The Sagittarius Birthday Horoscope 2018-2019

Happy Birthday Sagittarius. You will relaunch yourself in 2019 with a new title, makeover, online profile update and something concrete to show – like letters after your name, or an oil painting.

Happy Birthday Sagittarius. You will relaunch yourself in 2019 with a new title, makeover, online profile update and something concrete to show – like letters after your name, or an oil painting.

You have already shape-shifted so much, as between 1995 and 2008 you became a different person in the eyes of the world. Fantastic opportunities to fix your image or reputation (if it needs fixing) or to improve your look by talking to the professionals about your hair, face, body, clothes, glasses, teeth or contact lenses are coming.

In fact, despite delays and changes in November, December 2018 – from Christmas Day you are on your way.

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46 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica – as I’m reading my 2019 astro report and becoming more familiar with stelliums I am wondering about the impact of the sun moving through a house in which one would have a stellium. I have 5 factors in sag and would love to know if sag season activates those factors in my chart in a special way. I’m traveling to Sedona, AZ today (my first time there) thru the weekend and can’t help but feel with the firey sag energy and Gemini full moon that this trip is somewhat auspicious…could it be the factors I have in sag… I dunno 🙂 Thank you for your insights!

    1. Uranus at 1 Sagittarius in your birth chart is the first pattern to be triggered by the new Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle. Just be aware that Mercury is also in Sagittarius, going back and forth at the same time. Your first time in Sedona is important and will be far more than just another weekend away. It may take time for things to pan out, though, as Mercury needs to move forward firmly in Sagittarius (he slips back into Scorpio as December begins). Yet, from around December 24th, you will know the higher purpose and deeper meaning of that trip. It is actually the gate to so much more learning and travelling in 2019 which – as you have seen in your report – will be unforgettable in terms of expanding your horizons, both mentally and geographically.

  2. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for all your informative articles.
    My rising sign is Sagittarius, and I’ve got lots of Sagittarius in my chart.
    I’m currently living overseas – in a place which feels more like ‘home’ to me than where I’m actually from!
    My visa is soon to expire and I’m doing everything possible to stay by applying for jobs so I can be sponsored for a work permit. But nothing seems to be working out. I realise mercury is retrograde – do I just need to give it more time or does my astrology indicate a return to my actual home? I really don’t want to go back yet but time is ticking by!

    1. We do have Mercury Retrograde right up until December 24th so the fact that it is in Sagittarius (which rules visas) explains the delays to you. It may take a bit longer than you thought, to figure everything out. This is actually part of a wider pattern, starting in March 2019, as there is something about your house or apartment situation, your family or household situation, which has prevented you from being free. You need to taste that freedom, so what is happening now, is actually part of a longer-term story in your life, which is all about being in the perfect environment and living situation to give you true liberty. It will happen, as it is meant to happen.

  3. Hey Jessica!
    I have 4 factors in cancer and in capricorn has 3. I m going to aus this monday to stay there for some time. Hoping to see if something works out there in terms if my career and financial freedom. I am unknown to the results yet and no idea how this trip can work out for me. Can you help me with ur insights from my chart? Also plz share ur opinions on how a stellium in a sun triggered zone can affect me? Not only this trip but for next 12 months and long term!
    Ps: taking my baby along for this trip!
    Appreciate your time!

    1. You are travelling to Australia and hoping for a job and money. You’re doing this on Mercury Retrograde, so your plans are going to change! Yet, from Christmas Day, you will have some fantastic open doors for 2019 – it may be Australia, or close by – New Zealand or Asia. You will be travelling widely in 2019 and could easily relocate. Just get through some delays and changes to your plans, but from Christmas, it’s so merry.

  4. I am so excited for 2019. To use a horse riding analogy, I feel like I’m chomping at the bit and impatiently dancing and prancing on the spot, biding time till January, when I can finally let the reins go and be off! I hope that is how it is for me. Thank you so much for the article. I have had a question for awhile and am shy to ask, so here goes: am wondering what is in my chart that makes me so restless in my (wonderful, committed, stable) marriage. Husband is a Gemini, and while I feel we are perfectly suited, I also feel like jekyl and hyde, happy to be a homebody wife with my children on one side yet wanting be free and independent of marriage and men on the other. I wondered if it was my Sag stellium, all that fiery energy wanting to race off here there and everywhere all the time. Yet with a libra moon, I need someone to do all of that with. Is that the clash?

    1. You feel restless in your marriage to a Gemini and want both the freedom of being single, but the security of marriage. You are strongly Sagittarian and unless your husband can happily travel as often/as far as you want to, you may need to take off by yourself. You also have Diana in Aquarius, and she is a symbol of freedom, space and independence – within the group. You would feel like a different person if you were to regularly go away with girlfriends, even to a different part of your own city. You do need to travel and travel in the mind. Have a look at Diana on Search!

  5. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you very much for this report and your helpful advice on the year ahead. The new Sagittarius energy is bubbling away now and I’m feeling a bit like an animal coming out of hibernation (maybe a hedgehog judging from my hair at the moment!). I’m not sure where my focus will be next year but I hope some adventures are on the horizon. One matter that is definitely on the agenda is my plan for relocating. The property I hope to move to will be a new-build scheduled to be finished by November 2019 (and I note that four of my Sag placements will be pinged by Jupiter that month). The paperwork is going back and forth at the moment and a deposit and signatures are required now. It may be possible to spin things out for signatures after Mercury retroshade finishes but, if not, are there any dates to absolutely avoid? Our current house will be put on the market next year too and any pointers you can give on how to handle that would be great, thanks. It sounds like 2020 would have been a better year to plan a move but we have such itchy feet and life is never going to be perfect! I hope 2019 is a brilliant year for you.

    1. You’re moving to a new build and doing it on Mercury Retrograde. As long as you allow plenty of time for rescheduling and rethinking, you will be fine. If you actually move or sell February-March you will hit another Mercury Retrograde so if you can do things at any time at all, you may prefer to target January, April. You will make or save a small fortune from Christmas 2019 and in 2020 will make some of your biggest financial moves.

  6. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you so much for posting the sag birthday horoscope, I was impatient to read it. I have published two novels overs the past two years, both not having a great success I’m afraid. Writing is not my real job, I do this as a hobby. It’s hard work though, that’s why I am wondering if I should persevere in this field. Finding a proper publisher is so hard and I’m not sure my next work (that I started recently) will interest anyone. Am I loosing my time writing and trying to make a name for myself? Thanks for your help.

    1. Keep going. You will find new mediums for your writing in 2019, beyond novels. It may be radio, for example, that suits you – or you may adapt one of your books as a short story. There will be contests and competitions which spur you on, and a much, much better outcome than you’ve seen to date, by Christmas 2019. I am seeing war/military on the psychic level. I am not sure if that is your subject matter, or could be.

      1. Hi Jessica, “mille mercis” for taking the time to answer. Your words are cheering me up. You’re seeing “war/military” on a psychic level, which is very close to my subject matter as am working on a story about survivors of the Paris terrorist attacks in 2015.

        1. Merci beaucoup. I have been told by the spirit world that you are being helped with this project. None of us will ever forget that terrible time. Bon chance.

  7. Hello Jessica,

    I have a high Stellium in Sag. So reading Sag horoscopes benefits me as well??

    I feel more Sag ina a lot of ways, more then my Sun Sign Libra.

    I just Purcahsed your 2019 guide so I am looking forward to the monthly Stellium gatherings.

    Also Looking forward to 2019 as I am once again looking at emigrating. I am Australian currently living in Japan wanting to move to Taiwan.

    My partner is also Libra but due to visa issues we are living apart atm.

    Hopefully after December 25th this becomes easier.

    What is my chart suggesting?



    1. Kane, you were born with a stellium (unusually high cluster) in Sagittarius and will find the opportunity to move to Taiwan, or something better – within weeks. In fact, what you read or hear about just after Christmas Day will show you what is possible. Your partner will sort out the visa issues by January at the latest. You will actually have more than one choice across Asia or Australia, so you’ll know you made the absolute best decision in the end. Thank you for ordering a 2019 report – I will go into this more with you in the forums.

  8. Hi Jessica. Sag Rising, Moon and SNode. Read this with much interest and came away with the impression there are a lot of don’t do this and watch out here. I thpught Jupiter in a sign was supposed to be positive but is this being eclipsed by Saturn and Pluto in Cappy this time? Many thanks.

    1. It’s a slow start to a great cycle. Jupiter is a wonderful thing to see, but don’t jump the gun and commit to too much until Mercury is moving normally through Sagittarius too, from Christmas Eve. Your factors at 9 and 18 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of travel (and travel in the mind) will certainly be crossed by Jupiter. The South Node at 9 Sagittarius is karmic in nature so you have spent one or more lifetimes as a traveller, explorer or migrant – or perhaps specialising in a foreign culture and its language. This may explain why one place on the map speaks to you. Mercury went over 9 Sagittarius around 9th November, returns there near 22nd December and is then on his way. Jupiter crosses your South Node within days of that. This is an unforgettable Christmas as there is a solution or opportunity not possible in 12 years after a wobbly start. It is karmic in nature and may relate to something from about 19 years ago, or even going back into past lives, as discussed. Later on, Jupiter goes to 18 Sagittarius and conjuncts your Moon in the first week of February – splendid – so this is likely to be chapter two of this solid new story.

  9. Hi Jessica
    So great to see the Sagittarius report that indicates much needed improvements financially and potentially personally. Having been a solo mum for 6 years I am very keen to partner up, even to just have some fun. Am planning to consolidate financially moving in with a parent in January 2019 to rebuild and plan a different sort of future for my children and I. Do hope this bodes well with what you can see!
    Many thanks.

    1. You have had 7 years of ups and downs, highs and lows, as a single parent. This would be pretty predictable even without astrology, as it is such a challenge to juggle responsibility. There is a reason why solo mums are so admired. Yet, you also deserve a break and you will get one from March 2019. In a way, you would not trade the last 7 years for anything, as it has made you who you are. It has also made the children, who they will become. It’s been challenging, sometimes quite confronting, never dull and has forced you to invent new ways to do things. Those ‘new ways’ are now part of your life. A more predictable, steady existence will begin from March and you can wave goodbye to constant chopping and changing. You are going to be strongly affected by one of your children’s teachers, or perhaps a teacher type, who is not in their school, yet will also be a mentor or guide figure. This person is not interested in the old rules. Yet, he or she will show you what is possible, as from March 2019 what you used to assume was out of the question, no longer will be.

  10. Hi Jessica, I had flagged this one to read and finally did it today. Interesting reading, I have Moon, Jupiter, Neptune and ASC in Saggi. I have expanded my experience, knowledge by studying, continuous learning, working in many roles all connected to health and body and travelling. I am very keen on 2019 as I would like to get more work with teaching and in community health. I do believe that while Jupiter blesses me, my unreality is also in academia due to Neptune as in I see what I would like to see and not what is there, although, this has changed in the last few years of heavy Saturn. The fluctuations of my wants and needs in academia is also a Moon issue. I have no idea what ASC in Saggi means and how this story fits in as a whole. I would love your insights to how to use my stellium positively esp as being an Aries, self sabotage is a risk :-). Many thanks, Best Jx

    1. Thank you. You are a born teacher, no matter if it is a formal role and title or not. You will go on guiding others all your life, just as you are guided by the books and websites which come your way. Knowledge flows through you! By the way, self-sabotage has nothing to do with being a Sun Aries, so put that idea to one side. All the signs and clues which have been with you since 1st November regarding distant regions, other nationalities, unfamiliar cultures, travel, foreign places, big ideas (like astrology or quantum mechanics) and vast subjects, are meant to be. Nothing has really come together yet for you, but it will. You are on your way from December 24th and in 2019 will thoroughly enjoy more life education, a new chance to show others the way, and probably the holiday or relocation of your dreams.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the article. I have specific questions and would like your feedback on:
    will I move or purchase another property?
    Will I marry?
    Will I proceed with pursuing standalone business?
    Will my son (08/13/1986) have a baby? Will my daughter (07/18/2001) heal from her illness?
    I appreciate it. Thank you

    1. Astrology is weather forecasting and does not tell you – what you are going to do! From March 2019 the uncertainty, chopping and changing, lack of routine, unpredictability and occasional rejections involving your son and daughter, will stop. You’ve already seen encouraging signs. As a mother, you have heard the ‘no’ word surprisingly often since 2011, and it’s been 7 or 8 years of going your own way, inventing solutions and forging your own path. That’s fine, but now you are ready for something different. You could easily get together with a partner who is also a parent. That would be the key – this person would also have children. You will be tempted to buy a property which is near water or has an impressive bathroom – it may have a spa – or be near a terrific swimming pool. On a business level, wait until you know where you stand in the third week of January when you can do the sums. In general, 2019 is a very good year to use your name and face as a brand.

  12. Hi Jessica, one excited Sagg here! Just wondered if all Saggis will experience the next two years as you’ve predicted? I read my weekly horoscope with anticipation but my chart doesn’t hit any of the degrees and it seems like this week is the start of the big cycle into 2020. I guess I really mean will I benefit dramatically?! My itchy Sag feet are itching for change!

    1. You still benefit from Jupiter and Ceres in Sagittarius in 2019. It really depends how you want to get around and see your country, or get away abroad. Do you prefer to drive, take the train, a ferry or fly? You will love the options as launches, new deals, innovations, sales, special offers and long overdue improvements arrive and you’ll find one destination quite irresistible between Christmas and February.

  13. Hello Jessica,

    Today Sun and Jupiter is exactly at my POF , I just won a small scratchcard 🙂 If you could help me with stuff which I should do at this point of time ..

    Amaar Rraut

    1. You have Fortuna at 4 Sagittarius and Jupiter and the Sun just met at 3 Sagittarius. The scratchcard sounds fun. Have a look at travel deals online. It’s sales season, of course, and I have a feeling you could end up with a terrific vacation option for 2019 if you hunt around now, Amaar.

  14. Hi Jessica can you tell me what can I expect with juno South node and my sun in Sagittarius hope that my Jupiter’s luck will shine on me this coming year Thank you jessica .

    1. Juno at 22 Sagittarius is conjunct your South Node at 22 Sagittarius which is highly unusual. You have had one or more past lives as a traveller, migrant, gypsy or explorer. This may explain why one language comes easily to you, or why you are drawn to a particular country, its history and its culture – despite there being no real reason for it. You will love the opportunity to move or travel, or welcome a traveller from this place, in 2019. In fact, the trends are rolling right now which is why I just saw airfares from London to Europe going for £3.00 (not a misprint) and all the other Cyber Monday airfare and hotel deals! Nothing really big will happen until 2019 but you should definitely be watching offers now.

  15. Hi Jessica
    Please i AM premium ans i have sent an erroné on my profil that i can’t correct, it’s about my birthday’s year
    Actualités i’m bien un 1963 ans profil took 2063 !
    Canyon correct it’s please ?
    So i’m worry About my love life and what will happening on march 2019, my lover is cancer First decan, ascendant cancer
    Could you please tell me more
    Thanks a lot

    1. D’accord – please click on ‘Support’ and we can help you correct 2063 to 1963! Your lover is Cancer? He has choices to make about the relationship with you or his former partner in December, January and again in December 2019.

  16. Hello Jessica,
    As a Sag with a Sag stellium (Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus all in Sag), I was wondering what Jupiter in Sagittarius will mean for me this year, especially in the area of finances, relationships and home. Also is this week especially auspicious for me? I’ve been riding a wave of unexpected optimism, particularly at work.

    1. You are strongly Sagittarian and I’m sure you’ve read my feature on the Ninth House, which is where you ‘live’ a lot of the time. If not, take a look now on Search. Riding the wave of optimism is the way to enjoy this new cycle. Before you know it you will be up to your elbows in a foreign culture, way of life, language and mindset, as you will either find yourself closely involved with a traveller or migrant, or actually booking tickets out of town. Financially, you have huge decisions to make from late December through to January. You will need to put a price on control. You can’t buy it, but it is important to you. What you decide to do in January 2019 will help you snap up a fantastic opportunity in December 2019, January 2020 so think long-term about a solution you want and lay the groundwork 11-12 months ahead. Relationships have been affected by the world of children – you don’t say if you ever had them or not – if you did, that’s been the story for years. In other cases the men you want to date, or whom wish to date you, have children. That’s also a key factor. Yet, from March 2019 you are no longer so ‘ruled’ by this in the game of love. Your home life is about escaping from the real world and living in a bubble. It works very well if you can contain and control the bubble. This goes on for years! Nobody else is really having that life you lead with your particular house, relative, flatmate or apartment because it’s your own private trip. Just make sure you are aware of the Mercury Retrograde cycle around February 20th 2019 to April 17th which is unsuitable for renovations, decoration, flatmate reshuffles, family decisions or moving. If you must go ahead then, get it in writing, read the fine print, have Plan B and C and leave a lot of room in your schedule.

  17. I have done a requiest to correct this error,hope it will be ok
    So i would like you tell me more about this new Solar year for me
    Thanks a lot

    1. I’m afraid your chart is still showing you were born in the year 2063. This is very funny as I was just reading a Stephen Hawking essay about inviting people to a party one day after it had happened, to prove time travel. I do want to read your chart, though, so please accept my apologies for the technical glitch and ask Support for help in getting your correct birth details down.

  18. Thanks for this Jessica! I’m really keen to focus on developing my foreign language skills over the next year. I’ve had so many attempts at sharpening up my language skills but get lazy and fail to really go for it. Any advice on how I can change this cycle and make some meaningful progress? Thanks!

    1. Your language lessons will become far more of a draw for you, when you are tempted by an incredible offer (either free or just unusually affordable) to pack your bags. This becomes the magnet that pulls you forward. You will also have a really interesting friendship with someone who does not speak a dictionary-perfect language at all, but whose way with words is great anyway. You’ll pick up slang as well as language. This is all yet to unfold – you could also be taking off as late as November 2019.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for another amazing article.
    My sun and Venus are in Sagittarius, and I’ve got lots of other Sagittarius in my chart. The section of your article about “your lover’s private views about parenthood shape everything that happens, in and out of bed” really hit home for me. I feel like that has been at the core of my relationship’s stagnation – we’ve been doing this dance for over 10 years now! What can I expect with this situation in the coming year? My partner is an Aquarius. Thank you!

    1. Your Aquarius partner has been living with the North Node (repeated karma) in the Seventh House of love, sex and partnership throughout 2018 and has been stuck in a loop. That is now well and truly over and you should begin to see some changes in 2019. Beyond that, 10 years is a long time to feel as if things are not moving forward, and for that we have to go to your own chart. You have a number of factors in Libra, in your own Seventh House of commitment and intimacy, and ever since 2011, transiting Uranus has been in Aries, opposing those. You have actually resisted change yourself, even when it has been quite difficult to do so. That can happen on a Uranus opposition, and as you have factors early and late in the sign (including Pluto in Libra, which is very important) you have no doubt felt confronted by the idea of transforming the partnership and may have held the line. As we are now moving towards the very end of the Uranus in Aries cycle, over by March 2019, again – you have a deadline for a new atmosphere between you and the chance of a break in the climate between you. It will unfold from the first quarter of 2019 when for the first time in years you no longer have Uranus oppositions.

  20. Hi Jessica
    I started studying and have a year to go, I hope for next year to have a substitute post to earn money. I also went through a heavy break up this year and have had horrible trouble with my teenage son. I hope 2019 will be much better for me. dob 11 Dec 1988 what can I expect

    1. I am sorry you are going through all this. The issues with your son will disappear in the first two weeks of March. A teacher figure will come into your life (it may be a teacher at his school) or perhaps a mentor/guide/instructor type who is on the fringes. Even if you already know this person he would come closer and help you with your son. You both need to see what is possible for him even if it seems unbelievable, outrageous or bending the rules! The break-up was woven into the situation with your boy, yet your chart tells me life will be much smoother and more predictable from March next year with no more wild ups and downs. It may take time to see this, but had you stayed with that person long-term, your freedom and independence would have been taken away. Truly, the universe could not have that happen. You will relaunch in 2019 with an amazing new look and title/reputation/image.

  21. Hi Jassica, my birth data: Feb.7 1948. 2:30 am. Monywa, Myanmar. My god child and work partner is Feb. 8 1995.., 2 :10 am Kagoshima, Japan. Will I move to China for business? Will my god child accompany me? I am going to transfer my property rights to my god child. Will my business partners take it well?

    1. You will move after March 2019, perhaps to China, and change your whole life with the new house, apartment or home town and also your family – by the year 2020 – as you obviously want to make a radical change and Uranus in your solar Fourth House will help you do that.

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