it brings so much joy and the money is slowly coming in. I really look forward to 2020 as I need to climb to the top in my new career. Career is my main focus now and although I would love to get into a great relationship it seems pretty impossible at the moment. Any insight would be helpful Thanks Jessica

    1. Working as a freelance fitness coach is best done when your customers know exactly where they stand with their careers. They will have no idea about salary, security, hours and so on – until they are past January 2020. We are going to see a huge amount of mergers, departures, promotions, arrivals and so on, in December 2019, January 2020. So you may want to see how things are with your client base towards the second half of January and then adapt to suit their needs. You may find, for example, that as people go into February they want you to come to them (no travel) or they want just a very short session of 15 minutes – or whatever. Bear that in mind and adapt, adapt, adapt – this also suits your own chart as January 2020 is Capricorn weather and of course this makes a ‘flow’ aspect to Virgo, which rules lifestyle and fitness.

  6. Hello Jessica! Firstly I just wanted to wish you the happiest of birthdays to you! I also would like to ask one question if I may please? I have low self worth largely due to traumatic childhood experiences and also I just can’t cope with feeling so ugly; it’s destroying my life. I’m trying to help myself with a professional psychologist and I had a thought about attending belly dance classes in my local area to help me on a physical and chakra level, but I’m so utterly terrified beyond description. Any astrology to support this crazy decision if I pluck up the courage and take the plunge? Thank you x

    1. You may have been a belly-dancer before; did you know? You have the North Node of past lives, reincarnation and karma in Cancer, which rules the stomach. This is not the usual kind of question I get at all, but as you have asked me before, I can only repeat – join the belly-dancing class. It may come so naturally you realise you have had prior life experience! Body work is therapeutic as I am sure you know.

  7. Dear Jessica,

    I have for a while considered that I should do something else for a living or start my own buisness( with what?) I am scared that I will miss a window of opportunity. I am the sole provider, and ancher for my two children and this usually makes me affraid of jumping into something new (you know what have, not what you get..) But honestly I feel like I am stuck in the every day wheel and it is choking me.
    I am divorsed and my children see their father every other weekend, but the relationship is not always good, sometimes depending on my exhusbands new girlfriend( new lady, new rules ). I do worry very much about my children because my oldest boy has had a lot of anger issues due to this, and it has been very hard for him at school.This is not so bad anymore and he has actually made big changes over the last year.
    Any good advice that you can give me?

    1. If your birth time is accurate then you just squeezed into being a Sun Leo mother. You are a very strong parent, rather like Madonna and J.K. Rowling who also spent time as Leo female single parents, after divorce. You are in the best possible cycle in 12 years to fix issues around your children. You are going to have to compromise – as you say, new girlfriend, new rules. That will be emotional at times but try to create a system with your former partner and his new partner, and the children, where you can time-share without any dramas. You have until the first week of December to do this and create a better way of operating with your extended family – because that is what it is. Take a deep breath and write down what you want and need, and leave it somewhere your spirit family and guides can see it – after August 15th. In September you will be delighted at what comes to pass, which makes your situation so much easier and your son’s life so much less stressful. Count on your ancestors on both sides of the family to help you. September is a real breakthrough and there will be more improvements in October, November. Then you can say you gave the situation everything you could. As for work, you will begin again professionally, part-time or full-time and be excited by the last thing you expected to happen, by May 2020. Your new gig/s will involve you being much more independent, trying something radically different and new. In fact it will arrive like a lightning bolt. You are not going to miss out, just stay open to what comes and search for what excites you, especially online. Your professional path for the next 7 years will be unique to you. You invent it as you go along. It may involve the internet or other new inventions or technology – really experimental stuff. So you have a ton of stuff to look forward to. As a Leo you have been stuck with Mercury Retrograde in Leo all through July. From August 15th you know (at last) what to do, when to do it, who to talk to and you will have the resources you need. Make September the big beginning please. Your son will feel better when he tries martial arts or another self-defence program.

  8. Hi Jessica
    I am the best place I have been for years . Finally settled in a place I love, have my dream job. And two beautiful new grandchildren but at 61 i still have the feeling there is more to come . I love my job and feel I finally achieved success but it’s almost like that’s all I needed to do and I could let go if I could afford to. I keep getting the feeling it will happen but as yet I can’t see how. Your thoughts would be appreciated

    1. There is certainly more to come, so your hunch is correct. Starting at Christmas 2020 and taking you through 2021, the most important cycle in 12 years unfolds, in connection with your former, current or potential partner. From the year 2023 this duet becomes life-changing and empowering, so we are either talking about an existing marriage which goes through astonishing new stages, or a new love in your life. The intense focus on work will fade at the end of next year and from 2023 you will look back at this period of your life and shake your head at the amount of energy and effort you put into serving other people! It will intensify in January 2020, but by the end of that year you will see something brand new in your life, which is a transfer of that intensity to a double act. Even a long marriage will go through a second honeymoon then and if you are single and interested, you will find New Year’s Eve 2021 unforgettable.

  9. Can you do horoscope for my dear Angel sis (born August 27, 1970 – parents didn’t capture her birth time)??? I will love you forever. She is now deficient in vitamine B12 from Febryary 2019 and her hair fall out in circle in one spot on the top of the head. Will she be ok will she heal. Do you see anything around her. She has many unfare people around her at work and I wonder what will transpire.

    Thank you…

    1. Hair loss is so hard anyway, but if you are a Sun Virgo woman it is critical. Your sister’s Sun is in her Sixth House of health and her vitamin deficiency is affecting her, far beyond the hair loss. Your sister needs to go and see one or more experts from the final week of August to the their week of September as the Sun goes through her Sixth House and highlights/exposes/illuminates the information she needs. That is also the time to hit the forums, the websites and the books to see what others are going through.

  10. Hi Jessica, I hope I’m not late to the party! July 31st birthday here. I do sense a change of job and direction unfolding. But what is particularly interesting, is that I’ve had a Leo female come into my life unexpectedly (who has a Leo/Capricorn/Cancer Stellium type.. yes, she’s into astrology)… but the timing is such that is almost overlapping a relationship that is already ending with someone who is moving on (but hasn’t moved yet). I suppose August 15th, I should watch out? Anything indicates any rough bumps in this love drama unfolding, or perhaps there is no drama? Thanks Jessica!

    1. The Full Moon on August 15th will concern the Leo woman who has come into your life, no question. Take your time with what you decide to do/say on the 14th, 15th, 16th as you will choose a pathway then, which will absolutely lead to life-changing developments from December 2020, particularly in February 2021, and again in 2022, 2023 and beyond. At the heart of all this is a question about who completes you, or what completes you. If you are on one end of the see-saw and another face is opposite, looking at you – what do you need and what can you supply? Tremendous issues about equality, fairness, balance, harmony and alchemy are rolling on that Full Moon. The Sun in Leo also points you to the question of children, babies, pregnancy, fertility, adoption, fostering and so on. Can’t get around that one!

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