Mars Landing in Your Horoscope!

Your astrology chart shows Mars landing in your horoscope in the zodiac signs Aries and Taurus in 2019. Read on to find out where the action is. For Libra and Scorpio, this is about love. Past, present and future!

Mars Landing in Your Horoscope in 2019

Mars is the planet of action, heat, speed and rapid results. In 2019 he passes through Aries and Taurus, triggering two very different stories in your life. Read on to find out how you will be affected. If you are a Premium Member, there is important news about your image or your money, if you have factors in Aries/and or Taurus. For the moment, though, let’s look at the headlines of your life next year. Take a deep breath because 2019 is going to start with a bang.

Mars in Aries in January, February 2019

card mars - Mars Landing in Your Horoscope!

Mars moves into his new sign of Aries just in time for New Year’s Eve 2019 and all those New Year’s Resolutions. This is important because he joins the key asteroids Salacia, Diana, Aesculapia and Minerva in January. Then, on 13th February, we see Mars conjunct Uranus at 29 Aries. That’s a revolution. For Libra and Sagittarius, it is the final revolution regarding former, current or potential lovers – after 7 years of changes. Now, read on to see how your Sun Sign is affected.

Mars is the Roman god of war. He is a ‘male’ planet and symbolises people, organisations and situations which are hard and fast. Things get done. Things happen. Yet – peace of mind is at stake. In a moment you can see where Mars landing on your chart will crank things up. What really helps you in January and around February 13th (a key Mars date) is the fact that some female symbols in your horoscope are right alongside this planet. In fact, we find the goddesses Salacia, Diana and Minerva – all asteroids in astrology – also in Aries. This is really useful because it offsets the usual potential for issues that Mars brings. Left to his own devices, Mars can just be white heat, low tolerance, the possibility of drama, simmering tension and way too much old-school male domination. This time around as 2019 begins we find a more interesting story.

What To Expect From January, February 2019

Mars, Salacia, Diana, Aesculapia, Minerva and Uranus all in Aries will bring an unforgettable beginning to 2019.

  • Instant results with no time wasted.
  • The risk of conflict if things go too far.
  • Impatience and a lack of tolerance need monitoring!
  • There is a deep need for freedom and independence for you and others.
  • Historic decisions by you – and about you – mark the start of 2019.
  • This is one of those new years that will genuinely feel new to you.

The NASA Mars Landing of November 2018 was your cue. The new soundtrack for January-March 2019 is Life On Mars and you are going to be stunned at how quickly two areas of your life start to move, as the New Year begins.

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Mars Landing in Aries – How Are You Affected?

Aries – This is about your image. Profile. Reputation. Title. Name. Appearance. Brand. The person you seem to be online.
Taurus – This is about your secrets. Classified information. Confidential subjects. Life behind the scenes. Your mysteries.
Gemini – This is about your friends. The groups you belong to. The groups you are affected by. Clubs, teams and networks.
Cancer – This is about your career. Your unpaid work. Your part-time job. Your studies. Your ambition and position.
Leo – This is about your website or blog. Your course. Your book or eBook. Your travel plans. Foreign or regional links.
Virgo – This is about your finances. Your legacy. Any legacy left to you. Property. Business. Charity. Valuables. Taxation.
Libra – This is about your partner. Your former partner. Your potential partner. Your enemy. Your rival. Your opponent.
Scorpio – This is about your lifestyle. Your daily workload. Your body. Your service and duty to others. Your daily routine.
Sagittarius – This is about your son. Your daughter. Your godchild, niece, nephew or grandchild. Youth, full stop. Lovers!
Capricorn – This is about your house. Your house boat. Your apartment. Your town or country. The household. Your family.
Aquarius – This is about the internet. Multimedia. Communication. Education. Language. The written and spoken word.
Pisces – This is about your money. Your house or apartment. Your charity. Your business. Your valuables. Your business.

Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Capricorn in 2019 – No More Fence-Sitting in Love

Soon after he completes his whirlwind trip through Aries, Mars switches signs to Taurus, near Saint Valentine’s Day, February 14th. This will be the trigger for Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Capricorn to get off the fence, with their former, current or potential partners. No more fence-sitting. No more bench-sitting. If you have been waiting for things to happen, then Mars racing through Aries and Taurus, with the changeover near Saint Valentine’s Day, will really up the stakes.

hgfddoulkhs 600x400 - Mars Landing in Your Horoscope!

Do You Have Factors at 28, 29 Aries in Your Personal Chart?
If you are a Premium Member, check your personal birth chart for any factors at 28, 29 Aries. They fall in your First House of image, profile, name, title, reputation, packaging and presentation. You will find that the Mars-Uranus conjunction at 29 Aries on 13th February signals a radical change – at full speed – regarding the way you look and appear to the world. It should be liberating. You will need time and space. These are revolutionary changes which can only occur once every few decades.

How Mars Landing in Taurus Affects You in 2019

Mars moves through the zodiac sign of Taurus in February and March, paving the way for sudden events set to turn your world upside-down in 2019. Why? Because Uranus, which always brings upheaval, revolution and new beginnings, is preparing to settle into Taurus too. This all takes place in just one area of your life and one area of your solar (Sun Sign chart). Tip: Whatever you do in haste in February and March, regarding this area of your life below, must take into account the possibility of radical changes later. Don’t assume anything.

On March 16th 2019, we find Uranus at 0 Taurus square Psyche at 0 Aquarius. That’s the very first ‘reveal’ of just how hugely different your life is going to be. It will be electrifying. Utterly different in every way. Liberating! Yet – this area of your life (below) will benefit greatly from you taking your time, and taking greater care, in February and March as a whole. Do not set up a potential issue that will come back to you later. Slow down and cool down. Make it easy for others to do the same.

Aries – This is about your money. Your valuables. Your charity. Your house or apartment. Your business. Your values.
Taurus – This is about your image. Your reputation. Your profile. Your appearance. Your face. Your name.
Gemini – This is about your secrets. Your classified information. Your unconscious mind. All that you cover up.
Cancer – This is about your groups and the groups you are affected by. Your career. Your unpaid work. Your studies.
Leo – This is about your career. Your ambitions and position. Your mission. Your calling or vocation. Your status.
Virgo – This is about your educational or academic commitments. Your travel agenda. Foreigners. Books. The Web.
Libra – This is about your legacy and any legacy left to you. Your taxation. Insurance. Banking. Property. Charity.
Scorpio – This is about your former, current or potential partner. Your enemies, opponents or rivals.
Sagittarius – This is about your lifestyle. Your daily workload. Your body. Your regular routine. Your housework.
Capricorn – This is about your children. Your lovers – who may bring children into your life. Youth and young people.
Aquarius – This is about your house or apartment. Your town or country. Your family or household.
Pisces – This is about your internet life. Your multimedia commitments. Education and publishing. The word!

Mars can feel like the ultimate pow! in your chart. People who are classic action-women or action-men may play their role at this time. You may be dealing with conditions which are fast and furious. Watch for racing share markets.

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Do You Have Taurus Factors in Your Personal Birth Chart?

You will be strongly affected by Mars as he races through Taurus and conjuncts, or sits on, anything at all you have in Taurus in the Second House of your chart. If you are curious about the Second House and its meanings – which range from charity projects to business income – do look this up on Search. We also associate Taurus with taxation, accountants, the value of your house or apartment, shopping, trade and the way Wall Street affects your hip pocket.

Because you have one or more factors in Taurus in your Second House, you will personally be affected by financial climate change over many years. It began way back in May 2018 but you have not yet seen the full story. Arrests and criminal charges will be laid against businessmen, politicians and corporations which have been money laundering and that will trigger tremendous changes at the top of politics and Wall Street. How do we know that? Because when Uranus moved into Taurus for the first time in your life, probably, the United Kingdom moved against money laundering and signed new rules into law.

Think of it as a ripple effect on your own income and bank account – even the value of your own house or apartment – which begins with big bricks being thrown from March 2019, following on from the first pebbles of May 2018. For that reason, take your time, take good advice and take great care as Mars goes over every Taurus factor in your horoscope, because you need to be sharply aware that the future will not be the same as the past, for the world economy.

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72 Responses

  1. Thank you Jessica for an eye opening article. I have Chiron 1 Taurus so Mars and Uranus hitting that seems a little intimidating to me. I have already been low on patience lately so hoping I can heed your advice to take it slow and not react too quickly. It’s crazy but I remember back in May this year when Uranus moved into Taurus on the exact day we had a pretty amazing lightening storm. It always amazes me when that stuff happens. Any advice on how to proceed with the new year is greatly appreciated. 🙂

    1. Lightning is a neat piece of synchronicity and you were right to take it seriously, as it was pointing to your Chiron at 1 Taurus in the Second House of money, charity, business and property. You have enough Taurus and Scorpio in your chart to suggest that 2019-2026 should be seen as the slow transformation in the way you approach all that you own, earn and owe. It will embrace the worldwide web, smart phones and new technology as well as cryptocurrency and digital currency. Take it slowly because it’s going to move slowly, in between lightning! Mars goes over your Chiron around February 16th so you have something to teach other people then, about what is possible, practical or ‘allowed’ these days, when it comes to shopping, selling, finance, houses, apartments or possessions – good causes too. The second part of the story comes when Uranus goes over your Chiron, end of March, April and perhaps January 2020, as he is just one degree away. This is the larger revolution out there with money and the global economy, having an impact on what you feel you can achieve. Have a look at Chiron on Search and in your ebooks. He’s about to wake up in your chart.

      1. Hi Jessica,

        thanks for such an interesting article, I’m a capricorn and i have Mars at 7 Taurus , Chrion at 16 Aries and Aesculapia at 6 Aries, not sure how this translates for me with the changes happening next year in Jan and Feb as mentioned in your article !
        thanks a lot

        1. Thank you. You will be pleased to see the end of years of bumps and unexpected twists and turns with your house or apartment, and possibly family or the household, if you have shared your home with those people. If you look back at 2010-2018 you will see one big farewell that changed your life forever (perhaps you were the one to make a break) and also a long period when you found yourself rejecting particular people or a place, or were also rather rejected. Sidelined, ignored, passed over and the rest – or maybe you heard ‘No.’ This has meant that you have never really felt totally at home with either your people or your place, yet from March 2019 you will be. Whole new ballgame.

  2. Hey Jessica, I have enjoyed the Jupiter series, and now am reading this and wonder if this spells a shake up for my relationship? Can you offer some insight as I am in a situation where I dont know where to go with my life- I am financially dependent on my Aquarian partner, but am unhappy in an oppressive relationship with him that I think is irreparable, even though he wouldnt admit that. A split could whether be cordial and peaceful, or totally explosive and I could be left high and dry with nothing, which I fear and why I dont act…i feel he uses this fear and dependency to his advantage. Our relationship has put a wedge directly between family relationships…my partner points out the negatives of my family, and my family points out the negatives of my partner…I am at the point where I dont know who to believe, who to trust, etc, because i feel like everyone is only out to manipulate and control me…but on the other hand i do love my partner, but i think we were always meant to be friends and business partners, not husband/wife…can you offer any confirmation or if you see a split coming or maybe a decent time to talk about a solution (i dont think mercury retrograde is the best time)? Thanks again for all you do and thank you for your help!
    Much love-

    1. This sounds very tough. To be caught between your family and your partner must place a lot of pressure on you. February is the most important month for you in terms of making decisions about changing things with him, or even considering a departure at some point. If you were to leave then it looks like Christmas 2020, either in terms of a life-changing separation, or just the arrival of a new partner. If you stay, Christmas 2020 will still be quite remarkable and put you two on a new road. In other words this cannot and does not go on forever. I think February 2019 will be useful for you as we have a New Moon to point the way forward, and better than usual communication between you both. Do use your Astrology Oracle cards to give yourself an in-depth reading and read using the new ebook. But – this can and does get better.

  3. Hi Jessica! Great post as always 🙂 How would you interpret Mars (and later Uranus) conjuncting my natal Juno and then Venus/Vulcan in my second house?

    1. Thank you. When Mars and Uranus go into a new house of your chart it is like having house guests or tenants move in for a long stay. Mars will make a lot of noise. Uranus will also be rattling a few windows. This area of your chart rules all that you earn, own or owe. It rules who and what you will not sell out for – and who or what you consider precious to the point of being priceless. Your factors at 9, 13, 14 Taurus suggest it will not be until June 2020 and beyond that you really see the revolution, but you will feel the start of it from March 2019. You already took a stand on a financial, business, charity or property matter and ‘priced’ something that cannot be bought. This is the start of a general switch in direction for you, and June 2020 to June 2021 will find you weighing up how much freedom and independence you have, financially, and what you will do to get more.

  4. Hello, Jessica. I’ve been unemployed for a year. Could it be possible for me to get a new job any time soon?

    1. I’m really sorry you have been stuck like this. It should make you feel better to know that you are in a cycle we only see once every 240+ years. You can see how you have the North Node at 0 Capricorn, IC (Immum Coeli) at 13 Capricorn and Cupido at 19 Capricorn in your chart. These three factors are all in your Tenth House of career. It’s pretty unfair, but you have been living with Pluto at 19 Capricorn as he passes through and Saturn going from 0 Capricorn crawling towards 13 now and eventually onto 19. In other words, it’s not you, it’s your transits. You can accept that 2019 and 2020 are career reshapes. It gets better – a lot better – from Christmas 2019 when Jupiter the planet of solutions, opportunities, expansion and progress goes into Capricorn and 2020 will find you with the project you deserve, the title you need or the role that truly suits you. This does not mean you sit around until Christmas 2019 or the year 2020! You have some research to do. This cycle suits people who take control by using self-control and draw on their considerable willpower to find what empowers them. You need to step back from the last field you were in and see where it’s at for next year. Also look at a field you would like to conquer. You are ambitious, patient, prepared to work the system and do very well in any pyramid-type structure or hierarchy. You now need to figure out the mountain and what it looks like these days. You can take your time with this. In fact from the final week of December 2018 to the third week of January 2019 you will be shown exactly who and what you need to know, to master the climb on one career ‘Everest’ or even find another peak you prefer better. This cycle is Saturn transiting the Tenth House, Pluto transiting the Tenth House, South Node transiting the Tenth House – if you want to look them up online. You have a triple transit. Give yourself a ton of time, space and sleep to deal with it, yet you will be on track sooner than you know and from the year 2023 view this period in your life as necessary learning – but ancient history.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    I have Minerva at 29 Aries. I’m wondering how this might be affected by the Mars-Uranus conjunction in February? And also if there are things that I should be looking at in January?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Amy, Minerva at 29 Aries is in your First House of image, presentation, name, profile and packaging. She is a symbol of deep wisdom and knowing. You are the go-to person for advice about everything from style, hair and make-up to branding online – or the ‘Me’ in social media. Mars and Uranus crossing this suggest a victory for your own wisdom, about the way you are seen out there. This is not narcissism, it’s just who you are. Stormy weather brings moments of truth as everything is illuminated. 2019 begins with that wake-up call. A bit like seeing sheet lightning suddenly make night look like day! When you look in the mirror or at your name online you’ll see it differently. That requires a clever answer and you’ll have it.

      1. Thank you Jessica,
        I recently launched a new look on my blog along with some photography efforts. I made sure to get that in place at the end of October prior to Mercury retrograde. I have been using this time to rework some older posts. I also have plans to incorporate some new social media efforts. These changes are to see if something financially productive will come about. My husband (09/28/61 00:53 Charleston, SC) recently retired, but it’s likely I will need to earn something for any extras like travel, etc. and I have been a stay-at-home mom up to this point. Is there a way to tell if these efforts will produce any income?
        Thank you,

        1. You speak to the generation born in the Sixties because you are so strongly Virgo, Amy and they were all born with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. You have a pattern in your Sixth House of mind, body and spirit that suggests health, fitness, food, lifestyle, drink, meditation and so on are your natural areas of success. You can find your own niche within that. Look up Virgo and the Sixth House to find out more about what you are all about and what works for you. The target market are in their fifties and your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Vesta and Diana in Virgo will speak directly to them. Years of financial uncertainty ends in March 2019 and from that point on you could astonish others and also yourself with what it it possible to do, in terms of your income. The internet is also the place to be for you – correct.

  6. “Think of it as a ripple effect on your own income and bank account” … Could this in any way be a positive ripple?

    1. There is in fact cryptocurrency called Ripple and I think I may be picking up on something far into the future, about cryptocurrency in general and the way it is going to affect all of us, economically. All you can really say is that Mars in Taurus and Uranus in Taurus will change the way we bank. They will change the way governments accept donations and the tax system. Money laundering runs very deep around the world and it cannot and will not last. That means massive upheaval. Is that a good thing? Yes. Will there be positive ripples? Yes, if you are prepared to look at alternative ways of handling what you earn, own and owe. This is a good example of what happens when massive changes take place in your country and around the world, that end up affecting – say – interest rates. The trick with this cycle is to stay open, stay informed and know when to do things differently.

  7. Thank you for this great article! As you predicted, a new teacher has recently come into my life. I’ve drawn the proverbial line in the sand to uplevel so much in my life in 2019 and a lot of what I see above hints that that could be the case. I’ve invited this teacher in the help me get there. I especially seek financial and career independence as its been years since those areas have been easy and flowed for me. From this I hope for a new home, a sense of ease, and a deep love for the next career step I am currently carving out with my teacher. I feel like I’ve been underwater for so long, will early 2019 finally be the time I break through the surface again? I am ready! Thanks!!

    1. This is really a long-term cycle for you, which goes way beyond these Mars patterns. In fact, you will be ‘there’ until the year 2024, so around another six years into the future. What you will experience with former, current and potential partners is the escapism that comes when you take a holiday from reality. In fact, you have already been doing this, since 2011/2012. This has been going on for so long in your love life that you may have forgotten the way things used to be! In fact, you are living in a bubble, which is fine, but just make sure the bubble works in the real world. I mentioned the long cycle that ends in 2024 and this also concerns any children in your world (existing) but also the stepchildren who may arrive later, depending on your dating choices. You are reshaping your entire attitude towards love, sex, marriage, parenthood and commitment over a number of years and will learn so much about what is real – and what is not real. It may be useful to use The Astrology Oracle to ask ‘What have I learned about love since 2011?’ and begin there.

  8. Jessica, thank you for another informative article.

    I have Chiron at 29 Aries, South Node at 3 Taurus and Jupiter at 29 Taurus. What should I brace for with Mars and Uranus crossing these factors?

    1. Thank you. Chiron is at 29 Aries in your First House of image, presentation, profile, reputation, appearance, name and identity. You were born to show other people what it is possible to get away with. You’ll believe an elephant can fly, that kind of thing! Mars going over 29 Aries and Uranus too, suggests a relaunch and rebirth – likely online – but may be in the real world too. The new you is coming. Your South Node at 3 Taurus is really about your financial karma as you have had one or more lifetimes knowing what it is like to be wealthy and also poor. In this lifetime you are here to be true to your values. What you will and will not sell your soul for. Who or what you consider to be precious, to the point of being priceless. Uranus crossing to 3 Taurus will also oppose your North Node in Scorpio, which is more about other people’s money, or their stake in your house, business, apartment and so on. This becomes exact in May 2019 and again in November, December next year with another cycle in February 2020, March 2020. The best thing to do on a Uranus cycle is adjust and adapt. Don’t stand firm and try to lean back towards where things were before. This is really a national and/or international economic situation having a trickle-down effect on you. I’ve written about this before, but money laundering is the key to the massive shift we are going to see in 2019 and in fact it will go on for years, toppling people in big business, banks and politics. All this makes it necessary for us to alter the way we handle our pensions, superannuation, shares, savings and so on. There will be new options open and alternative ways of dealing with all that you earn, own or owe should be considered. Uranus transits tell you to be flexible – to bend and sway – not hang on. The times they are a changin’ from March 2019 in particular and this is when all your past life experience knowing all aspects of money will come in handy. You may find that there is new space and freedom to change your mind – quite profoundly – about who and what is valuable to you. In fact, by 2020 you may decide that freedom and independence are the really priceless commodities.

  9. Jessica,
    Mars, oh boy! I think this is about all of my relationships. It seems like I have a bunch of intense factors in Mars. Also maybe about school stuff, and embracing everything that may come with it. ( Personally and setting myself up for the future, career wise.) I don’t know though. What do you see? As usual, much gratitude for answering.

    1. The biggest two changes you will see affect school and friendship – within a group. In 2019 you will find that the constant chopping and changing in your education over these last few years calms down and you lean back towards a more traditional or conventional way of doing things. Yet you would never change what has happened, despite the constant feeling that you are on the outside looking in. You have been forced to invent a new way to handle what interests you, or where your ambitions are, and that has made you a total original in terms of all that you study. This would also apply to a part-time job or any unpaid work. In 2019, you also need to accept that ‘That was then, this is now’ where your friendships, social media, social life and group commitments are concerned. You’ll notice this intensely as the new year begins. Giving others space to be free, and finding a way to ask for the same, will be the key.

  10. Being a Libra with so many Libra factors (relationships and love on the brain 24-7) I’m excited because it sounds like the Mars/Aries weather will finally help me figure out if I should leave or stay in my marriage (husband 1/21/83) which has been a challenge since we married (1/25/14). Do you see me finally getting clear – or something new being revealed to help me make my mind up – as I have been fence sitting for years on this topic? It’s made me really sad because I have always felt I was suppose to experience a soul satisfying love and that part of my legacy would be to love and nature a family unit – including a beautiful partnership and it just hasn’t been the case. Perhaps that’s the legacy piece triggered by Mars moving into Taurus…would love to know what you see. Thank you so much, I really do appreciate your work!

    1. Thank you. You have an unusual chart with a huge stellium in Libra in your Seventh House of love, sex, marriage, partnership, separation and divorce. You have been experiencing the Uranus in Aries opposition to this, since 2011, as slowly but surely the planet of freedom, independence, upheaval and new beginnings has crossed 0, 4, 5, 11 and so on…and now the last Libra placement in your chart, Pluto at 26 Libra (control over the marriage) has also been crossed. If you want to look that up anywhere, you have experienced transiting Uranus opposite Pluto. That’s going to either transform a union or break it up. January and February 2019 are decisive months for you but be very careful about your discussions and what is said – and goes in writing. Mars will oppose every single thing you have in Libra and what you create then will have an effect for some years to come. Why? Chiron is also moving into Aries and again, will slowly cross 0, 4, 5 and so on, starting March 2019 and not over until 2027. No matter if you two stay together and profoundly change the marriage, or break up, you will still have ongoing stories with this man for many years, so you need to make sure that ‘Do not cast the first stone’ is the rule in January, February 2019. If you get any stones flung your way, don’t react. Get advice.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    I have factors in Aries at 27 degrees and a stellium in Taurus. Things are tight enough financially and my partner is treating me like rubbish, but I don’t want to split the family up; I love my children, they are the Earth to me.

    Any thoughts on how I might be affected during this cycle? Thanks so much, Melanie xx.

    1. You are a Sun Taurus and they hang on and hold on. You will negotiate a new agreement with your husband by the end of January where you share the control much more fairly. You will have opportunities to solve your finances, saving or making money, starting from Christmas and peaking in January, with more to come by December 2019, Melanie.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    Another great article – thank you.

    Looking at my chart I have Mars in Taurus – what should I expect?

    Many thanks,

    1. Mars at 22 Taurus takes a long time for Uranus to cross, Belinda, but in 2023 you will experience Uranus conjunct Mars in your Second House and the revolution out there nationally or internationally in currency, banking, shares and the rest will involve you personally. That is a good time to research your options as much as you can. Uranus is about new inventions, usually wired to electricity, and so this will be cryptocurrency and digital currency, but so much more – a totally independent new movement, removed from the banks, where people power decides what happens, not the establishment. I have a feeling you will be swept up in that in 2023. Keep your arrangements very flexible long-term and don’t lock yourself into too much as Uranus will oppose your Scorpio factors in the Eighth House. Short-term, Mars Returns crank up the speed and heat, and you have one as Mars goes across your Mars in Taurus early in 2019. Slow down and cool down. We’re talking second half of March 2019. Just be tactical and strategic.

  13. Hi Jessica. I will have had Uranus sitting on my Desc at 0 Taurus (opp my Asc). I never really attach much importance to these aspects so I don’t know if I will feel much from that transit? Otherwise I have Chiron at 9 Taurus..
    Many thanks for your insights!!

    1. Your Descendant depends on a strictly accurate birth time if it is 0 Taurus. It would concern your former, current or potential partner and on a financial, business, property or charity level. March 2019 would have seen a revolution. If it didn’t happen your birth time is out. Chiron at 9 Taurus is important. It will take a while for Uranus to reach 9 Taurus as he retrogrades to 10 Taurus in January 2022 and that is pretty close. Yet, it’s still a revolution and it will change the way you see money, charity, business, property and possessions. You will put a price on freedom and independence which cannot be bought and sold and do things so differently in future. This is about your values at heart. For more look up Uranus in Taurus on Search and also Chiron.

  14. Hi Jessica
    So far I’ve stood static all 2018 with career, money, love life where I was reading change is close. – like all this year… The only one exception being immediate family situation that’s changed this year.
    So theres a little bit of everything you mention in this article, Aries, Taurus that seems to affect me and my personal chart. Can you help me piece it together?
    ( another interesting article from you 😉

    1. Being static with Uranus in Taurus is unusual – you should be on the road to a relaunch of your image, title, name or appearance by now – but maybe you resisted what was there from May? There will be a second chance from March 2019 and actually, next year is the new you – even if you try to hang onto 2018 and previously, it’s unlikely this Uranus cycle will let you. You also have Venus at 2 Taurus and so you have a lifetime pattern of entering into two-way deals, duets and pairs over the money, house, apartment, charity, business or possessions. It’s not just a sexual relationship pattern it happens all over the joint. This is going to profoundly alter in 2019 and again – it is surprising you did not do this in 2018, unless this is the family situation you’re talking about. For more look up Uranus in Taurus. You’ll be affected.

  15. Hi, Jessica, I loved this post and it sounds like big changes are on the horizon for everyone.

    I have Diane, Fortuna, Hygeia, and Proserpina in Taurus – what does this mean for my own financial fortunes?

    1. You will feel Diana at 2 Taurus first, though over the course of many years, transiting Uranus will cross your other asteroids too in your Second House of money, houses, charity, taxation, business, apartments, shopping and selling. Mars will cross Diana first as 2019 begins, and there will be a moment of truth about how independent you are, and how much you are willing to pay to be free. This echoes a life-changing chapter, according to all the laws of modern astrology, after March 2019 as Uranus at 2 Taurus conjuncts Diana at 2 Taurus and substantial shifts in your national economy and the world economy, have an impact on you. Again, you have to ask yourself what you would pay for autonomy, space and the freedom of living without commitment. Diana is a symbol of tremendous spontaneity and wildness in the chart and in your Second House it inclines towards no ties, no paperwork and so on. This is at odds with another part of you which very much wants to protect the future (Hygiea). It is Diana you will meet first in 2019, though. This is very likely to be about the fine print on any loans, credit card arrangements, mortgages and so on. The ties that bind, essentially. You’re going to be given an alternative to those ties.

  16. Hi Jessica,
    Would you please interpret Mars for me in my chart in the coming months. I have a sore bottom from fence sitting.
    Much love

    1. This is really about the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner in life, but also any enemies, opponents or rivals. You’re going to have to shift on this one. Yet, despite the fact that this goes against your natural inclination to sit in the middle, you will find it’s necessary – without rocking the boat, or rattling the scales, you are never going to get to March 2019 and that welcome turning point when you can leave 2018 in the past and get on with 2019.

  17. Hi Jessica! Thank you for this article (and indeed all your articles, I find them totally fascinating). I have a stellium in Aries, so it looks like January and February might be intense! I’ve been going through some fluctuations in my book-related career, and it’s exciting to see some changes might be afoot. Any advice for the next few months? Thanks!

    1. Thank you. Your book-related career is actually a long, long evolution which began in 2011 and does not stop for many years ahead. You have been through the chopping and changing, the rejections, the revolutionary impact of the ebook (though I am sure that sounds a long time ago now) and the quite radical new options for being heard and read. In March 2019 this stops. The revolution, as far as you are concerned, is over. In its place, 2019 will bring you a person or organisation which mentors, guides and teaches you. What you are being shown is that there is no such word as ‘No’ any more. All that remains is an ongoing experiment to see how far you can be stretched and also stretch others. The old rules do not apply. Your self-promotion will be a large part of what is to come, not only as Mars goes through Aries, but for many years into the future.

  18. Dear Jessica,
    I have got Moon at 7 degree in Taurus and Chiron at 1 degree is Taurus. Vulcano is also tehre at 11 degree. What does it mean to me? Thank you for your answer, have a nice day.

    1. Chiron at 1 Taurus in your Second House is about your need to stretch the boundaries with money, charity, shopping, sales, business, houses and apartments. You need to prove to yourself and others that there is no such word as impossible. The Moon at 7 Taurus, also in your Second House, suggests you need to be needed, financially, and express your caring for others by saving or making them money. This double position in Taurus is common in the charts of fundraisers for good causes as well as merchant bankers. Vulcano is also there at 11 Taurus suggesting you know how to control your emotions when it comes to money, and that gives you quite a lot of power. Now that Uranus is poised to enter Taurus, straight after Mars, in early 2019 – you will be questioning old habits and attitudes towards your finances. In fact, you will have to, as we are moving into a new world economy and the old expectations and set-ups won’t work. It can be hard for a strongly Taurus person to change position, but 2019 is definitely the year when you need to move, not remain planted in the ground. We are seeing rumblings about this now with Brexit in Great Britain, the Mueller enquiry in the United States and the enquiries into banks in Australia. This is about 3% of the way into the cycle. You may have to rethink your pension or superannuation in particular and be open to new angles.

  19. Hi Jessica,
    I have nothing in Aries and I have Ceres and IC ( don’t know my birth time) in Taurus.
    How is this affecting me in 2019, especially in love?
    Thank you!
    Have a great day!

    1. You enter a new cycle with your former, current and potential partners from March 2019 which will run for many years and profoundly alter your attitude towards love, sex and marriage. It is common for people to begin the cycle with a fixed attitude about commitment and then, a few years later, realise they have changed their position entirely. In fact, it can set you free, and the road to independence will come once you realise that particular lovers, or specific new phases in an old relationship, have been sent to liberate you.

  20. Hello, Jessica.
    I’ve been unemployed for four years now, focusing on my son’s needs -Asperger-, lately he is doing good. So, I would like to return to work soon, but I don’t know how the four-year break in my career will affect my job search, and I’m feeling very insecure and anxious. My background is in finance, living is US, single mom.
    Could it be possible for me to get a new job any time soon? My Mars is at 24 degree, NN at 13 and Cupido at 9 all in Capricorn.
    Any advice would help and calm me, thank you!

    1. You have done an amazing thing by helping your son with his Asperger issues particularly as a single parent. Well done, MN. You will be thrilled at the career opportunities and solutions which arrive in December, and even if one situation goes backwards and forwards, from Christmas Day you will know where you stand. If you don’t take the first option, you could easily take the next one, in January. This is going to be an unforgettable year of achievement for you. You will also learn a lot about the art of compromise with other people in your new role.

  21. Wow Jessica
    I loved reading this article … I’m feeling cautiously optimistic that changes will be good in 2019.
    A change of personal image?
    A change of career/employment?
    A change for the better in love?

    I would be grateful for any guidance that you can offer … you are always an inspiritation.
    Thank you so much

    1. Mars is shadowing Uranus in Aries and Taurus in your chart, so from the very beginning of 2019 you will feel the sensation of a new year being genuinely new and different for a change. After many years of chopping and changing with social media, in terms of how you are seen and appear to the world – as well as other online packaging – you will find life becomes about the known factors, rather than the unknowns. The most important shift for you will be the national and global economic transformation which is coming from March 2019, which lasts for many years. The best way to deal with Uranus in Taurus is to embrace change rather than resist it, as the future of money and banking is meeting you in rather a rush, in 2019, and it may be that you must quickly adjust to ‘tomorrow today’ as the old way of saving money, earning interest, borrowing money, shopping and investing will no longer apply. That will have a direct impact on you. Try to find out as much as you can about what is happening, as it happens, and stay informed, educated and updated. This cycle will become a way of life eventually, but at the very beginning it is likely to feel like unexpected weather, even though the astrology predicts it. Don’t rush things too much when Mars is in Taurus, just before, as if you make impulse decisions before you know where things stand, it may be that from March you find everything is in such a different place that you may have been acting prematurely. So think about what you do, before you do it.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    thank you for your articles that are always so awesom but, sometimes, a little scary.
    I have Baccus at 29 Aries and Jupiter at 17 Taurus.
    Do i must be concerned about mars transit in my chart?
    And what about uranus and psyche?
    Thank you so much

    1. No need to be scared of Mars transits, or any transit come to that – it’s just about negotiating time. Uranus conjunct your Bacchus at 29 Aries in the First House of image, appearance and profile suggests that after a lifetime of really enjoying packaging and presenting yourself – and promoting yourself – you are now being offered radical new ways to do that – and you will see why between now and March as Uranus also passes 29 Aries. You were born ‘blessed’ with your house, money, charity, business or apartment situation and will always be protected as Jupiter is a symbol of natural born help and support – both from other people, large organisations and a benevolent universe. It will take time for Mars to reach 17 Taurus in early 2019 but that will speed up and heat up your natal Jupiter so you may find yourself extending a big helping hand to others, financially, just because – you can. Our Jupiter shows where we feel so fortunate we are in a position to be benevolent with other people.

  23. Hello Jessica,
    I only have one factor at 7 Aries however my Jupiter at 29 Aries is currently opposing Uranus in Aries. What does this mean for me?
    Many Thanks

    1. You have Jupiter at 29 Libra in your Seventh House of former, current and potential partners. Transiting Uranus moves to 29 Aries and opposes your Jupiter between now and March 2019, so the next four months are really about this person (or these people) in your life and the most sudden, unusual and life-changing events will turn things in a new direction for you. It will work for you, as Jupiter is essentially about being blessed, protected, helped and sometimes downright lucky, in all matters of ‘two’ in your life. When Mars goes to 29 Aries it will speed the process up.

  24. Hi Jessica — such an interesting and informative read. Much appreciated! I have Taurus in my Sun 23*, Mercury 26*, MC 17*, and NorthNode 06*. I’m not at all good with astrology (I am trying by reading your basics and teaching myself) but it seems to me this would mean: news that changes something, ambition and where one is going, and old karma coming back. And several clusters including Capricorn, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio. Time to fasten my seatbelt or better yet buy a stronger one? Thanks, as always.

    1. Thank you! Astrology takes a while to sink in, but you are on track. The most important part of 2019 is actually the money, business, house, apartment or charity. You are a born deal-maker and bargainer – a born investor or collector – and this will be evident from Christmas Day, actually, when you realise you have the facts or figures you need, finally in place. An agreement will be there in the third week of January and it really launches 2019 for you, as the next 12 months is about making or saving quite a lot of money. You may be focussed on just one big ‘deal’ like selling a property, or setting up a company – or there may be a series of smaller deals throughout the year. Compromise is the magic word. Your timing will be absolutely right on many occasions and you’ll go into 2020 feeling remarkably blessed. Just remember to leave the emotions out of it. A practical arrangement with others is what you want. One you can both/all agree to long-term.

  25. Dear Jessica = firstly thank you for this site – it’s richness has given me so much learning about astrology and myself – it is a great medium for self reflection and a really powerful support to managing life’s challenges.

    So I have Diana at 28 degrees Aries but mars at 26 Capricorn squaring this wihat should I be expecting ? My thoughts go to my elderly lAbrador who of course is my child!

    1. Thank you so much. I will pass this praise onto James, Justin and Jodi (the three J’s and I am the fourth) and to Alyas who is currently working on new astrological charts for 2019. Born with Diana at 28 Aries you also have Minerva at 28 Pisces, so a perfect semi-sextile. This is the very picture of the goddess who runs wild and free with her hound and can’t resist the river, lake or waterfall. Have a look at old paintings of Diana and Minerva, as these two symbols work together in your chart. Transits at 28 degrees will affect this part of your life, which in modern times probably involves walking the dog and meditating while you do it – or walking the dog on the beach. Uranus goes to 28 Aries as you know, on his way out of the sign, so you are likely to experience a revolution which changes the way you appear to the world. If your dog is a firm part of your image (for example if you are a dog exhibitor at shows) or if you are Charlie Brown and the dog is Snoopy . then someone/something is going to come along to alter that. It will set you free, actually. Another manifestation of Uranus conjunct Diana in Aries is a sudden, very new chapter in your life which allows you to break away from your old reputation, title, look or image and spin the ‘wild, free, roaming’ part of yourself very differently.

  26. Hi Jessica,
    This was a super article. I am a Virgo Taurus factor prospering 02’, with my moon and NN in Aries 28 & 29 degrees. I also have Chiron, Vesta, Minerva, Psyche, and my SN all at 28 or 29 deg…and I am starting to cringe. I separated from my husband two years ago and am finalizing the divorce (no children). Our only joint asset is our vacation home.
    I recently connected with an old friend (cancer) who is also going through a difficult divorce. He has children, and lives a few states away.

    I was wondering if you would tell me what all of this means for me; with the pile-up here, I am confused.
    All the best!

    1. Thank you! You are coming to the end of the divorce process and have found an old friend, also divorcing. All your life, you will have opportunities to become a stepmother, godmother or aunt – but also to involve yourself in the world of children through paid work, and unpaid work too. This man is your latest opportunity. Between now and 2023 you will make decisions that are written forever, about step-parenting, for example, and other ways of bringing younger faces into your life. What you have written in your book of life by 2023 will be permanent and a story of lasting importance. You may want to avoid late February-April for the final paperwork with your ex-husband as Mercury Retrograde is with us. If you do go ahead then, get it in writing, read the fine print and have plan B and C. It is also very important that you set clear boundaries with/for your former husband. You have a few fascinating years ahead of you as you once and for all, figure out what role children or young people should play in your life.

  27. Hi Jessica
    I have just realised (a bit slow to grasp) that Uranus has been in Aries for so long. This makes an opposition to my many Libra factors. Would that be the reason my life has been so particularly bad for the last few years? Or is the reason that I have a stellium in Capricorn and Saturn and Pluto have been sitting on those factors for so long with more to come?
    I only have Taurus as my Descendant and am wondering if if when Uranus goes through Taurus if that will effect me and how?
    If you had any little intuitive clues that would help me greatly. I truly am having the very worst time in absolutely every area of my life with no hints of anything good on the horizon either.
    many thanks for all your wonderful post that truly help me to understand what is going on, within my understanding of it anyway 🙂

    1. You have been ‘Uranused’ as they say and it can feel like every single time you try to settle things or stabilise them, something or someone comes along to upset the apple cart. I am sorry you are having a rotten time. It becomes much better from March when Uranus is out of Aries. Even better, you will be able to take on a new subject, course, workshop or evening class which fascinates you in 2019 and gain so much from it. The worldwide web will finally start to give back as you come across online opportunities which make other cultures, nationalities or belief systems feel much closer to you. You will also love the holiday opportunity you see, which is either affordable, free or somehow accessible when it never was before. Make sure 2019 is your year to travel and travel in the mind. Focus on that and everything else will make a lot more sense.

  28. I have a Stellium in Aries… Taurus…. So, yay for March but will I even catch a break since I have 4 factors in Taurus. No matter how well I’m doing financially I keep coming up short. It’s a crazy. How can I help the tide turn.? I’m ultra-positive and use every new moon to help manifest the best life. Any other tips?

    1. A New Moon is not always useful for manifesting the best life. Some New Moons are really difficult! They just mean a new beginning, basically. You are strongly Taurus. You will catch a break from March 2019 if you make it your business to research what is new, experimental, radical, revolutionary and exciting in the world of shopping, saving, exchanging, charity, business, houses, apartments, taxation, currency and the rest. Note, I said research. I would need to see your chart to say any more than that. But – get across this. 2019 is year one of the revolution.

  29. Hi Jessica,

    I feel stuck and trying to leave my current workplace that I have been since 2011. I even would describe company cuture as very “Aries”, so my creative soul is craving for something else. I do not have many Aries factors in my birth chart. Maybe that explains my lack of assertiveness, and sitting on a fence for so long.

    How Uranus move into Taurus might affect me.
    Would be grateful for any insights.

    Thank you,

    1. You will hear news in February that helps you make a decision. If you stay put then June could be challenging, yet you would gain from the challenges. Further ahead, Justina, I am sure you know you really want a totally different life path! This will be offered to you from Christmas 2020 and in fact your entire career and life direction will transform utterly from 2023. So, you have some time here. But if you decided to quit in February, it would be on the back of every single piece of information you needed, to do just that.

      1. Thank you Jessica,

        That is true, I need a different path, in ways that feed my heart. Still need to figure it out.


  30. Hi Jessica,

    I am an Aries with Aries stellium and my husband is a Taurus with Taurus stellium. So, we have many factors for this period of Mars in Aries and Taurus. Just wondering what you can see in our charts as a couple? Also, I have 29 Aries in Chiron. We are in the process of making big decisions. So some tips from you will be very helpful. Million thanks in advance for your help!

    My DOB — 21st March 1977 at 2.55pm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    My husband’s DOB — 7th May 1964 between 1-2pm in Hong Kong.

    1. You both have tremendous decisions to make about the money, house, business and/or apartment in 2019, and it really comes about because of what is happening on the property market, the banking sector, or your job (or his) so it’s bigger than both of you. It begins in March, and your husband will immediately see advantages and opportunities from that point forward. Even though things out there are quite topsy-turvy and will change from one week to the next, he can make it work for him, and of course as his wife you gain from that. In your own situation, you will need to alter your usual approach to everything you own, earn or owe from March as well, and being extremely flexible is a good idea, as 2019 is one of those years when there are no more guarantees any more. Staying on top of the news about – for example – taxes, currency exchange rates, the share market and so on – would help you enormously. I am sure you have a great accountant. If you don’t, then find one.

  31. Hi Jessica,

    thanks for such an amazing article! im a capricorn with Mars at 7 Taurus , Aesculapia at 6 Aries, and Chiron at 16 Aries , how is that going to translate for me with the changes coming in January amd February 2019 as mentioned in your article?

    thanks a lot

    1. Thank you. What you will notice first of all in 2019 is the new possibilities for your house, apartment, home town, land, local region or even your country – maybe your thoughts about finding another home elsewhere, on some level. From March 2019 it all changes for you. Having not really known where you stood, and constantly chopping and changing for the last 8 or 9 years, you come down to land! You will at last have something approaching regularity or consistency in your life. It won’t be boring. It will never be that. Yet your sense of knowing what’s going on with ‘home’ will be far more solid than you’ve known to date.

  32. Hi Jessica,

    I so enjoy your posts. There is just so much to learn!

    Okay, can you help me with my life for a second? I am considering starting a charity in the name of my son (whom has a health issue), spouse and inlaw concerns, writing a book, pursuing a PhD in psychology, working in a role that gives back to children and women, starting my own business, a potential house move and potential employment litigation. I just don’t know where to start and what my chart is saying in reference to it all. Please shed some insight, the last couple years have really felt like a slump. As I’ve never really adjusted to living in the UK from the US. Not to mention BREXIT and the US political climate. I really would benefit from some direction and I hope you can find it. I really hope a win is coming up.

    Thanks Jessica!!! Looking forward to your thoughts and suggestions.
    – Bethany

    1. You have a Sagittarius chart signature in the Ninth House which rules publishing, academia and global relations. You also have Jupiter (opportunity and expansion) going right over that. You will take a different direction in your career after March 2019 and this also applies to unpaid work. You had an experiment, professionally, in business, or with non-career goals, in May 2018. That has not taken you anywhere specific yet, but it will do so within weeks, when you realise that what you are inventing, originating or innovating has importance to people beyond your own achievements. Ask yourself which of your many ambitions fits that bill, particularly in May 2019 and you’ll see there is a new pathway to take. Brexit will be very successful as Jupiter also crosses the Ninth House of the British chart and in fact it will open doors to Asia.

  33. Thank you for taking time to reply in detail Jessica. Appreciate this. I’m only able to tell you this and the fact that you do carefully reply is valuable and makes me go, ok I’ve to move ahead. Thank you for this.
    I wasn’t aware that anxiety was an illness (I’m here: but I knew that I had to get my health in good order (it had taking a serious turn because I unknowingly neglected it, because of funding applications and matters at home because of my parent’s passing. That it was stressful in 2017 / 2018 is an understatement. Intense stress and tension were the only flavours in my life.

    I’ve got back to my professors now and still haven’t heard from them yet. But am hoping I get going. 2009, when I moved my career to film, till 2018 has been so off professionally , there has been more long periods at home than writing and working. I know it has been way too long to be like this but I just had starts and longer pauses. Even though I knew what in film I should focus on, it still needed fine tuning which came in 2016 / 7 when I knew I ought to be in film research writing in academia.

    Funding as I told you is the question now. And I hope my professors get back, as I am getting back to them after some time, because of serious matters at home (and health) that I had to get done on the personal front. Data, its safe in my back up drive I hope. I haven’t accessed it, cannot take the risk, as my computer is in a delicate place and I need it for my emailing profs and all. I have to get going by Sept / Oct 2019 and move abroad for my PhD research work. Just funding has to work out please. I have no other options, I have to work this out.

    Thank you.

    1. Mental health is a delicate, delicate thing and it requires very special treatment, which is not always offered. The mind is an interesting thing as it can work overtime and serve us (people like you) so well, with the capacity for great research and amazing insights. Yet, like any part of us, it also needs care and we don’t always get that. Anxiety, stress and tension are indeed illnesses as severe as anything else, like malaria. One has to turn to the experts. I just finished answering a question from another reader who has anxiety syndrome. Dr. Claire Weekes is your answer, free on YouTube, and the books may be in your library. She knew what she was doing and the comments on Amazon and YouTube will prove to you how powerful her one little book is. Please find it.

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