Taurus Birthday Horoscope


The Taurus Birthday Horoscope 2019-2020

Knowledge is power and he/she who knows the most – most broadly – can push forward in 2019 and 2020. Remember your Mercury Retrograde cycle if you are travelling or moving mid-year and note the usual rules.

Happy Birthday Taurus! Here are some key takeaways from your Taurus 2019-2020 Birthday Horoscope:

  • Knowledge is power and he/she who knows the most – most broadly – can push forward in 2019 and 2020.
  • Remember your Mercury Retrograde cycle if you are travelling or moving mid-year and note the usual rules.
  • Check your personal birth chart to see if the wider Taurus story about financial solutions features there too.
  • You will not be able to separate sex from money, to put it bluntly, in this cycle – but you have big options.
  • From April 18th, 2019, the confused/confusing situation with friends and groups ends – boundaries help in future.
  • Uranus in Taurus gives you space to experiment with a relaunch or rebirth, particularly in May 2019.

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43 Responses

  1. Jessica, thank you for all your pieces lately. Stunning information. Hubby is May 2, 1973 at 12:24 AM ET. He has been trying to find a new job for the last 7 years to no avail. He’s outgrown his current one a few times over but can’t seem to escape. Will that change for him this year? Many thanks.

    1. Thank you! I am so sorry that your husband has been trying to find a new role – and escape the current one – without any luck. He will turn his career and life around from December 2020 with an open door not possible in 12 years – and challenges not possible in 29 years. From 2023 his entire industry, business or profession will transform with reshuffles, mergers, promotions, demotions and so on. Until then he needs to be crystal clear about his ambition, no matter how ambitious it actually is, and start visualising/sketching what he wants to achieve and why.

  2. HI Jessica I am currently diving deep into trauma healing through the mind body connection, very much a student of life via the internet abd borrowed books! I want to ripen to the possibility that I can be physically beautiful, creative and confident…as shallow as that may sound. I’ve never felt any of those things before and I am now ready to be different in a good way, of course! A major life relaunch that brings back my innately playful disposition you might say. It sounds like for once I might be actually aligning with the stars … can you please tell me more about when I will really publicly embody these new aspects of myself that I’m currently looking to develop? Thank you for all that you do xx

    1. You could use the regular lunar transits every month to help you go further, faster, so look for the Moon in Aries in your First House of image and then the Moon in Virgo in your Sixth House of the body and soul. Use your journal and also your Tarot and Astrology cards to guide the process. Four of us involved with this website are Reiki healers and this Reiki ‘flow’ of healing seems to go quite naturally into the cards and the site itself, so you are welcome to come back here and use your Premium Member cards, journal and so on as often as you wish, to turn things around for yourself. Little by little. Use the ‘moonthly’ or monthly Moon cycles as much as you can with your personal birth chart.

  3. Born on May 20th an slided in a new life started in April 2018. got married, ended Career end of 2018, searching for a new one and feeling so happy and free After so many long and hard years. But still there is always this shadow with fear of what challenge or chrisis is waiting and hitting next… 50th Birthday is coming next month and I wish there is good times ahead for us but this shadow is with me. If I name him somehow like Ernest or Freddy he could feel lighter or will he dissapear?

    1. It sounds as if you are describing the shadow of anxiety or depression here. Depression was named The Black Dog by Winston Churchill and in Australia we have an institute named after this dog. Take a look at the website and books, the videos and more which come from here – they are very useful and have helped millions of people. If you have nameless anxiety, then know it is a medical condition and can be treated, free, without medication, by techniques of mind and meditation. Try Dr. Claire Weekes, free on YouTube. Try Matthew Manning the wonderful healer, also free on YouTube. Try Betty Shine there too. As a Taurus, you have breakthroughs due with your very soul or spirit. The key to that is to go inwards and meditation is an excellent way. It could change your life. Some call it ‘mindfulness’ and again it is free to access online. Happy Birthday!

  4. Hi Jessica,

    What should I expect when the node returns conjuncts my natal node axis in 2021? I have a stellium in Gemini and a stellium in Sag.


    1. You go back 19 years with the Node cycle into past lives, so you would start at that particular month, and go back 19 years, 19 years, 19 years and so on. Sir Winston Churchill had a node axis in Gemini (radio) and Sagittarius (foreigners) and Gemini also ruled his famous speeches, while Sagittarius ruled the BBC (‘Nation shall speak peace unto nation.’) Churchill had no idea about this at all, we can be sure, but he lived his chart. You will live yours. In the 21st century it is about the worldwide web.

  5. Jessica,
    What electrical storm will happen to me Monday 22 and Tuesday 23…
    Thank you for your bright light… I read my daily horoscope and I wonder will they let me go off work because out of nowhere they sent again one man and told him his position is eliminated because of company restructuring.. When I read my horoscope for today I am scared what’s next and I still cannot find new opportunity / job…

    1. Okay, so astrology is not there to scare you! Uranus and his electrical storms liberates, sets free, releases, brings relief – just a storm does after a long period of tension. If you remember how stagnant, hot and sticky things are before lightning, thunder and rain you have an idea of what comes with the Sun’s conjunction to Uranus in Taurus. This feeling of ‘waiting for something to happen’ is characteristic of Uranus in Taurus and although it comes as a jolt, it will also galvanise you. Look up Uranus on Search for more on this planet and its cycles.

  6. Yay! Always love the birthday horoscope, thanks for this gift! My life has sure been crazy in the past year, but have felt so stuck until recently! Any idea what part of my chart i should focus on for the next year? I really want to get moving but don’t know where to start! Thanks again, can’t wait to dance in this storm!

    1. Thank you! The key here is your group. It involves friends. You need to get real about this and keep it real. There are fuzzy boundary issues here. Like a friend being a colleague. Or the group crossing the line into your career and then back. There is a fair bit of confusion here and it will really help you to get crystal clear about this, specifically now that Mercury is back online.

  7. Wow, Jessica, this is as illuminating and revealing as always – I’m fascinated by the patterns that keep repeating themselves, especially the 19 year cycle of the north-south node, since my journey in academia started 19 years ago – it totally changed my life! What changes can I expect this time around?

    Á x

    1. You can predict your own future, as they may have been doing at Stonehenge, just by going back to your diaries and letters from around 19 years before – what or whom was unresolved, needs closure, suggests a reward may be overdue, or some kind of settlement needed – will be around again! It’s personal to you.

      1. Great! I really feel 1999-2000 was very significant for me, so looking forward to seeing what this cycle brings.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the wonderful insights as usual. I have had a rough time as of late, feeling a bit “stuck” since January however I do feel like the dark clouds are beginning to lift. I am just wondering what is next for me in terms of finances and housing situation. I am living and working in places where I am not too happy.

    Thank you as always.

    1. These things do pass. You are not yet who you are supposed to be -in terms of branding, image, name, title, shape, face, style, profile and the rest. I guess your money and home is part of that. Have a look at what is possible for you using the good old internet, at the very least, to project the image you feel will get you the most places in life – with money and with a house or apartment. Be the face you need to be, to get what makes your heart sing. The time is absolutely right in 2019 and specifically now through the end of May. Life can turn on a dime. Try Twitter. I love it!

  9. Hi Jessica,
    Finally, at the age of 42, I realize who my soul mate is. We met in 1999 in India, were friends, secretly in love, but never told each other then. He is a Capricorn, born January 7. Currently i’m stuck in a dead marriage here in United States. Will I ever be able to marry my soul mate? Will I be able to settle back in India any time soon? I wish for your valuable insight
    Thank you

    1. I would need him to be a Premium Member too, asking the same question, so I could read both your charts! Soul mate is a big question. Sorry.

  10. Hi Jessica,i need your advise please.I dreamt of a white lady in love with me for six months . Every month twice and that was last year.Come december 24th i came to learn this lady in person and live.After 4 months of communication now she is aaking for marriage.She was born on the 18th of june 1971 while i was born on 1st Sept.1970.Will the this marriage work uf i proceed marrying her? Well,we love each other but i dont want to risk due to my past life.
    Yours Mwanyule

    1. I’m sorry Mwanyule but I need two horoscopes to look at – I can tell you that you need to know exactly what you are doing about being parents before you get married as it is children which will be a major issue for you until 2023. She is lucky to have met you, by the way.

      1. Thank you Jessica,her dates of birth is on 18th of june 1971 at 11:55 am in Hamburg Germany and i was born on the 1st of Sept 1970 at 5:30 am in Malindi Kenya.Coming to the children as you said on my side,am a widower and have already kids and she is a widow and has already kids and dont want more kids.Can i proceed please?

        1. You are your own best judge of that, which is why I suggest that with huge life decisions like this, you become a Premium Member and use both the Tarot cards and the Astrology Oracle and your journal to figure things out. Thank you.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    It’s my birthday month and you are so on the money! After several stalled years on the career front, I’m finally being spoilt for choice with 4 job offers internally. I feel the outcome of this choice will be significant. Any advice on how I should best align myself for the greatest chance at success?

    Similarly, relationships over the past few years have been intense, fast burning and exhausting. What should I focus on personally/demographically/geographically, to attract the right kind of life partner? I don’t have a “type”, other than attracting the emotionally extreme. It’s obviously something I’m doing!

    Appreciate and value your insights 🙂

    1. Happy Birthday. I’m glad the astrology is working for you. Four job offers – wow. I don’t have charts for the organisations so please use Tarot and Astrology Oracle cards and your journal. All of these are exclusively available to you as a member. Your partnership will sort itself out when you figure out career, success, ambition, position and mission. Only when you are on the right mountain, can you make any relevant choices about the sort of lover or partner you want. So find one of those four jobs – congratulations!

  12. Hi Jessica, do you have any advice for me on upcoming divorce and finding new partner? Taurus april 30 1957. Recently left by leo husband aug 10 965. Waiting to be served divorce papers. Not employed due to need for oxygen machine. He found affair partner who wasnt disabled. Now what do I do except wait for him to file papers…Very complicated situation

    1. It is a complicated situation, as you say. It should make you feel better to know you are divorcing in the best possible year, in terms of finances, your house or apartment. It will take time. You will have to spend most of 2019 compromising, but even if it takes you until November it will be worth spending time figuring out what is fair, reasonable and right. You do not say if you ever had children or not but that would be a major issue if so. Long-term you and your former Leo partner could actually have a friendship together – did you know? That would be possible from 2021 if you both worked at it and wanted it. For now, trust the process in terms of the divorce and watch the karma you create and make this year, as you will have final closure, on a soul level, when the South Node goes into Sagittarius, after the current Node cycle ends in 2020. In general 2021-2022 looks like a major time of reckoning with your Leo ex on a spiritual level and this may well be when you start dating someone new. You are going through a classic ‘life reckoning’ and ‘life budget’ new cycle when you will put a different price tag on the things money cannot buy. Keeping a journal will help so please download the one you have as a Premium Member or just start scribbling. You need to figure this, literally, with numbers in 2019-2022.

  13. Hi Jessica, Your comments have always been so spot on its amazing. I have come through the upheaval of both parents passing away last year, my father on Xmas Day, and am now currently working through the sale of their family home, my amazing legacy. Does my chart highlight any times that are particularly postive for the sale of the home? When it does come through, the majority of it will be devoted to finding a getaway place of peace for myself and the family, and with health issues in the family that seem to keep arising, I think my parents would say is a good choice!

    1. Thank you, I am glad the astrology is useful for you. I am sorry you have been through that massive loss of both parents passing away. You need to sell their home, and of course they want what is best for you. I am a great believer in watching for signs and clues from spirit people so if you have seen any, or will do so, do take it seriously. It is usually quite striking, highly unusual and has a bit of ‘wow!’ about it. In general, we are in for an unpredictable May with the world economy and property prices. It has already started, just as the astrology predicted, with Trump making comments that are leading to a big plunge in the value of the Chinese economy. When China sneezes the world catches a cold. In that kind of atmosphere, house and apartment prices make crazy variations. Juno at 2 Taurus and Moon at 4 Scorpio in your chart are right in the zone of zig-zags. You have Uranus (the radical change) at 2 Taurus now through 2020 and moving to oppose your Moon at 4 Scorpio in this time frame too. So as a general rule for this time, be open to what is unexpected, unlikely, unusual and unique. Gently set aside the ‘knowns’ and assumptions about property, or the old rules. In astrology Uranus in Taurus comes along every 80 years to tell us that a revolution is here and nothing will ever be the same again. I know you want a peaceful getaway which is a start. Your parents would want that too. The ‘how’ of getting there will not be what you expected. If there is no particular deadline or rulebook for you, stay open, stay tuned, and zig-zag when things zig-zag around you. Try not to be too firmly attached to one kind of home, one area, one price and the rest. It’s not going to be like that. Do write down what you dream of for yourself and the family, cut out pictures or clip from Pinterest, make notes and even say it loud so your parents are clear. Then allow.

  14. Hi Jessica,
    Apologies – I’m not a Taurus and I apologise to all Taurean’s for hijaking your birthday post…Happy Birthday to you all! But I feel the Bull has just come rampaging into my chart this past month. Life was good – I survived 7 years of Uranus tormenting my Jupiter in Aries. Chiron starts up – I’m feeling like I can start to breath….until the beginning of this month. You’ve mentioned in this months predictions that those with Taurus-Scorpio factors will be affected. I haven’t given it much thought until today when I looked closely at my chart and…Oh My Nodes! What I’m experiencing is NOT minor. There’s a ‘FOR SALE’ sign placed out the front of my blissfully rented home! My life has suddenly begun revolving around mortgage brokers, real estate agents, tax and pay. Uranus in Taurus for the next 7 years…I’m hoping it won’t be like the last 7? With my South Node in Taurus – is it just this month that I can expect such an impact? If not – how and when?
    Much Love,

    1. I’m sorry your home has suddenly gone up for sale. That sounds like Uranus in Taurus. And you have your Nodes on the Taurus-Scorpio axis. You may also need to look at the zodiac sign of Cancer in your chart CN, which rules the Fourth House of property, just as Taurus and Scorpio rule finance. Hygiea at 7 Cancer and Uranus at 1 Scorpio tell the story here. Not so much your Nodes, although that does indicate you have many lifetimes of being rich and poor. Both landlady and tenant. What you are experiencing is the shock of transiting Uranus at 0, 1,2 Taurus right opposite natal Uranus at 1 Scorpio. This is ‘transiting Uranus opposition natal Uranus’ if you wish to Google search and find others going through it. Hygiea in Cancer in the Fourth House is your need to protect the future and if you have been living this out in your life, you would have taken steps to protect against this kind of outcome a long time ago. (Maybe stashing money aside or having Plan B or C). In general, now through 2020, as Uranus goes back and forth in the early degrees of Taurus, you need to stay mobile, stay light on your feet, be open to what comes, stay flexible and remain ‘bendy’. This is the best possible way to handle the transit. After Uranus finally moves off your own Uranus, you have many years’ grace until he moves to 22 degrees and sits on your Nodes. That can and should be liberating. It will likely involve the legacy or inheritance of someone in your world – Scorpio rules such things – or at least the contents of that legacy – they can be alive and well at such a time, but there may a change when Uranus finally goes to 22 Taurus which liberates you in terms of the family/partnership/property/money story then…

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Greetings! Uranus has finally landed in my Sun sign, Taurus although I am a “late” Taurus as my Sun is at 24 degrees with the Moon and Mercury at earlier degrees in Taurus.
    Travel, as indicated in my 2019-2020 horoscope above is quite heavily mentioned, so to speak, which is kind of playing out exactly as per your prediction above, also the bits about moving apartments, cities etc.
    What do you reckon, looking at my chart above, is indicated for the rest of the 2019 and 2020 as far as finances are concerned? For me, this seems to be a primary concern in more than many ways. I know for the next 7 years my life is going to go through massive changes as it has been for a long time now because of Saturn and Pluto placements since 2008 and onwards until now.
    PLEASE, have a peak at my horoscope when you get a moment and advise me as to what you see going forward. Very grateful for all you do and have always loved your astrology – you stand out high above any other astrologers. I mean it!!
    Thank you in advance.

    PS. A committed Premium member, now and always!

    1. Thank you MMS. Seven years of Uranus in Taurus in your Second House is indeed a really long time. The change happens in stages. It may be that you begin to question your food budget or the kind of food you buy. There may be sudden and quite exciting new ways to make money. You may find it comes from nowhere, and you have to respond quickly when that happens. You are also likely to find that deals you had counted on fall through. Uranus in Taurus is like that. Really it is about being given freedom, space and independence with your finances. Forget what used to happen because that is not where you are going. Tiny signs have already been there. More will come (big ones) in 7 years. Make it your business to find out what is going on out there on the cutting edge of change. The climate emergency will have a massive impact on property prices and agriculture and the food supply chain around the world. So will arrests made of money launderers who violate human rights and all the accountants who use them – and their clients. It goes on! You are going to be a good case of someone who gets the ripples from the big bricks thrown all around you, next 7 years. Track alternatives with banking because banks are over. Track alternatives to paper and metal money and local currency because that is also over. I can’t say any more than that because you don’t give me any specific information or questions. This is a general statement about the way things are going out there with Uranus in Taurus and many astrologers are saying the same thing as me!

      1. Thank you, Jessica for such a quick response! Truly appreciate it.
        Basically, continual problems with “enough” $$$’s in my account to pay the bills as and when they come due is the biggest headache besides the relationship issue I faced because of separation and divorce after 34 years of being married, has left many bouts of self doubts.
        I understand that the Universe wants the best for all of us but sometimes I wonder if it is all Karma as at every stage since I lost my employment in 2014, nothing seems to work.
        You have so many followers and I know you have to pay attention to their queries too – so, I do understand if you do not have time anytime soon to answer the above questions on $$$$’s and relationships.
        I wish I was living in London as I would have surely booked an appointment to come and see you.
        Thank you and bless you for your amazing insight. I love astrology and I love your work.
        Have a great week. Sincerely,

        1. Money is always such fun, isn’t it. Nothing confronts us more. I am sorry that you have that to deal with along with the emotional challenge of leaving a marriage and not having a job. I might look at the Tarot as just one card can sometimes unlock so much. That is the brilliance of Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur Waite, who created this deck for all time. You have the Four of Cups. You need to ground yourself. You are not living in the real world and that does not make you happy. You may be living with mild depression or something more serious to deal with. Are you aware of that? Depression is the common cold of mental health. Doctors are there to support you, along with sensible additions like yoga (very good for depression). You also need to remember where you come from. Your family tree. Your roots. Dig back into that and you will feel a lot better. You do have at least three solid gold people in your life. Worth their weight in gold. They will not stick around or draw close to you unless you try. And you are not trying because you are not grounded, and your energy is withdrawn into yourself – you are not reaching out. Anyone can understand that after all you have been through but your actual potential in life is fine. So much is possible for you. These people can help. You can go explore all kinds of options. But you need to work on yourself. Have a look at Matthew Manning and Betty Shine on YouTube. All free. Both great. They may start something for you. Yoga will. So will meditation which grounds your base chakra in mother earth. As I typed that, auto-correct gave me mother-in-law. Is that an issue?

          1. Thank you, dear Jessica! You are a true blessing.
            Peace always and thank you again.

  16. Hello Jessica, I hope you have been well. I have recently been offered an opportunity to foray into the world of high class business companionship (no sex). This would be a perfect opportunity for me to get back on top of our family finances. How do you see this panning out for me?
    Many thanks to you xx.

    1. This wins comment of the day! (If I ever had a comment of the day, of course). High-class business companionship is Scorpio and Eighth House. You have Ops at 20 Scorpio in your Eighth House so do look up Ops – and that house. You would have issues when Uranus goes to 20 Taurus some years from now and opposes Ops, so watch what you put in writing, promise or put in action – there would be a sudden challenge later – but for now, why not? Ops was the problem-solver of astrology. She was a mother figure and a wife figure, rather like the former P.M. Margaret Thatcher (!) so I would not be at all surprised if wearing a suit with a pussy-cat bow blouse worked rather well for you, along with the attitude! (Ops was found in the year P.M. Thatcher took power).

      1. Oh haha I’m glad I made the virtual comment of the day!! It’s interesting because I was playing around with trying to figure out my chart whatwith Jupiter in Aries and of course, Ops in Scorpio…I also gave the oracle card reading a whirl too and, wouldn’t you know it? Midheaven in the 8th house!! Thank you for your lovely reply, although I’m not sure I’ll ever think about Margaret Thatcher the same way now…fortunately the attire sounds like a plan though! xx

  17. Jessica

    I know I’m a month behind but life has taken me over at a staggering pace.

    Divorce ongoing in 4th yr now and I’m feeling trapped, despairing and exhausted- will this be finalized this year.

    Work- stick in job where I exist but do not flourish… no job offers coming my way that will wake me up again and stimulate me to develop and learn

    Love- meeting guys but pretty casual until this 1 guy ( Scorpio 25/10/74 born Paris ) lived in another country travelled to me and met many times- immediate connection even before we met and then when we did it was easy, natural and like we had met before- all going great then out of blue on May 16th it all went wrong because he crossed a line with me.( intimately) .. I’m confused and heartbroken…. I feel so deeply sad…can we fix us?

    Would love you to see what this year will help me do

    1. I am so sorry that you are in your fourth year of divorce – and that you have broken up with another man. That is a lot for your heart to take. Your divorce should be settled to your satisfaction – not perfection, but satisfaction – no later than December. Time and good fortune are on your side with this break-up so stay the course, give and take, keep hoping and aim for the biggest and best, as some version of that is waiting for you, in November. You are now going through a ‘reckoning up’ of your values. Your chart is strongly Taurean and Uranus is in Taurus, the sign we associate with your value system. What you will, or will not, sell your heart and soul for, when it comes to finance, business and property. If you were to separate the question about a joint bank account, a shared home, mortgage, property investment and the rest from the business of love and sex, it would probably be easier. What is happening here is that you are in a completely new cycle where you have to add up a new life budget and ‘do the maths’ regarding what money cannot buy. For example, you may date a potential new lover who is well off, with whom you could see a future in terms of an apartment, but it costs in a price you do not want to pay emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, sexually and so on. This is pretty classic for a strongly Taurus person. It does get better and easier. The reckoning up with your former husband is one example of this. Sometimes women will pay the price just to get rid of the hassle. (They give away possessions they own, for example, because they reckon it’s worth sacrificing $1000 worth of furniture just to get some idiot out of their hair!) We have to keep our sense of humour about these things. Essentially, this year is about learning all that. Figuring out a new life and love ‘budget’ is not a bad idea. See what your Tarot and Astrology Oracle cards are telling you, regarding this. It could help you make sense of the Scorpio (who is also innately concerned with the bank this year) and also your former husband. Once you’ve learned what you needed to know about yourself, you can move onto a new relationship.

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