Chiron in Aries 2018 to 2026

Chiron is in Aries April 17th 2018 to September 25th 2018, then February 18th 2019 to June 19th 2026, then finally from September 17th 2026 to April 14th 2027. What does it mean in your horoscope and also your personal birth chart?

Chiron in Aries in Your Horoscope to 2026

Chiron is in Aries April 17th, 2018 to September 25th, 2018, then February 18th, 2019 to June 19th, 2026, then finally from September 17th, 2026 to April 14th, 2027. What does this mean in your horoscope and also your personal birth chart?

Chiron is the Teacher of Astrology

Chiron is the teacher of astrology. He turns up as people, organisations or situations which educate you about what is possible. What is no longer ‘impossible’ or unthinkable. Chiron is a centaur. He stretches his bow and arrow and he stretches you, too. He is an unusual, unique teacher. Not like anybody or anything else. Chiron is a maverick educator. An outsider.

Learning What is Unacceptable or Unthinkable from Chiron
Chiron, as a half-man, half-horse, could not exist and should not exist. Yet (at least to the Romans who gave us our astrology) he was the best of all teachers. Chiron’s lessons are about anything or anybody which more conservative or traditional types think is outrageous. Often, what you learn on a Chiron cycle is what would previously have seemed unacceptable or unthinkable. This still from Star Wars ( is a good modern version of the old Roman/Latin myth.

starwars dot com 600x257 - Chiron in Aries 2018 to 2026
Chiron is a teacher!

Chiron’s Year of Discovery in 1977 – Star Wars
On 25th May 1977, Stars Wars arrived. Luke Skywalker and his hermit tutor, mentor and father figure Obi-Wan Kenobi (“Old Ben”) also arrived. Replacing Luke’s lost father as a Jedi Knight and guiding light, Obi-Wan is a strong Chiron symbol.

Chiron is a foster father figure in your horoscope.  Rather like Sir Laurens Van Der Post, who was a father figure to His Royal Highness, Charles, Prince of Wales. This wonderful painting, Chiron and Achilles, is part of the Royal Collection Trust and hangs in the State Bedroom at Windsor Castle. It comes from the workshop of Giulio Romano (Rome c.1499-Mantua 1546.

Chiron the Foster Father and Guide

Charles I 387x600 - Chiron in Aries 2018 to 2026

This painting shows young Achilles with his tutor, the centaur Chiron. The education of Achilles by Chiron is described by Statius and Philostratus, amongst others. This painting was acquired by Charles I, after whom the future King Charles III was named – which is an interesting twist.Daily Mail Prince Charles Sir Laurens van der Post - Chiron in Aries 2018 to 2026

Further on, I’ll look at why 1977, the year of Chiron’s discovery – mattered so much in the life of our modern monarch Charles and his instructor and friend, Sir Laurens van der Post. It was not only the year that Chiron arrived, but also the year that the relationship between Charles and his mentor attracted attention for the first time. Chiron is also associated with foster fathers through the arrival of the world’s first test-tube baby, Louise Brown, who was ‘fostered’ in a laboratory in 1977. Again, I’ll look more at that in a moment. (Photograph of Sir Laurens van der Post and the Prince Of Wales – The Daily Mail).

Chiron is Hands-On Help

Kheiron is a name derived from the Greek word for hand (kheir) and it means “skilled with the hand”, often associated with kheirourgos (surgeon).

Thinking of helping hands, and the phrase ‘Let me give you a hand’ and ‘Hands-on training’ is a useful way into the symbol.

Chiron was celebrated by Homer in the Iliade, by Pliny the elder, by Pseudo-Apollodorus, Aelian and Dante in the Divina Commedia so astrologers don’t lack clues about the symbol, here. Further reading can reveal a lot. Have a look at Statius.

Historic sources for Chiron’s status as a foster-father and surrogate father appear here.

Ionnais 458x600 - Chiron in Aries 2018 to 2026

Chiron Raises Heroes – the Chiron and Achilles Relationship

Your best source for getting to the heart of Chiron in your chart is history – particularly Statius. Chiron is really about the training of a hero (Achilles) and the very particular relationship that exists between a younger man and older man. Today we would call this a classic male role model. You can live this out in your chart if you are a woman, of course.

By transit, though, Chiron tends to appears as man/men in the role of mentors.

“Statius depicts Chiron as having reared a potentially unmanageable hero, but one who loves him and who has learnt from him good manners, music and heroic ideas.” Elaine Fantha: Roman Readings: Roman response to Greek literature from Plautus to Statius.

Chiron the Hunter

Thousands of words have been written about Chiron as the ‘wounded healer’ of the horoscope – some kind of strange cross between a traumatised psychotherapist and a limping acupuncturist – without ever acknowledging that he was a hunter.

That’s how the Romans knew him. Statius tells us that Achilles learned how to handle arrows and hunting spears with the centaur. Achilles hunted on foot, but Chiron also served as his mount. From Chiron, Achilles learned to take on bears, wild boars, lions and tigers (Fantha).

For Homer, Chiron was “most just of the centaurs” and the source of Achilles’ knowledge of medicine, but there is more to astrology than one source. Chiron was a music teacher just as much as he was a herbalist.

Music Teachers and Music Students

In the Achilleid, we find out that Chiron’s task with the young Achilles was “to expound with his lyre the heroes of old to his ward.” (Brill’s Companion to Statius: Dominik, Newlands, Gervais). In the Iliad, we find Achilles ‘singing of men’s fame” so Chiron obviously taught him to use his voice as well. As a surrogate parent/teacher Chiron – with Achilles, the child/pupil – shows us that there is a lot to learn in life not only about healing, but also music and hunting.

Charles ‘Charlie’ Kowal and Chiron

A good introduction to Chiron can be found in The Hunt for Planet X, by Govert Schilling.

The new heavenly body was found in 1977 by Charles ‘Charlie’ Kowal. Charlie began using the new name, Chiron, two weeks after he had discovered it, before it had been officially approved by the I.A.U. He was not an established astronomer. He was an outsider. In the early days, according to Schilling, Chiron was ‘a loner with little respect for conventions. It was an unauthorised intruder in the territory of the solar system.’”

It’s all beginning to sound a lot like Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan-Kenobi, isn’t it…but that’s typical of astrology.

Fathers, Sons and Chiron

Schilling continues, “Kowal was inspired to call the new heavenly body Chiron, because, ‘during his lonely nights on Palomar Mountain he had read The Centaur by John Updike. It was a recognisable story of a difficult father-son relationship on the East Coast of the USA, based on the myth about the centaur Chiron…“’

The broken bond between father and son which inspired Kowal to name the object Chiron, is important. Chiron moved between Saturn and Uranus. The son who cut off the testicles and penis of his own father.

Later on, I’ll look at the strange synchronicity of Chiron with The Sex Pistols, and the album they released in the year Chiron was named. An album which triggered a famous legal challenge about…testicles.

As you can see, there is a lot more to Chiron in your horoscope than that throwaway line, ‘The Wounded Healer’.

In your horoscope, natally and by transit, he emerges as a foster-figure, father-figure or guide. A guru or mentor. There may literally be absent or missing father issues in the mix. The nature of the life lessons is broad-ranging.

This goes beyond the physical body, into areas like music – and hunting – today we might call it general career skills. It’s important to note that Chiron is also hands-on.

The Hunt for Planet X
Govert Schilling
Copernicus Books
New York 2009

Chiron the Educator in Aries – How are You Affected to 2026?

Sun Sign astrology shows you the headlines of your life. The front page. By knowing your Sun Sign you can see the soundbite about this cycle, which will be with you until 2026. Check this list now. It should immediately make sense to you, as in fact you are just finishing a Uranus cycle in the same zone of your chart. The same area of your life. In fact, you have had a long, slow revolution here already, as Uranus in Aries transited this house from May 29th 2010 and will finish on March 7th 2019.

Uranus is a symbol of radical change, freedom and independence in your horoscope. Chiron, which is set to replace him, is a symbol of education. Learning and teaching. Where is your seven-year course or tutorial about to take place?

ARIES: Self-promotion. Branding. Personal appearance. Title. Reputation. Portrait. Face. Shape. Style. Profile.
TAURUS: Secrets. Classified information. Confidential matters. Life behind the scenes. Mysteries. The unconscious. Occult.
GEMINI: Friendships. Groups. Trade unions. Political parties. Good causes. Societies. Rock bands. Social media. Social life.
CANCER: Career. University or college education. Unpaid work. Honorary role. Ambition. Profession. Calling. Vocation.
LEO: Publishing. The worldwide web. Academia and education. Travel. Emigration and relocation. Foreigners. Beliefs.
VIRGO: Finance. Charity. Taxation. Trustees. Government benefits. Banks. Currency and cryptocurrency. Property. Goods.
LIBRA: Partners. Former partners. Potential partners. Duets. Double acts. Enemies. Rivals. Opponents. The two of us.
SCORPIO: Lifestyle. Workload. Duty and service to others, from the dog and cat, to employers or staff. The body.
SAGITTARIUS: Pregnancy. Babies. Children. Young adults. Teaching. Parenting. Sexual relationships which risk parenthood.
CAPRICORN: The house. The apartment. The family. The household. The home town or homeland. Family tree. Roots.
AQUARIUS: The worldwide web. Multimedia. Writing and speech. Microphones and telephones. Computers. Communication.
PISCES: Money. Valuables. Charity. Business. Houses and apartments. Jewellery, art and antiques. Taxation. Legacies.

Do You Have Aries Factors in Your Personal Chart?
If you have Aries factors in your personal birth chart, in the First House, which rules your self-promotion, title, face, shape, style, body and image – your online profile and real-world packaging and presentation – Chiron is set to have a big impact. The actual degree of your Aries factors shows which year Chiron will trigger an education about yourself. He moves backwards and forwards so it may take a year or two for your ‘course’ to be established. Your mentors, guides and teachers may include stylists, hairdressers, personal trainers, speech therapists, public relations professionals, cosmetic surgeons, web designers and so on. We might also add portrait painters, photographers, film-makers and anyone who is in the image business. You may find it’s a man, or a male-dominated organisation, which offers you hands-on help. Perhaps this is about your physical health and wellbeing. Maybe it’s about your career skills (hunting for work) or music, if that is your path. Remember, Chiron is associated with vets as well as doctors.

2019 – Chiron at 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Aries
2020 – Chiron at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Aries
2021 – Chiron at 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Aries
2022 – Chiron at 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 Aries
2023 – Chiron at 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 Aries
2024 – Chiron at 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 Aries
2025 – Chiron at 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 Aries
2026 – Chiron at 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 Aries

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Chiron the Educator in Modern Life

Chiron taught herbal medicine to Aesculapius. He taught Apollo the harp. Hercules learned astronomy from him and Achilles received an all-round education.

The modern equivalent might be a musician who can teach you three chords but also show you how to grow medical marijuana. It might be an astrologer or astronomer who can also educate you about music history. It may be a naturopath who also has a telescope in her garden.

As a pure symbol, Chiron in your chart, natally and by transit, will not show ‘wounded healing’ but it may show, quite literally, music, the medical profession, gardening or drugs.

Most of all, though, Chiron is a teacher. Plain and simple. A broad-ranging all-rounder. A father figure. This goes way back!

Dictionary of Syr Thomas Eliot (1538) “Chiron, nis, the name of a man, whom poetes doo fayne to be the one halfe of a man, the other halfe lyke a hors: who fyrst dyd fynde the vertues of herbes, and taughte Aesculapius phisike, and Apollo to harpe, and Astronomy to Hercules, and was master to Achylles, and excelled all other men of his tyme in vertue and iustyce.”

Chiron the Vet

ChironCrest e1551230115480 - Chiron in Aries 2018 to 2026

Chiron is certainly associated with specific kinds of Roman healing. He was linked to herbal medicine and surgery. Yet, so were other mythical archetypes in Italian history. In fact, Aesculapius (an asteroid) was far more important to Rome as the god of health, than any other. The truth is, Chiron today is associated with vets, as much any other kind of healing.

Chiron appears as a symbol on the Milan Veterinary Medicine Faculty banner.
It’s probably more accurate to call Chiron a hands-on helper, with both animals and humans. In fact, although our astrology today is Roman and the horoscope symbol Chiron comes to us from Italy – he began life in Greece.

Chiron the Vet on the Royal College Coat of Arms
The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (London) has a Chiron-centaur in its armorial crest (below). We also find a link between Chiron and vets in Suidas (10th c. A.D.), Isidore of Seville (7th c. A.D.), and Latin manuscripts of the fifth and fourth centuries A. D. said to derive ultimately from a Greek text by Chiron himself.

Chiron the Educator of Princes and Heroes

Homer, Hesiod and Pindar certainly relate Chiron’s medical knowledge to humans, not to animals, but he is rather more a teacher of surgery and herbal medicine (to Aesculapius and Achilles) than a practitioner.

By the fifth century BC, in Athens, Chiron had come to represent the noble schoolmaster. But why the centaur form?  Nicolò Machiavelli wrote in The Prince, Chapter XVIII (1532), that the greatest rulers who would be illustrious should learn through alternative means of achieving their ends. This develops the idea of the respected teacher. In fact, Chiron as a symbol is increasingly looking like a wild outsider. We’ve all had a teacher like that!

Chiron – Also, Your Punk Rock Music Teacher

Chiron teaching Achilles lyre 482x600 - Chiron in Aries 2018 to 2026

Achilles the prince was taught by Chiron the half-man, half-horse. That’s certainly alternative. Chiron was discovered and named in 1977, the year that punk rock broke. In astrology, we define the meaning of a horoscope factor by looking for striking events that take place in the year that a planet, asteroid or other body is found – matching the myth from which the astronomers takes his or her inspiration.

Erasmus wrote, “Chiron taught his pupils to play the lyre, but he taught them also the fierceness of centaurs.”

The lyre, a version of the kithara, was the ancient world’s electric guitar.

Castiglione’s Count Ludovico asked: “Have you not read that music was among the first accomplishments which the worthy old Chiron taught Achilles in tender youth…?” So, we have a picture here of a horoscope symbol which is not only strangely associated with vets, but also with musicians. With father-figures and gurus. With Renaissance men, perhaps!

Chiron the Wild – Chiron as Sid Vicious

The Chiron and Achilles of Chartres Cathedral  just inside the Royal Portal shows a wild centaur, armed with bow and arrow, gallops riding Achilles on his back while the boy appears to strangle a large fowl. It’s the ancient version of Sid Vicious on his motorbike wearing a black leather jacket. You might say Sid Vicious taught people that you did not have to be able to play the guitar, to have a number one hit. He did not have a father in his life. His father figure was Malcolm McLaren.

The Sex Pistols and other punks of 1977, notably The Clash, were influenced by the Jamaican/Reggae/Ska culture in London at the time, which also involved the smoking of herbs.

The ancients believed Chiron lived in a cave on the slopes of Mount Pelion where he gathered the herbs to make his medicine. The imagery of him in the sixth century B.C. is summed up by a vase now in the British Museum, where we see Chiron with his hunting dog.  The branch resting on Chiron’s shoulder and the small tree nearby suggest the pharmaceutical properties of herbs. Punk band The Fall had a song called Mr. Pharmacist. David Bowie, creator of the 1977 classic Heroes, was one of the late Seventies musicians dependent on cocaine. Along with Star Wars, 1977 was a big year for music.

The largest study of Chiron is Martin Vogel’s Chiron der Kentaur mit der Kithara (Bonn, Bad-Gotesberg: Verlag fur Systematische Musikwissenschaft, 1978).  One year after Chiron had been discovered by Charles T. Kowal, Vogel was making the association between Chiron and music teachers. Astrologers have had 40 years or so, to make the connection, but it’s amazing how often it’s missed. In fact, in my workshops on horoscopes, I often find that it is only when the truth about Chiron is revealed, that people actually understand this chart symbol for the first time. At last, Chiron makes strong and immediate sense to them.

Astrology can sometimes be quite literal. It’s about the connections between ideas and objects across space and time. We have no evidence at all that Charles T. Kowal, the thirtysomething astronomer who found Chiron, plucked a name from Latin/Roman mythology (as all astronomers try to do) with punk rock in mind. Yet, there was something about the year 1977 which was absolutely right for a centaur like Chiron to enter into astrologers’ dictionaries.

School for Heroes – Chiron’s Brand of Education in Your Life

Heroes 1977 1 - Chiron in Aries 2018 to 2026

Chiron taught heroes how to be heroic. His pupils were given an all-round education, much as the future monarchs of today receive. Music lessons. Riding and hunting lessons. Time in the army, navy or air-force. In 1977 this was much on people’s minds as The Silver Jubilee took hold of Great Britain and the Commonwealth and all eyes were on Prince Charles, the future king (and string musician), as well as his mother. It’s strange but true, that the young Charles was unusually fond of classical music. The year 1977 brought all this home to us as Chiron was waiting to be found by Charlie Kowal. It was about this time that David Bowie began promoting his new album, Heroes. 


Chiron and the 1977 Modern Stratocaster
Beyond Bowie, we find other music lessons for rock’n’roll heroes in 1977. Fender’s signature Stratocaster guitar was made famous by Jimi Hendrix, but by 1977, the year that punk broke and Chiron was discovered, it needed an update. Some 23 years after the Stratocaster first hit the market, Fender introduced a five-position switch, a design overhaul that endures to this day. 

The cithara or kithara (Greek) was an instrument in the lyre family of instruments and in fact, the word kithara in modern Greek translates as ‘guitar.’ There is a small but important difference. The kithara was used by professional musicians, and the lyre by amateurs. Punk rock was about amateurs who were nonetheless – professional.

For more on the astronomical side of Chiron, have a look at Asteroids, by Curtis Peebles (Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington 2000).

New Scientist has some interesting material on Charles T. Kowal and the great man’s own article on Chiron, for The New York Academy of Sciences, can be found here.

Prince Charles, Prince William and Sir Laurens van der Post

CANCER PRINCE WILLIAM - Chiron in Aries 2018 to 2026Sagittarian Sir Laurens Jan van der Post was a father figure to the Prince of Wales, but also – importantly – godfather to Prince William. He was also a Jungian, humanitarian, philosopher and conservationist. Sir Laurens had a sixteen-year friendship with Carl Jung, who popularised the the term ‘synchronicity’ which is the rule that governs astrology.

You would hope, given Chiron and his reputation for educating princes, that there would a suitably Jungian link of synchronicity between the year 1977, Prince Charles and his mentor. There is, so we astrologers are happy. This was the year that Sir Laurens took the future king on a safari to Kenya. He also created the first World Wilderness Congress that year with conservationist Ian Player in Johannesburg, which has echoes of Chiron with his concern with wild beasts in the education of Achilles – and his concern with hunting. Not a lot of people know that Sir Laurens  inspired the film Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence in 1983, a few years later. Thus, we are back to David Bowie again!

This is his personal astrological birth chart. Sir Laurens, educator of princes – and godfather to the two next kings of England – was born with Chiron at 9 Aquarius exactly sextile Saturn at 9 Pisces. This is a wonderful example of Chiron in action as in 1977 Uranus stood at 9 Scorpio and Saturn stood at 9 Leo, the sign of kings.

Chiron and Centaurs in Children’s Books

There is no doubt at all that Chiron has a connection with the medical world, as well as music teachers, hunters and vets. We find his name hidden in chiropractor and chiropodist. The old word ‘chirurgeon’ is an obsolete way of spelling surgeon.

Yet, as a symbol or archetype, Chiron has also been stretched by children’s authors. If Chiron really dominates your personal birth chart (it lines up with several other factors at the same number/degree) then this book, below, might be interesting. It’s

The Reception of Ancient Greece and Rome in Children’s Literature
Editor Lisa Maurice
Brill 2015 Netherlands

J.K. Rowling, Chiron and C.S. Lewis
Perhaps it’s not surprising that Chiron is so popular with children and young adults. He was, after all, the most attention-grabbing teacher in Roman myth. The ‘centaur of attention’ as the joke goes.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, Camp Half-Blood, the work of C.S. Lewis, Eoin Colfer, Rick Riordan, Diana Wynne Jones, Ellen Jensen Abbott and of course J.K. Rowling has put centaurs firmly in the public imagination.

A Chiron Return can only happen when you are aged around 50 – the time that many people become grandparents, or in fact become promoted to senior teacher or headmaster/headmistress status.

If you are turning 50 over the next few years, you will have your Chiron Return and might find the book below, useful:

From Academia to Amicitia: Milton’s Latin Writings and the Italian Academies
By Estelle Haan
American Philosophical Society
Philadelphia 1998

Fifty Years-Olds as Gurus, Mentors, Guides and Foster or Father Figures
You can be a woman and live out Chiron in your chart – of course. Turning fifty means experiencing the full impact of your Chiron Return and it may be that this is the time you find yourself babysitting grandchildren, perhaps, or taking a more vital role with your godchildren, nieces or nephews. At around fifty you may find yourself given senior rank at work, so that you end up steering or tutoring younger people.

The Famous Wound. Chiron in A Classical Dictionary 

The majority of paintings and surviving art we have which portrays this famous centaur does not show him as a wounded healer, or in fact – with any kind of wound at all.

The myth tells us that he was, of course, hit by a poisoned arrow, but the actual symbol or archetype is about so much more. John Lempriere is probably the most widely read source on mythology, in history.

“CHIRON: A centaur, half a man and half a horse, son of Philyra and Saturn, who had changed himself into a horse to escape the enquiries of his wife Rhea. Chiron was famous for his knowledge of music, medicine and shooting. He taught mankind the use of plants and medicinal herbs; and he instructed in all the polite arts, the greatest heroes of his age; such as Achilles, Aesculapius, Hercules, Jason, Peleus, Aeneas etc. He was wounded in the knee by a poisoned arrow, by Hercules, in his pursuit of the centaurs. Hercules flew to his assistance; but as the wound was incurable, and the cause of the most excruciating pains, Chiron begged Jupiter to deprive him of his immortality. His prayers were heard, and he was placed by the god among the constellations, under the name of Sagittarius.”

A Classical Dictionary
John Lempriere
New York 1825

1977 and Professor James Kinsley

My Aim is True 1977 - Chiron in Aries 2018 to 2026

Heroes by David Bowie was released on RCA Records on 14th October 1977. In the same year, as Chiron was waiting for his name, Elvis Costello released My Aim is True. The centaur’s pupils, all heroic figures in Greek and Roman mythology, struck a chord in the album charts of 1977. Costello was unconsciously referencing Chiron’s bow and arrow. Strangely, the shape he is throwing in the photograph on the cover of My Aim is True, designed by Barney Bubbles, also looks not unlike the famous Chiron ‘key’ shape. This key symbol in the horoscope today is actually based on C.K. or Charles Kowal – the initials of the discoverer. His aim was true, too!


the sex pistols never mind the bollocks - Chiron in Aries 2018 to 2026

Chiron, Saturn, Uranus, Bollocks, Testicles and 1977

The biggest cultural event of the year 1977, when Kowal found Chiron, was the arrival of the only studio album by The Sex Pistols, Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols on 28th October, two weeks after Bowie. It was deemed obscene and a court case followed on 24th November, with John Mortimer in charge and the word ‘bollocks’ under examination. Mortimer presented an expert witness, Professor James Kinsley. A solid Chiron teacher.

Head  of the School of English at the University of Nottingham, he argued that the word “bollocks” was not obscene, and was actually a legitimate Old English term formerly used to refer to a priest. Geoffrey Robertson, also a teacher figure, appeared with Mortimer defending The Sex Pistols. They won.

This takes us back to Chiron, orbiting between Saturn and Uranus. Saturn took a scythe from his mother (the scythe symbol, on its side, is the Saturn symbol today). He followed her instructions and cut off both the testicles and penis of his father Uranus in the most famous castration in mythology.

It’s typical of astrology that the most famous cultural output of 1977 had bollocks in the title. Perhaps Kinsley, Mortimer and Robertson were acting out the Chiron tutor/foster father/male role model part for the younger Sex Pistols.

The Power of Music, Chiron and Milton

In the work of Milton the adjective ‘mansuetus’ is used for Chiron. In other words, tame and gentle. Chiron uses the power of music to halt the potential violence of the warlike Achilles. As Estelle Haan puts it, “Under Chiron, the hands of Achilles, destined to kill Hector in brutal combat, “are detained in the strains of the lyre.”

We’re clearly dealing with something more than just another teacher, here. Chiron has a way with him. Repeatedly in astrology, particularly in the work of one of the world’s greatest astrologers, the late Dennis Elwell, you will also see Chiron associated with the word ‘maverick’. Let’s take a closer look at that…

Chiron the Maverick Teacher

Zane Stein, author of Essence and Application: A View From Chiron, is today the world’s foremost astrological expert on Chiron and is well-known to users of Solar Fire software. Zane has an interesting angle on the key word ‘maverick’ for Chiron, which sums up this unorthodox educator so well.

‘This word came from Samuel A. Maverick, an American pioneer and rancher who did not brand his cattle, unlike all the other ranchers around him.”

In astrology, it is the astronomers themselves who often tell us what a new heavenly body is all about. Charles, ‘Charlie’ Kowal,  taught stargazers that you didn’t have to be a big-name astronomer to find a new heavenly body in the night skies.

An old copy of Time magazine, from October 27th 1975, tells us more about Charlie. Essentially, he was a research associate who had no Ph.D., had published no papers and had no academic achievements to his name. “I know nothing about astrophysics or electrodynamics,” Charles Kowal told Time. “All I’m good at is using a telescope.”

He went on, “I enjoy learning things, but a University is the last place in the world to learn anything.”

Foster Parents and Chiron

At the start of this in-depth look at Chiron, you saw how in 1977 the world not only experienced a new trend in music which would transform the album and single business – punk rock – it also saw the arrival of so-called ‘test tube baby’ technology. Louise Brown would be born on 25th July 1978, but all the work had been done by a very unusual method of fostering, in a laboratory in 1977.

Estelle Haan writes, “Chiron was a learned centaur, host and famous foster-father of poets; tutor, educator and even tamer of heroes.” Thus, our understanding of the horoscope symbol Chiron extends to fostering, very specifically.

We talk about fostering talent, fostering knowledge, fostering skill, fostering potential and so on. This adds to the centaur’s image as a teacher, guide and mentor. There may also be a literal meaning of fostering or adoption with Chiron in your horoscope.

Is Chiron in Your Fourth House or Fifth House?
If Chiron appears in Cancer in the Fourth House of family or Leo and the Fifth House of heirs, perhaps you’ll see real fostering, or at the very least, some kind of ‘adoption’ in the interests of education or instruction. With Chiron in Virgo and the Sixth House of work, natally, or in Capricorn and the Tenth House of career, perhaps your role in life is to foster work-experience students and interns, or mentor younger staff.

If you haven’t already noted your Chiron position by sign and house in your personal birth chart, it’s worth finding. If you don’t know it, you can take out Premium Membership, even for a month, and download your full astrological natal chart now. This is particularly important if you are male. Chiron is a strongly masculine symbol.

Chiron – Neither One Thing Nor Another

Chiron is neither one thing nor another. Not horse, nor man. By sign and house in your birth chart, Chiron will also reveal where you are two things at the same time, or hard to classify! You may also find that Chiron figures in your life turn up, who are teachers – father figures – yet also complex. Dual personalities.

Govert Schilling: “Chiron – a wise and gentle healer – was the son of Cronos (known to the Romans as Saturn) and the grandson of Uranus. So it was an appropriate name for an object that spent most of its time moving between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus. The mythological centaur Chiron was neither horse nor human; the celestial body Chiron was neither asteroid nor comet. Or perhaps it was both.

As Chiron goes through Aries over the next few years, your teachers, mentors and guides may also be two things at once. Or, if you prefer, neither one thing, nor another. Intriguing characters!

Chiron is not unlike any other symbol you see in your horoscope. He is associated with Saturn and Uranus (below) but is dual in nature. Just like the centaur after whom he is named.

bigstock Planets Of The Solar System S 258033880 600x267 - Chiron in Aries 2018 to 2026

Chiron and Keys – The Work of Erminie Lantero

Erminie Lantero M.Div.,Ph.D. pioneered research into Chiron. In the foreword to her book, The Continuing Discovery of Chiron, Zane Stein wrote, ‘In my research, one of the primary meanings that surfaced for Chiron was the word KEY, to open new doors to new worlds.’

I love this way of defining Chiron. He is like the maverick schoolteacher with the keys to the classroom jangling on his belt. The headmistress who also happens to like punk rock, who has the key to the music room. In his new sign of Aries, Chiron is going to add another chapter to a very long story in your life, which began with Uranus (the revolution) in the Aries-ruled house of your chart. Amazingly, it will continue after Neptune enters Aries on March 31st, 2025, but that’s another story.

The Education of Achilles 1 498x600 - Chiron in Aries 2018 to 2026The Education of Achilles by Peter Paul Rubens (below) is from the Museo Nacional del Prado. His right hand, dangling, looks like it might even be reaching for a key. I hope Chiron in Aries is the key to the most fantastic learning experiences for you. Chiron is about so much. Father and son issues, for you or your teacher/mentor/guide. Vets. Music. Herbs and their derivatives, like prescribed drugs, recreational drugs and the natural world. Hunting. Riding. Shooting. Punk rock. Just remember, as Elvis Costello sang, in the year that Charles Kowal was pointing his telescope: My Aim is True!

How has Chiron manifested in your birth chart to date, and how will he show up in his brand new zodiac sign of Aries? I have mentioned these literal connections for Chiron because astrology has a funny way of showing up that way. Yet, if we take the symbol at its broadest, what we have is a multi-tasking, multi-talented teacher. And that’s really what Chiron is.


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66 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica
    I am new to all this. So does this mean because my Chiron is in Pisces this does not apply to me? I only have one Aries in Ceres.

    I found this interesting as I have started working in the last couple of years in a field with foreign students. I am not a teacher but they often think I am which I find amusing but don’t correct them.

    Looking at when Chiron was in April to Sept 2019 is when we adopted an elderly rescue cat (he is a Libra) and had to take him to the vet as he had been attacked by a dog and needed medical attention so that is the only link I can see to the vet.

    If you can let me know how this will affect me I would appreciate it.

    Kathleen (the Virgo Sun and Moon)

    1. You are strongly Virgo and also heavily Gemini, Kathleen. The planet Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini, so you are ‘mercurial’ in that you are a born writer or public speaker, and also light on your feet – you are one of life’s natural travellers or wanderers. Foreign students would gravitate towards you, because you understand how to communicate language differences. You are also learning from them. In fact one of your foreign students, or a person in their world, will open the door to a wonderful opportunity in 2019. The sign Virgo rules cats and dogs, and the Sixth House. This is really because dogs and cats are part of daily routine, and the Sixth House is about the details of the 24 hours in each day. Lifestyle, but also duty and service. We ‘serve’ cats, don’t we, when we feed them! We also do our duty when we wander around behind dogs with a plastic bag. At the same time, dogs in particular have a duty towards us, as guard dogs, more often than not. Your Chiron in Pisces is not really anything to do with this – but your Gemini and Virgo side shows up very clearly in your chart.

      1. Thank you Jessica for the insight. Yes I agree with you about my mercurial traits as I love to write and seem to always end up being the one with the microphone and have been wandering around for years until I took root about 15 years ago. I am definitely the one under the paw and am always serving his Lordships furry demands. I will look forward to the opportunity that is coming my way this year.

  2. Hi Jessica I’m so sorry to ask another question but I’m really confused. I had disastrous cosmetic surgery in 2015, but am planning to have it fixed in 2020. It simply has to work out. It’s so important to me to get this right. I’ve found my surgeon, but I’m wondering how all my Aries factors tap into this? Particularly since I have Chiron himself in Aries, only a degree away from Panacea in Pisces. If I know the better times to avoid or ‘go for’ it, then I’m at least astrologically prepared. Thank you xx

    1. As this is your cosmetic surgery, not mine, you may want to give yourself a Tarot reading and also an Astrology Oracle reading, for a second and third opinion. Aries and the First House is obviously your face. I am sorry you have been through the trauma of bad surgery. What you are really looking for here is your Jupiter at 11 Aries (protection, good fortune, hope, improvement, solutions) to be triggered in a helpful way. You have your Jupiter Return in February 2022, as Jupiter goes back to 11 Aries. Ask the cards about February 2022. If you don’t want to wait that long, just look for helpful transits to Jupiter at 11 Aries. Chiron goes to 11 Aries between May and June 2021 and that would bring a teacher figure into your life who can help you with your face. If you still want to go sooner than that, just ask the cards about the months you are thinking of. In any case, this is going to work out for you and in fact, experimenting with your face, hair, style, body, shape, voice and body language will be your path until 2038. Almost as much as any professional actress. Neptune moves into Aries after Chiron, for many years to come.

  3. Hi Jessica

    What do you see in my charts re: potential significant other and effects of Chiron?


    1. Your Sagittarius stellium is more important, Shaolee, as Chiron won’t really trigger your chart. You will teach or study at the highest possible level in 12 years in 2019 and travel or move to do so – or spend a lot of time online with people who speak a second language or dialect!

  4. I love this mix of popular culture and historical detail. You really thoroughly research this and make so many interesting parallels Jessica. What can you see in my chart. I think that I am up for my Chiron Return?

  5. You really thoroughly research this and make so many interesting parallels Jessica. What can you see in my chart. I think that I am up for my Chiron Return?

    1. Thank you. Yes, you will have your Chiron Return at 13 Aries in the year 2022. There is more to it than that, though, as you were born with Apollo at 13 Virgo in your Sixth House of workload and the body. You also have the North Node at 14 Aquarius and South Node at 14 Leo, very close by. By the time we get to May 2022, Chiron has passed from 13 to 14 Aries and is triggering the whole pattern. Aquarius is the group or team. Leo is about children, young people and sexual relationships which may bring parenthood. There is a huge story taking place in the first half of 2022 and it will likely involve a relaunch, rebirth and renaissance of your image (Chiron in Aries) and your title and role. If you were to acquire a new job teaching teenagers – and a new look to go with it – a new title – I don’t think you’d be totally surprised! You are a born teacher, by the way. Look up Apollo and the Sixth House to see why.

      1. thank you Jessica for your detailed response and the time you take to answer us individually. Yes, i am a teacher in a high school!

  6. Dear Jessica,

    I have a Chiron return from this year. Would you please have a look at my chart and share where you think the primary impact will happen … if at all.

    thank you.

    1. Vulcano at 3 Scorpio in the Eighth House of your chart is exactly quincunx Chiron at 3 Aries in the First House of your chart. You have a lifetime pattern of powerful self-control (Vulcano) over finance, houses, apartments, business, insurance, legacies (Scorpio, Eighth House) and it always involves your reputation, profile, image and appearance (Aries, First House) and your need to educate people about why self-promotion, packaging and presentation really matter. When Chiron moves to 3 Aries, and makes a Chiron Return, this pattern in your chart is triggered. Thus, April and May look very interesting, as you also have Uranus moving to 3 Taurus, fitting into the pattern. This is a radical change or revolution in your country’s economy, taxation, banking and business picture – and likely, the whole world’s. This has a domino effect on your own approach towards all that you earn, own or owe, as it aligns with Vulcano in the Eighth House and Chiron in the First House. Remember, Vulcano is about volcanic levels of deep emotion, likely over partnership or family money in this instance, suppressed. This lends you great power.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for being my astrology teacher and for an amazing article, like always. Could you, please tell me how this cycle is going to affect me?

    Thank you,

  8. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for an amazing article, like always. My chiron is in Pisces. Could you, please tell me how this cycle is going to affect me?

    Thank you,

    1. A bigger deal for you is your Libra stellium, Alina, as you have an unusually high count of factors in Libra in your Seventh House, which rules the relationship you have with your former, current and potential partners. Your whole way of operating with partners has been challenged and changed for about the last 7 years as Uranus in Aries has opposed that stellium and sudden, sometimes shocking, and one-off events, either with the same person, or a range of people, has confronted your ideas about what a partnership should mean, and how the scales should be balanced in your life. This is the biggest theme of your lifetime, actually – partnership! It continues with Chiron in Aries opposite your Libra stellium, then Neptune moves into Aries too, and again, opposes that stellium. If you enter into written agreements with partners now through 2038 (almost 20 years into the future) read the fine print and get a second opinion. You need to know who and what you are signing up for, even if it is the most intensely romantic wedding of your life. It is the same with professional partners. Having learned so much already about fairness and equality between yourself and others in partnership, you are set to learn more. This will change what you feel is a true partnership, both personal and professional, over many years. That’s fine and you will be fascinated by what unfolds, but be right across the actual agreements.

  9. Hi Jessica
    Great article as per usual.Very informative.As well as having my Chiron return in the next year,I also have 5 factors in Aries between 3 & 10 degrees.So all quite early on once back in Aries.
    Just wondering what my chart shows you to be in store for me in the next few years?
    Many thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you Peter. You have Venus at 10 Aries, Chiron at 5 Aries, Bacchus at 6 Aries and Psyche at 3 Aries, all in your First House of image, title, profile, presentation and packaging. A job or unpaid role where you are upfront, and also front-and-centre, will be on offer, perhaps not for the first time, between now and 2027, and actually the long-term future (until 2038) is all about how you project yourself, as Neptune will also be in Aries and your First House for many years. Your birth time is on the hour, which is unlikely, so rather than give you a wrong Ascendant or Rising Sign, I’ll overlook the fact that this is also Aries! Yet, with Chiron transiting first Psyche, then himself (Chiron Return), then Bacchus, then Venus – all between the first quarter of 2019 and May 2021, you will be given a chance to learn about your personal appearance, almost as if you were a brand on a shelf. Stepping back from yourself like this will make a huge difference to other areas of life, ranging from your personal life to your career, and unpaid work. Andy Warhol believed that we would all have minutes of fame, in the future. He was psychic. The internet has made everyone famous for 5-15 minutes and you are no exception. Yet, there is more to this cycle than just social media profiling. You are likely to be given the chance to assume a role or position where you have to really look at the photographs or film of yourself, or the impression you are making behind a microphone, or on a podium. First impressions are really what the First House is all about, and you will be making repeated first impressions, at a level which profoundly influences your life. Your Chiron Return suggests that your actual appearance, role or title is the teacher. Rather as the conductor Leonard Bernstein taught a generation of conductors that it was all about packaging and presentation.

  10. Dear Jessica, This article is very interesting! In your response to my comment on the Ceres article, you said I would have my Ceres return soon. Now I realize that I will have my Chiron return (Aris at 18 degree) as well. Am I in the middle of a huge change?

    1. It won’t be until the year 2023 that you have your Chiron Return in Aries in your First House, and that year will likely see a new title for you, and a new look. Your Ceres Return in Sagittarius in your Ninth House is much sooner – at 21 Sagittarius you experience this in October, along with Jupiter conjunct your Ceres at 21 Sagittarius, also in the Ninth House. Pluto is very close by at 20 Capricorn, so around October 23rd, 24th, 25th you will be involved in a new deal involving your travel agenda, university or college degree, foreign or regional commitments, beliefs and knowledge. This may involve the world of books, seminars, workshops too. Striking that deal will be worth the time and energy, as the compromise which you reach with others will change your life for the better. You could easily move or emigrate then, or experience the world coming to you, through other cultures and nationalities.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve only read Chiron as the wounded-healer, so this has been a fascinating read. Not only do I have a stellium in Aries (5 planets), I also have Chiron at 16, so a Chiron return. I can’t quite decipher for all the trigger points. Can you provide guidance – tell me what you see? Thanks a bunch!

    1. You have an Aries stellium and Mars, the ruler of Aries, is in Aquarius, in the Eleventh House of groups and friendships. As you are strongly Aries you are here to push your way forward through life, using a mixture of self-promotion and assertiveness to be who you are – which is upfront, out there, front-and-centre. Every group, society, association, club or team needs someone like this, and if you have not already found yourself being the mover and shaker with a network or circle like this, you certainly will be on your Chiron Return. Chiron does not just conjunct your Aries factors, he will also form a sextile with your Aquarius factors, so the next few years finds you discovering what it feels like to use your appearance, name and external factors, to work hand-in-hand with what a group wants. There will be new technology and new kinds of social media emerging from December 2020 which would suit you perfectly and in fact you would be ahead of the wave, with those new websites. We will move beyond static avatars into all kinds of experiments with image, now through 2038 and it may become quite an important part of your life. Virtual worlds with your friends where you are ‘virtually’ yourself. That is a long way off. For now, focus on the fact that no Roman army ever performed at its highest potential without the standard-bearer who flew the flag for the legion, or carried the eagle. That’s you.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    I have a stellium of 7 factors in Aries and Chiron will begin by conjuncting my natal Jupiter. Could you please expand on what the Chiron transit through Aries might mean for me? Thanks

    1. You are strongly Aries, with a stellium there – in modern astrology, most people have 2-3 factors in Aries in their chart on average – you have six, so your First House is packed. The First House is worth looking up when you finish reading this, as you live your life there. You shine brightest (Sun in Aries) when you go up front, and push yourself forward. Rather like the standard-bearer in the Roman army, or the lead singer in a band. Jupiter suggests that self-promotion, branding and a ‘me-first’ attitude works really well for you, and this is where you are always protected, even when times are tight, and frequently blessed by terrific good fortune and natural lucky timing. Chiron in Aries suggests a little bit more punk rock in the story. In fact you would be a very good singer in a punk band in 1977 if you had a time machine. Being upfront and out there, really using your appearance, name, title to project a hologram of yourself online, is where you experiment most wildly and educate others about what is possible. Ceres in Aries reveals the intensity of the ‘Me’ issues and the passion you put into projecting your personality. Fortuna shows something so similar to Jupiter, who was her father. The ups and downs, but always the ups! Psyche also confirms that your name or face will outlive you. The conductor Leonard Bernstein had a chart a little like this. He was not just another conductor. He was the face of a particular movement in music. Now…what happens when Chiron passes through and you have your Chiron Return? You’ll know from 1st March. You will teach yourself and other people around you, what it is possible to get away with, in terms of your face, shape, style, image, reputation, name or title. This will necessarily involve going One Step Beyond, to quote Madness, because that is what Chiron does! As late as the year 2038 you will still be focussed on yourself, as Neptune also goes through Aries and your First House. Not for reasons of ego, but because new technology on the internet, on your phone and elsewhere will enable you to experiment even more with your image. Again, a hologram comes to mind. Star Wars is real.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    I have just read your brilliant article about Chiron. I am curious to know how it will affect me? I have the following in Aries
    sun sign @ 16
    Mars @ 00
    Juno @ 09
    Aesculapia @05
    Also, I have felt the impact of having Uranus in Aries. Now that Uranus is moving into Taurus how will that work along side Chiron in Aries?

    1. Mars at 0 Aries will be the first horoscope factor you experience, as Chiron moves across that spot for the first time in years. Mars describes how you push forward in life – how you go headfirst into situations. In the First House, you are never backwards about coming forwards and as you also have the Sun, Juno and Aesculapia in Aries in the First House, it comes naturally, to self-promote, to be upfront, and to front up to life. You lead with your face, actually, and perhaps your entire profile, as a kind of package or brand. It’s clear that March is a kind of exclamation mark about this, as Chiron conjuncts Mars, but you also experience Uranus at 0 Taurus, semi-sextile Mars. I suggest you find an outlet for your energy and drive at this time, because it has to go somewhere useful. You also need to be aware of the impression you are making, as the internet records everything. Bon Scott would have used a transit like this really well on Countdown. So would Angus Young. You need to find your own arena for your relaunch, which will be very much in people’s faces – and no holds barred.

  14. Hi Jessica, This is quite exciting as I have Chiron in my first house ! I have been wanting to change my hair color and after experiencing the joy of cleaning up my piles of “stuff” I am gradually changing my wardrobe and style.
    As I am also the face of my internet business I hope this will also help me continue to expand ! I have just hired someone to work on my branding. Do you see anything else ? Thanks !

    1. You do in fact have Chiron in Aries in your First House and are moving towards your Chiron Return in a few years. You are in exactly the right time and place to relaunch, and hiring someone to work on your branding is ideal. What you are actually experiencing is Uranus in Aries, conjunct (or right next to) your Chiron. This only happens once in your life and it is happening now through 7th March. You can actually afford to be quite radical and it would set you free.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    The planet that I have in Aries that Chiron will connect with is Mars in Aries at 3 degrees. How will this affect me? Thanks so much for your help!

    1. Taking the chart out of context is not a great idea, Felicia, and I can’t see yours at all. In general, Mars in Aries in the First House is upfront, front-and-centre, not backwards about coming forwards, in your face and there to ‘front up’ to life. Mars in Aries people do best when they have a cause to represent, like a protest rally. Chiron conjunct Mars will wake up this side of you between April and May 2019. It is a good idea to have an outlet for this, like a sports team. Centre-forwards in football are good examples of Mars in Aries types experiencing transits from Chiron.

  16. Dear Jessica,
    My Chiron is in the first house and I’ll have my Chiron return in a few years. My question is :I have a stellium in Libra ( I believe you can see my chart) so during the process till my Chiron return, Chiron will be in opposition with Fortuna( right now) , Pluto, Mars respectively and will square (?) Jupiter in Capricorn soon . How do you interpret the aspects Chiron makes in a chart? I really enjoy reading your old blog posts since I have discovered your website quite recently and find the blog content amazing but could not find much info about the interpretation of aspects other than conjunctions. How would you interpret the Chiron effect for my horoscope ?Thank you very much

    1. You use a different house system to me, so I need to spin your chart. Chiron is in Sagittarius in your Ninth House, not your First House, and in fact you have a stellium in the Ninth House, with Chiron, Pluto, Mars and your I.C. or Immum Coeli all there. Have a look at the Ninth House on Search when you finish reading this, because you live there a lot of the time. It sounds as if you know something about astrology, so I am sure you know that the Ninth House is associated with travel, foreign people and places, emigration, relocation, academia and education, publishing and beliefs, including astrology itself. This is very important as Jupiter and Ceres move through your Ninth House in 2019. It will take many years before Chiron in Aries conjuncts your Diana, Fortuna or Aesculapia, but along the way, he will also trine your Sagittarius stellium. In fact, you were born with a close trine (one degree away from being exact) between Mars at 15 Sagittarius in your Ninth House and Diana at 16 Aries in your First House (Aries rules the First House in the Natural House system). Jupiter moves across this in the second half of July at 16, 15 Sagittarius and then repeats the move in September 2019. What you are creating in another region or country at this time, or with its locals, has long reach in your chart, as eventually Chiron will trine this same spot. You might also want to look up Diana and Mars to see how this has played out in your life before. Diana is a symbol of freedom, independence, non-commitment and frequently, feminism. Mars is of course the old Roman god of war, but these days it is unusual to find people in the army, air force or navy so we associate Mars with (instead) action and activism. Physical sport, the great outdoors, or fighting for a cause or career. This year will change your life. No doubt about it.

  17. Hey Jessica,
    I was just wondering since Chiron is in Aries in my birth chart does that mean that it will have a stronger affect? I just have one other factor in Aires. Bacchus. Seems like they are opposites .
    Thanks again. I always have questions and you are so awesome about answering them. Truly appreciated.

    1. Bacchus at 16 Aries and Chiron himself at 24 Aries are both in your First House of image and profile. Bacchus reveals the good life – enjoyment – hedonistic pleasure. You genuinely enjoy your wardrobe, bathroom mirror, photographs or film clips. Chiron suggests you educate other people by your appearance or image. You are either the very picture of someone who shows others how packaging and presentation are achieved, or you are actually in a field where it’s all about the look or performance. This all comes to life as Chiron conjuncts Bacchus in the year 2023 and again on your Chiron Return which is huge- in 2025. Answering your questions is a pleasure, thank you!

      1. That’s so funny. I like love photography, but I hate getting my picture taken. Maybe that will change. I have been getting better about it. I love classic looking clothes and style, but it is very understated. Maybe it is about my chosen field and school. I try to make it fun for myself and people around me, because it is so intense. At the same time, I am very serious about doing well. Maybe this is all part of the metamorphosis. Finding my confidence again and then truly living it. We will see!
        Thanks again. Looking forward to the Sun School podcasts! Maybe then I won’t have to ask so many questions, although I doubt it. I always learn something, and that is so fun for me.

  18. Hi Jessica. My IC is 4 Aries. Birth time confirmed. Just wondered how this may play out for me. Does it mean the next few years are all about image. Interestingly Uranus in Aries saw me moving out of a codependent relationship into finanicial independence. Great article as ever. Thank you.

    1. The I.C. or Immum Coeli at 4 Aries is in your First House, so you look like a face in your family tree. Diana, Princess of Wales had this, and you may want to look up a story I wrote on the Ascendant/Rising Sign on Search when you finish reading this. This is not what you have, but it is similar – she resembled a military ancestor, quite uncannily! You physically resemble an ancestor and it may be a man. You have also inherited the army, navy or air force fighting spirit, and Chiron moving to 4 Aries in May 2019 will trigger this. You will encounter a teacher, professor or guru figure who brings out this D.N.A. you have, which is assertive, energetic, fearless, upfront and unafraid. It will be quite a milestone for you, actually. A family member may have something more to tell you about your I.C. Aries inheritance. Sometimes it was actually an Aries relative, a generation or two back!

  19. Jessica
    How would these readings affect me… I have quite a few stelliums and …as a novice at this its would be helpful and very appreciated if you would shed some light on my up and coming years. Because I feel at this time my life cant get much worse emotional, I want to move forward away from the pain of losing my son to suicide in January this yr …
    As a mature woman I’ve wanted to move away from my employment in the nursing industry and into areas of massage and the natural therapies, coupled with refurbishing furniture. You say to keep ones emotions in check and therefor you will remain in control… I totally get that, good advise.
    Harmony and a peaceful work environment are what id like to have in my life as I move forward. I’m hoping to sell a large property and unfinished house sometime soon… also to fund my ‘independence’
    I realise its impossible to predict the future but I cant make head nor tail of the stelliums in my chart and influences of the from the current planets.
    Your advise and interpretation of these matters are always hugely appreciated by myself.
    Be well Joanne

    1. Joanne, I don’t have a chart in front of me, so if you are a Premium Member and do have one, please log in so I can see it. I am so sorry that your son took his life in January. As I don’t have any astrological information in front of me, I will wait for you to log in, or at least give me your birthdate, for example. As a medium I can tell you what you may already know, that your son has passed to spirit, and will evolve, learn and grow on that side of life. Not surprisingly you want peace in your life. What you have been through is so devastating to mind, body and soul and no doubt you completely understand how they all interact. Your idea about massage and natural therapies is a good one and there is a huge market of people out there, all born in the Sixties, with Uranus and Pluto (progress, change and control) in Virgo (the body) in the Sixth House (lifestyle) who will be a willing market. Joanne, if you are open to the idea that the soul goes on, you may find a book called Love Never Dies, by my friend the medium Margaret Dent, to be useful. It may be in your local library. Margaret has herself passed to spirit but it is a very, very good book if you have been through a loss.

    1. You have your Chiron Return at 17 Aries in May 2023, opposite Vesta at 17 Libra. You actually have a Chiron-Vesta opposition as a lifetime pattern, so there may be repeated episodes in your life with former, current or potential partners when it’s about one male and two or more females. Some men come with mothers, sisters, daughters and ex-wives. Some men seem to attract love triangles too. This always brings up questions about your personal appearance, your profile and sometimes your title. In May 2023, then, you have another chance to really understand what is going on and to do things differently. If you are curious about this look up Vesta and the Seventh House when you finish reading this, as being born with Vesta in the Seventh House challenges you to find solidarity with other girls or women in situations where one male tends to carry a fair bit of influence!

  20. Dear Jessica,

    I had my first round with my Chiron return last year and this will be repeated soon.
    Your explanation of Chiron as the punk or maverick who teaches what was unimaginable has completely resonated. When I look back at last year, so many unthinkable things did actually happen to me in a short period of time – I’m still
    Most of it was positve but there was a huge emotional upheaval regarding the sudden return of my old friend after years of silence who revealed he’d always had feelings for me. This revelation shook my world (we had been high school sweethearts decades ago) but this person has since disappeared again. Also, after years of no luck I finally lost weight, redid my website from the ground up (but lost focus and interest in work due to the emotional stress) and the relationship with my current partner suddenly improved after years of unhappiness – all seemingly good changes but at times I really thought I was losing my mind.
    Things have stabilised but I am a bit apprehensive/curious to see what happens with Chiron in Aries and Uranus returning to Taurus again.

    1. Your Chiron Return at 1 Aries is about your weight and your website and so is Uranus, semi-sextile your Chiron, from 1 Taurus. You did all the right things and will keep on doing them! We associate Chiron in Aries with the years 1970-1977 which is when fashion, hair and make-up were at their most outrageous. This was the era of David Bowie liberating men to dress like women, and later on, punks like Siouxsie Sioux and The Slits liberating women to do and be whatever they wanted. It was all about the look. The badge. The tribal uniform. Colour television came in, so we judged by appearances as never before! Waves and echoes of this will come back to you in 2019. The Seventies was hugely exciting and transformative so enjoy the year.

  21. Hi Jessica
    I am hoping wishing and even praying that you be able to reply back. I am reposting this…I understand you have a long queue of questions..but only if you knew how much your advice helps.. Before I type further I am requesting the help of your spirit guides. I will understand if you chose otherwise..

    The astrology oracle floors me everytime I ask a clear question. I asked ‘Where do I began?’ holding in my mind a map of a series of courses I want to pursue in a foreign land this year. It answered ‘You are at the last chapter now. You are recognised and appreciated. Now move forward.’ With respect to my sag stellium you replied with the answer to ‘think big’. Though in all honesty if you knew about my family background (very conservative) and financial condition, you would know this is a big deal. Can you please answer this for me: Should I devote any more of my energy into a dream that was once very dear to me (related to foreign relations) and alongside also make the dream courses a reality? Thank you.

    1. Uranus at 28 Sagittarius conjunct Saturn at 29 Sagittarius is a big deal in your chart. It describes a lifetime pattern of producing, inventing and creating ways to travel, move, learn, publish, use the web or teach. At the same time, you are in conflict with yourself every time you do that. I am sure you do have a dream about foreign places and people with that combination. 2019 is the year to chase it and also fix any issues you have. Obstacles you put in your own way, for a start. It will happen very late in the year when Jupiter goes to 28, 29 Sagittarius, joined by Ceres. This is specifically November 11th to December 2nd. This is classically the time of year that people start and leave jobs. They move out and into new residences. They go on vacation, retire or start sabbaticals. They begin or end university, or take scholarships or traineeships. There will be a ton of movement around you in November, December and it will open a door to some, or all, of what you want.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    Well, I certainly like the cut of Chiron’s jib – punk rocker, maverick teacher, herbalist and possibly linked to Sagittarius! The description of him actually reminded me of my own (late) father and how much I learnt from and miss him.
    In my chart, Chiron in Pisces opposes Uranus in Virgo at 14 degrees. Also at 14 degrees is Hygeia in Cancer and Diana in Libra. Vesta is at 15 Pisces. Could you please shed some light on how those aspects all knit together?
    I like how Dennis Elwell describes Chiron’s qualities as “thinking like an immigrant – nobody’s told you how many others tried and failed, so you come to problems with an innocent eye.”
    Thanks for a great article – Chiron is fascinating!

    1. Thank you. Dennis Elwell was so right about Chiron in his book, The Cosmic Loom. You have Chiron in a huge pattern in your chart, starting with the centaur himself at 14 Pisces in your Twelfth House of secrets, mysteries, the unconscious mind, the soul and the naked truth about yourself, laid bare. We also associate the Twelfth House with dreams, the aura and chakra system, and anything you keep locked in a safe at home or hidden in a diary. Uranus is exactly opposite at 14 Virgo in the Sixth House, which rules your daily workload, your obligations to others, your lifestyle, chores and your body. The body as a channel for issues about the workload is a good way to think about the Sixth House. Vesta is at 15 Pisces conjunct Chiron. She is a symbol of politics involving one male and two or more females. Diana is at 14 Libra in the Seventh House, which rules former, current and potential partners. Hygiea is at 14 Cancer in the Fourth House of home and family. This lifetime pattern will play itself out through sexual relationships, but also through the family or shared household. Much of it will be unconscious or deliberately hidden by you. The key here is Chiron conjunct Vesta. There is a need to compete with other females here, or beat them, but it’s secret or not even consciously admitted. It comes up whenever the subject of a former, current or potential partner comes up and was likely learned within the family tree. Father and two daughters, for example, or father and wife/daughter. This pattern will be triggered every time you have a slow-moving transit across 14, 15 degrees, which is current now. Neptune is transiting 14, 15 Pisces in the first quarter of 2019. This is likely synchronicity, but I just saw a Kurt Cobain stream on Twitter. He of course had a wife and daughter and plenty of adoring female fans. He was also a Pisces. A lot of women covered up their secret crushes on Kurt!

  23. Oh my goodness!!
    I am heavily Aries, So I’m wondering what on earth Chiron has in store for me ?
    I’ve just started a new career … there’s so much learning for me atm. But I thought I went through a steep learning curve with Uranus and it’s secrets … should I be concerned about the effect of Chiron now?

    Ps I love reading your blogs and the generosity with which you share your depth of knowledge is very gracious … from the bottom of my heart … I thank you Jessica.

    Aries S

    1. Thank you. Chiron on your Mercury at 2 Aries is what you will experience first. This is about your opinions, online, and any writing, broadcasting, public speaking or other multimedia you pursue which frames your name and face. You will be given incredible lessons and instruction by people, groups or ongoing situations, which show you that there is no such word as impossible!

  24. Thank you so much for this fascinating information about Chiron. I have Chiron in Aries in my 4th house. What does this mean for me? Thank you.

    1. You actually have Chiron in Aries in your First House of image, appearance, profile, title, role and self-promotion. He is at 17 Aries so you will have your Chiron Return in the First House in May 2023, which is an important month when you could easily alter your face or shape, change your name, or take up a public position – or just relaunch your internet profile. You teach others what they can get away with, when it comes to matters of appearance or social me-me-me-media. A brand new experiment is now underway!

      1. Thank you so much, Jessica. That is interesting to know. I’ll have to wait, and see what happens when that time comes. I’ve always thought of Chiron as being in my 4th house. How is Chiron in my 1st house? Astrology is confusing sometimes, and sometimes I don’t know what direction to go.

        1. You are a Scorpio Sun with Chiron in Aries and transiting Chiron is also in Aries. I am not sure why you think Chiron was/is ever in your Fourth House. You are approaching a Chiron Return in Aries in your First House of image, appearance, profile, name, title and self-promotion. With a huge amount of experience with these issues already as you had Uranus in Aries there for about the last 10 years.

  25. Dear Jessica,
    Greetings from the land of tulips!!
    we faithfully read all your articles and worked out the date for our tech start up and founded it on: 28/12/2018 at 11:30am in The Hague (NL). Please let us know, What is the weather looking like for us? Eager to work on crypto currency and security.
    Thank you as always, your Dutch fans : )

    1. Greetings from Tasmania, Australia. It’s always a pleasure. Okay, to start with, I just want to remind you of Uranus entering Taurus. This is a huge shock to the world economy as people will be jailed, corporations will fold and the market will shake – not just in March-May 2019, when the storm breaks, but for years afterwards, particularly in January 2020. You have a tech-startup you founded in the early days of Capricorn and you will certainly gain from a big bump when Jupiter goes across that chart, from December 2019, but I’m not sure how long-term you are thinking! Cryptocurrency and security is almost impossible while we are going through Neptune in Pisces, and Uranus in Taurus. The former is about the constant leak of an information flood, and the latter is about one shock after another for 7 years to come. You could help people successfully one day only to find you are in the wrong guessing game, the following month. As you’ve not experienced this cycle in your lives to date, you may want to look at history for clues. As a whole digital currency, no matter if we call it crypto or something else, will replace paper and metal currency, within 7 years – and there will be dazzling chances for you to experiment, if you are interested in the crowdsourced and people-funded version of banking which is coming. If you are interested in this, it is honestly the future and it will be with us from Christmas 2020 and beyond 2023. I don’t know how much time or money you want to invest, but the smart money is on people power, communities, groups (away from the people at the top) and it begins with the mini Age of Aquarius from December 2020, with more to come when Pluto also enters Aquarius three years later. So it’s early days for you. We are days away from Uranus in Taurus now when money-laundering jail terms and the seizure of billions of dollars will rock the world so stay tuned – and you can see my prediction about Prince Charles and Russian money laundering just came true, to the month.

  26. Hi Jess….I’ve had some really awful news this week. I’ve just been diagnosed with Stage iv breast cancer. It’s come out of nowhere. I’m under 40 healthy, fit and have no symptoms. I keep reading your blogs and have been really looking forward to relaunches with me and my career and what not…After the longest time, I was been feeling good about myself and my work and feeling very ambitious.

    I realise this is strange and tricky….but is there any insight or perspective you can give me here? Could you please take a look at my chart and share your thoughts or guidance perhaps?


    1. I am very sorry to hear your news S and I really feel for you. You were born with the Sun in Scorpio so in your Sun Sign chart, we find Chiron (the teacher) now passing through the zodiac sign of Aries in your Sixth House, which rules the body. Look up Chiron and the Sixth House when you finish reading this, to get a better idea of this new cycle. Chiron in astrology is a symbol of teachers, professors, guides, tutors, mentors and foster-parent figures. He was a music educator but was also skilled in herbal medicine. I know that your diagnosis must have been a shock, but as an astrologer I can tell you that you are about to be taught by an expert/experts, symbolised by Chiron going through your Sixth House. I have a friend, an astrologer, who was diagnosed with what was called ‘aggressive’ breast cancer for the second time. She is now cured. Never give up, never give up, never give up and start your ‘life lessons’ now with Chiron in your chart. The Sixth House describes your relationship with work, and also housework, and how you feel about doing your duty, and providing a service. Have a long conversation with yourself about that, in the context of this diagnosis. You mention how ambitious you are feeling and I would suggest you look at career as a whole. Have a chat to the mirror and use your new journal for April-June. Explore further using your Astrology Oracle cards and the ebook which comes with them, and likewise with the Tarot on this site. This kind of journey and learning experience is intensely personal so you need to take it yourself, but one look at your horoscope and I can tell you that a person or organisation sent to ‘instruct’ you on your health and wellbeing is either there right now, or will appear. Chiron was a centaur so there is usually something unconventional, unusual or out-of-the-ordinary about the individual or group which shows up to show you the way!

  27. Hi Jessica,
    There is something amiss with my post. This is my third attempt on this topic. Apologies if you have already seen it. I’m keen to know what my lesson will be and if there is any way of knowing who will turn up. I do love a mentor figure.

    1. The discussion on Brexit and the forthcoming No Deal and cross-party government in Britain has taken over the website this week, so my queue of readers waiting for a reply has jumped to 7,826 and I think your three questions may have become lost in the mix. I am sorry about that. You will be taught about the relationship chemistry you share with your former, current or potential partner (perhaps by this person himself/herself) in a series of life classes or life courses, which began weeks ago and will educate you until 2026. So, you have about seven years of a PhD in love, sex, partnership, equality, marriage vows, common law marriage, divorce and separation. The ‘teacher’ may be an author, friend, marriage guidance counsellor, divorce lawyer and so on. You also find on this cycle that the professor role changes over time.

  28. Wow such an interesting read.
    I have Chriron and my ascensdant in Aries
    Could you look at my chart and tell me what’s in store with my Chiron return

  29. Hi Jessica, I have Chiron in Pisces and a stellium in Aries. I’m looking to take my career to new heights. Should I be concerned about the effect of Chiron now?

    Ps I love reading your blogs and articles with the depth of your knowledge … many thank yous, Jessica.

    1. Thank you! You have Minerva in Capricorn and a cluster around 6-7 degrees, around that horoscope placement. Minerva reveals your wisdom, intelligence, insight, intuition and perhaps your academic or educational background. That works very well for you in any pyramid-like structure: a corporation, a government body, an institution. You have what it takes to move slowly and carefully to the top. Chiron will have very little impact on that, but when Jupiter (opportunity, improvement, solutions, growth, expansion, hope) moves to 6-7 Capricorn you will be thrilled at what is on offer. This takes place after Christmas 2019 and into January 2020. You’d have to predict people are hiring then, or awards are won, or courses confirmed. Look up Minerva and Tenth House on Search and in your eguides because that’s what you need to focus on. Her bird is the owl. Owl omens will commonly let you know you are on the right path. When the North Node goes to 6, 7 Cancer and the South Node goes to 6, 7 Capricorn in February 2020, a return to the past (roughly around 2001) will be laid out in career, university, unpaid work or college terms. This is karma. What you planted then will be harvested, professionally.

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