Astrology Prediction: Epstein, Trump, Clinton and Andrew

Jeffrey Epstein, whose network The Guardian has reported included Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and Donald Trump, was charged as a sex trafficker and paedophile on 8th July 2019. Here's how an astrology prediction you read here, back on February 3rd 2018, called that exact date as D-Day for the Trump dynasty. Now read on.

Astrology Prediction: Jeffrey Epstein, Trump, Clinton and Prince Andrew

On July 17th, 2017, almost two years before Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest, you read a feature on this website about the astrology trends about to trigger questions about Prince Andrew, Donald Trump and Bill Clinton.

All three men had horoscopes which showed Leo eclipse patterns.  As you will know if you are a regular reader, an eclipse is always a cover-up or a blind spot. Those Leo eclipses of 2017-2019 spelled very dark days – I am sure you will remember one of those hot summer eclipses in particular sent the United States of America into deep shadow.

There’s a reason for that, as key questions come out of the shadows about Epstein, arrested for sex trafficking and paedophilia. And it touches on the personal astrology birth chart for Prince Andrew, featured below, in Vanity Fair, with his partner Sarah, Duchess of York, in jollier times.

Prince Andrew 600x338 - Astrology Prediction: Epstein, Trump, Clinton and Andrew
Prince Andrew and the Duchess of York in Vanity Fair.

How Astrology Called the Exact Date of the Jeffrey Epstein Arrest

Before we look at the feature that ran on the Leo eclipse weather, and see how there was an astrological connection for almost two years, between the book Lolita, as well as old karmic questions for Bill Clinton dating from his affair with Monica Lewinsky – it’s the moment to look at timing.

The fact is, astrology accurately called the arrest date for Epstein, specifically July 8th 2019, as a key point in a critical summer for the Trump dynasty – the President having been cited as part of Epstein’s circle. Bloomberg ran this headline opinion piece right on July 8th.

Epstein Arrest Worry Trump e1562802357132 600x353 - Astrology Prediction: Epstein, Trump, Clinton and Andrew
Astrology called the Epstein arrest date

Flashback to Trump Astrology Predictions About July 8th, 2019

This piece you saw at my website was viewed by a reasonable number of the 2 million people who visit every year. It appeared on February 3rd, 2018. The key date prediction (July 8th 2019) and general forecasts about July-August 2019 appear in red.

This is a whole chain of cover-ups, secrets and lies covering the President’s children and young in-laws – and it began on 11th February 2017 and will not finish until 21st January 2019.

Why the young Trumps? Because one half of these eclipses occur in Leo, the royal sign, which rules dynasties and kings. In America that means the President, his children and their partners and children.

I’m sure I don’t have to explain that the heart of the cover-up eclipses is the conflict between the Trump children and their circle – Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Junior, Eric Trump and his wife Lara Yunaska – and some people within the Republican Party itself. We might also bring some other Aquarian groups into that mix. The Democrats. The FBI. 

I mentioned that Aquarius describes groups – The Republican Party, the Democrats, the FBI. Throughout this whole series of  Leo eclipses involving the world’s number one young dynasty – The Trumps – the sign of Aquarius has been reminding us that it’s the political parties or intelligence agencies at the other end, which tell the other half of the story.

At this point, I have to mention the British royal family under Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The whole point of eclipses is that they cover things up. Yet – we have to wonder about the role of Great Britain and MI6 in this too. Why? Leo is royal.

We then have to wait. And wait. The story stalls. What are we waiting for?

The mess of June through August 2019. Expect lies. Why? Mercury is retrograde. Do not believe what you hear or read about the Trump dynasty then. Fake news? You bet.

Mercury Retrograde in Leo, including the shadows, happens  from June 28th 2019 through August 15th 2019. 

The summer of 2019 is D-Day for the Dynasty, though. And it’s going to happen something like this –

Around June 28th, 2019, the news about the Trump children and their circle, begins to roll as Mercury passes 0 Leo. From July 8th the story starts to change. By July 19th what we thought we knew, near June 28th – we do not. Hang in there.

Mercury, the planet which rules Twitter, newspapers, television stations, speeches, statements, computers, telephones and paperwork is going forwards. Then he’s stalling. Then he goes backwards. Then he vanishes. Then he goes forwards again, but the story will change – or even be scrapped.

From August 12th through 15th, 2019, it’s messy. But at last it will feel as if we are finally getting the truth.

It’s an angry summer. Why? Mars is also in Leo, July 2nd through August 18th, 2019. Mars is the red planet and it shows battles. 

This is going to be like some epic Georgian feud involving a monarch and the heirs to his throne – and those against them. It’s about King and court.The President’s young heir Barron Trump is just a child and you would hope children do not get caught up in this. Again, Leo rules monarchy and the clue is in the name. Barron. Baron.

Astrology is about history. A great deal of what comes out in the long, hot, furious summer of June-August 2019 will directly relate to Donald Trump’s life as it was, when the North Node was in Leo between October 21st 1998 and April 9th 2000. 

Going even further back, to the Leo node cycle of January 6th 1980 through September 20th 1981.

Back then, the North Node was in Leo (the children) and the South Node was in Aquarius (the group).

Space does not allow me to cover what happened then, but if you are curious about the cover-ups and conspiracies affecting the lives of Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Junior, Eric Trump and the rest, in 2017-2019, start there.”

Jeffrey Epstein, Trump, Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew

The Guardian 

The Guardian and Bloomberg are just two media outlets, on July 8th 2019 raising questions about Epstein’s powerful friends, as ‘the case could have implications for others who have mixed with him,” according to Edward Helmore.

“Epstein has counted Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew among his friends and associates.

The counts against Epstein allege that he drew dozens of underage girls to his home on the Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan. Prosecutors will allege some of the girls were as young as 14. If convicted, Epstein could face up to 45 years in federal prison, according to the New York Times.

As the Epstein saga moves back into public view the White House could come under the spotlight. Trump was a sometime member of Epstein’s social set and told New York magazine in 2002 he was a “terrific guy” he had known for 15 years.

“He’s a lot of fun to be with,” Trump said. “It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

Flight logs from Epstein’s private jet showed that former president Bill Clinton took at least 26 trips aboard the plane between 2001 and 2003 – the same period from which the new charges are believed to stem.”

Epstein Trump e1562805615775 - Astrology Prediction: Epstein, Trump, Clinton and Andrew

What Astrology Saw Two Years Ago: Predictions From July 17th 2017 

As Bloomberg reports, “The Jeffrey Epstein Arrest is a Worry for Donald Trump” it is worth looking back at the astrology predictions from this website filed almost two years ago now.

This was a long piece I wrote on the Leo weather in astrology, which was historic, dramatic and pulled in everything from Lolita, the notorious book by Nabokov, to the same famous names now being mentioned in connection with the Epstein arrest by at least two major international media outlets. And counting.


An eclipse is exactly what you might assume. An unclear, patchy or obscured period. It is neither negative nor positive. It just does not show you, what it normally should. On a world scale we will see cover-ups involving the British royal family, but also the American White House family

Back in the 20th century, Princess Anne only occupied the position of “spare” to the heir, Prince Charles, until the birth of her younger brother Prince Andrew when she was nine. He then jumped over her in the line of succession…


What happens when the heir has no children, and the spare may be gay? What happens when the royal bedchamber, that home of royal privilege, allows the ruler to do whatever he pleases, with whom he pleases, whatever the laws of the day might say about sex?

Lolita - Astrology Prediction: Epstein, Trump, Clinton and Andrew


Scorpio is usually written about in astrology books as the sign to associate with the unacceptable side of sex. Leo is not immune. Promiscuity leads to sexually transmitted disease. There is nothing particularly noble, regal or dignified about V.D. but it skyrocketed during the Second World War when Pluto was in Leo and in 1943 the Archbishop of Canterbury was moved to speak out about it.

Vladimir Nabokov produced Lolita in 1955 during the long Pluto in Leo cycle. The power of sex. The power of the teenager. This was not a charming tale of courtly love, knights and damsels. It was the story of a nymphet step-daughter and her middle-aged stepfather. 

In the same year Francoise Sagan, then eighteen, published Bonjour Tristesse about Cecile, a teenager taking on her widowed father’s mistress.


The President, elected in 2016, has been compared both to King George III and Henry VIII. I do not know if he has yet been compared to Tiberius. Does Leo turn up in his birth chart? It is hard to say, because the first ‘birth certificate’ the world was given, was not a birth certificate at all. There are still two conflicting birth times for Trump.

The Leo mythology at the White House suggests we can expect trouble at the court, though. Those eclipses, and the arrival of not only Ceres but two long Mercury Retrograde periods in Leo, points to all manner of complication by 2019.


The young heir apparent, Barron Trump (the clue is in the name) is ten years old and also known as Little Donald. 

The other members of the dynasty include wife Melania Trump, daughter Ivanka Trump, her husband Jared Kushner and – Tiffany Trump, Vanessa Trump, Donald Trump Junior and Eric Trump. Former wives Ivana and Marcia Maples are also in the family tree. Watching these charts, there is a sense of America’s deep past returning.

Bill Clinton - Astrology Prediction: Epstein, Trump, Clinton and AndrewBILL CLINTON AND LEO KARMA  – WHAT GOES AROUND IN THE WHITE HOUSE COMES AROUND

A very Leo thing happened in 1999 on the last major Leo Node cycle. Sun Leo U.S. President Bill Clinton was acquitted in his impeachment trial for allegedly lying about his affair with Sun Leo intern Monica Lewinsky. 

Lacking a monarchy, or a royal bedchamber, America has the White House and the Oval Office. That year is a good example of Leo-Aquarius ‘weather.’ The Democrats were the people. Bill was King. The people rose up against him, but he kept his crown.

It would be unusual if there was not a direct or indirect replay of the Clinton/Lewinsky story of 1999 between now and 2019, on the final Leo eclipse. 

The North Node in Leo is about debts and credits from the last cycle, after all. The Node in transit can sometimes confront us. Just when you think someone/something was well and truly ancient history, it will come up again – prompting decisions.” Now, over to you. What do you think of these two astrology predictions from the distant past? Both former President Bill Clinton and current President Donald Trump dominate the biography and autobiography section of any American bookstore, with titles like The Death of American Virtue and Crippled America.

Isn’t it ironic? That’s how the song goes. We are seeing the Clinton connection with Epstein raise uncannily similar questions on social media, to those which circulated about him and his fellow (much younger) Leo Monica Lewinsky back in 1999. We are also seeing Trouble in the Court of King Trump. As for the British Royal Family, we have no idea what those cover-ups have been, across the recent Leo eclipse weather. But cover-ups are a keynote of such times.

Please recall the original astrology prediction (I am filing this on July 8th 2019) over the next few weeks – in regard to messy information, a scrapped and changing story and the long quest for truth. Keep asking questions!

To recap:

Around June 28th, 2019, the news about the Trump children and their circle, begins to roll as Mercury passes 0 Leo. From July 8th the story starts to change. By July 19th what we thought we knew, near June 28th – we do not. From August 12th through 15th 2019, it’s messy. But at last it will feel as if we are finally getting the truth. A great deal of what comes out in the long, hot, furious summer of June-August 2019 will directly relate to Donald Trump’s life as it was, when the North Node was in Leo between October 21st 1998 and April 9th 2000. Going even further back, to the Leo node cycle of January 6th 1980 through September 20th 1981.

How the World Media saw Epstein, Clinton, Prince Andrew and Donald Trump 

The denials are official ,according to Vanity Fair – CLINTON AND TRUMP PLEAD IGNORANCE AS EPSTEIN’S OLD FRIENDS BEGIN TO SWEAT. And in USA Today – ‘Jeffrey Epstein’s friendship with Prince Andrew is raising eyebrows: What’s their link?’ (The reply: ‘The current charges against Epstein do not involve Prince Andrew in any way…”)

That was quite a prolonged period of Leo weather with the Node of karma and the notorious blind spots of the Leo eclipses also coming to pass. Now, let’s see how that old prediction about July-August 2019 pans out.


USA TODAY PRINCE ANDREW 600x375 - Astrology Prediction: Epstein, Trump, Clinton and Andrew

Clinton Trump Denial 600x375 - Astrology Prediction: Epstein, Trump, Clinton and Andrew

If you want to know more about how astrology predicts the future using the Eclipse and North Node and South Node cycle, please come to my Stonehenge and Avebury Astrology Walk launch – where we will talk about why Stonehenge is an eclipse and node calculator – on Monday, 15th July, 2019 at The Astrological Lodge of London, near Baker Street. The podcast tour features leading astrologers Natalie Delahaye, Maggie Hyde, Olga Morales and Penny Thornton. If you are a Premium Member or Sun Sign School student you can collect a complimentary podcast/walking tour.

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    1. The chart data for so many of these people is flawed or not tested, so I tend to avoid the actual birth time, date and place given (if we ever have the time at all!) It is easier to look at the general weather sweeping America. This is the beginning of the end for the sex-and-money people in suits and ties. Uranus (the shock) opposes their Scorpio positions for the next 7 years. There is a peak of intensity with arrests, asset stripping and downfall at Christmas 2019 and into January 2020, a time of reckoning which precedes the New Age of Aquarius, starting December 2020, dominating the years to 2030. Phew! Mr. Stone will be a footnote in history by then.

      1. That makes total sense. Oh, I so hope that the reckoning will be swift and satisfying. It has already been pretty good with a lot of the old propagandists being relegated to the bin of history, but the situation in the United States is getting increasingly alarming.

        1. I don’t think anyone is going to survive January 2020 – the heavy weather in Capricorn (the men at the top) is certain to see heads roll. It is astonishing how deeply corrupt the whole situation is. And they just found that Epstein had a fake Saudi passport…

  1. Fascinating and spot on prediction Jessica. I thought about that Solar Eclipse of August 21 2017 when I read your article. Leo Sun and Moon was at 28 deg then, and on August 15/16 Mars in Leo will be exactly aspecting it. Trump has Mars 27 Leo, so that will also fire on the battles in his camp. I wonder what will happen then as Mercury will be back to normal on that date too? I wonder how long he will be in the White House for? As far as Prince Andrew and the Royal family goes, the cover-ups will continue as they are masters at it. That’s why the royal dynasty has lasted for nearly 1000 years. Thanks for the article.

    1. Thank you! The only issue here is Donald’s birth data and time, as his staff have given two conflicting pieces of information to the authorities. As we’ve just seen, the British at their highest ranks of international diplomacy have called him ‘inept’ and so I am very reluctant to trust his data. His long-term future is doomed. Donald is not with us in power beyond Christmas 2020, for reasons to be revealed in January that year. The disgust with which teenagers and their parents greet the fall-out from the Epstein child abuse arrest will be a factor in a massive Democrat and independent vote for 2020 and Generation Aquarius, today’s teens, will push that through. I will be curious to see what happens with the Royal Family – though I like your sense of humour!

  2. Do you have any upcoming posts connected to Boris Johnson and the Brexit issue? Will the Labour party ever get into power under Jeremy Corbyn? These are really pressing issues

    1. We lack confirmed time, place and date of birth information for Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn. The leader who succeeds in taking Britain into the year 2021 (firm at Christmas 2020) will eventually be the man or woman who can bring a team together of male/female/white/non-white/old/young/upper-class/working class. A really diverse mix. Only that person will succeed! Now, ask yourself if Boris or Jeremy qualifies. Based on their performance to date we are not seeing that. They polarise people. What/who succeeds (and this also goes for America) will have an Aquarian leadership style. I said a very long time ago we had not seen the last of the Miliband brothers – watch that space regarding the Labour Party. Long-term the Tories will have to become more genuinely diverse and inclusive or they just will not last into the New Age of Aquarius that is coming from Christmas 2020. I also predicted a cross-party coalition to lead through Brexit and I am going to repeat that here. It will be a right old mixture of right and left!

  3. Dear Jessica
    Your blog is always food for thought, I always try and make time to read your articles. Brexit first drew me to you, the thunder storm the clincher for me that you are a gal that knows her onions and some! An open mind I think is always needed on my part re the Clintons and Trumps. I would like to ask a question please. Will the demise of the EU as we know it happen sooner rather than later due to the global human/child trafficking being revealed? Thank you for all you give to readers like myself. Have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you. The enquiry into modern slavery, human trafficking, and the global paedophile network rests on the money laundering from New York to London being exposed. This is set to happen in stages, with an explosion (a shock) by next year, and then a series of aftershocks. The Magnitsky Amendment is a big one, as it means men who run their finances using dirty money from prostitution, paedophile pornography, heroin and so on – organised crime – can have their assets stripped before they are jailed. Uranus in Taurus says, that’s going to happen. The forthcoming South Node in Sagittarius cycle starting May 2020 says, it will help clean up some of the human pollution that came when borders collapsed in Europe. This goes way back to previous cycles like Pluto in Sagittarius which did most of the damage 2000-2008. That’s the astrology anyway.

  4. Very interesting about it being about ‘royalty’. Have you being following about the Crown Casino scandal, potentially implicating Australia’s royalty ie, Jamie Packer? This too could involve sex slavery.

    1. This is a little bit close, as I worked for Kerry Packer, James’s father, for many years as the astrologer for Elle, Cleo and eventually the Australian Women’s Weekly. I was fired by the Australian Women’s Weekly years after Kerry had passed away, and really missed the old Packer values, generosity and respect for A.C.P. staff – Christmas hampers and gym membership included. It is very sad to see what has become of those mighty magazines and of course Cosmopolitan just died, along with Cleo. Trying to be objective about Kerry’s son, Crown Casino and the rest is easier when I look at the Full Moon of August 15th, which may register as early as the 14th or as late as the 16th. That is absolutely the moment that Australia realises how little was known, seen or remotely understood about ‘Crown’ (perfect Leo symbolism) during the long Leo eclipse cycles of 2017-2018. This has been like driving without headlights along an unlit road, for two years. Now, torches are coming in. What they find, is what will never be known. Yet, starting at Christmas 2020, which is when we Cleo staff used to gratefully collect our hampers from Kerry – his son will absolutely hit the point of no return with the work he does, the condition that his condition is in (to quote the song) and his whole lifestyle. At that point you are going to see the Virgo return. Apart from anything else, you’d expect huge weight loss. And a new path.

  5. After reading your article about Epstein. I’m searching for your comments or updates about his death. Looking forward to hearing your take in it and what happens now for the victims

    1. The survivors of Epstein’s paedophile network will join forces in 2020 with a breakthrough in December 2020 which changes everything for them, and also for the Democrat and Republican parties. These strong women will be living proof that a group of united girls/women can do anything. Even with the most powerful men on the planet. We’ll all learn from it. I have spirit world confirmation about this as well as astrology. Watch December next year. It will take that long but the sisterhood will triumph.

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