Australian Election Astrology 2019

Expect shocks on the road to Australia's election, May 18th 2019. The banks will play a bigger part in the results than you might think. It's also a Full Moon election. Intense! Are you ready?

Australian Election Astrology 2019

This Australian election in 2019 is an unusual tale of two Taurus men. Prime Minister Scott Morrison (Liberal) and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten (Labour). Taurus is the sign that rules economics, taxation, banks, big business, the sharemarket – and above all, values. This election, called for the day of a Full Moon across Taurus-Scorpio (more on that in a moment) will be about Australia’s hip pocket. The former Australian Prime Ministers (two of them) Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott, also happen to be Scorpios. This will be an intense and emotional day for all four men, born in the opposite signs of Taurus and Scorpio, dealing with the results of an extremely divided nation on a Full Moon clash. Watch for the shock of a woman’s influence as well. Venus and Uranus combine on 18th May and that’s a jaw-dropping statement about a female lightning strike.

The Bill Shorten and Scott Morrison Natal Charts

Morrison - Australian Election Astrology 2019

We don’t have verified birth times for either man, so there is no point in looking at the natal (birth) charts here. In astrology, an accurate clock time for the cutting of the umbilical cord is required, to predict politics. The angles of the chart – the Midheaven, Ascendant, Descendant and Immum Coeli – are missing without a time. And the angles show career transformation and a change or upgrade in residence, all of which can happen if you are leaving the job of Prime Minister, staying on, or taking it on.

So, forget the birth horoscopes of both leaders. We can just about trust they are both Taureans. In fact, Bill Shorten has an expressly Taurean name. Bill. Astrology is full of synchronicities like this.  I am sure you have already thought of Scott Morrison in terms of the phrase ‘scot free.’ What is characteristic of this sign, is its stubbornness about values. Taureans can be Capitalists, Socialists, Communists, Environmentalists – but they don’t budge. Yet, the gathering storms in the world economy between now (April 11th) and election day (May 18th) suggests that both leaders will have to shift. Uranus in Taurus is here. For reasons which have not yet come to pass, both men will have to radically change their position. What are we looking at here? A crisis for the banks? A cryptocurrency-led revolution? Time will tell, but it’s going to tell pretty quickly.

The Astrology Charts for Australia

Australia has a few ‘birth’ charts each showing different stages in her evolution as a nation. We test them by looking for major events, like The Dismissal.

Labour’s big-spending visionary, Gough Whitlam was sacked because of the way he handled the Australian economy. What we have here on that fateful day in Canberra in 1975 – timed – is a remarkable line up at 21 Taurus and 21 Scorpio. These are the Shorten - Australian Election Astrology 2019economy and finance signs. We found an exact pattern with the Midheaven at 21 Scorpio, North Node 21 Scorpio, Immum Coeli at 21 Taurus and South Node at 21 Taurus.

This painful memory  of lost leadership and constitutional crisis for Labour is healed on May 18th 2018. Why? We find Jupiter, the great problem-solver of astrology, sitting at 22 Sagittarius. Panacea, another healer, is at 22 Gemini. Ops, a symbol of hope is at 22 Cancer.  The spirit of Gough Whitlam is smiling on this election. Bill Shorten and Gough Whitlam are linked in time.

How the Different Australian Astrology Charts Measure Up

We’re looking for a chart that chimes with that historic line-up at 21 degrees of Taurus and Scorpio when Whitlam was dismissed. Maybe a chart that even makes sense to people pushing for the Change the Date campaign.

So, what about 1967 and 27th May? Many people feel this is when the two ‘halves’ of Australia came together following a triumph for democracy (at last) as indigenous Australians won their right to a full, free and fair vote.

This 27th May 1967 horoscope for Australia is arguably the most powerful chart we have, because it shows the modern nation, about 200 years after white settlement, finally coming to terms with the rights of its original owners.

Australia Day is often used for the national horoscope, but as it is also known as Invasion Day to indigenous people, as an astrologer I am more than happy to work with 27th May 1967. All of which makes that 18th May 2019 election very interesting!


The Australian Astrology Chart for January 26th 1788

There are other contenders for the Australian chart. The actual (legal) white settlement paperwork appeared on February 7th 1788, for example. There is also a January 1st chart, and so on.

They are all triggered for the day Australia votes on its future – Labour, Liberal, Green, Independent – and so on.

The January 26th horoscope shows Neptune at 21 Libra. Fortuna at 21 Pisces.
The February 7th horoscope shows Neptune at 21 Libra. Panacea at 21 Sagittarius.
The January 1st horoscope shows Vulcano at 20 Aquarius.

As this country has gone through so many changes, we also have a horoscope for 9th May 1901. This fits the pattern. It shows the North Node at 22 Scorpio. The South Node at 22 Taurus. Fortuna at 21 Sagittarius. Panacea  at 21 Aries.

The horoscope for 27th May 1967 set for 11.59pm in Canberra also rings true in an uncanny way, if we’re looking for a horoscope that chimes with this 18th May 2019 election:

Mercury 22 Gemini. Uranus 20 Virgo. Neptune 22 Scorpio. Panacea at 21 Leo. Vesta at 21 Scorpio.

Are you Personally Affected by Election 2019?

If you are a Premium Member then check your birth chart. Your own situation with work, money, your house or apartment, your business and so on – will be directly affected by Election 2019, if you were born with Taurus and/or Scorpio factors at 21 and 22 degrees. If you have Sagittarius factors at 21, 22 degrees then this is about your place in the world, too – questions about travel, or relocation, or immigration, will touch your life.

[contentblock id=51 img=html.png]

Do You Have Chart Factors at 3 Taurus?

Talking more about your own birth chart, if you have personal horoscope factors at 3 Taurus in your Second House of money and property, then the results of the Australian election will have an impact on your hip pocket nerve. We are seeing a pattern that has not occurred in 80 years: Venus at 3 Taurus conjunct Uranus at 3 Taurus.


Watch the Australian Dollar Jump Sideways

Watch the Australian dollar jump sideways or turn upside-down near 18th May 2019. This is part of a wider world economy shift. In fact, the results of the Australian election will play their part in Global Financial Crisis II, which I predicted over a year ago on this website, set for May 2019. Remember, this was before the due date of the election was a gleam in Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s eye! You can check the original prediction here.

I have mentioned money laundering before as an ongoing problem in 2019 and the Australian election will be influenced by that very strongly. One of the reasons for this is that Australian banks lock into a bigger pattern. Keep watching that and asking questions. This is an election about the economy but it is also an election about the banks.

Watching Michaelia Cash

In astrology we pay attention to symbolism, as you know if you are a regular reader. So it’s hard not to go past the importance of Michaelia Cash in Election 2019. I would like to talk more about her birth chart, but although I emailed her office for confirmation of her time, place and date of birth some time ago, I am still waiting for a reply. This, together with the absence of verified birth data for Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten, means we have to track the astrology chart for the nation and overlook the individuals.

What Are We Seeing in Astrology for the Australian Election?

We’ve found a hotspot across all the different horoscopes for the nation. It is 20, 21, 22 degrees of any zodiac sign. It was triggered at The Dismissal and it will be triggered again on 18th May 2019. Jupiter at 22 Sagittarius is a symbol of hope, expansion, growth, progress, improvement, solutions, optimism and answers. This is classically the kind of election ‘weather’ that arrives when people are prepared to gamble on a better future and switch leaders.

AustraliaDay1 2014 freecomputerdesktopwallpaper 1920 600x375 - Australian Election Astrology 2019

Seeing the Stars on the Australian Flag

What’s in the stars? Astrology has a pretty good track record with Australian politics and my colleagues in the business, Milton Black and Ed Tamplin have used their own techniques over the years, to accurately predict trends as well as outcomes.

My interest in prediction is not so much the coin-flip element of choosing a winner in a two-horse race. I’m most curious about what we, the people, need to know – in a political climate when so much is covered up. Have a look at this old story from 24th August 2018 which shows date-stamped, validated predictions about the plot against Julie Bishop (and the resulting spill which took Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull out of power). Canberra can duck and dive, but the astrology tells the truth.


What Astrology Said in August 2018

It’s time to look back, nine months, to see what was written in the stars for Australia then. This is what you read on this site:

“There will be shocks galore – and shocks in store – for Peter Dutton, Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott – from March 2019 onwards. Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten will be pulled into the electrical storm. So will Julie Bishop. It’s only just begun. Meanwhile Labour’s Tanya Plibersek has her place in the sun up ahead, too. Lucky Jupiter moves into Sagittarius from November 2018 and that’s her sign, you might say.”

I am going to stand by that prediction! We are going to see shocks galore between now, 11th April and election day, 18th May, 2019. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called the election for the day of an exact line-up between Uranus (revolution, independence, lightning bolts, upheaval, rebellion) and Venus (women). It takes place with Venus at 3 Taurus and Uranus also at 3 Taurus, and Australia has not seen that pattern for over 80 years. Watch the women.

I mentioned how Taurus Bill Shorten has a ‘Taurus’ name – Bill. My eyes are drawn to the Liberal party’s Ms. Cash for the same reason. Yet, Julie Bishop has not gone away, either. There are some real surprises in store involving the female of the species.


That August 2018 Prediction!

This is what you read nine months ago: “Julie Bishop is no longer Australia’s Foreign Minister and she is hinting she may not be a player in the next election. And yet, that Australian horoscope hotspot is really clear. Women will come front-and-centre in Canberra by 2019. So will Julie be back? To lead? Stranger things have happened! This was a prediction made way back on 17th July 2017, so over a year before the Turnbull-Dutton-Bishop-Morrison coup. Between 2017-2019 Australia could easily see another woman rise to become leader of one of the two main political parties and perhaps even the nation, making history a second time. Julie Bishop?”

Well, she’s gone from politics, apparently – into the private sector – but she was also born with the Sun in Cancer, and Cancerians are overdue a huge upheaval on May 18th, 2019.

Election 2019 Issues in Astrology

The outstanding aspects on 18th May 2019 are as follows (using the asteroids of modern astrology):

Mercury 23 Taurus trine Pluto 23 Capricorn
Jupiter 22 Sagittarius quincunx Ops 22 Cancer
Jupiter 22 Sagittarius opposite Panacea 22 Gemini
Venus 3 Taurus conjunct Uranus 3 Taurus
Mercury 24 Taurus conjunct Minerva 24 Taurus
Mercury 24 Taurus conjunct Aesculapia 24 Taurus
FULL MOON Sun 27 Taurus opposite Moon 27 Scorpio

This election is about the economy. Taurus absolutely dominates the day and the sign of the bull, rules gold bullion and also bull share markets. What we are also seeing here is the huge influence of Australian’s global position in G.F.C.2. Let us not forget the other economy though – that’s the economy of the Greens and other parties and individuals who value the environment, animal welfare and the planet more than they value profits. For these voters it’s about koalas, not coal.

cimk0fsorae 600x398 - Australian Election Astrology 2019
Photo David Clode.

Global Financial Crisis 2 and Australia in May 2019

By the time we reach 18th May 2019, the nation will be dealing with the new reality of Global Financial Crisis 2, which arrives as Uranus crosses 0, 1, 2, 3 Taurus and triggers the credit card industry, the banks, money laundering enquiries, Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, Brexit, Italy and the European Union, China and America – and the rest! Together with some other astrologers, like my colleague Joanne Madeline Moore, I have been predicting this for over a year.

It is typical of Uranus to produce shocks and as I write this on April 11th 2019, nobody is talking about G.F.C. 2 and everybody is chattering about electric cars. Wait for it. We are on the brink of seeing the known banking world turn upside-down in May.


What the 1967 Australian Chart Says in Astrology

The nation was reborn as a mature democracy, including its original owners (shamefully excluded in the past from the vote) on a very special day: 27th May, 1967. In the absence of a time, we use 11.59pm in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, the country’s capital city. What we find is this line-up at  21, 22 degrees, below:

Mercury 22 Gemini. Rupert Murdoch
Neptune 22 Scorpio Budget
Panacea at 21 Leo Monarchy
Vesta at 21 Scorpio Budget

The patterns which swirl around this ‘character’ statement about modern Australia on 18th May 2019 are as follows:

Mercury 23 Taurus trine Pluto 23 Capricorn
Jupiter 22 Sagittarius quincunx Ops 22 Cancer
Jupiter 22 Sagittarius opposite Panacea 22 Gemini

What Australia Votes For – or Against – in Election 2019

Rupert Murdoch! His newspapers, television stations and media empire are shown by Mercury at 22 Gemini in the 1967 chart. Remember, he is the ‘Australian’ who has dominated the media in the United Kingdom and the United States since the 1960’s. There is an opposition here from Jupiter in Sagittarius, which describes the Worldwide Web. Looks like it’s social media versus mainstream media here. Who wins? Social media. Don’t be surprised if there are more headlines about the Murdochs ahead.

How the Monarchy Influences the Election

The Queen 1969 Pinterest 400x600 - Australian Election Astrology 2019The Republic versus Monarchy is written into the 1960’s horoscope for Australia. The nation was ‘born’ in the Sixties with Panacea, a symbol of solutions, and also ethical and moral dilemmas, in Leo, the sign ruling the King and Queen. Leo has always been associated with the heirs to the throne. They might live on the other side of the world, but the Royal Family will also play a part in this election. This is partly because Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, are expecting a baby, of course. Yet – there are some older issues here about a republic, coming to the surface again. Her Majesty the Queen, pictured here in the late Sixties, is written into the Australian chart through that Panacea in Leo pattern. She plays a part in 2019 too.

It’s about broadband too. And the ABC. Gemini rules the media, thus the focus on Rupert Murdoch and his empire, and its decision to back Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Yet Gemini also rules the internet, so – Australia’s internet will also be an election issue, perhaps along with wider questions about media ownership, internet regulation and the rest. The situation of the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) is also described by that Gemini pattern. That issue will grow.

It’s About the Economy

Most of all, this election is about the economy, people’s wages, their superannuation, property prices and the wider picture of what is clearly Global Financial Crisis 2 (by then – remember I am writing this about a month before the May 18th ballot).

The Australian 2019 election is also about values, as we’ve seen – and this includes the values of the environmental and conservation movement, addressing climate change. From the fate of Australia’s koalas to the true price of coal, we are going to see a huge national concern with the cost to the planet, of ventures like Adani. This is the chart for the Australian Stock Exchange (below) and it clearly shows a national preoccupation with the nation’s values – in an overheating world.

AUSTRALIAN STOCK EXCHANGE 600x330 - Australian Election Astrology 2019

Selling the Property and Money Dream in May 2018

Australia came into being, in her modern form, with Neptune at 22 Scorpio in the Eighth House of trade, taxation and banks. That’s a bubble. It is a holiday from reality. The country is on constant vacation, in a different economic space to the rest of the world!  She tends to get away with it and escaped the first Global Financial Crisis very neatly.

When the nation votes on 18th May 2019, Jupiter (abundance, opportunity) in Sagittarius (foreign countries) will be at 22 Sagittarius, just one degree away from making an exact semi-sextile to that Neptune at 22 Scorpio. That can only happen once every 12 years and it describes a nation of dreamers on 18th May, 2019.

Yet again, Australia will be immune to – and even benefit from – turmoil in the European Union, the United States and China. Sagittarius rules foreign people and places and with Jupiter there, our luck is in.

There is a perfect trine from Ops at 22 Cancer on election day (Cancer rules property and family) to Neptune at 22 Scorpio (Scorpio rules the banks). Ops is hidden in the word ‘optimism’ and is Jupiter’s mother. The winning party will be selling financial hope to families with expensive mortgages or dreaming of a first home.

P.S. Why Did Prime Minister Morrison Delay Election 2019?

I will leave you with an interesting question. Why did Prime Minister Scott Morrison delay calling the election, and then select the day of a Full Moon? It will be a divisive and difficult vote for Australia, because a Full Moon is always D-Day and as the Sun in Taurus (values, income) opposes the Moon in Scorpio (banks, mortgages) the whole nation will be split. Then, there is the wider question of values – the price tag on the planet, for example.

It’s an odd thing to do. And the delay is even stranger. As I said at the beginning of this feature, we don’t have a confirmed birth time for either the Prime Minister or the Leader of the Opposition – but if at least the dates are correct, then Scott Morrison came into the world with Jupiter in Leo, exactly halfway between that Full Moon on Election Day. That’s either a piece of synchronicity typical of horoscopes – or he’s been advised to do that by an astrologer! I am not sure why, as it forms a T-Square, which always spells tension. Yet, there it is. Australia votes on a Full Moon, and she will be voting on her economy.

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28 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, this was a very informative and interesting read. I look forward to the ‘shocks’ that will unfold. I just wanted to share with you how I have been talking about astrology and decision-making with my 22 year old (nearly 23 year old son). He is a total sceptic and just said with relish, “Oh Mum, you’re so gullible!” He is a sun Gemini and an Arts/Journalism student who knows everything apparently. His DOB is 26 May 1996. Thanks for great post.

    1. Thank you. Tell your Gemini son to watch what happens to the media on this election and specifically to Rupert Murdoch. Gemini people tend to be interested in newspapers, television, radio and the internet – and that 1960’s horoscope we have for Australia shows Mr. Murdoch in the chart. That particular pattern is under intense pressure between now and election day, and in fact it has already started, with Geoffrey Rush’s successful lawsuit against The Daily Telegraph. Even a sceptic can have fun and be amazed watching astrology work out!

  2. Hi Jessica,

    You mentioned Bill Shorten and Ms Cash as being typically Taurean names.

    What do you think/know of Bill Cash (Sir William Cash), leading Brexiteer, here in the UK?

    Also, any insights on the European Parliament elections in the UK and the rest of the EU? The elections will be held between May 22nd and 26th across the EU and the new Parliament will meet at 9AM on 2nd July 2019, in Strasbourg.

    1. That’s interesting about Sir William Cash! Thank you for mentioning it. Astrology can be strangely literal sometimes. Thank you for the reminder of the dates of these European Parliament elections, that’s really useful. I have been watching Italy all along, because of the old Roman 55 B.C. chart for Britain. Her destiny is tied to Britain’s. We could be looking at Quitaly, as they say (Italy leaves the European Union) or perhaps a trade agreement between the two countries – Britaly? I would watch that country carefully across these elections. You’d have to say we’re in for some shocks, as Uranus in his brand new sign of Taurus is powering through in April, May. It looks rather like a cross-party government, in response to a crisis. And we have not yet hit the crisis. Happily, this ends well. In fact by the end of the year, Britain will be in a stunning global position, as Jupiter (expansion, growth, hope) sweeps every chart we have for her, starting at 55 B.C. and going right through to the 1960’s.

  3. So interesting! I’ll be watching the next five weeks closely and returning to this article to cross check what happens. From what you’ve said the Australian voters will be feeling – seems like a Labor win. At least Australians have the Ops in optimism to enjoy while the rest of the world implodes a little.

    Thanks Jess!

    1. Thank you. History tells us that when Jupiter dominates an election, people tend to bank on the unknown and hope for something bigger and better. As that old Whitlam chart is triggered, we’d have to be looking at the issue of borrowed money to fund huge promises! What is really clear is that this is a Full Moon ballot and so it will divide the country. It will also create a real tug-of-war within millions of voters. The Taurus-Scorpio split is shown not only by the two Taurus leaders competing for the top job, but also by the old Scorpio Prime Ministers, Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull. This last one is interesting because of his name – turn bull. That’s a statement about Taurus too. Watch that woman, though. That’s the wild card.

  4. Thanks so much for this post Jessica, its a very confusing time in Australian politics, with so many polarizing issues working their way through the collective consciousness. And so many opportunists really having a field day. Thanks for a few points of focus to make it feel much less like being in a washing machine! And its really an usual experience (for me at least…) to think of politicians from an astrological point of view.
    My birth chart has Jupiter at 22 Aries, Saturn at 21 Cancer, MC at 21 Virgo, IC at 21 Pisces, and Fortuna at 20 Gemini, which gives me a bit of reading to do 😉 – I’m not sure I would say I’m personally invested in the outcome, though whichever way it goes, We will all be living the result.
    Thanks again.

    1. Thank you. The way your chart is shaped, with Saturn in Cancer in the Fourth House, does suggest that the outcome has an impact on the value of your house or apartment, or the rental market for you. If your birth time is strictly accurate then the MC at 21 Virgo is also very much about your job and health insurance, which Virgo rules (Sixth House). So, for you, the Australian story in 2019 tallies with your Fourth House and Sixth House, so you would be quite invested in the election promises, delivery and outcome. What nobody is aware of yet (except astrologers) is that we are up for a global economic shock between now and polling day. This has been in the works for quite some time as Uranus (the revolution) goes across 0, 1, 2, 3 Taurus, the currency and sharemarket sign. It would be in your interests to stay ahead of the news on that front and also to do a bit of research on property prices as well. Saturn in Cancer is very much about that level of management and awareness.

      1. Thanks Jessica – I’ve been heeding your advice about GFC 2.0 for a while now, and trying to position my family as safely and with as much flexibility as possible, but after this post, I’m feeling like I may need to be more financially conservative.
        ‘Not personally invested’ in the outcome was really a reference to political parties – I’m sceptical of them all.
        Superannuation, insurance and Blockchain are on my radar. Thank You!
        And Blessings to You 🙂

        1. Thank you. It’s a good time to be aware of all the global economic trends, actually – particularly in the United States where the Uranus in Taurus cycle in 2018 and also early 2019 has shown just how uncertain things are. We now wait for Uranus to move to 2, 3 degrees for the real story to begin.

  5. Dear Jessica,

    I have the following 21/22 chart factors. I live in London what sort of impact can I expect for myself. Also my family lives in Australia so would that have any impact on me also?

    NorthNode 22° Scorpio 12′ 38″ R
    SouthNode 22° Taurus 12′ 38″ R
    Sun 21° Libra 32′ 22″
    MC 21° Capricorn 32′ 54″



    1. This is financial, as the Nodes are in Scorpio and Taurus. A classic example would be your family’s position with a particular house or apartment, superannuation and general business or property position, which of course affects you too. Scorpio and the Eighth House rule legacy and inheritance, and the eventual outcome of the election – the impact on the economy, the rules on superannuation, perhaps family residency/visas, property prices – seem certain to change the way you and your relatives manage your affairs. The Sun in Libra is about your former, current or potential partner. Also any enemy, rival or opponent. That is the next twist to this tale.

  6. Sad to hear the election will be on the economy (sure I can understand that, times are hard thanks to years of neo-liberalism), and likely the Liberals the environmental vandals and policy vacuum party may get elected once again given the results for the NSW state elections a few months back.

    Time will tell I suppose. It’s funny that you mention Rupert Murdoch also, certainly his media influence in reporting of facts and policies are dismal too.

    I do have a few factors at 21, none in Taurus and Scorpio though, do you see anything for me? I grew up and live in Sydney (just not born here) so would be interesting.

    1. You will find that your personal chart being triggered by this national/political chart has a direct impact on a few things in your life. Work is the most obvious one, and also health care, thanks to your Virgo placement in the Sixth House of jobs, lifestyle, doctors and hospitals. I literally filed this feature on Thursday morning once the Prime Minister had called the election, and noticed the Rupert Murdoch patterns – a few hours later, I am sure you saw the actor Geoffrey Rush successfully taking the Murdoch newspaper The Daily Telegraph to court. There is more to come with this, as the Sixties horoscope for Australia shows this big Gemini signature, which is of course, the Australian media (and the ABC too, naturally). It sounds as if you will be drawn into the whole thing, perhaps more personally than you imagined – but it would be via the Virgo part of your chart.

  7. Dear Jessica,

    I was looking in FaceBook and the ABC Sydney has created a poll asking people what they will be watching on 18 May 2019. Will they be watching the Election 2019 or Eurovision?

    I think you can appreciate the irony.

    As for calling the election at such a late date, rumour has it that the Adani deal may be the underlying reason. It will be interesting to see what affect that has with regards to the environment – coal vs koalas and endangered finches.

    And since I have MC and IC at 21 Capricorn and Cancer, Ops 22 Libra and Pluto 22 Virgo, the election will be affecting me personally.

    The next few weeks are really going to be interesting. I am keen to see what Julie and Tanya do in the lead up. There are some great women in Parliament. Hopefully there will be more by day’s end in May.

    1. Thank you. If your birth time is accurate to the minute, then yes – you really do have a big line-up around that hotspot in the Australian horoscope (the MC and IC depend on birth time). Even if not, you still have Pluto at 22 Virgo, so this is bound to about your work (Virgo) and health care (also Virgo). So in your case, the political affects the personal. Calling the election right on a Full Moon does mean a country split down the middle, as the tug-of-war between Sun and Moon in opposite signs will result in a really divided outcome, unfortunately – no wonder people are running to Eurovision instead! (But that result will also divide people – strange lunar timing again).

  8. Hi!! I have the following in my chart:

    Mars 21° Taurus 06′ 35″
    Saturn 21° Sagittarius 06′ 48″
    Apollo 21° Leo 46′ 36″ R
    Hygeia 22° Gemini 49′ 57″
    Salacia 22° Aquarius 10′ 48″

    How would this affect me?

    R x

    1. Saturn at 21 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of globalisation, foreign people and places, travel, emigration, the ‘world’ aspect of the worldwide web, holidays, working vacations and export/import is important here. It looks as though the situation with Australia in May 2019 will either affect you (do you have ties there?) or it may be that the ripple effect of new foreign policy or trade deals with other countries – from Canberra – also reaches you. For more on this look up Saturn and also the Ninth House on Search. This would seem to be about the internet because of the position of Hygiea in Gemini in your Third House, which rules websites, email, blogs, social media and so on.

  9. Hi Jessica

    Blessing on you and thanks for all you do.

    My chart has these 21/22 factors but Taurus/Scorpio at 15. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on the impact for me

    Sun 21° Cancer 24′ 45″
    Venus 22° Gemini 30′ 16″ R
    MC 15° Taurus 08′ 57″
    IC 15° Scorpio 08′ 57″
    Proserpina 21° Leo 27′ 03″
    Vulcano 21° Cancer 44′ 43″

    feeling a bit uneasy that Cancerians are overdue a huge upheaval on May 18th 2019 as it seems to have been such a very long road over the last few years. Thank you!

    1. It’s really your Sun and Vulcano in Cancer that you will see being brought to life on this election, and so this just has to be the economic impact of interest rates, house prices, family taxation and so on. Cancer rules the Fourth House of your chart which is where you sort out your house or apartment, any property investments, and of course the family. You already have the transiting North Node here in 2019-2020 so you are fulfilling karma from around the year 2000 regarding this and will see closure as you complete a circle of debts and credits, on a soul level, likely with relatives, but perhaps with a specific house or apartment. This is also very much about your home town and homeland, which of course is Australia, and how you feel about where you belong and where you come from. On Election Day itself Mars moves into Cancer so this is a sure sign that you are going to see a result that means ‘action stations’ with all of that. Look up Mercury Retrograde on Search because we have that in Cancer mid year so if the plan is (say) to order renovations, buy a property, sell one, make family plans and so on – just make sure you swerve around it. It is possible that the election itself will create heat with the family or in your shared household so you may want to watch that!

  10. Hi Jessica
    This is a very interesting read. You mentioned “watch the women” does this also include Pauline Hanson?
    Kind Regard

    1. The astrology did not point to any particular woman – I believe Hanson’s popularity is slipping in the polls at the moment – along with One Nation as a whole. Thank you.

  11. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for answering my question earlier.

    I’m not sure if you noticed an opinion piece on SMH on how Bill Shorten is possibly the only Labor leader to be really against Murdoch (of course Kevin Rudd was heavily critical of Murdoch once he got out of politics).

    It’s just funny and coincides with so much you’ve written about. Of course I noticed that even Jeremy Corbyn is getting weary about Murdoch too.

    1. Thank you! No, I did not see the story in The Sydney Morning Herald about Rupert Murdoch and likely Prime Minister Bill Shorten. How amazing. The ‘birth’ chart for Australia is really talking here. It’s not a perfect ‘birth’ chart by any means as there are still issues about the 1967 wording of that vote in reference to indigenous Australians. Yet, it’s probably the best we have, in terms of showing modern Australia, including everybody democratically. So – that is the Gemini you are seeing (the media) and that is why Rupert Murdoch, the global media superstar, is right in the frame in the 2019 Australian election. It would not be a total shock if Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper campaign against Bill Shorten and the Labour party failed – and if we were in fact looking at Prime Minister Shorten!

  12. Hi Jessica

    Much of what you have written is playing out. Bill Shorten absolutely blitzed it on Monday night on Q&A and now Murdoch has gone to town on him –

    Now I have been curiously waiting to see what GFC Mark 2 will look like as I’m born on the first day of Cancer (re your previous article on big changes for people born on 1st day of a sign) and I work in the super industry. I have been wondering what the fallout of Trump’s latest Twitter tariff rant to China will be the catalyst as the timing fits.

    Interested in your thoughts…

    Really enjoying your commentary too!

    1. Yes, I saw the Daily Telegraph story in Sydney. I used to write the astrology column for that newspaper, for many years. I will repeat something I posted on Twitter: there is a reason why Scott Morrison was so obsessed with eradicating ants in his budget. I will leave that to you to figure out! You work in superannuation and pensions, and are wondering about US-China. Quite right too. I have been sounding the alarm about Uranus in Taurus for a very long time because I wanted my readers to get themselves into a position where they can adapt and adjust to what is basically going to be 7 years of global economic revolution. Not being locked in, or pinned down, is a really good idea on this cycle. To be honest with you, I think eventually the Australian government will have to change the rules and radically so. It is going to have to ‘meet change with change.’ There is a perfect storm unfolding. China-US trade war. Brexit. The money laundering arrests and assets seizures to come, once the lightning bolts descend. Cryptocurrency. Climate change. Put all that together, mate, and you need to stay right on the cutting edge of research, news and views so you are completely across what is required for your industry, next 7 years. Obviously the Chinese people who borrowed large sums of money to buy overpriced high-rise apartments in global city centres are going to find themselves in bubbles of trouble. I have been writing for them too (and hoping the Great Wall of China has let them read it)

  13. Hi Jessica
    Any new thoughts on Australia now that the election and surprise result?
    Have to say I’m very worried about the government lack of policies on the climate .
    Could you maybe look at Adani and what’s in store for them and wether they will get approval to mine ?
    Feeling pretty blue

    1. There are two questions that need addressing, Baroona. The first is the wrong poll predictions, across the board, which tie into deeper questions about betting on the election results. As an astrologer you catch a whiff, when you see a Full Moon in Scorpio (big business) opposite the Sun in Taurus (gambling) on an actual Election Day. The second question is about the banks. I have been boring all my poor readers for almost two years now with stories about money laundering. Well, a few hours ago in The New York Times, the Omo started to blow. Let’s see if the Scomo also blows, by December 2020. I don’t have a timed chart for Adani, but I can measure you, as someone who is worried about climate emergency, that from December 2020, a rather magical month, we will be looking at one world thinking on climate, and a new surge in equality, community and diversity across politics. Ask yourself if that means the current ‘new government’ is likely to last the distance. I’m going to say not. There are some shocks ahead. But maybe you’ll feel less blue now. The astrology is really clear. And what Australia looks and feels like from December 2020, and intensely so from 2023, is not a lot of white men in suits making jokes about coal.

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