Cancer Birthday Horoscope


The Cancer Birthday Horoscope 2019-2020

Starting in May 2020 when the South Node moves into Sagittarius, the sign that rules your Sixth House of work, duty and service - at a time when you also have the great maverick Chiron in your Tenth House of career, unpaid work and study - you are up for an unforgettable time.

Happy Birthday Cancer! Groups as a whole which pursue a revolutionary goal – like Greenpeace, the Wilderness Society, Sea Shepherd, Friends of the Earth, the Greens – may attract you now. Why? Because they are in line with the Uranus in Taurus global economic revolution we are now seeing, when millions of people are putting a ‘priceless’ price tag on endangered species, trees, wilderness, clean water, pure air and so on. Forget designer shoes and high-rise apartment penthouses. This is the new currency. Many, many Cancerians are being pulled that way 2019-2020. Maybe you are one of them.

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13 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica!

    Everything you said about my situation a couple of months ago has come to fruition. My husband did accept a spectacular new job in a city we love (we will still be based out of two cities for now.. as you alluded to). Many senior leadership changes at my end ….each month something hidden is unveiled…no complaints…just a LOT of change…Hoping the universe helps me achieve my next career crown…and sooner than later through all this. Nose to the grindstone and hoping our house in the 3rd city sells soon….its is quite the stone pulling us underwater. My husband is Scorpio – and you have my info, Any insight into what to expect? Que sera sera….
    Thank you!!!

    1. Thank you. I am glad the astrology was useful for you. You will have all this finished, once and for all, by December 2020. Try to avoid major property/career decisions in July, first two weeks of August as we have two eclipses and also Mercury Retrograde to come in these sensitive Cancer (Fourth House/home) and Capricorn (Tenth House/career) areas of your life. Yet, wheels will turn from September in particular and by Christmas next year you two can look at each other and say you’ve put the jigsaw together and know what the long-term picture will be. There will be one final change from 2023, but in general, you are fixed for 2021, 2022.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I recently did a training course which is really helpful for the next stage of my career growth. Kindly let me know if I can look forward to getting new job opportunities in the next one year with other companies. The current company prospects are not that welcoming.


  3. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you so much. You just don’t know how much I needed to read this today.
    Been hanging on like a limpet on a rock.
    Bless you.

  4. Greetings Jessica, Thank you so much for posting these birthday horoscopes as always. I recently left my corporate career 9 to 5 job, as i delivered my baby last year and couldn’t manage both my personal nd professional life. I am about launch my own business next month which is a preschool and daycare. My husband who is an aquarian still hasn’t figured out his career and we already moved home once last year away from his parents. So my finances also took some turns and new ways of making money , me being an aries ascendant. We are currently renting an apartment and I want to buy one but the finances seem too tight. I am worried about how my business would do since i left my job and i am the one earning for the family…

    1. You are having a classic Cancer-Capricorn transit. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which describes motherhood and infants, and is also the ruler of the Fourth House of home and family. We currently have the North Node of karma in Cancer in your horoscope, so there is a past-life debt or credit here with your husband and your new baby. You three have had many lifetimes together where similar issues about money have come up. At the same time, you have a very heavy line-up in Capricorn, which rules career, social position and professional success. We have the South Node (the other end of the karma) there, in your Tenth House of achievement and ambition, alongside Pluto, which always raises questions about power and control, and also Saturn, a teacher who tends to pass on lessons the hard way. Try to treat July and the first half of August as a rehearsal for your preschool and daycare business, which are also ruled by Cancer. Why? You are doing this tough anyway, it’s a real stretch of your time, energy, strength and willpower. In addition to this, the weather in July and the first half of August is not great for other mothers, childcare professionals and so on. We have Mercury the planet of paperwork, computers, transport and negotiation going backwards and forwards in Cancer. We also have a forthcoming eclipse in Cancer-Capricorn. Can you try rough sketches of ideas and ‘possible’ plans before pulling it all together later? Astrologically speaking you would be much better off pursuing this in final form in at least the second half of August and most certainly in September. Your husband needs to sort out his finances, which are confused and confusing. There are boundary issues with you, likely his parents, and perhaps others. Look at these fuzzy boundaries, please. He can and will create a ‘bubble’ for himself where he can save or make money, in a kind of holiday from reality. This will help him for years, but to get the bubble in the first place, your husband must get real and get clear about where the lines are drawn with these family and partnership relationships which also involve money, rent, the apartment and so on. You can show him this reply.

  5. Hello Jessica
    My love partner is cancer ascendant cancer born the 25 june 1965 and i have factors on cancer (milieu du ciel), i would like to know what about us. For the moment we don’t live together but purhaps we should…
    I would like to know what about this new Solar year influence
    Thanks for your response and receive à my greatest salutations

    1. Thank you. The Ascendant isn’t really that important – it’s just your image or profile – not your personality or life. You are heavily Cancerian and have some karmic choices about living together, or not, by May 2020. This harks back to the years 2000 and 2001 in terms of what you did then and how it affects the house or apartment situation now. The family you have, or he has, will have a big deciding say over what you eventually choose to do by May next year when the cycle ends.

  6. Hi Jessica, thank you for the birthday horoscope. Please give me advise on how to continue dealing with this Capricorn man I met during November of 2018. You mentioned that karma will start rolling from November 2018 and I believe I have karma with this person. I just don’t know. His date of birth 01 January 1981. It is back and forth. Should I communicate more or should I cut all communication? I really need your psychic powers.

    1. Same message: it’s karma from 19 years ago, and 19 years before that – possibly into past lives – without his time and place of birth I don’t have a chart for him. I do have yours, and you need to understand your own actions in 2000-2001 in love, sex and relationships, long-distance crushes and commitment. The North Node and South Node work in a loop until May 2020, taking you back to a time when you created debts or credits with the world in general, regarding marriage, divorce, separation, adultery, online dating and so on. You may even find a pattern taking you back to the year 1981-1982 in which case you know you’ve nailed it. In any case the karma stops in May 2020. Side note: the great escape vacation or relocation of your dreams, is coming by December – on or by the water – or with spa/pool. You’ll love it.

  7. Thank you Jessica. 1981 I was not yet born.

    I don’t know if this is related or not, my mom (cancer) married my dad (libra) in 1981. Apparently, the man she wanted to marry (Capricorn) was not approved by her parents because he is not from my mother’s ethnic group. Today in 2019, that Capricorn man, is dating my paternal cousin (cancer) and because cousin is an orphan, my mother is helping her with the process of arranging a wedding. I find it interesting and weird how my mother and the man she loved are reconnecting through her husband’s niece.

    I read that cancer and Capricorn are predestined to handle karmic debts. I am witnessing my mom facing her past. And here I am involved with a Capricorn man (01 January 1981, time 01:30, Lubango, Angola) in this karmic year. How does one pay and settle karma Jessica? I probably owe this Capricorn guy.

    1. Yes, the karma about 1981 is your parents’ marriage – that was the year they had their wedding and planned to also have you! You are seeing the bigger karmic pattern unfold now in 2019. In your own situation, you and your Capricorn man will make decisions at Christmas 2019, January 2020, which help to settle the past between you and also past lives. From there you both move forward.

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