The 19th May Full Moon in Scorpio

How will the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 18th affect you? Why is the weekend of May 18th and 19th so dramatic for the global economy. Donald Trump using astrology?

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The May 18th Full Moon in Astrology – Money, Money, Money!

The Full Moon on Saturday May 18th falls with the Sun at 27 Taurus and Moon at 27 Scorpio, the two finance signs. These rule charity, the banks, the sharemarkets, cryptocurrency, money laundering and on a simple note, shopping.

A Full Moon is always mixed feelings. An inner conflict. Being pulled in two directions. The Sun is opposite the Moon. They are coming from completely different angles. Give yourself more time and space on Saturday 18th May. You and others will need it.

Are you a Premium Member? Check your full chart now for factors at 27 Taurus or Scorpio. If you have them please don’t enter into financial, property, business, shopping, selling or charity decisions of a major nature that weekend. Why? It’s too much of a stretch. The choices you make when either you feel inner conflict, or are dealing with polar opposites, are very hard work, long-term. This is old-fashioned astrology advice. And astrology has been with us for over 2000 years and counting.

There is more to this pattern than just the Full Moon, though. The Full Moon also falls on the same wild weekend as an unusual link between Venus, the planet which rules Taurus, and Uranus, a symbol of shock. Radical change. Revolution. 

We have not seen this pattern in over 80 years. Look at the headlines this weekend and the headlines in your own life and ask yourself ‘How am I not free when it comes to my house, my money, my apartment?’ Spend some time asking.

Venus-Uranus in Taurus and You

Beyond the Full Moon across the money signs, Taurus and Scorpio, as we’ve seen, we also have Venus at 3 Taurus next to, or conjunct, Uranus at 3 Taurus on the same day. We associate this cycle with shock, electrical storms, revolution, freedom, release, relief, independence. 

Uranus often shocks us into realising how tied up we were. How restricted, chained, confined or trapped. In Taurus this is about the banks and the government. 

The lenders and the tax collectors. That is the big global message at these times (below) in these cities. It will repeat in 2020. This is just the first stage and you will be affected through a ripple effect, from very big waves on Wall Street and other sharemarkets.

Uranus in Taurus is neither good nor bad. It’s just the world turning upside-down. This is a new financial world order and it will take seven years, but make no mistake – Saturday 18th May and Sunday 19th May is a big leap into it.

If you are a Premium Member, and have factors at 3 Taurus or 3 Scorpio, your mortgage, superannuation/pension, shares, tax return, rent, allowance, business and the rest will be specifically in the frame. Check your chart now. Ask yourself who/what keeps you stuck, or keeps you small, or restricted. That’s not going to last. Please look up the Second House (Taurus) or Eighth House (Scorpio) on Search and also Uranus himself, and in your Premium Member ebooks too, so you can see more.

Times and Dates for the Full Moon

Sun 27 Taurus, Moon 27 Scorpio, 9.11pm UT

Moscow Sunday 19th May, as Saturday ends.

New York Saturday 18th May 5.11pm

Washington Saturday 18th May 5.11pm

Los Angeles Saturday 18th May 2.10pm

London Saturday 18th May 10.10pm

Canberra Sunday 19th May, morning, 7.11am

Times and Dates for Venus-Uranus in Taurus

Moscow Saturday 18th May 7.16pm

New York Saturday 18th May 12.16pm

Washington Saturday 18th May 12.16pm

London Saturday 18th May 5.16pm

Melbourne Sunday 19th May 2.16am

The Asteroids in Astrology May 18th, 19th

In modern astrology we use the whole family tree of symbols, so the planets the Romans passed on, starting with Mercury, Jupiter and the rest – but the asteroids and other heavenly bodies which are related to them. 

This weekend of the Full Moon is full of lightning bolts. The weekend newspapers in Great Britain are usually a source of scoops. This will be the ‘scoop to end all scoops’ regarding tax and charity and it would not be a scoop unless famous people were involved.

What else is going on very close to the time of the Full Moon and the Venus-Uranus conjunction?

The Secret of Minerva, Daughter of Jupiter

Mercury at 24 Taurus is conjunct Minerva at 24 Taurus. This is a fantastic piece of news from a wise woman. Perhaps, a crucial media message which involves a ‘Minerva’ figure. If you know Harry Potter you’ll know I am talking about a headmistress type. In Taurus, this is about the economy, taxation or other big financial issues. 

The other key here is Mercury at 24 Taurus conjunct Aesculapia at 24 Taurus. Mercury is very much about the news, the paperwork, the message – in Taurus again, this is about our global finances and your own wallet or purse. 

Aesculapia is a 2000+ year old symbol of resurrection. Revival. Rebirth. Just when you thought something or someone was over, there is a major haul-back from the brink. 

Taurus the bull is associated with gold bullion and bull markets. A quick and easy way to think about Taurus is Her Majesty the Queen. She is a Sun Taurus and her portrait is on the coins and notes in so many countries around the world. 

Watch Cryptocurrency

Watch the way cryptocurrency moves across this weekend as Uranus rules new inventions, powered by electricity – and in Taurus – that is most certainly Bitcoin, Lightning, Ripple and so on. 

Watch Blockchain

I mention blockchain as a Taurus concern because as soon as this new cycle began, it came into the mainstream via the banks. Last May 2018 we saw two major Uranus in Taurus events. Blockchain at HSBC and Her Majesty the Queen introducing the Magnitsky Amendment to the Money Laundering Act in the United Kingdom. History may prove it was her most powerful and important political decision. We’ll see.

Watch Money Laundering

Panama Papers, Paradise Papers, Next?

We are looking at the next big scandal for the rich and famous, following the Panama Papers and Paradise Papers in previous years.  

What we have here is a perfect storm. Julian Assange with a USB stick may be part of it. Who knows? I sent a Twitter message to his mother asking for a confirmation of his birth time but she did not reply.

Money laundering has been said to be behind the stupid-expensive prices of apartments in London and even places like Melbourne, where I spend a bit of time. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia too. Is that correct? We will soon see, as Uranus in Taurus is about the old global system coming down. If the old system has been geared around tax-avoidance, even if it is legal, but especially if it is dirty – then we are going to see the laundromat blow in stages and property prices will be affected, don’t you think? Duck, here comes the Omo. It will be Fab!

Mountains Shake, Goats Come Down

We also have something we have not seen in over 240 years. Pluto, Saturn and the South Node lining up in Capricorn, the sign which rules the goats who climb to the top of the system, or High Society, or the establishment. 

Some of them do anything to get up there. Some of them do anything to stay up there, too. Astrology says, karma from the years 2000 and 1981 is coming for goats who broke the law of humanity to get there. You might call it the law of humankind. Anyone who has not been kind to his or her fellow human beings, or worse – is not going to remain rich and famous, or even just rich – after January 2020. May 18th shakes the mountain.

The interesting thing about this is karma. The North Node and South Node rule karma. In India, where I am writing this now, these Nodes are called Rahu and Ketu.

What we see on this Full Moon is the start of karma which was put in motion as far back as 1981 for some. And if you need to pay your dues to your fellow human beings, then wheels turn. The Indians would say it was unavoidable, actually.

The Australian Election

Watch Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop in particular as Australia votes. 

He could easily end up with a role alongside Bill Shorten in a new Australian government. The bull turns. Turnbull. Uranus is the shock, the world turning upside-down: Taurus is literally ‘bull.’ Astrology is a peculiar thing and I have no idea about any verified data for Mr. Turnbull, but you’d have to say as a Sun Scorpio, that Full Moon is going to be dramatic for him. Will the bull turn? That would certainly turn the Australian share markets on Monday!

My old prediction about Julie Bishop from April 11, 2019 is here:

Women will come front-and-centre in Canberra by 2019. So will Julie be back? To lead? Stranger things have happened! This was a prediction made way back on 17th July 2017, so over a year before the Turnbull-Dutton-Bishop-Morrison coup. Between 2017-2019 Australia could easily see another woman rise to become leader of one of the two main political parties and perhaps even the nation, making history a second time. Julie Bishop?”

Will Julie be accepted back into a new Liberal party if Scott Morrison loses? As next leader? Seriously, astrology fans, it’s that kind of weekend.

How Your Sign is Affected

The butterfly wing flaps in New York and Canberra. The world receives the breeze. The new currents catch you, too. They get you where you live. This may not be directly about your country’s finances, or global finances. It may be about your child! Yet, the breeze sweeps you along in the path of radical change, starting now and good for the next seven years or so. Best bet? Surf on the breeze. Accept what astrologer Patric Walker used to call ‘the winds of change.’ Do not resist. 

Aries: Money, house, apartment, shares, charity

Taurus: Image, title, appearance, brand, portrait

Gemini: Soul, spirit, God, inner demons, inner life.

Cancer: Friends, groups.

Leo: Career, unpaid work, social status, university.

Virgo: Foreigners, travel, web, books, education

Libra: Finance, shares, business, property, charity

Scorpio: Former, current, potential partners. Foes.

Sagittarius: Workload, body, lifestyle, routine.

Capricorn: Babies, children, young adults, sex.

Aquarius: Home town, homeland, home, family

Pisces: Internet, multimedia, publishing, words.

Is Donald Using Astrology?

Watch Trump on Twitter on Saturday 18th May at 5.11pm, New York and Washington time. I would also watch his Twitter activity at the time of the Venus-Uranus conjunction 

I do not believe he knows how to cast horoscopes. He can barely fold an umbrella, as we’ve seen. 

Yet, astrology was extremely fashionable in New York financial circles in the 1980s and it may be that Trump or someone in his circle, is following his predecessor President Ronald Reagan and using an astrologer to time his Wall Street-affecting Twitter messages (which immediately affect shares). 

*A Full Moon is always a big ask. Give yourself and others a ton of time and space this weekend. Find out more about the Full Moon here in this extract from 2020 Astrology: Your Five-Year Horoscope Guide.

In London on the Full Moon?

Come along to a day of astrology and oracles with me. I’m giving away a private reading to a Premium Member and one free place at our new Sun Sign School valued at $700. Plus, for all guests on Saturday, do take home a gift bag with your own Astrology Oracle cards, an eGuide to using the deck – and discounts on readings with top media astrologers and psychics. Morning and afternoon tea included. Come up and say hello afterwards! Join us for complimentary pizza from 5.00pm at The Metropolitan Bar on Baker Street. Book now. Seats limited.

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47 Responses

  1. Hi jessica fortuna 26 virgo cupido 26 leo it’s a square from cupido a nd a trine, sextile from fortuna to the full moon can you please help give a clarity on that .Thank you Jessica

    1. Virgo is really about your work, and assuming you have a full-time or part-time job (paid) then I expect it is The Australian election. This is a really obvious place to start. We have a massive shift about to take place with The Australian economy, taxation, wages and so on, no matter who ends up being The Big Sausage. What you read and hear about financial and employment policy as a result is likely to have a direct impact on your job in 2019. Leo rules your children – if you have children – it may be about their education or allowances, tax concessions and so on. Give yourself more time and space this weekend. You have some thinking to do!

  2. Hi Jessica , thank you for the article ,
    I have Diana at 24 scorpio and Hygiea at 26 Scorpio I have Ceres at 24 Taurus , I am a Sun Virgo at 3 degrees I also have a lot of 26/27 /28 degrees in my chart including the nodes , if there’s any chance you could enlighten me please on the personal meaning for me this coming week end if any . Thank you so much I love reading your posts .

    1. If your chart is angled at 26-28 degrees then this is a weekend for time and space. Give yourself a ton of it because you are going to see some polar opposites play out around you. People may be pulled in two directions, or organisations. There may be a bridge to cross. The outcome is really useful long term but I’d need to see your chart to say more.

  3. Hi Jess
    Really interesting! My Neptune is at 26 degrees Scorpio! How do I interpret that with the Full Moon or will it not affect my chart? Love Nikki

    1. Nikki, thank you. Essentially this Full Moon is about facing what is your holiday from the real world with money. This may be a house you rent at a low price or have free. It may be a happy state of play where you never have to think about a budget the way others do. It may be a pain-free loan from a bank. You get the picture. You may want to avoid doing or saying anything major regarding finances, property, charity, business, your valuables this weekend, though, as you would be reacting to a Full Moon and that’s not particularly useful. Give this a bit of time and give yourself space.

  4. Thanks Jessica, it gives me a positive vibe when you use the word career or work related triggers for leos. Hoping for employment asap. Opportunities appear and slip from my hands for unavoidable reasons. Sometimes the background does not match, and travel included in the job makes me leave it as I am not in that position. I dont see anything at above said degrees in personal chart. Can you help me understand if the universe is going to help me this full moon season in my career house?
    Many thanks

    1. You will end up with a new career in 2019, or maybe more than one new career. Be open to who and what comes, that will set you free and enable you to be more independent. Alternatives are coming. These may be part-time or full-time but what it enables you to do in money terms will help you to reshape what you already do or perhaps leave it behind. Use your Premium Membership and your cards and journal to see what is possible in 2019.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I have Juno in Scorpio at 27 degrees in my chart. Can you help shed some light on what this full moon means for me?

    Many thanks!

    1. Juno in Scorpio in the Eighth House is a lifetime of commitments (Juno) to houses, apartments, money, charity, valuables or business (Eighth House) and perhaps particular wills and legacies. You ‘wed’ yourself to situations, people or organisations where there is a great deal to think about, financially. This Full Moon will remind you of old patterns around that (for example if a grandparent left you a legacy, or you divorced and had a settlement) and it will give you long pause for thought. Try not to do or say anything dramatic around finance or property, for example, unless you absolutely must. This Full Moon is a stretch. Good for soul-searching.

  6. Why man with birthday (March-07-1974) wish to meet me on May, 19, 2019????? Who is this man and how is he connected to me? Who is he really? He is operations director and his secretary send me e-mail to inform that he likes to meet me and will be happy to buy coffee.
    What?? I mean is this job opportunity or this what is this???

    What is this May 19 Fool Moon means for me and what will it bring to me…

    Thank you Jessica to shine your light…

    1. A coffee with a Pisces is always interesting (I just had dinner with a Pisces). This sign is famously intuitive so you should hear what this man has to say. He will be excited about a new project, tied to the internet or multimedia in some way, or which involves him communicating in a new way. Hear him out.

  7. Hi Jessica, I was born with Moon in Scorpio. I’m actually at a conference right now with all the top execs of my company. The conference will finish right before the full moon. How is it going to affect me? Maybe my career? Thank you!

    1. Interesting timing for the conference! The after-conference (the weekend) will be a real doozy for quite a lot of the executives in charge and you can bet that a radical new direction will come out of it. Being open to change is a really good idea for you. See what and who comes quite naturally that would mean a departure for you. An exciting new way of operating. Maybe groundbreaking!

  8. Hi, Jessica. I’m wondering how all this Taurus weather works out when you have a lot of Scorpio factors since so many things are getting triggered? Since I have not had (nor will I have) any partners, I’m wondering if this will mean I will be having more issues dealing with other people (foes)?

    1. You have never had any partners in your life? That is unusual. You sound quite sure that you will never have a partner, either. The Seventh House of your solar chart is obviously about a former, current or potential ‘other half’ and sometimes it can be professional rather than sexual. French and Saunders. Torvill and Dean. The Seventh House rules anyone who opposes you, or faces off with you, on the scales of justice – what is fair and equal – and so yes, you may be looking at a person who is coming from a totally different direction whom you need to find better harmony with.

  9. hi Jessica,
    How will the full moon play out for me personally? Any words of advice? I do not have any factors in Taurus or Scorpio mentioned in your post above.
    Thanks so much!!!

    1. You will be affected at a distance by what is going on politically and that is rather a lot this weekend. I don’t know where you live, but the waves of geopolitics will affect basic things, like the price of food in the supermarket, taxation, your work salary or cash flow and so on. India, Australia, Britain and the United States are at massive crossroads this weekend. The ripples from those shockwaves will reach your shore. It’s a good time to ‘think different’ and be open to change.

  10. Hello Jessica

    I have Minerva in my chart at 27 Taurus so how could this full moon affect me? I looked up and noticed she’s also in Taurus as she moves around.

    Best Wishes

    1. This weekend is really about looking at basic questions about your budget. About your values (who and what you put a price on – for example do you price your own generosity above saving money?) Maybe you value your commitment to a charity very highly. It may also be that you value never having to think about money at all or set a budget. Everyone is different. You might say that what you experience is here to shift your values. A new life budget is the likely result yet try to make it later rather than now. If you proceed full steam ahead with anything on a financial, business, charity or property level this weekend you are likely to find it’s a stretch. There will be a stretch anyway so why add to that? Once you have gone through this though, and also the Venus-Uranus changes, you are likely to find you want to do things rather differently. Be open to who and what comes. It may be unprecedented for you. For example, you may have always earned your money a certain way, but now there is a new way and it makes you independent of your old paymasters or colleagues. It could be exciting. Liberating. Being open to alternatives who/what is new and different is a really smart idea.

  11. This is all so interesting – thanks Jessica! Will one affected being one degree on either side of 3 degrees? I have Panacea 04° Taurus 22′ 17″.

    1. Uranus is edging up to a conjunction with your Panacea in Taurus in the Second House. In plain English you naturally find solutions and remedies for financial questions all the time. It may be charity, houses or apartments, art or jewellery, banking, insurance, taxation and so on. You are the only person who can ever figure out what is ethical or moral though! Your life path is about discovering that just because something works, does not always make it right. In 2019 and 2020, radical changes around you which come out of the blue and alter things very suddenly, suggest a new path with that. As a general rule this weekend is not the best time to attempt anything new or major with your money, yet you are likely to find that what goes on around you in the headlines, for example, ultimately has a knock-on effect. It is time to prepare yourself to meet ‘change with change’ and move on. There is no instruction manual for this, as you have just not experienced it in your lifetime, so you may want to ask around and canvass opinions you trust.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    Who keeps me stuck? Well, I abruptly resigned from my job after finding out that the founder was retaining my taxes and not submitting them. I have been feeling the call toward independence for several weeks. That helped me make a clear choice, unlike in the past when I would have given of myself until my self was certain to be without worth. No more. My rent raised–typical San Francisco. And so I feel I have been surfing this fairly well, know that I need to launch a freelance writing/podcasting business, and am nurturing courage.

    Do you have any guidance given all that has already transpired just in front of this full moon and its close relationship to my Moon and North and South Node?

    Thank you! Have a fabulous time in India.

    1. Thanks Carol – back from India now and in London, ready for an astrology event. This Full Moon is about your freelance writing or podcasting business specifically and how best to deal with that. You may have to abandon all your expectations that it would be something you can predict, exactly. It is going to jump around quite a lot and you may find you have spikes of business. If this was your entire career you would have to say, now and for some years to come, it is going to be wildly unpredictable. It would also be very exciting and you would have the independence you crave. Resigning was part of that. The trick with this cycle is to realise that you need bread and butter as well as cake. The thrill of picking up writing work as it arrives out of the blue is the cake. Yet, with your chart, you need some kind of ‘bread’ or dough, as the San Francisco hippies called it. This is a really good year to see what you can get away with in terms of finances. Your outrageous situation with the taxes in your previous job is a little bit of a clue. You have done the right thing all along, and others have not. Well, perhaps it’s time you chatted to a great accountant about what is possible for you with deductions, for example, or second and third income streams and the rest. There are legal ways to do what your old self might have been rather taken aback by! Certainly a terrific financial adviser should be your first stop.

  13. Dear Jessica,

    Based on my chart will I be effected anyway by this weeks full moon? Hoping for a much needed positive change.

    Looking forward to seen you on Saturday in London.



    1. The Full Moon is a stretch, as I’ve said to a few people, as the Sun is in an opposition with the Moon. You might sometimes see particular astrologers telling you it’s positive change or whatever, but it’s really not. It’s a ‘now or never’ crossroads NP and yet there are ways to deal with it, which I’ll go into, in the London event on Saturday (come up and say hi). Your best bet in 2019 is actually a project, plan, idea or course which grows with you. Perhaps you already took it, in the last few months. If you didn’t grab one opportunity, though, there will be another. It would use your ‘voice’ or way with words, so writing or public speaking would be typical, but also very likely the internet. A blog is another example. This is your dream ticket! We can talk about other issues at the event and it is my intention that you go home with solutions and some good things to look forward to 2019-2020.

  14. Hello Jessica, thank you again, for an insightful article. Thank you, as always, for your insight.

    I am a very Capricorn person who has both Scorpio and Taurus at 27 degrees. Although I have been a good person, I fear what you wrote about Capricorns tumbling. I’m in a divorce with a person who help the keys to the kingdom, and there were questionable money issues (on their part), and I left them due to this (and other things). The finances and kids are our issue. He wants both. I want to share. This is a Taurus, and using dirty tricks on me, too (lying, accusing). I have not. Also, I have been offered a promotion at work. I was not going to take it, so I can spend more time with kids, but now, looking at the situation, I wonder if I should.

    1. I am sorry you are going through a divorce and have a very difficult situation with this person. You have a lot going on! You are also a good person, as you say, and therefore there is really no Capricorn mountain goat descent. You only get this with the South Node if there is karma from the years 2000 or 1981 to resolve (maybe you ‘owe’ the universe or you ‘owe’ other people) and it is unlikely that you’re on that karmic track – so rest assured – your status will change, as the mountain to climb changes, but that’s really being shown by your promotion. That choice is yours and do use your Astrology Oracle or Tarot to help you choose. You are being caught by this Full Moon, though, so try next week and do use the journal that comes with membership too. (A Full Moon is always a stretch and you don’t need to add ‘stretch’ to the existing stretch!) I would change the way you think about your ex. Avoid using words like ‘he holds the keys to the kingdom’ because that is a very heavy thing to write and visualise. Try to reframe the past. Again you can use your cards to do that. I am going to show people how to do this in a workshop at The Astrological Lodge of London in just a few hours. Play with time and see if you can reframe the past with him so that the timeline becomes something easier to work with, than seeing yourself shut out of a kingdom by a lying, dirty king! If he had questionable money issues rest assured his karma will come in 2021, 2022, okay? He might be getting through for now, but karma will come calling. If you think of yourself as a very Capricorn person, ambitious and striving, then a promotion might be just what you need. Again, it is a personal decision for you.

  15. Fascinating stuff! A couple of topical things in Australia – firstly, #watergate and money from the sale of water involving the current energy minister, Angus Taylor. Tracing the Caymans money regarding it is slowly unfolding but will it happen in time for tomorrows election so people can vote being informed of any explosive revelations?

    And secondly, should Bill Shorten ascend to Australia’s iron throne he talked very positively about appointing Julie Bishop as ambassador to the US, which would place her very prominently as per your prediction.

    Also, do you have a strong feeling about Australia voting for a revolution regarding the redistribution of wealth? The two parties policies are very distinct from each other in this regard.

    1. Your message really interests me, as I just realised Bill Shorten, The Australian (hopeful) Prime Minister is jogging around Melbourne at dawn, and the game is really on. It certainly would be astonishing if ‘Watergate’ broke as people are actually voting. We have a weekend of shocks. No doubt about it. Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus is about complicated relationships (affairs, mother-son relationships, marriages) and also an economic or financial revolution. I suspect if you swim into the waters of Watergate far enough it won’t be long before you find a family, sexual or marital relationship is centre-stage. Julie Bishop is a bit of a mystery as she gives no firm birth data to astrologers (that I have found anyway). Yet, she is certainly a Sun Cancer person and the stage is set for her to rebel against her own party and go somewhere, where she can be far more independent. Australia’s vote is a sacred and precious thing, and astrology should not interfere with democracy on voting day – but let’s think long-term and look at the year 2021 – and as that is a history-making year when community, equality and diversity rule the world (and Australia) you’d have to say, the party which gets into power this weekend, is the party with a commitment to that. And that is your call.

  16. Hi Jessica!
    Great article!
    I was wondering, with this full moon in Scorpio, would a job and a country change be good for me? Could you please tell me how the aspects to this full moon look like for me?What should I expect for the near future?
    Thank you,

    1. The Full Moon is about an opposition between the Sun and Moon, and an opposition is always a stretch. It’s not really good for anything. What it does do, very well, is highlight and expose what you need to change. The Sun in Taurus, opposite the Moon in Scorpio is ‘lit’ so you can see where and how you need to make quite radical shifts with your house or apartment, Dana. Very likely your home town or homeland too, which is why you may be feeling the need to switch countries. I don’t advise making your mind up on a Full Moon because you do so in a situation where you or others are being pulled in two different directions. Give yourself a bit of time and space, yet, in 2019, you will surely decide to break away from the past in terms of ‘home’ and perhaps to be quite radical. You have to allow destiny to play its part too so there may be very good reasons, either in May when the Sun is in Taurus, or November, when the Sun is in Scorpio, for you to make a huge shift in favour of your own freedom, space and independence. This isn’t so much about your career – that is a separate issue. In fact, with work in general you are likely to find more of the same as the Node is there in your solar chart. So there may be a sense of ‘nothing ever changes’ with work or lifestyle – at least in 2019. Yet where your actual housing situation or sense of belonging to a place is concerned, a great deal will change if you let it. And the freedom will be exhilarating. Not this weekend, though. Wait.

  17. Dear Jessica … I am wondering how the Venus Uranus conjunction will affect me… though another very strange astrological aspect is currently impacting my chart the nodal Asia and the mc ic are both on the Capricorn cancer aisasthey are in my chart. So I was wondering how these affect me. Both transiting axis have hit my chart this week. Early in the week I was feeling extraordinarily depressed / tearful and was wondering if this was related.


    1. I am so sorry you have been living with depression this week CT. I am sure you have a good doctor, but if not, that is your first port of call. In addition to medical treatment for depression, I am sure you know there are complementary therapies which can help you. Yoga is turning up, again and again, in research. Sometimes you are too exhausted for that, though, so this weekend is the time to go and find Betty Shine and Matthew Manning’s audio on YouTube. Two famous British healers whose work is partly free there. Depression is usually about Saturn or Ceres in the chart under transit. Sometimes it’s Saturn and Ceres passing through and making an angle to your chart. We have Saturn circling your own Sun and Saturn in the later degrees of Capricorn so you certainly need more rest. You may need more sleep. It might benefit you to find out more about giving your mind a rest (from your mind) and meditation is superb for that. This holds good for 2019 as a whole.

  18. Hey Jessica!
    I got in my program at school! I am relieved, excited, and nervous. Also, the ex Libra has been in contact. His birthday is 10/21/84) Not sure what to do. Trying to be open, but he has shown me again and again he is full of it. Taking a whirlwind solo weekend trip this weekend. Any insights? Also, I think Donald Trump is way too egotistical to use astrology. He thinks he can do it all by himself and he doesn’t need to learn anything. That’s all I am going to say about that. I get a bit animated. Have a good weekend!

    1. Congratulations on your school program acceptance. Your Sun Libra ex partner is trying to see what he can get away with. This is possibly because of another friend or advisor of his who is urging him to do what others might say is outrageous. It is certainly audacious. It is your choice about what to say to him. I would suggest avoiding Full Moon weekend, though. The sky doesn’t fall on your head, but it’s just a stretch. Who needs a stretch, on top of a stretch? We have Venus conjunct Uranus this weekend which is in the sign of Taurus, which rules our value system. So, there is a rebellious mood in the air too. If you both/either had money issues in the relationship (the share of the rent for example or access to your mutual Rolls Royce!) then it’s very likely you will personally be putting a price on your own freedom and independence from that – and finding you’d quite like to pay it!

  19. Thank you so much for this article. What a day! Huge! I’m a Capricorn (not entirely sure how to interpret my chart – not sure if you can see via my membership) but yesterday my ex and I managed to get together to sign our divorce papers, I filed and have a hearing date for July 4.
    Also yesterday, had an unexpected chat with the person I’ve been seeing about where we were headed – both of us in different places. What a day! Is there any insight you can give based on my chart about this relationship? So much appreciated if possible.

    1. Congratulations on getting to your divorce. I am sure you know you have the transiting North Node of karma in your solar Seventh House of marriage and divorce right now – and in 2020 too. This is closure, hopefully, on old soul contracts, for both of you. You are also talking to someone new and potentially important. The answer is children. You both need to talk about any children you have, or want, or don’t want. Any pregnancies that were lost in the past. Stepchildren, adoption, IVF, the lot. That’s really important for you to sort out and you need to look at how much freedom you want.

  20. Hello Jessica. Your article is another source of understanding facts and behaviors in both personal and global level.
    I am deeply grateful for that.
    The man I am interested in, is Taurus born in May 17th. He has factors in Capricorn (Neptune 15th degree, Uranus 9th degree, Saturn 25th degree), Venus in Aries 15 degree,Jupiter in Cancer 10th degree, and Mars in Neptune 21st degree. Besides his strong character he has a tendency for anything that drags him out of the unreal and i believe that Neptune conjunct his mars will identify that.
    I am Capricorn (Sun 17th degree, Venus 15th degree, Mercury and Neptune 4th degree).I also have retrograde Aesculapia in Taurus in 21st degree, Mars in Scorpio (15th degree) and Moon in Sag 20 degree. I am trying to figure out whether US will work and your insight or advise would be very helpful!
    Love Eliz

    1. Eliz, it is about children, pure and simple. You do not say if you have children or want them/do not want them. You also do not say if he has children, wants them or does not want them. Yet it is at the heart of the matter for both of you. It is a good time to have an honest conversation with yourself about how you genuinely feel about marriage or other commitments, like parenthood, or being a step-parent. If freedom and independence matter more, then ask yourself if you are choosing a person or relationship situation which is essentially erratic, unpredictable, unreliable, uncertain (and all the u-words) in order to create space for yourself. People with your chart patterns can fall obsessively in love with someone they do not know very well, with no guarantees, and no really good chance of permanent commitment, so that they can have the hormonal highs without the total loss of freedom that comes with marriage. But as I said, it’s about the children, fertility, pregnancy, adoption, stepchildren and so on. That is where your conversation should happen.

  21. The full moon falls in my scorpio stellium!! Conjunct my natal sun, venus and moon? What are some of the major themes to ve expected for this transit?

    1. We’re past that Full Moon now, and your Sun, Venus and Moon are not in exact aspect (I only use 0-1 orbs in this chart system). So really, it’s been and gone, and with less drama than you probably expected, as you don’t have a triple conjunction, and that was not a trigger. However – this is very important – May as a whole is about doing some life sums and soul arithmetic. You need to put a price tag on who/what is so precious you call it priceless. That may be time off work, it may be peace and quiet, it may be not having a huge pile of receipts! You will have your own story. That Taurus-Scorpio Full Moon was about values, as well as what is valuable, so you are having a real confrontation with your own value system and how to update it and make it fit into your lifestyle.

  22. wondering if you could help, Ive written numerous times. I am depressed my insurance is not allowing me to see the doctors I need . So the physical and mental pain continues, financially ive hit bottom where I am currently staying is without a hint of security and the one person who claims to love me offers zero help emotionally or just as a partner. its nothing new hes always been cold . I thought I could accept this since ive loved him my entire life but it finally sunk in that he just doesnt want to be alone . if I wasn’t here someone else would certainly take my place quickly
    Im old with nothing of value, no car no family except my adult disabled child Ive tried holding on for him but I really cant keep going
    I am asking you one more time to give me something to hold onto or I am done
    8/28/66 811am

    1. Will you please ring the Samaritans or a similar confidential telephone helpline as soon as you read this. In the United States the website is here, with the number You are ill with depression and the Samaritans offer trained counsellors who can listen and help you. I travel a great deal as part of my work and I am not available to answer every question or comment, and I am very sorry to have missed this. Please reach out and get immediate help until such time as you can get back to your doctor. I recommend The Samaritans. Thank you.

  23. Jessica,
    I am hoping you can help me. I am suffering overwhelming depression and just can’t pull myself out of this dark hole. I have been seeing a psychologist and am taking high doses of meds but nothing is working. Is this related to anything in my chart ? I am trying to stay strong, but it is getting harder and harder.
    Thank you x

    1. You poor thing. I really feel for you. Start working with your chart as a complementary method, okay? Depression is shown by Saturn. You were born with Saturn at 15 Pisces in the Twelfth House opposite Uranus at 14 Virgo in the Sixth House. You can look those separate terms up on Search. You carry a secret burden. Perhaps two or three. This may be your ‘inner demons’ as they say or your relationship with your God may be involved. I am glad you are seeing a psychologist. Are you working with your dreams? Dreams can help you get to the core of what is really secret, or covered up, or ‘forgotten’ and yet it happened. Uranus right opposite from your house of body, mind and spirit suggests that you would benefit from yoga or meditation. So very much. I am not saying it will be easy, because it will be hard work – but you will get to know yourself and your patterns very well. Have a look at your actual medication too – the pills. Are you aware of the Johann Hari book on depression? People rave about it. He is against medication, quite radically so. I wish there was more space and time to give you a longer reply, but let me also add you were born with Ceres at 1 Aries, Venus at 2 Libra, Mars at 0 Scorpio. This is very specifically about love, sex and relationships and particularly about your former, current or potential mates. And sometimes they would not feel like your mates at all. You are having a ‘breakthrough’ couple of years in 2019 and 2020 as Uranus, the planet of sudden awakening, radical change, freedom, liberation and the rest goes to 1, 2 Taurus. The lightning bolt that illuminates the sky. Have a very, very long look at the part that sex has played in your past. That is the key, actually. And you will figure this out. But you are going to need support from more than just your psychologist. I strongly recommend a circle of women to you. Hang in there. You can and will change this. And you will need a physical outlet for the emotions, beyond yoga. Even very fast walking can do that. Say a little prayer to your family in spirit who look after you and see who and what turns up next week.

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