Your Family Horoscope Astrology for 2019

What's ahead in your family circle horoscopes in 2019? Read your free zodiac guide for your partner and children now.

As the astrologer for Family Circle magazine, I have received a great many requests for a 2019 horoscope for the family circle. That means you, your partner and children – with a focus on astrology predictions for each of your zodiac signs. Read on to see what is in store in this free horoscope for you and your loved ones in the new year ahead. Plus – if you are a Premium Member – you’ll have some exclusive extras in this special forecast. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays for you and your family.


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THE ARIES DAD – He’s surrounded by family and friends this year, all of whom have his back. The support is strong, all year long, thanks to some good karma going back many generations. That’s why he’ll really feel his heritage, culture, roots and family tree history in 2019. You might call it an inheritance. The inheritance is emotional and spiritual. It’s solid gold backing from some precious people. The Aries father needs to treat each person as an independent individual, though. It’s very easy for him to forget that every single face needs special and separate attention, rather than being considered just one of the group, or one of the family.

YOUR ARIES CHILD – Your Aries child benefits from brothers and sisters, cousins or other extended branches on the family tree this year. The young Aries will really feel the connection and his or her religious background, or the family history tied to a particular country or region, will give him a sense of grounding. Expect a terrific network of friends and acquaintances, not only online, but in the real world too. This may be through sport or other interests, but it will feel like a circle. Aries is the sign we associate with a strong sense of self, but in 2019 this child will need to step outside himself/herself to appreciate these people as individuals.



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THE TAURUS DAD – This man will be away a lot in 2019 as his work or unpaid work (weekend interests) keep him moving between two locations. He’ll be happy with that, as it keeps him stimulated. There may even be two countries involved here, but at the very least, he will have two sides of town to go between. This man has a teaching role over the next 12 months. It may not be called that, officially, but he will be asked to share his ideas, his beliefs and his attitudes with others who are unfamiliar – he may be guiding, mentoring or perhaps actually giving talks. His car, motorbike, boat, plane, bicycle or other vehicle will be his pride and joy this year.

YOUR TAURUS CHILD – Your Taurus child will need his or her computer and phone charged at all times this year as there will be constant connections between two suburbs, cities or even two different hemispheres, the Southern Hemisphere and Northern Hemisphere. This adds to the education of young Taurus, which goes outside school or college, and into the real world. There will be great improvements with public transport this year, or L plates, a new car, bicycle or other set of wheels to keep this April or May born person moving. It’s a fantastic year for school or college, but the subjects will be broad – like geography or astronomy.



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THE GEMINI DAD – The Gemini father has a fantastic imagination, it’s true, which is why so many of them work in film, television, publishing or on the internet. This year, Mr. Gemini needs to live in the real world, though, as there are so many daydreams (but also imaginary battles or fears) that he may get lost. You can help by reassuring him that everything is in his head, if he has turned particular people at work or in his personal life, into ‘the enemy.’ If he wants money, or a dream home, in 2019 he will have to believe in it, know that he deserves it and reach for it. Gemini man will need to focus on just 1-2 goals and start the work. He’ll gain so much.

YOUR GEMINI CHILD – Keep an eye on your Gemini child’s use of the internet in 2019 as he or she is already a little out of touch with the real world. Too much screen time will not help. It’s the same with books or comics. If you find your child is not concentrating, daydreaming or having vivid dreams that interrupt sleep, it’s time for some grounding – with the local sports team, or at the park or beach. Confusion about ambitions and goals is really confusion with his/her own identity but this will pass. If a particular person in Gemini’s life seems to be scarier than Halloween to him or her, challenge your child. Is there any evidence? Bust a few ghosts! I’ll be sharing more information about your Gemini son or daughter in my regular monthly columns for Family Circle USA so be sure to pick up the dates which matter most, as you steer him or her through the year.



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THE CANCER DAD – You’ll find your Cancer man busy with the calculator or spreadsheets even when he’s supposed to be relaxing, in 2019. Actually, there is a part of him that secretly enjoys doing the math or cutting the deals. He’ll be doing some important man-to-man negotiations in the year ahead, which could make the biggest difference to the amount he can invest back into work or property. The more he can research online about the rapidly changing world economy, the better. Even if he just gets right across the local business, bank, retail or charity picture, he’ll gain so much. He’ll learn a lot of financial wisdom this year.

YOUR CANCER CHILD – It’s time to negotiate over your child’s allowance, and no matter if this is a small amount of pocket money or a college budget, you will find that Cancer quickly develops his/her understanding of how the money-go-round works. This will serve the Cancer child so well in later life, as every gain made this year, as well as any small mistakes, will educate this young June or July born person for the future. Just watching eBay (even without participating) will show Cancer one of the biggest lessons – the value of things is decided by the buyer! It’s the right year to open a bank account, or at least commit to a piggy bank or charity venture.


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THE LEO DAD – This is a very important year for the father-child relationship, although the Leo dad may also be helping a nephew, niece or godchild. There is an important school, college or first-job project ahead for a young face in the family, yet your concern will be that this child or teenager is not practical enough to make it work. This is where the Leo father comes in as he can assist with smart advice, positive encouragement and a little bit of prodding! Leo himself will also be mentored or guided this year, likely at work, with a big, promising plan.

YOUR LEO CHILD – Leo youngsters have budding brainwaves, high-potential plans or very special projects to enjoy in 2019, but you (or another influential adult) will need to get involved. Without encouragement, help and practical suggestions there is a risk that this will finish before it has even begun. Leo children are wonderfully self-confident and self-expressive but it is all too easy to admire the idea or creation, without taking it further and helping it to grow. The Leo child in 2019 needs to know that success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. That way, he or she will be able to take a concept further and see it become truly exceptional.


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THE VIRGO DAD – Virgo people are always concerned with their health and fitness and enjoy using their logic to figure out solutions. The Virgo Dad’s gift for figuring out issues will help him rethink his lifestyle, finances and approach to his own and other people’s wellbeing in 2019. Not everything will be obvious right away. In fact, it may not be until after March that Mr. Virgo sees the light. There is money there, or ‘cash benefits’ which may come via insurance, loans, forgotten funds, bonus options and other currently unseen opportunities. As Virgo the zodiac sign rules mind, body and spirit it will be a change in mental attitude that fixes it all.

YOUR VIRGO CHILD – If your Virgo child is under 10 years old, he or she has never known what it is like to have a regular and predictable life with money, no matter if this is because you or your partner have been going through an unstable time, or because of basic pocket money or allowance issues! If your Virgo son or daughter is well over 10 years old, the story is a little different, as the time has come to remember how things used to be, and to get back there. In all cases, the month of March brings a big turning point when smart answers, big brainwaves, clever clues and inspired problem-solving helps your Virgo child so much with his/her budget.


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THE LIBRA DAD – He belongs to you and your family, sure, but he also belongs to a special team, club, organisation or group (The Lions’ Club, for example, or his football friends) and in 2019 you’ll have to share the Libra Dad. Special horoscope trends not possible in 19 years are going to take this man higher, and he may find that the community of friends and acquaintances achieves a dream come true, together. This might be a big win on the board by Christmas 2019, or an outstanding financial goal. A charity could have a hit, for example. The friends he makes, and the friendships he reboots, this year, make it so unforgettable.

YOUR LIBRA CHILD – It is time for your son or daughter born late September or October, to find out just how amazing a circle of young friends can be. Your child or teen’s involvement with anything from a football team, to the Girl Guides, will help to make 2019 a dazzling success. Together, these younger faces will achieve something that seems impossible for just one person, or even two friends. Your Libra son or daughter will be the person others turn to help the community feeling along, and he or she may take a voluntary role, or a titled position. Your child’s interest may be music or something quite offbeat, but 2019 is Year of Team Spirit.


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THE SCORPIO DAD – The family circle is his place to escape in 2019 as he will love the time out he shares with your children, and perhaps the extended family too – nieces, nephews or godchildren. This is his way out of the adult world of work or business and many years later, your children or young relatives will remember the way he played with them, or shared time with them. You only have one childhood, right? Part of his own happiest childhood memories come alive through his son and/or daughter and their young friends this year. He’ll learn so much about the way a junior generation relates, and shares. Their world will become his world too.

YOUR SCORPIO CHILD – Your Scorpio son or daughter will enter into one of the most important friendships of his/her young life in 2019 and what your child learns – valuable relating skills – will help happy relationships far into the future, including a marriage or work partnership one day. The two children will be very different in terms of age or maturity, or life experience. Yet, there is the sweetest soul connection between them. Leave them to their own world of imagination, learning and growth as often as you can. They are feeding their young minds together but also discovering what it means to give, to compromise and to have a very special friendship.


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THE SAGITTARIUS DAD – This man is a tremendous breadwinner and very hard worker, yet you would be the first to encourage your partner to think differently about his career in 2019. This also includes the unpaid work he has taken on (voluntary duties, for example) as well as the list at home, stuck on the fridge door. His body may spell things out to him if he takes on too much. Should your husband have issues with his back, for example, it his body telling him to ‘take a load off’ this year. It should not have to go that far, though. A real breakthrough in his thinking will see him delegating or just minimising his tasks. A dream home comes closer!

YOUR SAGITTARIUS CHILD – The internet has been great for your child on many levels, as it has opened the door to learning and friendship, and just plain old-fashioned fun. Yet, you need to look at everything your child is taking on board mentally in 2019, as it is really clear from the Sagittarius child’s horoscope that there is too much on his or her mind. This may be social media, emails, homework, weekend activities or after-hours education. Your child may be keeping his or her head down, privately driving himself forward, but it is your duty to take a look at how things are and to help in a practical way. Eight hours to sleep, play and work need balance!


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THE CAPRICORN DAD – Your Capricorn partner really married into a dynasty, or network, not just another family. This works really well for him in 2019 as he will come to see how supported he is, by these faces in the family tree. This goes beyond his own relatives on both sides, into your own family. In addition to this, he will come to see first-hand that some friends have become almost like blood ties to him. A tremendous sense of emotional security will help him feel more grounded and happy with himself and his place in the world, thanks to these people who have his back. He’ll need to take care of one person, though. He or she needs his help.

YOUR CAPRICORN CHILD – Your Capricorn son or daughter will learn the importance of social media and real life friendship in 2019, as this is the year that he or she comes to appreciate people on their own merits – not just as part of a group of friends, or a team. The lines will blur between younger family members (siblings or cousins for example) who come to be more like pals, and those faces at school, college and online who really feel more like brothers and sisters. As Capricorn is an earth sign it is very important that your child feels grounded, secure and supported. This year will deliver that, and more, if he/she puts energy into these people.


aquarius fancy 600x600 150x150 - Your Family Horoscope Astrology for 2019THE AQUARIUS DAD – You can expect a real turning point for your partner this year, with his work and lifestyle. He is a fantastic support to all of you, and his friends as well – not to mention those other causes he takes on, at work. Yet, he cannot be all things to all people and a huge change is coming. He will downsize, or let go of who/what he just can’t carry alone. There are way too many projects, plans or people in your man’s life and he needs to learn to rethink his whole schedule, remembering that life runs on 8 hours to sleep, rest and play and it should be strictly managed! When he minimises his tasks or roles he’ll do them so very much better.

YOUR AQUARIUS CHILD – Your Aquarius child is functioning more like an adult member of the work force in 2019, and you and your son or daughter may need to look at that. He or she should be having more fun while still so young! Childhood is childhood, and the teens years are so precious,  no matter if you are at school or college, and there should be time out, and time off, right? Your Aquarian youngster already has a load of tasks, responsibilities, subjects, roles or even social media ‘jobs’ left over from 2018 and there should be no more overload in 2019. That’s what this horoscope is saying, so clearly. The time has come to figure out who and what matters most. This is a really big lesson for the young Aquarius. He or she should offload, lighten up and live life. And you can help!


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THE PISCES DAD – There is a big decision waiting for the Pisces father and partner this year – perhaps one of the most important choices in his life. A deep change within the family circle, or at work, suggests that the responsibility will also change, from one person to the next. This may be his boss departing, for example, or a departure in the family circle, which means the reins must be shared differently on the journey, or even transferred. The future looks very bright, but it is still the future, and first of all he must deal with some powerful feelings in 2019. As an emotional water sign, Pisces is more sensitive than many people see. He’ll need you!

YOUR PISCES CHILD – At Buckingham Palace,  they call it ‘the changing of the guard’ but in your own child’s life, there will be a different kind of change. You might call this a switch in roles or responsibilities, as there will be a reshuffle at school or at home in 2019. Everything will move around and your Pisces child will need to figure things out with his/her sibling or cousin, perhaps, or a friend from school or college. This is a big year for the young Pisces and there is a great need for time, space and understanding as he or she will have some mature choices to make, even while still so young. The future looks terrific, far up ahead.


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Astrologer Jessica Adams is the author of the HarperCollins horoscope book, Essential Astrology for Women. Her ebook 2020 Astrology: Your Five-Year Horoscope Guide is a number one Amazon USA bestseller. Jessica’s forthcoming book The Secret Language of the Stars (Penguin/Michael Joseph) will be published in 2019, along with the fourth book she has team-edited for the children’s charity War Child- Funny Bones (Allen and Unwin) in a hit series featuring contributions from Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and other celebrities. Jessica’s horoscopes have appeared in Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan. She is the astrologer for Family Circle USA.

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12 Responses

  1. Thank you Jessica. Your posts have been unbelievably accurate. With my father passing away late Xmas Eve, he obviously decided to see in Xmas Day in the company of my mother, which was a blessing to us all. Now with the focus turning to my (somewhat neglected) Cancer and Capricorn sons and Sag husband, 2019 was always to be about travel, and your post seems to confirm that. Wonder if there are any times that particularly highlight worldwide travels, Regards from this Taurus lady

    1. Thank you. I hope your father had a peaceful crossing to spirit and I am glad he is with your mother. You will have quite a few travel choices in 2019 and some will turn up as early as January, thanks to an offer from a friend or other family member, or a price you cannot resist. This will be quite a year for you, when what you read, comes alive – book knowledge is seen through the eyes of practical experience. You’ll grow spiritually and intellectually as a result of your journeys.

  2. Hi Jess
    Merry Christmas!
    I’ve just read my weekly horoscope and was wondering what the upcoming Mars and Chiron in Pisces will mean for me as they will conjunct my own Chiron and be very near by 1 degree to my Moon?
    Lots of love

    1. Your Chiron Return in Pisces in the Twelfth House is really about getting away with what is supposed to be too outrageous, or beyond belief – behind the scenes. Chiron is a symbol of education in your chart (the most famous image we have of him today shows him teaching music). Behind the scenes, below the surface, in private or secretly, you teach yourself what you can pull off, regardless. The Twelfth House is commonly associated with all that is undercover, classified, sensitive information or ‘invisible’ to other people, Nikki. Chiron in Pisces can be found in the lives of mediums, Tarot readers, clairvoyants, spies – but it is usually about something only you know you are doing! Mars speeds things up. As 2019 opens you will realise you have set a new benchmark for yourself in what is possible, allowed, practical and – now – part of life.

  3. A wonderful read, thank you.
    I think I have lot affecting my chart this week. Do you have any insight into how l will be affected now and in the future?
    My two pressing concerns are the financial settlement regarding my divorce and possibly losing my home.
    And my love life. A third man has appeared. I’m feeling neptuned constantly. Is romantic stability here at last?

    1. You won’t lose your home. Not unless you need to exchange the old home for a bigger, better, new one. The financial settlement will make your life far more stable – from March 2019. The constant change will stop and you will have a much more routine existence. If you are making love life decisions you may want to do that before the second half of February, as from that point until April it’s really unclear.

      1. An update! I need to backtrack over my lovelife. And maybe you have an insight?
        So, I’m going through a divorce from the alcoholic husband. I can cope with that.
        When my husband left a friend (man A), started talking to me, it quickly developed to love, we are ideally matched. He keeps saying he is leaving his wife, then doesn’t. I understand he needs his family.
        So as he was not free I accepted a date from another man (man B). We dated over the summer but man A kept popping up constantly.
        Man B was only ever going to be a friendly diversion, so I ended it in October last year.
        Man A is not really available and I can’t see the logistics ever working so I cut communication with him in November.
        December came, Christmas looming and I felt so sad and lonely. So I pulled myself together and decided to go on a dating site.
        After a couple of weeks, I linked up with a lovely man. (Man C) 24th October 1969. He is very different from lovely man A, but I have feelings building for him already.
        So all should be good, but man A popped up again this week. Just when I had put him out of my mind.
        Am I meant to have man A in my life or can I move forward with man C?
        I feel like an emotional yo yo!

        1. Your answer will be about children, actually. Your choices about being a parent, step-parent, co-godparent – or having no children at all. So it’s not really about any of these men, as much as it is about parenthood – to 2023.

  4. Merry Christmas Jessica. O dear, I feel rather lost. For days, I have floated and I can’t find anything and can’t think through the fog… Can you tell me why I might be feeling like this? Also, I am being called home suddenly (just today) for a work emergency. I will travel shortly. Please tell me where this trip might lead me? Will my business close? Might it morph ? I am a bit afraid of losing my income? Do you see me in danger? Does 0 degree Cap effect me? Any of your insight would, as always be appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Feeling lost, floating and feeling foggy is usually Neptune (travelling and hitting your chart) or another planet hitting your Neptune. You have Neptune at 21 Scorpio. Venus and Ceres move to 21 Scorpio on Saturday 29th December, which is coming up. Transiting (travelling) Neptune is at 13 Pisces so square your Cupido at 13 Sagittarius. Thus, you have it going both ways! You need to ground yourself. Walk daily and feel the ground beneath your feet. Avoid anything or check in with your doctor over anything which makes you feel spaced out. Alcohol, prescribed or unprescribed drugs can all do that. (Neptune rules this sensation). Do boring ‘real world’ tasks like housework. Garden and cook! There is absolutely no evidence at all that your business is about to close. And you are not in danger. You will need a new business plan from March 2019 when it would pay you to get good advice.

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Jessica! Just wanted to pop in to say thank you for all your detailed blog posts throughout the year and the time you take to reply to hundreds and thousands of comments, including mine. I’m sure you bring a lot of comfort to a lot of people. PS I love this blog post, spot on as always!

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