Brexit Astrology 2019 Prediction

Want a Brexit Astrology 2019 Prediction? How about September 25th, 2019 with Italy playing a major part?

Brexit Astrology 2019 Prediction

Astrology successfully predicted Brexit on February 22, 2016 and now it is time to forecast a final departure. The likely date seems to be Wednesday, 25th September, 2019. That’s when we can all build sandcastles with new flags to celebrate.

images - Brexit Astrology 2019 Prediction

The Story of Brexit (beautifully summed up by the BBC images of sandcastles, and this Ladybird book) is really about astrology. In fact, when you look at every single ‘birth’ horoscope we’ve ever had for the British Isles, you can see why both former Prime Minister David Cameron and 2018 Prime Minister Theresa May have been making strangely fated decisions.

And still – we don’t know what’s going on. But – you can trust the astrology. Here’s why.

How Astrology Predicted a 2018 British Boom

You read this back on July 14th 2016, about the year 2018.  

“Jupiter (the good fortune planet, again) moves into Scorpio on October 11th, 2017 where he will stay until November 8th, 2018, bringing a stunning boom – especially if you have Scorpio horoscope factors in your chart. It’s the happy landing after a bumpy ride. If TMPM (Theresa May Prime Minister) can live out her full term in office she will gain from leading Britain through potentially one of its biggest booms in 12 years.”

download 1 - Brexit Astrology 2019 PredictionThe Guardian reported on June 29th 2018 that the UK economy grew at a faster rate than initially thought in the first quarter of 2018. On September 10th 2018 The Guardian again reported that UK GDP growth was lifted by hot weather and the World Cup. The Express went further and called it a UK Economy BOOM.

The BBC noted that in 2018 the economy had grown at the fastest rate since 2016 and reported the boom here.

Astrology Saw Power Struggles for Theresa May in December 2018 – 2 Years Ago

    The astrology was also right about Theresa May’s leadership crisis at the end of 2018, which we are living through now in November. Quote: “Pluto is at 20 Capricorn again in December 2018 and January 2019 and again on this hotspot in her horoscope in September, October, November 2019. Power struggles.” 

    What Astrology Sees for Christmas 2019 and Brexit

    There will be a huge announcement on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day 2018 and either secretly – or publicly – Christmas Day 2019 will be the end deadline of the exit, with signatures on all sides due on, or near, Wednesday 25th September 2019.

    Will it be a good divorce? Yes. In fact, it will be a great divorce. I am peering 10 months into the future here, but the future looks bright for The British Isles and the world. The charts that I used to predict Brexit haven’t changed. And they tell a story that doesn’t actually start until Christmas 2018. How does astrology predict the future? It looks back at the past. Is it right to do that? Yes. Especially when we, the people, are so often kept in the dark. (You might say it is what astrology was invented for). So, here’s some news –

    Forget the November 14th 2018 UK and EU Endgame

    You can ignore Prime Minister Theresa May’s announcement of an ‘agreed text’ of a draft UK and EU agreement on November 14th 2018, as I write this. It’s been called at the wrong time. She is a classic Libra diplomat. She sees both sides. One side she never sees, though, is astrology. Great leather pants (in this iconic portrait in The Times) but oh, how I wish there was a horoscope on that side table.

    The Times 600x337 - Brexit Astrology 2019 Prediction

    That November 2018 Mercury Retroshadow Agreement

    It has taken place on Mercury Retroshadow, part of the Mercury Retrograde cycle. The planet of negotiation appears to be going backwards and forwards. It is happening in the sign of Sagittarius, which rules foreign countries.

    You can set your watch by the Mercury Retrograde cycle, using the pre-shadow and post-shadow. Basically, ‘Deal is close, Brussels sources say’ on 14th November means this:

    • The alleged deal of 14th November will change, be held up or be scrapped on 20th  21st November 2018.
    • There will be a new deal announcement on 24th December 2018 (Christmas Eve).
    • This may or may not be made public, but politicians have September 25th, 2019 in mind, so nine months forward from Christmas Day 2018. They are also reckoning on Christmas Day 2019 as the final celebration. And it will be a celebration.

    How Astrology Predicted Brexit and Why It’s So Slow

    Why have people been waiting almost 3 years for action on Brexit? Well, there’s an astrological explanation for that. Blame it on Mars Retrograde! The vote for Leave took place on 23rd June 2016 and since then nothing has happened. The astrology explains why not.

    People voted to leave the European Union with this line-up, which I used to predict the result four months earlier.

    Mars 23 Scorpio
    Uranus 23 Aries
    Ceres 23 Aries

    There was just one problem with this pattern. Mars was retrograde. Like Mercury Retrograde, this means things get stuck. Mars was glued to the spot at 23 degrees for almost 3 weeks.

    That Mars cycle was also glued to the U.K. Independence Chart set for 21st March 287 at 5.05am in London, which shows the Moon at 23 Scorpio. It was also right opposite Mars at 23 Taurus in the U.K. House of Commons chart set for 20th January 1265 at 12.00 in London!

    23 Degrees of Aaargh

    There is no doubt that this stuck, angry, financially obsessed Mars Retrograde at 23 degrees Scorpio, making an exact pattern with Uranus at 23 and Ceres at 23, is behind the painfully slow Brexit process.

    As you might expect, we would be looking at Mars moving forward (normally) over 23 Scorpio to move things along. This happens on Christmas Eve 2019.

    This gives us our first super-clue about the actual timing of Brexit. It’s going to become real, on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day 2018 and either privately or publicly, politicians will be thinking about Christmas Day 2019 as cork-popping time.

    How the British Isles has Multiple Horoscopes

    Just how painful was that stuck Mars at 23 degrees? Well, it hit the U.K. Glorious Revolution chart with Pluto at 23 Cancer, set for 23rd February 1689 at 10.00am in Westminster. The British Isles in all her different versions, has multiple horoscopes, each one reflecting a different relaunch in history. Strangely, though, they all said David Cameron’s choice for polling day was designed to keep the nation stuck. The happy lady (right) in this amazing photograph from Total Politics probably didn’t know how fated the whole process was going to be.

    Total Politics 600x338 - Brexit Astrology 2019 Prediction

    How Astrology Predicts a (Great) Brexit Deal in September

    The Story of Brexit. Not just a great Ladybird book, it is also a tale of brextremists and even a brexorcist. And in the end, Britain’s departure from Europe will be genuinely brexciting.

    September 2019 is calling us from the future, as I write this on 14th November 2018. How do we predict 10 months ahead in astrology, though? Well, we go back to history. In fact, we go all the way back to 55 B.C.

    The British Isles has a number of different horoscopes, set for each rebirth in her history. We have one for the Roman Invasion of 27th August 55 B.C. on Walmer Beach (data from The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion, as are all charts in this story).

    2019 Astrology Predictions for Theresa May, Boris Johnson and David Davis

    If only we had birth times, but we don’t. Thus, the horoscopes for P.M. Theresa May, Boris Johnson and David Davis do not offer date-stamped predictions. The best we can do is generalise.

    I’ve already written about Davis. He does not go away, long-term.

    The United Kingdom is due to leave the E.U. on 29th March, 2019 at 11 p.m. U.K. time – which simply will not work – according to the chart. Mercury Retrograde muddles and mess dominate March and the chosen date falls right on Mercury Retroshadow. This is a chaotic month for all three politicians.

    Yet – Brexit itself is going to work. And fortunately, we do have a birth time for the United Kingdom as we know her in 2019. So we can make predictions.

    An Irresistible Opportunity – Jupiter in Sagittarius

    All astrologers know that Jupiter is the planet of solutions, hope, expansion, growth and great outcomes. The Romans called him Jupiter Optimus Maximus. The biggest and the best. Maximise your optimism!

    Jupiter also happens to be in the sign of Sagittarius in 2019, which we also know rules export, import, foreign trade, visas, passports, borders and residency. We only see Jupiter in Sagittarius once every 12 years and he’s back in a big way, accompanied by the powerful dwarf planet Ceres, also in Sagittarius for most of 2019.

    That’s your Brexit timing, right there. Yet first, pre-Christmas. Why is that old Roman chart playing such a huge part?

    75xhjzeieuc 600x400 - Brexit Astrology 2019 Prediction

    Merry Christmas Everybody –  Why Italy Matters

    As we’ve seen November and the first half of December 2018 will send us backwards and forwards with Prime Minister Theresa May because she is out of step with the historic British horoscopes.

    Sure, Jupiter at 0 Sagittarius conjuncted the North Node at 0 Sagittarius in the 55 B.C. chart on November 9th to 13th, which was fantastic, but it was blocked by Mercury Retroshadow at 0 Sagittarius on 1st November. Mercury gets stuck here again on 1st December 2018 and finally bows out on 13th, 14th December.

    Yet – here is something we may not have been told yet! Italy is going to share in Britain’s Brexit success and play a big political part in that, but it won’t be until 14th December 2018.

    Any announcement before that is premature. But – watch Italy. She’s on one side of the British family tree and she counts.

    What Have the Romans Ever Done For Us?

    The British Isles is still Roman today. They built the roads, like The Devil’s Highway in London and Pye Road in Colchester. The planets we use in astrology are Roman. Ceres, for example, the planet I used to predict Brexit, is Italian.

    This fits well with the Italian Interior Secretary Matteo Salvini and his September 2018 warning to Brussels that Italy is ‘on Britain’s side’ during negotiations.

    How all the United Kingdom Astrology Charts Agree

    image 368x600 - Brexit Astrology 2019 PredictionBeyond our 55 B.C. chart for the British Isles, fate is at work with Brexit, because we also find lucky Jupiter in Sagittarius, the foreign relations sign, now through November 2nd 2019, triggering the other charts too.

    In fact Jupiter in 2019 is also sitting right on the Mercury (contracts, negotiations) of the U.K. Union chart set for 1st January 1801 at 00.00 LMT in Westminster.

    Jupiter is moving on and off that degree all year, with a final result in the last week of September. The process will be slow, after an initial Christmas 2018 rush, and stall in a serious way in June – but by September 2019 it’s final – with champagne timed for Christmas 2019. It may even have been worth all the cartoons by then! (Image: Penguin Books).

    High hopes are really important for a new world and as Jupiter in Sagittarius is about every nation, the globe will be redrawn with the British Isles firmly in the frame.

    • First hopeful sketch of a new Britain and new world – January 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st, February 1st, 2nd 2019.
    • Second hopeful sketch of a new Britain and new world – June 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, July 1st 2019.
    • Big finish for the best possible Brexit – September 22nd, 23rd, 25th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th 2019.

    A Nation Built In Stages

    The British Isles has evolved in slow stages, and we use all the horoscopes she has picked up along the way for each rebirth to predict her future. It’s all about 17 degrees. Of any zodiac sign. Triggering by Jupiter and Ceres at 17 too. Using modern astrology we could allow one degree’s difference, so 16 or 18 degrees is also close enough, here.

    U.K. Independence Chart I
    21st March 0287
    5.05am London
    Neptune 17 Leo

    U.K. Independence Chart II
    20th March 0410
    00.10am London
    Neptune 17 Taurus

    U.K. Unification Chart
    12th July 0927
    12.00 Eamont near Penrith
    Neptune 17 Cancer

    U.K. Edgar Coronation
    11th May 0973
    12.00 Bath
    Moon 18 Leo

    U.K. William I Coronation – the 1066 Chart
    25th December 1066
    12.00 London
    Mercury 16 Capricorn
    Saturn 16 Virgo

    U.K. England-Scotland Dynasty
    3rd April 1603
    1.30am Richmond
    Mars 17 Aries

    U.K. Reorganisation
    7th December 1922
    Saturn 17 Libra
    Neptune 18 Leo

    Other Useful Clues about a Big, Bright British Brexit

    Watch those Sagittarius transits of Ceres and Jupiter in 2019. The Battle of Hastings chart set for 14th October 1066 at 5.28pm in Seniac, near Hastings, shows not just Mars in Sagittarius but also Uranus. This is an uncommonly good omen. Mars at 12 Sagittarius and Uranus at 24 Sagittarius will both be conjuncted by Jupiter in 2019.

    The 1066 chart shows Uranus at 28 Sagittarius. Again, Jupiter will conjunct this in 2019. The House of Commons chart set for 20th January 1265 at 12.00 shows Pluto at 20 Sagittarius. The U.K. England-Republic chart set for 27th March 1649 at 12.00 London shows Neptune at 14 Sagittarius, Uranus at 13 Sagittarius.

    This goes beyond Europe. Britain is embracing the world, and the world is returning that embrace. Jupiter is big. Yet, even though Asia will feed the British Isles, not everyone wants to be fed via England. Scotland (below) will purse independence.

    zhf033ykcx8 600x400 - Brexit Astrology 2019 Prediction

    Scotland the Not-So-Brave

    How Indie Scotland Rises in January 2019 – Predicted May 2015
    I have mentioned Italy as a major player in 2019 Brexit success because of the Rome invasion chart. Scotland is also fated to play her part because she was born on 16th March 0842 at 4.21pm in Edinburgh. Thus, she was born with Saturn (the tough reality check) at 16 Capricorn, which is very close to that 17 degree pattern.

    This is not a happy nation, no matter how lucky Britain gets with her Brexit in September 2019.

    I have predicted elsewhere on this website, back on May 13th, 2015 that Scotland would try for independence again in January 2019 and I’m going to stick to that.

    This is my prediction for final signatures for Brexit 2019 chart (below) set for 25th September 2019. What you’re looking for here is Jupiter at 17 Sagittarius, right on the Mercury (contracts) position at 17 Sagittarius in the old 1801 chart for the United Kingdom. At the same time Jupiter makes a lovely sextile to Venus at 17 Libra in the ancient 55 B.C. chart for Britain when Rome invaded her. Beyond that, note Mars at 24 Virgo, very close to the original stuck position at 23 Scorpio in 2016.


    Brexit September 25th 2019 558x600 - Brexit Astrology 2019 Prediction
    Brexit signatures astrology prediction 25-9-19


    The Big Brexit Finish is September 22nd to 29th, 2019

    The final window for the best possible Brexit is September 22nd to 29th. That’s the last chance. The big finish. After that Jupiter has done his stuff and the conjunction is over.

    Crossing Obstacles June 23rd to July 1st,  2019

    September 22nd to 29th is worth holding a candle for, as Britain is set to face significant obstacles in May and June as we have some classic Gemini-Sagittarius oppositions which are strangely reminiscent of D-Day. No matter. Everyone comes up smiling again between June 23rd and July 1st when Jupiter again goes back to the 17 Sagittarius hotspot.

    The end result for Brexit 2019 is written in the stars in the last week of September, although Ceres at 17 Sagittarius from October 11th to 13th may be the hard part. That’s the compromise where everybody has to agree to share the controls. You might say, September is the golden goodbye handshake but it is October 2019 which is the firm grip as the deal is cut.

    BBC NEWS - Brexit Astrology 2019 Prediction
    How the BBC saw Brexit.


    If Britain was a Person – Jupiter-Mercury Conjunctions

    If the British Isles was a human being not a country, what would the horoscope say about her destiny in 2019?

    I am a big fan of Derek and Julia Parker, and have had the pleasure of meeting Julia a number of times who is one of the all-time great astrologers.

    What does their book Parker’s Astrology say about transiting Jupiter conjunct Mercury? If the nation was a person, what would 2019 bring?

    “This is an excellent influence, when the time is right to travel for pleasure or business.”


    “The outlook will be optimistic and enterprising. Those with a flair for business could easily set up some good deals, and as a result considerable progress will be made.”

    Robert Hand – Planets in Transit and Brexit

    Here is how Robert Hand sees the transit of Jupiter on Mercury for a person, not a country – but it still applies. This comes from my dog-eared 1976 edition of Planets in Transit.

    “This is a good time to map out your future, because you can understand and interrelate all the elements that will affect your life. At the same time, you feel optimistic and proceed with the belief that everything will come out exactly as you want it to. And it probably will, because you don’t get completely carried away with grandiose thinking.”

    Wednesday 25th September 2019 for B-Day

    Wednesday 25th September is likely to  bring the crucial peace agreement (B-Day) as we find Mercury at 17 Libra, Jupiter at 17 Sagittarius and Neptune very close by at 16 Pisces. These all aspect the U.K. Mercury position at 17 Sagittarius in the 1801 chart. Neptune in Pisces suggests the English Channel. Mercury at 17 Libra is about The Special Relationship.

    The North Node at 17 Cancer, Neptune at 17 Pisces
    It is rare enough to see both Jupiter and Ceres at 17 Sagittarius in the same year, but to also find Neptune at 17 Pisces and the North Node at 17 Cancer makes 2019 very special indeed. Saturn also passes 17 Capricorn in 2019.

    Britain is an architectural blend of layered histories, much like her layered horoscopes. So many of these ‘sing’ at 17 degrees that they are all on the same hymn sheet in 2019. I think it looks like a hit, in the end. Not an easy hit, but a hit. Boris Johnson will indeed find the spirit back in London, Christmas Day 2018 and Christmas Day 2019.

    download - Brexit Astrology 2019 Prediction

    Jupiter Returns for E.F.T.A .and the E.C. in 2019
    One of the reasons Britain can bank on Jupiter’s problem-solving in 2019 and fortunate timing is this. Three key organisations in her past are both having Jupiter transits not possible in 12 years. Brexit will not be fast or easy in 2019 but old charts from 1960, 1971 and 1973 tell us this is the best chance in years to negotiate a fantastic – genuinely global – new British deal. 

    The Jupiter Return of EFTA from 4th January 1960
    EFTA or The European Free Trade Agreement was signed on 4th January 1960 by Great Britain, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland (the outer seven nations) with Jupiter at 19 degrees of Sagittarius. Venus was at 1 Sagittarius and Mercury at 29 Sagittarius.

    The Jupiter Return of the 1973 E.C. Enlargement
    The United Kingdom acceded to the E.C. (European Community) on January 1st 1973 in an enlargement of the European Communities. Mercury was at 24 Sagittarius, Venus at 16 Sagittarius, Mars at 0 Sagittarius, Neptune at 6 Sagittarius.

    Again, this points us to the final week of September 2019, when Jupiter is at 17 Sagittarius with the aftermath in October, when Ceres and Jupiter both circle 14 to 24 Sagittarius and thus trigger both charts.

    The Singapore Declaration of Commonwealth Principles
    This took place on 22nd January 1971 with Jupiter at 1 Sagittarius. The new Britain will be tilted towards Asia and the Commonwealth. Why? There’s a Jupiter Return here.

    Brexit At Last – Christmas 2018 – September 2019 – Christmas 2019

    To sum up, despite what politicians or the media may be saying, Brexit will go round in circles yet again until Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2018.

    Privately or publicly, politicians will be marking that as the start and Christmas Day 2019 as the ultimate finish.

     There will be a major obstacle to get over in June 2019, but in September 2019 the paperwork will be done.

    This seems so far away on November 14th 2018, but…Close to Wednesday 25th September 2019, we’re looking at a big, brilliant, British Brexit bargain. 

    Jessica Adams will be speaking at the 51st Annual Conference of the Astrological Association in Great Britain from 13th-16th June 2019. One-day admission is £99. 

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    30 Responses

    1. Hi Jessica

      I’m French (nobody’s perfect) and at times I’ve got the feeling that France and England fates are linked together, whether they like it or not. I’ve got the feeling that Brexit is crucial for France and that if it’s a success, it could in some way show France a new path to follow, and it would not the first time in history that France and Great Britain have some influence in each other. You say that the success of Brexit is linked to Italy, does astrology tell us that France could influence Brexit (which could be a bad thing for the UK since Macron is not so favorable), or more hopefully that Brexit could influence France to seize back her freedom and sovereignty ?

      1. Tres amusant monsieur. Yes, France plays her part in the new world order with the British Isles. As I write this on Thursday 15th November we can see Prime Minister Theresa May dealing with chaos and so the astrology is coming to pass – you never try to get a solid outcome on Mercury Retrograde! Yet, even though everyone is so pessimistic, this will work brilliantly well in terms of a new world order. It will take time, but France could easily sort out her issues about Eurostar, the English Channel, borders and so on in June, the most difficult month, and reach a good outcome by September. At that point it is far, far beyond Europe and involves the whole world. Old battles will be laid to rest, then. Merci!

    2. Hello this interesting but do you think if Scotland goes for a referendum again in 2019 that it will this time and if it wins how does this effect England? because i cant see Westminster giving up with out a fight. i do hope they win this time and Scotland will be free

      1. Scotland wants to be free and independent – according to all her ancient horoscopes, triggered now – and the horoscope said this three years ago. Hit ‘Scotland’ on Search. Timeline back then was January 2019.

    3. Hi Jessica, great article as usual.
      What do astrology say about the 4.5 million people (EU citizens in UK and UK citizens in EU) who have been caught up in this and will see their rights retroactively diminished under the current agreement ? The future doesn’t look so bright for them. How do you see their situation evolving? Will they get a fair deal too?
      I am very worried for many people I know who are losing their mind over having their life thrown into chaos and being on the receiving end of discrimination.
      Thanks xx

      1. Oh, the astrology is really clear. 2019 is a problem-solver. Jupiter is a huge problem-solver and the sign he goes through every 12 years shows you where the detox and clean-up is required and where massive progress can be made. If you realise he was in Scorpio, the sign ruling sex and business, in 2018 you will see how he raised issues like Me Too and also the rights of women like Stormy Daniels! In Sagittarius he is all about the best way to manage borders around the globe; trade; travel; import and export – and residency. No need for anyone to lose their mind. Watch what happens when Mercury moves forward from Christmas Eve and welcome step-by-step progress throughout next year. Every single historic British Isles horoscope shows Jupiter working so well in 2019. It won’t be easy but it will be powerful and a good thing for all nations, actually.

    4. Thanks for giving an optimistic perspective on Brexit! I hope you’re proved correct, as at the moment it just looks like a big, worrying, mess! That Jupiter signature is fascinating – fits a small island with a history of expansion (not always positive, admittedly), which stuck the word ‘great’ in front of Britain, and sees itself as equal to far bigger countries…

      I’m also interested in the how the big story and personal interconnect – I voted remain, but Brexit referendum day changed my life by making me say ‘sod it, why should I be cautious and stick to the ‘responsible’ path, when half the country have voted for this leap into the unknown in the face of all established advice?!?’. I applied to screenwriting MA course that weekend. Now I’m about to graduate with distinction… Looking at the astrology in this article, it makes sense (I’ve got pluto at 23 Libra…).

      Thanks again for your insightful blog!

      1. You are quite right – the British Isles has a history of expansion – really good point. So, the charts work. She was ‘born’ in 55 B.C. and reborn many times, but always ended up on the world stage, no matter if we’re talking Queen Victoria or, later on, the Commonwealth. We can trust this will happen again and in fact, you’d expect Britain to expand via Italy – and countries like Australia, where I am working today. I’m so interested in what you did with your M.A. screenwriting course around that time! Your Pluto at 23 Libra was caught up with Mars at 23 Scorpio, Uranus at 23 Aries, Ceres at 23 Aries and in fact, your career will skyrocket in 2019 *in other regions or countries* as you will be relocating, working with foreign faces or literally on location. You’re waiting for Jupiter to go to 23 Sagittarius.

      2. Can I just point out that the ‘Great’ in Great Britain’ has nothing to do with thinking it’s fantastic, it’s to do with it being the largest island in the British isles. (England, Scotland. Wales). The UK, which is what the EU are negotiating with, includes Northern Ireland.

        We’re the fifth largest economy in the world; a founding member of NATO; a founding member of the United Nations, and one of five permanent members of the UN Security Council.

        We’re a country full of creative (like yourself) and inventive people. We have nothing to fear from re-joining our friends in the Commonwealth and the rest of the world.

        1. Thank you for clarifying this as the number of titles for (shall we say) The British Isles can be very confusing. Great Britain is not a country; it’s a landmass, as you say. What interests me as an astrologers is the 55 B.C. horoscope for the Roman invasion, because of course the name Britain derives from the Roman word Britannia. I’m having so much reaction to this prediction that I’m going to add to it – Jupiter rules anything big, and so you might say that ‘Great’ Britain is really Jupiter in the old 55 B.C. Rome chart. And that’s fascinating.

    5. So Jessica,

      I am Libra in the throes of a difficult divorce that has run alongside Brexit.

      As part of my divorce I need to sell my house, I live in London,

      Should I wait until September 2019

      1. This prediction is about the British Isles’ horoscope, not yours! Yet, you need to have a conversation and paperwork, first two weeks of December, that was never finished in October. From there you will figure out your own, final ‘deal’ in January and then it’s over. Please trust this – you actually split at exactly the right time, financially speaking, in 2018. You were protected all the way. The long and winding road finishes in January. Yet, if you could sell and buy property at any time at all, as a Libran you may want to wait until Christmas 2019 and 2020 as a whole when Jupiter (more protection, opportunity) moves into Capricorn and your Fourth House, which rules apartments and houses. If you can’t hang around, it looks as if your accommodation situation in January 2019 would make it necessary anyway. But – you did this at the right time.

    6. Dear Jessica, Theresa May’s Brexit proposed deal is a capitulation and surrender of the UK to the EU. The document is a complete sham. It will see our great country become nothing more than a powerless rule taking EU vassal state. It is not in anyway the Brexit that 17.4 million voted for – they voted to unequivocally leave the EU in its entirety and Theresa May’s deal is not that! In fact her withdrawal proposal is a Brexit in name only. Theresa May has reneged on all her promises, reneged on her Florence speech, reneged on her Lancaster House speech, reneged on the Conservative manifesto pledge and her Brexit Red lines have simply vanished. Theresa May, along with a Remain contingent of Members of Parliament and Civil Servants , are clearly in collusion with the EU, they only want the UK to remain in the EU! She has betrayed our country and for her duplicity she simply must go. A No Deal is the only viable and optimal option that will honour and deliver on the referendum result in order for the UK to completely leave the awful EU regime. Jessica, are you predicting the UK will completely and utterly leave the EU, which to reiterate is what 17.4 million democratically voted for and which a No Deal scenario can only deliver?

      1. Whatever you might think of Prime Minister Theresa May, she has never provided confirmed time, date and place of birth for astrologers to use, so it is impossible to read her future. However, it is very clear that the country will expand beyond Europe in 2019 and begin pursuing opportunities right around the world. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. In Sagittarius, the sign of foreign people and places, it will grow right across the map. Leave means leave. The question has always been how and when, but in 2019 Jupiter provides it. Watch Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

        1. Thank you Jessica. Like you say leave means leave and I strongly feel that they United Kingdom’s future is outside of the EU as an independent Sovereign nation; that is where it will have the most influence on the world and for good. Additionally, I feel we are in the process of seeing the demise of the EU as political structure. The dream some European politicians have had of a United States of Europe will never transpire. It would only be a very dangerous proposition, touching back on two world wars and the attempt for a European empire – I just don’t think it was ever meant too be. European countries are much better in their separate state and not in a collective union. Touching on the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, I’m sensing a change coming, for the good of the country and its financial future. I don’t know who it will be, but I’m certain it won’t be Theresa May or indeed a Labour Leader. David Davis power I feel is just to about peak, although Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg could be very influential. Many thanks again Jessica.

          1. That 55 B.C. astrology chart for Great Britain has been accurate for so many big events in the nation’s history, we have to turn to its wisdom in times of uncertainty! It clearly shows that the die was cast, when we saw Uranus at 23 Aries, Ceres at 23 Aries and Mars at 23 Scorpio. That is a revolution and like the French Revolution and American Revolution, there is no going back. I had a look at the David Davis horoscope several months ago. We don’t have a birth time for him, which means 25% of the timing is missing (unfortunately) but he looked like a potential leader. He’s not going away, that’s for sure.

    7. Dear Jessica, interesting post on your blog regarding Brexit. Are you stating the UK will categorically Leave the EU? With Theresa May at the helm and her appalling Brexit deal, it looks like a stitch up and the UK will not actually be leaving. A betrayal to all the Leave voters and of course the UK. Best Regards, C Clifton

      1. The Prime Minister is a tough call, because she has no accurate birth details for us. Yet, we can read Britain. Yes, she will leave the European Union. I know that things will continue to be stuck for a while longer, but watch what happens from Christmas Eve!

    8. Jessica,

      Thank you for your detailed and fascinating analysis. I’m absolutely done with the endless turmoil and confusion Brexit in the media brings, so it’s been a welcome respite to read a positive report. Thank you for bringing some clarity and optimism!


      1. Thanks Laura. I always believe the astrology, no matter what the media is saying! The fact is, Jupiter is about expansion and Sagittarius is about all things global, so this looks like a huge outreach, far beyond Europe. It really is all about Christmas.

    9. Dear Jessica
      Thank you so much for this postive outlook on the whole Brexit mess. I voted to leave and believe this is the best for the UK’s future, but have despaired recently with our negotiations. Indeed as I type this there is speculation that TM has just given away our fishing rights to the French in exchange for a ‘free trade deal’.
      My question is do you see a futre cabinet post for Jacob Rees-Mogg? I feel that without Brexiteers like him our prime minister would have given away our national birth right months ago. I think JRM would make an excellent chancellor and could really transfrom our bloated tax system, particularly after we leave the EU.
      I have followed you since your accurate referendum prediction 2 and a half years ago. You gave me hope then and continue to do so, thank you.

      1. We don’t have confirmed birth data for Jacob Rees-Mogg, unfortunately. Our best bet is the full run of British Isles charts, starting with her Roman birth (as Britannia) and moving to 1066 and then onto 1801. When you see three horoscopes for three key points in British history all saying the same thing, you can bank on that. As to the 2019 leadership team – that’s another matter. This run of resignations and the reshuffle has, of course, happened on Mercury Retrograde and nothing ever sticks! I would not be surprised if we saw something dubbed The Christmas Agreement, or similar. I promise you it will be merry.

    10. Hi again Jessica, reaching out to you again following on from the announce today between Theresa May and the EU and regarding her appalling Withdrawal Deal that they have agreed upon. I have digested a lot of the Withdrawal agreement and as I have stated before it is not actually leaving the EU, but in fact surrenders our sovereignty over to the EU, locking the UK into an indefinite EU orbit which we will not be able to escape. The UK will be noting more than a powerless rule taking vassal state, that is not what 17.4 million voted for. As a Virgo with a Gemini ascendant and Taurus moon, the ever worrier, are you suggesting the UK still will indeed break away from the EU and actually be an independent self-governing sovereign nation once more? I really want my great country to be free. By the way do you do individual charts, it would be interesting to know where my life goes next, it’s been tough road for a long time time now! Thank you again for your time. Best wishes, Ian.

      1. You have a Taurus Moon and I can see why you are really challenged by the Brexit process, Ian. Uranus, the planet of radical change, is going through Taurus for the first time in your life and you are feeling the instability. In reply to your question about personal charts, I will be offering Lifetime Horoscopes in 2019 which use Western, Indian and Asian astrology to give you a complete profile and life map. The United Kingdom horoscopes I work with, including the 55 B.C. chart, the 1066 chart and the 1801 chart all say the same thing. This is a revolution and it is going to happen. The United Kingdom will not be united for long, as Scotland will go her own way, but England will break from the European Union. The mess and muddle now is down to the Prime Minister trying to negotiate foreign affairs on Mercury Retrograde. It will pass.

    11. It might be interesting to note that the final day of the Labour Party Conference in 2019 is on one of your key dates – Wednesday, September 25. The Leader’s Speech might be deliberately upstaged, unless of course the Labour Party is in government by then. The Conservative Party Conference follows, starting on September 29. The House of Commons does not sit during party conference season, so the events of around September 25, 2019 will not take place there. The next scheduled European Council Meetings are 13-14 December, 2018 and 21-22 March, 20-21 June and 17-18 October, 2019. These are obviously dates to watch but not necessarily definitive. It is very difficult to imagine political events in the UK happening at Christmas, which makes your predictions distinctive and puzzling. The Queen’s Speech on Christmas Day is usually prepared in advance. Could the official and much anticipated announcement of the Brexit conclusion be reserved for the Queen to make on Christmas Day as our Head of State?

      1. How interesting! I had no idea. Thank you very much for this – the Labour Party and Conservative Party conferences would obviously be key moments for any kind of Brexit/European Union announcements. Your thoughts about Her Majesty the Queen and the traditional December 25th speech were also something I’d not thought about – but it would work astrologically. As her role is to bring the nation together, perhaps that is Mercury’s retrograde. She would have pre-recorded the speech but may need to re-record part of it! Let’s see.

    12. Hi Jessica

      In one of your previous articles, yout old us that Brexit was likely to follow a Swiss-type agreement. The medias don’t make much comment about it, but the EU is making the same kid of pressure on Switzerland as in the UK so that Swiss accept more closeness with the EU rules. Since it’s more and more probable Mrs May draft will fail, does it mean that Switzerland will gain more autonomy and the EU will fail in tryiing to impose Switzerland such agreements ?

      Thanks for your Brexit predictions, that give me some hope, even for my dear old France !

      1. Thank you. The issue here is that we don’t have the time, date and place we need to create an astrology chart for Prime Minister Theresa May. All we can really do is compare the Swiss chart to the various charts we have for the British Isles. That works, so ‘Britzerland’ seems the likely outcome. We will know right on Christmas Eve according to the astrology. And the outcome will be good in 2019. Even great. Jupiter in Sagittarius is the best of all possible cycles for export and foreign relations!

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