Welcome to Life Sweep

Welcome to the latest ebook for your home library – Life Sweep. If you are a fan of Marie Kondo, or have even been clutter clearing or space clearing for years, there is always something new to try.

Welcome to the latest eBook for your home library – Life Sweep. If you are a fan of Marie Kondo, or have even been clutter clearing or space clearing for years, there is always something new to try.

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16 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    I hope all is well.

    Thank you! I loved reading this, and it inspired me to start my Life Sweep today. I found a good home for my clothes, and I just binned stuff that I’ve wanted to for ages. I’m putting together a group of items to sell, and I’m going to use an old suitcase to store my art supplies.

    I laughed to myself while reading the travel section. On my last trip, I didn’t have the opportunity to have a place to wash out any of my clothes, and I ended up with a suitcase the weight of a large dog! Never again.

    I should have most of this done by the new moon.

    Thanks again!


    1. Jeff, this New Moon in Aquarius which launches Lunar New Year across Asia/Chinatowns is huge in your chart. In fact, what you sweep out, leaves space for something life-changing to come in. It won’t appear that way at first, but this group – or these friends – will suddenly become centre-stage for you in December 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn both enter Aquarius. Then, across 2021, 2022, 2023 we see major Aquarius weather, ending with Pluto (empowerment, influence, control) going into Aquarius from that year – for many years to come. I love the idea of a suitcase for your art supplies. What you experience near that New Moon will ultimately put your role as the ‘feeder’ or supplier of at least one hugely important network to the front for many years to come and you will ultimately see that some friendships matter quite as much as family or partnerships. Keep going!

      1. Thank you for that advice and insight. I’m suppose to hear if I’ moved onto to semifinals with a fellowship in the first week of February, and final award is the the first week of March.

        It would be interesting if that comes through.

        I could use a sweeping change for the better.


        1. February makes sense in terms of your future life path from December 2020, through 2021 and beyond. Your ambitions and also your position in life will indeed revolve around an all-important circle of people – and ‘fellowship’ is a key word for Aquarius, which is the ruler of your solar Tenth House of achievement. What is seeded in February grows enormously in 2021 and from 2023 it will give you quite considerable power in the world, Jeff.

  2. Hi Jessica, I am trying to declutter and feel more organised. I had a shock after eventually finding out about the actions of my children’s father and I guess I’m trying to feel more in control! Can you see anything in my chart that suggest how things will pan out over the next few months? Thanks.

    1. Yes. You are over the worst. Your chart shows the ‘perfect storm’ that can happen when you have the slow-moving planets like Pluto and Uranus moving across your chart. You literally could not have had this cycle at any time in the last 240+ years. I am sorry about the shock, but Life Sweep will really help. Don’t take on more than you have to, just one drawer at a time, or even one make-up bag at a time. You will have wonderful opportunities to fix things, once and for all, starting in December this year, and 2020 will also give you chances to be in a new partnership, if that is what you want. For now, you need to create the most relaxed, comfortable, luxurious space you can for yourself at home. In fact, what you achieve now will pay off from Christmas 2020, for many years to come, as a completely different way of handling money and your house or apartment will unfold. So, as you set about getting rid of what you don’t really love and wonder if you ever use – keep visualising what you do want. It is out there for you. After you pass March 2019, you will no longer find life so unpredictable with your children’s father. The last of the storms will fade. It will take a bit of time, but eventually you will come to see that staying in that situation would have trapped you – really confined you – and that was never going to be your destiny.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    This is so great. I am lucky to have a large home, and I already do many of these things, but there is always room for improvement. Almost everything in my home has some sentimental attachment to a relative who has passed on and it was hard for me to downsize even to this point but I am happy with what I have. It all works together and looks nice and functions well.

    I have many boxes of old documents that will be shredded this weekend, I do this regularly.

    Looking ahead, I hope to somehow make amends with an old friend where some healing is needed, it weighs on me quite a bit. Longer term I want my life partner, whether we marry or have a marriage construct like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. (I am single at the moment and not interested in anything brief or shallow or experimental)

    Thanks for all your good works, and your humor.


    1. Thank you CG. You just stated what you want very clearly – the repair to a friendship – and long-term, a partnership which does not have to be a regular marriage. The trick with Life Sweep is to go through (even) a beautifully tidy space and give it a quick brush-up. Then tell the mirror. Say it loud. Not an affirmation! (They seldom work as we don’t really believe in them). Just a statement about what you’d love. That can be really interesting, especially on Lunar New Year and this New Moon in Aquarius (which times Lunar New Year in Asia) is really important for the future. So sweep before February 4th then talk to the mirror as that New Moon arrives over California skies. You can check that for your nearest town on Regarding the friendship – try Through Lines. This is where you ‘re-cast’ the past. You find through lines to now, that you may not have realised, or even known about. Change your angle on the past to spin the future. Fred Alan Wolf, who I believe is in California, is very big on this. I have seen miracles occur with this technique. Read more about it in Life Sweep and try it!

  4. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve been revelling in your life sweeping tips, It’s high time I had a good sort out.
    My question arises as it has become apparent that I have been unfairly treated and feel betrayed at work. I’m tempted to go to battle and fight this, I’ve rallied together my army and i’m ready to strike or would it be a better time to sweep clean these people and drop them like a hot potato to make way for something better.
    Ms sweep

    1. Thank you. Start Life Sweep now and do it in stages, as much as you can, before February 4th and Lunar New Year. Then see what comes. I am sorry you have been unfairly treated at work, but you may want to pour your anger (anger is an energy) into your home, handbag and computer. Clear digital clutter by putting it on a memory USB stick and then putting the rest in the trash. See how you feel after February 6th when Lunar New Year is in full force. That would be a great time to look at your options. Things will be clearer and life will feel more manageable. You will also be more certain about who and what you really, really need and want in your life. Life Sweeping is excellent in a crisis.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    First of thank you for taking the time for all your valuable writings. I am hoping to be able to get your thoughts on something for me this year with my birth chart details.
    5 dec 88. 1250pm Carlton.

    After going through some serious life sweeping in my home as it’s coming up to new year and also having lots of “space” from my partner from being away I feel this year is going to be huge for me and my business as there is more room to let those new things in.

    Will I relaunch and rebrand my business this year? And will I be seeing the right new business partner come in soon? I would so love to get your thoughts.

    Muchly appreciated.

    1. You’ll relaunch and rebrand once or twice in 2019, actually, as you may be happy with the first push then find yourself wanting to change something and go even higher and further later on. I am not sure why you want a business partner. Do you mean a backer? If so, if you want an angel investor, then it is really 2020 you should be looking at instead of 2019 as Jupiter goes into your money zone then. You could actually try something this year and be fascinated to see it take off in on particular region/market. And it doesn’t have to cost.

  6. Jessica,
    Thank you for this article…

    I am sweeping at home, at work, at gym my body excercise getting read of all that’s not needed…
    I moved in October first 2018 in my new home and working very hard to clean organize decluter so that I can invite a new year and new life and everything new in my life…

    The hardest part to clean are the paperwork, but I am getting there and hope to finish by Sunday…

    Most difficult to sweep and change are the unvented pounds I have gained in 2018…

    Will I be able to loose these pounds during 2019 as I am exercising five days in a week and eating healthy, however finding out that my stomach has not enough acid and also my thyroid on my neck is hurting…

    Thank you for sending me any bright light and feedback…

    Love ❤️

    1. Life Sweeping can be fast. It can take one hour in your bedroom if you follow the Back to Bag technique, Rose. If you have a thyroid problem that explains why you cannot lose weight. Have you seen a thyroid specialist? Doctors often miss the reality, as the forums online will tell you. See the best specialist you can afford. If your neck is actually painful then you should run, not walk, to a specialist.

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