The Aries Birthday Horoscope 2019-2020

Happy Birthday Aries! Your year ahead - March 2019 to April 2020. Did you know that the huge opportunities to publish, write, teach, study, travel, export, pursue foreign friendships or multicultural bonds, go on for some time?

What you build in your life, particularly with other regions, cultures, nationalities or belief systems, in 2019, will come back to you in 2020-2022 and actually be written in stone for the next 19 years. So really think about the long-term as the opportunities arrive this year. Just don’t forget the need for compromise and deal-making.

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14 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    Reading the horoscope feels like hope. So thankful that Uranus has finally left. As you stated above, it felt like head banging against all the doors slammed on my face. Sexual harassment at work. So many other things. It’s a bit surreal how nothing ever ever worked. Im a bit black and blue from all this. I used to have so much confidence – like I could walk into an interview and knew the job was nine. But the last 10 years erased that confidence and I’m trying my best to find it again. Can you tell me how next year could happen for me based on my chart, in addition to what you’ve written above. Thanks so much for your help. Happy birthday to me! 🙂 Hoping this year brings some tangible success and healing for me.

    1. You have Aries patterns at 16, 17, 18 degrees in your First House of image, profile, title, name, reputation and appearance so matters of branding are important. In fact you were dealing with changes and challenges not possible in about 80 years when Uranus went across 16, 17, 18 Aries in 2015-2016 so it takes a while to process. Chiron will eventually go to 16, 17, 18 Aries and teach you what you can get away with in terms of your name, avatar, portrait, photograph or video, online profile and so on – in 2023, 2024. In general, it is a good period to research the image industry on Twitter and the rest. You need to get right across the new realities of ‘Me’ online and constantly update yourself on surveys, new technology, innovations and inventions, trends in that field. It’s a very good time to look at every aspect of presentation, packaging and profile as Chiron is brand new in Aries, in your First House. Look up Chiron and First House on Search.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    You had predicted last year than in 2020 I will be in the pinnacle of my career. I really can’t think if I would keep my job till then. Could you please let me know when saturn moves out of capricorn, how it will benefit me?


    1. Saturn usually presents as problem people, or problem organisations, actually. Saturn leaves Capricorn on December 17th 2020. Before that, you get a break, as Jupiter (solutions) goes into Capricorn on December 3rd 2019. So that’s the timing for you.

  3. Thank you Jessica. I started a new job on February 4th, one set up as an initial 4 month contract, designed to see if it’s a mutual fit. This was a relationship set into motion the end of last year. I find office life so difficult – more than most I believe. The repetition, navigating power and authority, most of all the sense of being enslaved! Yet, in my late thirties, I still haven’t found my thing – I know my strengths but how to apply them in a context that suits me and therefore is sustainable … do you see in my horoscope how I can figure it out? Or how I can develop confidence? Perhaps those aren’t the right questions…
    Also, I don’t identify with this competitive, thrusting ram! I wish I did! Thanks for any advice you may have to offer based on my chart.

    1. Is it possible your birth time is slightly out? It would be unusual for a baby to be born right on 8.00pm, on the round hour and if your parents or the delivering midwife/doctor were not completely accurate, that would make sense. You began a new job on February 4th with the North Node at 26 Cancer and South Node at 26 Capricorn. It is possible your I.C. is also 26 Capricorn (not 28) and your M.C. is also 28 Capricorn, in which case you would be having what they call a Nodal Return. I’m sure you know Capricorn rules your Tenth House of career! (Cancer rules home). The bigger picture of this is home versus ambition, home town versus the employer’s home town, and where you come from – in terms of family, roots, heritage, culture, history, background – versus where you want to go to – which typically with a Cancer-Capricorn axis in the chart involves moving away. It’s very common in the horoscopes of people who are in a small town or village and must move to the big city, or spend a lot of time on the internet dealing with big-city colleagues. It should make you feel better to know that you are going through a cycle not possible in 240+ years as you were born with this huge stellium in ambitious, career-minded Capricorn and right now we have Pluto, Saturn and the South Node itself going through it. Your solutions will come from the first week of December this year when Jupiter (opportunities, breakthroughs) also moves into Capricorn and in fact the year 2020 will reshape your direction in life. Look up Juno, Vesta, the I.C., Vulcano and the South Node on Search and also the Tenth House – because this is you right now, and this is where you ‘live’ just for the moment. You will successfully deal with whatever/whomever is currently so challenging as the year ends and you’d have to suspect that a wider reshuffle in your place of work, or your entire industry/profession, is the game of musical chairs which offers you quite a nice armchair at the head of the table! Further on, believe it or not, from the year 2023 you will no longer care. The Capricorn weather which is so intense right now is over and you move into a totally different era!

  4. Thanks for the in-depth birthday horoscope Jessica, I look forward to this every year! A lot of this resonates with me and also the comments from my fellow Arians above, the constant rejection I have felt in most areas of my life since 2011 (professional, romantic and friendships) has left my confidence at an all time low. I have started speaking to a therapist who is helping me with this, perhaps this is related to Chiron moving in. The mercury in Pisces weather has me quite worried about moves I’m making in the background to free myself of the stuck work situation I’m in. I have been trying to grow my own freelance online business alongside my day job but I also have an interview for a job, one that involves both travel and the web, so on the surface it’s a very Jupiter in Sagittarius opportunity! But the timing worries me a little with the Mercury retrograde. Is there anything in my chart you think I should take note of this year? Thanks!

    1. Happy birthday. I am sorry you have been going through the boring rejections of this cycle. It’s The Rejection Dance and yet it also sets you free. It can be hard to appreciate that at the time, but later on you may realise that you were being given a really lucky escape from people or situations which would have trapped you for years and prevented you from being independent. Use your Sagittarius stellium in your Ninth House of study, travel, teaching, publishing, writing, foreigners, emigration, multiculturalism and beliefs this year. Use it often and use it well. I am very happy to hear about your job interview. Go for it and speak your truth. Have a chat to the mirror before you go. This soul-searching exercise is great, not just for interviews, but for your entire life path. Really get to the core of this. You are a born explorer and adventurer and you are being given one key after another in 2019. There will be more when the South Node moves to Sagittarius and your Ninth House after May 2020, until January 2022. I would not be surprised to hear from you in 2022 when you have switched countries, surrounded yourself with other cultures and belief systems and have come into your own. Still. Step by step.

  5. Hi Jessica ,

    Reading this years horoscope really feels very hopeful at this time . It feels like i have been held in a holding space ..applying to so many places and have had no luck..professional and personal life have all just stood still..i have not made a single penny since august 2016 and even had to relocate , putting all my stiff in storage and living in a bag literally .. i am truly waiting for the wind to change .. if you can throw any light about relocation and work would greatly appreciate…

    Thank you for all the work you do.. reading the horoscoes ( daily,weekly and monthly) helps me to be grounded through these testing times..

    1. Thank you very much, I am glad the horoscopes are helping with this situation. You need to download the eguide we created – Lifesweeping. If you have not made a penny since 2016 and are paying for storage, then it is time to look at Space Clearing, Spark Joy and similar movements, like my own version of this – Lifesweeping! You have Mercury at 13 Taurus and Venus at 14 Taurus in your Second House of possessions and income. You also have Saturn at 9 Taurus and Mars at 27 Taurus, so that’s a stellium (more than three horoscope factors in one sign and house). You have Bacchus at 9 Taurus and Apollo at 25 Taurus, completing the huge cluster of patterns in this zodiac sign. Look up the Second House on Search and in your ebooks when you finish reading this, because it is who you are – and yet you are going to have to change. The Second House is associated with values and valuables. With what is lucrative or profitable. It also rules filthy lucre – the negative side of money. At is best the Second House is about a healthy relationship with money, property and possessions and it is linked to the idea of charity, and unconditional sharing and giving. I am sorry you have been stuck with your search for work, and have also had to move. This sounds like Uranus in Taurus, for the first time in your life, which arrived in May 2018 and is now back, for some seven years – in your Second House of all that is profitable and lucrative. Uranus is a symbol of freedom, liberation, radical change, revolution, liberty and all that is new, shocking (often) and different. You must now try to let go of some of your most fixed ideas and expectations about what feeling rich means – or what being abundant means. Letting go and loosening up can feel very challenging to a strongly Taurus person as this sign is about the bull who digs in and will not move. Yet, this cycle, which always coincides with periods of extreme change in the world economy, has to be treated as something to move with, adapt to and adjust to. The time to start freeing up is now, before Uranus actually moves to 9 through 27 degrees. 2019 is really the first sign of the climate change, or economic weather to come. This is affecting the whole world not just you, yet because you are so strongly Taurean you have a ‘nose’ for money, property, charity and business and will understand how to use this long cycle so that you and others benefit. The best example I can give you is America in the 18th Century. Her economy ran on paying tax to Britain for tea (unfair, as America had no representatives in London) and also on the evils of slavery, powering the cotton and sugar industry. Astrology is about history, and when the world turned upside down and America became independent, we learned that in the horoscope, Uranus always means shocking and radical economic change, but for a good reason – people need to be free! You are now being forced to find out what freedom feels like. We associate Uranus with ‘freedom from’ and ‘freedom through’ so put that phrase in front of what matters to you, or what turns up this year, and you will soon see what this cycle is all about. Your actual job is represented by Virgo and Capricorn in the chart – the Sixth House of duty, daily workload and service – and the Tenth House of high ambition. Fortuna at 21 Capricorn and Pluto at 25 Virgo are both under transit from Pluto himself, as he slowly passes over 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 Capricorn. If I told you that you can only have this cycle every 240+ years would it make you feel better? Pluto will empower you once you use your willpower. Pluto will give you control if you use your self-control. The really obvious thing about your chart is that you need to figure out what it means to serve others – to literally be of service. There may be mixed feelings about this. I do think you could be extremely successful (particularly in 2020 when Jupiter goes to 21-25 Capricorn) but you are going to have to ‘unfix’ what is fixed about your attitude towards salary, value, worth and so on. I recommend you Lifesweep because storage is a waste of money. If you want inspiration go to YouTube and look at the videos of Marie Kondo. Or – read the letters from readers at Karen Kingston’s site, Take a deep breath as this is a total life reshape. No more holding space. Time to move, because the global economy is. You will recreate your lifestyle, life budget (what money cannot buy, that is priceless to you) and more. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

  6. Thank you Jessica.
    After reading this … it all makes sense ! The rejection after rejection it started with my marriage and then to a few of my work colleagues which ultimately ended my career…. and lastly and very sadly … the love of my life.
    But I now have a new , better career and … A few precious work colleagues that are now firm friends
    Is there any love though?

    Thank you sincerely
    Aries S

    1. Love is so personal. It is as personal as sex. You should be using your Tarot and Astrology Oracle cards for this as I just don’t know what you want, who you want, who you had in your life and the rest! You will be amazed at how far these cards can take you with your search, Aries S.

  7. Thank you Jessica, a lot of this resonates. I celebrated my birthday today. I am looking forward to new jobs or roles as I lucked out on a previous one. I am also looking forward to teaching international students. I have had a few opportunities with media, so all happening. I looked at the current planetary positions today, Uranus is at 2 Taurus, I suppose it is conjuncting my Mercury at 2 Taurus. I will look forward to the changes I can’t stop them so I will embrace them 🙂
    Jos x

    1. That’s great the astrology is working out for you. Teaching international students is a perfect expression of Jupiter in Sagittarius in 2019 in your Ninth House of foreign people and places – and knowledge. Uranus is most certainly crossing your natal Mercury at 2 Taurus in the Second House of values, valuables, charity, business, money, houses and apartments. So there’s a shock there. It is the shock that arrives as the lightning bolt that illuminates the sky and makes everything suddenly very sharp and clear. It usually comes as a relief and a release even though there is a kind of ‘electrical storm’ feeling and a new beginning can then be made – with Mercury – one would expect this to involve negotiations, paperwork, agreements and so on – and this may be about cryptocurrency or blockchain, or wider changes in your country or across the world.

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