How Nostradamus Predicted the Notre Dame Fire

The terrible Notre Dame Fire in Paris on Monday 15th April 2019 at 6.20pm (local time) was predicted by Nostradamus, the astrologer who also saw The Great Fire of London. He used astrology to time it - using Jupiter and Saturn.

How Nostradamus Predicted the Notre Dame Fire

D4OQnD6WsAE1dzI 1 e1555455308128 600x582 - How Nostradamus Predicted the Notre Dame Fire

The dreadful sight of Notre Dame Cathedral on fire on Monday 15th April 2019, after the first alarm had sounded at 6.20pm, looked like a Nostradamus prophecy come to life. A burning sun, a falling spire and orange flames.

As we’ll see in a moment, that is because it was. A quatrain written 500 years ago by the French astrologer predicted it. This image of Nostradamus comes from one of the best astrology/biography sites online, 

Nostradamus biography com - How Nostradamus Predicted the Notre Dame Fire

The Head of Aries, Jupiter and Saturn

This is the original prediction by Nostradamus in French and English, from the only Nostradamus translation I use – by British author Ned Halley – with astrology clues which point to the first alarm at 6.20pm Monday 15th, April 2019. Source: The Guardian

What is astonishing in this Nostradamus prediction, written centuries ago and translated decades ago – is the use of the word ’emotions’ which is the exact word used on Twitter by French President Emmanuel Macron to describe France’s response.

“Notre-Dame is engulfed with flames. Emotion of the whole nation. Thoughts are with Catholics and all the French. Like all citizens, I am sad to see this part of us burn.”

As you can see below, President Macron’s first name – Emmanuel – which refers to God – appears in the second line.

This comes from the only translation I use for Nostradamus: the Millennium edition.

Chef d’Aries, Jupiter et Saturne,
Dieu eternel quelles mutations?
Puis par long siecle son maling temps retourne,
Gaule et Italie, quelles emotions?

The head of Aries, Jupiter and Saturn,
God eternal, what changes can be expected?
Following a long century, evil will return
France and Italy, what emotions will you undergo?

The Notre Dame Nostradamus Horoscope

Set for the moment the alarm sounded (either for smoke or heat, according to the public prosecutor Rémy Heitz, this is an astrological chart which confirms the Nostradamus prediction. Chiron is at the ‘head’ or beginning of the zodiac sign Aries, a fire sign. Chiron is at 3 Aries here, exactly quincunx the Moon at 3 Virgo. Uranus is close by at 2 Taurus.

Jupiter is at 24 Sagittarius, the sign which rules religion, making patterns with Pluto at 23 Capricorn and Venus at 23 Pisces. Capricorn is a symbol of structure, tradition and the establishment. Pisces rules Christianity – the two fishes.

Saturn is at 20 Capricorn, conjunct the South Node at 21 Capricorn – again this is a picture of hierarchy, monuments and tradition. The North Node at 21 Cancer in the sign of patriotism, family, home and country stands opposite.

Notre Dame Blaze 6 20pm 600x351 - How Nostradamus Predicted the Notre Dame Fire
Notre Dame Nostradamus Astrology Chart.


Nostradamus and The Great Fire of London

content 1 - How Nostradamus Predicted the Notre Dame FireAstrologer and psychic Nostradamus published Les Propheties in 1555 – The Prophecies. He predicted The Great Fire of London in 1666:

The blood of the just will be lacking in London
Burnt up in the fire of ’66
The ancient Lady will topple from her high place
Many of the same sect will be killed.

On September 2nd, 1666, a fire in Thomas Farriner’s bakery on Pudding Lane in London turned into a three-day disaster. The Great Fire of London. What is remarkable about this, is that similar astrology cycles were also in place. We have to wonder how Nostradamus was working. He cast horoscopes but also used scrying to see his clear visions of the future. Was he looking at an historic Capricorn cycle and seeing not only 1666 but also 2019?

Nostradamus and Hitler

Nostradamus wrote “The greater part of the battlefield will be against Hister. Into a cage of iron will the great one be drawn, when the child of Germany observes nothing.” He was out by one letter of the alphabet, but this is one of his most famous visions. Both these translations come from the Millennium Edition of his work. It is important to work with the right translation of the Prophecies because a great deal can hang on one word. Ned Halley’s book (pictured with the quatrain in question) is the best Nostradamus source I have found. This screen shot shows the French quatrain (four-line prediction) and its English translation by Halley, below.

Ned Halley e1555455490636 - How Nostradamus Predicted the Notre Dame Fire

France and Italy

God eternal, what changes can be expected?
Following a long century, evil will return
France and Italy, what emotions will you undergo?

French President Emmanuel Macron, who arrived at the scene early, said his thoughts were with “all Catholics and all French people. The BBC reported his quote: “Like all of my countrymen, I am sad tonight to see this part of us burn.”

Deep Emotion and a Dramatic Fire

Given that Nostradamus was writing in the mid 1500’s, his use of the word ’emotions’ is striking, not only because as we saw earlier, Macron used it – but also because UNESCO used it too. Again, this is from Twitter:

“Deep emotion in the face of this dramatic fire at the cathedral.” 

bigstock Architectural Details Of Notre 289031893 600x450 - How Nostradamus Predicted the Notre Dame Fire

“It’s a devastating image because Notre Dame, Paris and France play a key role in the history of European Christendom, that is second only to Rome and the Vatican,” Massimo Faggioli, a professor of theology and religious studies at Villanova University, told Al Jazeera. “This is really a fire at the heart of Christianity.”

One of the most striking images of Notre Dame that we have, before the fire took the spire forever, is of renovation work (which authorities blame for the blaze) lifting a stone angel high above Paris. The angel below (pictured in the brilliant French website, The Local) has an enigmatic smile. Did Nostradamus see this too? During the airlift of the statue (one of 19) it must have looked as if angels had taken flight and deserted Notre Dame itself.

When the fire engulfed the cathedral, collapsing the roof, destroying a spire it sent onlookers into tears, said NBC News.

Paris  600x399 - How Nostradamus Predicted the Notre Dame Fire

Stranger Than the Da Vinci Code

Frederic Brunel Twitter 1 - How Nostradamus Predicted the Notre Dame FireTruth can be stranger than fiction and life can be stranger than (even) The Da Vinci Code.  This split-image Twitter meme turned up on my timeline days before the tragic Notre Dame blaze. It shows one of the most notorious Australians on the planet – Julian Assange. It also shows a very famous painting which has disappeared and, just before the Notre Dame disaster, was allegedly found to be fake. It was owned by a wealthy Russian collector. These three events – the questions about a Leonardo fake, the shock arrest of Assange and the even more shocking Notre Dame blaze – all took place within days of each other. If you add the Nostradamus prediction, you have a plot that even Hollywood would find improbable. What here is truth and what is fiction? Perhaps the astrological chart above can tell us.


What Next For France?

The astrology chart for France is here, and I used it in a prediction about this country, back on 12th April 2017. Here is a flashback to that horoscope forecast, which many of you commented on at the time. This was posted about two years ago when Macron was up against Le Pen. I have reposted it here for those of you asking me about the astrology of Paris.

May 2019 to April 2020 Predictions for France

“May 2019 to April 2020 will be a different matter. Shocking. Confronting. Challenging. Enthralling. Exciting. Electrifying. At that point the nation will go through the full impact of the long Euro and EU break-up. At that point, Marine Le Pen is going to go the full French Revolution. She may be in power by then, or truly out of it – but her destiny in the summer of 2019, which will crackle with electrical storms across Paris, will be history-making. She will be part of the biggest shake-up for the French currency and economy in our lifetime and there will be shock upon shock. Quel surprise.”

Over to You

Over to you. Many astrologers, psychics and Tarot readers come to this website and your thoughts on the astrology chart of the Notre Dame Fire are welcome. These events in recent days are shocking – and rather odd. What are you seeing? Which questions should we be asking?

I have no doubt at all that Nostradamus foretold this fire – he worked as a clairvoyant (the French translation is ‘clear sight’ and Paris was his city. Did he peer into April 2019, with those Aries, Jupiter and Saturn patterns and see an angel being airlifted – literally flying from Notre Dame? Did it symbolise the departure of God and the angels from the Catholic Church to him?  So many questions. But even sceptics would have to admit this – the astrology is working. Just as it should. Astrology is history, and history is astrology. Here we have Nostradamus once again proving that point.

bigstock Notre Dame De Paris 900756 600x400 - How Nostradamus Predicted the Notre Dame Fire

Read Part Two of this special feature on Nostradamus and Notre Dame here. 

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54 Responses

  1. Oh Jess,

    WOW. This post says it all. Thank you for your incredible journalism.
    Sitting here across the pond watching in horror. Americans are glued to their TV sets.

    To all,

    Be safe

    1. Thank you. I hesitated, but it had to be said. Nostradamus saw this and in 1961 Edgar Leoni correctly translated it in his book, Nostradamus and his Prophecies.

  2. I woke up quite late today after a night of insomnia, but shortly after my sibling in Paris sadly texted me about Notre Dame upon hearing news of the fire starting. I’d been asleep vividly dreaming about a multi-story home similar to mine, but with a large airy loft-like wooden attic with exposed beams and arched windows letting in soft dappled light. My Swiss neighbor rang my doorbell to be let in, because to my surprise he was overseeing renovations to the attic. As went upstairs workers were installing a circular decorative plaster facade in the attic, which fell and came crashing down the attic floorboards to the floor below.

    My parents are visiting for the first time my new home that we just moved into this winter. January 2017 a tarot reader had pulled a tower card with cracks exactly resembling my building, which was one of the few officially designated as not earthquake ready. Since then I began planning to move realizing it’s time after the end of an era. We entered into contract last April amid great difficulty, contention, patience, and lumber shortage due to tariffs and wildfires.

    1. Your dream is powerful. And of course your sibling was watching in Paris, so you felt this personally. I think this is working on many different levels for you. Thank you.

  3. Another interesting tidbit, if you look up the French to English translation of chef, one translation given as a synonym is head-electrician and gaffer.

  4. Incredible, Jessica – my head is spinning! I was just Googling the latest on the landmark efforts of Extinction Rebellion around the world to finally compel emergency action on climate change in the few years we hopefully have left (the radical shifts of Uranus in Taurus, as I’ve learned from you!), only to discover this latest tragedy of burning Notre Dame. And here you are connecting these amazing threads together with Nostradamus, the Catholic Church and Assange. (Frustratingly, the Wikileaks page listing the ‘Notre Dame prophecy’ doesn’t seem to yield a specific entry when you click.) What unbelievable images of the airlifted angels, so dreamlike! What on earth will happen next? I keep searching for alerts to a new Wikileaks release… Astrology is such a comfort in times like these.

    Thank you for sharing all your lightning-fast connections,

    1. You can’t find the Wikileaks link? I wonder if anyone else is having the same issue. Thank you for your kind words. The fact is, it’s time to look at Nostradamus again. Not every translation. But this particular one, by Edgar Leoni. The transits were almost exact and I believe he did not always understand the modern astrology he was seeing (I am using Astrogold software that would have utterly confused a 16th century astrologer!) But we do have to take this seriously. For many different reasons.

  5. WOW. Thankyou so much Jessica for this fascinating insight. This is why I keep coming back to your site day after day.


    1. I believe Nostradamus would have seen the rebuilding of Notre Dame and perhaps the symbolic rebuilding of the Catholic faith after a very dark time. So once there is a little more information let’s see if we can find that quatrain.

  6. Hi Jessica On hearing and seeing this morning I just new that a quick search would find s nostra Damas link . And not surprised to see Assange connection or that it was you up first with this info .
    Michael &Jelena

    1. Hello Michael and Jelena. Tell Jelena I literally just unpacked 21st Century Goddess from storage, having not seen a copy for many years. I’ll write. I’d love to see you both! Thank you.

  7. I was reading about the last Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction in 1518—I’m sure you’ve seen it somewhere. Not just Martin Luther nailing the 95 Theses to the church door, but also the fall in power of the Catholic Church, the Medicis, and the rest. That conjunction was at 21/22 Cap? Tha’s the degree of where the node is today, and it is within a degree of this coming conjunction.

    When I saw the Cathedral burning today, I could not help but be struck by the symbolism.

    Sorry for the duplicate, I was excited to share and I actually posted this at first under the wrong entry.:-)

    Thanks as always for all you do.

    1. Thank you very much. That is fascinating about the Catholic Church and that period in the 16th century. Once there is a little more information about the tragedy at Notre Dame I will have a look at the Capricorn transits.

      1. This comment and reply reminds me of the Tower card on the front of the Economist 2017. A Unranian lightning strike hammers down on what is clearly meant to be a church with the 95 theses pinned to the door. Crowds representing Christians and socialists/communists (?) look on.

  8. Jesus’ orb is empty, what could this represent? Leonardo was such a perfectionist it seems incredible that it does not have a reflection, inverted or distorted, of some kind (I almost expect an M.C Escher-ish image) do the three dots of light symbolise anything? a planet or star pattern? Synchronicities are abounding. I believe everyone is saying the exact same thing,
    “Oh no! The Notre Dame!… Was it causes by faulty electricity? (or something sinister) and how long/much will it take to rebuild, I wish/I am glad I had/have seen it.” Speed recovery for the fireman.

    1. Nostradamus was clairvoyant and saw visions that he then tried to describe in his native French, which we interpret centuries later – it is difficult. However, there may be a quatrain elsewhere in the ‘Prophecies’ which points to what you are describing here. The quatrains were deliberately put out of chronological order, of course. I recommend the 1961 translation. Nostradamus and his Prophecies by Edgar Leoni. It is astonishing to see the word ’emotion’ in there.

  9. I find reference to Jupiter interesting. Notre Dame built over top of an ancient pre-Christian Celtic Temple to honour Jupiter. Paris derived from Celtic word Parisii. Time re rebuild temple that honours and respects and worships the natural world. The Catholic Church has shown its true colours. Rebuild honouring and recognizing the stars, the seasons and nature itself. Maybe this is a sign of change that must happen.

    1. I think the powerful en masse hymns outside Notre Dame by the people of Paris and the will to rebuild is deeply symbolic as – particularly in Australia – the Roman Catholic church has been rocked by the Cardinal Pell case.

  10. Oh my goodness. When I saw the news today all I could think of what we’re the cryptic images of J.A over the last couple of days, and I knew you’d have noticed the same! So sad seeing those images of the fire. Astrology blows my mind. I was interested in your notes about his chart being Sagittarius – Gemini, and being related to codes. I have moved into an industry heavily based on website code 18 months ago, and it got me interested as to whether this is typical of my chart? I’m Sagittarius – Gemini Ascendant – Descendant

    1. Yes, you have the classic Gemini-Sagittarius opposition and you may be interested to know that D-Day occurred, famously, with the Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius. It’s the ‘Bletchley Park/BBC’ combination. I wrote a long piece on this in my book 2020 Astrology: Your Five-Year Horoscope Guide. Sagittarius rules publishing, foreign people and places – Gemini rules the nitty-gritty of communication. In opposition they usually describe critical situations and they do turn up a lot during the Second World War with Special Operations Executive and so on.

      1. Thank you for pointing it out, I read the whole book last night! So fascinating. I noticed that somewhere in in the Money chapter you mention that Saturn in the 8th house could be challenging, is that something I should investigate further in more detail, especially with a GFC2 looming with regards to debts etc. if crisis is a theme here?

        1. Saturn at 10 Scorpio, Uranus at 9 Sagittarius, does suggest the need for great changes with your money, house, business or apartment when Uranus finally goes to 9, 10 Taurus. This is ‘transiting Uranus opposite natal Saturn’ and it is in Scorpio in the Eighth House of property and family, sex and money, marriage and mortgage, legacy and inheritance. This is going to take a while to come around, but as Uranus will also quincunx natal Uranus in your Ninth House of foreign people and places, I would keep an eye on the impact of, say, currency exchange rate alterations or foreign trade impacting you where you live through a domino effect. Look up Saturn on Search as well.

  11. Where is Mars which is the head of Aries in conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn? I believe Macron’s birthdate December 21, 1977 has more to do with the cathedral burning than Nostradamus prediction.

  12. I came to the internet because I thought I remembered something about Nostradamus and Notre Dame in his predictions. The first thing that came up in the Google search was your article – very timely!

    My birthday is April 16, 1958, so in a synchronicity, I looked at today’s chart, and realized that I have some angles and planets being heavily aspected just now. No wonder I am wound tight! I have not been practicing astrology or even looking at my own transits – guess I should have been with all of these contacts.

    I subscribed to your newsletter and will look forward to reading it – thank you for this article – perfect timing and well done! Lisa

    1. Thank you Lisa. The transits now are unusual and none of us have experienced them, in our adult lives. So using astrology and history can be really useful in helping us to navigate.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    I hope all is well. This fascinating, and leaves me a bit unsettled.

    And there’s this, the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem burned at the same time as Notre Dame.
    It’s the third holiest site in Islam.

    Is this connected to the first photo of a black hole?


    1. Nostradamus does unsettle. One of the reasons for that is his riddle prediction method. Astrology is about seeing possible futures and working with time to sidestep some. His quatrain about Notre Dame is correct. He often saw things he did not understand at the time – Chiron was not found until 1977 yet there it is at the ‘head’ of Aries – and the other aspects are almost exact. We have to ask ‘What use is this kind of astrology?’ I’ll be looking at that later, I think! Thank God the structure of Notre Dame was saved by the firefighters of Paris. It’s a tragedy we lost the rest.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    I made a chart for Notre Dame de Paris using May 19, 1182, the date on record in the construction records on the cathedral’s website that the altar and choir were consecrated.

    If you make a chart with that date in Paris you will see the cathedral has a huge stellium in Taurus indicating the architectural and artistic achievement of this place, ad the rich history including a music school in the 12th century, another stellium in Cancer indicating its close connection to its country, and of course the name Notre Dame says it all, and a smaller stellium in Leo. The north node just crossed over her 22 Psyche. The cathedral has Aesculapia and Jupiter in Taurus so there will be a turnaround up ahead, she will have a future.

    She has nn 7 Cancer and sn 7 Capricorn. She was overdue for a new roof. Francois Henri Pinault has pledged 100 M Francs, I am sure there will be an outpouring of support to create something that will last another thousand years.


    1. Thanks CG, that chart has now been added. I think we’ll see more and more from it, over the next 7 years that Uranus is in Taurus. This will ultimately be about the cost – the cost to Paris tourism – and the Vatican wealth – as well as the price of art. That is a long Uranus transit!

      1. They saved the relics, the organ is okay, the bells are okay, the candles at the altar did not even melt.

        For the new roof I feel it will not be a wood attic again and lead roof replica, I see something like glass but in a design that will compliment the style of the building. Natural light will come in and show the beauty of the interior like it has not been seen before.

        They can make a new spire.

        I see many people uniting behind this effort it will have a positive outcome.


  15. I’m so glad to read this article. Yesterday as I saw the images of Notre Dame burning I gasped and told my Husband that it was weird because I recalled you mentioning the astrology of the French revolution in regards to the whole Brexit era.
    Then this morning I see this on the BBC news page….
    “The last time the cathedral suffered major damage was during the French Revolution, when statues of saints were hacked by anti-clerical hotheads. ”
    Stunned is not the word.

  16. Fascinating post again. Someone suggested to me that the colour of the flames indicate an accelerant fire.

    Could be related to renovation work products… or foul play.

  17. Very interesting findings.
    Emmanuel, is also the name of the largest bell of Notre Dame, lifted into the south tower in 1685.

  18. Hi Jess,

    This is a really fascinating article again.

    My observation is that there is a minor asteroid named Fireman [4231]. For the start of the Notre Dame fire it is 0’10 away from conjuncting the retrograde Jupiter. Compare this to Grenfell, where its nearest Jupiter conjunction is Fortuna at 9 Gemini. This suggests already that the Notre Dame fire could be controlled [no fatalities] better than Grenfell [72], which was a catalogue of ill fate. Chef d’Aries could well mean head electrician, but may also be a reference to the head fireman here.

    Chef d’Aries could easily mean a wider rising anger in France. I suspect the target is Macron, the cold agnostic of the Winter Solstice. This incident appears to have occurred through carelessness or accident rather than malice, but it could be enough to see this anger erupt more widely again.

    Please keep up the good work

  19. I live in Europe and when i saw the Notre Dame on fire my heart sank, I see it as a deep and dark sign and I immediately thought of Nostradamus. I started to Google his predictions and came across your article, I cannot express how impressed I was with your explanations and also fascinated how quickly after the fire started you calculate, interpetrate and post all the insightful informations and also the connection with Wikileaks… For me already pointing out the Chiron in Aries made so much sense!! Thank you so much! I would just comment, in most of European news the time when the fire started is said to be at 6:50 pm (CET), while you have noted it as 5:50 pm in the article. Can you please explain why you used 5:50 pm, thanks

    1. Thank you. The time comes from The Local (France) and they went live with their reports at 5.50pm, which one assumes is also local Paris/France time. You can check by following the link in the story.

  20. I see this on many levels.
    The head of Aries _Commander in Chief of the armed forces is Macron. Saturn and Jupiter the south node too in Capricorn – the elites karma and consequences for past actions
    The long century- I am drawn back in time to 1919 when the Ottoman Empire fell officially as the WW1 peace treaties were signed in that year. Italy, France, GB & US the main players in the carve up of the middle East. France and Syria were bound together until the present day.

    On another higher level.
    The Notre Dame chart
    Chiron in the heavens at the head of Aries and everything else you have said about that Jessica. Amazing really.

    Notre Dame means Our Lady who is she? The Queen of Heaven. She wears the starry crown in the nimbus around her head. Twelve stars – of the zodiac?Catholicism’s esoteric past is always present.

    The Divine feminine is engulfed in flame. What sorrows does that represent.

    Assange is another intrigue but there is only so much about that one can say or speculate.

    1. The divine feminine is represented by the three rose windows , the divine male is represented by the phallic spire.

      The rose windows are intact but the spire has fallen – symbolic of the decline of male supremacy in the Roman Church?

  21. I find it odd that Leonardo Di Vinci was born on April 15 and the fire happened on his birthday. He also died in 1519 (May 2). So this year will be 500 years since the time of his death… do you find a connection between the fire and Leonardo Di Vinci?

  22. Fascinating article. At least this event–albeit tragic– has taken our minds off of the BS that is going on in here in the States.

  23. Thank you for all this inspiriing informations and thoughts. The Connection with Lenardo da Vinci touched me somehow. Interresting about his birthdate , I use sometimes numerlogy and sometimes it is interesting what happens if you adds numbers together: 15.04.1(4plus5) 2 =15.04.19 _2…..and there u have all the numbers you need to form the date of the fire. And if we shorten his Name , then it could be : LV.
    Thank you for your wonderful work and greetings from Germany.

  24. Incredible. Thank you for jumping into the journalism seat Jessica and Jodi. I knew you would be very present to this amazing happening. This feels diffferent somehow important in an other worldly way doesn’t it?

    1. Thank yoU! Yes, there is something quite peculiar going on here, to quote The Church. (The band!) I am looking through the quatrains, or four-line predictions, to see if there is a second or third paragraph to the Notre Dame statement. What I guess I am looking for is the connection, if any, between Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday and the blaze. I’m also looking for predictions about money, because this is such a heavily Taurean chart, that should there be a plunge in the Euro in 2019, 2020, 2021 as renovation work commences, those donations are on the line from the big corporations like Gucci and L.V. or Louis Vuitton. The biggest question of all, is the Vatican finances and what they will or will not pay for. We come back to the question of Christ and Christianity here, and values, and charity and money-lenders and so on.

  25. One translation of first line reads as “Chief of Aries, Jupiter and Saturn” As per Indian mythology, Aries is ruled by Mars and at 6:20pm, Mars was very much in the sky above Paris. In addition, Nostradamus talks about Chief of Aries and then Jupiter & Saturn. On 15th April, Jupiter & Saturn are paired together, its a pair. Take “P” and put it in front of “Aries” it becomes “PARIES” or “Paris” and Notre Dam is Chief Attraction of Paris.

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