2019 Year Ahead Horoscope

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  1. Hi Jessica
    I am a Virgo (26th August 1975, time of birth 3:55 am and place Chandigarh, India). Given the recent sudden changes I am concerned about career and finances for 2019 and beyond. Can you shed some light here please?

    1. If you think back to life between 2010-2018 you will realise your finances were being reshaped for a reason. You had to find out what it meant to be totally independent of who/what used to be in charge. This has given you a huge amount of space to experiment, to innovate and to invent a new way to deal with all that you earn, own or owe. Along the way there have been some really big bumps and I expect that what is going on today, with your money, would have stunned your old self. From March 2019 this cycle of constant chopping, changing and experimentation stops. In fact you may already be able to see why that would happen. Your life will be on a schedule again. You will also find you are being accepted by organisations or people which ignored you or even rejected you, 2010-2018. A bank which turned you down for a mortgage, for example (though your own case will be different). From March you are on a long learning curve when particular individuals or companies will teach you what you can and cannot get away with, financially. From that point forward, for many years, the motto is ‘Never say never.’

  2. Dear Jessica and Team,
    Just wanted to say happy Christmas to you all and a big thank you for your work. Lots of love.

  3. HI Jessica – Wishing you a wonderful 2019! I am Aquarius born 4 Feb 1963 7pm – had a truly ‘annus horriblis’ in 2018. Need to turn my business around in 2019- have had terrible financial pressures that also then affected my relationship- may have the opportunity to partner up with someone to help save the business. Can you see anything that will help me keep the faith and will see a final resolution of the financial pressures!!!

    1. Try and do all you can prior to February 15th and then again from the second half of April. If you try to sort out the numbers between then, you will hit Mercury Retrograde and everybody else’s muddles or delays will affect you too. One of the issues has been a lack of precise checking, method and order. Another has been that you have mixed your personal life with your financial life, which you know. Lesson learned. Try to use this time, now, avoid March in particular if you can. You have Ops at 1 Taurus and for the first time in your life Uranus is going to 1 Taurus. He already did that in the second half of 2018 and he’s back there after March. This is why everything is changing around you. Look up Uranus in Taurus when you finish reading this and you will see that you, personally, are being caught up in crazy world financial weather, so this isn’t your fault. Yet – you need to be aware that nothing will be the same in 2019 and you need to get right across the constantly changing world of banks, currencies, trade and the rest as once Uranus goes into Taurus and stays there from March, it’s a revolution. You will be okay, because Ops in Taurus is always okay – she knows what to do – but it will be like nothing you ever knew. Please do all the research you can but leave the door open to who/what is quite radically new and different after March, as the smart money is on people who know how to move with the times.

  4. Hi Jessica, I have just joined as a premium rate member, after lots of dithering, and am really pleased to have done so – enjoying all the extra content! I am a Virgo (26 Aug 61, 5.20am, UK) and am hoping to move with my husband to another part of the country this year (also relocating our business). Can you see a successful move for us?

    1. Thank you so much. You’ll love what happens when you move. Actually you will be spoiled for choice. There is a key conversation third week of January. That turns a key. Later on, you decide. Tip – try to do it before February 15 or after April 15 – but you’ll be amazed at the sense of space, room to move, and more opportunities on your doorstep.

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