January 2019 Eclipse Astrology

On January 20th and 21st, 2019, a total lunar eclipse finishes a Leo astrology cycle in your life. What does it mean for your sign and also your personal horoscope?

The January 2019 Eclipse in Astrology

The Full Moon on Monday, January 20th and 21st, 2019 is a total lunar eclipse. It’s at 1 Leo. If you have your personal birth chart in front of you and can see anything at 1 Leo, then on January 20th, 21st, 22nd there will be a cover-up or blind spot, relating to the world of pregnancy, children, young people or the relationships which may bring parenthood. Also any youth-related plans or projects.

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An eclipse is neither good nor bad, it’s just missing information, or your own lack of insight! That’s why astrologers including the late, great Debbi Kempton-Smith used to advise avoiding them.

I’ll cover your own zodiac sign (below) so you can see a general weather report for this Leo eclipse. As a general rule, give yourself and others more time and space either side of an eclipse So – January 20th, 21st, 22nd is not the best time for big judgements or sweeping decisions. Why would you or anyone else try to figure things out in the dark?

An eclipse does, in astrology, what it appears to do in the heavens. It blots things out. It leaves us ‘in the shadows’ in terms of what we cannot see and do not know!

This is the last in a chain of Leo eclipses which leaves Donald Trump and his children and young in-laws, to their fates. You’ll remember how he was filmed at the White House staring straight at the last one (below). I made a long prediction about the young Trumps back on 6th August 2018 and I’m going to stick to that.

 Eclipse of the Century BARRON TRUMP 600x549 - January 2019 Eclipse Astrology

The January 21st, 2019 Eclipse – Can’t See, Don’t Know!

This total lunar eclipse, also known as a blood moon, will visible from the United Kingdom in the very early hours of the morning. The last total lunar eclipse was on 27th July 2018 and was part of this strange Leo sequence. As Leo has always ruled the Queen and King of ‘the jungle’ (The Lion King) and their heirs to the throne, all these blind spots have been about America’s first family, from Barron Trump to Ivanka.

They have also been about the British Royal Family. It’s possible we may find out the truth in the summer of 2019.

Earth’s dark shadow will creep over the Moon, in January 2019, which will go blood red.

Lunar eclipses only happen during full moons, and the one that rises in late January will be bigger and brighter than average, making it a so-called Supermoon, a term invented by the astrologer Richard Nolle. This will be the last total lunar eclipse that we will see until May 26, 2021.

An eclipse is neither good nor bad, it’s just an unclear time when you’re in the dark. History and astrology tell us that the longest-running unsolved mysteries always happen on eclipses.

Moon eclipse 1 600x300 - January 2019 Eclipse Astrology

The Leo Eclipse Chain and Your Zodiac Sign

On Saturday 11th August 2018 the New Moon and Solar Eclipse was in Leo. Back on January 31st, 2018, the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse was also in Leo. Going further back, on February 11th, 2017 the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse was also in Leo. The last Leo eclipse in the sequence is about to take place, with a Full Moon in Leo.

Leo eclipses have been/will be about your children. About godchildren and young relatives. Youth, as a whole and young people. Lovers who could make you a parent, aunt, uncle.

The Leo eclipses have been/will be about your family tree. Ancestors and new family members. Your house, land, apartment or property. Your town or country.

Leo eclipses have been/will be about Twitter and your online life. Your emails. Your telephone calls. The media, from television, to newspapers, to radio. Books and podcasts.

Leo eclipses have been/will be about your own money. Your debts and assets. Your own values. Your personal possessions, house or apartment. Your personal business assets.

Leo eclipses have been/will be about your image. Your name or brand. Your profile or reputation. Your personal appearance. Your photographs, YouTube clips or media. Anything bearing your identity, like a book.

Leo eclipses have been/will be about your secrets. What you cover up and hide from other people. Your inner life. Your unconscious. Your soul or spirit. Your astral body.

Leo eclipses have been about a group or network. Friendships. A circle or community of people, like a football team or an ensemble cast, or a rock band. A political party or secret society!

Leo eclipses have been/will be about your role. Your career. Your position, mission and ambition. Your work history to date and the aspirations you have for the future.

Leo eclipses have been/will be about your relationship with foreign people and places. Your travel agenda. Any history or future plans for emigration. Universities and publishing.

Leo eclipses have been/will be about your money, in relation to second and third parties. Houses, land, apartments, business interests and cash bound up with partners or family.

Leo eclipses have been about your former, current and potential partner. Your enemy, rival or opponent. Who is on the other end of the scales from you? That’s where you have been left in the dark.

Leo eclipses have been/will be about your daily routine. Your wellbeing and fitness. Your workload. Your part-time or full-time employment. Unpaid work. Your lifestyle.


images 3 - January 2019 Eclipse Astrology

Prediction. Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un and the January 2019 Eclipse

Let’s talk about Trump again. This goes beyond the children. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un returned the bodies of Americans who lost their lives during the Korean War, to American soil, near the time of the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 27th, 2018 as part of what Donald Trump claimed was a peace agreement between the United States and North Korea. I’m sure you remember that.

The astrology said that this was no peace deal at all.  It was an intensely dangerous ‘agreement’ to make.  We will see the second part of this story unfold near January 20th and 21st, 2019, as the next eclipse kicks in. That’s about three weeks away, as I file this prediction on January 2nd, 2019. This will be the second of two blind spots involving Trump and Kim.

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50 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica , another great article thank you . I have a real sense of anticipation about January through to March ( whats not known yet ) and if reading my horosope right , change is coming . Im hoping this final eclipse opens the career doors that have been so confusingly closed to me the last 1-2 years . i would welcome your thoughts/ advice .

    1. You have been experiencing unclear and rather shadowy situations in your career, but this January eclipse is the last time you will be kept in the dark. This may have been your former or current boss, or just the whole company or business, which may have had an agenda you did not know about. You will find your lifestyle and workload becomes far more predictable from March 2019 and in fact, from 2019 beyond 2020, you will be mentored or guided, either directly or at a distance, by a rather unusual person or organisation which will teach you what you can get away with. The so-called impossible or outrageous, in your chosen field, will no longer be so out of bounds, or out of the question. This also applies to any actual study you do. You’ll certainly find 2019 a lot easier than 2018 or 2017.

  2. Thanks Jesssica,

    For all your fantastic articles and enlightenment in 2018, and very best wishes for 2019.

    Kind regards,

  3. Good day Jessica
    10/18/1938 Manchester England early hours 4-6 am
    Earlier you spoke through a post of big things to come especially financially (..Jesssica wrote on 10/15 /2018). You have Jupiter (solutions, opportunities, optimism, growth, expansion) in Sagittarius in your Third House of communication, study and writing for most of 2019 and he moves in, as November 2018 begins. That is a fantastic new cycle for you. We have the North Node of karma moving into Cancer and your Fourth House of family in November as well. There is money ahead. Rather a lot of money. It needs to be shared, managed and distributed between the different generations, from very young to very old.)….i ask …is this the time,as I think this is when Jupiter and Venus come together. I continue to work at my writing daily.

    1. Good day – waving from the other side of the world. Jupiter and Venus are not yet conjunct – that comes later in January – but keep writing for now, as there will be contests, groups to join, courses to attend and amazing opportunities to enjoy this year. It won’t just be January. That’s the start. It rolls all year. So keep your eyes open.

  4. Dear Jessica,
    I am scheduling an interview for January 9, 10, or 11 2019 dependable on when hiring managers are going to be available…
    Please tell me is this the path I should take. Should I say yes to the offer if there is successful interview process and the offer on the plate…

    1. Good luck Rose. There is something about the position you are not being told. It’s not negative, but either you or your employers are quite unaware of the full story at the moment. If the role begins in March 2019 it would make sense that you are being moved into that. If not this one, then you would have a very different project or position after March and one in which at last you know where you’ll be, and when you’ll be there. Far more organised and scheduled, actually.

  5. Good day Jessica
    10/18/38 Manchester England living in Georgia USA
    I have just read my weekly horoscope ,wish I-understood so much more…I have Taurus in panacea,in Uranus,in south node cannot fathom houses
    I have 14 sag volcano,14 in Juno,19 in asc, also in psyche,salacious, Venus,do not know houses. (6 in sag)?
    Cap in bachus, and
    Know you are busy but could anyone on staff help me out. I was wondering if it tied into my previous question ( waiting to be moderated)right here in astrology blog. Really want to pay close attention as it would appear that it may play into what’s going on in
    my life right now
    Thanks for any help

    1. That’s okay, I’m here to do the work for you! I’m happy you have a Sagittarius pattern in your Ninth House of travel, and also travel in the mind. You were born with a stellium here. An unusually high number of horoscope factors. You will take the trip of a lifetime or move in 2019, but perhaps you already know that. It will involve you picking up new knowledge or passing it on. A student of life role, or guide role with others. There will be a major signpost to that in January which you’ll enjoy. You know an opportunity when you see one!

  6. Hi. I know 3 people with a birthday on January 21st, I’m guessing this eclipse signifies a big year?

    One is an 8yr old daughter of a friend, one a 72yr old artist (already big things happening for her) and the other is a 44yr old ex of mine.

    Their charts are vastly differently but they all share the same sun. Will this eclipse affect them similarly? Thanks

    1. Eclipses are really just blind spots or cover-up jobs. They are neither positive nor negative, they just are what they are – obscured or blotted-out pictures. It’s smart to avoid acting or judging on the day, the day before, and the day after. Even if it’s a lovely surprise, like people plotting a surprise birthday party, or nominating you for an O.B.E. you are still in the dark. So – best for these people to bide their time.

  7. Thank you Jessica. Your writings are very insightful and spot-on. 2 years have been very difficult in career and relationships. I feel like I am stuck in my current role with barely any space for creativity or a say over things. The relationship aspects have been even more exhausting meeting different kinds of people who’ve taken me for a ride. I feel like I am spiritually tired. I hope post this last eclipse life take off in a better direction.

    1. Thank you. If you have been having career issues I suspect you have Capricorn factors in your chart. Check! You won’t get a full free chart at but you will get something to go on. If you do have Capricorn factors, then please know that 2019 is the end of the cycle and 2020 fixes your issues. Relationships sound to me like you have Libra stuff in your chart and are coming to the end of the Uranus in Aries oppositions. That is over in March.

  8. Hi Jessica, I have Ops at 0 degree Leo. I am not that familiar with Ops, so will it be significant for me? Thanks and have a happy new year. Cheers JC

    1. This is significant. You are not across the full and complete story with your godchild, child, niece, nephew or similar – perhaps with a lover who has children from a previous relationship – maybe with the rather obvious case of a lover who may bring a pregnancy, or a project which involves children or young people. You are being kept in the dark by others or there may be a bigger story which you simply cannot see and do not know about. In any case skip the eclipse period (a couple of days) for any major choices. It may be for the very nicest of reasons, but why act when you cannot see, are not aware and do not know?

  9. Good day Jessica
    Thank you for responding, I feel very appreciative. I am trying to be proactive in my future so that I may be able to work with all the stars and what they could provide,
    Earlier you spoke through a post of big things to come especially financially “There is money ahead. Rather a lot of money. It needs to be shared, managed and distributed between the different generations, from very young to very old.” Could you expand on this. Again thank you for your helpfulness in explaining it is most encouraging at what too often seems muddling 10/18/1938 Manchester England

    1. This financial trend begins in March and runs for many years into the future and you will be involved in your own legacy to others, and theirs to yourself, across the generation. Uranus the planet of space, freedom, new beginnings and radical changes is set to move into your zone of finance, savings, houses and apartments – and possessions and charity – from March 2019. He remains there long past 2020 so we are talking long-term. There will need to be quite a different sort of agreement between you and others, likely within the family, but if not through people who are as close to you as a family might be, financially.

  10. I’m a Leo born 7/29/65; Unfortunately I was struck by a truck on 8/2/2016; my father passed away on 12/18/18; and I’m scheduled for a settlement conference for the accident on 1/23/19; I’m nervous about the impending eclipse on 1/21/19. Should I fear what may happen during this last eclipse ?

    1. I am so sorry you have been put through these traumas and difficulties and hope you are on the mend, physically and emotionally, as these things take time. Meditating will help, so please try a YouTube video you like. Healing takes a great deal of time. The eclipse will have nothing to do with your settlement conference. Try to get the money sorted out by February 15th. If you have to wait until after that time, allow for delays and changes with the paperwork or discussion, but from April 15th it is well and truly behind you. Good luck.

  11. Hi Jessica and team

    I have an impo work related meeting abroad on 16-18 Jan with Capricorn in Bacchus at 22 degrees being triggered. Should I be getting ready for negative developments? Thanks!

    1. Hello Leena. Bacchus is not negative – in fact it’s about pure pleasure. There will be a great social side to what happens with work. Enjoy it.

  12. Dear Jessica,

    Help! I have Saturn at 1 Leo and Uranus at 1 Scorpio. In addition, I have Aesculapia in 0 Virgo, Venus at 2 Virgo and Fortuna at 2 Leo. How will this eclipse play out with the natal tangle of planets I have at 0,1 and 2 degrees? From what I read Leo rules my kids, Virgo my daily work life and Uranus is the planet of surprises. I am not sure how to read this?

    1. Just be aware of eclipse time as the Moon will be aspecting your chart as she passes through. She is at 0 Leo so will not impact Fortuna (too wide) or Venus but you will have her across your Saturn-Uranus square and Aesculapia semi-sextile. Yes, this is about the world of children or young people. Your own or others’ offspring. A younger generation. Perhaps, a lover who could bring that generation into your life. Do not act or judge dramatically across the eclipse. Allow a day before and after for the world to catch up with itself. Eclipses are neither good nor bad, they just conceal, so if (for example) there is a choice about your son’s education you may want to defer it, or if a goddaughter wants a favour, you may want to judge later. Much easier.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    My moon sign is Leo-and it is also the same degree as the eclipse- 1. I’m going through a crazy time right now trying to finish up renovation on the house I’m supposed to move in before February 10th. The struggle is real… both financially and mentally. Is this eclipse going to influence this in a negative way?

    1. The eclipse won’t actually be part of that story in your life. If you take some bold steps as soon as you can, you will finish the final details around February 10th – maybe a few days either side. The issue is other people not you. Things will settle down once you are past this crazy January Capricorn weather which is right opposite the Cancer house of your chart – the Fourth – ruling property.

  14. Hi Jessica can you tell me if this eclipse if will affect me with proserpina 1 degree virgo and Mercury 1 degree Capricorn I had a very tough life since 2016 hopefully this eclipse will end all this nightmares thank you jessica

    1. Eclipses tend to pass without us ever knowing/seeing and the trick is to actually suspend judgement or action while they take place. If I gave you the example of J.F.K. that might be useful. Lee Harvey Oswald quit one job, to go to another (within distance of the President’s car ride) on the exact day of an eclipse. We still don’t know the truth today! Just assume you will not know or see the total picture while the eclipse is passing. They can be benign. You may be the object of a hush-hush award nomination, or the target of a flattering news story. There may be a surprise party planned around you, or others may be secretly trying to help you in some way.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    Genelle and I hope you have a great week! My chart has 09 degrees in Leo, which is my Sun sign, and I also have 03 degrees in Mercury since, the Full Moon on Monday, January 20th and 21st, 2019 is a total lunar eclipse. It’s at 1 Leo. If you have your personal birth chart in front of you and can see anything at 1 Leo, then on January 20th, 21st, 22nd there will be a cover-up or blind spot, relating to the world of pregnancy, children, young people or the relationships which may bring parenthood. Also any youth-related plans or projects. We hope that there will be no coverups or blind spots, because we have started working with a licensing specialist at a new foster care agency, so that Genelle and I can become Respite Foster Care parents. We hope that we will get a positive outcome from the upcoming the Full moon and this total Lunar Eclipse, January, 2019. Thank you so much:-) In addition, my God Bless you and your entire family! Paul and Genelle

    1. Thank you Paul and Genelle. I hope it works smoothly for you now with your licensing specialist. The total lunar eclipse affects 0-1 degree Leo placements so it’s not that close to your Mercury. In general, though, this is all about the Fifth House, which is of course children and young people – so just assume you don’t know or can’t see something across those days and perhaps avoid really important meetings, emails or signatures then. Later on you will realise why you were right to hold back. This is the last of the Leo eclipses, which you will be very glad about.

  16. Hi Jessica – this worries me (perpetual worrier here) as I have Leo @ 01 Apollo and am a mother to an 11 year old girl (7/14/07, 11:45am PST) who started junior high this year! Thank you as always for your guidance 🙂

    1. That’s okay. Astrology is not there to worry you, it is there to help you sidestep known issues. History tells us, known issues are just not being able to see clearly – missing things – or having them withheld. This is most certainly about your daughter but it is not negative. It just means, there is a missing piece of the jigsaw so you may prefer not to make big decisions or judgements on eclipse day, and the day before/after. It may be something as basic as you (secretly) being considered for a leading role at her school by others, but you don’t know it yet – that kind of thing. Apollo is about leadership. In Leo and the Fifth House it makes you a natural mentor, guide and example-setter to younger people.

  17. Hi Jessica,

    I’m tired of never ending conflicts with my colleagues and power struggle with my boss. I cannot control my anger and I feel things are not fair and right in the team. It comes to a point where I’m blamed for creating conflicts unnecessarily whereas I’m only questioning things which are not fair and ethical boldly. Will there be an end to all this? I feel if the boss is a true leader he can lead the team in a better way. Or is it that I have to close my eyes and have no interaction at all.


    1. It really depends how long the problem at work has been there for. If this has been going on for at least 6 months, then there is more to it than just the usual Ceres in Scorpio cycle (issues about power and control). If you have been doing battle with your boss since around June 2018 then you may want to look at how to get what you want another way. Tactics are everything for a strongly Aries person as strategy can make the difference. If you have got nowhere by questioning your boss, take a deep breath and use the Lunar New Year on February 4th to make a fresh start. Space clear before you do this (see the Space Clearing feature).

  18. Hi Jessica…..I have a lot of 0 degree factors in my chart. My descendant is at 0 degree Leo. How do you foresee this impacting me?

    1. You’ll know it when you see it – it will involve past, present or potential lovers and definitely the world of babies, children or young people. Just put it all forward to Wednesday. You’ll be glad you did later.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    I’m a Sagittarian but also have been made aware relatively recently of mental health issues. I feel I have a lot of potential inside of me but executing that potential is held up by severe anxiety. Will I be ever able to overcome this as I feel I have a lot to give and offer but am held up by barriers.

    Warm Regards

    1. I am so sorry you suffer from anxiety Richard. Please go immediately to the work of Dr. Claire Weekes, either in your local library, free online at YouTube (audio) or just buy one of her books – she wrote them first in the Sixties and has saved and changed the lives of so many people. She was an Australian doctor who specialised in anxiety syndrome and you only have to read the comments on Amazon and YouTube to see why she is so special. I wish you the very best in your quest. Sagittarius has Uranus (radical change) from March 7th 2019 in his health and body-mind zone for many years. So it is time to break free and be free.

  20. Hello Jessica, thank you for your insights and excellent posts! I have a range of aspects all happening around these eclipses, the cancer / cappy happening in my work sector, saw me join a multimodality clinic, but possibly loose a personal client!? And this eclipse is hitting my asc/nodes…. Is this a good thing??
    Regards J

    1. It’s really just working around obvious red flags. You have Mars in Leo in your Fifth House of godchildren, children, youth projects, young people and so on. Lovers who might make you a parent, aunt or godparent! That eclipse goes right through your Fifth House so if these subjects/people/issues come up for you Monday-Tuesday please don’t discuss until Wednesday or later as there are a lot of blind spots here.

  21. Hi Jessica, the eclipse almost here and as a Cancerian I can feel the energy. I have nothing at one degree but the last solar eclipse at 15 Capricorn on 6 January was truly awful. I had surgery on that day, complications with the anaesthetic caused ongoing after effects (I think Neptune was involved in that somehow). My moon is 15 Aries and Neptune 12 Libra so the solar eclipse squared both. Following the surgery, huge bust up with my partner when I was in recovery and he’s very cool now. Partially my responsibility due to my fiery temper but equally his for his attitude after surgery. My question is about the period between eclipses and whether this lunar eclipse is likely to be linked with events of the solar eclipse and any idea what to expect. Lying low at the moment, recovering and not making any decisions. Many thanks.

    1. You are actually going through more than just eclipse cycles – you also have Pluto, Saturn and the South Node in your solar Seventh House, which rules partners in your solar chart. I am sorry you are going through this, particularly with the issues about your body too. Do NOT worry about this new Leo-Aquarius eclipse, happening now, as it really doesn’t touch your chart at all. The situation with the partnership will improve out of sight from December and 2020 will be the downhill slope, and an easy ride into happier and more comfortable times. He may or may not be with you from Christmas this year, but the right person, will be right by your side, for 2020 with Jupiter on board.

  22. Dear Jessica,

    Can you please give me some light shining beams on my career:
    • Do you see me getting promoted in current company where I work this week?
    • Do you see me getting second interview with company I am talking to about their opportunity as I had first interview over the phone on January 9 2019?
    •What will you suggest…
    Love ❤️ you

    1. You will find things settle down for you from March 7th but until then you may still find things are a little up in the air as you need to know what it feels like to be free – to be independent. That’s why nothing is every really settled for very long! Yet, you are never bored either. From March 7th you will find that things become much more stable and from that point forward you will enter training, upskilling, or be mentored/guided by a very special person or organisation which teaches you that what you used to think was out of the question, is not. That sounds mysterious but you will see why, after March. You could easily get a new position or promotion from that point. You would be very tempted. You will certainly go on a course or attend part time study or workshops, seminars and so on, which changes your life.

  23. Dear Jessica Good Day Birthdate 10/18/1938 Manchester England

    We are nearing the end of January ….I take your astrology very seriously but realize it is a sort of map but I need to do my part. Based on your past comments about Jupiter and Venus I have been out and about making a presence, so far January has left me feeling as if I have been used as a battering ram. All challenges have been devastating, even my writing course has taken a beating ( not being able to concentrate and absorb) Even with my efforts to mingle and be out and about for opportunities , taking up internet talk groups.that I used for business in the past have yielded nothing. Some days I feel I am sinking and the loneliness is over whelming……..will this change and if so when can I expect to see a break in the clouds. My personal life is not good and due to poor behavior from my husband has no chance of repair.

    1. You sound very down – I am sorry you are having a rough month. Are you living with depression? That is a useful question to ask. If so and it is untreated, you need to see a doctor as your first step. The Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius certainly did unfold in Sagittarius, in your zone of learning, publishing, the worldwide web, teaching and writing – also travel, foreign people and places. So you had an opportunity there and I am puzzled that you say you have been used as a ‘battering ram’ and that your writing course has ‘taken a beating’ and that you are ‘sinking’. You add that your husband is poorly behaved and that you feel you are sinking and feel overwhelmed by loneliness. Now, this all sounds as if you may in fact have depression and/or anxiety in your life. Anxiety is also an illness, just as depression is. If you say that you are unable to concentrate, that is actually a medical symptom of either, so there may actually be an explanation for why you have been finding it hard to focus. You are using language associated with Aries (battering ram – Aries is actually the sign of the ram) and you do in fact have Saturn in this sign and I am sure you know Saturn is the toughest part of the chart. I suspect that things have been better for you than you may fear and that you are actually doing pretty well out there. It may be that your emotional state, or anxiety is getting in the way or even preventing you from seeing and enjoying what you are actually achieving. Have you taken the tests at The Black Dog Institute online? It’s an Australian resource, but is there for people from all over the world. These quizzes can help you figure out if you are living with an episode of depression and give you practical advice. Your first step, of course, should be to see your own doctor.

  24. Hi Jessica!Thank you so much for all the information you are giving us.Well,i am a medical student who loves astrology.I would love to have your insight because my life is literally falling apart.On august 11,exact day of the eclipse i discovered that my partner for the last 20 years was having an affair with another girl for 4 years.After that shock which i havent gotten over yet,i was told that i have to have a surgery because of a health problem.I scheduled the surgery for the 29 of january 2019,which is tomorrow,but it got cancelled because i got the flu so its impossible to have a surgery in this condition.Now,i am living with a health problem which didnt got solved,heartbroken because of my ex,and having to study very hard so i can have my degree as a doctor.I really dont know if i can make it.I would love to hear your advice.I really really need it.My date of birth is 14 June 1980,born in athens-Greece.Thank you so much even for hearing me out.

    1. You will have an opportunity to date someone new, probably from another country – or at least well-travelled, or well-qualified academically. You will get over this horrible shock. You’ll make it with your degree. In fact being qualified in whatever you want to pursue, will change your life, and the year 2021 will be amazing for you. You’ll move or be given the chance to study or practise in another place. In fact, when you eventually move on, you will realise you simply had to be catapulted out of that relationship. Trust me on this. Your love life will improve hugely this year if you are open to new dates. And from 2023 you will be transformed by emigrating or travelling.

  25. I read your response and am most greatful.I question depression although I know many people can get down when things do not developed on their perceived time frame . I know that I will continue to work at all those things that you speak of in my horoscope…. the challenge is there which in itself is a motivator this January appeared to be difficult but so many people have found this a difficult time .I think with so many things going on in my life I do have to do a better job of prioritizing my tasks and give me more time ……… you spoke through a post of “big things to come especially financially “There is money ahead. Rather a lot of money. It needs to be shared, managed and distributed between the different generations, from very young to very old.” I prepare myself to be in some of the right places to partake of anything that comes my way and use the value of your January comes to a close I welcome February and all it will bring,even the battles if it is to be so. I am a product of ww11 and as so many are a survivor. I guess after reading your reply I feel some what guilty of having a pity party. Thank you for your talent ,thank you for some much that you do for so many……You are appreciated more than I think you know

    1. No pity party! You are allowed to feel, whatever you feel. If you have been through the Second World War then your childhood was subject to more tests and trials than many others on the planet today. Surviving wartime conditions as a child was not easy. Don’t worry too much about the money, house or apartment situation as that will emerge after March, when Uranus (radical change) moves to the sign of Taurus, which rules finance and the family. If you live with a lack of motivation, low self-opinion, and generally feeling down, low or flat – that is depression. It is an illness as common as the flu and it needs to be treated by a doctor, although there are other ways you can help yourself. Have a look online at what other people are trying, that works so well for them. Dorothy Rowe writes really well about depression and I had lunch with her once in Sydney – I liked her very much. Thank you for your thank you, too.

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