2020 Predictions for Britain After 2020

The 'Britannia' astrology chart from 55 B.C. shows women dominate until 2050 and Scotland goes her own way. What does the future hold and how will it affect your life? The astrology timing on Brexit has been accurate all along - so what's next? And how does it affect you, based on your own chart?

Astrology Was Right About Scotland and Brexit – So What’s Next?

People sometimes ask me how far ahead astrology can predict the future. The answer is – if we wanted to, we could gaze thousands of years into the future of the United Kingdom.

One of the reasons for this is the powerful accuracy of the original ‘birth’ chart we have for her, set for the Roman invasion of 27th August 55 B.C.

It shows 20 clear predictions for life in Britain after 2020 – including a boom in electric car manufacturing, communal market gardens replacing supermarkets, a new global online university industry and much more.

Did you know that the new buzzword in the future of Britain will not be “Brexit” but instead, “Britaly” in the years to come? Italy and Britain will forge a partnership. The 55 B.C. horoscope tells us it will be based on trade and tourism.

First, though, let’s look at two predictions that just came true to see why this old Roman horoscope for the birth of the nation works so well.

Predicted in November 2018: No Brexit on 29th March

Using the 55 B.C. chart it was possible to predict, back in November 2018, that Brexit would never happen on deadline. This is what you read:

“The United Kingdom is due to leave the E.U. on 29th March, 2019 at 11 p.m. U.K. time – which simply will not work – according to the chart. Mercury Retrograde muddles and mess dominate March and the chosen date falls right on Mercury Retroshadow.”


Why That Celebrity Petition Was Never Going to Work

Here’s another classic Mercury Retrograde situation: a petition which was legally null and void from the moment it was posted online, no matter how many celebrities signed it.

From Forbes: “A U.K. Parliament Petition on Brexit allows foreigners not living there to sign it. Cliff Piffy and Dingle Wigglesworth added their names to the list of nearly one million people.” (But unfortunately Cliff Piffy and Dingle Wigglesworth not only did not exist, but also gave their addresses in America). 

The petition, as Forbes explains, was open to anyone, from anywhere – including people who didn’t exist, and lived on the opposite side of the world! Textbook Mercury Retrograde

The Astrology of Scotland

Astrology can be used to gaze four years into the future and give a date-stamped prediction. On May 13th 2015 it was clear that January 2019 would bring a massive break between England and Scotland. The BBC reported that outcome here, here and also here.

“I think the people of Scotland should have the opportunity to look again at independence,” Nicola Sturgeon said, on 27th January 2019, four years after astrology had called it. Remember, this was after the nation had voted ‘No.’

How an Old Prediction for Scotland Came True

This is what you read on this website back then“January 2019 is either the month for the second independence referendum (the one PM Cameron did not want to have) or some other massive break between the two countries. Jupiter supplies the hope for a better future. Saturn puts the fear of God into people. Combine those with Neptune and its longing for escape, and you have an incredible month for the fate of Scotland.”

How can a horoscope be this specific, this far in advance? We do it by using the old Scotland ‘birth’ chart set for 16th March in the year 842 A.D. for 4.21pm in Edinburgh as well as the old Roman ‘birth’ chart for Britain back in 55 B.C.

Readers are sometimes surprised to hear that nations have birth charts too, but they certainly do – and they work.

If you’ve ever wondered how Britain ended up (twice) with a Queen and a female Prime Minister, the charts for both Scotland and the old England explain why. It’s all down to an asteroid called Vesta, illustrated by Sir Frederic Leighton, below. She’s a symbol of female power and back in Roman times was the goddess who presided over the Vestal Virgins.


The Queen - 2020 Predictions for Britain After 2020Vesta Leighton - 2020 Predictions for Britain After 2020

Nicola Sturgeon and the Scotland Astrology Chart

Nicola Sturgeon will lead Scotland to independence in a new referendum and she will take her cue from Scotland’s unique position with Trident according to the national chart. Venus in Pisces (Venus illustrated below) is a symbol of female power when it is tied to the sea – and that is Scotland’s global influence on her nuclear-sensitive coastline.

Nicola sturgeon - 2020 Predictions for Britain After 2020     Venus with a Mirror - 2020 Predictions for Britain After 2020

How Scotland Wins Independence in 2021-2022

When Uranus moves to 13 Taurus and makes a semi-sextile to natal Uranus at 13 Aries in the Scotland chart – and a sextile to Mars at 13 Cancer – Scotland will make a decisive break with England – and the United Kingdom will no longer be united. This takes place in June 2021. Saturn will also be at 13 Aquarius that month. That’s a double transit.

The pattern continues in October 2021 and April 2022. Prediction: Between June 2021 and April 2022 Scotland will break free from England and the United Kingdom will be a thing of the past. 

More Female Prime Ministers by 2050

The two Sun Libra female Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom – Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May – were ‘written’ into the future of the UK thanks to the old Roman horoscope. In fact, even back in 55 B.C. the astrological chart set for the arrival of Julius Caesar was showing the rise of a woman. She turned out to be Boadicea or Boudicca.

There will be more female Prime Ministers in the British Isles by 2050 and there will also be a double-act: both the leader and her deputy will be women.

17795486 - 2020 Predictions for Britain After 2020    Theresa May 394x600 - 2020 Predictions for Britain After 2020

Princess Diana Rises Again

This a painting of the Roman goddess Diana by Simon Vouet. In your own birth chart she is a symbol of freedom, autonomy, feminism and female wildness. The zodiac sign of your Diana shows where you go your own way and do your own thing! This is rather like Diana, Princess of Wales. The old British chart clearly shows that Princess Diana will rise again by 2050. Don’t be surprised if her words and deeds come back to haunt the Royal Family.


Diana Simon Vouet 600x420 - 2020 Predictions for Britain After 2020

How Astrologer Liz Greene Saw the Future of the United Kingdom

The following was published by the astrologer, author and academic Liz Greene 14 years ago in 2005. It is an incredible prediction.

“In the horoscope for the United Kingdom, Pluto, as it moves through Capricorn, is likely to reflect profound changes in the sense of national identity and the deep-rooted traditions of the past. Some of these changes may involve a new interpretation of monarchy, or shifts in the relationship between Church and State and between the monarch and the government. The nature of the United Kingdom itself may need to be redefined in more flexible and creative ways, with new approaches from and toward the individual entities – Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland – which comprise it. This may also apply to those nations linked to the United Kingdom through shared past bonds, such as Australia and New Zealand.”

The Future of Australia and The Royal Family

Sometimes all you need is a Mercury Retrograde cycle to predict a future event. Australia voted ‘No’ to a republic on Mercury Retrograde, choosing to remain with Her Majesty the Queen as the country’s Head of State. As anybody who follows astrology knows, any vote cast on Mercury Retrograde never sticks.

Mercury rules signatures, contracts, ballots and all paperwork and when it appears to move backwards, what comes to pass is never ‘written’ for every long. Australia by 2050 will break from the monarchy.

Why Princesses and Duchesses Steer the Future

It will be the women in the House of Windsor, from Princess Anne, the Duchess of Cambridge, the Duchess of Sussex and even young Charlotte who help to steer the future of the monarchy now through 2050.

This image of Ceres by Simon Vouet of Ceres is uncannily like the portrait of Queen Victoria in the Julia Baird biography, Victoria the Queen. The planet Ceres dominates the old Roman chart for Britain. This is another reason why the British Isles since 55 B.C. has come to be associated with so many unforgettable women at the top. In your own chart, your Ceres sign will show where you also have this kind of potency and influence.


Queen Victoria 403x600 - 2020 Predictions for Britain After 2020    Ceres Tramplint the Attributes of War Simon Vouet - 2020 Predictions for Britain After 2020

Ireland and Her Future to 2050

To predict the future of Ireland we need to use a horoscope set for 1st January 1801 – often called the U.K. Union chart. This also shows women coming to dominate the future – this painting shows Minerva, Venus and Juno. These asteroids and planets suggest Ireland will also be led by powerful females to 2050. This follows the end of the Euro as Ireland knows it today and the rise of digital currency.

Minerva Venus Juno 600x443 - 2020 Predictions for Britain After 2020

Check Your Horoscope For Taurus, Scorpio, Virgo and Capricorn Factors

If you have Taurus, Scorpio, Virgo and/or Capricorn factors in your personal birth chart (which you can see if you are a Premium Member on the screen right now) you are affected by what is ahead. Your finances, lifestyle, house, apartment, job, studies and all the practical matters of life – right down to your health insurance – will be transformed by sweeping changes which affect Britain and the rest of the world. In a moment I’ll go through 20 predictions, from the rise of the electric bus and car – to the end of paper money – which are going to hit your world!

[contentblock id=show-chart]

20 Predictions for Britain After 2020

Using the old horoscope for the arrival of Julius Caesar back on Walmer Beach, near Deal, on 27th August, 55 years before Jesus Christ was born, we reach far back into history, but also see clear signs about life after 2020.

1. A successful Brexit in September 2019 with some shocks – it will not be the deal that so many expected.
2. Italy leaves the European Union as Quitaly becomes real – ahead of the end of the old Euro by 2025.
3. Mini expands its electric car range and a boom in electric car and bike production begins in Britain.
4. Electric buses and crowdfunded, shared public car-pooling spots attract millions of ordinary investors.
5. The ‘new’ Roman baths boom hit the nation with swimming pool complexes going up on the coastline.
6. The most serious challenge to the Commonwealth and the monarchy in decades takes place in the year 2032.
7. The ‘Diana and Charles’ shock takes place in the year 2028, four years prior to this.
8. Vegetables, fruit and herbs not grown in Britain for centuries return as market gardens replace supermarkets.
9. Massive changes to Eurostar, P&O Ferries and other English Channel commuting in June 2019.
10. A reconstruction of the B.B.C. in June 2019 with a YouTube-style global subtitled subscriber channel ahead.
11. Oxford University and Cambridge University lead a global education revolution online earning the nation millions.
12. A new language develops, online and in the real world, which merges English with Chinese and Indian. It’s a hit.
13. Currency crisis in Europe means parmesan becomes a trading commodity in place of money.
14. New-style housing based on renewables and the ‘Tiny House’ movement sweeps rural Britain.
15. Communal housing as an extension of the ‘new Roman’ baths is a hit with older Britons.
16. A new flag/new flags and rebranding throughout the British Isles in November, December 2019.
17. Birth rates decline after 2023 and are still off the chart by 2035 for reasons which will be revealed from the year 2028.
18. The National Health Service (N.H.S.) as we know it today will cease to exist.
19. A new deal with the United States in the year 2023 transforms what used to be ‘the special relationship’.
20. A brand new Italy-Britain partnership will be written in stone in January 2020. It will be called ‘Britaly.’

Now, over to you. What do you think? And is your personal birth chart affected by massive changes ahead for the world?

Illustrations shown from Wikimedia Commons include:
The Vestal Virgin by Sir Frederic Leighton
Ceres Trampling the Attributes of War by Simon Vouet
Diana by Simon Vouet
Venus With a Mirror by Titian
Minerva, Venus and Juno by Giovanni Andrea Sirani
Minerva by Jacques Louis Dubois

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20 Responses

  1. I have to say, all of your Brexit predictions are uncannily accurate. I think everything will be ok, even though things are hectic right now, but one thing that concerns me is possible trade deals with the US. The US insists that any deal should involve farming, but I find that horrifying. Britain has had very high standards in many industries even before joining the EU and the thought of lowering our farming standards is unacceptable. I don’t trust the current government to insist on keeping our standards high, because the current leadership is weak and practically non-existant and the US is unlikely to budge on this either. What do you think will happen with farming? More trade is good though, just not for farming with the current standards.

    1. Thank you. Everything will be better than okay by the end of 2019, as we see the return of stunning cycles not seen since The Great Exhibition with Queen Victoria and the boom in new British world trade. After that? Big tests for everybody! I understand your concern about farming and animal welfare. You will be pleased to know that Uranus (the revolution) in Taurus (cattle) will free things up for the creatures. Part of the reason for this (read more by hitting Uranus in Taurus on Search) is the sheer range of new and different food that is coming. We had a Uranus in Taurus cycle in the 1660s and there was a turnip boom. In all seriousness, the turnip revolutionised the economy! As for America, there is a total change in power from December 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius ahead of Pluto in Aquarius in 2023. Forget what’s there now.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Hm, interesting list there. We’ll see what happens I guess. Some of those predictions definitely are showing up on the horizon I reckon.

    Will it just be Scotland leaving the UK or will Wales go its own way too and Ireland reunify?


    1. Climate change in Wales will be so extreme that it will influence her entire direction – culturally and economically. Ireland’s future depends on tax-avoidance American dot com corporations. Keep watching.

  3. Very interstbg. Do you see anything about 4th generation nuclear energy? A much safer option for nuclear than in the past. I ask because of the mention of Mini and new electric cars. Akso, do you see anything in particular for the oil industry ? Thank you Jessica.

    1. The oil industry is over, the way the horse and cart was over, when the trains arrived! Uranus in Taurus cycles always deliver the last thing anybody expected to see, and that will be the end of the petrol station/service station within 7 years and the rise and rise of the ‘new, new, new’ cars and shared transport. Cars will be wildly reinvented and the old Used Car Dealer will also be reinvented. The nuclear energy option really depends on what happens with Chinese investment in British nuclear and I wrote a long story on that a few years ago. Keep watching that one.

  4. If as you suggest Scotland breaks away from the rest of the UK, I hope that my birth chart shows a major cash injection into my life before then. I would have to leave Scotland. It is unbearable & oppressive just now due to Sturgeon & the Scottish Government. It will be significantly worse if we become Independent.

    1. Too funny! I understand how you must be feeling. Your horoscope reveals you will join a group, actually – of people with similar interests and points of view. This happens, to your total joy, at some point after Christmas 2020 so maybe you’ll get into politics. Then again it might just be a pipe band!

  5. Oh wow – The NHS will cease to exist as we know it? That sounds like the worst fears of many people come true. This does not sound good. Any thoughts on what will replace it?

    The idea of communal living for older people – a much more positive vision for lonely people, sounds great as do so many of the others.

    From this point in the timeline things look very chaotic and unsettled. Roll on September – but you say not the deal so many expected. Are you seeing Brexit in Name Only?

    UK politics are hideous at this point in time. People all over the UK on both sides aghast at the lack of cohesion/direction/vision. Scarey times.

    Thank you, as ever, for your insights.

    1. There is no way Britain with her old 55 B.C. astrology chart will ever lose subsidised and – for those who need it – free health and medical care. She was ‘born’ a Virgo even when the Romans were marching onto the beach. Virgo as I am sure you know rules health. The name might change, and also the rules, but the principles will remain the same, according to the horoscope – yet it will be Generation Virgo born in the 1960s with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo who are behind the massive shift in organisation. I hear what you are saying about British politics. Astrology can be a great comfort because you realise everything really has happened before! This is the same cycle as the 1773 Boston Tea Party. Back then Americans rejected British claims on their money. Now it’s the British rejecting European claims on their money. It is absolutely normal for there to be chopping, changing and churning after these kinds of horoscope patterns involving Uranus (and the Brexit vote to Leave, which astrology predicted, happened on an exact line-up of Uranus, Ceres and Mars all at the same degree). In fact, you almost have to expect it. But Britain will leave the European Union. I do keep saying this, but watch Italy.

    2. Jessica, thank you.
      In all honesty, reading your predictions have probably kept quite a good few people from totally stressing out over the last 2 years.
      It was no shocker to your readers when the Brexit delay details were announced.

      1. Ah, thank you. I take a different view of Brexit because I am an astrologer and we watch history. Brexit will work out very well for Britain in 2019 thanks to her repeated Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle. It will be tougher from 2020 – no doubt about it – but we are also going to see a boom in new technology and inventions with a permanent ‘Great Exhibition’ website and marketplace, just as we saw one made out of glass at Crystal Palace back in 1851 on the last time this cycle happened! Keep shopping. Keep trading.

  6. Wow Jessica! 🙂
    Very interesting article!
    Am I right to guess that the end of the euro starts with Britaly? Or is it after crisis in euro zone?

    1. We are lucky to have an astrological chart for the Euro itself – currencies have horoscopes too. The chart is set for 1st January 1999 at 00.01 in Brussels (data from The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer, 2004). You could not make this up. The Euro came into existence with Chiron at 29 Scorpio, the sign which rules mortgages and banks. If the Euro survives the Uranus opposition from 29 Taurus in the years 2024-2025 it will be an absolute miracle. It seems more likely to morph into digital currency, actually, but the old Eurozone is finished.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Firstly, thanks so much for the amazing insight you offer in your horoscopes, membership and articles. As an Irish reader, this particular article has put the fear of God into me!

    Having been sick, and unable to work for a number of years, due to workplace bullying, I found myself in the unenviable position of having to start fresh in my career. It’s been a huge mental and financial struggle, and I feel so far behind my friends and contemporaries in terms of “where I should be at” in my life.

    Despite the challenges, I have kept my head down and am starting to rise through the ranks in a very successful internet-based business. Luckily, the business is not a huge and is not based in Ireland for taxation, so I am hoping that it won’t be affected by the tax avoidance issues you’ve outlined.

    As a husband and father, my next challenge is to finally provide for a roof over our heads. We are now in the position where we have a substantial deposit for a family home, but I am really hesitant to act. I feel that houses here are highly over-valued and it’s honestly like a case of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Very few people will admit that there’s a problem, because we’re all caught up in, and financially dependant upon the deception.

    I guess the question is, do you think that the forthcoming Irish Crash will be as big as 2008? In light of that, would I be best to just float with the changes and not to commit for the initial period of this change?

    I love change and I’m the type of person who can roll with the punches. I’m also big into the tiny-home and sustainable housing areas, and you’ve alluded that these will be better represented in the British Isles over this period. Currently there is a lot of desire for this housing, but Planners are not allowing them as readily. So in light of that, would it be best to keep saving and aim to take advantage of new opportunities for housing that may evolve at the end of this period?

    I’d just love, if you have the time, to see what you would suggest in relation to my chart.

    Thanks again,


    1. Bob, the bullying you have survived is down to the Pluto in Capricorn cycle in your Tenth House which can only happen every 240+ years. The worst is over and actually, astrology has shown repeatedly that the people or organisations which try to dominate and take over always meet their downfall, one way or another. You won’t have to do a thing, fate will do it. Okay, so Ireland is right at the heart of the revolution. This has not even started yet. We are at the transit of Uranus at 0 degrees Taurus and he has 29 degrees to go, or about seven years. Let’s see how you are going to use this cycle. It’s a total career reshape for you, to your advantage, as you were born with Jupiter (blessed from birth) in the sign of the ambitious mountain goat who climbs to the top. Jupiter is at 28 Capricorn in your chart and you will have your Jupiter Return, which can only happen every 12 years, when transiting or travelling Jupiter goes to 28 Capricorn – very close by at May 2020 – and exact in December 2020. That month is massive for the entire world, actually, as we will have a new American leadership and it will be about community, equality and diversity. That is going to affect Ireland. Pluto then moves to 28 Capricorn in the year 2022 and 2023, so this is nothing short of a massive switch in life direction for you. You can read more about that by looking up Tenth House and Jupiter on Search and in your ebooks, as you were born with that placement and it will start to work for you in the years ahead. You will be dealing with foreign people, places and faces that are new to you, or that you thought you knew – but were always going to expand for you. The actual changes to come owe something to the birth of the Fenians or Irish Republican Brotherhood back in the 1850s as we saw Uranus in Taurus then. You would know more about that than me, but symbolically, what happens in Ireland from 2019-2026 will nod to that. Watch transport between Ireland and America, and Ireland and Britain. That is going to shift so radically we will have trouble keeping up. Stay right across what is happening with digital currency, taxation and world trade as it will affect house and land prices where you are, but also business, full stop. Bob, you may want to wait until you can see which way the wind is blowing after Brexit, before you make binding and lasting commitments. And actually, it would be a smart idea to keep light on your feet these next few years anyway. What is coming is as big as the Industrial Revolution was, or the American War of Independence.

  8. Thanks for highlighting again the link between Britian and Italy. I have visited Italy 3 x now and due to go to Rome end of April. I have been so impressed with the way Italy maintains its individuals shops / family owned restaurants and promotes their local produce and wares. I feel Britain could look to Italy to be more inspired by this localisation of family owned business, local produce and promote home-grown culture again and not the mish-mash homogeneity of the Eurozone. I think also Italy will be sick of having to take the brunt of the rescue operations in the Med. I hope it is highlighted in the media how the shengen region free movement of people has encouraged this influxof people which are being exploited as slave labour. Italy is almost an Island, so I think they have a similar ‘island’ mentality to the UK, and feel overwhelmed by the influx of people it cannot support.

    1. The comment you make about slave labour is interesting, because in astrology we watch history (history is astrology and vice versa) and when we saw Uranus in Taurus in 1772, it was determined in the Somerset case that a slave was free when entering England. In fact, that whole period when Uranus (a symbol of freedom and independence) was in Taurus (wages) from 1767 to 1775 the movement against slavery took over. This is the hidden humanitarian crisis, isn’t it! But the astrology says within 7 years it’s over.

  9. Amazing again Jessica, very exciting. You say that the Brexit will be with some shocks and not a deal that some will be expecting. Please can you give more detail, will it be the complete exit from the EU in its entirety, which is what millions voted for. If possible please can you also ellobotate with regards to the point you made about Britain and Italy (Britaly) are we going to go into some kind of trading Union or are you suggesting something completely different. Thank you. Very best wishes, Ian.

    1. Thank you, Ian. The shock is actually with currency – Euro, Pound and Dollar – and comes at the end of April. It is a wild card that nobody was expecting. The key to what you are asking is actually democracy itself. What we are seeing has not happened in 240+ years and it is a cycle about power and control. We all know people power is where the control should be – the Greeks valued democracy so highly. What has happened in the British Isles is that a few people at the top have used their power, to undermine the power of most of those below them – the 17 million+ voters. Now, by all the laws of astrology, if you ‘Pluto’ people or try to dominate them, or take over, or take from them – you meet your downfall. This is not just about the Prime Minister it is about any politician who has not done his/her job in carrying out the wishes of his/her voters. So the balance will be restored, by all the laws of astrology, but this will go down in the history books as an example of how (incredibly) a democratically elected government and referendum decision can come to temporarily mean nothing. In fact, all this has more in common with the old days of monarchy without representation than anything else! This is of course an ancient country. Now, Italy could easily quit *or* come to another arrangement with Britain so that a unique trading partnership is formed. The reason I say that is that the old ‘Italian Britain’ chart for 55 B.C. is so powerful. So watch that space. Ireland is also obviously very powerful in the equation too. You might say Britain is having to choose between her old Celtic side and her old Roman side. I just have to say again – this ends with benefits, solutions, breakthroughs and opportunities of a global nature for Britain!

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