The Aquarius Birthday Horoscope 2019-2020

Happy Birthday Aquarius. You are ruled by the planet Uranus, a symbol of the human family in all its diversity. You understand the differences between people and why everybody has to be given space, tolerance and room to move.

Happy Birthday Aquarius! You have a very special part to play in 2019. And it’s all about the restoration, repair and relaunch of one particular group which has wonderful things to offer.

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47 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica
    I am making a big decision of re locating from Sydney to Tasmania which has been a dream of mine.
    I am a retired single woman; a Rotarian;
    I am happy and contented but no longer happy to be living in super over crowded Sydney.
    What do you see for my future in Tasmania.
    Will I be happy living there. My adult son lives in Australia but he says good idea and thinks I should go for it.. Lets face it the mainland isn’t that far away.
    Thank you

    1. Best cycle in years to do what you want, where you want – it starts March 7th. I spend some of my time in Tasmania and adore it. I highly recommend it. If you are into community, Rotary, peace and quiet, space and nice people – think about it. One look at Meetups in Tasmania (search that) or The Mercury and The Tasmanian Times will show you what you are up for. Your chart says you will move or travel widely from March. You will learn a huge amount and get away with quite a lot. Enjoy it.

      1. Jessica
        Thank you so much for your reply.
        I will certainly look at Tassie newspapers and Rotary Clubs.
        Your comment of
        I will get away with quite a lot !!
        Puzzles me !!
        I am a Leo after all..
        Kind Regards

        1. Have a glass of Tasmanian wine for me when you land – Collins Street has a wonderful pub, Cascade on Collins (look for the Tasmanian Tiger) and just over the road, Fullers – the legendary bookshop which has a real community of book-lovers. Do join their mailing list!

          1. Jessica
            Thank you for all your ideas and advice for my Tassie move.
            I do love a glass!!
            And yes I have enjoyed a glass or two on a wonderful vacation up at Strahan..a few years back.

  2. Hi Jessica, I have to move in the next few months as I have had to sell my house due to a marriage seperation (last year was not nice to me) Is things going to work out and I find a place. Also I have had problems in my work place and only have just gone back there. Should I stay there and help out or should I just walk away. I do hope 2019 is alot kinder, thank you.

    1. You will find a place (or the place will find you) and it will change your life after March 7th. In fact, it will be the last thing you had anticipated, if you think of the person you were a few years ago! Yet it will set you free, open things up, amaze you (so often) and excite you too. Just try to do the paperwork before February 15th if you can to avoid Mercury Retroshadow, or after April 17th. If you must go ahead in that time frame read the fine print on the lease or share arrangement as you should have minimum issues if you decide to move, or there are other changes you had not expected. Long-term your ultimate living arrangements and home life will give you more space and freedom than you have ever known in your life. I am not exaggerating. The actual place, environment or situation will give you tons of room and despite the difficulty and tests of your separation and house sale, you will ultimately realise that you needed to be released. Okay – work? I have had a run of Aquarians all asking me about work as you are all going through this Ceres in Scorpio cycle in your solar Tenth House of career. It ends January 26th. No more issues about who or what is in charge. The whole point of this has been to become empowered but also to learn that there has to be give and take on all sides. Ceres moves on after January 26th and the power or control issues will vanish. It won’t surprise you to know that some of this is karmic – you and at least one face knew each other before and there is a soul contract to work out. Yet, you will soon be in the clear. Can I also suggest you Life Sweep for 2019? Pick up that ebook when we publish it, as it is free to Premium Members. Have a preview here

  3. Hi Jessica! Excellent write up!

    Do you see anything awesome in regards to my income??

    I just left a toxic work environment week of Jan 5th. and going full speed with my spiritual consulting business. I have two speaking arrangements already scheduled. Need income to pick up I just really don’t want to work for someone like that again. It drains my soul & creativity.

    Thank you well in advance!!!

    1. So many Aquarians have been going through this toxic work situation. It is over January 26th when a compromise will have been reached with others. Essentially everyone has been working out their power or control – and how powerful they are – and you have been swept up in this. You will also realise that this has been empowering for you as you have chosen to be captain of your own ship and sail your own boat. Congratulations on the speaking engagements KB. Try to get the financial/business side of things formalised, in writing and finished by February 15th if you can to avoid the usual Mercury Retroshadow complications. Otherwise think after April 17th when Mercury is at last out of shadow. You need to include as many groups as you can in your world. Start one, rejoin one, join one. Think about super circles of people who are interested in you, and vice versa. This is a huge year for that – go beyond your local area if you are not already doing that. Other cultures, nationalities and belief systems will be drawn to you, and you drawn to them. This will expand your luck and keep the energy going around. You need to figure out your income because you have some blocks or confusion around what to charge, how to charge, when to charge and why to charge. You can sort this out if you do a Life Sweep ahead of Lunar New Year, February 4th. Read an introduction to this below, and then pick up your Life Sweep ebook which you can have free as a Premium Member. I strongly recommend this to you as I have seen it work wonders!

  4. Hi Jessica, always a wonderful pleasure to read your blog, articles and warm and precises explanations. Thanks for this. As an aquarian, i enjoy very much the community you have created on this website and the ritual to go there every week.
    I have two questions : one regarding a potentiel partner. I broke up definitly with a long time friend / ex-lover in November, as nothing could come out of this relationship, neither a family or a real couple even if we felt strongly bound. And for once, i’d like to meet someone and to open to a real relationship. 2018 has been hell, with strong healt issues, break-up, issues about fixing the building i live in…And learning that i had no much time left with fertility. I am thinking about oocytes freezing but i am afraid of the treatment and not sure at all if it’s worth it – it has been a torture for the last two years thinking about it. Even if it’s a personal issue, i’d like to know if 2019 or 2020 could be good years to do this medical process. Thank you so much and thanks again for everything you bring to the astrological community. Ninon.

    1. Thank you so much. It’s a pleasure. Can I suggest you do Life Sweeping before Lunar New Year on February 4th and 5th? I will post this ebook for Premium Members shortly. It’s a way of getting the most from this year and as Lunar New Year begins with a New Moon in Aquarius, your own sign it is doubly important. For an introduction to this see Please do not be stressed about children, Ninon. I understand exactly why you have had such a tough time because I can see Jupiter in Leo in your chart and you have had a chain of eclipses and also the Node (karmic dues) in Leo for the last 1-2 years. That is now well and truly over. I need to tell you that Leo rules the Fifth House of godchildren, stepchildren, adoption, I.V.F. as well as naturally born babies. The future is going to pan out just as it was always meant to be for you. There is no ‘one way’ or ‘right way’ to have younger people in your life, no matter if they come from you, or arrive in your life. You will see the true meaning of this over time, so please trust the future. You will make sense of what happened to you with the break-up once this unfolds, later on. For now, as you enjoy community, can I suggest you also rejoin a group you left behind, or join one that has the same things that attracted you to an old network, team, club and so on? It will be one of the best things you can do for yourself in 2019.

  5. Hi
    Thank you Jessica, may I ask a question for an Aquarian friend?
    Recently redundant and unemployed marketting specialist with an MBA. Also rap musician whose songs support same sex parents.

    DOB 14/2/1981. Colombo , Sri Lanka. What do you see for him? Any insights, will be helpful and I will pass it to him. Thank you for your kindness

    1. I understand the employment situation. Your friend will have to compromise with other people, organisations and the real world until January 26th and it will be hard work. Yet, it will work out. Things have to change here and there must be give and take. After that date, it becomes less of an issue. Long-term, your friend should keep the dream of this music supporting same-sex parents. It will be hinted at in February when there are small signs of encouragement. What comes in February should be bookmarked, saved and developed later. In fact from Christmas 2020 your friend could easily become very well-known and from 2023 make the relaunch of a lifetime, to become astonishingly influential and powerful. I think your friend’s image, perhaps name, will also change from 2023. Anyway – for now – there must be a real world compromise over jobs by January 26th and also I suspect with the former employers – conditions or agreements must be reached so it’s a clean ultimate break.

  6. This sounds promising. However, I have voluntarily withdrawn from the many “groups” I have ever participated in. Does this apply to (a) new group(s) as well?

    1. That was then and this is now – I can see why you would have done that! Just rest assured that you will find the right friendly face to make you very interested in becoming part of a new circle in your life, and it will work very well for you. This depends on learning the lesson of compromise over power and control within the group, yet once you and others learn that lesson, this special network will turn out to be a huge blessing for you, with so much of what you want coming from those people…

  7. I am so thrilled to have an Aquarius child, I must say. Have you ever considered allowing members to pay more to add the birth charts of their family?

    One unrelated to Aquarius q if you have a chance. Just noticed that there’s quite a bit happening at 28 degrees today (uranus, chiron, ceres, asc, desc). I have uranus in Libra at 28 degrees (and my nodes are at 29 degrees). What is the impact of the current weather on me? xx

    1. An Aquarius child is something else, and I am relying on these special children and Millennials to save the planet from Christmas 2020 for many years into the future. They ‘get’ community, diversity and equality across the planet in a way that no other generation does. Yes, we will be offering chart wheels and interpretations in our shop in 2019 – I have been talking to James and Alyas about this – and we’re excited about what we can offer to parents and godparents, aunts and uncles and grandparents! Uranus in Libra at 28 is right at the tail end of the Uranus opposition from 28 Aries, so it’s Uranus opposite Uranus. The Nodes are also tied in so this is karmic. We are talking about your former, current or potential partner here. Your own attitude towards balancing the scales of equality and partnership with others, or aiming for balance, justice and fairness when the scales are disrupted. This ‘weather’ goes on for quite a while and although the scales will rock, they will end up where they are supposed to be with this person, no later than March 7th. If you have any kind of enemy, rival or opponent, then the same message applies. There will be a bit of extreme balancing required yet it’s over from March 7th.

  8. Good Morning Jessica,
    Your insights sound very promising looking forward. But, my current work “group” is currently being torn down by a bullish Taurus who only sees her gain through using others. Thus creating a very distrustful situation. The balance of the team (2 others) including myself are on the same page, and are throwing our arms up. As we are done ! We are prepared to leave this work “group” and quit this nightmare.
    Unfortunately, I do not have another job in site. I feel I need to leave this “group” and keep my sanity. Sleepless nights are not my forte nor is the constant feel of this toxic person.
    Any advise for this gal who really needs to work and offer the world her healing touch. BTW I am a Medical Massage Therapist

    1. I am sorry about Taurus and your group. I understand the frustration you are going through. You also do very important work as a Medical Massage Therapist which should not be interrupted by this kind of thing. Matters will be in chaos for this person from mid-February to late April and you won’t even have to act. The fact that you are all friends, in a team, is very important. I don’t know if you can wait that long, but please rest assured that the worst is over for you from January 26th when you will have reached a compromise with your entire workplace and all the people there. You will have to give and take, but try to do that. There is some karma here with Taurus but mainly with your other team, as you have been through past life experiences of a similar type before. In fact you were in a similar situation back in 2000 but with other people. That time round you may have been the powerful one, or others may once again have tried to use their power. Anyway – this is winding down and you are days away from the end of this cycle which has been dragging on for months. Can I suggest you try Life Sweeping for Lunar New Year on February 4th and 5th? As a Premium Member you can pick up my new ebook on this, in the next few days. I have seen people get jaw-dropping results.

  9. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for this great post.

    I will remember 2018 as a tough year with many severe disappointments and relationship issues. These hard moment were mostly in my professional life but this had impact on my life at large with trust and self-confidence issues.

    What can I expect for 2019 ? For Ceres I see that I have Jupiter at 4 Sagittarius . Also having Asc Leo, will I be more impacted by this Leo weather mid year ?

    Thanks for you help

    1. I can see from your chart why you were put through so many hoops in 2018. Saturn (the 29 year cycle of tests and trials) has been going through Capricorn and your Tenth House of career, triggering your Capricorn factors. You will be very happy in 2020 with a big success, promotion or new position if you keep powering through in 2019. You are already a member of a group, association, society or other network/circle of people which may require more energy and time for super luck. If you have left this far behind, there may be a similar group (interests or people) around you which is yet to appear. When it does, do join. It is your key to so many of your hopes, wishes and dreams in 2019 as one friendly face in particular is only too willing to give, give, give.

  10. Hello Jessica, I too have an Aquarian child born on the 29th January 2007 and am thrilled to be her mum. Thanks for all your great posts and all of your new innovative ideas. I wish you a great year.

  11. Thanks very much Jessica. I too am thrilled that we have this younger generation coming up who seems to embrace and understand diversity and equity – we will need it on so many levels. On that note, if you ever have a chance to look at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (the newly elected Congresswoman in the USA from NY) chart it would be fascinating to see. She’s a Libra sun (and looks like one to me!) and is such a gifted communicator. No doubt in my mind she has already changed American politics and hopefully will be a force for a long time.

    1. Thank you. I will take a look at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez right now. It’s great to see the Aquarius weather so early, even though we won’t really see the greatest changes until December 2020 and the year 2021. Looking forward!

  12. HI Jess,

    Thank you for another great article.
    Having had my career and work steamrolled by Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, I can’t wait to see how things pan out in 2020. I’m beginning freelance writing and teaching.
    Is there anything that I should focus on or look forward to in my personal chart?
    I know my Aquarius sun conjuncts the new moon in February and I’ve been decluttering like mad.
    Thanks again to you and your fabulous team.
    Ana x

    1. Thank you Ana, I will pass that compliment on. I am sorry the Capricorn weather steamrollered you. Yet you now know your own power and should feel empowered – sure of yourself. This too shall pass and when the cycle is over you will be left with a certain sense of who you are and what you are here to do! The year 2019 is incredible for you, you will both teach and learn, study and speak, absorb knowledge and also share it out. You will do this online and in the real world. One regional or international destination and its culture, history, heritage will become a fantastic passion and a future place to head, more than once – you may even live there or stay there for several months in the years ahead.

  13. Question from OK PROBIO
    Hi Jessica, I’m Aquarius, Sag ascendant, Pig Chinese sign. My work as well as life partner, is also Aqu. with Sag ascendant and Pig Chinese sign. With 47 years apart, we look more like parent and child rather than partners. Your prediction in 2018 of change of status between old and young was astonishingly accurate.
    Q1.Now that he broke the work relationship, will he come back and join me again to accomplish his heirship?
    Q2. Sun sign, Ascendant, and Chinese sign: which is the most important for interpretation of life forecasts.

    1. Thank you. It is good to know the prediction was accurate for you. I am sorry the work relationship was broken. You will have the last discussion about this by January 26th when Ceres changes signs. Then you will know where you stand. You have a little more talking to do. The most important factor every week for forecasts is your Sun Sign but for the year ahead, use Sun Sign and Asian sign (Pig). Don’t worry about the Ascendant. You should also read your whole chart. You have many factors in Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance and partnership. We have been going through Ceres in Scorpio and that is why you have been dealing with changes, as Ceres has conjuncted, or moved into the same sign and degree as, your own Scorpio factors. Ceres is about a change in the balance of power, a compromise and a new arrangement. It can feel quite intense, yet Ceres leaves Scorpio in just a few days and you will have a new life. You can read more about the Eighth House and Ceres by hitting Search.

  14. Hi Jessica, thanks for you insightful write up about aquarians, i always enjoy your blog posts.

    I am currently in the theatre scene in the country that i was born in. I’m looking to expand overseas, being an aquarian you can imagine how country hopping would be the ideal life. I have been waiting a number of years to do so, but finding myself more and more stuck here, the only way out it seems is furthering an education which i am not that keen to do so. Any insights into the coming years of whether there are international opportunities and how soon that might be?

    1. You’ll actually relaunch yourself from December 2020 and from that point forward – 2021, 2022, 2023 and beyond – you will end up in a role where your name, face, image, reputation and personal appearance become tremendously important, so you will be on camera or on stage, perhaps – or just playing a part, just as a well-known director or costume designer can sometimes play a part – he or she can become a name just as an actor can. You would be very tempted to move after March 2019 and certainly from Christmas 2020, the choices would be there. Think twice about education in 2019, though. The opportunities to upskill or add more strings to your bow will be there – and they will be great.

  15. Hi Jessica, my Aquarian child has been undergoing medical tests and will have an appointment with a specialist in the next couple of months. Will everything be ok? Is there anything extra that I can do to support him, and his sister? Thanks.

    1. You are a great mother and are already doing everything you possibly can – just ‘keep on keeping on’ – although you will learn so much more about what it means to be a parent, than you ever did before. This is the Node in Cancer going through your Fourth House, where you already have quite a strong Cancer chart signature. The Node is karma, so it is possible that you and your child have been together in other lifetimes, but with quite different roles. There may have been a soul contract to go through something like this together. It can happen. Good luck to all of you. The business of being fair with both children is also part of being a mother, of course. This cycle is known as North Node in Cancer can can only happen every 19 years.

  16. P.S. what is the significance of the 19 year cycle? 19 years ago my mum was diagnosed with cancer, which she subsequently died from. Does it mean that I need to put to use what I learnt at that time in the situation with my Aquarian son? I am hoping that it doesn’t mean the same type of loss!

    1. The 19 year cycle is about the North Node and South Node moving backwards in time, through the 12 signs of the zodiac, reversing through your horoscope. This cycle was known to the people at Stonehenge, according to Robin Heath, one of the great cultural astronomers of our age. I am very sorry you were put through the experience of your mother passing with cancer. History does not repeat exactly with the Nodes and in any case, astrology cannot (and should not) predict death. What is most likely with your son is a connection to your mother – new – that was not there before. The North Node is going through Cancer and your Fourth House of family, so this lines up exactly with the time of her passing. It may be that she has reached a point, in spirit, where she would like to help more with his life. That’s not unusual. Or he may sense her more in dreams, or in an even more obvious way. It’s nothing to be concerned about. The beat goes on!

      1. Thanks for the information Jessica! My mum could be loving but also quite damaging as a parent, for example she had favourites and played us off against each other. I have made a concerted effort not to do the same thing with my children! I think having her play this different role in spirit would be quite healing. Thanks again.

  17. Hi Jessica,

    There’s one particular group that I feel drawn to but I had a difficult relationship with in 2015-217. I’m not a [art of it anymore. Is there a come back in my future? 🙂

    1. The difficult relationship from the past will be healed in 2019. It may be that one person comes back into your life and some kind of closure or healing comes to pass. Yes, the option is there to go back to this group, depending on how many bridges were burned. It is far more likely, however, that you will become a central player in a different club, team, circle or community and discover to your joy that you can give to the group, but that the group can give back to you. It is time to rediscover your gift for friendship and to unwrap the present. Literally.

  18. Hi Jessica

    Good to read what lies ahead for us Aquarian’s.. at this time I don’t feel part of any group, even with my family. Both sisters are Leo’s live at a distance busy with own families. I am single but have a same sex partner Sagittarius/Scorpio we don’t live together. I value my independence and security. I have few friends that live some distance… i do however work for a charity but colleagues are not friends per se ..I don’t mix business with social and they are so much younger, married with children so nothing in common… The last 10 plus years or more have been tough changing jobs and letting go of a group of friends/frenemies. My main concern is the place I live and whether I should move. It’s my sanctuary that gives me space and when friends come they feel relaxed. I really don’t want to give it up despite having a mortgage until 73! What does my chart foresee. Thanks as ever Jessica.

    1. Uranus in your Fourth House of home, lifestyle and real estate will be around for many years into the future, though he does not arrive until March. Uranus is a symbol of radical change, freedom, independence, space and all that is new, radical, unconventional and different. People commonly move when he arrives, but there are other ways to achieve the revolution without necessarily shifting base. You will find out for yourself what works, starting March, but going for many years into the future. 2019 is about an older male, probably your boss, perhaps your father. He is at the top and has worked hard to get there. If you were married to an older man I would say your husband, but as you are in a same-sex relationship then this is clearly your manager, C.E.O. or similar. You need to read his heart and mind. Put yourself in his shoes. He is not particularly happy this year, feels that he’s made it – but is not madly happy nor content. He has something to give you, show you, negotiate with you. Much depends on that outcome which is why you need to see it, the way he does. He just has to be in the market for retirement. He may also be a ‘propellor head’ so very good with the technicalities but you may be wondering about his ‘diverse people skills’ as they say, because I’m not sure he has them! For whatever reason, because he can promote you, delegate to you, or just have a huge say over your destiny – you need to figure him out and figure a deal. If you don’t know who I am talking about rest assured this man, The Emperor, will turn up in 2019 and be tremendously important.

  19. Hi Jessica, love your well crafted reports, I have a conundrum in that I have been offered a good opportunity with promotion at work which carries with it quite some responsibility. The responsibility doesn’t phase me but I am cautious about launching into the role as it can be all consuming and let’s face it I’m not a spring chicken anymore although my health and fitness is very good.

    I only just returned to my profession mid 2018. On top of that I also live a little far away from my work base so will likely have to shift a little closer to the team. I’m conscious of the need to do a job with purpose and it ticks all those boxes for sure. I have a major exam to pass as part of the requirements to. Then there is my love life which makes pitiful reading. How do you see 2019 developing for me. Cheers C

    1. Thank you! Your Capricorn side is ambitious, patient, respects the organisation/structure and climbs to the top. For the first time in 240+ years, Pluto (empowerment, influence, clout and control) is passing right over your Capricorn factors (Ascendant and Diana at 20 Capricorn). Yes, this will involve responsibility and it will be intense – not just a question of time devoted, but also emotional energy. You mention your ‘team’ which is of course an Aquarian concern and you are strongly Aquarian too. Something to pass on which may be useful to know: the person who bridges the gaps between two very powerful organisations or individuals performs a priceless service by connecting both sides. He or she gains by returning to wisdom, degrees, qualifications, new knowledge and other ‘pearls’ (pearls of wisdom) which lends security, stability and confidence. It is never easy to do but as you also have Proserpina in Capricorn, you were born to do it, or perhaps just support those who do! Your love life is not the immediate priority but one day it will be. For now, focus on this hugely important phase in your life. For more, look up the Tenth House, Pluto and Proserpina on Search.

      1. Thanks Jessica you have wonderful insight and I appreciate your time in replying to my questions. Regards Chris

  20. I love reading your posts for every star sign and would like to ask about my Aquarian child whose career as an author is starting to happen . He has so much happening for him at the moment but is struggling with where he should live, Australia for his wife and her health or London for his career . Money is a key factor , simply not enough to make the choice an easy one.

    1. Your Aquarian child will relaunch from Christmas 2020 and could become very well-known in 2021, or from 2023, when there may also be quite dramatic changes to his appearance and I expect he will change his name as well. He may even work under 2 different names as a writer, later on. The question of where to live, and how to live, will be solved rapidly after March if he is prepared to make some radical changes. By radical I really mean that. Not regular or mainstream – look at the alternatives. It may be something as offbeat as house-sitting or communal living with others on a country property!

  21. Hi Jessica, Thank you for providing such an informative website. Last year, I had a really tough year where I was deceived by a couple of people in May and June and which then led on to some pretty significant and upsetting events where I made some bad choices based on the previous deception involving friends and family. The aftermath is still ongoing within my circle of friends and slightly wider community. I’m wondering if I should stand my ground and not give in or just take the hits to resolve issues within our friendship group and possibly hide away for the year? Work has also been hard to focus on with all of this going on and I’m wondering when things will turn around to allow me to get back on track? I have always been really up, up, up and this change within my friends has really knocked me. I was really hoping that 2019 was going to be better than 2018 but it is already proving quite difficult. Thank you.

    1. You have Juno at 4 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and community. You can look up Juno and the Eleventh House on Search when you finish reading this. Unfortunately you had an eclipse fall at 4 Aquarius on the 27th of July 2018 which is when the blind spot or cover-up took place. An eclipse always blots out the light. It conceals, it never reveals. This can and will get better (the good news) as Jupiter the repair planet will move to 4 Aquarius from December 2020 and you will be fine. It takes time to get there but there are things you can do. First of all, forgive yourself for not knowing and not seeing! The eclipse on 27th of July found the Sun at 4 Leo and Moon at 4 Aquarius, so it was also a Full Moon, which is the toughest kind of eclipse. It also hit a whole lot of other stuff in your chart. You have Venus at 4 Capricorn in your Tenth House of success, work, position, status and ambition. You mention May and June 2018 – you also have Ceres at 21 Aquarius, again in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. Pluto was at 21 Capricorn, forming a semi-sextile, in May 2018. It should make you feel better to know this can only happen every 240+ years. This will absolutely fix itself in the end. Take a deep breath and keep on doing and saying all the right things. For extra help use the single-card Tarot reading. First of all satisfy yourself that the cards are working – they are describing your present (ask ‘What is my present situation?’) Then ask ‘What is the best thing I can do for myself and others, in 2019, to ….’ (You fill in the blanks).

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