The Scorpio Birthday Horoscope 2018-2019

This cycle can be quite delightful. Happy Birthday Scorpio. Remember to stay in touch as we go through 2019. Where possible, I am always happy to answer your questions.

October 2018 to November 2019

Scorpio, this horoscope forecast takes you from your birthday in 2018, to your birthday next year.

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40 Responses

  1. OMG!! We are going through a serious
    conflict between his mother smothering
    his conscience” to being a good son &
    other financial issues, with having him move with her. During the summer he needed space Which he got, 3 weeks after
    he ran away from her, coming back to me as he proposed marriage.
    To again, the decision of having to move with his mother. Souring our relationship
    We’ve been dating 4, 5 years I’m not the one chocking him.. on the contrary
    being a Pisces, anyhow, per his own words
    I’ve been the only woman who gets him.
    I know he does loves me
    Yes indeed he may have to move
    changing the scenery, to a different
    town, city, location, which we both agreed on., I’m 100% supportive as we both
    also agreed on, looking 4 a place 4 Us both to after the fact” of his (mom) and moving in together. He’s afraid that I will not B happy moving in this particular area.
    Which I have told him, I’m Ok with
    for the time been. I also know, that he’s not happy about it either.. at age 44
    living with his mother, aside from the over controlling ways of his own LEO mother.
    I had planned a business plan, on a different state, where it was a great possibility of traveling severals times of the year including him, he has the best schedule being a school teacher..
    Well we decided, not doing so.
    Because of the distance & time apart
    So now, with this whole thing I have no
    idea.. He’s been very depressed about it
    he doesn’t want to let his mother down
    I 100% understand, as we have both discussed it. She being a LEO she’s very aware of our relationship, but behind the scene, it’s not about me, in particular it’s any woman being a threat to her plans, wanting to make up for their lost time, as well as being her youngest son aside from being a resent widow. My boyfriend is
    Nov .1 1974 4X’s a Scorpio Sun Venus Mars & Moon with rising Pisces.
    He’s had a very rough life, due to Xwife 2 boys, I just don’t know anymore
    I’m not the one, chocking him, I believe
    it’s his past which he hasn’t fully been able to let go.. Perhaps moving will clear his
    mind, in order to move on., from the hurt he’s been carrying because of his failed
    marriage. I’m just in the middle of his crisis. So where do I stand?
    There are other issues, that have BIG TIME hinder him, & OUR RELATIONSHIP
    He’s had plenty of “”time outs” or meSpace
    of which I 100% understand given that I’m the same way.. I’ve given Us /him / I
    space in which to Re-do ourselves.
    Yet, we seem, to get much closer & stronger.. So I’m not crazy either..
    Reading this Scorpio Birthday 2019 puzzles me… a great deal..
    what will happen ?
    where do we stand ?
    He proposed, saying how much he’s been
    thinking about our future, about the fact that my father is very sick, & we should get married by next summer, that I’m the only woman that has ever understood him, that knowns him inside out.. have I thought were I would like 2 get married ETC ETC

    1. The Leo mother is the key. This is going to take some time, okay, but in January she will agree to a compromise, perhaps just with him, maybe with other family members too. Try to see the process through as it will go backwards and forwards with Venus and Mercury Retrograde. Yet, Ceres in Scorpio will take over as 2019 begins and you will find her prepared to figure out a deal that month. I am sorry your father is so ill. Do not let this take your energy and focus away from your Dad.

  2. Dear Jessica, I have a stellium in Scorpio (and a bit of Libra) including a North Node/Sun/Uranus conjunction and I was wondering about how Uranus in Taurus will influence me in the next few years. At the same time Pluto is passing over my Moon in Capricorn. I am impressed by the accuracy of a few of your horoscopes and recent events in my life. I am now (very recently and surprisingly ) contemplating a move to yet another country with someone new that may entirely change my everyday life and future outlook. Thank you and congratulations for your website !

    1. Thank you, I’m glad the horoscopes are accurate for you and I will pass that compliment onto James, Justin, Jodi and Alyas. Your Scorpio and Taurus placements are scattered from 3 to 28 so it’s fair to say that from 2019 onwards you will be altering your financial, property, business or charity course for many years. Uranus will conjunct your Taurus factors and oppose your Scorpio placements. The best thing to do is accept the revolution is here and invent a new way to earn, own or owe money. You will find so much more freedom and independence in your life but you will need to trade in the old security or certainty. If your move with a new partner involves property or finance please get it in writing and get a second opinion. Uranus can be utterly unpredictable and it is wise to have a lot of room to move with any agreement, and also to be prepared for a few different outcomes. You can find out more by looking up Uranus on Search and in the ebooks. The best tip about this transit is to accept what is happening (it will be national and global) take a deep breath, recognise why people need to be free and play your part in co-creating a whole new financial, business, charity or property world with them. It really will be that radical.

  3. Hello Jessica.
    These last few months have been tough. I’ve launched my new business which has had it’s ups and downs. I’m learning allot and I get great feedback about the idea. Last week I signed a second major contract with a global organisation heeding your advice to get those types of things done before the end of October. The third required contract to complete my offer has been dragging along and I sense that may drag out some more and miss most of the important Christmas selling season unfortunately. The contract I have signed however could lead to expanding my business from Australia to the US and further abroad. If I can prove it’s worth here, we might even need to move to the US in the first half of the year to set it up and base ourselves there for a while which would be quite exciting. Our investments recently have deflated and in hindsight I could’ve sold earlier but things could still turn around and with a deflating housing market here in Sydney we still might be able to buy a house in our native suburb one day. I know I’ve rambled a bit but I would value any insight into my chart for the next year that you can glean. Thank you as always, you’re a legend.

    1. It’s good that you’ve tried to sign off on most things before Mercury Retroshadow begins on Monday. The international expansion is really a Sagittarian/Ninth House matter and you should stay positive about that. It may or may not be your US plan but it’s certainly going to involve travel, relocation or the bigger global picture, as Jupiter starts his trek in Sagittarius next month. Be aware that you have Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius to put up with, so this will be a period of justified high hope and some really good news – but nothing will really start moving forward until Mercury is behaving normally just after Christmas. Hang onto your hat after that as January 2019 could bring a truly fantastic deal or agreement. In fact, luck will be on your side all next year with the foreign side of your life.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve been in a bumpy relationship with someone that teeters between romantic interest and professional. What, if anything, can I do to further this or conclude it with Uranus hovering? It’s exhausting!
    Thank you!

    1. The short answer is that because this person will never marry you, you are free. You have to ask yourself why you are in love with someone who cannot put a ring on it. Perhaps you are experimenting, without being fully conscious of what you are doing – lusting after someone who is not proper partnership material actually gives you tons of space and freedom. I am sure it is tiring but you also need to own why you desire someone who offers zero security or commitment. On a different note you will absolutely love 2019 as one country/nationality in particular is a wonderful magnet and you will immerse yourself in all that is foreign, yet so tempting for you too.

  5. Dear Jessica

    I am quite trilled about your yearly and daily update. Actually my birthday is 30/09/72. Been having various challenges hoping for job change and relocations and hoping for a more prosperous life can this have issues to do with planetry movement.

    1. Thank you. Your best bet for 2019 is the internet, actually. You need to focus on a project or plan which is wholly on the worldwide web. You’ll see signs in November and from January the door opens.

  6. Hi, Jessica. I’ve been having a rough time for the past couple of years. I figured it was my Jupiter being in Scorpio, but I realize it has been at the same time as my Saturn Return. Plus, having Chiron go over my Mars didn’t help. I’m only continuing to live to pay off my massive student loan debt, that I may never even be able to pay off, and have given up my other dreams (owning a house, being a mom). Do you think it’s possible I could end up getting a job that utilizes my degrees/pays more to help pay off this debt?

    1. You have had your Saturn Return and are doing it tough as you have a ton of factors, going across your Capricorn factors. Well done for hanging in there and getting this far. You will save or make a lot of money within 12 months which will help your student debt. You’ll see why from 8th November and despite a shaky or slow start, from Christmas realise just how you can increase income or cut costs. There is more to come in January when you’ll make an agreement that helps you. Again at the end of 2019 there is a second agreement or a new twist to the old one. You will find that whatever you do for nothing in 2019 (donating time, energy, resources) comes back to you in a few years to your benefit. You will most certainly have your own home from Christmas 2020, beyond 2023. One child will be very special to you over the years ahead and he or she lets you see what it was like to be such a fan of books, television and films when you were also a child. Take a deep breath. You’ve just been ‘Capricorned’ but you’re slowly, slowly coming out of the other side.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    I’m a rabid follower of your posts, and so appreciate the uncanny predictions you offer. As one of your older readers, I’m facing challenges caring for parents in their 90s while trying to maintain and establish new sources of income for my own survival and independence. What can you tell me about 2019? Thanks for your insights!

    1. Thank you. There is karma at work here, which begins in November, and so you are ‘doing’ your past life agreements, debts and credits with your parents. You have been together before in other lifetimes in other roles. At a certain point you will feel that you have closure or passed some milestone, likely with your Dad. You do however have every right to get assistance and that is there for you – have a look again from January or make the request. You may have to be quite radical in your search for income from 2019, 2020 on and consider what you would not have done before. Be open to what comes your way as it is likely to be dramatically different from your old way of doing things, yet it will work for you.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    It seems much of that which is supposed to have occurred for me in the past 12 months in this apparently fantastic Jupiter cycle hasn’t so am now a bit skeptical about any of the apparent good things outlined above actually materialising. I haven’t been able to secure a job interview let alone a job for the past three years and it seems I will now have to sell my home or have it taken off me as I can no longer afford to keep it – thanks Jupiter in Scorpio and the hope of Uranus in Taurus for providing nothing. Its interesting that there is very little outlined for the rest of this year as it all seems to be late January 2019 when it all kicks off and November is looking like its crunch time for the house with no solutions evident. You may not even see this comment as I suspect it may be moderated out however if you have any insights then that’s great as I am not able to see any real changes for the better at present


    1. You have been experiencing both Uranus in Taurus in opposition to your Scorpio factors (finance, home) and Jupiter across Scorpio, which has helped you through three years of unemployment. I am sure you are completely fed up, Mark. You are allowed to be! You have the Sun at 1 Scorpio so Uranus has been opposing that from 1 Taurus. It is also right opposite your Proserpina at 0 Scorpio. What does this mean? Basically that you have to let go and move on, not hang on and hold on – with your values, your budget, your approach to who/what you consider to be priceless. Even selling out. Perhaps, especially, selling out. The only answer is to change – radically – and in fact call a revolution. Jupiter has in fact passed Proserpina at 0, your MC at 3, Fortuna at 8, Mercury at 18, Neptune at 19, Aesculapia at 20 and is now passing Diana at 28 Scorpio. All in the Eight House of money, property, charity, possessions and business. If you have been without work for three years you need to look at Capricorn and Virgo in your chart. Those are separate issues to the actual financial side of things. Use The Astrology Oracle and check in with the present. It should be accurate. Ask what, in the last 12 months, has prevented you getting work. Keep going with your questions. You are in fact, in the best place in years to learn or teach next year. It starts just after Christmas.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    Just a quick note to say thank you and thank you for responding so quickly as I suspect your schedule is jam packed.

  10. Hi Jessica, I am absolutely at the end of my wits trying to understand what’s going on. I am 30.10.80 cancer moon. I have been in love with a much older scorpio from more than three yeats now who seems to be so scared of a relationship. We stay in different cities and have met only by chance. I feel a very strange and strong connection with him. Three years ago he said he is not ready for anything new and i just said ok. But also i kept waiting for him to be ready. This year in feb I stopped all communication with him n kept doing my own stuff. But he reappeared in my psyche this month and won’t go. I have work, money, home and a friend who says he loves me. I love him so much that I cannot push him, hurt him nor i can live without connecting.

    1. Your older Scorpio is in the most changeable and unpredictable cycle for love, sex, marriage and relationships of his life. Be very careful. I am so sorry that you love him, and yet you have to understand he is on the freedom trail. If you were to end up together you would know after March 2019 and not before. You may also find that you have to go on a rollercoaster just to be with him. Do you really want that? Think really carefully.

  11. Hi Jessica, I am really struggling to understand my birth chart. I read all your horoscopes and have been trying to apply it to my birth chart. I applied for the job I am currently acting in but was unsuccessful. The last 8 years or so have felt like I am being shuffled from pillar to post. I am trying to be positive here but when will this temporary situation end for me. I would really appreciate some clarity and guidance. What are the next steps for me?

    1. Alice, I am sorry you have not landed that job you were acting in. How unbelievably disappointing. Please know it is not you, it is Jupiter in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career being crossed by Saturn (unavoidable realities) for the first time in 29 years. You are a born student actually and will have the chance to educate yourself, retrain or upskill in 2019. It will be hinted at in November, December and come together from January next year. This will add massive value to your life and also your bankable income. You’re strongly Gemini and can also connect and communicate so well, plugging people into situations the way an old switchboard operator used to do, in the Fifties. Use this online and in a global sense. You will have the chance to involve yourself with foreign people and places or distant regions very quickly, as Jupiter crosses your Neptune in Sagittarius. It later crosses your Moon. Look up the Ninth House when you finish reading this. There are two unbelievable opportunities or solutions linked to this zone of your chart in 2019. I should also say, it is the heavy Gemini person’s path to keep moving and stay mobile. Last comment, you need to keep a diary, if you don’t already. You will be amazed at how much better it makes you feel.

  12. Jessica,
    What does man born December 19, 1972 represents for me as he appeared from nowhere on internet page and started chatting with me via texts and e-mails

  13. Hi Jessica,
    As always, you provided great insight for the next year. I am gainfully employed in the last year. It’s not a great job but pays my bills. I have been thinking of making a move within the month or so. Is that a smart thing to do (or) Shall I wait till the new year. How does my prospectus in the job front look for the next year?
    Hope you will be able to respond to me.

    1. Thank you. If you can make big moves any time at all, wait until after Christmas Day and think about January. You will know more about reshuffles, hirings, firings and so on in your chosen field or two more preferred industries, by the time you get to early 2019. By that stage you will also be pleased to see amazing opportunities opening up within Europe, Asia, America, Australia and new rules – new open doors. People will be surging towards the new vision of travel and global networking, and everything will move forward very quickly so that will also help you.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    Your predictions always hit it on the mark!
    I have a Stellium in Scorpio, and need some input please on when things will begin to get better for me. I just got a job that I wanted only to discover it is nothing like promised. Again, I need to start looking for something else. I have had so much instability with my career over the last 10 years, I just want a good fit and reasonable money. I also feel My partner also stands in the way of me finding a good career for myself. I’m losing hope, I have such a bleak outlook on everything, and I know that I need to be positive, it’s quite uncharacteristic for me to be this down about life. Please tell me things will get better soon!!!!!
    Thank you for everything you do for all of us:)

    1. Thank you. I am sorry about your new job. You poor thing, feeling so down. Let me see what is happening in your chart. First up, keep a diary. Do you do that? You’ll feel a ton better. You need to write this stuff down. Even if you rip it up later, it will make you a great deal more content. You were born with Juno at 12 Virgo and the MC at 13 Virgo in your Sixth House of work. You now have Neptune (confusion) going right opposite across 12, 13 Pisces. It’s confused and confusing. It passes. You’ll be fine. Actually you’ll be better than fine. You were born to connect people, places and ideas. To communicate and be the message. You will find a role where you get to do this after a fantastic period of education, up-skilling, retraining and so on, in 2019. You either get this as part of a new job or you do it outside your current position. You will also find foreign people and places (foreign can sometimes mean across the country) come into your life. Nothing will happen in a straight line in November, December yet from Christmas into January you’ll know exactly what I am talking about and by Christmas 2019 be celebrating an incredible year when you learned so much and expanded your geographical horizons so much. This job is a blip. You are a natural student of life and need to learn, learn learn and reach out to other people from other nationalities in other countries. That’s a lifetime message too.

  15. Hi Jessica! I have a Scorpio daughter born 11/15/01 at 3:34pm Tupelo,MS. I am curious about this year for her. She is currently away at a prestigious residential high school about 3 hours away from me. She has been torn about being there at this school and missing home and family. I am hoping this gets a little easier for her as some days are quite rough for her. Any insights into her chart for the next year? Thank you.

    1. She is doing some tough karma with home and family but it ends – round about now. She has been so stuck with this, but it’s virtually finished. She is also realising that it’s all about the internet, as well as English/Speech and Drama/Languages and other communication-based subjects. I don’t know how much social media affects her life. She needs to know she is the boss of it. It is not the boss of her. She actually misses home and family for a reason – from Christmas 2020 she turns back there and gets really involved with you, but also with her home town/area. This emotional pull now is part of that story. She is also going through that classic identity/appearance thing we all go through as teenagers. This will be right off her radar after January when it’s no longer such a story. She’ll be able to relax.

  16. Hi Jessica, I haven’t felt able to sign up with you as I am not sure of my birth time. My Mum sometimes says around 1am and sometimes around 3am on 17/11/59. I have hesitated about posting as like Mark, I felt Jupiter had been a real let down this year. I had been trying to sell my home since Spring (still haven’t) and took a pay drop due to ill health. Then out of the blue, my daughter wants me to join her in buying a pub. I have no interest in it what so ever and yet I find myself being propelled along this path and we hope to take over the pub in January. I had to write this as I felt it might help those who feel Jupiter has not helped them this year. I feel maybe Jupiter is launching me onto a better financial path even though I am bricking it! Suddenly I am in a world of huge uncertainty (not comfortable with that) and a totally different way of doing things. I thought I would be wise to follow your advice and learn to go with the flow.

    1. It’s okay to feel ups and downs with Jupiter (opportunity, solutions) in Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, property, business and charity. I can’t see your chart but I strongly suspect you have Taurus factors in your chart like Mark, which would account for ‘win some, lose some.’ You want to buy a pub with your daughter in January? Tip. Think about foreign faces and places. Backpackers? Is there space upstairs for Air BnB? Jupiter goes into Sagittarius (travellers) and starts working properly just on Christmas Day with Mercury on side. Do a bit of research on that market. I am so sorry about your house sale and ill health but if your daughter has anything in Sagittarius in her chart, or you do, look really seriously at your pub. Try to get the launch date of the pub too and see if that has Sagittarius factors! Was it opened November/December?

  17. I have a large scorpio stellium in my fourth house. Can you tell me some major themes for 2019. Uranus is going into my 10th house I have been going through career changes. And jupiter is going in my 5th house. What does that mean in general? And anything to look out for?

    1. Uranus is not going into your Tenth House in the Natural House system, but the Second House. Your Scorpio stellium is in your Eighth House in this system, too, not your Fourth House. And Jupiter is not going into your Fifth, but your Ninth! I’ll have to spin your chart. You have a huge line-up in Sagittarius in the Ninth House and were born to travel, move or emigrate – not just once, but several times over your life. One of these crossroads, which you will love, appears shortly. Even if you are stuck or the plans change before Christmas, keep your vision of a special place to travel to, or move to, as it will be yours in 2019 or you may find the second alternative becomes the superior option. Don’t forget your toothbrush!

  18. Hi Jessica,
    I am at a complete loss at interpreting what you mean in you description of Neptune in my fifth house – I just can’t seem to place it with anything in my life, as you can see, I’m 35, my relationships hardly get off the ground before they spiral into cray cray territory and although marriage for me is finally legal in Australia, children have never really been a consideration.
    Other than being the eldest of 5, I have very little interactions with people much younger than myself.
    Everything else in your predictions strike and unnerving affinity with my life, so I’m just wondering if I’m missing an association or relevance that staring at me from the “open-your-eyes” section?
    Thank you so much!

    1. Transiting Neptune in your Fifth House is likely about the dates or lovers you mention, Mitch, as you are talking about Neptune when you say these relationships spiral and don’t get off the ground. Neptune rules ocean currents, you see. Do you always know the intentions, loyalties and feelings of your exes regarding adoption, say, or their nieces, nephews, godchildren? That may be one of the reasons things falter. It is sometimes the case that Neptune in the Fifth brings lovers who are old enough to be your children, of course! It’s unusual but I have seen it happen with fortysomething women who date twentysomething men and develop a parent-child dynamic. The Fifth House is about the next generation, not necessarily your own children!

  19. After over twenty years in the most exploitative, soul destroying and abusive relationship which has left me exhausted, my former partner died suddenly after a couple of years illness on the 8th November. I had become the carer/servant/whipping boy. I’m shaken, shocked and while I understand the “freedom from and freedom through” I am being given, I am fearful of what is next, especially about housing. This person ruined me financially and emotionally, I’m finding it hard to believe life can get better. Will I benefit from Jupiter in Sagittarius because I can’t honestly say I felt blessed with Jupiter in my own sign.

    1. I am sorry to hear that your former partner passed away so suddenly on 8th November. At the same time you feel very angry, which I completely understand. I also understand your concern about housing. Let’s have a look at what is going on. Yes, you have been liberated. For someone to die, is an extreme and unusual example of the cycle you are in, but sometimes it is the only way you can become genuinely free. I am sure you are also in shock. See if you can find alternative treatments for shock – particular kinds of meditation can help. You will sort out your home and domestic life in February 2019 and from Christmas 2020 will finally understand what it means to feel at home – and belong to a place to call your own. Your old relationship patterns will no longer apply. Be open to who and what comes your way – never say never to a different kind of partnership. It will come, when the time is right. Deep breath. I am being shown a sewing machine, which for me (as a medium) means your grandmother or great-grandmother is caring for you in spirit.

      1. Thank you for your extraordinary reply, Jessica, I’m deeply moved because my beloved Gran practically lived at her old black Singer sewing machine and sewed for a living. She represented the ideal peaceful home life for me growing up and your words have given me such comfort. Thank you for your kindness in replying to me.

        1. I’m thrilled that the Singer sewing machine made immediate sense to you. Your gran is with you. I can feel her. Light a candle some time and focus on her, in your mind, and you will connect.

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