When the Stars Align – January to March 2019

Part one of a four-part quarterly series about 2019 and the most important astrology alignments, or fated dates, of the year ahead. How will your sign gain? What about your personal birth chart, if you are a Premium Member?

Part one of a four-part quarterly series about 2019 and the most important astrology alignments, or fated dates, of the year ahead. How will your sign gain? What about your personal birth chart, if you are a Premium Member?

What does it mean when people say, ‘The stars are aligned’? What they mean is – luck, good fortune and fate. Something bigger than them is at work. And it is on their side. Of course, stars don’t actually align. And the planets are always aligned.

One thing is certain, though. What people mean, when they say ‘the stars were aligned’ is astrological. Not astronomical!

In this feature, I’ll look at what Prince Harry meant, when he said the stars were aligned for his meeting with Meghan Markle. Later, I’ll line up the dates for 2019 and see what your star sign suggests with your former, current or potential partners. Will destiny line up for you?

Is it your year to fall in love again, or just fall in love? Will someone else fall for you a second time, or a first time? I’ll need your personal birth chart to give you your chances. First, though, let’s look at what an alignment actually is.

What is an Alignment in Astrology?

The Oxford English Dictionary tells us the word ‘align’ is French in origin and is over 400 years old. It comes from aligner and à ligne.

It means ‘to lie in a straight line’ which is a conjunction. It also means to ‘come together in agreement’ which means that the heavenly bodies must get on with each other.

If we’re talking about ‘stars aligned’ meaning fortunate, fated and so on – we’d be looking for Jupiter the planet of solutions, opportunity, growth and luck – in a conjunction with at least one other factor and hopefully more.


BBC News Article 573x600 - When the Stars Align – January to March 2019

Harry and Meghan – The Stars Were Aligned!

Prince Harry says he and US actress girlfriend Meghan Markle fell in love “so incredibly quickly” and it seemed proof that the “stars were aligned.”

He was speaking to the BBC after the couple announced their engagement and plans to marry in spring 2018.

The couple told the BBC’s Mishal Husain they met on a blind date and neither had known much about each other.

Prince Harry said “beautiful” Ms Markle “just tripped and fell into my life.”

He believed Ms. Markle and his late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, would have been “thick as thieves… best friends.”

Diana, of course, was a fan of astrology and sought advice from the very best – two stargazers I know and admire, Penny Thornton and Debbie Frank

So, Did the Stars Align in July 2016?

Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, told Sam Kashner from Vanity Fair that she and Prince Harry met in July 2016. No date has ever been confirmed, but it’s interesting to go back and look at 2016 alignments that month. We don’t find Jupiter (luck) in a straight line with anything else – there is no conjunction.

What we do find, though, is Mercury in Leo, the sign which rules Kings and Queens, in alignment with Venus, the planet of relationships. This took place on Sunday July 17th and Monday July 18th, 2016. That’s pretty impressive.

Mercury and Venus moved together at 5, 6 and 7 degrees of Leo as if they were dancing. Line-dancing. In alignment.

There was another alignment too, that month. It took place on Thursday July 7th and saw the Sun at 15 Cancer and Moon at 15 Cancer. I’m sure you know Cancer is the sign of home and family.

There is more (much more) to be said about July 2016 and its heavily fated role in the lives of Meghan and Harry. I’ve written about her long-term horoscope here.



Are you a Premium Member? Please keep reading to find out when the stars align for you in 2019. I’ll look at the conjunctions, or line-ups, involving the heavenly bodies and horoscope factors which help you most – and give you the best days for your sign. I’ll also go deeper into your personal birth chart, based on your time, place and date of birth. Please allow 24 hours either side for the world to catch up with itself.

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51 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this. You taking the time to do this, it is much appreciated.


  2. Happy holidays Jessica,

    I love this article. It has made me very hopeful for the new year, particularly when it comes to love. Am I destined to fall in love in 2019? I sincerely hope so as I was very alone ( not lonely) in 2018 even after stepping out of my comfort zone and being out and about more often.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. You will fall in love, seriously, from December 2020 and from 2023 this partnership will change your life. You can of course date until then, or get together with someone, but it would be Christmas 2020 that changes everything as you have to get real, but also take an opportunity. When Pluto changes signs from 2023 it’s an entirely new era in your love life. Enjoy yourself this year.

  3. Hey Jessica,
    I hope you had a Happy Christmas! I looked at my birth chart.. Am I missing something ? No dates!?
    On a positive note, I blocked the ex-Libra. The next 5 months are so important school wise, and I won’t allow myself to go backwards. It’s just not worth discussing anymore. It is what it is. I have been slipping on healthy eating habits for the past few months, so I am making a plan, coordinating meal prep with school schedule, etc. I lost 145 pounds via diet/exercise and have kept it off for 2 years. Gained a few back over the past 4 months. 10 to be exact.
    I am not going to sabatoge myself. Hence the blocking, getting a plan together,etc.
    I think I am probably making my birth chart interpretation harder than it is. I always want to know about the advanced stuff, (shocker 🙂 ),and I am SO NOT capable of interpreting that yet.
    Tell me anything you want. Social, school, family, ex… whatever.

    You posted a TON of stuff over the holiday. Thank You! I hope you took time off for yourself as well.

    1. I did have a lovely Christmas, thank you. Congratulations on blocking the ex and losing the weight. Go back to around the year 2000 to remember what was happening then around food for you, or your body. That will really help you in 2019 and 2020 as well. You will find the next love life situation teaches you how to become powerful by using your willpower and that lover will be your teacher. This is long-term, okay, to 2023! So you have plenty of time.

      1. Hey Jessica,
        Thanks! I feel good about it. Ready for the next chapter, whenever it happens. I have been thinking that my biggest challenge the next few months is going to be about balance, meaning not ALL school/study. I have to figure out a way to get everything done AND manage to have a life. Lol. I’m going to do it though. No idea how I am going to pull it off yet, but I am determined to find a way.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the article. I was wondering what should one expect when the 22nd January Venus/Jupiter conjunction happens on top of a natal Uranus knowing that you cannot put Uranus and expectations in the same sentence? I left my country to walk in another country because I fell for a guy. It has been more than 6 months and the guy isn’t happening (yet). I also know I have to be where I am which in the future may or may not have anything to do with him (in this moment I want him to be a big part of it). The 16/17 degree is sensitive point in our synastry as his Sun is at 16 Pisces. I know you dont include vertex in your predictions but mine works like a clock and brings crazy fayed incounters that change me completely. Or maybe that is just Uranus? Any thoughts/advices on how to navigate the energy? Many thanks

    1. Jupiter crossing your Uranus in Sagittarius in the Ninth House alongside Venus is very exciting. Liberating, too. The man was the bridge to some place else, in terms of your knowledge and also your exploration of other places, cultures and ideas. Falling in love with him got you to where you needed to be. You will figure things out with him, or another man, between now and the end of January. There will have to be a compromise. Beyond that, just focus on the ‘travel and travel in the mind’ part of the story. That’s where the benefits are. You were born to experiment, explore, accept change and find out what freedom actually means – and it was always going to be while you were travelling or moving somewhere new. And it’s coming. Try to embrace it.

  5. Thanks for writing this Jessica. This was a very interesting read. I had a question about how to read it for one’s personal chart. If I have no planets at the degree that you have mentioned does it mean that there would be no impact of that transit? I have nothing at 0,1 in Taurus. Should i read that as no efffect of uranus in Taurus around 17 March?

    1. You won’t be personally affected by the revolution coming after March 2019 when Uranus goes across 0, 1 Taurus (and keeps going). You do have Aesculapia at 3 Taurus though, so Uranus will cross that in 2019 and you will need to be as updated as possible about what is happening to the banks, and also to alternatives like Paypal and Stripe. Keep right across the latest trends with cryptocurrency as well. It literally pays to be informed about the way things are shifting in 2019 as they will do so very quickly and you need to know, because you’re going to have to zig-zag with the zig-zags.

  6. Dear Jessica,

    I have Ops 15° Sagittarius 36′ 34″ & Bacchus 16° Sagittarius 55′ 26″ R, what can I expect from these placement’s?

    Thank you and Happy new year!


    1. Happy New Year Np. You’ll love your holiday in 2019 and may even decide to move to that place one day. At the very least, the culture, beliefs, history and buildings/art where you go, will have a huge influence on you, and you will take it home with you afterwards, going back to it again and again, for some years to come. You’ll see early clues about this in January, but the whole story unfolds in 2019.

  7. Amazing. You are so generous with the detail you go into, Jessica. I’m planning a trip in mid February which will hopefully benefit from the Aesculapia / Diana transit!

  8. Thank YOU so much for your guidance Jess .
    This just I what I need .

    I have 15 degree in Saggitarious and 11 degrees in Aquarium , plus Aries 20 , 28 degrees .

    May I ask if I launch my daughter social media profile for her modelling and acting career on 22 January 2019 do I the exactly time of the day for the best success & what do I need to do to for my daughter successful . We live in Queensland of Australia .
    She’s a Leo
    ( 27/07/2006 at 12pm in NSW of Australia )

    Also as you can see Jess , Uranus is going through Aries last 7 years .
    It really tough ! My soul is overflowed of love inside her but there’s No Right Man to give it to .
    She’s dying . Please tell me I’m not staying alone like this for the rest of my life right ?

    Thank YOU so much again for your time & beautiful insightful Jess .
    I hope to hear from you soon .

    1. Your daughter will do better with her career after March because so much is going to change March, April, May 2019 for her. You may want to wait until then before you spend any money. Your daughter could easily change direction in those months so ‘expect the unexpected’ for her. What unfolds will be very new and different so you may want to wait. You personally will love 2019 as you will be taking the holiday of a lifetime.

  9. Dear Jessica,

    it seems as 10th of February will be my D day. I have Jupiter at 22deg in Aries. And I have Diana at 22deg in Aquarius and Mercury 22deg in Libra. I would like to ask you , in which way I could feel this alignement and if this event will be only this fact day or something starting its development from this day.

    Thank you !

    1. You have some fantastic transits around 10th February, though you may feel them the day before or after – report back. This will be about a former, current or potential partner. And it will also be about friends and groups.

  10. Hello Jessica,

    Sending New Year well wishes to you and your team! Speaking of the stars aligning, now that I’m a premium member I am paying attention to planetary positions. Your website has such amazing resources, thank you all for what you do! Since I’m paying attention, I see that collectively so many signs are in their home planets. In my own birth chart at this moment, I personally have my sun in Capricorn, my Mercury and Jupiter in Sag, and Mars at 29 in Pisces, before it moves to Aries in a few hours. I’m at such a peaceful frame of mind, just had another birthday and feel great all around. Any thing I should be paying attention to while I’m in this high state of gratitude? Love to hear your thoughts.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you ArMa, I will pass that onto Alyas, James, Jodi, Justin, Kerry and Sarah. You have your Jupiter Return in Sagittarius, yes its home planet, in 2019 and that will bring you the most fantastic outcome, as you travel or travel in the mind – at the biggest and best level in 12 years. You will have a chance to take the holiday of a lifetime, a stunningly successful business trip, move or emigrate. It would involve guiding others in some way but also being guided. Just say yes, but you won’t need to be persuaded.

  11. Thanks so much for doing this 3-mth thing. I am eager to say what pans out for me as I have my chart triggered on both January dates! At least they seem to be positive. But what concerns me is that on 2nd January 11 Capricorn is triggered (as you stated in the weekly) and I have NN on at 11 Cap. And on 6th January, the day of the eclipse 15 Capricorn is triggered and I have Cupido at 15. Can you please tell me how January looks for me which so much going on in my chart? What do I need to be on the look out for? Thanks so much.

    1. January is interesting from a karmic point of view as you have been through so many past lives where you had to leave your home, family and class in order to succeed (rather like leaving a simple farm family for the big city to make it) but also – where you realised that all the success in the world was no substitute for home sweet home, and actually gave up your position in order to go back to where you came from. You probably have strong reactions to particular places, locations, regions as a result of that. (For or against). The transits across your Nodes remind you to learn from the past – especially the year 2000 – in 2019 and 2020. You will be put in a position where you slowly but surely get closure and tie the knot, and close the circle, in issues concerning one or both parents and perhaps a sibling. There is also closure here with a huge question about your ambitions, your mission in life and your C.V. January is an eye-opener which will reveal so much you may have been missing before, and it opens the doors to 2019, 2020 when you will end up figuring out the future in a way that satisfies you and others.

  12. As someone with many planets in Gemini and Virgo (including a number of tough exact squares), will Jupiter in Sag bring any relief or will it end up squaring and opposing everything in my chart and therefore entail a tough year? I do have Jupiter in Aries at 15 but nothing at all in Sagittarius–and yet I work in publishing and would love to relaunch an old publishing business this year. Would this be feasible or should I wait until Jupiter in Cap trines my virgo Mars, Uranus and Pluto next year? My north node is Cancer at 20 so I’m currently experiencing the Pluto south node conjunction (like Queen Elizabeth!) conjunct my own south node in Cap on top of everything else! Any advice would be so appreciated,

    1. You are in the right profession – publishing – with your huge Gemini chart signature. Gemini rules writers, editors, agents and publishers as well as all multimedia, mass media and new media. You’re in for the most remarkable year. Even without seeing your chart, just knowing that Jupiter will oppose your Gemini factors only means an overwhelming overload of opportunities (most evident in June) when your biggest challenge is actually keeping things simple and manageable. I would expect another nationality to be involved in that. Jupiter trine your natal Jupiter is fantastic and you will relaunch your brand, name, image or appearance if you snap up a golden opportunity when that occurs – watch the front page of this website to track Jupiter as he goes across 14, 15, 16 Sagittarius. That may in fact be your old business relaunched, especially if it carried your name or face as the branding.

      1. Wow, my former publishing enterprise has a foreign language connection and I was front and center part of the branding when I first launched it. Thanks so much for replaying and I will track Jupiter as it nears the trine to my natal jupiter. Have a wonderful new year’s, Jessica!

          1. Hard to say if I don’t have ‘the one’s’ chart, but let’s look at yours. You’ll know in February. If you can then wait until Christmas 2020 assuming you two are going to follow through, that will be the big commitment or decision – the fork in the road to fate – and from 2023, if once again you are still together, he will change your life until 2030.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    I appreciate everything you do for us! I hope you had a nice Christmas, and I hope you have a Joyous New Year! I am a Leo born on August 1, 1968, and I was asking about both the January 30, 2019, I have 20 Degrees in my ASC in Aquarius, not 8. 9. and 10 Degrees. Is there any give and take such as 5-10 degrees plus and minus? This also applies to February 10, 2019, I have 25 degrees Aries in Saturn not the 21, 22, and 23rd in Aries? I am really hoping for some positive energy and good news. I am trying to be a mentor to a young child maybe helping him/her with their reading, and possibly with my wife, a Pisces born on March 19, 1960, for us to be licensed as foster care parents again. My father-in-law, James, born on December 28, 1932, and passed away on March 27, 2017, always told my wife and I to never to give up being able to build a family through adoption. We are just keeping the door open. Thank you so much, Jessica:–) Love, Paul and Genelle

    1. Paul and Genelle, you are too kind and have a very happy new year. I remember that you want to mentor children and are hoping to foster again, or adopt. You are at the end of a chain of eclipses, with the last in January 2019, when you quite literally have not been told, shown or had any idea at all about what has really been going on. This is just the law of eclipses. It is neither good nor bad, it just means you have been in the dark the whole time. Once you are past January things will be a lot clearer and easier to understand in future and it may actually be a child you fostered in the past who is at the heart of this, or others in a larger organisation. You will find solutions in 2019. They will arrive just as they are meant to appear. Questions will be answered and you will find your correct path with younger people. This could be one of so many paths space does not allow, but trust this Jupiter cycle. It’s well-known as a problem-solver and it’s active right now, with more to come by December 2019 that will give you hope and make you see that every solution you are thrown has its own wisdom, intelligence and meaning.

  14. Happy New Year Jessica and thank you for all the support you’ve given throughout 2018! I am hoping you can tell me if there is anything in my chart that would show that I will eventually find my life partner with whom I can be happy with and have more children (I have one a daughter and would love a son)? I am married (since 2014) and I have been told because of my Venus placement I will always be somewhat dissatisfied in my relationships unless I am practical. I’m worried I will never find my person. Your 2019 predictions seem to point to freedom in the areas of partners during the first few months of the year. Not sure if this is this timing I have been intuitively waiting for. But being the relationship person that I am I can’t help but wonder if the sadness I’ve felt for so many years (relationship related) has hindered my progress in the work I am supposed to do in the world. Thank you for helping this greatful Libra.

    1. I am sorry your marriage is so unhappy. Ignore the advice about your Venus position. Of course you will be happy. But you were made for equal partnership and you have been rocked sideways by everything that has happened to swing your ‘scales of justice’ and ‘scales of balance’ with your husband since 2010/2011. This cycle ends in March 2019. That’s massive. No more ‘not knowing’ and ‘never knowing’ and ‘always guessing.’ You will find you can at last make decisions about your marriage and the chance of a new partner for the future. Why? Because you will find a teacher, mentor or guide figure comes into your life, or reappears, after March 2019. He or she may be a marriage guidance counsellor, a good friend, an expert in relationships, or even a possible affair for the future. Either way you will be educated about what you can, and cannot get away with, in the game of love. You’ll find this whole period in your life feels a lot more stable and less rocked by emotion than the last few years. And you will always be in a partnership of one sort or another. And you will always make it work, even if you have to change how you manage it! Why am I seeing garden gnomes?

      1. Thank you Jessica, I feel hopeful! Garden Gnomes are a symbol of good luck, thought to bring blessings upon the foundation of our homes. They are symbols of the Earth and they encourage stability, grounding and offer a rooting quality to our experience. Perhaps one will find me, but I am sure it will be clear at the right time.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Happy New Year, thank you for all your work over 2018 and many blessings for 2019.
    Thank you so much for this information, it’s my birthday tomorrow 1/1 and I am excited.
    thanks again

    1. Happy Birthday Sandi and enjoy this time next year, December 2019, when you begin to hear news of the most incredible options for success, achievement and ambition with a solid result in 2020.

  16. HI Jessica! HAPpy New Year!
    Really enjoyed teading this, it’s so positive thank you. And, no surprise to your regular readers, it’s accurate already!! I’m currently in the process of relocating a couple 100 miles away from home for a promotion! I’m excited about my new job, but it’s also hard to leave.
    I was wondering though, whilst all this career and moving stuff is really great, how’s my love life looking in 2019??
    All the best!

    1. I’m so pleased the astrology is working for you – and congratulations on the promotion and the new home. All your questions about love in 2019 are really answered by money, your dreams for your house or apartment, and the realities of being single and financially independent, or how things would be if you coupled up but had to share a budget, rent, mortgage, possessions and so on. You’ll be reminded of this in January 2019 thanks to news of a former partner, or a potential new date on the horizon. After that you have a long break thinking about other things (like your new weekend getaways) and then once again, as you go into September 2019, through to November, I reckon you’ll have to look at the salary or individual security/lifestyle issue when thinking about love and sex. It’s really the deal breaker for you.

  17. Hi Jessica, happy new year! I have a bunch of planets at these degrees, my IC-MC in Aquarius-Leo 9°, Venus in Gemeni 9°, SN -NN in Virgo-Pisces 22°, Proserpina in Leo 22°, Cupido and Sun at 23°, Mercury in Cancer 15° and all my Libra at 0°. After reading this, I feel like these first 3 months are pretty significant. I am working hard for a promotion and there is a Libra gentleman I have feelings for, but he doesn’t think of me more than a friend. Could any of these transits help me with either of these longings?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Libra won’t know what he wants, or who he wants, until after March 2019 when he enters a completely different phase of his life, in terms of his expectations and attitudes in love. You are working for a promotion and will either have that, or a welcome new project – or new job, in 2019. Things are looking up for you professionally as there will be a reshuffle in your work place or whole field, which means you can gain new control if you want it. There will be more than one reshuffle this year so make it clear to people at your current work place, or perhaps another, that you can play musical chairs. The rest is up to you, as I don’t know how adventurous you are feeling – but there will be opportunities.

  18. Happy new year Jessica!

    I think there is an element of truth in the secret of relationships being written in the stars. There are certain people in this world we feel an instant connection and compatibility to, others less so. Indeed it seems that different people bring out very different parts of our personality.

    I’m really hoping my stars will be aligned this year in 2019 – I am a hopeless romantic , born on Valentines day!

  19. Hi Jessica,
    I have been getting your free content for a bit now and just suddenly thought it would be in my best interest to become a premium member tonight.
    First content I used was the astrology oracle, which isn’t like me at all, I usually go for the scientific information first. I received the yellow Saturn card followed by the yellow 5th House card. This actually shocked me because just an hour earlier I had divulged myself in my 5th house and how it relates to my children.
    I have 3 planets in my 5th house with Saturn being the first one. Also, Saturn just finished touring my 5th house.
    Then, I came to this article. Once again, shocked. Every alignment that you mention is exactly conjunct a planet or an important house cusp in my natal chart.
    I do believe things happen for a reason, and I’m doing my best to put it all together in one big picture. Do you have any advice for me?
    Thank you so much!!

    1. I’m glad you are using The Astrology Oracle and seeing the results, though Saturn and the Fifth House is obviously hard work – depending on what you asked. Your Leo Ascendant is the key here. You are seen, by the world, in terms of children and younger people, either as a parent, Alycia, or because of your paid or unpaid efforts for the young/about them. This is just image stuff and it’s not really who you are, but you may want to look at the difference between how you present or package yourself, and how you feel on the inside. You present as a leader, mentor, guide or Queen to a younger court – those born 20+ years after you. Yet, presenting is one thing and actually living life is another.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    I am launching my startup in the next 2 months and hoping to get seed investment for it during the same time. The 10 Feb and 27 Feb are both dates where I have relevant factors, Moon in Aries at 21’30” and Desc and in Aries at 28′ 16″ and Bacchus at 29′ 50″. (Though you mention 22 March and I have no factors in Pisces.)
    Would you mind sharing what would good dates in March be for me to launch my website? Thank you as always.

    1. Try to get ahead of time and do this before February 15th if you can or after April 17th. You want to avoid the whole Mercury Retrograde period including the shadows, at either end. You may be fine but other people could be muddled, late, unclear, delayed or cancelling – you may also have issues with transport, computers or even the mail at that time. If you are going to launch wait until at least the end of April but from that point forward you are fine and you will love the lifestyle changes you get in 2019, either from this project or another. Your entire way of working and living will improve if you take the opportunities.

  21. Hi Jessica can you please help me on the alignments with 22 degrees Sagittarius 23 degrees Scorpio and 1 degree virgo and Capricorn I would be honoured if you had a look at my chart thank you very much jessica

    1. 22 Gemini, 22 Sagittarius and 23 Scorpio are key signs and degrees in your chart to begin with – this is about matters of a joint financial nature (Scorpio) like property, legacies, life insurance or mortgages – being connected to your life as a traveller, migrant (Sagittarius), student of life, or teacher/mentor for others. That’s one alignment. The Virgo-Capricorn alignment is pure and simple – about your work and career.

  22. Hi Jessica, Thank you for your teaching about star alignments. I have rare Taurus factor : Only Ceres at 2 in Taurus, one degree apart from the great allignment on March 17. Will or will not this affect to me, in which way?

    1. Ceres at 2 Taurus suggests you are used to compromising with other people or organisations – about sharing the money, house, business, charity, possessions or apartment. Perhaps about sharing the debts. Every so often you have a transit to this and there is a major event. One is coming up as Uranus goes over 2 Taurus, and you will need to be in a flexible position so you can adjust and adapt quickly and easily to what is required. There will be a new deal coming out of this and you, he, she or they will need to give and take, quite a lot, so that you can all reach a new arrangement. You will realise that freedom and independence are coming to you – and you really can’t buy those!

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