The Pisces Birthday Horoscope 2019-2020

Pisces - Your Year Ahead - February 2019 to March 2020 - When do you see your reward? When you do see the end of it?

Happy Birthday Pisces! The Cancer-Capricorn axis of your actual birth chart (your personal horoscope) rules the Fourth House (home) and Tenth House (away). I use two systems for you. One that is personal. The other is public and shows a strangely similar story, as you’re about to see. 

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8 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, thank you for this. Any insights on how these changes will impact my health (struggling with depression and anxiety right now, not fun), career and finances, and family life? A few months ago I would have bet that the karma would relate to a lover’s kids, but now that my sister is getting divorced, I need – and want – to be there more for her kids, to help her and her family get through a trying time. Thanks for all you do, and hope all is well.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you are dealing with depression and anxiety. There are couple of things showing in your personal birth chart. The first one is a T-Square between Mercury at 17 Pisces and Aesculapia at 18 Virgo with Psyche at 16 Gemini forming the third leg of the ‘T’ shape in your horoscope. Read Sacred Geometry when you finish looking at this, as you need to bring new people into your life who will help break up that pattern. These may be people in a support group for depression, for example, or new faces in a meditation or yoga class. Yoga in particular has proven to be a good tool in handling depression, along with the usual medical support. A T-Square is about tension between 3 parts of yourself. It’s an inner conflict. Yet, using astrology you can unlock it, step back from it and start working with it. Mercury rules your mind. You have Mercury in Pisces in the Twelfth House, which rules secrets, dreams and your unconscious. Aesculapia is that part of you which revives, resurrects and brings situations back from the brink – sometimes people or organisations, or even animals. In Ancient Rome where our astrology comes from, he was the miracle-working god who had his own temples – rather like hospitals. Today he is a symbol of your ability to continually resurrect and recycle things, even if they are over or you have given up on them. In Virgo in your Sixth House, this is about your mind and body. Your workload and housework is the trigger, as the Sixth House rules your duty and service to other people, but also the way your body serves you (rather like a machine) or occasionally stops working. Finally, Psyche is about what lives forever about you – what endures. In Gemini it is in the Third House of writing, the internet, multimedia, education and publishing. Putting all this together we might say that you should keep a dream diary, at the very least, to find out how you genuinely feel about your job, unpaid work or housework. Perhaps about the idea of doing your duty in general, or performing a service for other people. It is very common, with Virgo-Pisces-Gemini patterns, for the body to act out, what you will not – so depression descends and you flatline, or cannot get off the bed. Consciously and honestly coming to terms with what does (or does not) work for you on a daily basis, no matter if it is washing up, walking the dog or doing what your employer wants – is a first step out of that. There are other ways to say ‘No’ or change the program without having to endure depression and anxiety, which are examples of the mind’s illnesses, affecting the body, and also showing up physically. The other obvious clash in your chart is Saturn at 26 Cancer in the Fourth House of family square Chiron at 25 Aries in the First House of image and profile. Saturn is a symbol of hard work and difficulty in the horoscope and here we find him at home, which is where you have your house or apartment, but also the extended family and household. There is a conflict within, about those faces and places, and yourself – with Chiron in Aries you need to be upfront, out there, seen and heard – but this may be difficult as something or someone rather heavy always blocks you, and it can be found at home, or with the family. I am not a counsellor or psychologist, but I did train as a volunteer counsellor for a telephone crisis helpline with Steve Biddulph, one of the world’s most respected psychologists and authors. It had nothing to do with astrology but everything to do with learning about anxiety states and depression. Your sister’s divorce and her children are a red flag here. I know you want and need to be there, but please discuss this with your own counsellor as there are two issues which obviously come up. Saturn in your Fourth House makes any family involvement very demanding. Aesculapia in Virgo in the Sixth House of housework (and the body) would normally be fine – but it’s in a T-Square which is tense. So really think about what you are doing here and ask yourself in particular about what you’re creating. The depression and anxiety seem to have arrived along with your sister’s divorce. I also recommend you read for yourself and use the Tarot, and also The Astrology Oracle, to get to the bottom of this. Remember to set a time frame when you do that. I hope you can resolve this.

  2. Hello Jessica I am having the hardest time understanding what is going on inside and outside myself. While I am super motivated to go to school I am struggling with working to improve finances and just wanting to lay in bed all day depressed. I’m motivated but depressed and exhausted. I have 3 jobs and work constantly feel burnt out but terrified the financial crisis will never end and I’m Just confused and exhausted emotionally and physically. I tell myself just keep swimming just keep swimming but I’m honestly feeling hopeless I Will ever get to the security and stability of the shore. Any advise or direction

    1. You are going through the toughest cycle in over 240 years as Pluto at 20 Capricorn is on your South Node at 20 Capricorn, and opposite your North Node at 20 Cancer. I am very sorry you are suffering with depression and have the extra burden of 3 jobs. I completely understand why. Even without astrology, it is plain to see that you are dealing with illness – which depression is – and trying to carry the weight of far too much. Take a deep breath because this does get better. In fact, you will leave all this behind sooner than you know, and move into a completely different way of life, where you are involved with a group of friends and leave the past behind. This may be a club, team, union, band, society or other organisation but looking at your long-term future, you are going to wave goodbye to the heaviness and say hello to much more freedom and fun. In the meantime you have options. You need to see your doctor if you have not already done so to discuss the depression. If you already did that, try a second doctor. Know that depression and exhaustion can be helped by things that do not cost a penny. I often speak about trusted professionals on this website, who I am happy to recommend. They are (or were) incredible human beings who changed lives and their audio or video is available free on YouTube. So go look for Matthew Manning, Betty Shine (try her Mind Medicine Room, which is very famous), Dr. Claire Weekes and also Marie Kondo and her work. Marie is a really great help if you are depressed and tired. She will encourage you, with her videos, to make life simple, clear and easier to manage. Less stuff, less hassle, less to worry about! You should also download my ebook Lifesweeping if you have not already done so. You are headed for a very, very interesting future when friends will be like family to you, and you will help to change the world and make it a better place, with the help of some of those friends. It won’t even feel like work. In the meantime you need help. Go find it online now and start space clearing/lifesweeping. You will be amazed at the difference it makes to start with even one month of old emails, or one desktop full of folders, or just one drawer in a cupboard or wardrobe. Bigger decisions about work and money, later this year, can then be made. Promise me you will see a health professional.

  3. HI Jessica,
    My life has gone through such an upheaval from 2006 onwards. I lost a child, went though a messy divorce, was rejected by family. Work was difficult but I at least had that to keep me going until a couple of years ago when I had to step away from all the work that I had put into my family business and handed control to my brothers. I work with my father and that relationship also suffered because I felt rejected by him. I tried to set up my own business but I have faced so many roadblocks and have been unable to get anything off the ground. and to add to my worries, now my family business is going through financial difficulty. A successful family business will be a tremendous support irrespective of what I chose to do. But now there is so much financial uncertainty. My father has asked me to step in and help resolve issues. I have kept going and tried to remain positive but I wonder what is exeoected of me? Will I ever be financially independent? Will I be able to see any result for the work I am putting in? I am a better person because of my experiences of these past years. I struggle to understand what is my path?

    1. Everything starts with money and a family business is a good thing – your father has asked you to help at the right time. Years of uncertainty and chopping and changing, ends on March 7th when Uranus changes signs. You will have people or organisations who can teach you about the family business so go and find them. You need professional expertise on hand. You would also be eligible for educational and business support programs which cost you nothing. You will be amazed at what is possible, starting this year. The rejection dance with your father is finished. If you are curious about Uranus and what he has been doing in your cash sector, look up Uranus and Second House on Search. No more ‘no’ word. A really brilliant accountant will be a valuable asset for years to come.

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