February Supermoon Astrology

In February 2019 the Supermoon is an astrology event like no other. Why? It pulls in the Pisces weather you have been experiencing for around 10 years, and gives it a big, white, bright full stop!

The Supermoon (a big and bright Full Moon) at 0 Virgo will be seen building in size and brightness around the world on February 18th, 19th, and 20th. The Supermoon at 0 Virgo is a Full Moon. It stands exactly opposite the Sun at 0 Pisces. That is a big deal in astrology because the Pisces-ruled zone of your chart is where you are seeing the end of almost 10 years of experiments.

That Supermoon is like a big full stop. In a moment I’ll look at your zodiac sign and how you are affected, and if you are a Premium Member, give you some facts about your own personal birth chart. The precise moment that the Sun and Moon stand exactly opposite each other in Pisces and Virgo is February 19th, 2019 at 3.53pm, Universal Time.

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How Does the February Supermoon Affect Your Sign?

You may prefer to give yourself time and space February 18th, 19th, 20th as different parts of the world build up to this Supermoon and experience it at different times. Why? A Full Moon is always about polar opposites. Opposition. The Sun is opposite the Moon at that time. You may be at odds with yourself over a matter, or you may find you are going in one direction and others are going in quite another. Though the actual Moon is in Virgo, the real focus is the Pisces zone of your chart.

  • Aries – Secrets. Confidential matters. Classified information. Counselling. The occult. Behind the scenes. In the shadows. Below the surface.
  • Taurus – Friends. Groups. Facebook (if you use it). Networks. Societies. Associations. Teams. Clubs. Secret societies. Bands. Political parties.
  • Gemini – Position. Mission. Ambition. Success. Status. High Society. Career. Profession. Unpaid work. University life. College life.
  • Cancer – Foreign people and places. Travel. Academia. Education. The lecture circuit. Publishing. Books. Multiculturalism. Beliefs.
  • Leo – Finance. Business. Charity. House. Apartment. Valuables. Shopping. Investment. Shares. Corporations. Companies. Taxation.
  • Virgo – Partners. Former Partners. Future Potential Partners. Enemies. Opponents. Rivals.
  • Libra – Lifestyle. Workload. Daily routine. Eight hours a day to work, rest and play. Duty. Service. The Body. Doctors. Alternative health. Fitness.
  • Scorpio – Children. Sons. Daughters. Godchildren. Nieces. Nephews. Grandchildren. Youth. Generation Y. Millennials. Pregnancy. IVF. Adoption.
  • Sagittarius – House. Apartment. Builders. Tenants. Family. History. Culture. Roots. Heritage. Landlords. Landladies. Home town. Homeland.
  • Capricorn – The internet. Mobile and cell phones. Fax machines. The media. Television. Radio. Newspapers. Communication. Short journeys. Commutes.
  • Aquarius – Taxation. Business arrangements. Banking. Commission. Credit cards. Loans. Shares. Finance. House. Apartment. Charity.
  • Pisces – Identity. Reputation. Name. Personal appearances. Film clips. Photographs. Self-promotion. Social media self-promotion.

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If you have anything at all at 0 degrees in your chart, or 1 degree, then the Supermoon will create patterns with that in your personal birth horoscope. Just once glance will tell you. As a general rule, try to skip the matters ruled by that sign/house being triggered, across this big, bright, white Supermoon. If you can choose to act any time at all, act another time!

Example: If you have Bacchus at 0 Gemini in your Third House of the internet, mobile phones and computers, you may want to buy your new laptop or launch a website later on.

How You can Plan Ahead for the February Supermoon

You may prefer not to schedule important discussions, paperwork, launches or agreements across the 18th, 19th, and 20th as people around the world will not be operating at full speed. If you do have choices coming up in relation to that list (above) then be very mindful that this is a hard-work period to begin. I am posting this ahead of time on 31st January so you can swerve around this period. If you are a Premium Member, remember to use your January-March Astrology Journal at this time.

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How the February Supermoon Brings on Mercury Retrograde Mess

The Mercury Retrograde cycle always begins and ends with a shadow. In 2019 this cycle, which is notorious for cancellations, delays and reversals, also falls in Pisces – the same sign where we find that Sun, right opposite the Supermoon. As the actual Supermoon period (February 19th) is at the very start of this, you can stand back and watch all the non-astrologers get it wrong. Why? They will be trying to announce things, make big moves or start the ball rolling on what is potentially one of the messiest periods of 2019.

Is Donald Trump a Gemini?

It’s hard to know if Donald is Gemini or Cancer as he has filed two different birth dates with the authorities, but assuming he is a Gemini – and so is his partner Mike Pence – we can safely predict that the greatest turmoil yet seen (and we have seen a lot), arrives with the February Supermoon and continues until the middle of April.

Wikileaks will be involved, as ‘leaks’ is a Pisces word  (Pisces rules all forms of water from dripping taps to oceans) – and astrology runs on such symbolism. There may be more leaking, actually, from all sectors of Washington. Not just Julian Assange. We may also see symbolic sink holes, flooding, leaks, storm damage and so on affecting the White House or Trump Tower. That would fit the astrology, February through April.

If you thought the Shutdown (which began on the last Mercury Retrograde) was chaotic, you ain’t seen nothing yet. If Donald is genuinely born in June, not July, as he has claimed, then this Supermoon and Mercury Retrograde in his Tenth House of career spells total mayhem. Prediction: If in fact Donald was born in June, not July, as he claims – then the Trump chaos spikes on February 19th and continues until April 17th with Wikileaks revelations and further resignations at the White House. There will be flooding, storms, sink holes or leaks affecting the White House or Trump Towers.

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Prediction – Fireworks in Australian Politics on the Supermoon

The Supermoon on February 19th is the beginning of chaos in Australian politics, as both parties – the ruling Liberal party and the opposition Labour party – will experience leadership spills until April 17th.  We can expect big announcements to be made then retracted. If you live in Australia, prepare for muddle and mess at the top. Australian politicians have an uncanny habit of calling elections or deciding leadership struggles on Mercury Retrograde and this time around, we also have a Supermoon in exactly the same sign – Pisces. This has an instant impact on the two Taurus leaders of both parties! Prediction: Expect spills, party reshuffles and election rumour chaos starting February 19th until April 17th in Australia.

Prediction– Flooding Worldwide – February-April

We always have floods at this time of year but in 2019 they will be devastating and more widespread as climate change takes hold – along with the Pisces astrological weather. I predicted this on 2nd January and as I file this story on 31st January I’m just repeating – be very careful with your plans and make sure you are fully insured. Do more regular checks than usual on weather, transport and travel conditions. Find that piece here.

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So What Works Best on the February Supermoon?

Time and space. Peace and quiet. Use February 18th, 19th, and 20th – when the Moon appears so big and bright over your town or city – to look back so you can plan forward. Don’t plunge into anything new unless you want a complicated life, because you will be doing so when you are either at odds with yourself or there will be opposition coming from others around you – or just circumstances which are against you! History tells us that, again and again – Full Moons are hard work.

What works best now? A period of review, looking right across the years that Chiron was in Pisces in your chart, as follows – you know which area of life was triggered, thanks to your Sun Sign or zodiac sign chart, which shows the headlines of your life. Now, look back and see how often you crossed the line, very successfully, or changed the game! That’s now coming to a full stop or dramatic ending on this Supermoon. You’ll then have February, March, most of April for the transition, which may be full of reversals or rescheduling. Yet, from the end of April it’s a whole new world. How are you going to play that? What do you intend? How do you need to update yourself on the way things are, out there? Use the Supermoon to look inward.

How Did Your Life Change on these Dates? Time to Look Back!

April 20th 2010 to July 20th 2010
February 8th 2011 to April 17th 2018
September 25th 2018 to February 18th 2019

Throughout this period, you got away with the so-called outrageous, impossible or unthinkable – in relation to the areas of life I listed for your sign at the top of the page. You were shown by others who were more skilled or experienced than you, how to do what others said was beyond the pale, or out of the question. Maybe even you have to admit, looking back, that you pulled off something that your old self would have shaken her head at, or his head at. And now? All change. Use the Supermoon period to look back at this time in your life.

Managing the Supermoon in February for a Simple Life

If you want a smooth existence try to keep plans to an absolute minimum (regarding the life areas listed at the top of this story) from the Supermoon forwards until the middle of May. Keep the stakes really low. Essentially, the Pisces-ruled zone of your chart is now going through transition. End of the old, which takes some getting used to – and start of the new. Neptune is still there too, so if there was ever a message to pass on from astrology now, it is also to contain and control things, keep the boundaries, put them back in, keep life clear and simple – and concentrate on managing what is there from 2018 not ‘starting’ 2019.

Read More About Full Moons Here

If you want the facts on the Full Moon in astrology, based on history and horoscopes, you can read more here.

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141 Responses

  1. Hello! I have a whole bunch of legal and court-related things coming up starting probably in March but continuing for a few months afterward, and I anticipate more. I’ve been working on one particular court-related issue since last July and it’s about to reach a new phase, but I don’t know exactly when. It looks right now like this is going to be a big deal, but they all are. Is there any way I can look for that in my chart? Is there anything I can do, since the timing is sort of out of my hands, to mitigate the effect of the moon and the retrogrades? Thank you!

    1. Legal matters are never much fun, but you are in the best possible position for 12 years with the other side. This will be long and drawn-out, but see if you can sign off, by the first week of December 2019 at the very latest. You will be helped by what unfolds. I can’t say more than that. Don’t worry about the Supermoon or the retrogrades. As you say, timing is out of your hands. Yet, the astrological timing says – this dispute or difference is actually an opportunity waiting to happen. And it’s a good one. And one way or another, it’s going to be a good thing for you (though hard work).

      1. May be u r so right about leo’s daily horoscope today. I just got pregnant accidentally and unexpectedly. We were not ready for it and now thinking what to do. This moon is making me crazy! Feeling weird about this.

        1. Tarot Tuesday is also about parenthood – you’ll see when it appears shortly. You do have some choices to make. Apollo (leadership) is travelling through your Fifth House of pregnancy at the moment. Turn to the person whose lead you can follow (or the organisation). Look to the individual or group with leadership you can trust and ask every question you need to. You have a number of Leo factors in your personal birth chart in the Fifth House and Apollo is crossing over every one of them right now. Good luck.

  2. Hi dear Jessica,
    Thank you again for your wonderful article.
    So interesting.
    I wonder what will be happening in my life during the SuperMoon and how will affect me on all and different fronts of my life..

    Love ❤️ you!!
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Ceres at 1 Pisces and Hygiea at 0 Taurus are in a sextile in your natal chart, so almost perfectly 60 degrees away from each other. The Supermoon will move right across that, with just one degree orb. Avoid the day, and the day either side for big decisions or action plans, specifically involving what is invisible or unfathomable about yourself and your life (Pisces, Twelfth House) and finance (especially insurance) Hygiea, Second House. Further on, my eyes are drawn to Uranus going over Hygiea in your chart from March 2019. That is a revolution. You need to be right across the economic and financial realities of the place where you live, and the organisations you bank with, or insure yourself with. Changes are coming and they will affect the usual rules of the game.

  3. Hi

    Thank you Jessica, this is making me think.

    I have Minerva in 0 Pisces and Jupiter 0 Capricorn. No matter what, I am not starting anything on this full moon.

    The dates you mentioned,
    1. I gave birth to twins on 2 July 2010
    2. Relationship turned very abusive and separated.
    3. Sep 2018 opened a business and slowly sales are coming, I never thought this could be possible.

    Thank you again for your insights. I might go Reiki on this full moon.

    Thank you for the life sweep.


    1. I’m not surprised to hear you are a Reiki healer with Minerva in Pisces in your Twelfth House, which rules the invisible world (the world of unseen spirit healers and helpers who work with all Reiki practitioners). You also have Jupiter in your Tenth House which is wonderful in terms of your career or your unpaid work in life. In fact, the two will always function together for you, very well. Forget points 1 and 2 on your list, which are not related to this pattern. Yet, point 3 is absolutely spot-on. You opened a business and sales are coming – you never thought it would be possible. It is, and actually from March 2019 when Uranus goes to 0 Taurus and makes stunning patterns with your Minerva and Jupiter, you just have to say ‘Yes!’

  4. Hi Jessica, given that I have mercury at 0 degrees (in cancer) can I be expected to hit doubly hard by the combo of the supermoon and mercury retrograde?

    1. There is no hitting hard so much – just a time of great stretching and challenge. You have Vesta at 0 Aries in your First House square your Mercury at 0 Cancer in your Fourth House. There is a creative conflict there between your family and how you are seen. Your household and your image. Where you come from (your roots, family tree, culture, history, heritage, identity) and how you front up to the world, either in terms of your physical appearance, or your title, reputation and so on. This Supermoon will trigger that. I would say this is an ongoing source of change, actually, as from March 2019 Uranus goes across 0, 1 Taurus and Chiron goes across 0, 1 Aries – right over your First House. Sometimes your Mercury in Cancer will be about your house or apartment, your nationality – rather than the family. It’s really about your identity as tied to your people and your place. So, given that the North Node in Cancer will also end up at 0 degrees eventually, right on your Mercury – you’d have to say you have a lot of deep thinking to do in 2019, 2020 about where you come from, who belongs to you, and where you belong. And it’s very much about how you are seen. Avoid the actual Supermoon for big decisions or discussions as it’s just too much hard work. Yet, from March, you’ll start to see changes.

  5. What a helpful write up!
    Jessica, when you say “concentrate on managing what is there from 2018 not ‘starting’ 2019.”
    As in, the deeds one completed positively in 2018, and those that one couldn’t , their effects (how are the negatives affected?) are seen in this Feb to April period ?
    Merci for all your writes.

    1. Et merci. The Supermoon is about the end of a cycle rather than the start of anything new – just yet. The ‘new’ starts in March when Uranus and Chiron both change signs at the same time. This is the transition or bridge. It is also very hard work. That’s why it’s not the best time to launch a new project, start a new relationship and so on. You are farewelling the long, long transit of Chiron in Pisces from your life.

  6. Hi Jessica, this is really interesting. My Sun (Taurus) and Ascendant (Scorpio) are both at 00/01 but also Psyche and Vesta — both in Virgo! I had never noticed and oh, so funny!

  7. Dear Jessica,

    Thanks for this article but I admit, it has me worried.
    I have the North Node at 00 Aries, South Node 00 Libra, IC 01 Virgo, MC 01 Pisces, Mars 01 Sagittarius and Chiron at 01 Aries.
    I have an ongoing situation with the return of an important friend (L, Oct 20) whom I’ve known since 1984. They suddenly reentered my life in 2018 after 10 years apart and have turned my world up side down.
    Although I have gained so much insight about it from your forecasts and articles going back to January 1, 2018, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
    Kind regards,

    1. Don’t worry, astrology is about pre-empting issues before they have a chance to develop! In any case the Supermoon is hard work, but not a huge problem. Just avoid the actual day, and the day before/after for making judgement calls or huge decisions, as neither you nor anybody else will be in the right place to do that. In actual fact, what you are experiencing is Uranus about to move to 0, 1 Taurus (from March) and Chiron about to move to 0, 1 Aries (also from March). This goes right across your chart and you will experience your Chiron Return. Please do look up Chiron on Search when you finish reading this. He is about lessons in what is supposed to be outrageous, or unthinkable, or ‘beyond the pale’ in some way. This makes sense when you think about his life as a centaur. How could a half-man, half-horse teach music? Yet he did. His arrival in your chart right on your North Node and South Node suggests that your former, current or potential partner is at the heart of this lesson. Is this your important friend? There is far more to this person than first appears. He or she will trigger a lot of emotion, but there are also related issues here about your image and profile out there in the world, your personal appearance (Aries), your lifestyle and workload (Virgo) your secrets and all that goes on behind the scenes (Pisces) and particularly your life as a traveller (Sagittarius) or as a student of life (also Sagittarius). So, this is a huge deal in your world. The Supermoon will find you or someone else in two minds. Yet, just knowing the issues for or against, madco, will help you reach a decision later. So don’t act just yet, but do know that from March 2019 the revolution begins. Uranus and Chiron will both make angles to your chart and it will very specifically be about the person on the other end of the scales from you. For more on this look up the Seventh House on Search as well.

    1. You may want to look up Chiron on Search after you finish reading this. He is not about any kind of wound. He is often portrayed as a wounded healer, but in fact, in Ancient Rome (where our modern astrology comes from) Chiron did not receive a wound to his leg, then spring up and set about healing! He was mostly seen as a teacher, a centaur who was unlike the rest – and the most famous surviving image we have of Chiron shows him teaching music. You have Chiron in your Twelfth House so you do your best life education for other people when you are focussed on secrets. When you are delving into things which are below the radar or hidden below the surface. The Supermoon will most certainly land on your Chiron so you may prefer to avoid that day, and the 24 hours either side, for any major moves or decisions – particularly about what you do behind the scenes, without any credit or recognition – or what you do that is mysterious, unfathomable or invisible. We might be talking classified information here, or just the psychic world. I hope you are getting a feeling for what Chiron in your chart is all about. Later on, in March 2019, Uranus at 0 Taurus forms a perfect sextile to Chiron in your chart and Chiron himself (this is big) moves to 0 Aries, where he forms a semi-sextile to his own original position. I reckon you’re on a new path in your life but nobody else will really understand it, see it or know about it.

  8. Hi Jessica another great blog thank you! I have a Stellium in Pisces with my Sun in Pisces at 1 degree. I also have Jupiter at 0 degrees of Sagittarius and am flying to the US on the 19th February. Any advice how best to manage this supermoon with 6 placements in Pisces would be great. Thanks in advance.

    1. You are flying to America across a life-changing period for you, which will work out in the best possible way, from March 2019 – when you also have Uranus passing 0, 1 Taurus and Chiron passing 0, 1 Aries. You were born with an almost exact square from the Sun at 1 Pisces to Jupiter at 0 Sagittarius, between the Twelfth House and Ninth House. So there is creative tension between what you cover up and hide – and your interests in other countries, or with other nationalities and cultures. There is a useful ‘stretch’ between what is below the surface, beneath the radar or invisible about yourself and your world – and all matters which broaden your horizons, like education, publishing, academia and foreign people and places. It is there all the time but occasionally becomes central. It will be central on the Supermoon (though you may prefer not to do anything dramatic at that time, as it’s rather hard work) – and have a second chapter in March, April 2019 as we see Uranus in particular bring major changes. Your Jupiter is a great helper, protector, blessing and reward – so whatever is happening will pay off for you, or involve an incredible stroke of luck.

  9. Dear Jessica,

    I have Moon 00° Pisces 36′ 45″, What Can I expect from the super moon period?

    Just today out of the blue a very important person from my previous work arranged a reunion for the18th/19th with myself and another important colleague from the past who will be visiting from Amsterdam. Could this gathering be significant? Anything to watch out for? Since I am on the look out for changing my work/daily routine was hoping this could open up doors for me.

    Your advice and guidance greatly appreciated as always.

    Many Thanks!


    1. Yes, the work reunion is important, with your colleague from Amsterdam. The timing is exact. Not yet, NP, but far into the future. You are going to experience not just the Supermoon across that 0-1 degree position, but by March 2019 you will also find Chiron crossing 0, 1 Aries and Uranus crossing 0, 1 Taurus. They both pick up your Moon in Pisces in the Twelfth House. This is really about what you cover up and hide. What you do behind the scenes without any credit or acknowledgement. What you do on the inside!

  10. I have my sun at 1 degree Virgo and based on your article, this may be doozy for me. I have career role that I am currently on contract to February 22, 2019. Do you foresee that this full moon will impact my life negatively in February? I am just in the process of righting my life and career after 6 years of upheaval!

    1. You have many factors at 0 degrees, including Ceres, which is very close by to your Sun at 1 Virgo so this is about much more than just your career, it’s your lifestyle too. It makes perfect sense that your contract runs out on February 22nd 2019. This is not negative. But it is change. Apart from the Full Moon on your Sun (workload, service, duty, your body) you also have Chiron arriving across 0, 1 Aries in a brand new zodiac sign. This is really about people or organisations which teach you what you can get away with in your life. It’s about a learning process, brand new for 2019, which shows you how you can experiment and explore and achieve what is supposed to be ‘impossible’ or ‘unthinkable’ in some way. I would avoid the actual day of the Full Moon (and the day before and after) for any major moves or judgements – just for an easy life – but quite apart from that, by the time you get to March 2019 and Uranus has also moved to 0, 1 Taurus – you are set for an exhilarating, liberating year. I suspect you are going to pursue a way of life that would leave your old self with ‘the jaw on the floor’ to coin a phrase. Yet, it makes you feel so free!

  11. Hi Jessica – I can’t wait for this new moon and subsequent full moon, setting myself up to enjoy as I finish my clearing and de-cluttering in time for the Lunar New Year. What can I expect to come full stop or come to a dramatic ending on this Supermoon? What do you see ending and then starting new? I have a few things in mind but I would love your intuitive guidance on what I should know. Thank you so much!

    1. You have Apollo at 1 Leo in your Fifth House, which rules the world of babies, children and young people. The heirs to your throne. That will be triggered by a great many patterns at 1 degree which are gathering speed – Chiron at 1 Aries for example. In the other kind of chart I use for you (public not private) the same story emerges. February 2019 is about the next generation. What begins in February, especially after you Life Sweep, will clear the way for a new beginning in your life for the years 2021, 2022, 2023 and following. A typical example would be the arrival of a child, stepchild, godchild or important young relative. Another typical example would be a significant involvement with younger people though your paid or unpaid efforts.

  12. Dear Jessica ,
    Thank you for the great article. As a Libra eith rising Saggitarius , you wrote the focus will be on matters of the 6th house but that the real focus will be the Pisces zone. which is my 4th house. I have no major planets in pisces. Actually I think water elenents are almost kissing in my chart. I am planning the launch of a new product line in my existing business( caterer ) nedt week. I am wonderiing how the supermoon will affect my career and earnings Thank you

    1. You use a different house system to me. You have the Sun in Libra, so yes, the Supermoon falls in your solar Sixth House of workload and the body. If you want to launch your new business you may prefer to avoid that Supermoon and the days before and after it.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    I have my ascendant at 0 Sag, Vesta conjunct descendant at 0 Gem, Apollo at 2 Virgo and Uranus very close to 0 degrees at 29 Leo. My Chiron is also at 1 Pisces. My beloved’s sun is at 1degree Virgo. We are both musicians. How do you see this full moon cycle affecting us and our music? It’s very early days in our relationship and we have much to work out … including where to live. We are currently in different states and may consider moving OS as well for career reasons. Interestingly, the first dates you give correspond exactly with the end of my last long-term relationship – and I have definitely achieved the impossible in the meantime as both an artist and single mother lol!!! 🙂 Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much Jessica!!

    1. You may want to sidestep the actual Full Moon, and the days around it, for any decisions about work, lifestyle, how to live, where to live, and work in particular. It’s no big deal, it’s just astrological housekeeping. Either you’ll be in two minds, or your partner will – or you may find you’re in a situation where everything is split down the middle. March brings the second big question, as Chiron goes to 0 Aries and Uranus goes to 0 Taurus from that point, then both move to 1 degree of their signs. Your Apollo at 2 Virgo is very close to your partner’s Sun at 1 Virgo so this is quite obviously a radical new direction (Uranus) with your daily routine, workload, housework, gardening – the lot. Chiron is involved too, so one person or organisation is about to teach you two a lot. Change is in the air. It’s educational, exciting and liberating but do skip that Supermoon.

  14. Hi Jessica,
    I have never had anything Pisces but do have my MC at 0 Leo and Chiron at 0 Gemini. How does this and the Uranus/ Chiron changeover impact me? Thank you for your advice.
    P.S. I went to meet Sue Merlyn after discovering her via your Astrology books post. Thank you!

    1. If your birth time is strictly accurate, and you do have a Leo MC, then the first quarter of 2019 is about your son, daughter, pregnancy pathway, potential stepchildren, godchildren, nieces, nephews – or paid/unpaid efforts with younger people. It’s new, it’s different and it will set you free. Chiron at 0 Gemini would be there no matter what time you were born. You are here to experiment with the internet, writing, and all kinds of communication, from spoken word to visual or multimedia. This will come to life quite strongly around the Supermoon but more particularly from March. I’m glad you met Sue M. Farebrother.

  15. Thank you Jessica for another great post. A new potential job opportunity just came up, I am planning submit my resume soon for consideration. Any words of advise? Is this a good time to apply considering the supermoon and retrograde coming up?
    Thank you again.

    1. Try to get your application in before 15th February if you can. The Supermoon does not affect your chart. If you put in your application you’ll sidestep the usual muddles of Mercury Retroshadow!

  16. How will the February Supermoon Astrology affect Scotland and Scottish independence also how will it affect Brexit

  17. Hi Jessica..bit worried how the 4th Feb is going to affect me..Physche 15 Aquarius.. Moon 15 Cancer…and with the supermoon I have Salicia 00 Pisces..Cupido 1 Leo.. update on my court cases,waiting for court date for my claim against aggrevated assault which the accused is now looking at jail,but he’s a saggitarius..’96..was once a friend…,so that’s out of my hands,hoping it’s not feb/March cause of mercury..the other one we have photos to prove of a fraud claim against me..this time with a foreigner..again have to wait maybe up to 9 mts for it to be investigated..Your Scorpio yearly horoscope is spot on with travelling,unexpectedly travelling away from home to different parts of the country for work,maybe a week away or 3 weeks..and loving it.I know what you meant by my Diana in Libra,met a girls who works night shifts in paramedics,so it isn’t a predictable date nights,She’s a Taurus..leo Asc ..97,her moon is 17 Cancer,her MC is with my South Node 14 taurus and her Sun is with my IC 20 Taurus..And yet again right,with horoscope,She’s new at this side of the country,and it turns out I’m working in her home county for couple weeks shortly..Shes no children,but she’s applied to Liverpool for a better position in her right you were with the 2019 horoscope!!.but these moons have me freaking out a bit..Thanks Jessica..

    1. The New Moon at 15 Aquarius is just about your friends and the groups you are involved with, or which affect you. It’s a fresh start – and it probably is your former friend, unless someone else pops up. Psyche is about surviving tests and trials and so you shall. The angle to the Moon at 15 Cancer suggests there is also an issue here about your house, apartment, household, family, home town or homeland. All that New Moon does, is just ask you to look more closely at what friendship actually is, and how people power works in a group. The Supermoon/Full Moon is really a question of skipping any major choices or actions, if you can – just because you won’t be in full agreement with both sides of yourself, or you’ll be up against others who are going in the other direction. Your new friend who works night shifts sounds great – there is no such thing as coincidence and she just happens to be in a county where you’ll be working for a while. Lean on that one. It’s karmic in nature – you two have been here before together.

  18. Dear Jessica,
    January 2019 finished in unbelievable shock for me and on Thursday 31 January leaders laid-off 12 people from the company I worked for.
    My intuition was telling me trough entire 2018 that things are not so bright so I was looking for a new opportunity but I was not successful, however I didn’t ever think that it will come to this.
    Do you see more laid off activities and more peploe including me being laid off.
    Dear Jessica will this affect me as this is very terrifying for me.

    1. I am sorry that your company has let you go, and also that so many others have lost their jobs. You are having a cycle not possible in 240+ years as Pluto in Capricorn (your Tenth House of career) is right opposite your Saturn in Cancer (Fourth House of rent, mortgage and home). Please use your membership and download Life Sweep, which is the right guide for you to read, at the right time. Life sweep, thoroughly, before Lunar New Year as all of Asia will be ‘sweeping clean’ and you will click into this giant wave of change. You definitely do need to change. You will learn a new skill, train, enter part-time or perhaps full-time education in 2019. It will work extremely well for you. You may pick up an extra language, for example, or learn to run a website, or get on-the-job training in a new position. This cycle starts in March. You have a strong Sagittarian streak in your chart and are a born student. It’s time to educate yourself. Eventually you will come to see that you were being put on a much better path. It’s hard to see at the time, I know, but the shock will go – and you will be far more fulfilled and successful in a new kind of life. It’s on the way. First of all, sort out every single drawer, box, suitcase, wardrobe and the rest. Look for inspiration at Karen Kingston’s website and read her readers’ letters. That will get you moving. The physical activity of cleaning up and sorting out, will also help your body feel normal again. Then sleep.

      1. Thank you Jessica,
        They didn’t laid me off work yet…
        I am on vacation this week to sweep my life home everything ❤️❤️❤️❤️
        I am sorting every drawer and every piece of paperwork every e-mail everything…

        Love you ❤️

  19. Hi Jessica,

    How would this transit affect me? I have more than one 0 and 1 in my chart. I’m a mom of five. I work in film.

    1. Swerve around the actual Supermoon day (day before, and day after too) because any Full Moon is hard work – it is a stretch or tug-of-war – and those around you will feel it too. It’s a good time to cruise and coast, not so useful for big decisions or action plans. I dare say something will feel as if it needs sorting out in your life. That would be normal. Yet, the time to act is from March, when Uranus moves to 0 Taurus and Chiron moves to 0 Aries, then onto 1 degree. That is a game-changer. A person or organisation which teaches you what is possible will emerge. There will also be a radical change – likely involving the banks, the sharemarkets or the economy – which affects you through six degrees. If you ‘think different’ at that time you will find yourself feeling so much more free and independent.

  20. HI Jessica

    Thanks as always for your informative articles and sharing your knowledge ( I loved the life sweep book and am furiously sweeping away in time for the new year!)

    Quick query – the super moon falls exactly on my Saturn in Virgo which feels a bit ominous – Appreciaye if you could throw some light and provide guidance with regards to this. I am not being able to interpret if given it’s a full moon and ending does it mean bad stuff in my house or health and routine is at an end? I am looking for a job and have also been trying to overhaul my self physically and mentally.

    Thanks so much in advance

    1. I am glad you are life sweeping ahead of Lunar New Year. Here in Sydney we are celebrating it on February 5th. This Supermoon or Full Moon is the usual inner conflict or outer-world tug-of-war. Mixed feelings on the inside, perhaps, or some kind of difference or conflict which involves you. Saturn in Virgo at 0 degrees is indeed right on the same spot at this Supermoon. So you may want to give yourself time and space on the day, and the day before/after, so you can focus on the connection between your mind, body and spirit. This is a Virgo/Sixth House matter, so it is time to look at the duties you must perform every day, the sense of service you have to others – what you do for the world – and also your interest in being a ‘butler’ figure to others – or a ‘maid’ figure. Beyond this there is your own duty to your own body. What you eat and drink. How your mental health is (often ignored with the Sixth House but quite vital to it). Drugs, both recreational and prescribed. Fitness, or an absence of exercise…all these things add up to the whole. This Supermoon will ask you to be very clear about it all. Life sweeping will help. Changes may follow, particularly as Uranus goes to 0 Taurus in March and Chiron himself goes to 0 Aries, both aspecting your Virgo Saturn. That is likely to be quite liberating. In fact, in lifestyle and workload terms, it may be nothing short of the revolution that sets you free.

  21. Hi Jessica

    The Supermoon will take place about a week before my birthday! Since I’m a Pisces and have a lot of Pisces in my chart- should I take caution around my image/self? Also I have Mars/Jupiter at 4 Virgo and my NN at Leo 29. Will they also tie into this Supermoon?

    1. You are strongly Virgo-Pisces as you say. You have oppositions between your Sixth House of workload, service, duty, daily routine and your body. At the other end you have Twelfth House factors – these describe your unconscious mind, the secrets you hide, the time you spend alone, counselling, the Occult, mysteries, dreams and all that is unfathomable about you. The stuff of your locked safe or files at home, but also what is down below, in your unconscious. One affects the other. You may prefer not to act or judge too dramatically on the Supermoon, just because you will be pulled in two directions, or you may go in one direction, while life and other people go in the other. Most of all, this Supermoon is a full stop on years of Chiron in Pisces in your Twelfth House. If you are curious about that, do look up Chiron and the Twelfth House to see what has been going on!

  22. Thank you Jessica for the heads up with the Supermoon on the 20th in Australia. Last year I missed out on a promotion but a mentoring program was advertised yesterday with a submission date of the 15th Feb. It comes with financial benefits to support both myself and the in school mentor. As an Aquarius rising and Pisces being my second house is this an opportunity for a new direction or something that should be put on hold. I can’t decide if it is a positive “Inspiration” or a should do motivation.

    1. Go for it. Mentoring is Jupiter in Sagittarius and the timing is right, not only for this, but for similar posts, roles and positions. You have Cupido at 8 Sagittarius in your Ninth House so you love education, academia, travel, travel in the mind, mind expansion, learning and teaching – other people also love it when you educate them or train with them. Use your Cupido power in 2019 with this and any other Sagittarian pursuit. You’ll be happy.

      1. Thank you Jessica. I will research and write a proposal for the Principal (timed with the New Moon) and with her blessings submit the application.

  23. Hey Jessica,
    My chart says my Moon is actually 1 degree Aquarius. I think I have a heavenly body at 1 degree as well, though not in that house. Last month was nuts. I am hoping this month is smoother. Hope all is well with you.

    1. The Moon at 1 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of groups, networks, communities, circles, new and old friends is a game-changer for the future. In fact, your entire life will transform from December 2020, for many years into the future. The signs are there in February 2019. What you’ll feel in February is the arrival of a ‘bump’ as a new door slams open here. From Christmas 2020 the two tenants, Jupiter (opportunity) and Saturn (serious decisions) both move in. From 2023, Pluto (empowerment, control) moves in.

  24. Okies, so there are many 0 deg factors for me and from what you’ve written Jessica, seems like a watershed period is coming, don’t know if for the good or not..
    (Placidus) Sun Aries 0 , Taurus 0 (2nd H), Gemini 0(3rd H), Scorpio 0 (8th H), Sagitt 0 (9th H), Chiron Taurus 3 deg (2nd H), Many other aspects in 0 , 1 , 2 degree range. All these 0 deg, are they putting me through a major grind ? Merci.

    1. I don’t use Placidus houses, but there are some things you can see quite clearly here. Chiron is conjunct your Aries Sun from March, so you will be taught what you can get away with, regarding your appearance, title, name, image, profile or reputation. If you have 0-1 patterns throughout then the arrival of Uranus at 0 and 1 Taurus will change your life. What changes it? An economic, share market, business and banking revolution timed for March, when we will see the beginning of the end for money laundering. You’ll be affected by 6 degrees of separation – there may be an impact on your house or apartment, rent or mortgage, salary, government allowance and so on – likely, taxation.

  25. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for that amazing article ,once again!
    I was wondering how this Supermoon will affect me since i have ascendant and descendant in 0 degrees’
    Kind regards Marina,

    1. Marina, you have a lot of factors at 0 and 1 degree in your personal birth chart, and the Supermoon will pass right across them, but even more importantly, Uranus at 0, 1 Taurus and Chiron at 0, 1 Aries will also have an impact, in March and April 2019. So you could say February-April is a time of quite revolutionary change, designed to allow you more freedom and independence. Sure, your Ascendant and Descendant may be involved, but it’s about so much more than just appearances, which the Ascendant rules. This is about a huge change in the weather all around you (quite literally so watch the weather where you live). As far as the world is concerned, it’s about the economy, trade and taxation. As far as you are concerned, there is a trickle-down effect. You might call it six degrees of separation. A good example would be a government budget announcement that makes your boss switch direction – which also affects your work relationships. The best advice for this time is not to be wedded to the past. World financial waves will wash up on your shore in many, many different ways and the trick is to keep moving, be prepared to switch course and to pursue freedom.

  26. Hi Jessica, thank you for another great post! Could you please advise on how the Supermoon will affect me romantically? A man I thought I had a very special bond with has been playing cat and mouse for the last 3 months. It is very upsetting! When using the Oracle, I keep drawing Chiron and the 4th or Uranus and the 5th. Should I move on and give up on him? Thank you!

    1. The Astrology Oracle has an uncanny way of reflecting your birth chart. The Fourth House is ruled by Cancer and the Fifth House is ruled by Leo. You have factors ranging from the Sun to Proserpina in Cancer and Leo. I am sorry you are playing cat and mouse with this man, but you need to be aware that it takes two to play. Tom needs Jerry, Jerry needs Tom! You have bought into the situation because you want the freedom, space, independence and thrill/excitement when it works. A normal relationship would not give you any of that. It is up to you if you want to move on. Yet in the year 2020 you will have a very good opportunity to be with someone else, whose experience with the education system or travel would also teach you so much.

  27. Hi Jessica, my life changed for the better during those periods (well between 2011-2018 it went high up and very low down few times) but other than that it was good. It stabilized during shorter periods. What do you in my chart, if you don’t mind me asking? 🙂

    1. That cycle was not actually about this pattern at all – something quite different. In general, 2019 for you is about rejoining a group or joining one for the first time. In fact, I had someone in my Australian Astrology Meetup in Sydney yesterday who had a similar pattern. She was joining other Meetup groups as a result of discovering this one. It goes beyond socialising or social media for you. In fact, by December you will see that one particular community of people matters quite as much as family. And it will go on mattering.

      1. As a matter of fact, I changed careers in September 2018 and my new job is literally joining groups and networking. I already joined a chamber of commerce and few other groups AND my local astrological society group. I’m loving every minute of it!!

  28. Dear Jessica,
    Finally , I am premium member and seeing the placement of astreoids and planets in my horoscope got me a bit worried for the Supermoon and the months following. I have Minerva at 0 Pisces, Fortuna at 0 Libra, Salacia at 0 Aquarius, Proserpina 0 Cancer, IC at 20 Pisces. I have 7 placements in Libra ( my sun sign is Libra, but
    this seems too much!), Uranus is also at Libra and no factors in Taurus and second house ( I must say I was a bit disappointed seeing no factors in the second house ). I am married for over 20 years ( Taurus husband) and have a Leo sun asc. Libra. May I ask for some guidance in interpreting all this ? Thank you very much:)

    1. Libra, Pisces, Aquarius and Cancer factors in your chart at 0 degrees are about to be triggered in February and March. So, this is about your Seventh House (your husband), the secrets you keep, or the mysteries that are inside you (Pisces, Twelfth House), your friends and the groups you belong to (Aquarius, Eleventh House) and also your actual house or apartment, the family or household (Cancer, Fourth House). They won’t all be connected, necessarily, as you could have 2 or 3 separate episodes, which happen at the same time. By episodes I mean ‘changing stories’ as change is absolutely across your horoscope. Try to avoid the actual Supermoon day (and allow a day before or after) to act or judge, as things are in flux. Yet, February’s Supermoon is a nod to the future, as in March you will experience transiting Uranus at 0 Taurus and Chiron at 0 Aries. That’s big. Neither are actually ‘on’ your 0 degree factors, so what happens is really at a distance, in the outside world.The Supermoon in Virgo is about the world of work, and particularly the working class, employment and the middle class. Uranus at 0 Taurus means a revolution in the economy. This will likely be about the banks, WalL Street, taxation or similar. Chiron at 0 Aries is also about the ‘weather’ and it’s very much about the individual. Put all that together and you could say that 4 areas of your life, undoubtedly involving your husband and home, are changed – at a distance – by what is about to unfold with your region, country and perhaps the world. Change when change happens. Don’t try to hang on and hold on. Be flexible enough to adapt and adjust as you experience something so new and different. We all will. It’s not just you – but it will have an impact on your lifestyle and your marriage. A good example of this would be Americans in 1781 realising the British were leaving their country and their whole trade system had to alter. Americans who rode that wave did very well. Americans who got stuck and tried to resist the change got left behind. So you know what to do!

    2. Thank you a lot Jessica. I appreciate your guidance and valuable explanations .I hope I really would know what to do when the time comes:)

  29. Hi Jessica, I’m afraid to ask…what does it look like for me for this coming Supermoon? Thanks you

    1. Your MC at 0 Leo and IC at 0 Aquarius are the clues here. If you really were born, exactly to the minute, of the time you state – then February and March both find patterns at 0 degrees. I am sure you know by now that Leo is your role with children or young people – the mentor, guide, teacher, role-model and example to a junior generation. Queen to a younger court. At the other end of the chart, the IC describes your roots, heritage and where you come from. Your family tree holds at least one very good example of a team player or group member, from whom you inherit your astrological DNA. This person may have been in the army, navy or air-force, or perhaps part of a political party, rock band or The Freemasons! Your ‘group-think’ mind and gift for friendship may have come from here. Now, all of this is about to be shaken and stirred in February and March as you experience a Supermoon making patterns, but also Uranus at 0 Taurus forming a T-Square and Chiron in Aries also making angles. If your birth time is spot on, then you will need to rethink how you are Queen to a younger court and question the way group psychology (the hive mind) works in your life. It will help a lot to look up Leo, Fifth House, Aquarius, Eleventh House at this time so you get the full measure of who you are and how you’re going to rethink those roles.

  30. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for yet another great article! I have Pluto at 0 Scorpio. Can you please shed some light on this time period for me? I’m married to a Libra sun. Thanks.

    1. Pluto at 0 Scorpio is a symbol of your need for total control (Pluto) with the money, house, possessions, apartment, business or charity – usually involving your former, current or potential partner. Sometimes involving the family. It most certainly describes the contents of your will, or the contents of other people’s wills, which benefit you. So we’re talking about the big stuff here and the ties that bind. Pluto at 0 Scorpio in your Eighth House describes your need to completely ‘own’ and manage the agreements, although your life will no doubt be a story of constant compromises with others, as this is never entirely possible. The Supermoon will trine your Pluto, and then in March, Uranus at 0 Taurus will oppose it. Chiron at 0 Aries will form a quincunx to Pluto. This is about your marriage, of course. Get yourself into a flexible position where you can adapt and adjust to change, because you need to be able to duck and dive, flex and bend, with the changing weather. It may be useful to cast your eye over any paperwork now – for example, if you two signed a mortgage together, look at the terms of that mortgage.

  31. Hi Jessica,

    This Supermoon falls at a very awkward time for me! I’ll be on the other side of the world from 14 Feb until 4 Mar, and spending time with an old flame from 14 – 17 Feb. Obviously I’m hoping to spend more time wit him. I have a few aspects at 0 and 1 and I’d love to know how the Supermoon could influence the trip. Looking at my chart signatures, and his – I think it’s actualky going to be a positive trip but he and I really seem to hit those more challenging aspects HARD and I’d like to try and avoid them to make this trip as smooth as possible.

    In case this helps – his details are 14 March 1971 at 1:37am in Cambridge, UK.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Sun at 0 Libra, Panacea at 0 Libra – both in your Seventh House of former, current and potential partners, Therese. No wonder you are flying across the world to be with an old flame on Saint Valentine’s Day! There is no ‘smooth’ about him or the trip, but that’s okay. Sometimes you need the road less travelled in order to feel alive and fully live your life. Essentially you shine in partnership (Sun in Libra) although you, and you alone, must decide if some partnership paths are right or wrong. Partnership for you is a cure, remedy or answer (Panacea) but it may not always be ethical. A classic example would be pairing up with someone who is not totally out of a divorce or separation yet. It’s a grey moral area. All this is about to be triggered by the Supermoon in Virgo, through what is called a semi-sextile, in February. So this man brings it all to life. Far more important is March 2019, when Uranus moves to 0 Taurus and Chiron moves to 0 Aries. Thus, Uranus will make a quincunx to your Sun-Panacea conjunction and Chiron will form an opposition. He was born in Cambridge which we associate with the famous university. Chiron is a teacher. He is the kind of teacher who is ‘out there’ and not like the rest. Chiron educates you in what is possible, acceptable, practical, achievable and desirable – these days. Chiron shows you where you can cross the line. Placed right opposite your Seventh House patterns about former, current and potential partners, with Uranus (radical changes) also at an angle – it’s the most interesting challenge you have seen for many years. You can find out more by looking up Chiron on Search, and also the Seventh House. Your Libra scales will be rocked. This man is going to teach you – and if not him, another. March, perhaps as late as April, will show you why this is life-changing.

      1. Thank you Jess, this is so enlightening. I was at your workshop yesterday. Would you believe against the Knight of Staves exercise I wrote Cambridge man’s name twice AND Chiron?

        Should be a very interesting visit… and then who knows what will happen after! I’ll try and take it as it comes and wear some hiking boots!

        Thanks again!

  32. Hi and happy February. The supermoon falls on my birth day but I can’t see any considerable impact when I look at my chart although I feel things have been building up and reaching a boiling point imminently. What am I missing aside from the moon in Capricorn? Any insight would be extremely appreciated. Thanks for everything you bring forward.

    1. Happy Lunar New Year. You have Chiron at 1 Aquarius and Proserpina at 0 Taurus, quite apart from your MC at 1 Pisces and IC at 1 Virgo (if you really were born exactly on 12.00, which is unusual). Even if your birth time is not absolutely correct, you would still have Chiron at 1 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends and groups, and Proserpina at 0 Taurus in the Second House of money, houses, apartments, possessions, charity and business. So, the Supermoon will trigger both those areas of your life, and even more importantly, you will experience Uranus at 0, 1 Taurus exactly conjunct your Proserpina, from March 2019. Transiting Chiron himself will move to 0, 1 Aries and form a semi-sextile to your Proserpina. And in the same time-frame, we find Uranus at 1 Taurus square Chiron. That’s a lot of action for just one month of the year, though I suspect it will spill over into April as well. In March and April, foreshadowed by the Supermoon of February, you’re going to be shown what you can get away with, regarding groups or friends. How to move the goalposts, to quote Billy Bragg. How to cross the line and see what is possible these days. Did you know a lot of punks had Chiron in Aquarius? They lived out the meaning of this pattern through bands which broke all the rules, musically. Just as importantly, Proserpina in Taurus is a symbol of how you ‘bridge the gap’ when it comes to finance, property, charity or business. How you play the role of go-between, trying to keep two people, two organisations or two sides of a situation content. Put all that together, with the transits of Uranus (radical change) and Chiron himself (pushing the boundaries) and you will need a lot of time and space in February, March, April – because of these people – and also because of the situation itself, which asks you to look at your core values. Have a look at the Eleventh House and Second House when you finish reading this, and the horoscope symbols I’ve mentioned, to get a deeper picture. This will change you and change your life, so that you find much more space, independence and possibility.

      1. Woah thank you much. I’m not sure about the exact time I was born. I suspect it was 6 or 7 pm based on some family stories but no way to know. I guess I’d better learn to read my chart better. Greetings from California.

  33. Hello Jessica,

    I have Hygeia at 0 Capricorn and I will be relocating and starting a new job in China 3 days for the Super Moon.

    What advice can you give me to try and make this as smooth a transition as possible and how having Hygeia at 0 Capricorn plays into this.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Starting a new job in China is a good example of how astrology works, as the Supermoon will trigger Hygiea (protecting the future, insuring tomorrow, safeguarding yourself, being careful about any risks) in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career. There is more to this than meets the eye, though, because in March we find Uranus moving to 0 Taurus, where he will trine Hygiea, and Chiron moving to 0 Aries, where he will square Hygiea! So it is worth looking this asteroid up on Search when you finish reading this, but also the Tenth House in general. Hygiea in Ancient Rome was the daughter of the great healing god Aesculapius. She is a symbol of the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ and she lends her name to the word hygiene. We know that good hygiene prevents problems! In Capricorn in your Tenth House, this is where you look after your ambition, position, mission, role and goals before there is even a hint that there could be a future issue. So you tend to be rather wise and cautious here. The Supermoon in Virgo will trine this position in your chart, ahead of these other major aspects in March, so you may find yourself not only taking unusual moves to protect your professional future, but you will very likely be employed, now and later, in a role where you ‘are’ Hygiea. Where you are the sensible person who looks after tomorrow, today.

  34. Hello Jessica
    In the daily , could you please explain more crossroads looming ?

    “ You are now in the most important and fated partnership cycle for 12 years. The person in question is part of your past, present or future and you have a crossroads looming, no matter if you are married or single. “

    What is meant by this ? Thank you- Gemini

    1. Sure. You are not only a Sun Gemini with transiting Jupiter (opportunity, solutions) in the Seventh House (former, current, potential partners) of your solar chart – you also happen to have factors in Libra, which rules the Seventh House (former, current, potential partners) of your actual birth chart, and factors in Leo, which rules the Fifth House (pregnancy, children, young people). So put all that together and you have transiting or travelling Jupiter (open doors, breakthroughs, improvements, answers) triggering both your regular Gemini horoscope and personal birth chart horoscope in 2019. The crossroads is a choice between one path and another, with this particular person. It may be as extreme as stay or go. It is far more common to be shown other life choices. So, for example, if you are with a partner – do you move by 2020 or stay put? If this is your ex partner the crossroads might be, do you both enter into a work agreement (for example) or not. With a potential partner, the crossroads is – do you date or not? There will be more than one of these ahead in 2019 but it will reshape your life for the best, as Jupiter always does.

  35. Not sure if you’re still answering q’s about the new moon, but if you are, I have 0 Virgo for sure…I started to tidy up, if you will, but I just made a dent. Anyway, I’m sure you are quite busy, Jessica, but if you have a moment, can you share what you see w/me in my chart w/this new moon? Thank you!

    1. If you were really born at that time exactly you have the Ascendant and Descendant being transited, nothing else. This will be mixed feelings about your appearance, title, profile, reputation, name or face – or perhaps polar opposites in a situation. This would involve your former, current or potential partner. Perhaps a rival or someone against you. The Descendant rules all of this. But – it really does depend on a minute-accurate time.

  36. Hello Jessica,
    These are what I have….how will it effect me,

    01° Virgo 30′ 17″ R
    00° Libra 51′ 50″ R

    I have been on a roller coaster with regard to relationships since 2010 which I know is due to uranus

    1. This is a really important transition for your daily workload, duty to the people around you, and service ethic. Opportunities + blessings + growth + abundant flow + work. The Supermoon will leave you in two minds about your job, unpaid work or education. That’s fine. You need to be in two minds on Supermoon Day because that will help you with a terrific decision from March 2019 as Uranus starts moving toward 1 Taurus and Chiron starts moving towards 1 Aries. You will also have Jupiter at 1 Capricorn trine Jupiter at 1 Virgo from December this year so your transition to better and more rewarding work is coming. Your former, current or potential partner is shown by Minerva at 0 Libra. We also associate any enemies, rivals or opponents with Libra. The other end of the scales. Your usual deep wisdom (Minerva) will be challenged by a person or situation which teaches you (Chiron) something you have not previously considered. This is also March and into April. It may, or may not, be part of the work story. For more, read Chiron on Search as he will oppose Minerva exactly.

  37. Hi Jessica was very happy to spend time with you and the group yesterday it was great and by the way love your handbag very stylish.Thank you very much really appreciate your time given to all of us .
    Can you please have a look at my chart proserpina 1 degree virgo Mercury 1 degree Capricorn .

    1. Thank you! It’s all about your Mercury at 1 Capricorn in the Tenth House of your birth chart. Communication + internet + public speaking + multimedia + writing + ambition + mission. This part of you, and your life, gets triggered every so often and the Supermoon will release it. This is the beginning of something really important, as Uranus goes to 1 Taurus from March and Chiron goes to 1 Aries from March, too. If we add Proserpina at 1 Virgo we find mediation + building bridges + people-pleasing + workload + service + duty in the mix as well. Given that this Uranus in Taurus weather is all about the revolution that sets you and other people free, you will suddenly be given new space to do what you do. It’s hinted at on the Supermoon.

  38. Hi Jessica,
    I am writing find out what the Supermoon might mean for me. I have two asteroids at 0 degrees in Aquarius, so not sure if the supermoon will hit those, or if it will have a large effect. I am looking to retrain this year, and am finalising my decisions as to what that is as I can’t carry on in dead end jobs. Of course if I have to I will, but aim to pick up a skill. I know the supermoon will hit 0 degrees Virgo and I have realised that I have loads in Virgo, but not sure if that will be related to the transit.

    1. You can and will retrain, very successfully. The Diana-Bacchus conjunction at 0 Aquarius in your chart is very important, as the Supermoon will trigger your need to ‘feed’ the group – usually a circle, community, team, club or similar involving friends. This becomes doubly crucial in March as Uranus goes to 0 Taurus and Chiron goes to 0 Aries. You then get the impression that this group may even change your life. It will, from December 2020, and then one more time from 2023. There may also be a second group which is involved, and likewise transforms your existence.

  39. Good evening Jessica well actually good morning to you,
    Again awesome read. What can you tell me about having 0/Juno/Capricorn and 01/Venus/Leo. I only have 21/n.node/Pisces and I have a stellium in Virgo. Hope you had a good night.
    I do hope you are able to respond.
    As always Thank you much.

    1. I am travelling so crossing time zones at the moment – so, good evening is correct! Thank you. Juno at 0 Capricorn and Venus at 1 Leo are quincunx. What we have here is – commitment to career, ambition, unpaid work or social position – woven into complicated relationships involving pregnancies, children or young people as a whole. Juno is Jupiter’s wife and got prestige and comfort when she married him, but she was rather a bird in a gilded cage. Venus is the goddess of desire, infidelity, jealousy and mother-son love. Put these two together and you have quite a story going on there, which only you can really interpret. It’s about to come back to you in March, April as Uranus goes across 0, 1 Taurus and Chiron goes across 0, 1 Aries. Each time the record gets played in your chart you can find a new song to sing.

  40. Hello Jessica!
    Happy Lunar New Year!
    As always, very interesting article! And I was all over the Life Sweep materials..Thank you for making that resource available to us!
    This supermoon falls exactly on my birthday and I’m a Sun 1 Pisces with factors in Pisces and Virgo with Chiron 1 Taurus and Minerva 0 Taurus. Presently doing paperwork looking for a job. Can you offer some insight into how this will affect me and what to keep an eye out for?

    Many thanks, as always!

    1. Thank you. Happy Lifesweeping. You have that classic 0, 1 degree pattern which suggests three waves of change. The first is around the Supermoon, although it may feel as if you can’t get every factor to agree. The second and third come in March and April, as Uranus goes to 0, 1 Taurus and Chiron goes to 0, 1 Aries. It’s unusual to be born with Chiron conjunct Minerva (by one degree) in Taurus in your Second House. Taking that apart it means you push the boundaries (Chiron) to educate the world about what it’s possible to get away with (Chiron again) regarding charity, money, possessions, business or property. You are a natural teacher or educator actually with the wisdom of Minerva in there too. When Uranus goes right across that, there is radical change ahead which will challenge you to take up all that is new, different, untried and experimental. As you are applying for jobs this is likely to be your next role or project, if you happen to work in a field where the material or financial world matters. In other cases this is not about an actual position as much as your own financial situation. You may want to skip the actual Supermoon because it’s such a stretch (try not to judge or act too dramatically unless you absolutely have to) but in any case, it is the first wave in a climate change in your life, which will affect your values. This means what you will, or will not, sell your soul for – and who or what you consider to be precious to the point of being priceless. For more, look up Uranus on Search and also the Second House, and perhaps Chiron and Minerva too. This is where you’ll feel the astrological weather most.

  41. Dear Jessica,

    I have Uranus in 0deg Scorpio and Saturn in 0deg in Leo.
    In this time, what is the most important for me, is the stabilisation of my income as a freelancer , which is going up and down for some time and it starting to be tiring. I have no space to make bigger plans in this area of my life.
    Is there light in the end of the tunnel for me? Is this Supermoon going to play a role in it?

    Thank you very much!

    1. When you see that Uranus is the unpredictable, unstable and uncertain (but also the exhilarating and liberating) and you realise he’s in Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, business and property – you realise that life as a freelance worker is never going to be rock-solid. When you also realise he is square (or cannot square himself with) Saturn ( always hard work) then the message is doubled. It’s unusual to have an exact Saturn-Uranus square and yours is being pulled into what is called a T-Square in March with transiting Uranus himself going to 0 Taurus. Much as I’d love to tell you that freelance income is going to be solid ground beneath your feet, that would not be correct. What does work very well for you, if you can think laterally, is home and household. Perhaps family, if you have one, or some other domestic structure. The right space, or right place, at the right price, with the right people is your gift if you are prepared to either appreciate what you already have – or go and find it. This is the Cancer side of your chart, in the Fourth House, which is being transited by the Node so there is a fair amount of good karma there if you want to appreciate it, or just chase it. I often see this pattern when people downsize to a more affordable lifestyle outside the big city. So if you want stability, which is what appears to be the case here, think about the actual house or apartment, the local area and the people – that is where you would find solid gold, actually.

  42. Hi Jessica,
    In my chart, I have Uranus 00° Sagittarius 15′ 25″ and Fortuna – 00° Capricorn 00′ 02″
    What patterns will the Supermoon create during this period for me?

    1. This is about more than the Supermoon as Uranus goes to 0, 1 Taurus and Chiron goes to 0, 1 Aries in March, April 2019. You might say the Supermoon is the bridge you have to cross, to a completely different way of working or studying, pursuing your ambitions or going up in the world. There is a random, spinning, unpredictable quality to these months which suggests you need to be highly flexible and adaptable, so you can ride the tides and currents. It’s like being a professional surfer, especially with your work, unpaid work or university degree (Capricorn). The interesting X factor here is foreign people and places, or the broad field of training, education, seminars, upskilling, workshops and so on. You’ll be excited, even exhilarated by who and what is on offer.

  43. Since February is such a transitional month with Uranus in its last degree of Aries, and Chiron also at the end of Pisces, is it best to wait until March to start up new projects, jobs, etc? or are these new starts problematic due to retrograde Mercury during March? Would it be okay to re-start, re-do old projects, launch a previously successful enterprise in March? I’m currently employed but looking to pick up side gig due to uncertainty in my workplace. I have natal 1 degree Uranus in Virgo. Most of my planets are in Virgo or Gemini. Any advice would be appreciated in regards to March timing. Thank you!

    1. You are about to experience transiting Uranus at 1 Taurus trine natal Uranus at 1 Virgo, so sudden and changing financial and economic situations (Uranus in Taurus) make it necessary to green-light quite radical changes about your workload, lifestyle and day-to-day duties to other people. This also brings in questions about your mind, body and spirit connection, as you are not a machine, and you have to listen to your body as well. The uncertainty in your workplace is a typical example of this cycle. Actually starting anything in March 2019 will be very challenging, and if you really want to make the freshest of fresh starts, you would wait for the end of April when Mercury has stopped backtracking and zig-zagging across Pisces and other people – including large organisations or government departments – are more settled. This in turn helps you, but it does seem that you are set for a dramatically different lifestyle and workload in 2019. It will likely involve the worldwide web or multimedia because of your Gemini stellium.

  44. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the article. Funny August 2010 I made a decision which suprise we even today, I went to 7 days vacation, out of no where,to Maldives alone, simply to clear my mind because I was stucked between 2 different group of people, which offered completely different
    lifestyle and even romantic relationships.
    After that vacation I made a life changing decision. It still surprises me (in good way) the way I handled it was so not me!

    I wonder what is in store for me this time given
    Moon 00°  Virgo
    Jupiter 00°  Virgo
    Hygeia 00°  Taurus
    Proserpina 01°  Aries ?

    Thanks a lot!
    Stay blessed

    1. The people who do best on Uranus transits, are those who invent and innovate, as quickly as possible, to deal with sudden and unexpected changes. This idea of being able to quickly use a situation and turn it to your advantage is exactly what Uranus in Taurus and Chiron in Aries across 0, 1 are all about. It is often the last thing you thought you would do, or the last thing your old self would have expected to see you doing. The advice holds for March and April 2019 in particular. Stay highly flexible and adaptable and when zig-zags appear be prepared to zig-zag. I expect this is about interest rates, shares, your pension/superannuation, insurance and so on. Watch the headlines about banks, government decisions and so on at this time. It is very likely to be about your workload and lifestyle as Jupiter in Virgo is involved.

  45. Hi Jessica,

    Is there anything I should be on the lookout for? I have Mars 01 Virgo and Cupido 00 Cancer. I hope my finances doesn’t take a hit.


    1. Uranus will trine your Mars in Virgo (lifestyle) and sextile your Cupido in Cancer (home and property) as he passes over 0, 1 Taurus from March 7th. This is a call to action – to change – and to set yourself free. It may be, for example, that house or apartment prices drop, either in the rental or purchase market, following economic changes in your country. Cupido is a symbol of desire, longing, passion – but also passion generated – and this is very much about your home, home town or homeland. Another classic outcome is that property prices actually rise, giving you a chance to sell profitably, before downsizing to a new area and making/saving substantial amounts. The Virgo-Cancer pattern does suggest the domestic scene and Uranus has long been a symbol of release and relief for anyone feeling too confined or held back.

  46. Hi Jessica, I am currently going through the very drawn out and very intense process of a financial settlement. I have been trying to get this settled for the last few years and I would love it to be just over with, it’s exhausting. I have Chiron and Juno in Pisces. Can you tell me if this will all be over with soon? I am in transition at the moment with my living situation and looking for a new home, can you shed any light on when that could happen? Also it was really lovely to be part of your group in Brisbane, I did some fabulous space clearing afterwards which has shown me just how powerful it is…thank you. And thank you for this brilliant info on the Feb moon x

    1. I’m glad you came to Brisbane and happy you are space clearing and life sweeping. Keep doing it, it will really help your financial settlement. (Just when you think you’ve finished it, you actually haven’t). You will find the craziness of the last few years ends on March 7th. Just before that happens you will be educated, taught or guided by an important person or organisation on a financial or business level. You will lose the unpredictability from March but gain many years of useful learning. The biggest lessons will be about what you can get away with, time and again. You will be thrilled with an offer to good to refuse with a particular house or apartment by December 2019 and in fact may have two opportunities. Keep on making clear space for this – Marie Kondo on YouTube or Netflix can be very inspiring!

  47. Dear Jessica, I’m so sad I missed out on getting a horoscope from you this year. There’s so much that happened in 2010 during the period you posted above that was the final shakeup in my and my kids lives, and nearly costing my own life, from domestic violence that we successfully fled. Through other friends, I met my now-husband and remarried. The part about children resonates in your message. Our two kids with special needs (One from his prior marriage which involved a hostile ex/parental alienation case and one from my prior) have cost our new family unit in both mental health and in financial terms. Let me be clear our stress is not our kids’ burden as they have enough on their own dealing with their emotional disabilities (thankfully we have many supports to help my son from my active effort; mother of my stepchild refused to help her child receive counseling until we went to court and a disclosure of sex abuse under mom’s watch occurred), I keep hoping for a break from the constant crises and financial stress and manipulation, but since that’s not going to happen during this period, I could use some guidance on what to avoid to keep some peace of mind. VIrgo sun, moon is 0 Gemini, and chiron is 01 aries, if that is helpful. I learned from your posts that I have many asteroids in scorpio (a large stellum, apparently?). Thank you!

    1. When things are too heavy to carry let them go. I mean mentally. Release things from your headspace if they weigh a ton. If you find yourself sighing or slumping your shoulders when you think about particular people or situations, that’s your clue. Do not let anybody rent real-estate in your head without paying for it. Why give headspace to heavy people or situations for nothing? Your chart shows an unusually high count of Scorpio factors which rules sex and money. Marriage and mortgage. Divorce and settlement. I absolutely believe you when you say your domestic violence episode nearly endangered your life. I am very sorry that you and your children have had to endure it, but you have also survived. You gave yourself your own answer when you said you want guidance on peace of mind. You have a stellium in Scorpio in the Eighth House and need to find a different way of living with that, which does not involve crisis, financial stress and drama. Can I suggest you Life Sweep? Download the e-guide. If you are typical of your chart you will have a lot of ‘stuff’ around you which no longer belongs in your life. It is a museum of the past and it needs to go. Having space helps you create headspace which is not occupied by the Scorpio ‘promenade a deux.’ The situation with the children is well and truly receding into the distance. You have done your Leo Fifth House eclipses. Your new life path is dealing with money, possessions, houses, apartments and stuff. That’s a Scorpio-Taurus piece of weather that goes on for the next 7 years. I strongly recommend you go over to YouTube and look at the work of Marie Kondo. People who are moving on from domestic crises often find that it is physically sorting out their bedroom, house, apartment, computer space or even their car that releases them. This entire transit which begins on March 7th is about releasing, letting go and changing. It will involve money.

  48. Funny, before asteroids, astrology charts never seemed to explain my personality or life path in any way that made sense with my experience. I didn’t know my life themes were so scorpio-ish, and it’s interesting how closely my asteroids in scorpio describe my life and how events played out. I hear scorpios are quick to lash out in anger, and now I’m sympathetic; it’s a heavy burden to have so many scorpio themes.

    Glad you referenced Kondo’s work; I did a first round of decluttering in January. It felt quite good. I’m so relieved to hear that the kid struggles are fading soon, and knowing that alone makes me feel a thousand times better, thank you. And I’m very grateful for your time and reply – this is helpful to come to terms with so much past loss and financial burden without turning permanently bitter and broken. The house and financial part scares me though – I’ve already lost so much after the housing collapse in 2008, and judging by the bad actors in our country’s government, I worry a similar crash will negatively impact our lives. I have no real idea how to prepare for this house/possessions scorpio theme for the next seven years – it sounds like a nightmarish situation in which I have little control over.

    I sound pretty sad about my scorpio stellum, I hope its not all awful! I should try to focus on if there’s any positives in this prediction from my stellum. Thank you again – Look forward to getting your report next year!

    1. Scorpio and the association with revenge really comes from the scorpion sex act, which necessarily involves a risk of being stung to death or eaten alive, by the sexual partner. The ancient astrologers had a dark sense of humour! Your chart is a mixture of Scorpio stellium and Taurus factors, so you are here to ride the wave of economic change in the United States and co-create the new wave which is coming. You have Minerva, a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, expertise and insight, in the sign of Taurus, in your Second House of values, finance, charity, business, property and valuables. She is at 12 Taurus, so when Uranus moves to 12 Taurus in 2021, that year will change your life. What is clearly going to happen over many years is a challenge to your old ideas about houses, money, possessions and apartments. If you ever assumed you automatically had to involve a partner or family member in that, then the Uranus oppositions to your Scorpio placements, including Ceres at 14 Scorpio and Neptune at 24 Scorpio, will change that. As a general rule of thumb, you may want to keep the amounts and the stakes low, particularly with partners as Scorpio rules sex and money. Scorpio also rules the financial or property package – the inheritance – from your parents. Again, you may want to challenge your own assumptions about that. When you make your own will (not that I am expecting you to be squashed by a Trump hot air balloon or anything) you may want to read widely around the subject and get a second opinion. Essentially, Uranus is here to shake things up, change you, and change the system so rather than just automatically reaching for the usual/expected/traditional, it is in your interests to question everything. With Neptune in Scorpio in the Eighth House you are vulnerable to using bank money to escape from the real world and may have been caught out by that before, as the beautiful objects you own are often the bank’s, or the credit card company’s, and of course property bubbles are a hallmark of Neptune in Scorpio. So too is confusion or blurred lines between lovers who live together and share a house or apartment, or muddy waters in a marriage, with a mortgage attached. You can find more about this by looking up both Neptune and the Eighth House, yet with your Taurus ‘smarts’ you are already across most of this. All this Uranus in Taurus cycle will do is challenge you and change you, and you will then change your corner of the world, starting with your local bank. It is even possible you will completely alter your approach towards money, shopping, ownership, material wealth and so on, over the course of the next 7 years.

  49. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for all the great writing, the article on Chiron was really cool.

    With these upcoming transits,
    Uranus will trine my Minerva 2 Virgo, oppose my Proserpina in Scorpio and sextile my Jupiter in Cancer
    Chiron will trine my Diana 1 Sag and square my Jupiter in Cancer

    I always want to be ready for anything coming up. Your thoughts?


    1. Uranus is a big player in your chart as he goes across 0, 1, 2, 3 Taurus and as this is an overall chart trigger, you can expect a person, organisation or situation with financial meaning for you – perhaps business, property, retail or charity – to affect the way you think about work, money and home. I filed a feature some time ago about the curious coincidence of so many credit card companies, banks and big institutions having factors at 2 degrees and there is likely to be disruption in the share markets, with taxation, and world trade, starting in March 2019 and continuing for some time. This is bound to affect you. The best way to deal with this is to think like a surfer. You don’t turn your back on a big wave. You don’t resist it either and try to go the opposite way. Dive down under it and go with it. If you are absolutely confident of your abilities with money or business, you could surf on top of it. Most people on a Uranus transit, though, do best when they duck under and go with it, allowing themselves to be taken somewhere new. You have the wisdom (Minerva) and the abilities as a go-between (Proserpina) and some natural protection and good fortune with Jupiter in Cancer. You also enjoy the idea of travelling or relocating, with Diana in Sagittarius. This is all pretty obvious isn’t it? You could surf the waves of change to a new place to live, or at least vacation in. Watch property prices.

  50. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you again for your wonderful article.
    So interesting, yet I was just wondering what will be happening in my life during the SuperMoon and how will affect me on all and different fronts of my life.
    Thank you for your insight, it is truly much appreciated and I look forward to understanding the influencing aspects.
    Take care, kindest regards,

    1. Saturn and Salacia are both at 0 Pisces in your birth chart, making a quincunx to Hygiea at 0 Leo. A great deal of yourself and your life is covered up, invisible and hidden from view. This is either because you have a couple of really big secrets to keep, Bea, or because you tend to operate behind the scenes, where you are virtually invisible. There is a related issue here, about the world of pregnancy, children or young people – and sexual relationships which might end in parenthood. This is a lifetime pattern which repeats at regular intervals, spaced years apart. This Supermoon at 0 Virgo will reveal and highlight what is normally below the surface. As a rule of thumb you may prefer not to act or judge too dramatically on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. You may need a lot of time and space as you will probably be dealing with the reality (Saturn) of what nobody else sees. To some extent, your life below the surface is a holiday from the real world (Salacia) but with Saturn there it is also a burden – or it has been. It will come up again now.

  51. Hi Jessica

    I have Jupiter at 0 in Virgo. How will this full moon (that I’m watching out my window right now) affect me?


    1. The Supermoon probably looks as brilliant, white and bright in New Zealand now, as it does in Melbourne. Jupiter at 0 Virgo in your Sixth House is a lifetime pattern of protection, opportunity, fantastic timing, unusual support, good fortune and plain old luck – in your zone of work, university life, unpaid work and the daily routine. The Sun at 0 Pisces stands opposite, while the Moon at 0 Virgo is right on Jupiter. The Sixth House also rules the body, and the way your body does (or does not) perform, in light of your daily chores and work. There is a question mark on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday about how everything hangs together at the moment. Given that the Sun is opposite the Moon, you may be at odds with yourself, or dealing with opposite points of view, or people coming from opposite directions. It’s quite a stretch, so you may prefer not to make any dramatic judgements or take any huge steps – specifically involving those areas I’ve just mentioned, H.

  52. Hello,
    Thanks for the article. I have northnode Sagittarius at 0 degrees and Fortuna at 01 degrees Gemini. Any suggestions on how the eclipse will impact my chart please?

    1. Your North Node at 0 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of travel, foreigners, the worldwide web, education and publishing is opposite the South Node at 0 Gemini in your Third House of telephones, microphones, multimedia and short journeys. Given that this Supermoon Full Moon is at 0 Virgo, opposite the Sun at 0 Pisces – creating a Grand Cross in your horoscope – you may prefer not to launch a website or blog, sign a book contract buy a telephone or computer, book flights, buy a car or bicycle and so on – during this hard-work weather. There are many easier times this year to commit.

  53. Thanks for the article. I have Sun 01 Cancer; Panacea 01 Virgo; and Chiron 00 Gemini. How do i interpret this?

    1. You were born to shine in your family, in your household, and within your house or apartment. It is where you are at your most brilliant. You are the centre of attention via your home town as well, your region or homeland, perhaps. You are helped in this by your approach to your housework and perhaps your gardening, or daily routine as a whole. I would expect that your home computer or telephone is a real hotspot within your residence. This is the core pattern of all you have described. The Supermoon at 0 Virgo will be very close to your Panacea in the Sixth House of workload, housework, chores and daily routine – and the body. You may want to wait until the Moon is well and truly out of Virgo before you make any big decisions about that. For example, there are easier times to clean out the spare room, or start a new way of eating. For more on the actual transit look up the Sixth House when you finish reading this.

  54. Hi Jessica. Would you have time to have a look at my chart and advise me as to what this supermoon means for me, please? Thanks in advance!

    1. You have the Moon landing aspect. I recognised it as soon a I saw it – Jupiter and Uranus conjunct at 0 Libra. You have a relationship or partnership with a person on some level, best described as ‘the two of us’ or even ‘me versus you’ depending on where it’s at. This former, current or portential partner may be of personal importance, like a husband, or of professional importance – like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the Moon. The Supermoon itself at 0 Virgo is semi-sextile the Libra conjunction. Meanwhile, from 7th March, Uranus will form a quincunx at 0 Taurus. So, all eyes on this person and you. There is astrological weather here which is designed to make you appreciate how this face is your gateway to opportunity, solutions and expansion. And also freedom, independence and, funnily enough, ‘space.’ In fact there is a lot of synchronicity around these astronauts from the late 1960s and you. Watch out for it. There may be a nice symbolic message for you this week about your former, current or potential partner and how you two might both take the next small step/big leap!

  55. Hi Jessica, hope you are well! I have a question for you. I’m starting a new pet business with my sister (idea was conceived April 2018) and this week we are starting to buy all of our domain names, business licenses, etc. I see that we just went into the Mercury retrograde shadow phase. Is this a terrible time to start and really dig into our business? I’m not one of those mercury retrograde doom and gloom people however I do understand the universe saying there should be a delay in this (if there is supposed to be anyways). I really appreciate your thoughts on this! Thank you!

    1. You have Jupiter at 0 Virgo in the Sixth House of small animals and Saturn at 20 Virgo, in the same house. Minerva 8, the Node 8 and Apollo 1 Virgo complete this huge stellium. Virgo rules cats and dogs (and rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, birds, tropical fish, domestic chickens) because it is associated with daily routine and serving others. We serve our animal companions. This is a natural path for you and your sister to take and people born in the 1960s are your market, as they have Uranus and Pluto in Virgo and are always looking for what is new and different with their dogs and cats, but also looking for ways to feel more in control. Mercury Retrograde goes between 16 and 29 degrees of Pisces, right opposite your Saturn, so you are not doing this at the right time, if you want a simple life. Saturn is quite hard work anyway, despite your lovely Jupiter, Minerva-Node conjunction and useful Apollo. Mercury Retroshadow moves to 20 Pisces opposite your Saturn around the 22nd and 23rd of February, then does it again near March 19th and finally near April 8th. As Mercury rules paperwork, the post, the internet, telephones, the media, publishing, advertising and printing – and he is going backwards, in opposition to your Saturn – just be aware of those dates. Mercury also rules cars and trucks as I am sure you know. Before you go spending a lot of time and money on domain names and the rest, do more research than you normally might. Looking further ahead in time, you will absolutely love the year 2020 when fortunate Jupiter in Capricorn trines your Virgo factors. At that point I think you will see why ‘Generation Virgo’ born in the 1960s are the market you need to cater for. Find out what they need and serve them (and their animal friends).

  56. Hi Jessica – what does this Supermoon mean for me, I would love to align myself in the best way possible with this beautiful lunar energy.

    1. I only just got to your comment, I’m sorry, and the Supermoon has now well and truly passed. It was a Full Moon, which is always a challenge for you and others, and you have enough at 0 and 1 degree in your chart to have just seen that. What or who did not add up, means a greater change in March, when Uranus also starts to move to 0, 1 degree in your horoscope. The trick to March is to embrace the new and be radical if you have to.

  57. Hi Jessica, I posted elsewhere but it may be too old now, apologies to ask twice. This exact mercury retrograde period is the time frame we have to find another place to live and move out. I can’t believe the timing! I have a lot of fear that we won’t have anywhere to live by the end of April, which is when we are due to move. How can I navigate the next 8 weeks? We are looking at all options, renting/buying/building, but nothing is sticking and I suspect nothing will until the end of April??

    1. You have the perfect chart for relocation in 2019, with a stunning stellium in Sagittarius, the sign of the explorer, in the Ninth House, which is all about different faces, in different spaces, in different places. Lucky Jupiter is in Sagittarius all year so you will end up exactly where you are supposed to be. Tip – open your mind to all possibilities. I am not going to pretend you won’t be back and forth now. You have Mercury Retrograde in your Fourth House of property, until April 18th. That does not mean you won’t come across the place that you need. It just means that you should have Plan B and C in the process. Get it in writing and read the fine print, in case you change your mind, or someone else does. Be a realist about removalists, telephone companies and so on. Mercury Retrograde just means more work and effort. Treat this period as a dress rehearsal, first take or beta test. You will be thrilled at where life takes you in the end and I suspect the new home will enable you to travel more easily than before. I’ve seen this cycle turn up when people find their dream home near an airport, or they realise they’ve just moved into a high demand Air BnB/home exchange area which means all their vacations become free, or virtually pay for themselves. You’ll see why this is true later. For now, just have Plan B/C but do be aware that Jupiter prefers a lot of room to move, so be open to each and every alternative. Don’t just box yourself in with what you did before, or what you assume. See what or who is actually out there for you.

  58. Hi Jessica,
    In my natal chart, Chiron is in my 1st house of Leo, at 25°14; Ceres is in my 10th house of Taurus, at 3°20; Vesta is in my 8th house of Pisces, at 11°03; Sun is in my 1st house of Leo,at 6° ; Moon is in my 5th house of Sagittarius, at 24°24; Neptune and Uranus are both in my 6th house of Capricorn, at 19°. I wonder if I should change my job and what is the better time to change it. Emotionally, will I meet my true love this year? If the answer is “yes”, what is he like?I could hardly wait for you to tell me the answer .Thank you!

  59. Hi Jessica my relative is a sick deranged pedophile that hurt me and many others. I never dobbed him in because it took some time for my parents to believe me, so I figured nobody else would. Many years have passed and I still feel sick and stressed…I don’t know whether it’s the moon or not, but I think there is something inside of me that is slowly working up the courage to report him to the authorities. Should I wait until Mercury retro is over? Can you tell me what the likely outcome will be? I’m so scared and have nobody really that isn’t biased to talk to. His DOB is 6th January. Thank you so much x

    1. I understand. And I just read the news about Cardinal Pell in Australia. The message about this is – do it now. Even if you go backwards and forwards with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces in your 12th House, it will eventually correct itself, so treat March and April as a process. Once Mercury is out of retroshadow from April 18th the process can be considered firmly in motion. You also need to speak to professionals who specialise in child sexual abuse immediately, if you have not already done so. You could begin with your doctor, who would have contacts for you to pursue, or go online and look for the best organisation equipped to help you locally. Always speak out, always do it now, never wait, and never worry. I understand you feel sick and stressed and also scared, but just talking to someone can really help. I strongly recommend an anonymous telephone helpline or counselling service, just to make you feel better in the meantime.

      1. Thank you so much. I think I’m opening Pandora’s box, but I can’t keep it a secret any longer.

        1. The sentencing of Pell in Australia has resulted in an outpouring of telephone numbers, websites and so on, for people affected by child sexual abuse, in any way at all, so do find the right professional to speak to. I don’t know which country you reside in, but this is a global news story so there may in fact be points of contact and help numbers right around the web, in every city. It’s time to pick up the phone. Good luck.

          1. I made the phone call yesterday!! Thank you for providing me with additional strength and wisdom.

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