Fortuna in Your Horoscope

Fortuna is the Wheel of Fortune in Tarot. When this card turns up, we have to accept that life will be in flux for a time. Ups and downs. Highs and lows. No permanence or consistency for very long.

The asteroid Fortuna is a symbol of random highs and lows in your horoscope. Your Fortuna sign and house reveals where you spin the Wheel of Fortune for other people, without knowing what you are doing. So, natally – in your personal birth chart – Fortuna shows where you take people up and down – without seeing what you do.

Fortuna is the Wheel of Fortune in Tarot. When this card turns up, we have to accept that life will be in flux for a time. Ups and downs. Highs and lows. No permanence or consistency for very long.

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Fortuna in Astrology

The word fortuna is from the Latin fors, or “luck” and Boethius wrote of the goddess, “I turn about my wheele with speed, and take a pleasure to turne things upside downe. Ascend if thou wilt…”

When the asteroid Fortuna travels through your horoscope (glance at the Current Planetary Positions on the home page of this website to find out which sign and house she is in ) she spins your life around, so that every low is a high in the making, and every high is a low in the making.

One translation for Boethius reads, “It’s my belief that history is a wheel. “Inconsistency is my very essence,” says the wheel. “Rise up on my spokes if you like, but don’t complain when you are cast back down in the depths. Good times pass away, but then so do the bad. Mutability is our tragedy, but it is also our hope. The worst of times, like the best, are always passing away.”

Fortuna makes philosophers of us. It can also show us how absurd life is. Boethius was the author of a book called Consolations of Philosophy. We have to be philosophical about her, just as we have to be philosophical about the constant inconstancy of life!


Fortuna in Shakespeare


Anyone who has seen Romeo and Juliet knows how fickle fate and fortune can be.

Dr. Clayton G. MacKenzie analysed Fortuna in Shakespeare’s plays. A manuscript in the British Library shows Lady Fortuna standing by her wheel. Around her humanity pleads for help but she doesn’t seem to notice them. Four figures sit on the wheel holding scrolls.

At the top is a king with a scroll saying, “I reign.” At the bottom is a beggar with a scroll saying, “I am without rule.” On the downward slope of the wheel is an outcast courtier, with a scroll saying, “I have ruled.” On the upward slope, an ambitious, climbing courtier with a scroll that reads “I shall rule.”

A little rain comes into every life. Fortuna by sign and house shows you where you are blindly in control of the process of Regno, Regnavi, Sum sine Regno, Regnabo (“I rein, I reigned, I am without reign, I shall rein.”)

How Fortuna Randomly Steers Our Lives


Fortuna was traditionally associated with the sea. She is often seen with a steering oar or rudder in one hand and a cornucopia in the other, symbolising success. You see it all over Renaissance art.

Fortuna used to rule the ground floor of the Victoria and Albert museum. I went back to see her recently and the staff had moved her. Fortuna had reigned but reigned no more. I am sure the next time I meet Lily or Harriet there for tea, Fortuna will be back!

Astrology is about synchronicity, or deeply meaningful coincidence. Fortuna, as a statue, was herself in a state of flux at the Victoria and Albert Museum. She was suddenly taken away (low point) and lost her position (another low point) but was probably being cleaned and restored (a high point) and will eventually make a comeback, I’m sure (another high point).

Fortuna should cheer you up. You may be all at sea now but soon she will send your boat in the direction of rich rewards, steering you towards abundance. None of it would have happened, had you not been heading for the bottom.

That’s the giddy joke of this asteroid. In your birth chart she shows a lifelong pattern. A constant inconstancy! By transit (travelling through) she adds a big note of randomness to proceedings.


The History of Fortuna


In the Dictionarie of the French and English Tongves (1611) a writer named Randall Cotgrave described Fortune as “hap, chaunce, luck, lot, hazard, aduenture; also, destinie, fatall necessitie.” She’s fickle.

As Shakespeare wrote, “This is the excellent foppery of the world, that when we are sick in fortune – often the surfeits of our own behaviour – we make guilty of our disasters the sun, the moon and the stars, as if we were villains on necessity, fools by heavenly compulsion, knaves, thieves, and treachers by spherical predominance; drunkards, liars, and adulterers by an enforc’d obedience of planetary influence;  and all that we are evil in, by a divine thrusting on.”


Fortuna and the Wall Street Crash


The 1987 Wall Street Crash on 19th October 1987 saw Fortuna at 17 Virgo, the sign ruling employment, exactly square serious Saturn at 17 Sagittarius, the sign we associate with foreign places and people.

What happened in New York saw Fortuna spinning her wheel around the world. It affected our jobs everywhere.

The “slings and arrows of outrageous Fortune” in Hamlet were terrifying to people centuries ago, who could find a downward spiral did not end in help from a charity, or government assistance. No wonder Shakespeare and his fans were obsessed with Fortuna.


Predicting the Future with Fortuna


I sometimes hear astrologers dismissing asteroids because they are not classical planets. That’s a mistake. Asteroids reveal our future just as much as Jupiter, Saturn and the rest.

We are on track for a historic transformation in the way governments and big business operates, set for January 2020. It will affect Prime Ministers, Presidents and CEO’s around the world and life will never be the same again.

Fortuna is there on 1st January 2020 at 8 Capricorn, exactly alongside the True South Node of karma at 8 Capricorn. Every high is a low in the making, then, and every low is a high which is changing.


Fortuna and Finance, November 29th, 2018


I am writing this on November 27th, 2018, and in two days from now, Fortuna will change signs and enter Scorpio, which rules Wall Street, the London Stock Exchange and other world markets. It rules the Dow Jones and it also rules Bitcoin.

Every high is a low eventually and every low becomes a high. Fortuna is also just ahead of Mercury Retroshadow going into Scorpio! This takes place on Saturday 1st December. The very next day, Venus goes into Scorpio.

You’d have to say this anyway, because of Brexit uncertainty, but December sees global financial flux. Fortuna will be in there spinning her wheel up and down.

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86 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica – I love how this article has fleshed out Fortuna for me, I’d never really paid attention to it before, but now I notice that my Fortuna at 16 Leo is very close to my Descendant at 17 Leo – can you give me more insight into what that might mean for me? Thank you! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. If your birth time is strictly accurate and your Descendant really is at 17 Leo then you have a lifetime pattern of turning the wheel of fate and fortune for your former, current and potential partners. You have no idea that you do this. You are their ‘randomiser’ with love, sex, marriage, separation and partnership. Leo rules children and pregnancy, so this is very likely to involve choices about fertility, adoption, step-parenting, natural childbirth (pregnancy which does or does not go to term) and so on. It helps to be aware of this placement, but it does depend on an accurate birth time.

      1. Thanks Jessica. 12.03 pm was recorded on my birth certificate and I put in the exact coordinates for the hospital, so I believe it’s accurate. Strangely my father died at precisely 12.03pm too.
        So I can bring good fortune, or bad fortune, to my partners without realizing it, and change things up from what they’re expecting for their future. That feels quite heavy!
        Does the 16/17 degree then make a pattern with other signs? My moon is 18 Scorpio, my significant other’s Venus is 18 cancer, and he has a whole run of asteroids at 16/17/18 –
        Juno 17 Virgo / Diana 18 Taurus / Panacea 16 Gemini / Vesta 16 Gemini / Proserpina 18 Taurus
        Thanks Jessica 🙂

        1. That is very odd about 12.03pm. Yes, Fortuna can feel rather heavy, but we all have this asteroid somewhere. It can be useful to look back at your past and reconsider situations where you thought an outcome was all about a former or current partner’s decision – all about them – and they made it all happen. You did in fact play a hefty part even though you may not be aware of it. A very simple example of this is dating someone as a teenager and breaking up the relationship. You affected that person’s destiny without being truly aware of what you were doing. You are quite right about the patterns with others signs and chart placements. Your partner is a good example of that. Your Fortuna aspects your partner’s chart. So this is fate and quite literally fortune. The next time you watch any Shakespeare look out for the number of times Fortuna is mentioned. He took her very seriously and she plays a large part in his plots!

    1. Track Chiron moving slowly to 7 Aries – when that happens, you will find that you swing the wheel of fate and fortune for your former, current or potential partner – and things will change quite dramatically. In fact even tracking the Moon every month, when it reaches 7 Aries or 7 Libra, will show you how you unknowingly and ‘blindly’ affect the life of the other person, sending them round and round.

  2. Blimey Jessica, you are a star! I’ve just read this and see that Fortuna forms a close stellum with my Venus/Pluto conjunction. Cripes, so that’s why things swinge! Unbearably at times.

    You gave me some very good advice regarding Uranus recently, spot on.

    And, a while ago, I read your article on Jupiter luck. As the new moon was in Jupiter yesterday I bought a lottery ticket, something I never do. Not a millionaire, a very small win, but proves the point you made. I’m going to keep a close eye on moon in Jupiter in future. Thanks again.

  3. Hi Jessica . I’m always thrilled to read your posts . Your astrology predictions and methodology is so bang on . I have been trying to interpret my chart transists as per my own understanding , and I should let you know that it very accurate using your method and explainations .
    I have Saturn conjunction fortuna in leo at 1 and 2 degree . Also have fortuna semisextile Venus in virgo and fortuna square Uranus in Scorpio .
    Don’t know how to interpret this . Your thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated .

    1. Thank you. I’m glad the astrology is working for you. You have an almost-exact Saturn-Fortuna conjunction in Leo in the Fifth House. You do not realise the impact you have on your own and other people’s children, or the impact you have on (say) people dealing with fertility, pregnancy, adoption, fostering or step-parenting. You are likely to have your biggest lessons in life from children or through them and should perhaps be more cautious than most people with contraception, and so on. The other Fortuna aspects are less important than this. Sometimes one has a son or daughter with this placement, or a godchild or stepchild and it feels like the greatest task of all. Greater than any other of life’s challenges. Taking a philosophical approach and learning acceptance helps. However the best rule is just to be more cautious than usual about all the possible outcomes you might expect from adopting, pursuing I.V.F., becoming a stepparent and so on.

  4. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for this informative post on Fortuna. As a general note, I am still unclear between the differences of Cancer and Leo regarding family. Is there a way you can differentiate the meaning of the two signs surrounding family for me? Truly appreciate your work. Thank you for your time.

    Ar Ma

    1. Sure, Cancer is really about being ‘mother’ no matter what gender you are and it is about the mothers and grandmothers who influence the family tree most. The female line on either side. Cancer is also about the family in the context of a particular house or apartment, which may be inherited. It is certainly about the home town and homeland of one side of the family and the deep roots that are there – the culture, history and heritage. Leo is much more about children as those who are taught, mentored or guided by a father, or perhaps a woman playing the ‘Dad’ role. These are the heirs to the throne and there are usually issues here about pride in offspring, the need to reproduce oneself/train the young/cast them in your mould and so on. It has quite a different feel to Cancer. Leo is much more about the entertainment, sport or educational activities which bind the generations together as well. It’s what keeps the parents and children together, so to speak. Thus Leo is associated with Beatrix Potter and Harry Potter – riding and games.

  5. Wow..Its so strange I’ve actually been thinking about how much I don’t take care of myself. As far as drinking water & working out. I’ve been telling myself I need to push myself. For my heart, my back, my bones….the hard part is pushing myself….butvim going to work on it. Thanks for this it just reassured me that my random thoughts in my head are accurate!

  6. Hi jessica
    what can can you see when Fortuna transit my venus 9 degrees Bacchus 9 degrees neptune 18 degrees moon 23 degrees ops 23 degrees that look very scary as its going to spin me a lot i think
    Thank you jessica. And any chance for me to buy astrlogy 2019 or even on waiting list

    1. That’s really not such a big deal – way more important is the trip you’ll take, or move you’ll make in 2019 which will change your life for the better! I’m sorry but the 2019 charts have sold out. We’ll let you know when 2020 reports are available. Thank you.

  7. Hello Jessica,
    Not sure the reason my previous two questions I posted were disappeared on the forum, may be these questions I asked was before I became the premium member. Also I have had a very long post (sorry) yesterday morning is still waiting for moderation. If it is too long for you to give me any advice on it please do delete it from the list (my apologise for that) which I really appreciate it.

    1. You have Fortuna at 19 Capricorn so you affect other people’s lives in your career, work place or academic environment without being fully aware of how much. We now have Pluto crossing 19 Capricorn, backwards and forwards, very slowly – so there is quite clearly a person or organisation trying to take, or take over. This requires a bit of patience. The truth is, this person or organisation cannot and will not do this forever. In fact, he, she, they or it is more likely to have to step down, out or sideways. January will bring the issue to your attention. This is part of a sweeping transformation of your entire career or other ambitions in life which peaks in 2020 with some life-changing decisions.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Is there something like a Fortuna Return? I have Fortuna at 3 Scorpio. Fortuna in the 8th house seems a bit intense. Can you give me more insight into what that might mean for me? Thank you! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Yes, you can have a Fortuna Return. You have quite an impact on other people via their money/your money or associated concerns like possessions, a charity, business interests, investments, a house or apartment. You necessarily have no idea how much impact or influence. You just don’t know and can’t see. Yet, there is a fated quality to Fortuna. You can’t really be who you are and live your life without doing that! It comes with the territory. Just being aware of how much you ‘steer’ others without being aware of it is a good starting point in terms of being respectful and mindful of your own great influence. Try to take ownership of what you might have done to affect others in the past. If you ever think it was all about them and their decisions – it probably was not! Right now you are having Scorpio ‘weather’ until January so you will be involved in a situation with a good cause, house, company, business matter, royalty, commission, apartment, valuable item, bank account, grant and so on (it is always complex) where you, he, she and/or they have to figure out who or what is in control and where the power can be shared. Nobody can have it all his/her/their own way. The laws of astrology will not allow for that. So there will be some kind of deal struck by January. At last.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    I rely on Fortuna a lot, it is in my second house of money.
    How does it play in my near future?
    Thank you

    1. You actually have a whole pattern in Taurus in your Second House of money and Scorpio in your Eighth House of ‘other peoples’ money’ so any time you have planets passing across Taurus and/or Scorpio it would be worth taking notes to see what goes on. At the moment, for example, you have Venus going through Scorpio and Ceres too. Ceres will be in Scorpio until the third week of January. You will have Ceres conjunct your Scorpio stuff along the way and oppose your Taurus stuff. There will be one compromise after another as other people (individually or in organisations) are interpreting the money or business stake as a symbol of their own control or power, or lack of it, which is why it’s going to take so long to chew over an ultimate outcome. Yet from January you can put that particular episode behind you. Further ahead, Uranus crossing your Fortuna from March 2019 is worth tracking. That is likely to be a time of ups and downs, highs and lows, swings and roundabouts. Keep things open.

  10. Merry Christmas Louisa. Thank you. Your Fortuna will not be triggered in 2019 and actually, the biggest years of decisions are behind you, regarding pregnancy, stepchildren, godchildren and so on. Your Ops in Scorpio is more important as we have a lot of Scorpio-Taurus weather now into 2019 and you’ll need to be prepared to rethink an arrangement you had made about a charity or good cause, a house or apartment, precious possessions, business or your budget. You will probably have to do that two or three times. We have Ceres in Scorpio and Uranus entering Taurus from March 2019 so it’s a very useful thing to be flexible. Try not to hang on too tightly. But do state your side of things calmly and firmly.

  11. Hi Jessica
    Great read, thank you for all the insight so far. I have Fortuna at 16 Sag and Uranus close by at 15 Sag both touched by the new moon in Sag recently. Mixed feelings so far and still trying to make sense of it all. Reconnected with a group of colleagues online at this new moon (seeing them all tomorrow) and not sure how I feel about it all given all the ups and downs in my career lately! On a side note, looking to travel more and pursue further study (arts/communications) and possibly a relocation in there – all Sag themes!!! What can you see for me and this group now and into future? Anything advice for clarity would be appreciated. Feeling a little at sea re all the above!

    1. Things are taking a while to take off, because you have also been putting up with Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius in your Ninth House. Nothing has really come together properly yet, but it certainly will from Christmas Eve and then you are on your way for 2019 with a huge new involvement or interest in foreign people and places, their culture and history. You will be learning and also mentoring/guiding next year as well. A nationality you never really connected with before is already showing up – think about who and what has turned up since November. That’s a big clue about where you’ll be headed in 2019 and gain so much.

  12. Hi Jessica, sorry this is all new to me, so need a bit of guidance, I have Fortuna in 21°Sagittarius , how is this going to effect me in 2019. Thank you so much for all that I am learning

    1. You actually have a stellium (unusually high number) of factors in Sagittarius in your Ninth House. Look up the Ninth House on Search when you finish reading this because that’s where you ‘live’ so to speak. You’ll love 2019. Sagittarius is about travel and travel in the mind. Fortuna suggests you powerfully influence people from other regions or countries when you take your journeys, move, emigrate and so on – or when you teach or study among them. You have no idea how much! The other factors in this sign suggest the next 12 months will thrill you with opportunities not possible in years to go to places that were never possible before – but also to delve into fascinating subjects.

      1. Thanks for the insight Jessica. I have a stellium with Fortuna in Sagittarius as well. Does anything else jump out at you?


        1. You will benefit from the global map being redrawn in 2019. This goes beyond Brexit as the whole world is having its usual rules reworked and there will be some incredible outcomes which directly benefit your success in life. This may be a job you want (or have) or – more likely – a project where you gain in a spectacular way from all that is happening in another region or country, or with a different culture or nationality to your own. You should keep your eye on opportunities and solutions that roll after Christmas Day and into January. Yet, 2019 as a whole benefits you if you are prepared to follow up on all those useful clues and signs. You could finish Christmas 2019 with amazing achievements under your belt.

  13. Hi Jessica
    Wow, interesting.
    My Fortuna is 24 Aquarius, my sun is 27 Aquarius and my Jupiter is 29 Aquarius. I have more Aquarius in my chart also. Can you please give me some more insight into what this means for me? Many thanks, Aquarius Dreamer

    1. You have a huge stellium in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of groups and friends. People power and community. The team or the tribe. We associate this with sisterhood and brotherhood. Fortuna there shows that you powerfully affect friends and those in your groups without realising what you do. Jupiter suggests you are blessed by the most fortunate social connections. The Sun suggests you shine when you feed the group with what it needs even though you might never actually feel part of it. You will see a major event in February 2019 which shows you every aspect of this.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    I love these insights – thank you.

    I have a stellum in Scorpio which is also where I have Fortuna.
    Can you advise what the effects of Fortuna in Scorpio for the 9 months in the New Year will mean.

    Best wishes for the holiday season and New Year,

    1. Merry Christmas. Thank you Belinda. You have a new cycle starting with your money, house, business, charity or apartment from March 2019 and it lasts for many years. Uranus is moving firmly into Taurus and your Second House of cash flow and security, where he will also oppose everything in Scorpio in your Eighth House of banks, pension/superannuation and so on. Fortuna is quite random anyway as you have seen. Transiting Uranus adds to that feeling of impermanence when anything goes. You have the kind of horoscope which suggests being flexible, ready to move in any direction, open to change, adaptable and prepared to ‘be the change’ would work well. Trying to hang on to the past is not a great idea on these cycles. Make it your business to be right across the financial news from March 2019 as it will sometimes transform in a day and you need to know which way the wind is blowing – past 2020 actually. Watch cryptocurrency, currency exchange rates and also emerging trends like electric cars versus fossil fuels.

    1. You have Fortuna at 18 Libra in the Seventh House which rules former, current and potential partners. Also enemies and opponents. You blindly spin the Wheel of Fortune for these people, powerfully affecting their ups and downs, highs and lows in life, without being conscious of what you do. In many ways it’s a process beyond yourself and you are just a wheel in the machinery as much as they are! It is not there all the time but when you have major transits to 18 Libra, you find yourself at the heart of their destiny without seeing that you are. Fortuna’s symbol is a small wheel.

  15. Hi Jessica..I have Fortuna at 25 Capricorn..I trained as a hairdresser back when I finished school but kept changing my place of employment..I got bored..then I minded children and raised my son alone for 15 years until I started feeling the walls were closing in on me..i felt my apartment was too a job now over 3 years which is a miracle I have stayed with the same routine..sometimes I want to leave but then i think of the security I have with this.Its really this job is my life at the moment..With Saturn about to cross Diana at 10 Capricorn and eventually Fortuna how will this play in my chart..Thanks Jessica..P.S..your were so right about the Sagittarius guy..He has children and 2 of them moved back home with their you said I won’t wait,Disheartened a little bit but Thanks again for being spot on.

    1. I am sorry about the Sagittarius man – I thought the children might be the issue. You will see a wonderful turning point with former, current or potential partners from Christmas Day, as the climate will change in your favour. In 2019 you will be put in the right time, right place with a really great possible lover who has a big background as a traveller, student of life, teacher, mentor or guide. You would learn so much and this date would be really good for you. You are in a Saturn career phase with this planet in your Tenth House of status and success and it is the forerunner to the problem-solving Jupiter career phase which starts December 2019. So everything you learn over the next 12 months, including all the waiting games and effort, helps you so much later on. Just allow more time and energy. You may need more rest or sleep.

  16. Hi Jessica
    I have Fortuna at 13 Taurus, as well as some other factors. My husband and I have really taken care financially of a number of family members for many years. Seems to be a theme in our life.

    1. It’s karma. You have the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio across your Second House of money and Eighth House of property and family. The Nodes are always past life experiences. You have been both rich and poor with these people, in various roles, for a number of incarnations and have a soul agreement which you made in your ‘life between lives’ to come back and repay/give/donate/accept for spiritual reasons. As Uranus (radical change) goes across Taurus from March 2019 it will trigger this so 2019, 2020 are times of tremendous turnings points and new beginnings, as the karma will be figured out differently.

      1. Thank you Jessica,
        Makes a lot of sense. But definitely looking forward to change and new beginnings.

  17. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for this interesting article about Fortuna. You’ve probably heard about the “yellow vests” protests in France which started about 4 weeks ago. Yesterday evening, President Macron finally spoke to the nation and announced a couple of measures to calm the anger. I am wondering how the wheel is going to turn now, if the situation will come back to normal or if the conflict is going to worsen. An interesting fact is that, here in France, Macron’s nickname is “Jupiter” (when he was elected, he declared himself that France needed a “président jupitérien”). Merci ! Take care.

    1. Merci! Yes, Macron knows a little astrology. I wonder if he uses Mercury Retrograde cycles? If he does he would realise that the French chart is heavily Gemini-Sagittarius and of course we have Jupiter in Sagittarius and Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius going right over that opposition in the national horoscope. I wrote a long piece on France some years ago which you can find on Search – it might interest you.

      1. Merci Jessica. Yes, I remember your article about France and will read it again. Very sad today again as terror is back, this time in the heart of my town.

        1. I am so very sorry about your situation in France. Sometimes I wish she could be born again with a new constitution so she also has a new birth chart, because that Gemini-Sagittarius signature is so difficult in terms of people’s political views or religious beliefs and the impact on peace, law and order. France has had many charts, though, and she may yet get an easier one for the future.

  18. Hi Jessica, What does my Fortuna 3 Capricorn interact with in my chart? I have have a lot flux around work and career probably due to 6th house Uranus. Mostly self employed during my life. I am really happiest this way. I wonder though, how all the Capricorn action coming up for me might impact my independence and how Fortuna fits into the overall picture. New home moved in, New location check check 2018. The move in to new home finally happened on Full Moon Sag after many weeks of delays. Quite Interesting!

    1. Uranus in Virgo in the Sixth House does bring a lifetime of regular work-related upheavals (redundancies, sackings, reshuffles) if you work for other people. If you work for yourself you can still have upheavals but at least you also have the freedom and independence. The move towards hot-desking and home-working even in regular employment is typical of anyone who has Uranus in Virgo in the Sixth House. Fortuna in Capricorn in your Tenth House of success, status, ambition would add to this random quality. You will find Jupiter moving to Capricorn from December 2019 ushers in a huge opportunity or solution which will have a Wheel of Fortune quality for you. As a general rule watch the Moon in Virgo and Capricorn every month because that’s when most of the trails will be laid for future professional developments.

  19. Hi Jessica, the more in depth and further back I read your blog posts and learn about my chart, the more jaw dropping moments I have.
    The 2018 Love forecast for pisces, the posts about Jupiter in Scorpio and Sagittarius, the Libra Scorpio type (I have 4 Libra and 2 Scorpio but not sure in which houses) and your November 2018 Gemini forecast have left me reeling.
    I’m a sun Pisces with Gemini asc whose former partner, Libra (Oct 20) showed up in May of this year after years of no contact. Lots of back and forth since then through the retrogrades, September; October was incredibly strange and interesting, October 30 through the first half of November intense and then . . . nothing.
    I sometimes feel your predictions refer directly to my situation!
    I don’t know where this complicated situation will go but 2018 has been a year like no other in recent memory.
    Any other thoughts would be welcome.

    1. The predictions would have been quite true for your horoscope – and astrology does make my jaw drop too! You have a complicated situation here with your former partner, who turned up out of the blue. The issue is children. Pregnancies that never happened, perhaps, or children either you or he have in your world now. This may be sons or daughters, godchildren, nieces or nephews. Beyond that, there would be hovering questions about saying yes or no to future parenthood in 2019. Everything will lead back to this in terms of your decision (or his) to get back together or not. You will see a major focus on these issues from Christmas through to January, then again in July.

  20. Hi Jessica! I have Fortuna at 15d Virgo. I graduated during the recession in 2009 and have struggled in my career since then, could this help explain the ups and downs? I know I don’t like working for others and looking for a way to work independently. Thank you!

    1. Fortuna is part of it, but you were born with Mars at 27 Virgo in your Sixth House of work, square Neptune at 27 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of foreigners, travel, education, academia, the worldwide web and publishing. Every time you try to push forward with work you hit challenges in the latter areas of your life, regarding your own need to escape from the real world. So there may be some issues there about getting real/being real versus what is required in your chosen field. The good news is, you have a ton of Sagittarius factors in your Ninth House and fortunate Jupiter crosses all of them, now through December 2019. If you can lick this issue about being grounded, practical and so on – about journeys or journeys across the web, or journeys of the mind – you will have a fantastic year. You could easily take on a mentoring role, go back to study, or even find yourself hooked up with those from another region, culture or country. For more read the Ninth House on Search. You live there!

  21. with Fortuna at 22 Libra in the 7th House, at this point in my life will everything be up! at 7 decades of physical life, will I have another down?

    1. You will be fine. Fortuna is just one of 34 horoscope factors in modern life and there are another 33 to look at too. You will be offered a huge advantage with your house, apartment, holiday home, garden, home exchange, house-sitting and property in general within weeks. Make sure you follow up. This will be the first of many. If you decline the first offer, there will be another, and another next year. This may be about renovations, repairs, redecoration or other home improvements. It may be about actually moving. Keep your eyes open.

  22. Hi Jessica, thank you for another enlightening read! I Fortuna in Scorpio will square my Fortuna in Aquarius conjunct my Ascendant, can you explain what that means?

    Thank you!

    1. You’ll see this more after March, but you need to come up with a budget that can be moved around with very short notice. This will be either because of changes which affect work or your personal finances. Fortuna in Scorpio (finance, house, apartment, business, possessions) aspecting your chart tends to bring a hurdy-gurdy feeling and from March you also have Uranus – the unpredictable bringer of changes – in your cash zone. You stand to gain from what is going to come in 2019 if you are prepared to think about new ideas, new ways to proceed, new inventions (even) and innovations. Try not to hang on to the way things used to be in 2018 and earlier. Don’t go back. Go forward. It may all seem very different, untried and experimental but find other people who are making a success of going with the new world of banking and so on, and you’ll fly.

  23. Hello Jessica – thank you – as always – for yet another fascinating article! I knew nothing of Fortuna, and now I am intrigued!
    Funnily enough, I have Fortuna at 8 degrees Sag, and when I went to take a look at my chart today, Jupiter is exactly conjunct my Fortuna placement. Interesting. I’m assuming for me Fortuna is ninth house subjects?
    Thank you again…I love your writings immensely.

    1. Great, you do have Jupiter (father of Fortuna) on your Fortuna herself, in Sagittarius and the Ninth House. Once Mercury stops dithering around (he is Retroshadow, also in Sagittarius, also in your Ninth House) you have so much to gain from travel or travel in the mind. This may be a person from another country who plans to visit you in 2019 (and will open every door). It may also be that you are shown how to get away to a dream destination you never thought was possible. It will all come together quite quickly. Watch the internet in particular in January for news.

  24. Hi Jessica,I have some questions to ask.First how can one be a premium member if he has no bank account at all? Secondly,What is the prediction of my fortuna at 28 Leo in 2019 and lastly being born on the 1st of Sept 1970,with how many degrees will i start seeing Jupiters Lucky at home?
    I do hope that my questions will be answered and tht wil be my Christmas present from you! God bless you and Merry Christmass

    1. Merry Christmas. You do need Paypal and thus a bank account to become a Premium Member, but that’s fine. Fortuna at 28 Leo in your Fifth House of children, nieces, nephews and young people means you have a strong effect on this generation without knowing that you do! So for example you might raise funds for a children’s charity and save lives, or change them, yet never know who you helped. It is also possible that you have been in relationships where an unplanned pregnancy came along, or the end of your relationship resulted in your partner then going on to have a child with someone else – so again, you changed others’ lives but may not have been fully aware of how much. The year ahead is terrific in terms of a house or apartment to redecorate, repair, move to – or stay in. It really depends on what you are looking for. You will be given an opportunity by January. It may be casual or subtle but do not forget. It may be house-sitting for example.

  25. Hi Jessica – I have Fortuna sitting at 12° Capricorn. Still feeling run over completing Karma with the North Node (NorthNode 02° Pisces) crossing over from Leo (Sun 23° Leo, Moon 15° Aquarius) to Apollo and Ops. Supposed to have left for good but still feels it is sitting on top.
    Any guidance on how this will impact my 2019?

    1. 2019 will be so interesting for you, because of a younger generation. This may be children or young people who matter to you as an audience, demographic or market. They would be old enough to be yours, so have arrived in the world from 1990 or later (approximately). If the connection is more personal you may be looking at a new relationship with a person who has children from a previous marriage, or whose nieces, nephews or godchildren could become like your own. It’s hard to say more without knowing your personal situation, yet the final and possible outcome is that you adopt or foster. Should you actually have a son or daughter, a long-standing issue with them, or for them, will disappear completely.

      1. Hi Jessica

        How is this Fortuna cycle going to affect me? I’ve had a really good November of 2018, unfortunately things ended ubruptly as soon as December came around. Like a whole reversal of everything. I am shattered. I thought after Christmas things would improve but so far nothing.

        1. You will travel or move in 2019 and enjoy the change so much that you wonder why you did not take this vacation or pack your boxes, long before. You don’t say why you are shattered. If this was about your love life, then it has nothing to do with Fortuna at all. But, what you need to know, is that you are heavily Sagittarian and are a born traveller and explorer and this year you will be given one opportunity after another to engage with foreign people and places, other cultures or regions and you will take the trip of a lifetime.

      2. Thanks Jessica. I am really excited about that. I have been working diligently on rebuilding my relationship with my older son and have started to see some of the results.
        I have also been working hard on repairing my relationship with my partner of 20 years (she has Sun 29° Aquarius , Mooon 28° Cancer, Mercury 06° Aquarius, Venus 05° Pisces, Mars 18° Aries, Ceres 09° Pisces, Jupiter 05° Scorpio, NorthNode 11° Pisces, SouthNode 11° Virgo). I am a straight male with stellums in Leo, Virgo, Libra and Taurus. Any guidance on those efforts?

        1. Great. You will find it a lot easier in 2019 than you did before. Your partner has also been going through it with you (it, being eclipses in a chain, and the North Node of karma) in 2017, 2018 so no wonder you feel as if you have work to do. You are also a Sun Leo of course. This has fundamentally been about your older son, and perhaps other children if you had them – or even pregnancies which never came to pass. It has been about father-child relationships or connections with godchildren, nieces, nephews and so on. The younger generation. This cycle is well and truly over once you are past January. February will be talking time with her. And listening. December 2020 picks up from that, no matter where your February 2019 conversation takes you. Good luck.

  26. Hi Jessica! I’ve been enjoying your Horoscopes for some time but I’m new to Premium Membership – wish I had joined earlier 🙂
    I have Fortuna at 15 in Gemini. I found your article fascinating and I’m using the Oracle daily, recording the answers as I’m really ‘searching’ at the moment. The last few years have been interesting. I’m rebuilding a new career after a sudden, unplanned break for what I’m trained/educated for. One of my sons (twins…) has Angelman Syndrome and the adjustment for our family has been quite a ride.
    In addition to that, I feel like I am just climbing out from under something heavily karmic (the last 12 months in particular). I think I’ve got my head around it, just processing now. Hoping that the connection to this person is finished now and that the books are balanced. I’m trying to prepare for 2019.
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you Nerrisa and Merry Christmas. I’m glad you are using the Astrology Oracle. This will help with your son who has Angelman Syndrome. You are quite right about the karma. You have a big signature in Cancer, the sign of motherhood and family. So you signed up for both children in your last ‘life between lives’. In fact, if you go back to around the year 2000, there was karma unfolding even then. This may have been another baby born in your world, a pregnancy that did not go to term, or a relationship change with someone which fated your future path as a mother. In 2019, 2020 you will gain closure on a major chapter with the children or the family as a whole, collecting good karma points but also settling a long-ago ‘debt’ if you like. Your Fortuna in Gemini is simple to interpret once you realise that Gemini rules the twins – and you had them. Actually it would be your teaching them to read or speak which is the big issue here. You may not realise just how powerful an impact that had on one or both!

  27. Hi Jessica!

    I have Juno, MC, Fortuna, Aesculapia and Salacia all in Aquarius. Per your article I believe this is a stellium?

    Could you shed any light on these configurations? I recently tried to go back to work (again!) and basically had the door slammed in my face. I recall you advising me that I have a rare aspect involving Ceres in my 6th house that causes issues every 6 months in a year, but that this would be a thing of the past (don’t quote me on this lol), but something to that affect so I decided to give it one last shot, didn’t work so I’m assuming I’m meant to stay on task with my YouTube channel and spiritual coaching.

    I’m literally starting to feel like the “little engine that could”…

    Any guidance would be great.

    Thank you, Jessica. You are absolutely the best at what you do!

    1. I am sorry about the work situation. It may help to know that this is as hard as it gets. From December 2019, you will be able to use solutions and opportunities for your career not possible in over a decade and in 2020 will turn things around quite dramatically. From 2023 you will never again be dealing with such intense situations. Your Ceres at 21 Capricorn is being crossed by not only Pluto but also the South Node and Saturn, in your Tenth House of career. Much as we’d love this transit to be over quickly, it is rather slow and yet it is also teaching you how to control your own destiny and business. You will do a ton of learning as well. It is the kind of learning that will help you with success in 2020. There is more to life than being born with Ceres in the Tenth House, and dealing with transiting Pluto conjunct Ceres (or Saturn, or the South Node, come to that). Your Aquarius stellium also has a part to play in your future as from Christmas 2020 we enter a mini Age of Aquarius with Jupiter, Saturn and finally Pluto all going into that sign in your Eleventh House of groups. You will join, or get more involved with, a network in Febrary 2019 which is a forerunner to that, in terms of what you learn and pick up, and also give back. This may be a healing group, a good cause, a professional organisation and so on.

      1. Thank you so much, Jessica. Peace and blessings to you and your family in this holiday season.

    1. You have amazing opportunities not possible in years to either fix the situation with your former, current or potential partner, or find a brand new open door, to enjoy huge improvements, either in terms of the kind of relationship you can have with this person (and it could be better chemistry) or actually to go into a new partnership for 2019. You will have one choice after another. You will also have to make a compromise but it will work very well for you.

  28. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for sharing this article.
    I’ve never taken much notice of Fortuna before but I have her at Taurus… I’m about to start a new position with a new company in a new location.
    Will Fortuna assist me to be successful?
    Any advice is welcomed. Your generosity of sharing is an inspiration.
    I wish you and your family the very happiest of Christmases.
    Aries S xx

    1. Thank you and Merry Christmas. Fortuna is quite late in Taurus at 28 degrees so you will have a fleeting ‘moment’ when Mars crosses Fortuna but otherwise it will be years and years before Uranus goes to 28 Taurus and you are affected by the global revolution (banks and governments will both introduce their own cryptocurrency). Your job is actually your Jupiter at 3 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career. Jupiter is your great helper there. They call him the protector. If you are still there December 2019 and January 2020 you will be promoted, headhunted, win an award or have a huge hit as you have your Jupiter Return in Capricorn; so lucky!

  29. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this insight. Fortuna in my birth chart is: 24° Sagittarius 34′ 15″. I am just moving beyond understanding personal planets and tapping into Fortuna for the first time. Would you help guide me as to the influence on 2019?

    1. You influence travellers, foreign people, other cultures, migrants and long-distance connections in your life more than you know. Especially if you are playing mentor, guide or teacher – or student of life. You have no idea how much you have fated things for these people from other regions, countries or backgrounds! In 2019 Jupiter will go to 24 Sagittarius and conjunct Fortuna. This is big. It’s fortunate. You will still be blindly spinning the wheel of fate and fortune for these ‘other faces from other places’ but it has so many huge benefits for you.

      1. Thank you, Jessica! I’ve just finished writing the true story of a woman who migrated to the US from Afghanistan. 2019 will bring forth an agent.

        You have so much knowledge and insight to offer–thank you for being here. Blessings and wishes for a magical and grounded year.

        1. Congratulations on finishing your work – I just happened to see Jonny Geller (Curtis Brown) on Twitter letting us know book sales were up in 2018 and audio book sales were through the roof. Next year looks terrific.

          1. I’m gonna run with that, and the fact that I’m headed to London in February, and send that man a query post haste. (Although hoping to partner with a woman for this project, I don’t ignore signs.) Thank you, J. xo 🙂

  30. Thank You Jessica – your insights are truly a blessing. All the very best for 2019 and beyond 🙂

  31. Hello Jess! Super write up once again … I have a stellium in Scorpio and have Fortuna (at 5 deg..) here too.

    Over the last 5-6 weeks, unexpected and interesting opportunities in work have come my way that are challenging me and giving me the chance to see what I am capable of. After a very long time, I’m rediscovering the joy of being busy with work that feels like a good fit.

    In this context, could you please take a look at my chart and give some insight into what I can expect next year to look like for me? Btw, I have a stellium in Sagittarius too and I would kill for a lot more travel in life…Does 2019 look good for me?

    I would love to hear back. And here’s wishing you a phenomenal year ahead 🙂


    Thank you for everything you do!


    1. Thank you S! Happy New Year. You have Sagittarius factors at both ends of the sign, in early and late degrees, which means from the very start of 2019 through to the end, in December, you stand to gain from opportunities to travel more widely, or for longer than might usually be the case. This may be because the exchange rate works in your favour and you get more bang for your buck, in the place you want to go to. There may also be an offer you can’t refuse – free accommodation for example. As Jupiter rules the biggest and best, no matter how much travelling you have done in the past, you will be able to expand and explore this year, as you not only have Jupiter but Ceres also going across your Sagittarius factors. There would be a completely different arrangement in your life, too, involving someone from far away, or another nationality or culture. This would end up dominating the year ahead and you’ll find you have new control, thanks to this special connection. You may even move.

  32. Just wanted to say that everything you have predicted has come to pass this year. Further, I’ve learned so much, and it’s so fascinating! Thank you! Also, I’m deep in the throes of some Fortuna-Minerva action and wheeeeeeeeew is it something. Thanks for everything and happy New Year!

  33. Hello Jessica. Fascinating article. My fortune is 2 degrees Taurus. I know Uranus touched last year than retrograded back into Aries. Last April I found paid work for the first time in years. It was supposed to be a 9 month contract to cover a secondment. The lady whose job I covered, decided the job she was seconded to was not for her. She came back and I had to leave after one month. I do lots of voluntary work, including advice work around welfare issues. I also intend to stand for the district council in May 2019. A bit of a risk and I will have to finance my own campaign, because I am not in a political matter. I just want to find a way to serve the community. Sometimes it would be nice to be able to earn some money and not depend on my husband.
    Many thanks Jane

    1. Thank you. Yes, Uranus will go over Fortuna at 2 Taurus again, so it looks as though you will personally be affected by the global economic changes to come in March, April, May – likely as a result of Brexit or perhaps America-China trade. There will be a knock-on effect and of course with your interest in council matters, Jane, you would be right across the local economy. So, your values radically change in the electrical storm which is unleashed around that time. This is not the whole story of course – you are strongly Sagittarian so 2019 is the year you will take off, exploring amazing new connections and opportunities in other regions, in other countries and with other cultures and nationalities. Do use the Astrology Oracle Cards to find out more about financing your own campaign. I can see Uranus slowly coming up to oppose your Juno, across Taurus-Scorpio, the finance sectors, and this is in fact your husband’s income. Uranus is radical change, revolution, independence – Juno is literally marriage. That opposition, when it appears at 7 Taurus is also rather close to Hygiea, a symbol of insurance for the future. So there is a crossroads up ahead. I doubt you will go on in the same way regarding your mutual finances, house, apartment, and the rest. This is about your Second House and Eighth House, which you can look up when you finish reading this. It may be a good idea to keep the stakes low so you have maximum room to move and the greatest flexibility to adapt and adjust, as Uranus starts his trek through Taurus from March 2019.

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