Ceres in Sagittarius 2019 – Part 1

How will Ceres alongside Jupiter in Sagittarius in 2019 affect your personal birth chart as well as your regular astrology forecast?

Ceres in Your Horoscope in 2019

Ceres is a symbol of forced compromise. She reveals questions about who and what is in control. Ceres also shows us the reality of sharing power, and how two or more people must use ‘give and take’ to find powerful new agreements together, which change their world.

Ceres in Sagittarius in 2019 – From January 26th until November 15th, Ceres will pass through the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, alongside Jupiter, a symbol of opportunity, solutions and improvement. This is big. In fact, it’s huge! It has been years since this pattern appeared in your personal birth chart.


Why Ceres is About Power and Control

Ceres the Roman goddess of ag 371x600 - Ceres in Sagittarius 2019 - Part 1

Ceres was discovered on 1st January 1801 when the United Kingdom came into effect. Separate countries – England, Scotland, Wales and most of Ireland – became one. The Union Jack is a symbol of that merger.

In astrology, we take our cues from the Roman/Latin myth behind a planet or asteroid (Ceres is a dwarf planet) to see the meaning. The story of Ceres, her son-in-law Pluto and daughter Proserpina is all about enforced sharing. The daughter had to go between her mother and her husband. All three had to strike a deal. This is uncannily close to the United Kingdom carve-up of control back in 1801.

On the day of the Brexit vote, Ceres popped up again, lining up exactly with Mars, the planet of anger and Uranus the planet of freedom, independence and revolution. True!

Your Natal or Birth Chart Ceres Sign – By sign and house, Ceres shows you where you are born entitled, powerful, in control (Ceres ruled the four seasons and agriculture, which is why she is always shown holding wheat or corn – and why ‘cereal’ comes from her name).

Ceres by Sign and House in your chart reveals where you are born to rule, yet where you must periodically go through challenges to your authority. This means life can be full of ups and downs, highs and lows. You have glorious control, and then others want it too – so you must all share. This is why the Ceres house or zone of your chart is like a long mini-series with several dramatic cliff-hangers

Click here for a long feature I wrote on Ceres for you.

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95 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, this is only Part 1? There is so much information in here. I think I have 5 Sagittarian factors being influenced – amongst them is Jupiter and Prosperina! I didn’t have anything 16 or 28 in Sag but I do in other signs – including Pluto. Ceres is the only only one in the family not directly triggered. I feel like I need a mud map to piece everything together. Am I correct in assuming though travel and foreign people could be significant this year? And that other people’s decisions around travel could also be positive for me? I’m currently sitting in an airport in Doha, killing time before my connecting flight, by the way.


    1. Jodi is designing Part Two, Therese, so this is most certainly just the start of this feature. You are strongly Sagittarian with a stellium in your Ninth House of travel, so no wonder you are in an airport in Doha. Your Neptune in Sagittarius, very late in the sign, suggests the second half of 2019 brings a complete escape from the real world, possibly at sea/by water (Neptune can be quite literaL) or at the very least in a space and place so far removed from what you would normally call the real world that you feel as if you are on an odyssey. You have the same cycle as George Harrison in the 1960s and I would not be surprised if you found teachings, a guru, a mentor or other guide to pursue. This is about more than just the journey.

  2. Dear Jessica & team,

    Happy Lunar New Year of the Pig !! Wishing many blessings. What a busy and wonderful start.
    Just thought I’d express appreciation for your brilliant site. Also to provide perhaps ’empirical’ feedback on recent planetary aspects, that I’d normally feel better relaying in person to an astrologer, but in case anybody is interested ‘out there’.
    So, most recently I had Mars & Uranus conjunct my natal Chiron at 29 degs Aries. (I am Sun Aries, Ascendant Taurus). If first house Taurus is applied, then this aspect hit my 12th house of feelings, spirituality and secrets. I can report that yes, emotionally it did feel as if a fever were building prior to the aspect, and then it ‘breaking’ as the aspect faded – and not from events directly affecting me, but affecting people very close to me, if that makes sense. I was helping carry their personal ‘baggage’ (willingly) in a support/counselling role. The flow-on effect from that was, me questioning (or leaning into?) my faith and interestingly, clair-sentient abilities, which often serve me well. And life in general. Mars can symbolise anger and activity and thus, exercise was greatly helpful and positive (I do martial arts and yoga) – it raised ‘the vibe’ of the aspect. Uranus signifies change and yes, I have done a lot of very helpful mental house-cleaning over the past few years (which served me well), and as for Chiron – I would definitely say old wounds were accessed, but in a ‘breakthrough’ or ‘helpful’ way – so I can help others.
    Less heavily, Jupiter & Venues conjoined the natal ruler of my MC Neptune at 16″ Sagittarius recently, and I “sowed acorns” as Jessica advised. I will report back on any oak seedlings ! But a very positive vibe – looking forward to Ceres coming through too. Interestingly, my wonderful marriage occurred when Jupiter was last conjunct my natal Neptune (and ruler of my MC) at 16 Sagittarius, and on the last Chinese New Year’s Eve of the Pig. So I joked to my husband that our real 12 year anniversary fell on either the 22 January or 04 February..!

    That’s all for now folks – blessings and Happy New Year.

    1. Thank you so much, I will pass that compliment on to James, Jodi and Justin. You use a different house system to me, but I can see how Mars and Uranus at 29 Aries conjunct your natal Chiron would have developed. Martial arts and yoga are First House/body/image/mirror reflection issues and in the Natural House system, you would have actually had that explosive pattern in your First House of appearance and identity. Your timing has been excellent with your Sagittarius acorns and you will have the holiday of your dreams or an amazing relocation by December 2019.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    I hope all is well. I’ll have to circle back to this. My nodes are at 22 degrees, Virgo and Pieces, along with Hygenia at 21 degrees Leo.

    This requires some dedicated time since that October date is so significant.

    Thanks for the heads up!


  4. Sounds powerful! I do indeed have Neptune at 16 Sag…I would love to hear what you think about that! I see how Jupiter clears the way for all to happen. I appreciate your insight and inspiration. Thank you!

    1. You actually have a stellium in Sagittarius in your Ninth House including Diana, the horoscope symbol of freedom, space and independence. You’ll revel in 2019 as you will be given an opportunity to travel or relocate in the most adventurous way yet. This is far more than just another trip or new area, it is an education and you will never lose your fascination with what you learn.

  5. In Vedic astrology all my Capricorn placements are Sagittarius and it’s very interesting that I find that pretty accurate as well…how will this apply to my chart? Thank you Jessica.

    1. Different system! You’re really just ploughing through the Capricorn weather in your Tenth House and figuring out where you stand – where your role should actually be – in quite heavy weather. It’s rather like being the mountain goat who is steadily climbing to the top in terms of status or achievement, but finding sweeping storms and snow on the way. It can take a long time and you have to be absolutely sure you want to get there. This will become more obvious as the year goes on but will be a looming question in 2020 when you have that huge and historic pile-up all in Capricorn, including Ceres herself, as she changes signs at the end of this year. I think Christmas 2019 and January 2020 will be a real moment of truth for you.

  6. Dear Jessica,
    Thanks for the great article as always.. Reading you article , I am trying to understand how Ceres in Sagittarius will affect my life. I have Ceres at 19 Libra , I also have Bacchus at 19 Libra. You mentioned to look out for anything at 16 degrees of any sign, I have Psyche at 16 degrees Libra, and Vesta at 16 Gemini. I have a Sagittarius stellium : Hygeia 2, Neptune 3, Asc 3, Moon 25 . I would be very happy if you would help me interpret all these factors? Many thanks 🙂

    1. Your Moon at 25 Sagittarius in the Ninth House is the key here. Developing in slow stages, but obvious by the second half of 2019, you will be offered an unforgettable chance to take care of people who need to learn from you – or who want to teach you. It would be so much more than just the usual kind of mentor relationship, as it would have a close, emotional feel. This may happen either in another region or country, or because you find yourself playing host when someone else has flown in. There is one particular part of the map that is destined to be very special to you this year.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for the great article. I have three facts in 22 degree:
    Saturn in Pisces, Neptune in Scorpio and Salacia in Capricorn, can you please let me know which area(s) of my life will be triggered around 25th October this year.


    1. This is actually about the Capricorn weather in your Tenth House of achievement, ambition and position in life (usually your career or university/college degree – sometimes your unpaid role). You are going through a total reshape of your C.V. between now and the year 2020 so take it slowly and take good advice from more experienced people. You are strongly Capricorn which means that every single factor you have will be crossed by either Pluto, Saturn, the South Node or Ceres between now and next year. It is very important that you are quite clear about what you want to achieve, and with whom, and why, and where. You need to be a total realist about the actual organisation or field/industry as you will be in this for the long haul, yet by 2020 you will absolutely be where you are supposed to be, and from 2023, you will look back at 2008-2023 as the years that transformed your life, LL.

  8. Thank you Jessica…

    I have many Sagittarius factors but I am not able to connect the meaning for me and what this combination will bring it to me…
    Can you help me interpret all these Sagittarius factors in combination with Jupiterand Cares…

    Thanks ❤️

    1. You are strongly Sagittarian and will be offered a chance to work in another country, or even move there – or perhaps host another nationality or culture in your own space. Once you figure out the politics, you’ll get tremendous fulfilment from this. You have until December.

        1. India is on your list as it is coming up in the unofficial ‘League of Nations’ from 2019. In fact, within 7 years it will be India, not the United States, which takes the lead on so many matters.

    1. You have Neptune at 4 Sagittarius and the Moon at 14 Sagittarius, both in your Ninth House of study, teaching, learning, mentoring, guiding, travelling, publishing and also emigration. You have a lifetime of exploration ahead of you and may already have relocated or uprooted at least once. Every time you do that, you absorb knowledge and pass it on. Neptune describes how you escape from the real world. You literally do it by taking holidays. The Moon reveals how you need to be needed. As either a student of life, or a natural guide for others, you are always emotionally involved and it can feel more like a family relationship than just another knowledge exchange. You are going to love 2019. That other culture or nationality will become so much more to you than the books describe…it will speak to your soul long-term.

  9. Hi Jessica another great article thank you.
    On the 25th October I’m going to experience Ceres & Jupiter both exactly conjunct Apollo in Sagittarius at 22 degrees in my chart, any advice you can give me for that.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Lovely. Very, very important. You also have Jupiter in Sagittarius in the Ninth House anyway, so you were born to explore. The B-52’s said it best. Roam, if you want to. Apollo is a symbol of leadership. He is Jupiter’s son and as an asteroid symbol in the horoscope, describes your ability to multi-task and set an example. People will often copy you, actually, in all matters educational, academic, publishing-related, or connected to the worldwide web. You may ‘inspire’ imitators just by your travels, or your involvement with people from other cultures or nationalities. We also associate the Ninth House with beliefs of all kinds, including astrology, so perhaps this is also where you have impressed others. You will be shown a way to create a whole new world of possibility for yourself as a guide or mentor for others – or as a student of life – when you have that transit. It will likely involve packing your bags or boxes, or just staying online a lot of the time, so you are in touch with those faces in other places and other spaces who matter so much. You could easily be thrown an incredible opportunity to work or study overseas or in another region, doing what you do best, which is leading.

  10. Oh what an article. Jessica your work is just something else. I am so fascinated by Ceres…..I’m slowly connecting the dots…… I have six children and I know this is something to do with Ceres in my chart. I also have Venus 22 degrees and in the last six months I feel all I’ve been doing is compromising. Should I hide? I almost feel the Ceres transits feel worse to me than my Saturn return, which honestly almost killed me hahaha

    1. Thank you. Ceres conjunct Pluto, exactly, at 25 Libra in your Seventh House of partnership is just astonishing to see in a chart. When it comes to your former, current or potential partners in life, you have repeated power and control issues, just as Ceres and Pluto did in Roman mythology. He took her daughter. She pushed back, and ended up reclaiming her for half the year, leaving him without his wife. Compromise is exactly what Ceres and Pluto are all about. Try to avoid feuds, rivalries or battles at all costs, as the Seventh House also describes the scales, when they are lopsided – when they are about two opposite sides. At its best, Ceres conjunct Pluto is about a set of scales which you pour all your passion and energy into balancing, as the sensitivity to issues about 50-50 fairness, sharing and equality is extreme. You actually have a whole stellium in Libra, so the business of being with someone is a lifetime path for you, and you will either go through the journey with just one partner, or a series of different kinds of partner – personal, professional – and do all your soul development as a result of that person. This is not really so much about your Venus in Capricorn in the Tenth House, as it is about your very great need to be one half of a pair, but to seriously ‘work’ that pair so you find your power. It takes great willpower to become empowered in that way. It also takes a lot of self-control to feel as if you are in control. I won’t even ask about the six children…! If you check for any time transiting planets, asteroids or Nodes go over 25 Libra you’ll soon see where you’re up to on this journey. Something as simple as the Moon in Libra, for 2 days out of every month (on average) is a good one to check. Use your Quarterly Astrology Journal for this. Have a look at the myth of Pluto, Ceres and Proserpina too. If one of your children is a daughter then it may be that there is an uncannily similar retelling of the myth.

  11. Hi Jessica I fall firmly into the 0-11 degrees of Saggie. I know 11 degrees is somewhat on overdrive in my birth chart, so I was wondering if you could give me a heads up on how this may play out in 2019. I’m deeply engaging with the esoteric right now more than ever before and developing my sense of self worth through these spiritual modalities I’m immersing myself in. Apart from that, I’m hanging for a holiday to an exotic destination alas, with no car and no spare cash…I’m considering it somewhat of a major miracle if me and my family get out further than our postcode! Thank you for your time xx

    1. You’ll get what you want (the holiday) either at an affordable price, at no cost at all, or thanks to extra income in 2019, as you save or make money. So trust the process. You’re ‘travelling in the mind’ with your Neptune in Sagittarius in the Ninth House, even if you can’t actually pack your bags yet, but the future looks very bright – you have until December to see the benefits of the full cycle. Jupiter at 11 Aries in your First House of self-promotion, appearances and image is perfectly trine Neptune at 11 Sagittarius natally. Even once a month, when you watch the Moon going over 11 Aries, 11 Leo, 11 Sagittarius, you’ll have three chances x two hours, to pursue a trip away. Leave an open space for it.

  12. Hi Jessica
    Way back in 2015 or 2016 you had mentioned jupiter venus conjunction on my natal saturn-uranus. I have a lot of factors at 26 to 29, 0 degrees in my chart and 2 factors at 22 plus scorpio sun at 15 degree (Yes my birth time is correct). I am looking forward to pursue a literary course in London and alongside a certificate course which has to do with 6th house matters. Truth be told this is all just a hope right now. Can you please tune in to guide me if I can actuaaly make this real or there is an alternative path that I rather aim for?

    1. You were born with a stellium (more than 2-3 factors) in Sagittarius in the Ninth House and tend to ‘live’ in that house, so if you have not already looked up the Ninth House on Search, do that when you finish reading this. You have Psyche at 10 Sagittarius, Bacchus at 17 Sagittarius, Uranus at 28 Sagittarius and Saturn at 29 Sagittarius. You want to qualify in literature in London. Good move. Think bigger, though. There is the potential here to change your life in 2019 as both Ceres and Jupiter pass 17, 28 and 29 Sagittarius together, in stages, starting in the second half of June. They won’t both trigger Psyche, but you will still be made aware that your qualifications, study, teaching, mentoring, guiding, book, ebook, website, blog and so on – will outlast you. It will live long after you do. That makes it tremendously important that you use 2019 to its fullest extent. When you reach Ceres and Jupiter hovering around 28, 29 Sagittarius you may emigrate, move for a long period of time (as on a scholarship), or switch regions. Even if you resist temptation and stay put, the world will come to you. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but it will be so rewarding. It happens in the most intense way in November 2019. Possibly into December 1st and 2nd.

  13. Hi Jessica –

    Very informative post and I look forward to reading Part II. In my chart I have:

    Ceres in Sag at 15 degrees, Ascendant in Sag at 11 degrees

    Also, Moon in Gemini 16 degrees and Aesculapia in Gemini 28 degrees

    What do you think I can expect with these combinations? I’ve mentioned in a few other posts that my life has been rather off the rails the last 10 years or so. I am hopeful the ship is righting itself and I would love your insights here! Thank you 🙂

    1. Gemini-Sagittarius oppositions are associated with the creative conflict of needing to communicate in short bursts (for example, on Twitter or on e-mails) while taking into account the vast subjects you must be discussing, or writing about. These may range from foreign cultures, to particular belief systems, to academic subjects. An opposition is always hard work but it can be very productive. The astrologer, teacher and author Sue Tompkins has written some brilliant pieces about oppositions in her books. You will also have a life full of travel, commuting, and travel in the mind. So you are the person who is always on a train with her head in a book, or on a plane with headphones on the Discovery channel. Sometimes you lack the time or money to travel, move or emigrate as often as you wish, but you compensate by pursuing intriguing people and ideas, which bring the world to your front door. 2019 is an epic year for this. If your birth time is absolutely right, to the minute, then you will relaunch yourself with a different look, title and persona. If your time is wrong, you still have a Ceres Return at 15 Sagittarius and will come very close in April 2019 when Ceres moves to 14 Sagittarius. She then retrogrades, but that hint of exploration and adventure to come was real. Jupiter crosses 15 Sagittarius in July, hovers closely by in August, then crosses again in September. At the same time, Ceres is approaching a firm and final return in October. So, you will be offered the chance to become a world citizen, a student of life, and a mentor for others between April-October 2019, with the real action in July and August. You will achieve this by travelling, moving or drawing in people from very different cultures or nationalities. There may be a book, course or website involved. You will be thrilled at the results and even though you must compromise all the way, and learn how to share the controls, 2019 could easily end up being a glittering milestone for you.

  14. Dear Jessica,

    reading this interesting article I ask myself what can happen to me in 25th of Octobre. I have Mercury in 22deg Libra, Jupiter in 22deg in Aries, NN in 23deg Scorpio and SN in 23deg Taurus.

    Thank you for your explanation!

    1. A very successful Brexit (Britain’s departure from the European Union) will result in a ripple effect from Italy to Asia, which will reach you where you live. Through six degrees of separation you will enjoy a much happier relationship with your former, current or potential partner. There will also be a financial or property saving or reward, if you can live in the new world. Don’t look back.

  15. Thanks Jessica. I have Vesta 22° in Leo, Ceres 22° in Taurus and Bacchus 22° in Aries. I wonder what area will bring big changes in life? At the moment I’m working on two jobs and it has become more difficult to find balance. One is stable but also restrictive and dull while another job is unstable but fun and have huge potential. I’m sure the stars will guide me on the right path.

    1. Try to persist with work, both paid and unpaid. Doing your duty, attending to the small details, being persistent and patient will pay off for you in 2020. In fact, your entire career is going to change from March 7th 2019 until April 26th, 2026. What you are doing now is part of the skill set you need. Not necessarily the actual tasks or knowledge you have, but the actual work ethic and approach. You will achieve a massive hit, promotion or sought-after position either in 2020 or (aiming for the absolute top) in 2023 and 2024. So everything has a purpose. You do need to find balance, though. Get a notebook and figure out how to have 8 hours a day for sleep, fun and work – over 7 days a week. You are not working normal hours anyway with two jobs, so you need to recreate and rethink your Monday-Sunday. There are interesting and creative ways of doing that. In general, though, the grind you feel – or the drag – disappears on December 3rd when Jupiter moves into fix your issues with work and life balance. And then by January 2020 you will soon know just how close your immense success is going to be.

  16. Hi Jessica, as always another thought-provoking blog. In my case I don’t have any Sagittarius in my chart, so will I not feel this transit? I’ve always wondered if not having planets in your chart “means” anything. I don’t have Gemini either. But Ceres is in Aires. So will this affect me?

    1. Ceres and Jupiter in Sagittarius will trine your Aries and Leo factors. So 2019 is important for your relaunch, new look, new internet profile, new title or image rebirth. You will have at least two opportunities to promote yourself in a new and better way this year – that is the trine to your Aries factors in the First House. A trine is a flow pattern. Things just fall into place without any effort. The Leo factors in your chart reveal your godchildren, son, daughter, any stepchildren, and any paid or unpaid efforts which involve schoolchildren or young adults. It is also about sexual relationships with people who could co-parent with you in some way. Again, the trine suggests things just fall into place, although you may prefer to avoid the Mercury Retrograde in Leo June 28th to August 15th when you will hit delays, reversals or other complications. If you have a sign missing in your chart, and thus nothing in the house (or life department) ruled by that sign, it means that area of your world does not define you. It does not say who you are. Sure, you will travel, or study, or teach, or use the web, or publish – but it will not embody your personality or purpose in any lasting or meaningful way. Other things do! (Self-promotion is high on the list, and also your style, shape and presence).

  17. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for another thoughtful article.
    What did I do before I discovered this site?
    There is so much to think about; I have DESC at 28 Sagittarius, Neptune at 28 Scorpio, ASC 28° Gemini, Ceres (and Psyche!) at 21 Capricorn (bit concerned there) and Panacea and Proserpina both at 16°.
    I live abroad and have an on again-off again, complicated relationship with a former partner/ now friend, Oct. 20 (who has Sat. at 28°, Juno 8 Sag and Ceres 5 Cap) at a distance. My focus has been utterly diverted since this person suddenly re entered my life last year out of nowhere making me reevaluate the whole 30 year relationship.
    Work wise I had a new project meeting on January 22 that could involve future travel.
    As always, your insight is greatly appreciated. Also, do you do private readings or can you recommend others with your skill?
    Thanks for your time!

    1. Thank you! I will pass that compliment on to James, Justin, Jodi, Alyas and to Kerry and Sarah, who keep the wheels going round. I only give private readings for charity auctions and the last one was for the Red Cross. If you would like to have a 2020 year-ahead reading please follow the signs on this website, but I only take 100 people. Okay, so let’s look at your love life. This is actually all about having children, or not having them, in your life. You are living out past life karma with this person. You don’t say if you ever had a son or daughter, but if so, that would be the karma, and between now and May 2020, you must make decisions that will bring you and other people closure. It is very common to have this cycle if you have been through an abortion, a miscarriage, or if there were decisions to bypass children. Sometimes stepchildren are where the karma is. This goes all the way back to the years 2000 and 2001. It also goes back in time to past life karma, so if a particular period in history fascinates you, it may be that you two were together in that era. Take your time in June, July when there are choices to make that will also affect you, 19 years from now. You are experiencing major questions about social ambition, status, success, your place in society – but also the truth about your own family background, roots, heritage, family tree history and place in the world – in terms of where you actually come from. This is the Capricorn-Cancer pull in your chart from the Fourth House to the Tenth House. Primarily, though, every question you have about love and sex is about being a parent. Or not.

  18. Hi Jessica, thanks as always for the analysis and insight! This is a great article. Just quickly looking at my chart, I have so many natal aspects around 21-23 degrees, including nodes, several asteroids, and Ops directly at 22 Sag (almost opposing Prosperina in Gemini). October 25 is also within days of my birthday, and I’m in the middle of my Uranus opposition. What does it all mean? Thanks again!

    1. You have Bacchus at 4 Sagittarius, Neptune at 10 Sagittarius and Ops at 22 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of travel, and travel in the mind. You give and receive pleasure among other nationalities and cultures (Bacchus) and life is often a party when you travel or receive travellers/migrants – or emigrate yourself. This is a lifetime pattern. Neptune is about escaping from the real world. Holidays from regular or normal life. You literally do this, every time you look at a map or pack your suitcase. Neptune and Bacchus are also associated with drugs and alcohol, and herbal highs. I don’t know if this plays a part in your great escapes! Ops is that part of you which solves problems. You would be very good in a global wine or champagne business dealing with the French and the Italians. Don’t worry so much about your Uranus opposition, but do focus on what becomes possible as Ceres crosses 4, 10 and 22 Sagittarius and your Ninth House. She’s just passed 4 now. She’s at 10 in March, then goes backwards (retrograde) and passes 10 again in May, then 4 in June. March looks interesting as Jupiter is also at 22 Sagittarius that month, so a door is open. Ceres is at 4 again in August, then in September at 10, and at 22 in October. Jupiter is also at 22 in October, so that’s your final timing. The big departure or agreement will take place in the second half of October 2019. You can say no, but you will want to say yes. It will involve travel, moving or emigrating. At the very least it will involve a great deal of time with people who speak another language or come from a different culture.

  19. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for being my astrology teacher. The way you analyse it really resonates with me as a person and you are pretty much the person who introduced me to it. So I have learned well, transiting Ceres would be at 27 – 28 towards the end of the cycle, while my natal Ceres is at Aquarius 27.38. What would that imply?
    I also have four planets in Sagittarius at 2, 5, 24.58, 27.28, re 25 October I have my Moon at 21.30 Aries, and re 22 January and 24 November, I have Fortuna at 16.58 Cancer but what really makes me wonder is a chart that is potent between 24.58 to 29 degrees? Would love to have your wisdom.
    P.S. Amazed this is just Part 1.

    1. Thank you very much, I am very happy to hear you are learning astrology from this website. You were born with a stellium (unusually high number of horoscope factors, as two-three in a sign is average) in Sagittarius in the Ninth House. I am sure you have read all about the Ninth House on this website already. If you picture your world as an estate with 12 separate dwellings, number 9 is the residence which opens a door to a library, a computer, a world map, a travel agency, a meditation room or chapel (or anywhere else you pursue your beliefs) and a dining table full of guests from other nationalities, cultures and countries. Also in this space, you will find a publishing company. This is where you occasionally spend a lot of your time and in 2019 you will never leave this place. Don’t worry so much about the other aspects to Aries and Cancer at the moment. (Though Cancer rules your house or apartment and it is very likely you will move). Focus on the Ninth House. When transiting Ceres moves to 2 and then 5 degrees of Sagittarius in June, you will realise you are being offered a new deal, unlike any other. It will go backwards. It may very well involve moving or spending a great deal of time in a new place – for example, on a study scholarship. Try to be patient, as it will go forwards again in August when Ceres moves past 2 and then 5 Sagittarius again. This seems to be the timing. Jupiter is also going across your South Node at 24 Sagittarius and Neptune at 27 Sagittarius in November, so you can predict that starting in June, but really coming to fruition in August-November, you will be on the trip of a lifetime, or the head trip of a lifetime.

  20. Greetings Ms Jessica!

    I have a stellium in Sagittarius (inclusive) of Jupiter, and the degrees fall within the the 0-29 you posted about.

    Would you be so kind as to describe what hopes and wonders I may experience from this blessed line-up of Ceres and Jupiter?

    Many Blessings and Thanks to you!

    1. Use 2019 to its fullest extent, as the end of the Euro, the European Union and the shift in relations with Russia, China, Mexico, Canada and America will have an amazing ripple effect on your own life. You will be able to travel further, stay longer and enjoy the journey more in 2019, as the prices will come down and there will be new rivals to Air BnB which make this possible, along with greater competition in the hotel trade. There will be more movement as a whole around the world so people will be looking to rent your place, or exchange it. I believe a course, workshop, seminar or conference could be your reason for going, yet the real learning would happen outside those four walls. One particular country or city will keep coming up for you. It’s meant to be. If you commit to travel and travel in the mind in 2019 you will be overjoyed at what comes.

  21. Hi Jessica
    I have Jupiter 0 degrees Sagittarius
    Apollo 18 degrees Sagittarius
    Ceres 16 degrees Scorpio
    Could you please explain their meaning for me
    for Part 1

    1. Sure, Candy. You were always going to emigrate, move to a different region or travel, even as a little girl. You are now at a point where your understanding of other places and other faces is part of your life and personality. You are also a lifetime student and teacher. You will always be learning and always be guiding or mentoring others. A large part of this concerns your personal beliefs. This may be anything from Humanism to Buddhism. It changes over the course of your life, but even as a child, I am sure you had strong ideas about God, and so on. In 2019 you will be thrilled at a chance to spread your wings into at least one other region or country, possibly more. This hasn’t even started. Keep the faith.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the very informative article. I have my Saturn return and Jupiter return this year, along with many factors at the degrees you mentioned.
    On January 22, I ended my almost two year relationship with a man I have been dating. A conversation triggered me (a wound I’m guessing) to end the relationship as it seems like there’s no progression and possibly no future together. And we are seasoned, 58 and 61.
    He is also of Indian descent, although living in the states for the past 34 years. We still communicate, because there is still love and respect. Anyhow, if you have any insight into my chart it would be greatly appreciated.
    My kids are grown and my house is in order and I am ready for fun and travel. I may sell it this year, if the opportunity presents itself.
    One last thing, I’m thinking of having some plastic surgery in May, to tighten up some areas on my face, 😉 and wondered it seems like a good time for that? The surgeon is qualified.
    Thank you and God Bless you,

    1. Lots going on TG. There is no reason why your cosmetic surgery in May should not be a success. I’m glad the surgeon is qualified! You are thinking about selling your home and going travelling. Think about the home sale part. We are moving into the most unpredictable property cycle of the century and it begins on March 7th. Yet, travelling will work extremely well for you. I am sorry your relationship is over, but you needed to find a lover who would go on a particular journey with you, involving your children. It is actually all about the parent role, not so much the sex or romance. Increasingly, until 2023, it is your children who will decide what you do with your love life. In the meantime, sensational opportunities to travel more easily, more affordably, and for longer periods of time – are coming your way. Enjoy it.

  23. Hi Jessica
    Once again, a very interesting article, thank you.
    Could you please tell me how Ceres will effect me. The 22 degrees will hit my north and south nodes of Libra and Aries. I don’t remember ever reading any responses to how the transits effect the nodes. Speaking about 22 degrees though I also notice Pluto is currently on 22 degrees, yikes, on those same nodes?
    Many thanks to you.

    1. You also have Saturn at 21 Sagittarius in the Ninth House, which is very close to 22 degrees. In modern astrology we allow a one-degree difference, or orb, for patterns. This is going to change your life, for the better. The fact that your North Node is at 22 Libra and South Node is at 22 Aries is also very important, as you have spotted. This is not only about the Ninth House of travel and travel in the mind – it is also about the relationship you share with your former, current or potential partner. Saturn describes a difficult life history with foreign people and places, regional and cultural differences, particular belief systems (like Catholicism or astrology). It also reveals a life history of unavoidable and fated life lessons involving study, teaching, publishing and the worldwide web – tied to these foreign faces and places. The Jupiter-Ceres conjunction is very close and we might say that October 2019 as a whole is a time of solutions, repair work, new opportunities and profound life reshaping. You may emigrate, move or commit to travel. The broad field of study, education and academia may play its part. Pluto at 22 Capricorn moves around quite a lot, and will disappear in October 2019, only to pop up again in December 2019, January 2020. That transit is also involved, as you have spotted, and a powerful person or organisation will be drawn into your destiny. I don’t want to pick your future for you, but a classic example would be a foreign government asking you to take up a post in their country as an advisor. You’ll make your own way. But it will change your life.

  24. Dear Jessica,

    I have Neptune 09° Sagittarius 48′ 44″,Ops 15° Sagittarius 36′ 17″ & Bacchus 16° Sagittarius 55′ 47″ R.

    What can I expect this year with Ceres in Sagittarius?

    Many Thanks!


    1. At Sagittarius 9, 15 and 16 you have patterns which are being transited right now. Ceres moves to 9 in March, then again in May and September. Ceres is then at 15, 16 in October, which is when I expect you will make your final decision about travelling or moving. This would be linked to study or teaching, either formally (labelled) or without a label. Picking up on another language, history or culture casually would be a good example of that. NP, you may find that it is greater movement in the world at large that creates a ripple effect. Brexit or America’s decisions about Mexico and Chinese trade, for example. However it manifests, you also have Jupiter as well as Ceres, going back to 15 Sagittarius in July, then onto 15 and 16 in September. Thus we can narrow down your big trip or move, to September as the peak of it all. It is possible you will stay where you are, but you would be focussed on the internet and spend a great deal of your time with others in different regions or countries in that period. From all efforts directed at travel or travel in the mind, in the second half of the year in particular, you gain. You will have to compromise, yet you gain.

      1. Thanks Jessica for the detailed insight. Currently have no plans for travel or move so will have to wait and see. Do you think change of job on the cards due to Sag transits?



        1. It’s only February and you have until October to travel, relocate or emigrate. Brexit is yet to happen and this will have the biggest impact on professional opportunities around the world, as well as a dramatic drop in airline prices, and a currency exchange rate which suddenly makes particular destinations accessible.

  25. Hi Jessica,

    I know you have shared insights with me regarding my stellium in Sagittarius. I am curious how I might be impacted on October 25th as I have Aesculapia at 22 Sag and also have Fortuna at 22 Scorpio, Juno at 23 Scorpio, and Vesta at 21 Virgo. And also what it means to have my ascendant conjunct to Venus and Jupiter on Nov. 24th. Thanks so much for these posts and any additional insight you can add.


    1. Amy, you were born with Aesculapia at 22 Sagittarius in your Ninth House. Aesculapia is a symbol of resurrection, rebirth, revival and renaissance. It describes people, organisations, places and situations which return from the brink. Just when you assumed it was finished, or gone, it comes back. This is a lifetime pattern and it would have shown itself with foreign people and places, different cultures and regions, belief systems or perhaps religions (quantum mechanics science is also a belief system) which go through real phases with you. You may, for example, have left behind a particular country or region, only to find you return there, or it comes back in other ways. The Ninth House also rules books, education, academia and the worldwide web. Naturally, these often draw in other cultures or nationalities. Again, you have a lifetime pattern of assuming that something is finished in your life – like study or teaching – only to return. What happens on, or within days of, the Jupiter conjunction to Ceres at 22 Sagittarius will change your life one more time. It is an opportunity. A solution. A compromise. You will travel or move as a result of it, or travel in the mind, by embracing a course, workshop, book, website, seminar or similar.

  26. Thanks Jessica,
    I knew very little about Ceres till this article but now I am intrigued and will do more research. I have nothing in Sagittarius but do have Ceres in Taurus and Jupiter in Aquarius so wondering if I will be affected, or is it just people who have factors in Sagittarius??
    One prediction you made for my star sign was that by 11th Feb there would be small amount of money that I needed to build on and it was to do with property. On 11th Feb it did indeed happen after 5 long years of waiting.
    Thanks again for your insightful articles

    1. I’m very happy that you received the money after 5 years as your horoscope predicted. Ceres is a fascinating planet, ignored in mainstream astrology, despite being reclassified in 2006. That is 13 long years ago and Ceres is still missing from so many horoscopes and predictions. Time and again, I find that it is Ceres in a personal birth chart which reveals the life story of the person concerned. You have Ceres at 10 Taurus so you are powerful when it comes to finance, charity, business, valuables or economics. You were born powerful, actually. The issue for you, every few years, is that you realise you cannot have total control all the time. So, you are forced to reach major compromise agreements with other people. There is a real stop-start quality to your finances, which may be expressed through the work you do – or through your personal life. Please have your financial and property arrangements in the best possible shape after March 2019, when you will know how things are changing in banking, with the world or your local economy, with the sharemarkets and your pension or superannuation – and of course with property prices. You need to have the best advice you can afford as there will be radical changes when Uranus goes over 10 Taurus in your Second House of money and property, in July 2020, August 2020, September 2020 and again in April 2021, May 2021. The cycle continues in December 2021, January 2022, February 2022 and then it’s over. Across this period there will be a revolution in banking, global trade, currency and property that personally affects you. You will need to be open to a radically different way of sharing, compromising and making deals with other people and the bank. It makes sense that you don’t want to be locked down, tied down or unable to move quickly – so read right around the subject and consult a tried, tested and trusted professional. The reason I recommend you wait until after March 2019 to do this is that Uranus has not really arrived in Taurus yet. We are not yet fully aware of just how extremely different the future world economy is going to be.

  27. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for another amazing article I can’t wait for part 2.
    I have Ceres in Virgo could you tell me about this please, I believe she is the goddess of wheat or grains, the funny thing is I have a gluten intolerance.
    I love Ceres story, I can understand how part of us mere humans goes underground from time to time that must be the depression. I have a son who was born 21/12/1988 and he was recently diagnosed with depression, he didn’t want to take medication so we worked on his food intake and changed his diet and he is doing very well.
    Thank you Sandi

    1. Sandi, you just gave an excellent example of ‘extreme Ceres’ and in fact, this planet makes a number of patterns in your chart. If you follow the numbers you will see you have Ceres at 16 Virgo and you have so many factors at 15 degrees, very close by. This is Sacred Geometry in your chart (you can search that term in a moment to see why these patterns matter). Ceres was indeed the goddess who ruled wheat and corn, and the four seasons. When she went on strike, because Pluto took her daughter Proserpina and Pluto’s brother Jupiter let it happen – everybody starved. Your gluten intolerance and your son’s diet-related depression are literal manifestations of the Ceres story. Space does not allow for me to go into all the psychology of power, empowerment, control, self-control and food issues, but we are living through it in the 21st century as so many people in charge of supermarkets, agriculture, food, drugs, prescribed drugs and drink have Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. They want total control. Pushing back is a way of becoming empowered – having control again – which is why alternative ways of eating are so much more than just gestures we make for our body.

  28. Hi Jessica! Thank you for sharing your insights about Ceres. I have my midheaven in Sagittarius (also Neptune and Vesta) and ever since Jupiter’s transit of Sagittarius began, I was excited hoping to have some good luck in the job market. I am currently looking for faculty jobs in foreign languages in the US. When you mentioned that Ceres is also transiting Sagittarius, I wondered if this will translate into success in job search. Any insight you have into this question will be a huge help. Thank you so much, Jessica! Happy Valentine’s day!!

    1. Thank you. And Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well. Your entire life will change from now until 2027, and the next eight years or so will be spent living and working in one or more countries, or regions. You will be stunned at what happens to your career after March 7th 2019 when Uranus changes signs, as your professional world turns upside-down but you also find freedom and independence from who/what confined you, perhaps without you even realising it. Faculty jobs in foreign languages in America are one possibility, but actually, the entire planet will be open to you in a brand new way by 2027 and you will probably emigrate more than once. 2019 is the peak year of possibility, but you will also reap the rewards of a past life spent as a teacher in a foreign culture, as the South Node goes across your Ninth House, and the sign Sagittarius, from May 2020 until January 2022. We are approaching a new planet with global thinking and fresh power for nations which were never taken so seriously before. You gain from that.

  29. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for this helpful article – I previously knew little of Ceres and have been appreciating your nuanced and intelligent astrological perspectives (especially on the Capricorn effect!). As a new member, I would be super grateful for any additional insights into my chart. I have several factors in Sagittarius (Saturn at 6 degrees, Juno at 2, Uranus at 20, Ops at 29), a huge stellium in Capricorn, and my Sun (Cap.) and Diana (Virgo) are both at 22 degrees.

    I’m seeking clarity specifically as I had the most difficult few months of my life at the end of 2018, when the publisher I had been working with on a book for a year suddenly withdrew over the edits. I’ve since tried to learn from the experience and have (I feel) significantly improved the book, but due to what has been a general lack of transparency, feel hesitant to send it back to them, and have instead been pursuing other options. I still feel immensely confused and bruised, and am hoping this is the right path to take (and that there is a change of fortune left in the vocation I’ve pursued single-mindedly since childhood). It feels as though no matter how obsessively hard I work, just as I get close something strange and unforeseeable (in the world/in myself or both) happens to prevent success, and I’m trying to understand why/how to navigate this tendency in my life.

    Thank you sincerely for your time,

    1. I bet you feel bruised. The publisher in question will have to answer for the karma with yourself and other professionals who were treated this way, as the South Node goes into Sagittarius (the book trade) from May 2020 until January 2022. You will find tremendous publishing success in 2019, either with the same format you originally had in mind, or a different format, medium or business approach. If you want to know why this happened, you can thank your Uranus in Sagittarius in the Ninth House. Everybody has Uranus in her chart somewhere. It is that part of you that invents, creates, produces then rejects what you have magicked up. The act of rejection itself produces further changes. You will always be chopping, changing and churning as a writer or publisher, but it will frequently be exhilarating, liberating and exciting, so worth it all. You will also find some of your most dazzling creations come from mistakes or accidents. This will happen in 2019. You will, unwittingly, produce the most impressive new product or project of all. Don’t hang around waiting for it LL but it’s going to happen. Just pursue what you are passionate about. It will come.

      1. Jessica, thank you so, so much for that generous response – it means more than I can say : )

  30. Hi Jessica,
    I don’t know how but thankfully I’ve found your amazing Web page. I’m totally lost both in life & in regards figuring out what house or degree I’m in etc. so please excuse my ignorance. I would be forever grateful if you could please guide me with your amazing knowledge & wisdom. The last few years have been the hardest & toughest of my whole life & I would really appreciate some insight & guidance from you as I feel I can’t take much more of this as is. If you require further information from me just let me know please. My DOB is 28/11/1974.
    Thanking you in anticipation,

    1. You can get a very good basic chart (no asteroids, but most planets) for nothing at and it is worth knowing, at the very least, where Jupiter is by sign and house. The rest of the information you can find on this website, Mol. You were born with Saturn at 18 Cancer in your Fourth House of family, house and apartment. You have been through the most difficult cycle in 240+ years as transiting or travelling Pluto has been moving across 18 Capricorn, right opposite. The worst is over, in terms of questions about how much power or control you had, in a situation where other people were taking over, or big organisations were dominating your life. Even governments. You still need to take it slowly and be kind to yourself with frequent rest, meditation and gentle exercise like yoga or meditation, because Saturn is moving across 18 Capricorn too. He does this in March and June, and again in December. The year 2020 is the complete relief and release and the absolute end of it all. Look up Saturn, Fourth House, Cancer and also Pluto, to find out more.

      1. Hi Jessica,
        I cannot thank you enough for your help & guidance, you are truly amazing. I shall look up the information you have given me & hopefully this can guide me but to hear from your good self that this hell I’ve been going through is coming to an end gives me the hope & strength I really needed, if it wasn’t for you I don’t think I could’ve so thank you, you have no idea how much it means to me, love & best wishes always

  31. Good Afternoon Jessica,

    I have a Sag stellium ( maybe the hard work version, you mentioned above) and a few very close spots that will get hit this year. Curious what Ceres in Scorpio means? I can glean from the wonderful article above that Scorpio is ‘ sex and business’, so any clarity would be brilliant.

    I wrote a long comment the other day on another article, which I know how busy you are. Briefly, can Ceres trigger old legal deals that are meant to be finalised, and set in stone on the dates listed next? The dates from that period are 16th April, 24th July, 17th Dec 2015. Parties involved are 1/4/1976, highly gifted at getting out of everything to do with $$’s for 25/1/2014, and just managed to get out a binding document. It always feels like I’m just moving forward and think this saga is finally closed. That I’ve got no weeds left, I’m free to move forward and bam! I find it irritating that I always get shafted as the sole provider for Aquarius above, which means money is always, always tight, and I worry what imprinting this is doing, aside from showing I’m working hard, determined and as strong as I can be to do everything I can. Unfortunately, it worries me, that life with me must feel like life is all hard work being, me saying no a lot and conscious of pennies, and clearly, I’m not as much fun and fanfare of the once yearly Disney Aries massive showering of consumerism and gifts galore. Woke up with a massive frozen left shoulder today, it starting hurts yesterday and had to dip into the emergency savings to get it unfrozen and get some, not all mobility back. Maybe, the symbolism of feeling stabbed in the back again, or over shouldering all the weight of everything when the decision was made 31st Jan, and I found out on 11th Feb.

    Would love to hear your insight, since I’d been really feeling like life, the study from Jan14th- 8th Feb, was really giving me the most solid set up for the years ahead. xx

    1. Uranus at 22 Libra and Ceres at 21 Scorpio in your chart are the whole story here about money and sex. I am sure you know scorpions will risk death to have sex. They can sting each other to death, or eat each other. The old astrologers had a wry sense of humour when they associated the scorpion with the seasonal constellation that used to appear behind the Sun in October, November. I am sure you also know Libra is the scales of marriage or partnership. In a semi-sextile, they ‘speak’ to each other and you need to be sharply aware of any transits across 21, 22 so you do not repeat the old pattern. Proserpina at 21 Gemini is involved, and if your birth time is strictly accurate, your Ascendant at 20 Libra and Descendant (former, current or potential partners) at 20 Aries. Thus, we can narrow this down to a lifetime pattern at 20, 21, 22 and just by looking up those signs and the relevant houses, you will unlock the pattern. You are dealing with the slow-moving planet Pluto going across 20, 21, 22 Capricorn in 2019 but he is gone in January 2020. Saturn is also crawling across 20, 21, 22 Capricorn, and again – he peaks in January 2020, then is gone. A useful thing for you to do would be to research how to live out the pattern in a different way. Use The Astrology Oracle for that. When you also Life Sweep (use your free guide) you will equally begin changing your mind about your life, and thus changing your life. Frozen shoulders are symbols of frozen or stuck thinking and you are going around in circles with this pattern. Look at other ways of living it out. It will be so much easier. Unfreeze!

  32. Hi Jessica,
    I have 2 factors in Sagittarius- MC @ 15* and Neptune @ 23*. My natal Ceres is at 8* Leo. I continue to watch Ceres play out in my natal chart, so I am happy to hear about the transit with Jupiter.
    How do you see it playing out for me in 2019? 9th house stuff – future career movement/growth/change and or travel? I’m actively engaged (and slowly evolving) with traditional 9th house areas concerning spiritual beliefs and higher learning/education. ✅✅ Keen to see where this year will take me!
    Happy Lunar new year and St Valentine’s Day!

    1. Thank you. An aspect of a foreign culture, history and belief system you never took much interest in before, will intrigue you, and rather than put off pursuing an obvious open door to help yourself, you should really try that door. People can only say no. It might lead you onto a totally different journey. At the same time you will be able to educate, mentor and guide others, but also be a gateway for people who have a lot of knowledge but no opportunity and need to pass it on. The fun part of all this is physically going to the place you read and discuss so much. This is a long path for you as it is leading to past life credits and closure, when the Node goes into Sagittarius after May 2020. When the South Node moves to 23 Sagittarius right on your Neptune, in the Ninth House, in September and October 2020, you will see the ultimate karmic outcome of all you have been doing in 2019 and you will come to understand the purely spiritual or soul aspects of a foreign belief system or academic study very well then, mainly because you have done this before!

  33. Wow!!! That is an exciting prediction 🙂 However…as you say I have hard life lessons and I would agree one hundred and fifty percent with, I still have Pluto coming to perhaps rain on my parade at 23 degrees my IC. All that Saturnian energy coupled with a very hard life (which by the way and as you say involved foreigners) has made for one very pessimistic lady.
    No,no I will enjoy the excitement and leave it at that. I am so intrigued though.
    Thank you so much Jessica

  34. What a good read, I am looking forward to {art 2. The synchronicity with the Brexit date is extraordinary. What can you see in my chart?

    1. Thank you. You have Neptune at 0 Sagittarius, but factors there run all the way to 27 Sagittarius, so it will take you almost the whole year, until October, to see the opportunities and possible benefits. If you find an airline or train company offering a dramatic drop in prices, take a look. If you are given the chance to go sailing, keep the conversation open. When you see a call for applications from a university or similar, miles away from you, get your application in. The more you aim for the biggest and best, the more Jupiter can do for you. Just keep at it. Expect huge rewards.

  35. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for a wonderful article and can’t wait for Part 2.
    A quick question…I have a stellium in Sagittarius and Ceres at 22 Leo. I am looking into doing a MBA this year and also want a job change. Please look at my chart and let me know how the Ceres Jupiter line up will work for me.
    Thanks as always.

    1. You be drawn into a culture and way of life which is quite foreign to you, but obviously a complete thrill. It may involve your use of a second language or just learning a new accent and vocabulary. You will either travel and stay for a while, or even think about relocating. This will be tied to a course that you study, although you could also easily teach. There would also be the world of books opening a huge library door for you! You get not just one chance, but a chain of chances, still showing up as late as October. You are the magical and missing ingredient, Agnes.

  36. Hi Jessica
    I have a stellium in Sagittarius, Neptune is one of the planets up there. I travel a lot and take at least six great holidays a year. Your article on life sweeping and travel will be put to good use. How is this year going to be different and when will it get going. I thought I would have some clues by now.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you. The year has not even started. Your factors at 15, 18, 23 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of travel (and travel in the mind) have only just started being triggered, by Jupiter in January, at 15 Sagittarius. As all three work as part of a story, you need to wait for Jupiter and Ceres as well, to then go over 18 in turn, and as Jupiter and Ceres are both retrograde or going backwards and forwards, it may not be until May, that things start seriously revealing themselves. The final peak moment comes in October when you will emigrate, move or commit to a course or project involving foreign people and places.

  37. Hi Jessica,
    I have Venus at 22 Libra and Neptune at 28 saggitarius. I’ve looked them up based on your notes above. How would this likely play out for me? I’m still learning. If you could me understand, that would be great. Thanks a million, Jessica!

    1. You have Mars, Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius in the Ninth House so you have had childhood and teenage life lessons in dealing with people from foreign countries (like having penfriends around the world) and also in direct first-hand experience of different belief systems, cultures and customs, so you have extensively travelled, moved or emigrated when younger. You may even be repeating this pattern now. Study is of course part of being young and you were a student with a wide-ranging appreciation of the bigger picture, and will never stop learning even as an adult. You could also fall into teaching, mentoring or guiding. All this comes into sharp relief in 2019 when you will have the best opportunity in 12 years to explore a distant place and its locals and culture, while passing on your knowledge, but also absorbing it. The time is approaching.

  38. Hi Jessica, Thank you so much for the informative posting. I have natal Ceres in Sagittarius at 21 degree. Wondering how it will affect me…

    1. You will have your Ceres Return at 21 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of travel, publishing, relocation, foreigners, education, academia and beliefs. This major compromise and new deal in your life follows a sensational opportunity to have more, do more and be rewarded by more from life. This will take place when Jupiter goes across 21 Sagittarius on February 23rd-28th, so not long to wait. It may extend March 1st and 2nd too. March itself brings the agreement to share the control or power in the new arrangement as Ceres then returns to the spot she occupied at birth. This is a milestone in your life and it will also transform you for many years to come. The story develops in the second half of May and the grand finale or big finish is the second half of October 2019 which is unforgettable. Create future good karma for yourself by making sure everything you do and say, is a win-win, as the South Node also goes into Sagittarius and your Ninth House from May 2020 until January 2022 when you realise that your life as a traveller, explorer of knowledge, wanderer or adventurer in spirit and mind, probably comes from a past life!

  39. Hi Jessica, I am so amazed with your forcasts of Ceres in Sag. I have Asc exactly at 22 Sag. And heavy stallions in Sag. What and on which dates exactly will happen to my life, particularly business, foreign contracts, heirship of my throne to my god child who happens to be my romantic partner and the most important, my love life? THANKS.

    1. Thank you. I like the phrase ‘heavy stallions in Sagittarius.’ You do in fact have quite a tight pattern around Jupiter at 22 Sagittarius in your Ninth House, Chiron at 23 Scorpio in your Eighth House, Uranus at 22 Gemini in your Third House and Ops at 23 Capricorn in your Tenth House. Your life will transform in 2019 as a result of both Jupiter and Ceres crossing 22, 23 Sagittarius. The second half of October is the peak moment of final decision about travel, study, publishing, relocating, teaching. It will involve an important project, plan or course – and also your success. It will very much involve your money. Very close to Monday 28th October when Venus is at 23 Scorpio is the likely time for the ultimate choice. What an opportunity!

  40. HI Jess
    I know that this isn’t relevant to Ceres but can you see anything in my chart regarding my love life? I’m single at the moment x
    Thanks xx

    1. Your love life choices are dictated by your feelings about being a parent. You don’t say if you have children or not, even if you are single. Assuming you do not have a son or daughter, life until May 2020 is very much about being honest about your priorities. Do you want a baby? How about a stepchild? What about adoption? The whole business of dating, or just being ‘out there’ in the world without a marriage and child, will teach you a lot about how much compromise you prepared to engage in. When you know for sure that you do, or do not, want to pursue certain paths – change comes!

  41. Jessica, I am reposting and would be grateful if you have time to answer. I have Neptune (12 degree), Cupido (18 degree) and MC (28 degree) in Saggitarius. I am currently at a crossroads career-wise and dealing with health issues. Can you help me explain how the transits of Jupiter and Ceres affect my Saggitarius factors? Many thanks as always.

    1. Thank you for your patience. This feature made my Comments/Questions file climb up over 7,180 people so it is taking a while to look at your chart. Okay, so you have a stellium in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of travel, and travel in the mind. A stellium is more than the average 2-3 factors one would expect to see in modern astrology. Neptune at 12 Sagittarius is the most important of these as he is also sextile Pluto at 12 Libra. You have a lifetime pattern of taking a vacation from the real world by travelling, relocating, studying or teaching. Every time you do that it triggers questions about power and control with your partners, or your former partners, or potential partners. Ceres across 12 Sagittarius in March will bring a new compromise or deal. A typical example would be a long-distance relationship, or wanting to switch regions while a partner does not. Ceres returns to 12 Sagittarius in May. September is the final pass and that is when you will make up your mind, either with the original March issue, or a new one which is also representative of travel and travel in the mind – and yes, a past, present or potential partner would still be involved. This is life changing and will bring in questions about how much power and control you have/you both have. Try to avoid feud, conflict or battle at this time, though, as it would eat up so much energy. If there is any battle at all it has to be worth fighting. If you were eyeing off active service in a foreign country as part of a military job, for example, you might be tempted by the holiday but find the enemy is not worth the stretch.

  42. Hi Jessica,
    Very interesting and a bit scary to read for me to be honest.
    I have something spot on at
    22° Sagittarius 40′ 19″ R
    What will happen on Oct 25th as you have noted? As at now there is not much in the horizon with regard to traveling so I am Just curious? 2019 has been some what a boring and normal year so far for me

    1. Not sure why you would be scared! You have Neptune at 22 Sagittarius in your Ninth House quincunx Venus at 23 Taurus in your Second House. So, all your life you escape from the real world (Neptune) by travelling or relocating (Sagittarius), studying or teaching (Sagittarius again) using the worldwide web or publishing (Sagittarius) – and every time you do that, a complicated relationship (Venus) around money or property (Taurus) is involved. For more on the link between these two factors read about the Ninth House and Second House on Search later on. March will reshape your future as Jupiter goes across 22, 23 Sagittarius and the first signs of an opportunity appear. Then there is a long pause when nothing really develops, yet late October finds Ceres at 22, 23 Sagittarius when there will be a compromise deal and November 2019 finishes this terrific episode.

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