2019 Astrology Journal

The 2019 Astrology Journal, available exclusively to Premium Members, can be personalised quickly and easily. The journal, released every quarter, covers the most important horoscope dates every three months, along with space for your notes.

The 2019 Astrology Journal, available exclusively to Premium Members, can be personalised quickly and easily. The journal, released every quarter, covers the most important horoscope dates every three months, along with space for your notes.

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28 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Please excuse they typo in my previous message.

    I hope your are well is what I meant.


  2. Dear Jessica,

    Happy New year and thank you for the journal and guidance as always.
    My question has nothing to do with the post but if repeated dreams has anything to do with astrology. I feel so silly writing this to you…
    Ever since I remember as a child I used to dream about an angry cow with a big horn chasing me and only stops when my father shows up. The cow talks and it seems afraid of my father. And one day my father asked him why he keeps on chasing me and the cow said its becouse i make fun of him. So my father asked me to apologise to the cow I did and never dreamed of it again. That was approx 9-10 years ago.
    Now out of no where i dreamed of it last week. This time I am not afraid of the cow and i am even standing in front of him. The cow says I am not chasing you for the sake of your father. I am always a little girl on the dream.
    It bothers me a lot why I am dreaming about it again and again. Wondering if astrology can explain dreams?
    I dream a lot by the way and my mother too. We have a nickname in the family “The dreamers ” lol

    Thanks and stay blessed

    1. Love this dream TG and of course you know it is a Jungian projection of your Taurus side. You were born with the Sun at 4, Chiron at 12, Ceres at 17, Bacchus at 4, Aesculapia at 24, Hygiea at 0, Ops at 11 Taurus. You have a large stellium in Taurus in your Second House of money, values, houses, jewellery, apartments, taxation, art, collectables, charity and business. The father in astrology is represented by the Sun. You have been dreaming about your own values (what you will and will not sell out for; who or what you think is priceless) in relation to your father’s. You are having an unconscious memory of the Wall Street bull. Did you know that? The little girl statue who faces the bull is your projection. Now that Uranus is going into Taurus your unconscious is preparing you for many years of change – especially with your values!

      1. Oh how brave she looks the little girl facing the bull unlike me or at least not until now…lol. Well thank you Jessica it feels good to know my unconscious is preparing me for a change. Especially for The Uranus radical change.

  3. I was going to buy a journal on Amazon for this exact purpose and chose not to and less than 24 hours later I discovered this beautiful resource you’ve created and was so grateful as it is exactly what I had in mind! Your tips on how to use it and make it mine make it that much more special. Thank you, Jessica 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. I will pass this compliment onto Justin, who designed it. We’ll be adding sections through the year for you to print and bundle together. Tip – wrapping paper makes a fantastic cover. Just fold it four ways. Add ribbon. It’s a present for yourself!

  4. This is so awesome, Jessica and team. Thank you !!

    Also loving the Astrology Oracle e-Book and loved the Radio Adelaide (?) interview. Thanks for all the guidance and inspiration.

    Happy New Year of the Pig, too!!! Doing all my New Year de-cluttering prep (as have done for 12 years now) now ! Thanks again. 🙂

    1. Thank you, I’m glad. And Happy Year of the Pig/Boar which is very special – it’s also Aquarius weather time and that means a sample of what is to come from December 2020 and actually from 2023 too…

  5. Hello Jessica,

    I attended your talk in Hobart this week, thank you it was wonderful. I have always been interested in astrology from a very young age, I remember walking to the local newsagent as a child, flooded with excitement to buy the latest monthly horoscope reading, which was in the form of a tiny scroll. So gorgeous! I have now become a member of your site and am loving it. I have, over the last few days developed an obsession with my birth chart and am really enjoying decoding and finding the patterns with stelliums and repeating angles in the Houses. I seem to have an abundance of clusters within a few houses, particularly in the 9th House, where there is a big cluster and three of those with the same 27 degree angle. Which from what I’ve read so far could relate to reoccurring patterns.. I would really appreciate your guidance with links or books or an astrologist for further information surrounding how I can continue to decode and discover. Warmly, Jacinta.

    1. Thank you so much. I’m glad you were there with us in Hobart, Jacinta, it was a lovely evening. You are strongly Sagittarian as you have discovered with a stellium in your Ninth House. 2019 is your year and your will pursue astrology for fun but also learn a huge amount. You will also travel interstate, across the state or overseas and it will be one of the very best holidays of your life. So much more than another trip. You may find it useful to find Stephanie Johnson who spoke with me that evening, at

  6. Hello Jessica,
    Your knowledge is amazing and the fact that you share it is wonderful. I’m a newbie to all this so I’m not sure if this is a mistake expensive on my part:

    I am wondering about Jupiter in Sag 2019. Does this get affected by Mercury retrog? Nov Dec 18 I did not do my most important online email follow ups for my career as I wasn’t sure if this cycle would give me negative results. Couldn’t take the risk. So waited till Jan. Now , there is a new development, not positive, and I wish I had got back to them in Oct Nov. Did I misunderstand this Mercury Retro in Sag please.

    Grateful for your patience and taking time to answer all queries.

    1. Thank you. Jupiter in Sagittarius is now working for you, and Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius is well and truly over. Sagittarius does not rule your career, though, that is ruled by Capricorn (Tenth House) and Virgo (Sixth House). I am not sure why you did not follow up on a career application – all you have to do is have Plan A, B and C with Mercury Retrograde. It is hard to say more without knowing your chart, sorry. The Sagittarius retrograde was about travel, study, teaching, publishing and foreign people and places – not career.

  7. Dear Jessica,

    I was reading my Taurus daily horoscope for 23 Jan 2019. It says I will be in a different role in 2021, and a life-changing transformation of my entire aims, goals and ambitions will be with me after 2023. Could you please explain why this is so? I’ve been searching for my true life purpose for some time. I work in a well-paid but highly demanding job, and I’ve always wanted to have the time to even find out what is truly meaningful to me.

    It is true that I was born with the Sun at 15 degrees Taurus, and Uranus will cross that point sometime in 2023.

    Thanks very much for your advice.

    1. Sure – Jupiter (opportunity, expansion, growth) and Saturn (building, defending, managing) both move into the sign of Aquarius and your solar Tenth House of success, ambition and achievement – from December 2020. Pluto (empowerment, transformation, control) then follows them, also in Aquarius, from 2023. Nothing at all will be obvious yet. February will give you some small clues about what might be possible in 2 years’ time, as we have some faster-moving heavenly bodies going through Aquarius. Looking at your birth chart as well as your Taurus chart, with Uranus going right across your Second House of income and salary – charity and business – you can put the story together and see that from 2019 onwards, for many years to come, you will see radical changes in your approach towards money and perhaps a total shift in your values. That is bound to be reflected in the paid and unpaid work you end up doing. So – yes – life-changing transformation, is in your destiny. It will set you free, actually. It will liberate you.

  8. Hello Jessica, and apologies for the long explanation I sent you. I was very worried to say the least, have written to all profs with no reply. I did inform you about my delay as well. I had a feel, the post was long hence there’d not be any update, but I just am seeking your guidance as I have nowhere else to seek and to say that I am very worried is an understatement. I just want the prof at B England, to tell me , ok apply for funding. It’s Jan end already I’m aware but still. No reply yet from him. I regret , big time, that I should have replied to him in July. But I had the same things to say and I knew it would not work, but I should have. Has it cost me my career Jessica please? I was late yes, for specific reasons , but I think he can get back now, my prof (s). Jupi in Sag, will it shine on me? Whatever you say, I’ll face it, however scary the situation has become. It’s been so so long since I have earned money of my own in this career. Just that I need your take please. Grateful to you for this. Thank you.
    (I here:

    This is for your ref only please. I wrote it at night, after writing to all profs, and I was tense. But it gives the pic what happened.
    Jessica, I am completely broken. I have truly messed up my life. My career. Today I got to know.
    2 universities’ professors I had been working with since 2018 for research funding having secured a place already for PhD. A and B (both UK, with Brexit now, I should be specific, Scotland and England). in 2018, A (Scotland) did not inform me that my supervisor had left his work on medical leave and I was left hanging for references for funding applications. Literally pleaded with them to provide one so that atleast I could submit the application. I got a generalized reference from the head of department, but as fundings expect supervisory details, I couldn’t get through. All the apps I had to write on my own, and I’ll tell you, this is very difficult in the arts, and I am no genius, just a hardworking person.
    2019, new professor has come but I am informed now that subjects are different even though broadly same and can’t supervise me. I’ve just emailed them if they could reconsider. I have no choice. The head of Dept who gave a gen ref in 2018 says she is going on research leave. I’ve asked her if she could be my supervisor. No reply.

    B (England) 2018, I was clearly told by my supervisors that I should not apply for funding as I got to them in Jan. Not before, in 2017. Actually, I had, but I didn’t get a positive reply so left it. In Jan, just checked in again and although I did get my place again, they said they will not help in writing funding applications. I did them on my own, as it’s my responsibility. Told them so. The department selected my appl for one scholarship, but I didn’t get through the final stage.

    Through all the above I was also working on my independent research subject from 2017 (mid) that I had to complete. It’s vast. I completed the first phase, with about 600 pages of reading and my research notes.
    By June 2018 I was nonstop writing reading and struggling with my profs for refs and what not for about a year. This in addition to work at home (I live on my own). July 2018, I didn’t even know I had neglected my health so much, my complete arm couldn’t move. And I had a huge tennis ball like protrusion on my tummy. Ran to the doc in Aug (again work came up on home front). Had severely messed up my digestive system, am still on medicines now. It’s still going to take some time. I simply didn’t know.
    July 2019 till Oct 2019 there were house matters that I had to complete. Leakages , seepages, drains not working, roof repair, and other things that took four months to get done. My family visited and some tensions there as well. I was tired but I just went on. In Aug I went to the doc, after the tennis ball increased and my hand was in severe pain.
    In Nov I wanted to get back to my career, but I read about Mercury Retrograde in Sagitt and was dilly dallying writing to my profs again, to plead again that I apply for funding. They had replied in June to my long email after all my funding rejections when I told them I cannot give up. Scotland A told to reapply with new profs , which at time were not there. This meant doing everything again, with no help. B England said they will not be funding, I can come on my own. I have no money, am an international candidate. I should have replied then but I really didn’t know what to write, having written like a mad person for several months before, fighting, all on my own.
    Nov Dec I focused on health and nutrition. Dec end, some important financial matters on home front required urgent attention. Completed them last week. Got back to my profs. I am so exhausted by all this frankly.
    B (England) has not got back to me. I wrote to them last week. I mentioned my situation, about serious home and health circumstances, about my computer giving way and my data in a drive that hasn’t been recognised. All my work in there. No reply. I’m very aware that I had a delay in getting back of some months. But no one helped me write the applications Jessica. And writing funding applications is superbly difficult.
    Today A (Scotland) got back to me saying the new profs can’t supervise.
    B (England , my first choice ), the profs I’m sure are angry and hence not got back. Not sure if they are going to.
    What is my career become then? How did I mess up. I need one chance. Al this Jupiter Sagi magic, why not me included in this? I have no money. Family support. But they cannot always do that. I’ve to get going in 2019 but profs are unhelpful since 2018. And my mistake of email delay, I feel it now. I’m tired Jessica, just exhausted. I feel I’ve failed at everything. My family provided my money to complete my Masters, I had to get through this funding. I have gone wrong I feel. Why are my profs B, angry with me so much that I cant get another chance.
    Apologies, this is long. I had to detail this as I am not able to see the solution that you have so very kindly told me:
    Jessica , I made a mistake I realize now, the email delay. I was tired to the bone and I needed to think. What a mistake I made. It has cost me my career hasn’t it? Jessica is there light for me? I have to begin to earn in this career, else without my family I’m actually out. Thank you. What luck I have come across you , your website

    1. I am very sorry you are feeling so upset. You are also using the language of someone who is living with depression. If you feel you have failed at everything, that is depression talking (not reality). Feeling tired is a symptom of depression, which an illness like any other. If you say you are ‘completely broken’ that is also sounding very much like you are living with this – and like anything else – it requires medical help. Have you spoken to your doctor about everything you are experiencing? From an astrologer’s point of view, 2019 is a year to teach, study, learn and pursue knowledge. This current avenue with your professors may or may not be the right one, but first of all, I think you may want to check online resources to take simple questionnaires about how you are feeling and thinking – which may in fact reveal that a trip to your doctor is required. You may also have anxiety syndrome, but it certainly sounds as if you may be having an episode of depression which can make everything feel extreme. You definitely need to talk to someone. Is there a counsellor at your university you can also see? Academia is full of people who are great thinkers, but sometimes there are bouts of mental illness to go with it, and it’s a condition like anything else – including your digestive problems.

      1. Hello Jessica, please guide me.
        You wrote : “This current avenue with your professors may or may not be the right one” , I just want to know please how do I rectify the mistake I made? I know every action is in my hands, its just I’m waiting on my profs and for the first time, am doing nothing. This is not right. I don’t know how to proceed again and it’s just this path that I’m on that I have to be on.
        You do know what has happened with me, my applications and profs and funding. (I:
        I’m relieved on one hand that the personal issues, much of it was resolved by Oct 2018 end. They were some very dire matters that had to be done. At the same time my career , my completion of my research study, getting back to profs didn’t get done. I sleep thinking home is atleast fine on these matters, but get terrified and wake up thinking that my academic career is now where?..I’m not 25 anymore and I don’t live in the UK (I just have a know for this place professionally, subject wise) or US where there are opportunities in film research and writing. I know 2019 is my only chance, B England is the only place I have to be, so how much have I missed already? How do I positively do from now on. I can’t give this up. I am: 21st March 1978. 6.05 am. 12.9321° N, 79.3335° E.
        I’m aware you are very busy and even if you aren’t able to reply to this , I understand. And yes, thank you for all your generosity in replying to these queries in such detail.

        This below is not for the comment please, just to you Jessica:
        Apologies , I’m wrong in asking you this question without being a premium member, this is not right I know. I don’t have that money now. It’s just apart from my profs who can tell me what next, I feel you do very well guide as well. Hence I am taking a chance with this please. All I need is your guidance. Again, its not enough but thank you for all your generosity in replying to all queries in such detail.

        1. You have anxiety – which is an illness like the common cold or flu – and your anxiety needs treatment, okay? Please go and get help from your doctor or a sympathetic counsellor. You would really benefit from cognitive therapy which is rethinking the way you frame things. So, instead of saying ‘2019 is my only chance’ you give yourself a more realistic, kinder and gentler message. And it’s quite right to ask me questions if you are not a Premium Member, so don’t be concerned. This is anxiety talking again. It really does affect the mind, body and spirit and if you ‘get terrified and wake up’ then I know for sure you have it. It can be treated with medication to give you a break, but you would also benefit very much from non-drug treatment too, so please look at what else I have passed onto you about anxiety syndrome and ways to handle it. Do you know the phrase ‘catastrophising’ at all? You are doing it and there are some much, much better alternatives for you in terms of how you think about yourself and your life that will leave you feeling calmer and happier. Please start the search. I do think counsellors attached to the university or your region would be a really good first stop. You would not be the first person who needs a helping hand on campus, or even off campus. That is what they are there for. In the meantime – meditation will help you breathe properly – mindfulness will also assist – and you need to go to YouTube right now and listen to the work of Dr. Claire Weekes.

          1. Thank you Jessica. My doc told me the same thing , he has been telling me since some time, to meditate and breathe coolly as I used to do this before. Its just , time is running out and what am I doing. Ok, I’ll have to calm first, think positively , sensibly and work from now, with what I have. The past is done so need to beat myself up over it. Ok, I’ll do this. Thank you.

          2. Exactly, the past is the past. You may benefit from seeing it with a new point of view. Please find the work of Dr. Claire Weekes and if you can order the book at your library or online, so much the better. You have anxiety disorder. Doctors have been recommend her books since the 1960s because they work. Meditation will help, so will relaxed breathing, but find the Weekes books – Peace From Nervous Suffering and Self-Help For Your Nerves.

  9. Jessica, this present Jupiter in Sag cycle, Jupiter at present is at 18 deg which is the same degree that my natal Neptune In Sagitt is at (18 deg 19 mins) ,apart from Sag 0 deg at house 9 and MidHeaven in Sag 26 deg. You always mention in the Current Planets page that if there is a match something big is happening, but I see nothing positive happening. Should there be something off here? Thank you!

    1. Hard to say without seeing your personal birth chart in full – taking things out of context is not going to give you the full picture – transiting Jupiter at 18 Sagittarius conjunct natal Neptune at 18 Sagittarius is about an opportunity (Jupiter) to solve issues (Jupiter) or pursue big new opportunities (also Jupiter) related to travel, travel in the mind, academia, education, teaching, mentoring, moving, relocating, foreign people and places, unfamiliar cultures and belief systems (all Sagittarius, Ninth House). This goes right to the heart of the way you tend to escape from the real world (Neptune) by losing yourself in holidays from reality (also Neptune). Give this a little bit of time. A classic example would be a chance to take a cruise, sail, scuba-dive or go swimming somewhere special – somewhere new – somewhere different. Or, to absorb new knowledge from foreigners about meditation, psychic work, dreams and so on. Same kind of thing!

      1. ” related to travel, travel in the mind, academia, education, teaching, mentoring, moving, relocating, foreign people and places, unfamiliar cultures and belief systems” – Yes, the ball is in their court now and am waiting. Was thinking by 17 / 18 deg things should work out but they are as uncertain as ever. Hence thought these Jup Sag changes are about what.

        “This goes right to the heart of the way you tend to escape from the real world (Neptune) by losing yourself in holidays from reality ” – Gosh, this is scary , I mean somewhat close?. Not holidays. I do tend to get involved in my thinking, , reading about art and culture , understanding them, seeing the questions they raise etc..Reality comes like a different world , when I’m out and about. This isn’t good though. One has to be real and practical. Finding the groove now. Extremely difficult but it’s doable. The above is also this related subjectwise.

        Merci for your reply please.

        1. You probably need to do your chart for questions like this – try Premium Membership for a month – you can then see exactly what is going on. You can also use The Astrology Oracle and The Tarot for second and third opinions. Bon chance.

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