Welcome to Jupiter in Sagittarius – Part I

First in a three-part series. In part one you can find out about the benefits of this new cycle for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo. In part two you can see the rewards for Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. In part three we’ll look at Brexit, Airbnb, easyJet and other big 2019 stories – before they happen.

Jupiter in Sagittarius – 12 Months of Opportunities

On Thursday, 8th November at 12.38pm UT (just in time for lunch in London) Jupiter enters Sagittarius, the sign which rules travel, holidays, books, religion and the worldwide web. This is extremely good news for all of us, and we have until December 2nd, 2019 to enjoy the solutions, breakthroughs, opportunities and growth.

Jupiter has been associated with good fortune, generosity and optimism – blessings – since the time of the Mesopotamians. Nicholas Campion writes that Jupiter has remained almost intact as a symbol of these kinds of blessings, for over two-and-a-half millennia (in Astrology and Cosmology in the World’s Religions).

There is a very good reason for this. Jupiter works. He provides what you need to make things grow in your life. If you meet him halfway, this planet can deliver fantastic results, not just in 2019, but every 12 years into the future.

The Jupiter wonders have been watched by astrologers around the world for thousands of years. Right along the Silk Road. From Rome to Delhi.

This planetary cycle will clear up and clean up any situation which needs to be fixed and healed. Better still, it offers rewards and unique advantages if you do the work.


Jupiter NASA acorns 600x598 - Welcome to Jupiter in Sagittarius – Part I

The World’s Favourite Planet

Jupiter is one of the first planets astrologers learn about and its cycles are easy to track. It takes 12 years to move through 12 zodiac signs, at the rate of about one new sign every year.

In India, they watched this planet and called it Guru. Teacher. In Asia they watched it, and Chinese astrologers called it The Year Star.

From Brexit to Nauru – World Predictions

Astrology is about history. History repeats and astrologers use this strange time reckoning device called the horoscope to track it. One look back at every Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle for around 100 years and it’s really clear what’s going to happen next.

Forget ‘no deal’ Brexit. There will be a deal. And it will be a good deal. We know that because in just about every other Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle, the United Kingdom has struck a trade bargain with other countries. That’s just one example.

In this two-part series I will explain why there will not only be a successful Brexit with a new outcome – but also why Australia’s problems at Nauru are over.

Again, this is history. The Nauru we know today was created on a Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle.


5wtr91a3mio e1541546333710 600x328 - Welcome to Jupiter in Sagittarius – Part I


Currency Highs and Lows – Tourist Money Gains

In 2019, we will see the start of crazy currency swings which help tourists like you and me. We will also see cryptocurrency, the alternative to paper notes, offer a more affordable alternative for travellers.

Uranus in Taurus, the cycle behind this, will see big falls in some global currencies, against your own. This produces two effects. More and better vacations at home as business steps in to make local holidays more appealing, now that traditional holiday destinations are too expensive. Also, bargains to be had in destinations where your own currency goes further. These destinations might not have been on your map before. Jupiter is about exploring and adventures. Uranus in Taurus will bring sudden drops in particular local currencies which make you feel very rich indeed if you are prepared to pack your bags in a hurry.

This is especially good news in the United States, so if you love travel, either around your own country or the world, you’ll love 2019. You will be able to get away either more often, or for longer, or to places that were never within your budget before.

Education and Publishing Breakthroughs

In this two-part series, I’ll also look at the astrological evidence for advances in worldwide web technology which will make online education easier and more effective right around the world. In 2019 we can also expect stunning breakthroughs in digital publishing will move the eBook forwards into new territory.

So, if you ever wanted to teach or study in a new way, or see your name in print, you can look forward to possibilities which have not been there for 12 years. Now, what does Jupiter in Sagittarius hold for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Jupiter?


gozxralnit4 600x399 - Welcome to Jupiter in Sagittarius – Part I


12 Months of Exploration and Adventure

It’s often said that whole point of a quest is not the outcome but the journey. In 2019 you will go on a journey in search of financial rewards; the gains to be made with a house, apartment or other property; business breakthroughs; charity answers or precious possessions. The reason for this is Uranus, the planet of all that is new and different, in your Second House of assets. 2019 also begins with Ceres in Scorpio in your Eighth House of companies, legacies, taxation and so on. The interesting thing about 2019 is that you have no guarantees at all that you will find what you hope is there or imagine is there. Yet, the journey itself (Jupiter in Sagittarius rules exploration) could be its own reward. In other words, this cycle is presenting you with an excuse to find out so much more, about an aspect of your own country, or about a foreign destination. There will be a map. There is always a map, or a plan, with Jupiter in Sagittarius. There may even be a search party or a whole caravan full of fellow seekers. You will get a great deal from this if you go in with the right attitude. To discover and learn. Uranus is full of surprises and even shocks. It may well be that the promise of something so solid in business, in finance, charity or property is there, at the end. Yet, you’ll never know, if you never go. This is going to involve digging around in history, in geography, perhaps in religion or in other aspects of culture. It’s a quest that, almost certainly, requires books. It may take you far and wide, or just deeper into something you know nothing about.

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umh6cef4v8s 600x400 - Welcome to Jupiter in Sagittarius – Part I


12 Months of Travelling, Moving or Welcoming Arrivals

They say that travel broadens the mind and you could be taking one of the most important journeys of your life this year, or even moving. Perhaps emigrating. Jupiter in Sagittarius is about pastures new. It is also very much about visitors from afar, migrants or new arrivals. Welcoming other faces from other places is an education. It can also change your life. Perhaps, Taurus, you will try both ends of the spectrum in 2019. You will be on the move, but also waiting to accommodate new arrivals into your life. It looks as though some kind of group, club, team or other circle of people is involved. You have Neptune in Pisces in 2019, in your Eleventh House of pooling resources and people power. We are going into 2019 on the back of a very tough cycle. Perhaps you feel you have had enough and want to be somewhere new – somewhere else. It may be that it is others, on their way into your world, who have suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. We have a Jupiter-Neptune square twice in 2019. This means basic precautions are required before anyone can go anywhere. The situation needs to be leak-proof. Waterproof. Secured. Otherwise there is a real chance that you or others will end up all at sea. Nobody really knows what is in store after the journey or move has been made. Life is a blank slate. But, sometimes, all you need is hope, faith, trust and the generosity of those at the other end. You do, however, need a practical plan as the situation is at risk of sinking, not once but twice. This applies to export, holidays, business trips, emigration, tourists, migrants, visitors and travellers.

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12 Months of Making Personal Life Dreams Real

We begin the year with Cupido in Libra, in your Fifth House of godchildren, nieces, nephews, sons, daughters, pregnancy, adoption, stepchildren and fostering. Cupido is a symbol of great longing. He is there in January, February and March just as the mighty Jupiter begins his cycle in your zone of former, current and potential partners. There is a great need here to sort out the past and the children who did, or did not, appear in your life. There is also the most fantastic promise for the future, but you have to make it real. It would involve living the dream, if you feel that the dream is the richest and most fascinating connection with younger people. We have a Full Moon in Libra on 21st March which will bring a choice about this. Gemini, there is no doubt this is a year of healing. Jupiter in your Seventh House is not only about former, current or potential partners, but also about conflict and dispute. This is all in the past. You have most certainly done your time with the difficulties of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in Sagittarius. That was then, this is now. Yet, scars need healing. You are in a terrific position to do this with Uranus himself passing through your Twelfth House of meditation, dreams, Tarot, mediumship, the aura and chakra system. You are in the right place if you want to spiritually restore and recover from the hurts of the past. Then, you will be in a position to move forward into a new life and make the dream or vision of that special adult-child connection so real.

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Travel Around Your Country or Across the World

Between 8th November 2018 and 2nd December 2019, you will travel around your country or across the world. You may do this more than once. You could also easily move or emigrate. The reason for this is not only Jupiter in Sagittarius, the sign of distant shores, but also Neptune – the holiday from the real world – in your Ninth House of exploration and adventure. You could make your ideas, plans or projects thrive where you are, with enough energy and effort, but once we are past the first Jupiter-Neptune square of 2019, on 13th January, you will see that others are also pursuing the dream of something bigger and better in a new place. It’s rather like the Gold Rush. You wonder if you could join them or if you should be competing with them and this is the right year to ask that question. With Neptune in your Ninth House of publishing, the internet, foreign and regional affairs, education, qualification and academia, you are inspired. However, you are also not seeing what you need to see. You have two or three budding possibilities to take elsewhere. Not just one. The time has come to ground yourself, stop gazing in the direction of other people, or a distant destination, and remember what you possess and why you must now become a multi-tasker or juggler. As Mercury Retrograde begins this cycle you also need to figure out your pace and timing. Feeling stuck or paralysed is just as bad as racing ahead and going too fast. Somewhere in the middle, you’ll find your way. You also need to ask yourself if you want to send out your ideas or plans unaccompanied, or go out there yourself to promote, present, package or trade.

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12 Months of Life-Changing Teaching and Learning

From 8th November 2018 to 2nd December 2019 you will be both teaching and learning in the most amazing new way. You were born to mentor, guide, inspire and lead. A younger generation needs Leo to show the way. The opportunity is not always there, but in 2019 you will be called upon to share what you know. You will be an effective channel for something bigger than yourself, at the same time that you ‘keep it real’ and make sure that younger faces can apply your magic to the real world. You may be a father teaching his sons to surf, or a female academic about to go to the next level with her university students. Jupiter is in your Fifth House, which describes how you operate as King or Queen to a younger court. How you lead an example by showing what you know and sharing what you know. Jupiter will make a trine to planets in Aries in your Ninth House in 2019, in your zone of workshops, seminars, webinars, degrees, certificates, evening classes and the rest. This is also the last year you will experience Uranus in Aries in your Ninth House and the first year you will experience Chiron in Aries in your Ninth House. You’ll be just as excited and motivated by your teachers and gurus, as you are by handing knowledge on. One particularly brilliant person will sum up all the exhilaration of Uranus in Aries, with all the originality and daring of Chiron in Aries. He or she has a desk, but not as you know it. He or she is capable of working wonders and miracles and you are fortunate as you are about to inherit those secrets and tricks of the trade. When you are offered a chance to learn in 2019, Leo, make sure you say yes.

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lrssalok1fu 600x392 - Welcome to Jupiter in Sagittarius – Part I


Finding the Right Place with the Right People

Virgo, there is karma to be used in 2019, as the North Node is in Cancer, in your Eleventh House of groups. You have karma going back into past lives, as well as this life, with a particular team, society, association, club, band, union, social circle, network, political party or similar. The aspects between fortunate Jupiter in Sagittarius and the North Node in Cancer this year suggest an amazing opportunity for all of you. It very much pulls in your ideas about the right place to settle, or the right place to establish yourself. It is very important that you all pull together or the whole thing could fall apart. This may involve quite a dramatic change of direction, but you need to play your part. You are ruled by Mercury the planet of communication and your gift for making sure everyone is on the same page should be used. There is a very special house, apartment, holiday home or business premises in the picture. A special local area and surrounds. You can’t do this alone as all depends on the group, which is front-and-centre. You may be involved on the inside or be able to help from the outside. With the right direction, good timing, a little Jupiter luck and the right headwind, everything is possible. Together, everyone can do this. The time has come to build, structure, restructure and think about the right place, with the help of the right people.

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Don’t forget to read Part Two of your Jupiter in Sagittarius predictions for Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces next time – Coming Soon!


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83 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica – this is fascinating, thank you! I had been reading your outlook for November, particularly the triggers on the 6th with interest. I have been stuck at work for some time, trying to get out if possible. Believe it or not, my boss resigned today (6th). Puts promotion on the table for me, as a naturAl step as no one else able to step into his shoes. I know I will have to fight for it as can see others also in unstable position looking for it! I do worry though that a) I will be overlooked ( they have definite glass ceiling for women), b) they promote me but don’t pay me anything extra (haven’t had rise in 3 years despite strong performance and extra responsibilities so so find it hard to trust them). Also, departing boss is going to a strongly backed start up, said to me that he hopes to be able to give me a call in 6-12 months to join them. Exciting! It fits with the feeling of ‘coming unstuck’ you mentioned, but of course at this point I know it is all talk without foundation. Your outlook for Cancer during Jupiter in Sagittarius is very interesting though as I hope & have been trying to move my family back home (overseas). It would be possible to create arrangement to commute to current role/possible new role with old boss (precedent from others doing so) but ideally I would prefer to find a good job back there that wouldn’t necessitate that. Anyway, it seems like I am already feeling some of the effects of the changes you predicted and thank you so much for your insights!

    1. Thank you. Your boss resigned right on cue, as November 6th is the beginning of the end for so many people and organisations. The whole work situation will go on until January, not just with your own job, but with your whole industry, actually, as we are in absolute chaos for several weeks. Nobody will really know their ultimate move until after Christmas and January will bring the most dramatic reshuffle. This does put promotion on the table for you, even though there is a glass ceiling preventing women from becoming more powerful. Your departing boss’s last words are encouraging. How many options do you actually have? Well, you were born with Ceres at 16 Capricorn and Jupiter will pass 16 Capricorn eventually, which takes us to 2020, when you benefit from fantastic solutions or opportunities not possible in 12 years. That’s a long way off but it’s more important than the story now. Think of now through 2020 as a total professional reshape. In the short term what you are watching for is any transit over your Ceres at 16 Capricorn and in fact, the Sun goes straight there in January 2019. That’s part of the story which unfolds in 2020, so be very careful about what you say and do at that point because it will strongly influence your success later on.

  2. Happy Fall to you Jessica,
    So happy to see such positivity with Jupiter in Sagittarius! I appear to have some positive aspects in my birth chart, most notably 23-cancer in fortuna.

    I am hoping this indeed means some good things are coming! I also have Jupiter in Sagittarius @ 24 degrees.

    If you would be so kind as to point out where I should put my focus or any other helpful suggestions, it is most appreciated!

    Thank you so much for your generosity and time in sharing your psychic gifts with us!

    1. You have a terrific 12 months ahead and could bring the world to you, or go out to meet the world. This may be through long-distance friendships with people in the most far-flung corners of Europe, Australasia or the Americas, or thanks to a trip away which completely changes your horizons. You will be given one chance after another to either get away or relocate in 2019, or make the connections which set up a future trip away, next time around (and there will most certainly be a next time as the South Node eventually goes to Sagittarius and your Ninth House again). You will come across a situation like this before Christmas which will either get stuck or go backwards. Keep the faith as from Christmas it starts looking real again. Your Jupiter Return at 24 Sagittarius in your Ninth House is the real high point and October, November, will bring you to an open door like no other. Go through the door and you will find that there is a huge knowledge exchange, not possible for 12 years, with people from other cultures or backgrounds. You will learn as much as you pass on. It will go on serving you far into the future. A book or course may be involved, or a terrific part of the internet.

  3. Dear Jessica, happy Diwali.
    I thought it might be interesting that I have Cancer Factors at 17 Fortuna on a Jupiter post of yours, where I am a Sagittarius Jupiter generation too. And that my North Node itself is at 24 Gemini.
    You also mentioned the North Node going into Cancer starting yesterday, where I have 5 factors. I have tried to remember significant episodes from 2000-01, but memory (and how young I was then) fails me.
    What do you see it all mean? Always grateful for your eye.

    1. Your Jupiter Return in Sagittarius is coming and you also have Jupiter (growth, expansion, opportunities, timing, luck) going over Neptune at 27 Sagittarius at the other end of the sign so this is a full 12 months of fantastic chances to travel or travel in the mind. In fact, as late as November 2019 you’ll be made aware of amazing chances to take a vacation or holiday that is as meaningful as you wish, or even to relocate. The Cancer Node cycle is a different question, but as it relates to houses and apartments, and the family tree, I do wonder if you’re going to be tempted to find a new place to live, in a different region or part of the world – or even retrace your roots in a different city, town or village.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Again, an amazing article. Could you please, tell me how this transit will affect me?
    My boyfriend (who is a gemini) of 4 years changed his mind about his divorce and went back to his wife becuse of money issues and I was wondering if he is going to change his mind again and get a divorce like he started…..

    Thank you,

    1. Thanks Alina. I’m so sorry about your boyfriend and his return to his wife. It’s really hard to say what’s in store for him without his birth chart, but at the very least he will make his final decisions about marriage and money in January 2019. Don’t hang around waiting for him to make up his mind, but he will have to make his ultimate choice then. You don’t say if you have children, or if he does, but actually this entire episode has been about parenthood, or substitute parenthood. That’s really your answer. And you have other options long-term, okay?

  5. Thanks so much for this Jessica. These posts are always so insightful. Despite being a Taurus I’m strongly Saggitarian (with a good dash of Gemini thrown in). I did well in a National writing competition in 2008 and helped my writing group self publish a book to raise money for a girl’s school in Nepal but had to give up my writing career due to severe chronic health problems. As I couldn’t work I focused on art & sculpted horses (yep – very Sagg) and, with the help of a really great Doctor, some amazing complimentary practitioners and some major work on my part, have made some great progress with recovering and managing my health . This year I also lost 20 kilos (a year for physical change for Taureans I believe and also the start of my Saturn return) which I’d put on after an immunology treatment went wrong (long story) back in 2006/7. I am hoping to return (slowly and gently) to my writing in 2019, it really feels right and this gives me enormous encouragement. I have found great comfort and understanding in so much of your writing, it’s really given me insight into financially tough times, lessons I’ve needed to learn and the world at large. Thank you !!

    1. Thank you. Congratulations on losing 20 kilos, that’s an amazing achievement. You want to return to writing in 2019 and will do so, as the opportunities are irresistible. Writing contests, affordable blog or website platforms, new technology which makes independent publishing easier and better – are all lining up for you. In fact, Jupiter crossing Aesculapia in your chart suggests that a project, book, script, play or other idea you assumed was finished or practically over, will revive. If you are curious about why, have look at this asteroid on Search. If you see snake omens double that message. Aesculapia was always seen holding a snake wrapped around a staff, or rod.

  6. Hi Jessica, wish you a happy november and a very happy diwali! Plz suggest me whether a trip alone will improve my life financially, personally and professionally? I am studying a new course online thats suggested by my professional partners. Would that help me grow independent financially? Personally and financially, my husband is a june 11 born guy, who has been abused financially by his parents n siblings back home, i hVe cleared the things with him many a times, but no use. Do u suggest me stay mum n wait for him to understand his responsibilities towards his immediate family? How about this new cycle’s effect on my long term desire to move back to my home country and my career as well? Thanks a lot for taking time out!

    1. Happy Diwali! You have a fantastic 12 months ahead for travel or study, journeys or education, foreign people and places, academia, college and even part-time teaching or learning. It starts now. You mention finances several times in your question. With your Moon at 7 Taurus in the Second House of money, and Uranus (the revolution) slowly heading for 7 Taurus, it’s best that you stay as flexible as possible with your bank account and income and are in a position where you can change direction quickly and keep moving.

  7. Hi Jessica, it looks like exciting times are ahead. I understand that Jupiter and Neptune is in the 9th House. This is helpful as I am learning to speak French online as we are planning a trip to visit family in France in 2020. I am refreshing what I learned in highschool 20 years ago with is a bit rusty but I am having fun with it. But I am unclear about CANCER – Jobs and Unpaid Jobs. Study. The Body. Health. and improvements there. Are they due to the North Node/karma?

    1. The Sun sign Cancer owns a solar sign chart with Sagittarius on the Sixth House of workload and body. Jupiter is in Sagittarius for the first time in 12 years so Cancerians benefit from that. Solutions, answers, breakthroughs and useful turning points are all in store from this point forward. So this isn’t about the North Node or karma, it’s about Jupiter. Enjoy your French classes. A huge door will open as a result of that!

  8. Thank you. The effort you out in to share a map with your readers is unparalleled. I am at a crossriads, I feel very repelled by where I am headed in 2019 but heading there seems to be my only option for my marriage sake. I feel off path like I am not heading in the joyful direction that calls me. Dear jessica what more can you you see in my chart?

    1. It sounds as if you have a difficult marriage. You have the Moon at 0 Scorpio in your Eighth House, which rules marriage and mortgage, or sex and money. For the first time in your life, Uranus (radical change, revolution) is going across 0 Taurus, so exactly opposite. You will figure out where you stand in March 2019 when this planet goes all the way back to 0 Taurus. A new deal with your partner should allow for your space and independence on both sides. It’s the only way. Without your partner’s chart it’s hard to say more, but in general try to keep the arrangements about the money, house or apartment as open and flexible as possible because you are definitely going to have to make changes.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    I’m new here and am learning so much thanks to you. I’m curious – in my natal chart I have Neptune in Capricorn 15 degrees, which I believe is in aspect with Jupiter in 7 degrees Leo, is there anything I should expect from the south node transit?

    Thanks again for your articles. I’m addicted.


    1. Thanks Ellen. Your Neptune at 15 Capricorn is not in aspect to Jupiter at 7 Leo. At least not in the astrology technique I use. The Moon at 8 Sagittarius and Diana at 13 Sagittarius are much more important in terms of who you are and what the future holds. Look up the Ninth House when you finish reading this, as these areas of life – travel and travel in the mind – are where you express yourself, but also where you find the most freedom. As Jupiter (opportunity, expansion, improvement) crosses 8 then 13 Sagittarius you will be offered an amazing chance to relocate or take the vacation you always wanted. In other cases you will be staying put but dealing with people from other regions or countries and paving the way for a future trip or move. You may go back and forth with this until Christmas, but from that point on you can bank on one arrangement as being fixed, firm and final.

      1. Hi Jessica,

        Sorry for the ridiculously late reply. Thank you for your reading of my chart. I really appreciate it.

        I’ve been diving into more articles to understand what this might all mean for me. Since 2017, I’ve been studying a degree in International Relations and 2019 will be my final year. I’m really hoping to relocate once the degree is completed (probably late 2019). I’ve struggled in my 20s to really feel on a path career-wise and want to commit to something. I am worried that my need for change and travel/ expansion keeps interrupting my capacity to do so (maybe this is something to do with pluto in Capricorn since 2018?)

        I’ve noticed that my Psyche at 8 degrees Gemini is directly opposite my moon at 8 degrees Sagittarius (at least I think). I also have my Juno at 8 degrees Capricorn. Does this have any impact on what might happen as Jupiter goes through Sagittarius?

        I hope this makes sense – I’ve just begun learning and feel like there are so many symbols and meanings in my head :))

        Thanks for all of your help.


        1. It’s a pleasure, Ellen. You graduate in International Relations when Jupiter is in Sagittarius, so your timing is immaculate. You also want to move in 2019 as well. Born with the Moon at 8 Sagittarius you get huge emotional satisfaction and fulfilment from mentoring, guiding and showing the way – but also being a terrific student of life. This pulls in your interests in other countries and different nationalities and cultures. Diana at 13 Sagittarius is part of the story, as she is a symbol of independence, freedom, exploration and feminine wildness. Psyche at 8 Gemini is also opposite your Moon, as you say. The Gemini-Sagittarius conflict is always about language – being understood and also understanding. I suspect this will come up for you as Jupiter crosses 8 Sagittarius over December 15th-19th this year. This is particularly important in terms of your ambitions as Juno at 8 Capricorn in your Tenth House of achievement is also triggered. That transit will help you a great deal. The Gemini-Sagittarius conflict is also about the short journey versus the big trek. You won’t be able to leave out the importance of multimedia, communication technology and the worldwide web either – it’s central to the whole question. Mercury has been retrograding across 8 Sagittarius since November 8th and will cross that twice more, near November 25th and December 21st, when one episode plays out and you know where you stand. Thus, the end of 2018 sets up 2019 with an opportunity and a solution. You’ll reach a crossroads and be given a map. Later on, as Jupiter goes to Diana at 13 degrees, from January 7th to 11th, you’ll have a stunning opportunity to pursue life without ties, heavy commitments or obligations and a very special region or country will open up for you then. What comes to pass around January 20th is important as Venus (complex agreements, complicated relationships) will also pass Diana then. The opening of 2019 is really crucial for you as Ceres then goes to 8 Sagittarius, right on your Moon, around February 22nd to 25th so you will have to strike a deal or make a compromise, over your path as a student, but also your need for the global picture. This happens again March 21st to 31st and April 19th to 29th – and we’d have to say August is important too, as Jupiter is so close to your Diana then at 14 Sagittarius. The final deal (sharing the control, dividing up the power) is the last pass of Ceres over Diana, September 28th to 30th. It is a very good year to be honest with yourself about who you and what you need – from travel, emigration, foreigners, work-related trips and the bigger picture. Look up Diana and the Moon when you finish reading this. I have written at length about Diana in the ebook 2020 Astrology too. One look at the paintings and sculpture of her and you will know why one part of you wants to keep chopping and changing – and packing your bags – and another part thinks you should commit. The commitment part is your Juno talking. Yet Diana wants freedom. When Jupiter finally goes to 8 Capricorn in January 2020 you could have both. The first stage of this new story begins in December 2019.

  10. Hi Jessica
    I am very positive and hopeful for this cycle. I have been studying and setting up a practice. At the moment, the business is crawling. I am hoping this will start paying for itself from next year. Would love your thoughts. Many thanks regards Josx

    1. Mercury at 2 Taurus in your chart is your answer there, Jos, as the planet of communication, deal-making, paperwork, trade and merchandising is in Taurus, the money and business sign, in your Second House of cash flow. Meanwhile, Uranus the planet of revolution, radical change and upheaval has been stuck on 2 Taurus and is on the way back there. You should find things easier once 2019 is over but you do need to allow for Uranus going back and forth across 2 Taurus for most of next year – for example, he is still at 3 Taurus as late as December 2019. The best thing to do with this transit is to surf the waves of change. It will change your values. It will also set you free from what/whom would actually end up confining you and restricting you. It takes great insight to see that, but try to be open to that point of view. To understand more about what is going on, do look at Uranus in Taurus on Search, the Second House and Uranus in general. You have never had this cycle before.

  11. Hi Jessica, Interesting what you say about Juno. My natal Juno is at 13 degrees of Sag, Hygeia at 10, Sun conjunct tne North Node at 17 Sag and Mercury at 20 Sag. Been feeling stuck in a holding pattern the past year with a lot of uncertainty. Commitment? I’m ready but not certain as to which direction it lies in!

    1. You should be pretty happy with Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius and your Ninth House. He will in fact ‘marry’ his wife Juno when he passes 13 degrees in your chart. You won’t have long to wait for a commitment involving regional differences or foreign places and people. You are also lucky to have Jupiter conjunct Venus (again, a deal or bargain with another) on 22nd January at 16 degrees, very close to your North Node. That’s karmic in nature and you may find that what you created or did for others about 19 years ago returns to you in your favour then. You could easily move, actually, or just do a handshake agreement involving a culture, nationality or place which seems so foreign to you.

  12. You are great as usual, and it is time for us to pop the champagne !! This article is so much appreciated.

    The last time Jupiter was in Sagittarius I was showered with gifts which paved the way to get me where I am now ( first time volunteering work opportunity abroad, accepted to Master degree abroad (on international development), even brought a boyfriend (foreigner) for a short period 🙂 I was not aware of the astrology back then, but when I checked the ephemeris of 2006-2007 everything fall into place perfectly, not only Jupiter was in Sagittarius, I was having my very own Jupiter return.

    Time has passed and I made a career in international development (which I am very passionate about), now I would like to get back to work in big international organisation which I used to work in different country than where I work now and I really would like to get a little lucky about love and marriage as I would love to have family of my own, no candidate as of now. Recent Saturn in Sagittarius cycle was emotionally painful and left a very bitter taste.

    I have Jupiter (5 deg.), MC (5 deg.), Uranus (6 deg.), South Node (25 deg.) and Neptune (28 deg.) are all placed in Sagittarius; Saturn (28), Pluto (27), Hygeia (20)in Libra and DC (19), Apollo (01), Panacea (25) in Leo.

    I would like to hear your opinions about this transit and what should I expect this time. Am I going to be as lucky as 2006-2007 ?

    Thanks very much Jessica.


    1. Minnie you should be very happy with this forthcoming Jupiter in Sagittarius transit in your Ninth House. Your Jupiter Return is coming up, but you are also ‘Generation Sagittarius’ so the 2019 breakthroughs in international relations, foreign trade, the travel industry and related issues will benefit you, because you are tapping into your peers. Sagittarius has nothing to do with love, sex, marriage or children but everything to do with learning, teaching, exploring and seeing the world. On that front, you should feel pretty blessed, as early as Christmas Eve, when Mercury starts behaving normally in Sagittarius and any delays or changes are out of the picture.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for a fascinating (as ever) article. I have Sun at 18° in Cancer and Moon at 17° in Cancer as well as ASC
    13° Sagittarius. I have lived abroad since 2001 and have been involved in an ongoing inheritance dispute with my sisters about my parent’s house in my home country for the past three years – some want to sell it and some to keep it. This has caused a major rift between us. Will this situation improve in 2019?

    In addition my career has been very unstable and changeable since around 2011. Will I find a solid new direction with my work life?

    Thanks for your advice!

    1. Thank you. I am sorry about the dispute with your sisters about your parents’ home. I am sure you know that the zodiac sign Cancer rules the family, as it is in charge of your Fourth House. Your Sun-Moon conjunction at 17 and 18 Cancer is being opposed, slowly, by transiting Pluto at 17, 18 Capricorn for the first time in over 240 years. Pluto is always a symbol of power and control issues. The North Node is also gradually shifting to 17, 18 Cancer and South Node at 17, 18 Capricorn from this point forward. Oppositions are about figuring out a compromise with yourself, but also with those coming from the opposite direction. You also have Hygiea at 4 Scorpio which is the zodiac sign we associate with joint finances and property, and Uranus will oppose that from 4 Taurus in the same time-frame, from 2019. On the plus side this long and drawn-out situation cannot and will not go on forever. Those three patterns circle 2019 and I suspect May next year might be the key month. We find the North Node at 18 Cancer then, but also Uranus at 3 Taurus, which is pretty close. You will have to figure out a deal with yourself as much as with them. It may help to put a price on peace of mind and ask yourself what you would pay to have that. This whole thing is karmic in nature; the Nodes rule past life debts and credits, and although it may be hard to believe, it is likely you and your sisters and perhaps your parents agreed on this complicated soul contract before you came back here to be born into the same family. That is probably why it feels so challenging. Work your way through it as best you can. You don’t say what your career involves, but if travel, foreign people and places and the big geographical picture is part of your work, you will love the opportunities and solutions rolling in from this point forward as you have a strong Sagittarius chart signature. If that’s not really what work is about, you should still keep an eye on projects, roles or goals which involve going across the map anyway, as Jupiter’s forthcoming conjunction to your Neptune is a wonderful escape from the real world. Of course you could be going on the holiday of a lifetime. Much further afield, Jupiter moves to Capricorn at the end of 2019, and by early 2020 you will have the planet of opportunity, expansion, growth and big answers crossing your own Jupiter – in fact this is your Jupiter Return in your Tenth House of career. It looks as though December 2019, January 2020 will completely re-route you professionally and put you back where you need to be.

  14. Wow this is incredible how everything is lining up. I just recently got promoted this week (because I was the only one qualified to do the job), and now have to lead a group of 6 people until around March/April of next year. I can definitely see this next month being a bit hectic with communication, but glad to know things will smooth out after Christmas! After March/April,I plan to take a different course with travelling, taking time off, perhaps learn more and work on my writing project. It all lines up! And I have several factors lining up within a degree of those key dates (Moon Sag 22, Vulcan/IC Cap 24, MC Cancer 24, Venus/NN Cancer 13 (close?). Well.. I certainly feel with everything happening, this year to come is truly Karmic! Everything seems connected and manifests instantly. For now, I feel a bit short circuited because there is so much to processes… but at the same time I feel that it will be an extremely productive, rewarding year… and especially gaining some sense of clarity as to what I’m actually doing (even if I’m not sure where I’m going).

    1. You are completely on track and even though you go round in circles for a few weeks now (other people are the issue not you, yourself) you will end up on the right path in 2019 and will increasingly find one foreign country, its history, culture, heritage or local people becoming one of the year’s main attractions. You also have your Nodal cycle in Cancer, the Fourth House of residency and belonging, so by 2020 you could so easily be on the move to somewhere utterly new. Foreign to you, yet it would not feel foreign. It would feel oddly like coming home. The door is open, anyway.

      1. Amazing… and yes I do feel I’m on track and that it’s karmic, even. Absolutely spot on with travelling. You really said it about finding a home in a foreign place. I feel that that is probably the root motivation behind the travel, to find a sense of belonging or “home” in a foreign land. That motivation has been there for many years, but it seems more likely to happen soon… and 2020 is just around the corner! So happy to hear that… thank you, Jessica!

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for all that you do for us:) I am a Leo born on August 1, 1968 at 8:36 pm. I have Sun 09 degrees in Leo, Moon in Scorpio, 13 degrees, Mercury 03 degrees in Leo, Venus, 21 degrees in Leo, Mars 27 degrees in Cancer, Jupiter 08 degrees in Virgo and my ASC is 20 degrees in Aquarius. I applied to be a mentor to a youngster with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and my application is currently being processed. I am so looking forward to this:) Do you see that I will be approved as a mentor, during this season of Jupiter in Sagittarius?

    Thank you,

    1. Thank you Paul. Your application is being processed on Mercury Retrograde so there may be delays, changes or reversals by Christmas as the planet of paperwork and communication is going backwards and forwards. Sagittarius does not rule mentorship or guidance – Leo does – and you have one more eclipse in Leo to go through in January 2019 before this very long cycle in your Fifth House of mentoring, young people and guidance finally ends. I realise this is not the fast and easy result that anyone wants to hear, but sometimes we have to work with what the chart gives us. Those eclipses did push right across your own Leo factors in the Fifth House.

  16. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the Jupiter insight, such an interesting planet and I do hope your positivity around our brexit deal comes to fruition! I personally have quite a lot of Sagittarius in my chart, I love to travel so this is music to my ears, and have often considered experimenting with living abroad but never actually made the leap. I’ve also been toying with selling my property and relocating elsewhere in the uk but ive never felt it was the right time. Professionally, I’ve been trying to build an online freelance business on the side to help me move on from a stuck day job situation, however it’s been a slow start. It sounds like Jupiter will be in a more favourable position for me this year, do you have any insight from my chart? Thanks in advance!

    1. Building an online freelance business while Uranus is in Taurus (the unpredictable new world economy) is an interesting experiment and you would find you have zig-zag results, having begun it right on this cycle. Your stuck day job situation is really down to your whole chart. You have a lot to look forward to here as it lifts enormously from the end of 2019 and any stuckness is a memory from 2020 onwards. For now, all you need to know is that you have your Jupiter Return in the Ninth House, which is incredibly fortunate and will make you a student of life, an explorer of foreign cultures and history – and also an expert knowledge source for others – in 2019. The trigger may be a trip away, an actual move, or brand new contacts with other faces and names with a different language or accent tied in. You’ll love it. Absolutely love it.

  17. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for such a fabulous (and fascinating) post, the future sounds exciting. Can you please help me with some clarity about what’s coming for me? I have Virgo sun at 22º and Jupiter at 27º in Capricorn, with stelliums in Leo, Scorpio and Libra. I am currently going through a financial settlement with my ex that is dragging out and have a share in property (I would like to sell) with a family member who is no longer a part of my life, I would love to be finished with both these situations soon as they have made life quite challenging. Also would love to know things will be more stable from a business, financial and romantic perspective. Thank you x

    1. Thank you. Jodi can take the credit for the lovely design work on this three-part series. I am sorry about your ex and the drawn-out settlement. This is not surprising on Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio. We have not finished this cycle and you need to wait until the first fortnight of December for the dust to settle once and for all with the paperwork, verbal agreement or signature. Even then you need to go through January 2019 for the final division of control or power (because that is what it is all about). This also applies to your relative. Deep breath. Yet from the closing days of January this is over, capital O for Over.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    I see that jupiter in saggitarius will bring me a shift in my carreer. I have many capricorn and cancer factors mentioned.

    Factors at Capricorn 15, 17, 22, 23 in your Tenth House
    Do you have these? You are going through the toughest career, university, unpaid work or employment cycle in years, but Jupiter will help you with solutions in 2019.

    Do you mean this year was hard carreer wise? Then you are spot on. Now im a bit lost at my job. I was learning to become chef at my workplace buth felt it wasn’t my thing. I couldn’t be myself. So im looking forward to see how this turns out.

    Is it true that pluto is also conjucting my midheaven?

    1. I’m sorry your first plan to be a chef was not the right one, yet you are heading for a fantastic career reshape from the end of 2019 into 2020 and you will then realise why you had to take a wrong turn, way back when. Pluto is indeed conjuncting your MC or Midheaven, if your birth time is accurate. This can only happen once in 240+ years and it’s a total transformation of your ambition and position. Hang in there. Yet, you will end up where you were always meant to be.

  19. Dear Jessica,

    I felt the Nodes in Leo/Aquarius just as you had predicted centering around 5th house matters. I am ready for the next chapter and Jupiter’s transit in Sagittarius! Do you have anything advice for me based on my chart? Thank you kindly.

    1. You have Uranus and Neptune right at the start and end of Sagittarius so you will feel the entire cycle in your Ninth House of travel and travel in the mind, starting now. You will still be experiencing the opportunities and solutions regarding foreign people and countries, vast subjects, books, websites and the process of learning and mentoring – as late as November 2019. Allow for to-and-fro until Christmas 2018 then watch the lights turn green and go forward.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    As a very new member (08/28/1966 08:12 am ) just starting on the very basic astrology so thank you for this website!
    I do understand a very little bit of all this but I could use some help understanding my future faster than I can learn.
    My childhood home has been a physical , dirty mess since my family passed starting 11 years ago.
    My son (07/20/1993 1:12 am) and I moved there about 13 yrs ago after they all died.
    For the last 10 yrs Ive been separating, divorcing, raising my disabled adult child ,living with my lupus and psoriatic arthritis that ended my music career.
    Thru all this my partner has been cold, unsupportive and demanding. He does help with this extensive remodel or fix up of this childhood home. And yes I love him dearly but I suspect he doesnt feel the same (02/01/1962 around 11:52 pm )
    The amount of stress , drama , anger , resentment , financial issues , poor choices and my health have turned me into a different person. I find nothing to look forward to anymore except sleep.
    I’m worn out ,literally sick and tired of dealing with my alcoholic ex husband, financial situation and my adult disabled son.
    This house has put me in debt trying to get it up to code. The plan is to set my son up as the owner so he will have a good safe and affordable place for the rest of his life. But my ex , his dad (05/25/1964 time unknown) lives with him there and is bringing us all down hard.
    I moved out because he wouldn’t leave. I couldn’t take him or the drinking anymore. My son stayed. He loves his dad but the man is lazy , feels he should do nothing and had no job until just recently.
    The situation in my childhood home has reached the peak. They do not clean or throw garbage away. My ex MIL is dropping junk off, wont stop . I just throw it away. Its hoarding , bugs and dirt . I used to clean up some of it but It came to a huge blow up on 11/08/2018
    I cant stand to go there because it hurts to see my house, my work and my money disrespected with garbage .
    My parents would be so upset with me letting this happen.
    I think I have given up on everything.
    What future does my son have?
    Will the house get finished and refinanced?
    When or will my life, situation , finances and relationship get better?
    What the hell is happening to me?

    Thank you for anything you can tell me Jessica

    1. You are strongly Virgo and you need a space to call your own. Is there a room you can claim for this purpose? If you don’t have a room, find a space outside your home. It may be a park or a river. The things you can control, you need to control. So if you go for a walk in ‘your’ park pick up the litter there. You sound as if you are under a huge amount of pressure and strongly Virgo people need a tidy space or place, even on a small level. So start with one drawer in a chest of drawers, or your computer (de-junk mail your email or organise the desk top). Clean out your handbag. You will be amazed at how much better you feel and also how even small steps can make a difference to the larger picture of your family situation, finances and relationship. If you need inspiration please Google Karen Kingston and Spark Joy on YouTube. You can also control what goes into your body and how you use it. Again this has nothing to do with anyone else – you can do it for yourself. Yoga, meditation and walking are activities you can claim. As a strongly Virgo person you need that mind, body, spirit balance. From the basics, comes greater and better change. But get with the basics first. Your parents are in spirit and you can have a word with them whenever you need to. Light a candle and focus. I do think you need to get right across Space Clearing, Energy Clearing and so on – Denise Linn also had a good website. Your local library may have the books. You have mentioned junk, bugs, dirt, garbage, health and mess in your message. These are all Virgo concerns. You have five personal birth chart factors in that sign which is highly unusual. Reclaim as much of your space as you possibly can – and claim all of your inner space (your mind) and your body. I also recommend you use Betty Shine books or YouTube videos. You will be thrilled with home and family improvements in 2019 anyway, but to get the most from this cycle, start by helping out your Virgo side. This is the way. I am seeing a bicycle. Did you have one as a child? Do you have one still? Perhaps cycling is your path!

  21. Hi Jessica, I was born in Kenya Coast on the 1st of sept. 1970 at 5:30 am.Sinxe 2014 am unhappy.I lost everything what i earnes in my life including a devorce of my wife (Scorpio of 29 october) and sje desapeared with my 2 sons. Plz help. How daoes my future life look like especially financially and with family? Will i get back my sons in the near future?

    1. I am really sorry to hear that you have been through such a difficult situation with your two boys and your divorce. This gets better slowly. You are going through a cycle which can only happen every 240+ years and you will need to be very kind to yourself. You need space and time in 2019 in particular, but from the end of 2019 (near Christmas) things will start to look so much better in terms of the children. In 2020 you will make decisions which are good for the boys and good for you, so please do not give up hope. This will work out. Financially, the uncertainty of the last 7 years ends in March 2019 and a new person or organisation which teaches you so much about money, will show you how to do things differently.

  22. Thank you so much for the suggestions Jessica!
    Honestly I didn’t think you would answer with as much info as you have.
    Yep! definitely Virgo as anything in my vicinity is clean and organized ! Yes I have my own space, a music room but hurt to bad to play guitar or keyboard for the last year or so. It still is my place of retreat and comfort.
    You mentioned I have 5 highly unusual birth chart factors, could you tell me about that ? I am so new to this that I don’t understand my chart at all.
    Could you point them out , possibly touch on what they mean? Also I had a bike when I was a child. My knee and hip are due to be replaced so riding a bike is out at this time.
    Thank you for your time

    1. You have the Sun, Uranus, Pluto, Vesta and Ascendant in Virgo in your Sixth House, which rules the body. This is unusual. Most people have three or less. I am glad you have your own room. I am also glad you are having the knee and hip replacements. I believe it was one of your parents who told me about the bicycle. You liked riding a bike as a child and it is not impossible that you will return to one, or even an exercise bike, when the healing is complete. There are major issues here about your career, the work you do, housework, music, the guitar and keyboard. To find out more look up the Sixth House. You may also want to look up Virgo (this can all be easily found using the Search button). Another tip to help – every month when the Moon goes into Virgo, keep a diary record of that two day period and see what comes up. There are clues there about the way your unconscious mind programs your body, and the way your physical self collaborates with what you unconsciously need and want. I have had classical music cross my path twice today with astrology. A friend – conductor – sent me a piece of his original music. It also appears on the cover of our Astrological Journal. Not rock or pop. Classical both times.

  23. HI Jessica
    This is great information. I have Jupiter in Capricorn. I recently got a new job and it’s been very interesting 3 months. Everyday is very busy and chaotic however good this are resulting from changes that seem to be coming up like people on my team departing And hiring of new staff. I really wAnt to make an impact and be successful but with all these changes I feel I have no control and what I was hired not sure where or what my role is going to finally result into. Any insight on if things will get better and if things will settle down and I get promising projects and support tone successful.

    1. You will find that from March 2019 your work situation goes back on the straight and narrow after quite a long period when you never really knew what was coming next, or who was coming next. There has been a fair bit of rejection in your career as you’ve been ignored, turned down or sidelined by people who should know better. At the same time I am sure you have been rebuffing particular colleagues, employers, large organisations, staff and so on because you felt it was out of step for you. From March 2019 you will realise that those days are over and you can now (amazingly) plan ahead. You will have a teacher, mentor or guide to help you from that point on and in fact will pull off some amazing professional plans over the next few years, proving to yourself and others that there is no such word as ‘unthinkable.’ If you think it, you can have a go and even pull it off.

  24. Of all the specific factors listed, i have only Minerva in 17 Sag. Please advise on how the next 12 months of Jupiter in Sagittarius works for me ?

    1. You have Cupido at 2 and Neptune at 13 Sagittarius in your Ninth House (look that up when you finish reading this – the Ninth House is a great part of your chart). So, you have three factors there and will find one travel offer irresistible by February 2019. If you say no to that one, there will be another. Jupiter is about immaculate timing and you’ll be very lucky with the deal, offer or option. Jupiter was Minerva’s father in Roman mythology where our modern astrology comes from. In fact she was born from his head. I’ll be amazed if you don’t study or teach at the biggest and best level in years, by June 2019.

  25. Hi Jessica,

    with all the hype about Jupiter, I am hoping that things will work out well for me, especially at work.
    The last few years have been disappointing, but I’m a Sagittarius, so this should be an especially good year (I think, hope!).


    1. You are strongly Sagittarian MRose, with what is known as a stellium or unusually high count of factors in that zodiac sign. You are here to express your Ninth House (look that up when you finish reading this) and 2019 is your year to do that. The Ninth House used to describe sea voyages and foreigners, as well as the church. Today we associate it with the worldwide web, multiculturalism, globalisation and one-world thinking. You’ll find that what you created in your life in 2007 now comes back to you, for the nicest reasons, and the feelers you put out that year towards a particular region or country, or its locals, now begin to benefit you. Jupiter is not hype – history tells us these cycles work – and although you are off to a slow start with this one, when Jupiter goes across 11-17 Sagittarius in January 2018, he will conjunct (or sit right on) your Mars, MC and Bacchus so pull up a seat at the banquet of life. The trip or move which eventually emerges from January will be wonderful and unforgettable.

  26. Dear Jessica,

    thank you for that interesting article. I hope to have enough player in Sagittarius to take advantage from jupiter.
    But what I feel as an important event is the conjuction of juno with my juno in 15deg Leo and trine with Jupiter.
    Can you tell me what can bring me this event? I wanted to have children and did everything without success so I don ‘ t know if this trine can bring me some solution .

    Thank you for all!

    1. You have raised the issue of children before and I can only repeat that you have Saturn at 0 Leo in the Fifth House of parenthood. It is exactly square Uranus at 0 Scorpio. We all have Saturn somewhere in our charts and it describes what we have to work with, and work on – no choice. A square is what we cannot easily square. You currently have transiting (travelling) Uranus at 0 Taurus creating what is known as a T-Square or T-Shape and this holds until March 2019. You have a strong Leo chart signature in your Fifth House and so I can see why you are a natural mentor or guide for younger faces, but a Jupiter trine to Juno and all your other Leo factors, though helpful, is not enough to take away from Saturn’s lessons and waiting games. I am sorry you tried so hard without success, but what you do need to know is that strongly Leo people find their own path with the young. It can sometimes happen through a godchild or a relationship with someone who has children from a previous relationship. It can also happen (as J.K. Rowling and Beatrix Potter, both Leo, have shown us) through a huge commitment to young people or infants, through good causes, and sometimes informal ‘adoption’ of even a partner’s nieces and nephews as one’s own. You’ll love Jupiter in Sagittarius and eventually find your way with the next generation. At the moment you just need to be aware of that T-Square. I hope that helps.

  27. Hi Jessica, I am curious to hear more about the Cancer factors at 15 (I have Vesta), and North Node, and how that can play out, and interested in the Nodes in general. I have had a full on past few years, with the loss of my mother in Aug, impending loss of my father, loss of my brother and near loss of my son a year back in Oct, so certainly the story has been about family. And 3 years running, with the last minute cancellation of Sept/Oct major trips to the USA (due to family illness and passings), I am hopeful that Jupiter will get us over the line next year.

    1. So much loss in a short space of time is very hard and I hope you have enough time and space in your life to adjust. In both chart systems I use for you, the same story is being told twice. As a Sun Taurus you have been living with the North Node in Leo in your Fourth House of family and this harks back to the past (in cycles of 19 years) but also into past lives. You have your Descendant at 8 Cancer in the Fourth House of family in your personal birth chart and for the first time in 29 years Saturn has been at 8 Capricorn, right opposite (transiting Saturn oppose Descendant). Vesta at 15 Cancer in your Fourth House has also picked up on the male-female balance with your close relatives. As well as Saturn opposing your Cancer factors you have had Pluto at 15 Capricorn, right opposite Vesta. That can only happen once every 240+ years. You now move into the transiting North Node in Cancer cycle, again in your Fourth House, and again this is karmic in nature. Thus, you might have to say that spiritual or soul contracts made between lives, and among all of you, are being fulfilled. I have just filed a two-part feature on the North Node in Cancer which will appear soon and be of interest to you. By May 2020 the North Node in Cancer cycle ends and with it, you have peace of mind, closure and a settlement with yourself and others. You may find Carolyn Myss’s work interesting as she wrote the book (literally) on soul contracts. From May 2020 we also find Saturn slowly preparing to move out of Capricorn so this seems like the year that you write a final page on this chapter in your life. Soul contracts and karma usually involve giving – because you have to give – and it might make no sense at the time, until you realise there is a back story, and it may take you back centuries. There is also the question of receiving and something as basic as the contents of a will or legacy commonly helps us to fulfil whatever we agreed between lives. I hope the road is easier for you now.

  28. Hi Jessica

    I have my Descendent at 16 degs in Sagitarius. My husband is also a Sagitarius. Would I be dealing with people from other regions or countries with a different culture/language, paving the way for a future trip or move ? Thank you for any insights you can give. E.

    1. A future trip or move is possible if you pursue the steady income that flows from hard work – starting now. You are strongly Taurus with many factors in your Second House of earnings and savings. For the first time in your life, Uranus is coming into this zodiac sign and will cross your Venus at 0 and Moon at 1 Taurus from March 2019. The most intriguing and beautiful place is out there for you to explore, or even rent or purchase, but first of all you have to do the work. It is work you will enjoy and it’s like The Beatles’ song, Eight Days a Week. You’ll pack eight days of effort into a shorter space of time if you work quickly and efficiently. Beyond the actual money saved for your dream holiday or next home, you will absolutely love what you do, as it is a matter of quiet pride to you, that you produce such valuable end results. You are a natural artisan, professional or craftswoman actually, and people need what you can do! Your IC in Virgo suggests you have inherited this from an important person in your family tree who was also a hard and very good worker – productive to say the least.

  29. WOW just wow!!!
    Thank you again Jessica!
    So strange about the bike ,as I thought about a bike I remembered I actually came face to face with my old bike a couple days back. It just needs a seat and new tires.
    As for my parents, I smell and hear them in the house all the time, dad died there (as did several other folks , IDK its a strange house at times)
    Honestly Ive never really thought to talk to them. We did not have a good relationship but I do miss them, maybe I should tell them that much.
    And the classical music…that is just crazy ! As there is a particular classical song I play (or rather used to play ) for our biggest pet bird. He absolutely loves it. Its a song that this bird sings regularly in this house everyday . Maybe that’s my cue to try playing music again.
    The highly unusual birth chart factors are so interesting considering the health issues Ive had my entire life. Its also strangely comforting to me at the same time. It feels like I may have finally found a map to help travel life
    Your amazing Jessica !!!
    Thank you for so much useful information and your time 🙂

    1. I’m so pleased your parents have managed to make contact. I don’t often work as a medium when I answer astrology questions but your Mum and Dad took the chance to send a message – actually two messages, one about the bicycle and the other about classical music. Follow the path and the signs, you are on your way to healing and wholeness but take it slowly.

  30. Dear Jessica,
    I know Jupiter won’t do the work instead of me but wonder if he would give a helping hand? Since late August I am a complete mess, I feel like I am stuck in mud… I am trying to start renovating my future home but cannot even pick tiles for two months… really ashamed of myself… I started thinking about having kids again. I gave up on the idea some time ago but some things happened and here is the hope, showing up right away… I hate it when I act like that and make films in my head, as soon as I do that, things end or become complicated… and here I am now, fighting with myself and trying to get out of that sticky mud, would be really cool if I could get just a liitle help from our friend Jupiter…
    Thank you for the marvelous articles, helped me many times to pull myself together…

    1. Do not be ashamed. You sound as if you have mild depression, which is an illness like the common cold or flu. Have you seen the Black Dog website? I really must save the link because I often mention it, but it is an excellent place to start. Not being able to pick up the tiles to renovate and beating yourself up are two signs that this malady is at large. There are many, many ways to combat depression and I have seen everything from prescription drugs, to yoga, to running, to Reiki help readers over the years. Okay, so let’s look at what you can do right now, and ongoing through December 31st 2019, to be happier – and in fact, happy. You have a stellium (unusually high cluster) of factors in Aquarius in your Eleventh House. This rules groups, networks, teams, clubs, communities and circles. Your life path is about fixing it with groups and then taking your place inside the circle. Together you can achieve amazing things. We are moving into a mini Age of Aquarius from Christmas 2020 and it will be there for many years as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all go into Aquarius and thus your Eleventh House of team spirit and people power. Starting now, today, you need to do some healing. You have been a little bit life-damaged, okay? You need to see a doctor or healer if you can or pursue techniques and methods that others swear by. Research online. Once you are feeling better (and it will happen if you go to the right person or use the right approach) you can then look at the whole business of joining or rejoining particular groups of friends, or specific organisations. Anything from a book group, to a yoga class, to a political party. I can’t begin to tell you how much this will change your life for the better. Astonishing things are possible over the years to come with these people. Together you can move mountains or scale them. You also gain from a feeling of solidarity and unity with people who are so like-minded. You share the same ideas. Now, getting there from here is going to take time and effort, but if you begin by repairing, rejuvenating and relaunching yourself, you will be on the way. Always, always look for the common points of view and perspectives that bind you and the group together. When in doubt remind yourself that people power changes the world. Gandhi showed us that. Be the change. But you will need to be either helping and ‘feeding’ the group or actually firmly inside it. Go from there.

  31. Hi Jessica.
    Once again an amazing article!
    May i ask you where do you think i should put my focus to.,i am a Cancer in 16 degrees .will the above factors in 15,17 of Cancer affect me?
    Thank you for your great job you are doing.,
    Every time i cannot wait to read your articles!

    1. Thanks Marina. Happiness in 2019 is really about travelling or moving for you – or welcoming those who need to relocate. We associate this with Jupiter in Sagittarius of course and you have factors right at the start and end of the sign. The Cancer patterns are also very much about shifting base, space and place. Again, this is you next year, or people who matter to you; possibly family, or friends who feel like family. Sagittarius is about expanding your horizons, finding answers and better times, by going to a different place, or by learning from people who come from afar. The poem ‘there was movement at the station’ springs to mind here. It’s rather like Staten Island in New York last century with everybody coming and going. The locals gained from the new arrivals who brought amazing skills, ideas, culture and knowledge with them. This is what made NYC the city we love today. The new arrivals gained hope for the future, faith in happier times and the chance to start again. I believe you will do this next year or welcome those who need to emigrate or relocate, and also gain.Colour this picture in and make it brighter; vibrant.

  32. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for a such a informative article!
    I have Ops 15°, Bacchus 16° and Neptune 09° Sagittarius. What will be in store for me next year? Can I expect a change in job/career? Also do you see any possibility that I’ll be moving either within the UK or overseas?

    Many Thanks!


    1. You would be very tempted to make the switch to a new job in a new place in 2019 NP, but be aware of the potential for delays and muddles in February-April 2019 when you would need to get everything in writing and read the fine print. The middle ground between a new home and new career is an extended piece of travel, and work which involves foreign or regional faces, who would later enable a trip. This is easy and you will find those options cross your path when Jupiter goes to 9, near Christmas. You will either see an unbelievable deal then or find the usual seasonal influx of visitors and travellers on vacation, parks someone right in front of you who is only too happy to talk about your own situation. Later on, Jupiter at 15, 16 in the second half of January 2019, July-August (the Northern Hemisphere summer holiday) and early September suggests an epic time of networking with people from around the world. You could so very easily take off then but find yourself wanting to stay, or having good reasons to stay. The fact that Ceres (the deal-maker) is also crossing 15, 16 Sagittarius in October suggests this is the timing.

  33. Hi Jessica
    I read the Jupiter in Sagittarius part-one article with interest -there seems to be a lot going on for me in 2019. I have Chiron at 14 Pisces, Apollo at 15 Cancer, Sun at 24 Gemini, South Node 20 Cancer. As a Gemini, the area where I am most likely to be affected are Marriage. Work Partnership. Common Law Marriage. I am single, never been married or in a common law partnership. There seems to a lot mentioned about children and young people – I have no children in my personal life but I work for a charity that helps support young people who are homeless and the rest of my life is taken up supporting my elderly Father (also a Gemini) since the death of my Mother in 2017. I definitely feel like my heart is in need of healing but I’m not sure how best to do this – what do the astological factors listed above indicate?
    I checked out what I was doing during the years you listed and I certainly had a lot of work partnerships that helped me but I’m not sure my personal relationships of those times were much help to me!
    I hope you can shed some light for me – my heart feels tired and weary.
    Best wishes

    1. You have Cupido at 2 Aquarius and Saturn at 22 Aquarius, Pauline, in your Eleventh House of friends, acquaintances, community groups, clubs, teams, societies and associations. It’s also very much about social media. These people ‘have your back’ as they say and may be very much in the background, but make no mistake – it’s where your heart will find fulfilment. As we enter a mini Age of Aquarius from Christmas 2019 and I have my eyes on your destiny in 2020 as well, the best thing you can do – starting now, but throughout 2019 – is to cultivate and attend to these people. They may all seem like just more names or numbers within your charity (say) or as part of a greater network – other carers for example, or the faces you know on the internet at Twitter and so on. Yet, if you were to look, really look, at who and what is there in the background, you would be able to single people out and develop the friendship one-on-one. That would be really interesting for you. Cupido is about close and affectionate connections and Saturn is about the work you need to do. So, it’s not about your father. It’s not about work. It’s about what I can only describe as one or more groups, teams or circles and the amazing potential there. You never know until you try. And if one crosses your path, to join, between now and February – do join. In fact, February 2019 as a whole is the month to really focus on these people. All things are possible from there. Relationships. People power. New paths!

  34. Dear Jessica,
    i am following your articles and often am left speechless, but more of that is am fascinated with your tireless will to help people.
    I wrote you before about how to handle selling of property, you suggested to try unusual way and it seems it will work out.So many times i have remembered your words.
    I have a longstanding love affair with the married man who became in all this time my friend and somebody i confide in a lot, which is for me always very slow process. Moon in Capricorn? I feel more than i know that this relationship will be at some crossroads, and read your November forecast with statement that nothing will be as it used to be in partnership domain. What could be the events in front of me, in front of us. I am of old age and this love has brought me new life, after divorce in 2007, death of my ex husband and father of my kids in 2011, death of my first love and best friend in 2012,this man was beside me all the time in his way. I love him very much and am very thankful.
    Thank you very much, more than I can describe with my English.
    I was born 16th August 1959, at 5am, in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, my lover is born on 15th September 1955, unknown time, Rome, Italy (if i understand well this data are not shown, for which i am thankful)

    1. Thank you. An affair with a married man is never a good idea in astrology because, you see, it is about the same horoscope house – the Seventh House – which is about love as well as war. And when you pursue someone who is legally and spiritually wed, you automatically attract conflict, either with her, her family, her friends or children (if there were any). Nena, I am sure you do love this man, but be so very careful with a three-way situation. This could be life-changing for you in a great way, if you would only insist that he becomes free to be with you, by himself, and makes a decent break with his wife. The Seventh House will be hard work for you from Christmas 2020 and extremely serious from 2023 unless you try to steer this way now. Forget three, please. Do two.

  35. This is such a fascinating read, Jessica! I remember the last time I had a Jupiter in Sagittarius, I had a fantastic year, one of the best in my life. And this is surprising, as I barely have any factors in Sagittarius. I wonder why. Also, do you think a Jupiter in Capricorn cycle would be difficult with a Capricorn Stellium ?

    Thank you 🙂

    1. You have Sagittarius factors at 2 and 19 but a whole pattern of factors in other zodiac signs, very close to those degrees. We allow a one-degree orb in modern astrology, so all those years ago, Jupiter at 1, 2, 3 and 18, 19, 20 was triggering a lot of other stuff in your chart too. Well, he’s back for a second pass and you’ll really love the trip next year. Or the head trip!

  36. These last 7-8years have turned my life upside down. I feel like so many situations have knocked all the positivity and warmth from me and I feel done in but something inside me wants to stay hopeful. The hardest part has not been situations a hard time with with betrayal and power play regarding those who I have been forced to live with, friends (a nice home life is vital to me, maybe Ceres needs or Virgo). I’ve had to work really hard this year but still can’t seem to find paid work. I really hope this period is now over. I have only my descendant in Sagitarius 3 degrees and Neptune in sag at 0 degrees. I am clearly Aries (love fun, directness and general let’s do it and only get stuck if I think about it doo long) but also seem to have a whole lot of Capricorn and Cancer. Any thoughts of Jupiter in Sag and any kind of positivity will be welcomed with open arms. I have moved to a place which oddly feels like home and I like but can’t think I can stay in the UK with fracking, the abandonment of the environment and now Brexit on the horizon. I feel stuck again and I want to go back to looking and trying for some kind of brighter future in 2019. Anything with hope in my chart will be returned with a whole lot of return optimism.

    ARIES 27° Aries 48′ 48″
    MC 29° Capricorn 24′ 50″ 29°
    IC 29°Cancer 24′ 50″
    Minerva 18° Cancer 47′ 03″
    Vulcano 08° Cancer 19′ 40″
    Mercury 18° Taurus 16′ 27″
    Venus 17° Taurus 31′ 56″
    Mars 29° Taurus 38′ 33″
    Saturn 10° Taurus 14′ 49″
    Uranus 05° Libra 51′ 37″ R
    Neptune 00° Sagittarius 21′ 02″
    Pluto 25° Virgo 14′ 39″ R
    Ceres 02° Aries 26′ 10″
    ASC 03° Gemini 17′ 44″ 03° 44″
    DESC 03°Sagittarius17′ 44″ 03° 44
    Moon 18° Virgo 12′ 30″
    Jupiter 01° Scorpio 31′ 35″ R
    NorthNode SouthNode
    north node 11° Pisces 02′ 24″ R
    south node 11° Virgo 02′ 24″ R

    1. Eight years is a long time to be stuck. The only cycle we’ve had that approaches 8 years of your life is Pluto in Capricorn, passing through your Tenth House of career, which would fit if you have been unemployed. If your birth time is strictly accurate, your MC is at 29 Capricorn and – even without an accurate birth time – you have a stellium in Cancer, all opposed by Pluto. This cycle has been about developing a different relationship with your family, or a new attitude towards a parent, sibling or other relative. This is necessary if you have not already done it. It is also about developing a different relationship with your house or apartment, your home town and country. None of this is easy, but you will get there. In fact when the South Node, Pluto and Saturn have stopped passing through Capricorn and opposing your Cancer stellium and Jupiter arrives in Capricorn (it happens in slow stages from the end of 2019) you are on your way out, to the other side.

  37. Hey Jessica!
    I am a new member. I am trying to make sense of my birth chart. I am at a huge crossroads at the moment. I am going back to school at 44, finally ended a relationship that was bad for me, learning how to put myself first, etc. Basically every aspect of my life has changed. I just want to know what you can see from my chart for this aspect or anything else you want to tell me. I have a tendency to want to know everything about a new subject, and I will overwhelm myself with information. It’s fun, but exhausting sometimes ! I also pick up on other people’s “stuff” , so it is honestly quite the combination. The relationship I am referring to was quite toxic, so I am finally starting to trust my gut again. I have never misread a person before, much less misread one for 5 years ! Anyway, I apologize. I feel rather uncomfortable sharing all of this. It is unusual for me. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

    1. The only issue with returning to education is February, March which may be muddled in terms of the paperwork, the schedules, your curriculum and so on. Just be aware of that if you are switching courses then or handing in an important piece of work. Your former partner taught you about power and control. I’m sure you were dealing with someone toxic. It happens on a Pluto transit in Capricorn. It’s actually quite boring, when you think about it, and although the emotions are real and no doubt disturb your peace of mind, you do have to let them pass – like clouds across the sky. This is really not who you are – nor where you are going. Do not let the memory of this person define you, because quite frankly it’s not you at all! The real you is being reborn in 2019. Your ongoing education is part of that. I hope you enjoy diving into astrology. Don’t forget to pick up your Astrology Oracle ebook to use with the online card set.

      1. Hey Jessica,
        Thank you! I had to laugh when you said to pick up the ebook. I have already printed it! I like to study and learn via print, not reading on the computer. I have to touch things and write stuff down on paper. ( I am also particular about my writing pens and pencils. Not fancy or expensive, but it’s the way they feel in my hand and have to be fine point.
        I read your reply to other post first.
        I am so excited for 2019. I have an index card on my fridge. I put it up there 4 months ago. It says: I would rather have a mind open to wonder than one closed by belief. I am ready to claim the heck out of my life. It’s been a while!
        Thanks again for responding. How do you handle doing what you do? I get overwhelmed sometimes by other people’s emotions, auras, etc. I have learned a lot about when to retreat and be by myself for a few days to get my own energy back. I cannot imagine how much energy it takes to do what you do and keep the balance.

        1. I’m glad you printed the ebook. I also have a paper copy! Your comment about the aura is interesting. I was taught to open my chakras and then close them. To expand and contract my aura. Even then, like many professional mediums and psychics, I need time alone. Sensitives, as we used to be called, are literally sensitive – and dislike noise in particular – it’s an overload of the hearing sense, and if you are operating on six senses, it can be too much. You’ll love 2019. That index card will have so much meaning for you eventually.

          1. What you said about noises, I know exactly what you mean! It is overwhelming!
            In regards to the chakra’s , I think I was messed up from everything that was going on personally. I think I was almost blocked. I don’t know if I did that as protection because I had so much of my own “junk” to work out or something else. For a long time I couldn’t listen to music, read my books, etc. I could only handle silence. I have really felt like everything has lifted over the past 6-7 months. I feel like I can breathe. It’s pretty awesome!
            Thanks again for your responses.
            They have been interesting and exciting!

  38. HI Jessica, Fascinating posts! I really do enjoy reading your future predictions as they often work out to be spookily accurate. Do you think that the times of change we are living in now are similar to the Sixties “the times they are a changing” kind of change? It certainly feels that way. The world seems to be turning on its head to forge a new way forward. Keep up the great work, Jessica!
    Regards, Wayne.

    1. Thank you Wayne, you are very kind. The feeling you have that this is like the Sixties is spot-on. We are approaching a mini Age of Aquarius from Christmas 2020. Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius, then Pluto follows them into the same sign from 2023. It is the end of the mini Age of Capricorn we are experiencing with the South Node, Saturn and Pluto all in Capricorn. Capricorn is a symbol of people at the top, the system, the establishment, ambition, social climbing and high society. Those old structures and set-ups are not going to last. Power is moving away from those at the top, to the people. Particularly young people who were born with the outer planets Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius. From Christmas 2020 they come into their own. They are all about equality, diversity and community and they will save the world.

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