Russia and her Saturn Return

What happens when the Russian Federative Republic (born 12th June 1990 at 9.45pm GMT) experiences her first Saturn Return in January 2020? It's the end for many people and organisations. And it's the start of a new, reborn country in 2021.

The Russia Saturn Return

What happens to Russia, born in her modern form on 12th June 1990 at 9.45 pm GMT in Moscow, experiences her Saturn Return? This will take place on January 24th-31st, 2020, as Saturn goes to 24 Capricorn, where it was originally placed in the ‘rebirth’ astrology chart for Russia in 1990.

A Saturn Return, as anyone in their late twenties will know, is a heavy burden to carry and involves a great deal of patient hard work as one must take full responsibility for previous actions. To be born with Saturn in Capricorn, the sign of the system, the establishment, the hierarchy and high society, is to carry a load like no other. So what happens when it strains?

Russia Astrology Charts in History

What else falls at 24 degrees in Russian astrology chart history? In astrology, if a country has many different forms of architecture, stretching across the centuries (for example, the stunning 20th century Moscow trains co-exist with the old Kremlin walls) all ‘rebirth’ horoscopes are used.

We allow a one-degree orb or gap in modern astrology, which uses the asteroids too, so we are really hunting for horoscope factors at 23, 24 or 25.  The zodiac signs below tell the story of what is going to happen to Russia in January 2020.

This is about employment, the workforce and the working people (Neptune in Virgo). It is about families and particularly property – houses and apartments, and property investment (Cancer). It is about the economy, pure and simple (Taurus). It is also about Russia’s status with global groups, like the Olympics Committee, the European Union, NATO, the United Nations and so on (Aquarius). This is an epic Saturn Return. In a moment we’ll find even more evidence for that.

Russia Romanov Dynasty
3rd March 1613, 12.00 pm, Moscow
Neptune 25 Virgo

Russian Revolution
8th March 1917, 9.00 am, Leningrad
Saturn 23 Cancer

Russia USSR
30th December 1922, 12.00 pm, Moscow
Moon 23 Taurus *The time here is unknown so the Moon may actually be at 24 or 25 Taurus, but within orb.

Russia End of Communism
24th August 1991, 6.30 pm GMT Moscow
Moon 24 Aquarius, Mercury 25 Leo

Not Just a Saturn Return

u6no iltkaq 400x600 - Russia and her Saturn Return

Modern Russia has Saturn in Capricorn, the sign of the mountain goat who social-climbs his or her way to the top of society. Capricorn is also ambitious, patient, respects the system and will often do anything to get to the top, or stay at the top. Down below, on the mountain (usually a pyramid-shaped structure, like the class system, or a caste system) we have the common people. You and me. Not the elite top 1% of wealth, fame and power, but regular citizens.

What happens when a nation is born with Saturn in this sign, and then experiences transiting Saturn returning to the same spot? As you’ve seen we can time this quite precisely to the final week of January 2020, but there is more to it than that.

This is like no other period in history. We are also seeing the transiting South Node, Pluto, Ceres and finally Jupiter also move to 24 Capricorn. The whole transit moves like a long, slow, hard winter right across the Russian horoscopes, set for all versions of this unique nation. The younger generation of Russians born in the 1990s will be affected most. Hang in there.

March 2019 Begins the Process

The South Node (fate) passed 24 Capricorn on March 12th through 24th, 2019 at the peak of Robert Mueller’s investigation into what is known as Trump Russia. In the same month Mercury Retrograde passed 24 Pisces. I am sure you know Mercury Retrograde and its reputation for retractions, product recall, rescheduling and so on. Put ‘re’ in front of just about any word on Mercury Retrograde and history later reveals everything to have been a mere rehearsal. A first or second attempt.

Watch the Cover-Up

In astrology, an eclipse is always a cover-up or blind spot. We have one on 16th July, 2019 with the Sun at 24 Cancer opposite the Moon at 24 Capricorn. This is a Full Moon – a time of reckoning. Time will ultimately prove this was the day that the entire world was left in the dark. Eclipses conceal, they never reveal. This one falls right on Russia’s Saturn. I am filing this feature on 15th April 2019, so three months from now, we should all be watching what we are not seeing – on 16th July 2019 – regarding Russia.

Moving forward in time we find Russia’s heavily fated Saturn at 24 Capricorn under transit from Ceres (the compromise deal) at 24 Capricorn on January 17th and 18th, 2020. This is just a few days away from the actual Saturn Return. There will be a carve-up of power within the Russian system – notably involving her plutocrats – the oligarchs and billionaires – at that point.

We then wait for the peak crisis, which is Pluto going over 24 Capricorn. This happens days later, from February 21st and as this cycle continues for months, with Pluto stuck at 24 Capricorn, we’re looking at a sweeping transformation in power. As an astrologer we expect to see departures at such a time. The Departure Lounge at the top of Russian wealth and power is full. You can expect it to clear, by all the laws of astrology, starting January and February 2020 during that long winter. A new generation for a new Russia, rising through a mini Age of Aquarius, will replace the old layers at the top.

ka0kutueq3c 600x400 - Russia and her Saturn Return
Nikita Lebedev photograph.

How 2020 is Russia’s Year Zero

We see Jupiter (the clean-up, the repair work) move to 24 Capricorn between March 29th and April 6th, 2020. Jupiter tends to wash away previous problems and uproot even the deepest-seated issues, before progress and improvements begin. Increasingly 2020 is looking like Year Zero for Russia.

June 23rd to 30th sees Jupiter again at 24 Capricorn, alongside Pluto at 24 Capricorn, triggering not only Saturn (the elite at the top) but also – in the other charts – employment and the workers – the working class – families – houses and apartments – property prices – property investments. On a world scale this is a United Nations trigger and perhaps one for the Olympics.

Russia in 2021

The process is not over until Pluto, the great transformer, passes 24 Capricorn for the last time in January and August-November 2021. By then, though, something very interesting is happening. Jupiter and Saturn are in Aquarius, moving Russia into a mini ‘Age of Aquarius’ when diversity, community and equality will come to replace the tight concentration of absolute power and money at the top (the Capricorn goat’s mountain). Aquarius is a symbol of a water-bearer who supplies the community ‘pool’ as everyone pools resources. This is Russia’s rebirth as a nation.

What is most interesting here, which I am sure you can see from the chart details above, is that she will go straight back to her ‘End of Communism’ beginning in 1991. Back then, the Moon was in Aquarius. So, everything old will be new again. Not without a serious crisis first, though.

Pluto transits always bring a downfall for people, organisations or even entire nations which abuse power. In astrology you can track Pluto cycles from 1930 when the planet was discovered and named, and find one example after another of individuals, political parties and sometimes whole countries which fall, on these transits.

2dc8dnzuadu 600x400 - Russia and her Saturn Return
Russia horoscope transition.

Do You Have Factors at 23, 24, 25 of the Zodiac Signs?

Events in Russia don’t just come from nowhere. In astrology, people shape events, and events shape people. If you have factors at 23, 24, 25 of any zodiac sign and live or work in Russia, you may be drawn into the events to come. Even if you have no connection at all with this mysterious country (which fascinated Churchill so much) you may have a ‘six degrees of separation’ story with Moscow, St. Petersburg and so on – as 2020 and 2021 come around – if you have patterns at 23, 24, 25.

We would expect other great nations to share that pattern, as they must surely be part of Russia’s destiny. The United Kingdom astrology chart set for January 1st 1801 at 00.00am in Westminster shows Saturn at 23 Leo, the sign ruling the House of Windsor and Buckingham Palace, and particularly the heirs to the throne – Prince William and his children.

The United States Confederation astrology chart set for 15th November 1777 at 12.00 in Philadelphia shows the Sun at 23 Scorpio, the sign ruling the economy, taxation, Wall Street and international trade. Venus is also at 23 Libra which is the sign of one-on-one partnerships – like the Special Relationship with the United Kingdom.

This is a perfect storm. Russia will not be the same. The United States and United Kingdom will be drawn in. If you also have factors at 23, 24, 25 then it may be that destiny also involves you – perhaps through your work or your travel plans.

Of particular interest here are young Russians born with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto (the slow-moving outer planets) also at 23, 24, 25 as they will be hardest hit by the changes, but also the generation most determined to change. Jupiter, the repair worker of astrology, will turn their lives around and their nation around for the better as he passes 23, 24, 25 too.

[contentblock id=51 img=html.png]

Source: The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer, Bournemouth 2004).

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10 Responses

  1. Oh my…! That was moderately jolly news. History shows that never any great changes in Russia flow painlessly and without greater losses for the simple people. And clearly, all those events impact other countries and economies as well. My understanding is, Russia’s economy is tightly connected to the US dollar and Russia/ US/ GB are the old heavily armed frenemies at best. And atop of everything I currently work in Russia and got 23″ in Leo. Does all the above mean, I should pack my bags and defect home in good time?


    1. Lena, a 23 Leo pattern in your Fifth House is about the pregnancies, babies, children or young adults in your world. These may be godchildren, for example, or youthful students. You mentor, guide, lead by example and are ‘Queen to a younger court’ if you express this – and it looks as though the transits will trigger a major choice for you, regarding the same.

  2. Hi Jessica
    Fascinating article. You do not actually mention his name, but for all this change in Russia to actually happen, it must surely mean the greatest change of all? …….the end of Putin?
    For the life of me I just can not imagine him being in power during this mini age of aquarius period you mention. The two just seem so incompatible. Anyway fingers crossed, and thank you for any reply.

    1. Thank you. Vladimir Putin has no confirmed birth data so I am not going to use him in this study of Russia’s astrology. You are quite right about the mini Age of Aquarius, though. It is quite incompatible with his approach to his people. Aquarius is power shared horizontally, with diversity, equality and community. This astonishing new era with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, followed by Pluto in Aquarius, is about Pussy Riot, essentially. It is also about the teenagers now who are going to experience Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto crossing their Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius placements. They really don’t do absolute power at the top. They do Absolut vodka, but they don’t do that!

  3. Hi Jessica , I have a Saturn return coming too at 24 Capricorn , Jupiter return at 28 Capricorn Moon , at the moment I think Pluto is at 23 Capricorn sitting next to my Saturn . It would be so lovely if you could take a look at my chart please . I have Uranus at 26 Leo and 22 Moon i n Pisces , I think Venus is at 27 Cancer .Thanks so much for these very interesting lights shining on the world .

    1. This is a reshape of your Tenth House ruled by Capricorn so it’s a remodelling of the mountain you are on, which you have been climbing in your chosen field, business or profession for some time. You may want a different mountain by 2020 or a different approach. Your Saturn Return is worth researching – look up Saturn on search – and read widely around the subject. These Capricorn patterns are really the most important thing in your horoscope now through 2023, when at last Pluto changes signs. It is a very good time to ask yourself what success means to you.

  4. I have 2 questions:
    1. Are Saturn and Pluto retrogrades as big a deal as mercury retrogrades?
    2. Saturn and Pluto are both in Capricorn now, does that mean the retrogrades affect only Capricorns?
    Thank you!!!

    1. Yes, Saturn and Pluto Retrograde are important – they affect everybody – just as Mercury Retrograde is about all the areas of life ruled by Mercury going backwards, being reversed or rewritten, or rescheduled (the zodiac sign Mercury is in, shows us what exactly) – it is the same with other planets. Mercury rules multimedia, paperwork, transport, travel and the internet. We just saw the chaos of The Mueller Report ‘redacted’ for example. And of course Brexit chaos. Now, Saturn does not rule the internet, but he does rule a process of difficult change like an obstacle course. In Capricorn this is about your career. Imagine Chariots of Fire with the hurdlers on the British Olympic team running backwards. That is what Saturn is doing, retrograde, in Capricorn. Pluto rules a deep change in the balance of power – again in your chosen field, profession or career. Again, imagine hurdlers stopping on the track and going back where they came from. Eventually they move forward and the obstacle course and the shift in power becomes real. January 2020 is a peak time for that in your career.

  5. Dear Jessica
    I have a couple Capricorn factors at 25 in Venus and Jupiter. What does this mean for me please? Thank you

    1. You have a career reshape due and it will evolve slowly but surely now through 2020, to your total advantage by the end of next year, as you will have your Jupiter Return. It won’t be fast or easy but there is an opportunity or solution coming not possible in 12 years – a complicated professional or personal relationship will be involved.

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