July 2019 Eclipses in Astrology

Astrology explains July 2019 eclipses as blind spots and cover-ups, but how Is your horoscope affected? The July 2nd and 16th eclipses in your personal astrological chart show how you're left in the dark.

On Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019, astrology eclipse watchers stand still. A total solar eclipse, seen in Chile and Argentina will make horoscope headlines. We’ll be in the Moon’s shadow. So, in one area of your life (explained in a moment) you will find you are left in the dark. Something unseen and unknown is in the shadows. There is a second eclipse, a partial lunar eclipse, on 16th July. This month is not like any other. So, let’s take a closer look at why it’s best not to judge or act on eclipse days. Before I get to your personal birth chart (if you are a Premium Member, you’ll have it here, now, to check immediately) let’s look at your Sun Sign chart.

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What an Eclipse Does in Astrology

An eclipse does exactly what you would expect. It  leaves you or others in the dark. It covers up what would normally be obvious. It can ‘blind’ you to what’s really happening – just as a real eclipse can blind you without proper glasses. History and astrology tell us eclipses surround ‘forever’ mysteries but also occasionally revealed mysteries – like the wedding and also the passing of Diana, Princess of Wales. It typically takes years before the events around an eclipse ever come to light. Sometimes, the guessing game goes on for the rest of time. The J.F.K. assassination took place in the year of a total, dramatic eclipse covering the United States.

Important: eclipses are not negative nor positive. However, when you cannot see and do not know, don’t judge or act.

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The Sun Sign School

Why Your Sun Sign Horoscope Matters on Eclipses

I am sure you know that I recently launched The Sun Sign School with two former Cosmopolitan magazine columnists, Barbara Dunn and Maggie Hyde – and both astrologers to Diana, Princess of Wales – Debbie Frank and Penny Thornton. Leading Australian and Asian astrologers Stephanie Johnson and Joanne Madeline Moore are also tutoring with me, as are special guests Bernard Fitzwalter (Elle magazine) and another royal stargazer, Natalie Delahaye.

I mention Sun Signs and this way of looking at astrology, because eclipses always involve the Sun. Our research, both with our personal clients and in our own magazine and newspaper work, shows that the ‘weather report’ of your regular Sun sign or zodiac sign is a really good way to figure out the impact of eclipses. And these two July eclipses are really important, in terms of what you don’t know and can’t see! So, let’s look at that now…

The Sun Sign Guide to July Eclipses 2019

The exact dates and times of these July 2019 eclipses in astrology is as follows:
2nd July 2019 – 7.16 pm Universal Time – New Moon Solar Eclipse – Sun at 10 Cancer, Moon at 10 Cancer
16th July 2019 – 9.38 pm Universal Time – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – Sun at 24 Cancer, Moon at 24 Capricorn

This is about your sons or daughters. Stepchildren, nieces, nephews or godchildren. We might call them the ‘heirs’ to your throne. The situation is clouded. As you might expect an eclipse conceals more than it shows. There may be questions here about anything from sperm counts (this cycle takes you all the way back to pre-pregnancy) to adult children. Try to wait. Example: Your best friend wants to make you a godmother but it’s a secret for three months.

This July Eclipse pattern falls in your property zone. This is obviously where we find house prices, mortgages, rent and interest rates. There are also wider issues here about the local council or government, builders, renovation and construction. You have to ask what lies behind? If life is a drama, what is behind the stage set? You just can’t see it yet. Example: You don’t realise that the property you want to buy has issues which will bring the price down later on.

The information is patchy about paperwork, emails, computers, text messages, multimedia, publishing and in general, anything to do with words on a page/screen. You may want to steer clear of important choices across the eclipse. We live in a global 24-hour village and so please allow that eclipse to cross out of your internet life before clarity returns. Allow about a day either side of the eclipse. Example: You are missing messages on your iPhone without realising it.

e31and1pxuw 600x441 - July 2019 Eclipses in Astrology

You are more affected by eclipses in your finance zones in July 2019, Gemini, because you also have Mercury Retrograde there (and you are ruled by Mercury). There is far too much that is dark or hidden about a situation affecting your investments, possessions, finances, business and so on. What one might assume is solid gold is hard to make out. The July 2019 eclipses falls in your Second House of what is owned or earned and your Eighth House of legacies, mortgages, life insurance, shares, loans and so on. Example: Your taxes are being scrutinised in secret.

As you might imagine, Cancer, when an eclipse leaves people in shadow, or in the dark, you are also operating with pretty low visibility in your life. I would describe this eclipse as a smokescreen when you or those around you just can’t see what is actually there in terms of your brand, reputation, name, image, photograph, title and so on. All the ‘me’ aspects of life. . It’s like trying to make decisions when about 50% of the picture is behind heavy cloud and that picture is you. Bear that in mind. Example: You’re planning a new blog in your name, but someone else has a similar name!

The Twelfth House of your solar (Sun Sign) horoscope is where these Cancer eclipses fall. You are ruled by the Sun, which is in this weird dance with the Moon, so you are strongly affected. Essentially, this is about your God. Your inner demons. Your beliefs about ‘heaven and earth’ and also the universe. Astrology? Buddhism? Judaism? Quantum Mechanics? Leo, you just don’t know and can’t see, near these eclipse dates. As a general rule, avoid judging/acting. Example: Knowing the eclipses are here, you sidestep a meditation session on those days – too much is unknown. 

This is about the groups you belong to on the worldwide web, like Twitter, but it’s also about collections of friends and acquaintances in general. It is very hard to know what is going on in the background or behind the scenes with these people and if you try to figure out one ‘face’ in this circle of people you’ll be unable to do that with the others. Leave this. Example: Your old professional association is planning a reunion, but the full details are being kept from you.

This eclipse is really about that ambition you have in the background to get to the top. We associate the Eclipse with blind spots. You may be so caught up with other things that you just can’t see an important story about your chosen field, profession or goal. Another way to describe this is – dazzled by the light. You may want to make up your mind later. The eclipse days themselves, but a window of about 24 hours either side, is best considered as a ‘later’ zone. Example: You want to take a job offer on July 2nd, but you don’t know a rival firm is also headhunting you.

The eclipse falls in the ‘flight path’ area of your horoscope so this is about travelers coming into your world, or your own intention to travel, or even move, at some later date. Eclipses cover things up so that we literally can’t see what is going on, which is why you may want to assume that around 50% of the picture is yet to be revealed. Plan accordingly. As we also have Mercury Retrograde in July, do check and double-check travel plans. Anything from strike action or extreme temperatures in climate emergency may affect you. Example: Your flight is rescheduled following a storm.

ttfdmarq fe 600x400 - July 2019 Eclipses in Astrology

This is about money, business or property. If there is any one area of your life where you need total clarity and awareness, this is it – but the eclipse will leave you or other people in the dark. It’s complicated. Eclipses are neither negative nor positive. There may be buried treasure here, for example. At the same time, you could be hoodwinked. Defer judgement! Be extremely cautious if numbers, facts and figures are circulated near July 2nd in particular. Remember how blind spots/tunnel vision are associated with this time. Example: You take out a fixed-interest rate mortgage only to discover you could have acquired a better deal another time.

Is this about a former, current or work partner? A marriage? Your ex-husband or ex-wife? Current sexual relationships? It can be very hard to move forward when the light is dim. I know that you or someone else has a very good reason for wanting to act, but actually – it’s like setting off before daylight has a chance to dawn. Later on, when this peculiar eclipse has passed you can get a true measure of feelings and emotions. This eclipse is also about enemies, rivals or opponents. Take care. Example: You don’t realise that your work rival is about to resign, affecting you too.

This eclipse falls in your zone of work, projects, plans, ideas and above all – your computer. The eclipse is about blind spots. We think we can see – or others can – but there is tunnel vision. It can be like operating with very narrow focus and obviously that’s not useful for you or anybody else. Assume limited perception here and work around that on the eclipses. The body, your fitness for work, your general physical and mental health are also in the zone. Example: You buy a new ergonomic chair only to find (later on) your neighbour had one to give away, free of charge.

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Are You a Premium Member? Do You Have Personal Birth Chart Factors in Cancer?

CAN2018 profile - July 2019 Eclipses in AstrologyIf you have personal birth chart factors in Cancer – planets, asteroids, points, angles – then these are triggered by the eclipse, and by more important trends which began when the North Node moved into Cancer at the end of 2018.

This is about your Fourth House which you can look up on Search and in your PDF books. July will be about your apartment, house, property investment, household, family, hometown or homeland. Maybe a combination of those. Does either eclipse fall exactly on your Cancer planets, asteroids or other horoscope factors? Double the message. Do not act or judge on eclipse dates or within 24 hours either side, allowing the world to catch up with itself.

For you, there is an extra reason to assume you are not seeing the full story and you don’t know the full picture. Apply this to buying or selling property, renovating, decorating, tenants, landladies, close relatives and so on. In fact, it may not be until next year that you realise what was obscured from view!

There may be family karma here, or family secrets. That’s pretty typical. There may also be major shifts involving property prices, land value, your council, your government and so on – which you cannot see and do not know about. So why act or judge on eclipse days? When you could do it any other time?

The North Node in Cancer from Tuesday 6th November 2018

The North Node entered Cancer 29 and moved backwards through the sign, from Tuesday 6th November 2018 and it is still in Cancer now, as you go into July 2019.  The Nodes move strangely backwards to remind us that time can also pull us backwards on this cycle.

Karma! The Year 2000, 2001 and Your Personal Birth Chart

Back in April 2000, the North Node entered Cancer at 29 degrees and remained there until October 2001, so if you think back to the 2000-2001 period, you’ll get a hint about what these July eclipses might mean. You will certainly find out more by the end of 2019, as there will be a slow replay of a major story in your life from 2000-2001.

If you do have Cancer factors in your chart, that slow replay will be about the family. It may also be about a decision you made then about a house, apartment – or leaving your hometown or homeland.

World Headlines and the Cancer July 2019 Eclipses

Eclipses - July 2019 Eclipses in Astrology
Eclipses make news in July 2019

The sign of an eclipse shows you where we, the people, are being left in the dark, usually by those at the top. On December 10th, 1973 we saw a partial lunar eclipse in Gemini (which rules telephones and tape recordings, and also the media) and Sagittarius. Shadowy! Sagittarius rules foreign countries. So, what went down around that time?

Three days earlier, the White House had told the world it could not explain an 18 1/2-minute gap in one of the Watergate tapes. The media reported one official theory was that ‘some sinister force’ had erased it.

What Am I Not Seeing?

As I write in my book, 2020 Astrology: Your Five-Year Horoscope Guide, eclipses do have that fated quality about them. I was interviewed about their astrological meaning by Channel Four at Glastonbury, on August 11th, 1999, when the sky went dark, two owls next to me fell asleep and the whole town fell silent. The astronomer on the show with me was Brian May from Queen, the world’s most famous stargazing guitarist. It was unforgettable. Standing on Glastonbury Tor watching the morning turn into night was a real lesson for me as an astrologer.

The question you should always ask when an eclipse comes around is this: What am I not seeing?

As a general rule, when you see an eclipse coming, count the day before and after, and suspend big judgements or dramatic action plans. Eclipses conceal. They never fully reveal. They often blot out what needs to be seen. You are not shown the full picture. It can be harmless, but if you, or the people around you (or even the nation) gets hit by an eclipse, you will be affected. If you can choose any time at all to go ahead with big plans, you may prefer to avoid an eclipse, if it’s no big deal to move dates. There is no need to be paranoid about eclipses, but you need to be aware that all is not what it seems. Sometimes you will never, ever know the full story.

An Eclipse on a New Moon, when the Sun and Moon are in the same sign and at the same degree or number, is the birth of something new, but it will involve concealed information, unknown facts or missing details. Be careful.

An Eclipse on a Full Moon, when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs, at the same degree or number, also blots out what needs to be seen. It is more challenging, because the Full Moon describes inner or outer conflicts, too.

In a moment, I’ll look at the Full Moon in Capricorn-Cancer and go into more detail about the intense Capricorn ‘weather’ which is also affecting your horoscope – not only in July – but all the way to January 2020.

Climbing Higher, Getting Stuck, Making Big Decisions

Capricorn the mountain goat is a very old symbol in astrology, going back at least 2000 years and counting. This image turned up on my Twitter feed. Twitter is a good place to stay updated on the Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse of 16th July 2019. You can follow me there @jessicacadams and ask questions, closer to the time.

Capricorn Fail Twitter Back To Nature  e1553199324727 600x449 - July 2019 Eclipses in Astrology
Capricorn via Twitter @BacktoNature

The most you need to know: ambitious people who have done anything to get ahead, including ‘strategic’ marriages, deliberate playing of family connections, ruthless behaviour – even illegal moves – are going to come a cropper, as they say in London, not only because of this blind spot eclipse on 16th July – but also January 2020.

Why January 2020? Because we see a massive line-up in Capricorn then which you have not experienced in your life and will not see again. And that means, it’s time to come down the ‘mountain’ for so many social climbers. Or fall off.

Seriously, watch the headlines on or close to 16th July. Who’s at the top, wants to be there, or may not stay there?

Capricorn Eclipse July 2019 and Capricorn Weather in 2020 – Just for You

Let’s recap that information about the second eclipse, partly in Cancer, but also in its opposite sign, Capricorn. It falls on  16th July 2019 at 9.38pm Universal Time – it’s a hard-work Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – with the Sun at 24 Cancer, and the Moon at 24 Capricorn.

Are you a Premium Member? Check your chart for factors at 24 Capricorn in your Tenth House of achievement, ambition and success. If you have anything there, please be cautious about judging or acting too dramatically about your career, unpaid work or university degree on July 15th, 16th, 17th.

Even if you have just one factor in Capricorn at any degree at all, you’ll be in the dark on this eclipse. This is about your place in high society; your position on the social ladder; your profession; your desire to be at the top and your ability to stay at the top. Capricorn is the mountain goat who climbs to the peak from the bottom, patiently and steadily.

What the Capricorn Weather Means for You

Time on youTube - July 2019 Eclipses in Astrology
It’s time for Eclipse 2019

It’s not just an eclipse, which does not allow you to see, what would normally be so obvious. It is also the presence of Saturn, the South Node and Pluto in Capricorn. This intense, unusual pattern will peak in January 2020 when we have a sweeping range of horoscope factors, also in this sign.

Let’s look at your Sun Sign chart again, because it’s a very good guide to the headlines of your life. Where are you doing it tough in 2019? What will lead to a major decision in January 2020? What can you ‘not see’ on July 16th?

If you are a Premium Member, please do use your Tarot cards, your Astrology Oracle cards and PDF book, and your July-August-September Journal to work through this cycle in your life.

Aries: Career. Social position. Ambition. Status. Aspiration. Your desire to get to the top and stay at the top. Success.
Taurus: Travel. Foreign people and places. Other religions and belief systems. Publishing. Academia. Education.
Gemini: Finance. Bank loans and mortgages. Investments. Pensions and superannuation. Property. Charity. Taxation.
Cancer: Former, current and potential partners. Enemies, rivals and opponents. Duels. Duets. Double acts.
Leo: Paid and unpaid work. Housework. Daily routine. Lifestyle. Your fitness. Your physical and mental health.
Virgo: Sexual relationships that may lead to co-parenting. Children. Babies. Millennials. Generation Y. Youth.
Libra: House. Apartment. Family. Household. Hometown. Homeland.
Scorpio: Internet. Multimedia. Websites. Communication. Your ‘voice’ across all mediums and media.
Sagittarius: Finance. Charity. Valuables. Art and jewelry. Banks. Loans. Debts. Credits. Property.
Capricorn: Image. Reputation. Title. Appearance. Profile.
Aquarius: Your God. Your inner demons. Counselling. Dreams. Religion. Faith. Astrology. Your inner life.
Pisces: Friends. Groups. Trade Unions. Online communities like Meetups.

If you want to know more about eclipses, just hit Search and do read Comments – my readers around the world have left so many fantastic real-world examples of how eclipses have affected them over the years. It’s real astro-research.

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53 Responses

  1. Wow fascinating. Mueller will be testifying in Congress on July 17, right near that 24 Capricorn Full-Moon Eclipse. Interesting as Trump has Saturn in Cancer at 23 deg and Venus in Cancer at 25 deg. Intriguing political times ahead.

  2. Hi Jessica, I love reading your articles and always amazed by your knowledge and sixth sense! I have my moon at 24 cancer and fortunately have some annual leave booked from work and will be taking your advice and laying low over the eclipse period. Are there any other factors you can see that i should observe? Thankyou, Jane

    1. This is pretty classic stuff, Jane, as the Full Moon in Capricorn is in your Tenth House of work, and of course the Sun right opposite is in Cancer, in your Fourth House of home and household. Definitely avoid doing anything drastic or making hasty assumptions, particularly about the house, apartment, job, family or flatmates and so on. This is most likely to be about a relative and there is a ‘yet to be revealed’ about this situation, which is why the advice is not to make big plans. Classically, it is only within 1-2 years that you realise what was actually going on behind the scenes. A wait-and-see policy on home and family and related issues like your home town, homeland, the council, the government is a smart idea at this time. For more on this look up Fourth House and Tenth House on Search because this is where the patterns fall. There is karma here too, as the North Node is heading for your Moon in Cancer, so we have some past-life debts and credits involving family or the person/people you might live with – and very likely about where you come from or where you feel you belong. That also has to work itself out, by 2020.

  3. Hi Jessica, thank you for this article! It is very interesting and informative! I am going through a divorce. We are just in the very beginning stages and in my hopes it will be a very peaceful resolution but there are times when this is the intent but does not necessarily work out this way….fingers crossed!! My husband had an affair in 1999/2001 time frame and I recently found out that he has been in a relationship for the past year. I am heavily Capricorn and not sure how these eclipses and north/south node will affect me. He is an Aquarian. Can you provide some guidance as how the eclipse energy will affect me. Anything I need to watch out for? Thank you!

    1. You have karma with your husband and also with the person who has helped him to commit adultery. You three go back into previous lives together. It will be absolutely over, karmically, after next year and you can say every last knot has been untied. The issue for him has not only been her, and you, but also any children you have – or children she has – and the whole subject of fatherhood in general. That was his blind spot and also his missing jigsaw pieces from 2017, 2018. There may also have been a project involving children or young people where he was kept in the dark about the reality. Anyway – you end up here. The eclipse has passed and you didn’t act or judge. Good. You will have another moment of truth with him at Christmas or January 2020 and that helps a lot. From next year the situation is well and truly finished with, for another 19 years. Looking far, far ahead into your future you will amaze yourself with a radical new angle on him, in about two decades from now, when you could so easily begin the most exciting new partnership of your life.

  4. Hi Jessica, you’re always so insightful. I wonder if you can help. Midheaven on my natal chart is at 24 degrees Capricorn, where the lunar eclipse will be. My natal Sun is at 24 degrees Cancer and my birthday is on July 17 (Sydney time). My Mercury is also in Cancer. This eclipse is has got me a bit worried, I must say! Is there anything I should be looking out for?

    1. Don’t worry but do not judge or act. I can’t say more without a full chart. The Sun/Midheaven/Moon dance is complicated, I can tell you that much. Allow one day before and after the eclipse for the world to catch up with itself. Assume you can’t see very far and don’t know very much. Across Capricorn-Cancer, specifically with regard to your home, family, home town, homeland, paid work, unpaid work or study. Both areas. See other comments from readers here.

  5. The eclipse was one degree off my midheaven. Yesterday (3rd) my horse got her leadrope tangled around her hind leg (don’t know quite how), panicked and crushed me up against the railings. I had her full weight pinning me down (550 kilos). I thought we would both die. The tie which was supposed to snap in these circumstances did not. The quick thinking of my friend’s teenage son saved us as he ran out of the house with a knife and cut her free. Five hours in the ER. Three broken ribs. She escaped with a minor rope burn. Please no more eclipses conjunct anything in my chart although I know that’s wishful thinking!

    1. Your MC or Midheaven is at 11 Cancer in the Fourth House of family and home. This dreadful accident with your horse is the blind spot. You don’t know how her leadrope tangled around her hind leg – you did not see it – and did not ‘see’ the tie which was faulty. I am very sorry that you and your beloved animal have been through this. Your friend’s teenage son is a good man! I always say this with eclipses, but they are times of ‘can’t see and don’t know’ and this one happened right in your Fourth House so the issue here is also the railings where you live or ride.

  6. Hello Jessica
    Thank you for such a great article. My partnership of 7 years doesn’t feel right at the moment. I have moon in Pisces and sometimes I just feel things or sense future events. There are lots of coverups at work too at the moment. Any insight you might have would be invaluable. Thank you x

    1. You may want to judge or act later, as July is muddled and the first half of August isn’t much better. Moon in Pisces people are emotionally and psychically connected to everything and everybody, all the time. You look after people by crossing the line and going into their aura even without realising what you do. This is fine as far as it goes and many fine healers and mediums have the Moon in Pisces but unless you train properly you will be confused and confusing, particularly with a partner, as every time you have sex, you are well and truly corded, through fine strands of energy. Not feeling right about it is okay up to a point, but you may want to narrow this down to an actual conversation any time from the second half of August into September. In the meantime have a look at the work of the medium Gordon Smith on YouTube. Much of it is free and he is a very experienced teacher, when it comes to your chakras and aura, which are the tools you use to predict the future or know what others do not, psychically.

  7. Hi Jessica Thank you for this brilliant information.

    When this eclipse happened in 2000 I was in love the boss at work and then didn’t work out as he moved to Somalia for work. We were in a humanitarian aid field. Somalia was too much for me. Devastated. Then I married someone my parents choose. I left my job and went to AU. I didn’t like the house wife role in a conservative family. Kids are the best thing that happened in that marriage. I separated later in 2017.

    Coming eclipse is close to my North Node and do you see anything that i don’t see? I am sure you do. Please share it. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. You have had quite a history here in Somalia and Australia too. The eclipse is not such a big deal. Just don’t act or judge while it passes and allow a day either side. In general, you will find the good karma you created and the karmic dues you are owed, return to you once the North Node goes into Gemini and particularly the South Node goes into Sagittarius. In fact the entire field of humanitarian aid will go through sweeping global karma for that two year period, which you slowly move into from 2020. By 2021 you will closure with the past. This may involve your boss too. It is very much about foreign places and people, foreign cultures, travel and being a world citizen. So looking far ahead into the future, balance will be restored. You may be surprised at how that happens and just how clever the universe is. Keep your bags packed for 2020-2021.

  8. Hi Jessica thank you for this article it’s fascinating, I love reading your blogs and constantly learning new stuff from your website. My husband has Ceres at 24 degrees Capricorn I’m interested to know how best to interpret that around the 16th July Eclipse? he also has Jupiter at 22 degrees conjunct Uranus at 23 degrees in Cancer, will that opposition come into the story I wonder too. I have Ceres at 24 degrees Scorpio which again not entirely sure but at the same degree will I have a ripple effect from whatever is affecting his chart around this time? Any advice would be much appreciated.

    1. Thank you. You and your husband are affected through your joint bank account, mortgage, investments and the large items in your will to him, and his legacy to you. He will be going through a major reshuffle in his profession in 2019, 2020 and there will be deals struck, demotions and promotions, and a fair amount of heavy compromise. This affects you financially. Avoid the eclipse entirely for choices about career, the house or apartment, banks, loans, shares and the rest. In general, he can expect a professional reshape intensifying in December 2019 and January 2020 and needs to be aware of that. You will both have to make fresh choices about your family (if you have one) and certainly your home, for next year and yet good karma will play its part as his fortunate, ‘born lucky’, protective and protecting Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Cancer will be crossed by the North Node of past life rewards, so one way or another, by 2020, you end up in exactly the right situation that you need domestically or with property. What happens is genuinely unpredictable as Uranus is a symbol of all that is sudden, unexpected, unusual and often rather exciting. If I was him (and you) I would keep life very, very flexible in terms of work and home.

  9. Dear Jessica, I’m expecting my first child around 1th of August, and I have just realized that I have had / will have multiple ultrasounds (3 out of 8 in total) at eclipse time. Had one on the 21th of January, one on the 3rd of July and will have the last one on the 16th. They all went really well so far, no problems were found. Is it something that I should worry about? Or is it just the nature of ultrasounds that one can’t see a whole lot? 🙂 Thank you, Rebeka

    1. Congratulations on your new baby. You either have not logged in, or are not a Premium Member, so I cannot see your birth chart and cannot comment. I would also need your partner’s chart Rebeka, for such a question.

  10. dear Jessica,
    Would you please let me know the exact dates for Mercury Retrograde in July? On the internet I found so many different dates, not sure which ones are correct.
    Thank you.

    1. Just search ‘Mercury Retrograde’ on this website and you will see a range of different articles I have written, with hundreds of readers confirming (always useful) about the true dates, the effects and what to do. The bottom line is, Mercury Retrograde always begins and ends with a shadow. It starts sooner and ends later than many of the teenage ‘astrologers’ on Facebook are saying. It already started when Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp failed a few days ago. So there’s your proof. Have a look on Search now – there is a ton of archived material on this.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    Love your articles!

    Could you please have a look at my chart and advise what’s in store for me? I’ve had to unexpectedly move to new city a couple of weeks ago for work reasons. Not sure what to do about my husband who didn’t move with me or my current home. Not even sure if this move is permanent and very sudden. Husband was born on October 16th, 1977 in Georgetown, Guyana in South America at 12:15 p.m. I’m also attracted to someone in this new city. I’m trying to focus on work, which is why I’m there and trying to avoid distractions and suitors that are popping up out of nowhere. Any guidance or insight based on my chart is appreciated!

    Thanks Jessica

    1. You don’t say if you and your husband ever had children, but parenthood potential/parenthood reality is at the heart of all this. In fact, your husband’s failure to move needs to be seen in the light of babies you had/never had/could not have – but also your feelings about your new crush. You also don’t say if this person is a parent or wants to be. As you will see at Christmas 2019, January 2020, it is all about the level on which younger people, sons, daughters, stepchildren or other people’s young relatives count for you – and that’s the issue not any particular man.

      1. Hi Jessica, thanks for replying. We have no children and my husband and I had discussed kids in the past, but nothing quite came out of it and I’m extremely focused on my career at the moment. I feel like the move could be the trial separation we need to have to figure things out. My accidental new crush already has 3 children and just went through a divorce.
        What does all this mean in my career for me? Do you feel like this move for work is temporary? My ascendant is at 17 degrees Capricorn, and descendant in cancer.

        Thanks again, Jessica.

        1. Your accidental new crush has three children and is divorced. That is your whole answer. The three children, for whom you may become a stepmother. There is also the children’s mother to consider. Your Capricorn ascendant depends on a strictly accurate birth time. If you know for sure you have that, it is still not really an indicator of much more than image, title, appearance, reputation. It does not really have much to say about your job as a whole. You have Jupiter at 3 Capricorn in your Tenth House of success which is far more important. You experience your Jupiter Return shortly after this planet changes signs in December 2019 and by January 2020 will be looking at a stunning opportunity to fix career issues or pursue something bigger and better, thanks to demotions, promotions, mergers and departures in your chosen field, which come to light as 2020 begins.

  12. Dear Jessica ,
    I was amazed with your insightful predictions. And thank you for good advice about eclipses. One eclipse has passed and without following your advice I wrote a rather harsh mail to my partner about forming a joint company, which is his taboo topic . He replied and refused angrily. And our relationship has become almost broken. We both are Aquarius. We don’t have many factors in Cancer ( I have Vesta, 16 and Cupido, 11 ) but we both have a heavy stallion in Capricorn. He: Venus at 3, Neptune at 23:59, Uranus 27. Me: Moon at 11, Ops at 23 ,Panacea at 24. I am scared coming lunar eclipse that exactly conjunct with our factors would make adverse effects on our relationship. And I am worried about stars alignment in this Capricorn in January 2020. Can we restore our relationship? Can we work together for a business project as we have been for last three years ? What should I do or avoid this eclipse season ? Thank you again for your predictions and advice.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you sent a risky email to your partner on an eclipse. You are both Aquarius and this will take time. You may prefer to leave any discussions or emails alone until at least August 15th, as in your Sun Sign charts, you both have Mercury Retrograde (flawed communication) in your Seventh House of partnership until that time. If you talk again in the second half of August it will be better and in September you should be able to reach final agreement – to go ahead or not! Working on a business project with a sexual partner will be confused and confusing for you two, as you both have the same Sun signs. The problem here is no boundaries, or fuzzy boundaries. A business partnership with a joint company makes it very hard to also sleep together/love/live and this issue would be with you for many years to come as Neptune transits your solar Second House. Do you have other options to pursue business? Other people? Think about it. Use your Tarot cards and Astrology Oracle cards and PDF guidebook which come with membership to give yourself some readings to fill out what I am telling you here.

  13. Hi Jessica – I have loved astrology since I was a little girl and your posts continue to confirm my love and interest! As I digest this blog what pops out to me are my Asc. 24 Cancer, Desc. 24 Capricorn and my Capricorn Stellium. I wonder about January 2020 as you mention above and my Cap. Stellium, I wonder about work and my place in the world doing something that serves a higher good which also brings me joy, I wonder about love (obvi – strongly Libra) and will I ever find a lasting love, I wonder about having another child but also being a great mom to my precious pre-teen girl (7/14/17 @ 11:45am PST). I feel like my life has been one major transition after another and I wonder when will it all be sorted. Thank you for taking the time to read and reply , you are appreciated.

    1. Aren’t you nice. The transition does not actually stop for you, as you are strongly Capricorn and we are going through the historic line-up of Pluto, Saturn, South Node, Ceres and Jupiter as 2019 merges into 2020. The year 2020 itself will have you rethinking about a part-time opportunity you were only slightly interested in before – it may be voluntary or paid. You will also find that others want you to take on a role, between 2020-2021 which is flattering responsibility and makes you feel as if you fit into something you can respect, greater than yourself. I see animals for you clairvoyantly and you will be given the chance to develop the human-animal bond to your lasting satisfaction over the next 3 years in a way that is so much more than just ‘owning’ a pet or giving time to other people’s creatures! It’s in your destiny.

  14. Thanks so much for all your eclipse information and advice Jessica, it’s really appreciated.
    I’m looking for a new job, after some crazy work and life ups and downs since 2008/9 that led to me freelancing – these issues began to resolve themselves last year and things have been much easier since Feb. The first July eclipse has occurred in an odd spot in my chart ( I was in a tent in a field when it happened, probably the best place!). Should I hold off for a bit or be actively seeking this month?

    1. Job searches on Mercury Retrograde usually result in waiting games, reversals, rescheduling or rethinking later. I’m wary about the eclipse Full Moon in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career in July, and this together with the other eclipse (tent or no tent) suggests this month is a bit of a game of Snakes and Ladders or Blindman’s Bluff. Seek and ye shall find – but find with Plan B and Plan C up your sleeve. Obviously get anything new in writing and read the fine print. Mercury Retrograde can result in people flying across your email and then failing to reply. You may want to do more follow up than usual. Yet, from August 15th, it’s all systems go. In fact, December 2019 and January 2020 bring massive reshuffles in your field with some people being fired – and others being hired – and you will find that if you are reliable, ever-present, in people’s line of social media contact on Twitter, enthusiastic and ready to deliver quickly – an awful lot will roll your way very quickly.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    I am new to your website and just have become a premier member. I cannot understand the weekly horoscope or the effect of July eclipses on my chart, because I’m having trouble understanding how to read the birth factors from the birth chart. In this article (July eclipse) it is written, 2nd July sun and moon 10 cancer, for 16th it’s sun and moon 24 cancer 24 Capricorn. Is this for me based on my birth chart ? Or is it a general statement ?

    I am planning to travel internationally for the first time. It’s to explore a new place, and to learn something I love and would love to have a career in, but frankly have no skills in it. And am not confident that i can take it up as a profession. I am looking to find fulfillment in my profession.

    If you could help me, is it advisable to travel during this time 22nd – 31st July ? Based on my chart. I would like a personal reading from you if possible.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you for becoming a Premium Member. You are travelling on Mercury Retrograde. Have Plan B and Plan C. Airports close, extreme weather hits, strikes take hold, computers crash, and all the usual fun – on this cycle. Look up Mercury Retrograde on Search to see what hundreds of my readers have reported over the years! Having spare plans up your sleeve is wise. Further, international travel beyond August 15th until the first week of December is extremely successful for you, with bargains, free gifts from the universe, offers, options and intrigue galore. Go slowly with the eclipses, Sun and Moon – you need to look them up on search and in the PDF guides you receive with membership so you can learn about how you are affected.

  16. I enjoy your insight. I’m Gemini Sun, 12th, Cancer ASC at 8°38′, 1st Mars in Cancer, Capricorn DSC. I’ve been hit for years by Uranus and Pluto in Leo, 2nd, and Aquarius, 8th cusp, eclipses. I’m a disabled veteran, and could use some good luck! With gratitude!

    1. You are strongly Cancer like all patriots. I am sorry you are living with a disability. You may be a Gemini but you have that Cancerian need to belong to ‘my place and my people.’ You gain in 2019 from your former, current or potential partner. Work or romance. This person is your other half who can help you so much, at least in 2019. Yet, what you two begin together this year – some plan you share – could have even deeper meaning and reward in the year 2021, 2022. Time to think about ‘the two of us’ or to follow up on an option that was there earlier this year, which you may have let go, involving a possible work, friendship or romance partnership with true power.

  17. Wow I think this eclipse and Mercury retrograde are affecting me and my life seriously my car just started breaking on me and when I took it to maintenance they say it will be too costly to repair but the owner of the shop is suggesting he has Toyota Corolla 2016 that he just completely fixed and it’s a good deal, however I am completely lost as to what is my next step with buying a car and what to do next…

    Jessica do you have any suggestion what to do…

    Thank you for your feedback in advance…

    1. This is Mercury Retrograde. I publish the dates months or years in advance so my readers can avoid car repairs, house moves, job endings/beginnings, product launches, ambitious holidays and so on, on this cycle. Wait until August 15th to move forward. If you must go now, have Plan B and Plan C. We are doing this with our new Avebury and Stonehenge Astrology Podcast. Plan B is ready today and Plan C will be ready tomorrow. Mercury is tricky, especially when he is going backwards in the same zodiac sign as an eclipse. Wait. Or at least keep talking!

  18. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for a fascinating article. My husband and I have been contemplating separation until he learned he had lost his job only a few days ago. Additionally, a child whom I formed a motherly bond with from a previous relationship has moved back in the area and we have reconnected. That child, now a young adult, is heavily Capricorn and going through a rough time emotionally and financially. Needless to say, I have been providing him with emotional and financial support for several months to help him pull his life back together. This feels like a lot of heaviness! Can you shed some light on what this eclipse brings for me? I feel as though things are building to a head in my life.
    Warm regards

    1. This is karma at work. You and your husband have financial karma going back over at least one lifetime and you may have been the man, and he may have been the woman. He needs support from you. The child is also connected and the three of you may have incarnated together to deal with soul lessons and spiritual credits and debts. As a rule skip the eclipse and the day either side of it. You do not need that level of blindness. What you can do, and should do, is figure out the balance sheet with the young adult who is going through massive career and life direction challenges, but also with your husband whose position and status has also slipped. Leave it until the second half of August to call anything firm, fixed, finished or final. Everything can and should be up for discussion. You are owed, too, you know! You owe, karmically, but you also have to figure out the balance sheet here with both of these people. And if it feels familiar, that is because it is. A dream may even reveal to you the period in history when you both/all went through a situation together…

  19. Hi Jessica,
    I’m a little nervous about the upcoming eclipse on 16 July as I’m a Cancer Ascendant (27 degrees) and a Capricorn Moon (24 degrees), especially as my Capricorn Moon is under strain on various fronts. As Pluto has inched towards my Moon, there has definitely been a focus on my career. There is upheaval at work, and uncertainty regarding the future. Family/home comes into it too, because we’ve been living abroad for a few years now but don’t feel settled. However, the most alarming thing is that I see that Pluto will be effectively “sitting” on my Moon for several months in 2020!
    Any thoughts or advice about how this all might be connected and play out?
    Thank you!

    1. The Ascendant is only your image and I see it begin given far too much importance by some astrologers. It also depends on a strictly accurate birth time and you would be amazed at how many mothers or midwives get that wrong. The Capricorn moon is really the concern here. You need to be needed by your elders and betters in your chosen field, profession, industry or within High Society. This is commonly seen in younger women who make a point of attaching themselves to older men, for example. I don’t know if you do this, or have done it in the past. You are being asked to sort out your past as well as your future, because the Nodes are also passing this Capricorn-Cancer axis of your chart. We might say the pattern of the past is being examined and changed, now through 2020. In fact, by Christmas 2020 you will be embarking on a new era in terms of your approach to success, status, ambition, mission and position. It may be that you give up one line of work, no matter how much you might think it’s for you now – or you find a better line of work elsewhere that rewards you more in terms of lifestyle benefits and kudos. You will see where you stand, with some finality, as you go into January next year. For more look up the Tenth House. Understand that what used to matter, and whom, may no longer be so relevant. Most of all you are going to redefine ‘success’ and what it means. Your husband is part of your social position and your status is obviously hooked into your job. Yet, the mountain goat is now required to inspect the mountain and see if the journey is correct or even if the mountain is still the highest peak of achievement. Just for 12 months or so, you’re that busy goat!

  20. Am going through a very difficult time with business/legal action through work. Am trying to live between Canada (home) and Australia but my adult children are Australian. I have 17 degrees – Sat/Cap, Ur/Leo, Diana/Gemini, Aescap/Sag, Hyg/Leo plus 14 degrees – Fortuna/Cancer and 24 degrees – ACS/Taurus, DESC /Scorp, NN/Virgo and SN/Pisces. I would appreciate any advice to get through this time.

    1. You are having classic Cancer-Capricorn weather problems. Cancer rules the family, Capricorn rules the career. You are going to have to move slowly and cautiously through life in 2019 although it becomes dramatically better at Christmas and 2020 will be so much easier than this year, or even the year before that. Saturn is crawling across your chart and you need to be quite self-disciplined, patient, stoic and to some extent, to grit your teeth the way your ancestor did as your chart suggests you come from a sturdy line of stayers. You will figure things out with the children more easily after August 15th and those home-career-family questions, so much more easily as this year ends, with a likely momentous decision January 2020 either for you, or for one of the children. From the end of 2020 you will realise ‘it’s over’ and congratulate yourself on having made it through. Try not to push the paper trail at work too hard in July as it’s circular, complicated and frequently frustrating. If you can leave it temporarily then pursue it after August 15th when Mercury is out of shadow. That would be the astrology take on things.

  21. Hi Jessica, thanks for the great eclipse info! You mentioned previously that I’m in a 4th v 10th house situation with career/motherhood. I’m not sure I’m directly hit with next weeks eclipse but does having Vulcano 5, Ops 15, Ceres 13 and Aesculapia at 11 Cancer (I’m a Pisces sun, moon, mars and Venus) lend itself to having thoughts or opportunity for another baby? I’ve looked up fertility astrology and have read conflicting advice… My first baby certainly didn’t ask for an invitation to arrive so I know there’s lots of spiritual juju involved as well…. If you would shed some light that would be great but I see that you’re very busy 🙂
    Many thanks,

    1. You may want to wait until July is out of the way before you look for solid answers on another baby. We have Mercury Retrograde and also two eclipses, both across the Cancer (Fourth House, family) axis of your chart. After August 15th you’ll be on much firmer ground. If you do become pregnant it will be karmic in nature; you will have known the small soul before; it would be by May 2020.

  22. Dear Jessica,

    Thanks for another great article. I am a Sun 9 Pisces and Ascendant 28 Gemini and am feeling these eclipses and retrograde.

    I have been having lucid dreams since January 2019 about an important friend (high school sweetheart, later good friend, Oct. 20) who has been in and out of my life for over 35 years. He reentered my life in May 2018 after a 10 year absence. At the moment, we are sporadically in touch.

    I think I have discovered a pattern – I now know with almost certainty when I will have a lucid dream involving him but am still not sure of the purpose.

    I’m feeling quite alone with this issue as it’s not something I can discuss with many ppl.

    My theory: the reason it happens when it does is because his Venus is 16 degrees Virgo. Every month when the Sun hits 16 degrees, it triggers his Venus.

    The ensuing dreams and messages then correspond in a positive, negative, neutral or challenging way depending if the aspect is a trine, sextile, opposition or conjunction.

    When the Sun hits 16 degrees of whatever Zodiac sign it’s in, within 24 hours I will be woken in the night from a lucid dream where he tells me something.

    I would do just about anything to rid myself of these dreams.

    Have you ever heard of such a thing? The whole thing baffles me.


    1. Dreams are not a great way to communicate or to operate, actually, as they were never meant to have this much impact on your waking life, or your former lover’s. They are Neptune’s realm and to inhabit them all the time is a mistake as it will end up with you being confused and confusing others. See if you can keep it real. I am sure you are fascinated by all this but it is unlikely to do you much good and Neptune can be very subtle, like the actions of tides on rock. It erodes the good old-fashioned, normal, real world and before you know it, you are all at sea. This is also crossing the line with this person’s astral body and that’s like climbing in through his bedroom window! So think about the lovely real world and maybe use sleep for sleep, just while this Neptune in Pisces transit is operating.

  23. Thank you, Jessica, this was by far the most in-depth informative article about this topic I’ve read. You are awesome!! I’m a Capricorn with Cancer ascendant so I’ve been paying attention to this month carefully. I’m recovering from a stroke from February (only 56 yrs old) and my job was given to someone else in the meantime and my boyfriend (Leo) came back on the scene in December after a 2-year break and now it seems old patterns are still an issue. What should I focus the most on in my life? I feel like this is so much right now especially recovering from this stroke!! HELP

    1. Thank you very much. I am sorry you have had a stroke. It was much more than that, as you lost your job, and then your old Leo boyfriend returned. He has the decisions of a lifetime coming at Christmas 2020, about you or another woman. Those decisions will see him making or releasing a huge commitment. From 2023 a partnership or marriage for him is so much more – it’s a game-changer actually – in terms of how powerful he feels as a man. Let’s get back to you. Some of this is karmic. It is past life and you have to ‘do the work’ until May 2020. That means accepting what you cannot change (your health, your work) but controlling what you can (your headspace). Use this as an opportunity to find out what makes you tick, mentally and learn techniques like meditation or mindfulness to reshape your headspace. You will find it also has an impact on how you feel physically. If you are a Sun Capricorn then you are going through major Twelfth House transits designed to help with this. It may also take you into your own spirituality, actually. For more look up Twelfth House on Search.

  24. With a number of factors in Capricon including Salacia, I would be interested to hear how the eclipse could play out. I have been investing a lot of time in sorting my late parents estate and preparing their property for sale on the other side of Melbourne, but other than the expected fatigue and coming to terms with their loss, I am quite grateful for lifes blessings, particularly my family. I have seen the theme of 2 places crop up re my chart, and certainly that has been an ongoing part of my life for some time and is continuing on, with currently the maintaining of my home as well as old family home. Thankyou

    1. You are in the thick of this Cancer-Capricorn weather which runs until May 2020, (first stage) and then finishes up in December 2020 (second stage) and forever from 2023 (final stage). This is likely how long it takes to sort out the aftermath of your parents’ passing, not just emotionally and psychologically, but also in terms of practical steps. If may help to see life as a series of three waves, and you surf one after the other, ending up in a completely different place in the year 2023 and onwards. In fact you will never again go through the intensity you have experienced. Please avoid the eclipse which is a blind spot for you. Do not judge or act across that eclipse as you could put yourself on the wrong road for years, actually. This would specifically be about property or your career. Later on life makes more sense and in fact from August 15th you will be far more sure of what to do/where to head with these choices.

  25. Hi jessica.
    I could really use some guidance. I have almost half my horoscope at 23degress. So i am feeling this full moon eclipse very dramatically.
    Ive been with my partner since November last year but ive known him for about 6years prior. I actually know him through an exfriend of mine whom dated him for many years before. My friend and i had a fall out and i started seeing him pretty much after there break up. I know he wasnt completely honest in that relationship but i gave him the benefit of rhe doubt as i knew how hard work and how demanding my ex friend was. She had many insecuries that controlled her in a not so nice way. Anyways i was being stalked by a guy and needing to find a new home at the same time my now partner also needing to find a place of his own so we ended up moving in together in january this year (only 2 and half months in) so it was very fast. He has alot of intimacy issues as his mum abandoned him when he was 7. This has created alot of issues especially with healthy communication but i am a very compassionate person and i believe have been very understanding. I also fell pregnant but we ended up getting an abortion. But my main dilemma i now find myself in is that he has started being dishonest with me and i have caught him out on a a few lies and dishonest behaviour. Mainly about money related issues. (Hes a libra. 10/10/77) And worse he has never admitted to these until he is absolutely caught out. The trust he has broken has obviously created me alot of emotional turmoil and i have resulted at looking at his phone. Which im not proud of. Early days i could use his phone vise versa. But just last night i found he now has a password which i confronted and he basically said it was so i couldnt keep snooping. I know this all looks terrible.. But this goes deep. I dont even have any where to go after this. Ive burnt many bridges. Im now unemployed, an aftermath on my adhd and ansxiety getting the best of me. I also unfortunately have many issues of my own of trying to stand on my own two feet. Its like 2 step forward, 2 steps back… I guess any guidance or insight into my relationship, or employment or my house situation would be so very much appreciated.
    Love your work. You have guided me for many years now. So thankyou for all you do.


    Ps. I keep having recurring dreams of tidal waves. Not sure if you know if that means anything.

    1. Okay Courtney. So you are suffering from the after-effects of an abortion and also the shock of discovering your boyfriend has been lying to you about money. You are also unemployed at the moment and you have anxiety syndrome. Let’s start with your body, mind and spirit. You cannot begin to make smart decisions about your money, your job, your home or your boyfriend until you feel calm and more in control. This does not have to cost a penny. I strongly recommend you research free or affordable meditation, yoga or other mind-body-spirit groups in your local area. If there are none nearby then please turn to the internet as there are some brilliant healers, meditation teachers, yoga teachers and so on, who generously offer their websites or videos free of charge. You must absolutely get into a daily routine, and a nightly routine, where you are balancing your body, mind and spirit. Anxiety can be handled with the help of the late Dr. Claire Weeks whose audio recording is free on YouTube. Look also at the audio work of Matthew Manning on YouTube, the famous British healer. Beyond that you really have to ask for help from people locally, who will make you feel less alone and also give you some practical advice and assistance. Your tidal wave dream is about a Neptune cycle you are having when you typically feel ‘all at sea’ and as if you don’t have a firm anchor to hold you. This is why I am suggesting meditation. You can do free Tibetan Buddhist grounding meditations which will help you centre, focus and feel stronger. They also help with breathing and you need to learn how to use your breathing to relax your body, so your mind can still. From there you can begin to make smart decisions about these issues, one at a time and not feel so overcome by ‘tidal waves’. Something you also have on your side this year is the good fortune of free or affordable education which will help you train to gain part-time or full-time work. You have glanced at the advertisements or offers, or thought about other people who seem to be doing it, but nothing has happened, because you were in love and also because you were pregnant. Please do this for me – start looking at what you can learn – commit to it by December – and change your life. Because you will.

  26. AS usual you post so much meat it takes a while to consume and digest!!
    So… with a skim through I think there is something to do with office property as in rental spaces? I work out of 3 locations, yes 3, because I am not able yet to afford a proper space on my own yet. This is something I have been wanting for a bout 2 years now! I see that the lunar eclipse at 24 is there with my Minerva in Cancer and Fortuna in Cap. Not making any moves around a full moon of course, but was looking around at spaces earlier today before I saw this article. Not much out there but then I know some spaces are never advertised in the conventional way.
    Could this possibly mean a fortunate discovery of a previously undisclosed space once the veil has lifted?!?
    Thanks Jessica…now on to read over again in more detail!!

    1. In general, if it’s about both work (Capricorn) and property (Cancer) then you need to treat July and the first fortnight in August as a dress rehearsal, a first draft, or a process in motion awaiting a final edit. This is the second of two eclipses, or blind spots, and although I am sure you are having a lot of thoughts/plans about your office property and rental space goals, you really do need to be far more awake and aware before you set about signing anything. If you absolutely have to go ahead now, sure, but keep lobbing the paperwork or negotiation back and forth. And do perhaps more research/homework than you would normally bother with. There is something covered up or concealed here, and it will take some time for you to realise it. Minerva in Cancer and Fortuna in Capricorn in your chart tell you the story: you’re usually wise with property, and if anything, it is you who affects the destiny of others professionally (up and down, without realising what you are doing). Yet, with these weird Mercury Retrograde and lunar patterns across the axis of your chart ruling both signs, you may want to wait until at least the second half of August before you figure anything out in a final way, astrologically speaking.

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