Financial Highs and Lows and Your Scorpio Weather to January 2019

From October 2018 until January 2019, we have a passing parade of Scorpio factors, from Venus and Mercury Retrograde to Ceres. How does this affect your charity, business, house, company, apartment or bank? If you have Scorpio patterns in your on.

Between October 2018 and January 2019, we find the Sun, Mercury Retrograde, Venus Retrograde, Jupiter, the New Moon and Ceres in Scorpio, in the Eighth House of your personal birth chart. This house rules your charity commitment, your income, company, tax return, inheritance, business, debts, bank account, precious possessions and the rest. What’s ahead?

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102 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica – thanks for another fab article – love love love your website. I am currently buying an apartment and I’m trying to get everything signed before the 29th but it’s like walking through treacle. With my stellium in taurus (and with 3 factors in Scorpio) – Venus and mars at 00 taurus – with (some much dreamed of) change (fingers crossed!) on the horizon with my career – I’d be so very grateful for some advice. So much seems to be happening at the moment – and I’m not sure if I’m coming or going (… still trying to dance in the electrical storm… but some days it’s really hard!) x

    1. The treacle is Venus Retrograde in Scorpio. I’m sorry you are being given the runaround, as they say in Australia. You also have Venus conjunct Mars at 0 Taurus and for the first time in your life, Uranus is going over 0 Taurus. Do you have the best advice you can afford? Uranus is the planet of sudden events, changes and unforeseen u-turns. Have you accounted for every possibility here? Uranus goes back to 0 Taurus in March 2019. So you actually have two things going on here. One is the weird Scorpio weather in your Eighth House of joint finances, and the other is Uranus (the revolution, the radical change) going over your Taurus stuff in the Second House of money and property (yours). The universe may be protecting you here. Why are you being blocked? Maybe because you haven’t covered off every single issue. See if you can get second and third opinions here and do a bit more research/homework.

      1. Thanks so much for your response Jessica – I’ll do some more digging and research before agreeing to the exchange. Also hoping and praying this ‘weather’ won’t interfere with me getting this new job – I really want the role so badly!! Thanks again xxx

  2. hi jessica

    looks like an interesting few months ahead. i have scorpio factors & plans for a move abroad which also involves finances & partners. does anything stick out in my chart?

    1. If you’re doing all this with nothing signed or booked before 29th October then allow for delays or changes affecting the property move. Just make sure you have Plan B, C and D as not only is this common sense, you also need it for astrological reasons. Have options. Be super flexible.

  3. Hi Jessica, thank you again for your incredible insight. I have Venus 23, Neptune 15, Panacea 17 and Psyche 10 in Scorpio. I am looking for opportunities to consult beginning mid to late January 2019. If I don’t have any firm agreement before the 29th., how does my chart look for discussions and outreach for possible agreements in January 2019. Thanks in advance!

    1. Thank you. You can follow the trail that emerges now through January but just be aware of the fact that it will zig-zag. You may find technical issues, silly mistakes, the need to put ‘re’ in front of everything (reschedule, for a start) and all the usual stuff we can expect when Venus and Mercury spin their wheels. People may make promises and retract them, or you may find they say ‘No’ then change their mind to ‘Yes’! Do all you can before the 29th and get it in writing. Try to lock it in. Keep going from that point but just be aware of the need for super flexibility. January 2019 will bring massive reshuffles in your chosen work space or industry/profession with demotions, exits, promotions and power shifts. Find your chair in the game of musical chairs that month. You are strongly Capricorn/Virgo and we have intense Capricorn weather in January which will trigger your Tenth House of career and trine your Sixth House of workload.

      1. Thank you Jessica. This is very helpful. Looking at my chart prepared and published as a premier member, do I have Scorpio in the 4th house. I was watching the stock market on October 10th and was thinking how accurate you were. Looking at the Scorpio placements in my chart, between now and May 2019, is it advisable to take a more conservative approach to the investments in the 401K plan. We lost big in 2000 (which I hardly recovered) but survived the 2008 crash well with the comeback. Also, we bought property in December 2008/January 2009 which turned out well thus far. Your review and insight is appreciated.

  4. Hello Jessica – congratulations on the all the astrology predictions – it is terrific to read.

    The purpose of me contacting you again is – timing re launching my children’s project on the Internet (and being mindful of your various recent comments re the astrological weather). I would deduct – anytime from early January would be fertile ground?? Many thanks for your time, Elizabeth.

    PS. I have loaded the answer from you for my initial question proposed to you way back in May 2017.

    — May 2017
    I am not sure how much of a hurry you are in, but you may want to wait until Saturn (slow, stuck, serious situations) is out of Sagittarius, which rules publishing – and that happens at Christmas. We then have most of 2018 ahead of us, until Jupiter (growth, expansion, optimism) moves into Sagittarius, so from the end of 2018 through to late 2019 you have that on your side. You have a lot of Leo factors in your chart which, as you know, rules children (and in fact J.K. Rowling, Beatrix Potter and Enid Blyton are/were all Sun Leo authors). You might want to figure out the rather repetitive karma with that while the Node is in Leo, 2017 through 2018, then take your leap in 2019? That year Jupiter in Sagittarius will also trine your Leo stellium – lovely timing – but it’s up to you, of course.

    1. Thank you! You are right Elizabeth. Any time from January is fertile ground. You’ll notice fascinating new opportunities out there in the world of publishing, books, libraries and multimedia – also education – from November. It’s a big and welcome shift as Jupiter goes into Sagittarius and your Ninth House. We then hit Mercury Retrograde until we’re in the clear just after Christmas and from that point on you will see the open doors, find the keys and take the journeys that suit you best, in terms of entertaining and educating the young. Jupiter will trine every Leo pattern you have in your chart. Trines are easy flow – Jupiter is opportunity – and Leo of course is your role as Queen Elizabeth to a younger court.

  5. Hi Jessica
    I have a stellium in Scorpio can you see how this will affect my chart?
    Nikki xx

    1. Nikki, you have your Ceres Return at 6 Scorpio, which is a big deal. There will be an intense compromise, as yourself and he/she/they figure out who has control, how it is to be shared, and how to empower people or organisations, and also transfer power away from those who had too much of it. This takes place around November 26th, 27th and I also note you have Venus going backwards across 6 Scorpio, so she’s dancing around your Ceres too, with no final outcome until about December 13th. For a simple life try not to enter into any new arrangement (like moving with a lover or borrowing money from a family member) as you will have enough to cope with, just in terms of what is on paper in front of you, anyway. You’ll know exactly what the score is as November ends, but there may be a lot of spinning around until mid-December as what you or others might have assumed was in the bag months before, never truly was. Once you’ve created the new arrangement, just be aware that it has to be flexible enough to take changes, as Uranus moves to 6 Taurus and opposes your Ceres (she’s really big in your chart by 2019, look her up on Search) in July, August, September 2019 and April, May 2020. The final pass by Uranus at 6 Taurus is December 2020 through January, February 2021 so this is long term. Whatever you are agreeing to at the end of November has to be checked out by a financial advisor if possible and you need to get everything in writing and read the fine print. Why? The deal has to ‘take’ the revolution as in 2019, 2020, and early 2021 radical changes out there will have an impact on your arrangements with others. You need a ton of space and room to move around as Uranus opposing natal Ceres is all about the need to shift – and shift again. If you are curious have a look at Ceres and Uranus in your ebooks and elsewhere on this website.

  6. Hi Jessica
    Could you please look at my chart and advise of how this cycle could affect me?
    Currently trying to sort out what seems to be a never ending issue with both family property and issues at work.
    Thank you! Love your work.

    1. Thank you. You were born with Pluto (control) at 1 Scorpio in the Eighth House of family property, finance, marriage and money, legacies and the rest. For the first time in your life you are going through Uranus (radical change) right opposite at 1 Taurus. It started just after May 2018 and the cycle will come back in March, April 2019 and very close by as he hits 2 Taurus in December 2019. You have quite a large signature in Taurus and Scorpio in your chart, so you live through your Second House of values and valuables, and your Eighth House of ‘other people’s money and property.’ What 2019 is really all about, is changing your values. This means putting a different price on things that money cannot buy. Uranus in Taurus is a revolution passing through and it’s partly down to the wider global economy with Brexit and so on. It has a ripple effect next year that reaches you, and you will do best if you are flexible enough that you can adapt to changing circumstances and change with them. Uranus opposite natal Pluto is really a challenge to your need to control things. You may find that it is better to just zig-zag rather than dig in. The transit passes, as you can see, but even now in October 2018, you are going through it, as Uranus has been passing 1 Taurus in the first half of this month. You may want to look up both Pluto and Uranus on Search, and also Second House and Eighth House, to see what is going on – check your ebooks too.

  7. With four factors in Scorpio, I’m still not quite sure what it all means. The only situation I am in that seems about compromise is a long distance relationship. We are able to meet each other for 5 days starting from November 11th! I’m sure the “complication” factor comes in at some point. However, we both feel good about what is happening. Only thing, is that there is a possibility we might not see each other again until after Summer of 2019! It may not necessarily be a financial situation, but depending on where we end up next year, of course it can imply joint resources… that kind of thing. It’s definitely possible! Does my chart indicate this kind of thing, complicated long distance relationships? Funny thing is that we both value our freedom (I have Diana in Libra)… so it’s not necessarily a bad thing, as we are both quite busy individually.

    1. Ceres has not entered Scorpio and your Eighth House yet so you’re a little early. You won’t know what the financial, property, charity or business story is until after 12th November. The long-distance relationship would only qualify if, in the second half of November, you start to talk about a house, apartment or sum of money. Far more important is the fact that this is an outstanding period for travel. In fact, 2019 is unforgettable. Without knowing the other person’s chart, it’s hard to say, but a logical outcome would be you moving over there, or your partner moving to you. Jupiter is on the way into your life with all his famous opportunities and big solutions and he’s in Sagittarius – foreign places and people – but also regional differences. You’ll love next year.

      1. Wow, you are so spot on! And yes, that is the plan that I move to where she is… and we may even move together somewhere else. And travel is a HUGE plan for 2019. Is it valid to mention, I asked the Oracle about this particular situation (not a yes or no question), and it revealed Ops and 9th house. Couldn’t be planned out better. Thank you Jessica!

  8. Hi Jessica I love this website too it’s brilliant for both learning and accuracy!! I have Cupido, Neptune & Ceres in my 8th house in Scorpio so Ceres is going to conjunct all of them at some point during this time frame. I’d love to know your opinion of that weather for me and when you say it’ll be ‘ the kind which is unforgettable’ not sure whether that sounds scary or exciting! My joint finances are potentially in an interesting place as my husband has launched a new business and our developer where our property is has just lost an ongoing dispute with our local council re planning permission to complete the small development we live in so loads happening re my 8th house.

    1. Thank you very much. This all sounds very Eighth House – your husband’s new business, and the local property developer as well. You will have your Ceres Return in Scorpio when she passes 24 degrees of that sign, around January 9th, 10th, 11th 2019. That is a big deal and you will need to reach a compromise, likely with your husband, possibly with another person, about the best way to divide up the control with what you earn, own or owe. You have Neptune at 6 Scorpio and we obviously have Venus going backwards and forwards over that – she did it in September, does it again at the end of this month and once more around December 12th, 13th. Again, this sounds like your husband as Venus is the planet of sexual relationships. This is going to be a back-and-forth situation that won’t really resolve until just before Christmas and it may change shape along the way. Further ahead in time get the best financial advice you can afford about keeping it real. Why? Neptune is a symbol of a holiday from reality and in your Eighth House it is about finance, the house, business, apartment, possessions and so on. A classic example is credit card use. Another is a loan. A third is a property bubble. I can see Uranus reaching 6 Taurus in July, August, September 2019 and April, May 2020, then December 2020, January and February 2021. That is you being reached by the ripple effect of a radical new wave of change out there in the world economy. When that happens, you really don’t want your entire lifestyle and security to be based on a big bubble of illusion, so right now – with useful trends around you thanks to Jupiter – get the best advice you can afford. It may help to look up Neptune to see what he represents in astrology. Property bubbles in particular are something to be aware of. In general it’s not a bad idea to go over the paperwork with a magnifying glass and get a second opinion. Have a look at that property developer, please. Think as far ahead as 2021. This is a really useful time to sort this out!

  9. Hi Jessica
    I am taking this to heart and have just altered my travel arrangements to get back to the UK and push to have my house sale signed – exchanged before the 29th October ( unfortunately not completed until 26th Nov – I won’t be surprised if it drags on)
    BUT more importantly to find a place to rent and sign the lease before the 29th ( I’m optimistic and aiming for this time next week – the 26th)
    Feel it might also be affecting my biz launch, plus inheritance and separation/ relationship issues… phew!!
    Any insight for this newbie will be gratefully received.

    1. I’m sure you know the UK is wobbling in the Brexit uncertainty so even without astrology, sooner rather than later is a good idea with property and finance! The Scorpio weather will take you to January with ‘changes on the changes’ so just be aware of that with your house sale, new rental, business launch, inheritance and any issues with your ex, regarding the possessions, bills and so on. You may have to just be philosophical about an incomplete result, or something which is reshaped enormously later on. Get everything in writing and read it very carefully to see how much room you have to move on particular issues. What are you getting into? I’m really talking about your Juno at 4 Scorpio here. Juno is a symbol of commitment, and in Scorpio and the Eighth House this is a business, financial or property ‘marriage’ where you ‘wed yourself’ to something or someone. What I am looking at here is Uranus (unstable, unpredictable conditions) moving to 4 Taurus in 2019, right opposite your Juno. Thus, whatever you are pledging, or accepting as a pledge from others, must be flexible enough so that you can make changes if you wish to, and move around a bit – get yourself some space. Uranus will oppose your Juno in May 2019, June, October, November and then in 2020 in March. This is really a huge wave of change right around the world, so it’s not just you! Think of it as Brexit ripples or further afield, a global revolution in banking. From your own point of view, though, you need to ensure that whatever you lock yourself into has a key to unlock. You were born with Juno in Scorpio in the Eighth House and as she is Jupiter’s wife and a symbol of union, I do wonder if this entire situation is not just about your separation, or even a new property or financial arrangement you go into as the result of a relationship. In any case, have key after key.

  10. Hi Jessica. Thanks for this article, although it has sent shivers of caution up my spine! I am awaiting money from an inheritance (cheque is in the mail so to speak) and I am hoping to put it away for 3 months on high interest, by the 29th October. After that I’m really not sure. Would this be a wise choice considering the Scorpio weather? I have Neptune and North Node within these degrees. I would hate to make the wrong decision as it has to see me through. Hoping you can advise me. Thankyou.

    1. Your inheritance (cheque in the mail) is your Scorpio stellium – unusually high count of factors – in your Eighth House of legacies. You need the best financial advice you can afford when it arrives. Why? Because you were born with Neptune at 4 Scorpio and Uranus will slowly oppose Neptune at 4 Taurus in 2019. Uranus is the revolution. No need to have shivers of caution, but just be savvy. If you realise that Neptune is about what is not real – what is a bubble – what is an illusion – then you can steer yourself away from that kind of investment or arrangement. A credit card is a classic example. You think it’s your money and it’s not. Property is another good example – look what happened in Ireland! Astrology is just about awareness and navigation and once you get what Neptune in your Eighth House is about, you can be really proactive about avoiding burst bubbles when Uranus comes along at 4 Taurus at the end of May 2019, across June 2019, end of October 2019, and March 2020. Keep it real. So what you’re really dealing with here is much more than just the Scorpio weather, backwards and forwards until January. It’s the radical changes which Uranus in Taurus is bringing in. Read up on Neptune on this website and in your ebooks if you like, to get a feel for this planet and what is symbolises in astrology. It’s the holiday from reality we all long for, but when it’s opposed by Uranus, you have to have an anchor, light house and flag.

  11. Hello Jessica,

    You can se in my chart I have a Scorpio Stellium and I am wanting to make a move to another country which involves a man, money and finding work.

    I also have a Sag stellium and you have offered me the advice before that next year will bring a lot of travel etc.

    Is now a good time to be “Planting acorns” as you say, In regards to finding employment to have enough money to move?

    Or should I wait until the new year when all this retrograde weather clears?

    Thanks in Advance


    1. Start now – Mercury is not yet retroshadow – and just bear in mind that the financial, property or business side of your life will be one version after another! You may find the actual game plan is just like a real board game, in that it’s a little random. Monopoly sends us back and forth. So will these retrogrades. The Sagittarius side of things is quite different. This hasn’t even started yet! You’ll feel the climate change next month (like sunshine) with all kinds of options opening up like sunflowers. Once again, make your move, but be aware that it will go back and forth along with Mercury in Sagittarius until we get to January. From January everything moves as it should. It grows straight and true after a bendy beginning.

  12. Hi Jessica, I always look forward to your blog posts, they never disappoint. I have 3 factors in Scorpio; Bacchus, Pluto and Saturn, Right now there is complete indecision about what to do with our home and business, do we (husband & children) move/stay/change/quit/restructure… Increasingly I am reading on the website that I need to make a decision by the end of the month, yet no inspiration is coming. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that our lease expires in January, so I am feeing the pressure to make something happen fast. Do I just keep at it, any advice is most welcome. Is all this indecision the scorpio happenings, or the retrograde happenings? Sorry for the stupid newbie question, even though I do not have all the planets you listed in my natal 8th house, I am still affected by it? Thank you x

    1. Thank you very much. Okay, so do you take your family somewhere new, or just reshape what you have? Family is ruled by Cancer and the Fourth House in astrology, along with property/moving. The business side of things (the money and work) is really a Scorpio and Eighth House matter. There is also another aspect of moving – almost emigrating, actually. Going to a foreign country or just a region of your own country which feels totally foreign to you. This is the Sagittarius side of things. Looking at your chart there a couple of things going on at the moment and I’m not surprised you are finding it difficult to decide what to do, even though you must be out in January. You have Pluto at 0 Scorpio in the Eighth House of marriage and money, but also Saturn at 10 Scorpio. Pluto is a symbol of control. Needing to run everything/be the boss is part of who you are. When it comes to the house, the business, the apartment and so on, you need to take over partly because you are so passionate (to the point of obsession). However…you also have Saturn there which is a symbol of tremendous caution, a bit of fear, some based on very good prior experience – you would have had your Saturn Return as you approached 30 and no doubt had to deal with very difficult and slow-moving situations affecting your security, lifestyle and finances. You have Bacchus at 5 Scorpio so it’s not always so intense – the marriage/money side of things can be deeply pleasurable – like investing in fine wine as a couple or mixing your lust for life with the business. Overwhelmingly, though, my eyes are on Uranus (the revolution) going to 0 Taurus, right opposite your Pluto. This has been happening on and off since May 2018. He goes back there in March 2019 and this is really a command to change. In every way. Outside factors will tell you that the old approach of trying to control everything, trying to run everything, needs to alter. This is a really good period in your life, just after March 2019, to be super flexible and very adaptable. My hunch is you will consider travelling extensively or going to a ‘foreign’ country or region. Why? You have a ton of Sagittarius factors in your Ninth House and Jupiter, which is the planet of opportunity and lucky breaks, is about to into Sagittarius next month. You will in fact have your Jupiter Return in the Ninth house, which is a big deal in astrology. Be aware of the ups and downs ahead with the financial, property or business side of things as Uranus opposes your Pluto – but (and this is a big but) do read up on the Ninth House on Search, and also on Jupiter, because you were born to explore and you are about to be given a fantastic chance to do just that in 2019. There will be delays and changes in November, December, but just after Christmas you are on your way. Deal with the March bump ahead of time by trying not to lock yourselves down too tightly or rigidly then so you can dance around when you have to and switch direction. Yet I do think 2019 is your year to get the map out – and a compass!

      1. Wow thank you so much Jessica, the relief was so strong that travelling is ahead I almost cried after reading your answer. I am longing for freedom, I can’t describe it. The last 5 or so years since my Saturn return have been INTENSE to say the least, yet I really see how Bacchus has lightened it at times, thank you for that – I had not understood before how Bacchus was working for me. Long way till I’m out of the woods but good to know that next year is brighter.

  13. Timely article. My finances have been hit hard just in the last few weeks. Question is to cut and run or hold on to investments for the next few months? Also, my wife’s been laid off (she’s a Taurus) so things are “thin” already ! Any feedback you have is really appreciated !

    1. I am sorry your wife has been laid off. You have Juno at 0 Scorpio. Uranus is at 0 Taurus again from March 2019 but the year does slowly get better. In the meantime keep things super flexible, very adaptable, and be ready to make changes. Don’t hang on and hold on when Uranus (the revolution) is opposite Juno (the commitment).

  14. Hi Jessica, I have Moon 11degrees in Scorpio and Asc 12 degrees in Scorpio. I’m usually very sensitive to Scorpio weather because both Moon and Ascendant are in it. How is that going to affect me? Thank you! 🙂

    1. Ceres will cross your Moon and Venus Retrograde has been very close. You need to be needed – via money, possessions, a house, charity or apartment. This is how you feed others. Be aware a new deal will be necessary as Ceres crosses your Moon. Different set-up, different sets of controls. Don’t worry so much about your Ascendant.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Could you please look at my chart and advise of how this cycle could affect me?

    Thank you! Love your work.


    1. You have Neptune at 13 Scorpio and Ceres will cross there – but you and everyone else born that year! So I would expect you to be personally affected by a national or global situation, no doubt. Keep the bubble small. It may be a bubble of credit, a property bubble and so on. The smaller the illusion, the tinier the work.

  16. Dear Jessica.
    I was just wanting to send you a message in regards to my chart. I seem believe to recognise several long term aspects which I have been under the influence of yet feeling worried. I have not seemed to have taken appropriate action when presented with the oppourtunies offered whilst conscious of there presence due to fear they may have been too good to be true.
    These are some of the Long-term transits I have noticed recently active yet all seem to have pass and since passing has left me feeling depleted in energy.
    * Tr. Pluto conjunction Neptune, on 6 June (1 Feb. 2018 – 14 Dec. 2019)
    Tr. Uranus sextile Ascendant, on 21 July (15 June 2018 – 23 Feb. 2020)
    Tr. Saturn square Jupiter, on 12 July (22 Jan. – 10 Nov.)
    * Tr. Saturn sextile Ascendant, on 10 January (1 Jan. – 9 Oct.)
    * Tr. Mars trine Sun, on 2 October (2 June – 5 Oct.)
    * Tr. Jupiter sextile Uranus, on 29 September (27 Jan. – 4 Oct.)
    * Tr. Jupiter conjunction Pluto, on 9 October (20 Feb. – 14 Oct.)
    I was just wondering, does anything show in my chart concerning job/home/work/career/travel/family at all? I work in retail yet understand that this may not be my true calling yet unknowing what/when/how to follow another path. I’m feeling low that I wasn’t brave to return to higher education this year and feel my chart is off track. Can anything positive be seen at all? So sorry for all of these questions but I felt I was in tune with the energy before and something has felt different. I was also curious to question, may there be anything in the chart to suggest I may have some possible psychic/heightened concious qualities at all too?
    Thank you for your consideration of this message, it is much appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you with any information of support or guidance.
    Take care,
    Kindest regards,

    1. Bea you were born for education or academia and will be thrilled to see how easy things become from November (next month) with more obvious offers and opportunities in 2019. Jupiter is crossing your Sagittarius and Ninth House factors for the first time in 12 years and you must use it or lose it. You were born to process knowledge – taking it in and also passing it on – and are a natural student and teacher of life. In 2019 one of the faces involved will be foreign and you will gain so much.

  17. Hi Jessica, I have a Scorpio stellium with Juno, Ops, Psyche and Neptune at various degrees in Scorpio. A week ago, I received a text from a neighbour out of the blue wanting to buy my property. I bought this house for investment in 2011 and have never lived there. I bought it for $763,000. She is offering $920,000. Not a great return after 7 years. I am torn between waiting for a higher price in future and being afraid of how long I need to wait. If I sell to her, I could reinvest the cash. I also feel somewhat reluctant to sell because the house is big, beautiful and a limited edition design. What would your advice be? Many thanks, Jillian

    1. Classic Scorpio weather. This is not a great return after 7 years, Jillian, and you obviously love this place. Why did the offer come now? Basically Jupiter (opportunity) crossed your Neptune at 25 Scorpio in your Eighth House of property and finance. He is now slowly moving from 26 Scorpio forwards so opposing your Mercury at 27 Taurus and Mars at 28 Taurus in your Second House of money and values. What you will and will not sell your soul for. Who or what you consider to be priceless. I need to tell you that if you let this go on after 29th October, Mercury himself (travelling) will start Retroshadow which means the planet of paperwork and negotiation begins to move forwards, only to move backwards with the final outcome not known until December, by which stage the details may change. Here is some other information which may be useful. Jupiter (opportunity, growth) does in fact come all the way back to Scorpio again in 12 years’ time. And even sooner, in 6 years time, he is in Taurus, in your Second House. In terms of your horoscope, would sitting on a property you love be profitable eventually? Yes. In about six years, when Jupiter goes through your Second House, or if you want to wait, a further six years, when he goes through your Eighth House. Look up both these houses on Search when you have finished reading this to see where this planet will travel, in future. He does in fact go around like this regularly so even if you were to leave it much later in life, you would still find the opportunity!

  18. Hi Jessica,
    I’m currently writing my will and legacy along with my partner. I have a huge line up in Scorpio but also Taurus too. Is there anything I should be aware of or look out for.

    1. A lot of us are writing our legacies at the moment, thanks to this Scorpio weather. Sign off by 29th October if you can, otherwise there will likely be changes. If you are like me and have a handy kit from the newsagent, this is not really a big deal, but if you are involving lawyers, you may want to check that amendments month or years later are not going to cost. If it does stretch beyond 29th October Mercury Retroshadow along with Venus Retrograde pretty much guarantees a ‘re’ experience so you may be rewriting details or rethinking some of the arrangements.

  19. Hi Jessica. Does Scorpio weather favour break ups? 25.06.83 person is in a huge dilemma. My Psyche (literally even) is in Scorpio. And so is Saturn. Im concerned I will be out of a desired equation soon. Thanks!

    1. You seem likely to break up by January if that is your preference, but for a simple life you may want to finalise all the paperwork in particular before 29th October when Mercury Retroshadow begins. If that is impossible, just bear in mind that this may be a process not a destination for some time. In fact, the story may alter or be replaced. For that reason you do need the best financial advice you can afford. Get it in writing and read the fine print. Make sure you are in a position to change, if you need to change.

    2. Thank you Jessica. Broke up with person born 25.06.83 (Cancer Sun at 3 degrees) today. No financials or anything like that involved. Couldnt tolerate being on the side. Heartbreaking. Hoping for the impossible. 🙂

      1. A break-up is often a wrench on the heart chakra, because cords to the other person are all there – so the heart area can actually feel heavy or hurt. It’s not a myth. You may benefit from doing a little energy or chakra work. YouTube has some excellent free clips for that, donated by good people. The Cancer Sun person has a ton of decisions to make about love past, and love future, and these will begin to unfold in December, with the major choice for 2019 in January. You can’t wait around for that, you have to focus on your own healing and these things take time. Along the way you will discover that Jupiter in Sagittarius for the first time in 12 years has a great deal of joy for you. Publishing in particular in 2019 will open up like a flower for you with great early signs in the second half of November.

  20. Hi Jessica,

    Hope all is well. The timing of this Scorpio weather is interesting – you may remember that my lover went back to his wife (turns out, they are NOT back together, but discussing it, so he decided to break things off with me), and the same day I received that news, I got headhunted for a possible position. If you have time, could you please look at my chart to see how I may be affected career, financially and romantically? I have the following Scorpio factors in my chart.

    Thank you for all you do, and have a great week.

    20° Moon Scorpio 50′ 06″
    06° Uranus Scorpio 31′ 28″ R
    13° North Node Scorpio 19′ 43″

    1. Sometimes the universe gives you a big nudge, doesn’t it! This position, or another, will become real from next month and although there may be delays or changes with the negotiations or discussions, by 2019 you are on your way. Next year you will be stunned at your success, as one opportunity after another comes your way. The issue with your lover, and any other man actually, is children. The children he has from another marriage or relationship and your own feelings about parenthood, or substitute parenthood. This will be obvious to you from next month and it will continue to be the big question in 2019 as well. There is karma here. You are owed, spiritually, or you owe others. This karma will begin working its way out next month and it will dominate next year, as either in his life, or yours, there are issues going back 19 years to balance out, regarding pregnancies which did/did not come to pass around that time or decisions about particular lovers ( who may have brought children with them) which were in the mix around the year 2000.

      1. And there is more! (sorry for the multiple comments).

        1. I was thinking back to 19 years ago on my side – I pressured my then boyfriend (who is now an ex-domestic partner, we split in 2016) to move back from the college town he was in to our home city. I had no idea he had been offered a good job in the college town, which he did not tell me about. He went through years of unemployment after moving back and to this day will bring up that job offer when we have conflict, saying I didn’t let him tell me (he never mentioned anything!). I assumed he did not want to move back because he was uninterested in continuing the relationship/cheating on me. Just like I cut my lover off and assumed he had actually gotten back together with his wife instead of listening him out and finding out they are discussing possibly getting back together although he refuses to live in the same house as her (which I found out when I called him back). I’m thinking my karma here isn’t the kids I didn’t have with my ex-partner, but forcing a relationship on someone, when I should be giving them space. Thoughts? Note, I didn’t have kids with my ex-partner (the timing was always off and the marriage was brutal towards the end so I wasn’t interested). Given my age and the difficulties in having children, I wouldn’t have kids of my own but would be willing to be a step-parent, assuming the guy had a child-rearing style similar to mine (which is actually pretty strict in some aspects).

        2. I’m embroiled in a bitter and stupid lawsuit with my ex-business partner over money I don’t owe (we split officially in September 2016, although the split was initiated in April 2016, just around the time the first time with my ex-lover went south) and was wondering how the Scorpio weather would affect it. We may have a mandatory settlement meeting late November/December, then trial in February – April depending on how things go.

        Thank you for your insights!

        1. There is a lot going on here. You have pinpointed your Node cycle and I am sure you always felt there was more to the situation with your former boyfriend than just the story in front of you. It probably goes back over more than one lifetime and the roles and script would have been different but the issues would have been the same and that’s why it still packs a massive emotional punch. Children or pregnancy, at least, was very likely part of the past life story. Do you know the work of Caroline Myss? She is an expert on this. Do find her books in your local library. The financial situation with your former business partner is also karmic in nature so you are doing a ton of processing! Do all you can to close this in January. It may close then anyway. Ceres in Scorpio (the compromise, the bargain, the deal) passes your North Node as you go into early 2019 and once we are into the second half of December a lot of the backwards traction will stop as Mercury and Venus are no longer retroshadowing in this sign. I am sure you know this is all Eighth House stuff – the money. Ceres then takes over and January is the time. Try not to let it drag on to April but I actually don’t think it will!

  21. It’s my birthday today, but so much is going wrong that it feels like a cosmic joke. My car’s air conditioning has broken (I live in the Mojave desert), and the radiator fluid is flowing all over the ground. My freezer broke, but my refrigerator seems to be working fine. The apple I had for breakfast has left a terrible, lingering bitterness in my mouth. If you could, would you please provide me with a little insight regarding this seemingly bad luck I am having? It seems particularly strange since Jupiter conjuncts my Fortuna today. Instead of my anticipated happy birthday, I feel like a sad, cautionary, middle-age tale. Thanks for your help.

    1. Happy Birthday, despite your rotten day. I am so sorry you had to put up with all that! It is not unusual to find people having bad birthdays, actually, because sometimes the Sun in the chart is making tricky patterns and as the birthday is literally the Solar Return (the Sun returning to its own position) it can sometimes be less than fabulous. On the plus side it will feel like a really great birthday all year in 2019, as Jupiter is going through Sagittarius and will conjunct your Venus at 13, Neptune at 5, Juno at 20, Ceres at 22 and Psyche at 3 degrees of the sign. Look up the Ninth House on Search when you finish reading this, as it is this area of your life which will benefit from the fantastic solutions and breakthroughs which Jupiter always brings. I believe you will see the change as early as December 2018 and next year you will be taking the trip of a lifetime, or moving to a place which feels like a permanent holiday. A destination on the map you never thought possible will be within reach as the luckiest circumstances conspire to make it close enough to touch. Pack your bag or boxes.

  22. Jessica, would you be so kind as to look at my chart and tell me what you see? As I have a 0 degree Scorpio moon …any information would be appreciated.
    Thank you ever so much! <3

    1. The Moon at 0 Scorpio in your Eighth House is really about how you take care of people – how you look after them, protect them and make them feel secure. You do this through finances, through charity, business, property or possessions. We sometimes see this in the charts of people who work in banks; accountants; philanthropists. It is also common in the horoscopes of people who help out the family, or partners, with loans or cash-in-kind support. Your will is a deeply emotional matter for you. We associate the Eighth House with the really big aspects of your lifestyle and security, so it is about investments, superannuation or pension, life insurance, the value of precious possessions or property. What you are experiencing, on and off at the moment, has already confronted you once, with the need for great changes to be made in your world. That was the first ‘bump’ of Uranus at 0 Taurus, opposite your Moon. There is a second bump in March 2019 and you need to make sure that your arrangements are flexible enough so that you can adjust and adapt as you have to.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve got a lot of Scorpio in my chart and a birthday in early November, so I feel like there might be a lot going on. Will you please give me insight as to how this Scorpio weather will affect me? Thanks in advance and thanks for all that you do!

    1. You were born with Ceres at 1 Scorpio in your Eighth House. Ceres is a symbol of forced compromise in the horoscope, so there will be a new deal on the table from March 2019, when Uranus starts moving towards 1 Taurus, the opposite sign. The question is really about the amount of power and control which can be shared by yourself and others, regarding the money, charity, house, business or apartment. Try to keep things really flexible in your finances so that you can change when you have to. Uranus passing through your chart reveals radical changes happening all around you, so although you will have your Ceres Return around Thursday 15th November and a brand new agreement must come to pass – you need to make sure it can ‘take’ the usual unpredictable Uranus weather, from March next year.

  24. Bonjour Jessica,
    Thanks for this article about Scorpio. I have an awful lot of Scorpios in my chart, would you know how this will affect me ?
    Take care.

    1. Uranus at 5 Scorpio will be opposed by Uranus at 5 Taurus and you have never been through anything like this in your life, in terms of your finances, property, business, charity or possessions. From March 2019 onwards you will need to keep things as flexible and open as you can, rather than trying to nail everything down to a 2018 or 2017 formula. This will actually involve a ripple effect from bigger waves being made on Wall Street, the Asian share markets, Brexit and so on. This is too early to call yet, but as next year unfolds and 2020 comes closer, you will need to be very open to who and what comes – ready to change – and quite prepared to shift your arrangements and agreements with others. Try to let go and keep moving.

  25. Hi jessica I would appreciate some insight or clue about property and finances with the little Scorpio influence I have. Thank you

    1. You have Fortuna in Scorpio so actually, The Wheel of Fortune does spin around for you, bringing highs and lows to others, funnily enough – Scorpio rules the big stuff in your will or legacy – the money, the jewellery, the house, the apartment and so on. I think there will come a moment in 2019 or 2020 when you want to look twice at what you are leaving to others and what it means – and how it is listed. It’s probably long overdue, even if you live to be 123 years old!

  26. Hi Jessica,
    I am writing with a very heavy heart. I am hoping so much that you will be able to look at my chart.
    I fear my marriage is over. My husband and I have all but parted. This has come as quick a skock and my heart is broken.
    He has a scorpio moon and uranus at 4 degrees. Is there anything in my chart that points to all this?
    What should I look out for in the scorpio weather.
    Love XX

    1. I am so sorry about your broken heart and the shock you are feeling. We associate sudden and unexpected lightning bolts with Uranus and he is hovering across 0, 1 degrees of Taurus. You have Chiron at 1 Taurus, your MC at 1 Aquarius and IC at 1 Leo. That is what they call a T-Square in astrology and it can feel very tense. This planet has just sat on the T Square for the first time in your life. You also have Apollo at 1 Virgo so this is about your lifestyle as well. You don’t mention any children but I would expect parenthood to be the issue, as your IC describes your family and home, and Leo is always about the sons and daughters who do/do not appear. You need to ground yourself. Walk and feel the earth beneath your feet. Try to do earthy things like making soup (and drinking it). Uranus really can feel as if you have been hit by lightning and I recommend you also do some yoga/meditation and really feel your core connect to Mother Earth. This may take a little time, okay? It may take you well into Spring 2019 in the Northern Hemisphere. I also strongly recommend you add friends or family you trust to your situation. That will help break up the energy. When enough time has passed, and it will, you will realise that you were being liberated. It might not feel like it now, but eventually you will come to appreciate that, had you stayed with him for many years, on the same basis, he would have kept you in a situation that confined you. For the moment, though, do anything that grounds you and secures you. Try to keep any more changes to a minimum. There will be time enough to figure out the rest next Spring.

  27. ELIZABETH again, Jessica – hopefully this is not repeating a question elsewhere but may I dare ask – if you have notable stellium in your personal chart – does the birthday year forecast of that stellium sign have any bearing on your own forecast? KR, Elizabeth

    1. The Scorpio weather we are having will absolutely pick you up and take you on a ride into January 2019. There will be a major compromise over a business matter, house, apartment, charity or sum of money. In fact you could say this entire period, October-January is about accepting the challenge of altering your plans to meet your own value system. Only you know what you will or will not sell your soul for. Only you now who or what is precious to the point of being priceless. You are going to both earn and save, but also pay out, on that basis. This is really like a soundtrack that goes through October, November, December, January and each song you hear is part of the same overall theme. It is ‘Know thyself’ in relation to your values and it’s intensely personal. You’ll pull it off. Deep breath!

  28. Hi Jessica,
    If you have some time to please could you please look at my chart and let me know how this cycle could affect me? Thank you so much.

    1. Cupido at 0 Taurus is already being transited by Uranus at 0 Taurus and in fact it began in May. Taurus rules your Second House of money, possessions, business, charity and property. Cupido is about what/whom you are passionate about. So, given that there is quite a lot of desire attached to all that you earn, own or owe (sometimes it is channelled through a lover, actually) – you have already been bumped by fate. The bump was felt in May, June and you realised you had to do things very, very differently. In fact, you may not even have totally adjusted to how radically you need to alter course. That’s understandable as this transit has not really kicked in fully yet, but it certainly will in March. It’s revolutionary in nature, will give you tons of new and exciting freedom, but will also surprise you. In short, keep your financial, property, charity or business life as flexible as you can, because Uranus is not about certainty or the predictable. Not at all. Move when it moves you. On another note you have Uranus at 0 Sagittarius and Jupiter crosses that in mid November when the most fantastic opportunity or solution will challenge you to take full advantage of the world of travel, education, academia, publishing or foreign people and places. Maybe a combination of that. It may take a while to sort itself out, but it’s great news and madly exciting.

  29. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks again for a great article. With Saturn 12 Scorpio, Pluto 0 Scorpio and South node 29 Scorpio, ask me how excited I am about this Scorpio weather in January. The current financial arrangements are just about working anyway – with periods of ‘not working at all’ … so frankly, I welcome this upheaval. Even a stubborn Virgo has to admit that I need help taking the finances to the next level. Any specific insight you can help me with? Warm regards from New York!

    1. Waving to New York from Hobart, Tasmania. Thank you for the praise. Pluto at 0 Scorpio in your Eighth House of money, business, property and charity may already have received the blast of Uranus at 0 Taurus right opposite, just this week. We just saw Wall Street shake from side to side. Uranus will move backwards shortly but return to 0 Taurus to oppose your Pluto at 0 Scorpio in March 2019, so you need to make sure your arrangements are as flexible as possible. You need control with that Pluto but Uranus opposite will challenge you on that! Try to see this as wild surf and plan the journey accordingly. Try to be right across what is going on out there economically and in business, and also with government decisions that directly affect your life (through taxation for example) as you have the kind of chart which means the national or global will affect you personally. Be sharply aware of the next few days in particular through Halloween as your Nodes at 29 Taurus and Scorpio, the money and investment signs, are being crossed by Mercury Retroshadow, which is very tricky. He vanishes soon afterwards, then pops up again in December, when whatever was under discussion or on paper will very likely change quite dramatically. That’s the astrology I’m seeing. I hope it’s useful. Surf this. See the wave, judge it and try to go with it and work with it. Don’t hang on or hold on to what was, because that’s disappearing fast on this Uranus transit.

  30. Dear Jessica,

    I have the following Scorpio and Taurus placement’s, will I benefit from this period? How will my life be effected by these transits?

    DESC 00° Scorpio 19′ 44″
    Uranus 02° Scorpio 06′ 48″
    NorthNode 22° Scorpio 12′ 35″ R
    ASC 00° Taurus 19′ 44″
    SouthNode 22° Taurus 12′ 35″ R

    Many Thanks! NP

    1. Your Descendant and Ascendant depend on a strictly accurate birth time. If that is the case you would already have felt the impact of Uranus in Taurus in May 2018 when you took quite a radical step. If you didn’t, then your birth time is out, and you can ignore the DESC and ASC. However, you will be experiencing Uranus opposite Uranus as you go further into 2019 and that means you need to be flexible, NP and ready to change, when the world changes around you. Your money, house, business, possessions or apartment will be at the heart of this new wave of change and you need to get on it and surf. Uranus is the planet we associate with the U words – unique, unusual, unexpected, unprecedented. Take a deep breath and try to see that you can’t really go back to the past from 2019 onwards. You have to accept the future just landed. Later on, when Uranus goes to your South Node at 22 Taurus, there will be a major karmic shift with your values, as you have had lifetimes of trying being both rich and poor and as a result your values are quite pronounced. That will be a great source of ‘new, different, new, different’ in a few years’ time. As Uranus is about all that is unexpected and unprecedented, you would be wise to have arrangements in place that are flexible.

  31. Dear Jessica.
    I feel as though I’m in dire straights and 2018 has devastated me.
    I separated from my long term love Mr Virgo, sadly saw the passing of a close family member & am now resigning from my long term career as I became the Whistle blower & im unable to fight the lies & deceit.
    What on earth is going on in my astrology chart?
    I’m hopeful of a brighter future… is there employment & financial security in 2019?
    And hopefully some love & laughter?
    Thank you for sharing your gift with the world xx

    Yours sincerely

    1. You see all those placements at 28 and 29 degrees in your birth chart S? That is your whole answer. You are going through the end of – the end of – the end of. I am sure you are impatient for a fresh start but actually you are going through Uranus slowly going to 28, 29 Aries and then leaving that sign altogether. You are also waiting for Mercury Retrograde to pass over 28, 29 Scorpio and Jupiter to leave 28, 29 Scorpio too. Expect one bump near Christmas and another huge bump in March 2019 when things finally start to make sense. Dream big until then. In 2019 you will return to a foreign place or person you had assumed was over. If ‘foreign’ means another part of your country then that may be it, but this transit is usually about another language or accent. You’ll be thrilled at a commitment as 2019 rolls on. Sometimes you do end up ‘wedding’ yourself to people or places which are miles away from your own experience and I think you’ll be very tempted.

  32. Hi Jessica,
    Something has been brewing with regards to my employment status. I have been on disability leave for almost three years and my condition has not approved since. I have recently received the letter from my employer asking if I will be back to work even though they are aware of my current condition. On the top of that my husband’s employment is under review due to his company reorganization. He has two and a half years to retirement. He is Aquarius (Feb 7, 1956). All of this has put a big mental strain on both of us as it may greatly affect our finances. I have 4 factors in Scorpio. Can you please look at it and give me some advice?
    Thank you.
    01° Scorpio 08′ 03″
    09° Scorpio 35′ 47″
    19° Scorpio 59′ 55″
    North Node
    11° Scorpio 15′ 29″ R

    1. Jaz, you have Uranus (radical change) going across 1 Taurus now through the first quarter of 2019, on and off. This is right opposite your Neptune at 1 Scorpio, so you will have to change direction. I am sorry you and your husband are so concerned and I understand why. Given that Uranus is going to keep on moving across Taurus, to the point where he also opposes Venus in your chart, it looks as though you will both have to alter your usual financial course. Uranus will eventually go to 11 Taurus and sit on your South Node, which is also quite historic. The best way forward is to surf the waves of change and adapt and adjust. Try not to hang on to what was. You will need a new approach, a new strategy and new tactics from now (right now) and March 2019 will almost feel like a new financial year for you. The time has come to experiment and explore. Be open to that. At the heart of all this is your value system. Who or what you call precious or priceless. What you will sell your soul for, and what you will not. You have literally not had this cycle in your life and so it may feel like there is no handbook (correct) but you will also do a brilliant job of inventing a new way to earn, own or owe. The trick with this cycle is to let go and keep moving. Surf, don’t hang onto the shore. It will be okay but it will be different.

  33. Hi Jessica
    Was wondering if you wouldn’t mind having a quick look at my chart, my house still hasn’t sold, (been so much wanting to move on from this due to its history with an ex-partner) there is also new man on the scene now too, have also reduced some of my shifts at work as I feel it is no longer working for me for a variety of reasons….so looking elsewhere for more work to get me through and wanting to set up my coaching business, something had to go for something new to come in…can you see anything in my chart atm, been looking to renting elsewhere with the new man and renting mine out, however financially it would be a struggle as I want to contribute equally financially, don’t like being dependent on anyone…thanks Jessica.

    1. You’ve been caught a little bit by having Neptune at 8 Scorpio in your Eighth House of sex and property, money and men and so on. We’re going through this really strange Scorpio weather with Venus going backwards and forwards. For example, today she is at 3, and in two days from now, she is at 1. This has been going on since September. You may have to wait longer than you expected to see resolution with these questions about the new man, property and your own house sale. Once we get to Friday 14th December, Venus is finally crossing 8 Scorpio so that’s the replay and reshape of what was really just a rehearsal. On a totally different note you have your Jupiter Return at the end of 2019 as this planet moves across 1 Capricorn and that is a wonderful thing to see. Historic, important and very welcome opportunities for you to higher in your career, your social status and your achievements. When that door opens go straight through it!

  34. Dear Jessica, while I expected some bump out of the blue this week, but I am in tears grasping at straws. Yesterday we were 99.9% approved for a new house mortgage but at the last hour of business got a phone call for yet another piece of information I don’t know if I can provide! We were supposed to close on the house next week. My family is packed and I am sure the selling family is packed. Can you shed any light on my situation? I was up all night. Thank you.

    1. I am sorry about the mortgage situation. How incredibly stressful to have this happen out of the blue. You have your Moon right on 0 Scorpio in the Eighth House of property and of course Uranus has moved to 0 Taurus, right opposite. Take a deep breath and ground yourself. Having this cycle can feel like you have been zapped and you need to get your feet on the floor, make a cup of tea, and realise that there is a way around this. It will take time, okay? Give yourself some space on this. You’re packed, and you think the sellers may be packed, but sometimes you have to unpack a box or two until you sort out your Plan B. That’s okay. This cycle does not last but while it is there, you may have to accept that plans alter. You will end up in a good place in 2019 I promise. You are unlocking a new cycle of discovery and adventure, exploration and happiness, which you have not seen for 12 years. For now, ground – go for a walk – and remember now through December is the ‘re’ word which may mean repacking, rethinking, rescheduling. Try to go along with the ‘re’ energy as we have not only this Uranus opposition to your Moon but also Venus Retrograde and Mercury Retrograde at the same time. Re will work for you. Nobody likes re, but do re.

  35. Hi Jessica,

    I’m getting highly emotional in the group dynamics in my office. Everything what happens within the group is personally hitting me. This is because I was involved with the leader of the group emotionally and sexually. But he changed the dynamics all of a sudden and now considers me just one among the group. I’m unable to leave the group since its tied to my money and so I get into fights and emotional outbursts.

    What do you see here as an outcome?


    1. Your Aries side needs an outlet. You have Chiron going right over it and although it is a dynamic sign (linked to the word dynamite) this cycle is also pretty inflammatory and you really don’t need fights in your life. I understand the rage you must feel, but you need a sport (competitive, or competing against yourself, like boxing or swimming to a personal best time). Aries is essentially about boxing. Find a way to ‘box’ physically no matter if it’s a polite game of tennis or just hitting a bag in a gym. I have seen this work time and time again, for people with a strong Aries signature in a tough situation. Have a go. If you already do it, do more of it. Do not let this affect your career.

  36. Hi Jessica, I have been in an unhappy marriage for some time. It started approximately 18 years ago – perhaps connected to my nodes? I see the same patterns all over again and I suspect my husband is seeing someone else. Given that Scorpio and the 8th house is connected to divorce and I have a stellium in Scorpio, I am wondering How this will affect me. Thanks Jessica!

    1. You were born with Minerva at 29 Libra in your Seventh House of love, sex, marriage, separation and divorce. You are wise when it comes to the business of pairing up with people, but also separating from them. For the first and last time in your life, you are going through Uranus at 29 Aries, right opposite Minerva. This transit ends for good in March 2019. Between now and then you may well decide that freedom and independence are more important to you than permanence. Your Scorpio stellium is not really the factor here. What is challenging you and also changing you is Uranus opposite Minerva. This does pass.

  37. Hi Jessica,

    Another very interesting article, thankyou. Can you please give a perspective of my chart through Oct – Jan period? I have Neptune at 15 degrees and Juno at 19 degrees of Scorpio In mid May this year I used some financial studies from my long ago university time to commenced business activities via the internet and after slow start and set back at Sep 21st, this changed over the last month building to Oct 26th, only for me to lose everything the next day. I have been aiming to move the operations in to a trust (before Mercury turns retrograde and upscale. After yesterday’s experience I’m wondering if it will be successful. I feel upbeat on it though it now requires further investment. Can you please provide insight?

    Thankyou & regards,

    1. Thank you. David, you were born with Jupiter at 21 Taurus in your Second House of finance and business. You have been pursuing business with transiting Jupiter opposite natal Jupiter. Any opposition is never your best friend in astrology, unfortunately, but there has to be more going on than just that. Sure enough you have Bacchus at 28 Taurus, so you are also experiencing transiting Jupiter at 28 Scorpio opposite Bacchus, but also transiting Mercury Retrograde at 28 Scorpio, right opposite again. Be really careful with your timing. Mercury is not behaving normally and instead of proceeding across 27, 28, 29 Scorpio then into Sagittarius, he gets stuck, disappears and comes back in December.

  38. Hi Jessica,
    I have been contemplating separation from my husband. As hard as I have tried to make my marriage work, Too much water is under the bridge for it to be salvageable. I recently connected with a long time friend who I have always been close with, and whom I have known has had feelings for me for some time. He is a cancer. We agreed to sort out our situations on our own and without contact. We have not spoken in 5 months and during that time I have tried my best to reconnect in my marriage.
    What does this cycle mean for me.

    Many thanks

    1. You don’t say if you have children, or if your friend has children – but actually, in December and January the issue will be your life as a parent, prospective step-parent, or your role with godchildren, young relatives and so on. This is far more important than anything else within your bad marriage, which I am sorry to hear about, or the chances of a new relationship. There may also be questions here about pregnancy you did/did not pursue about 19 years ago, either with your husband or another person, as the Node changes signs in November and takes you back to any unfinished business. You have Vesta at 29 Scorpio in the Eighth House of marriage, property and finance. Vesta is a symbol of situations where there are two ore more females, and one male in the picture. Mercury Retrograde goes right over that on Halloween then disappears, only to come back again in December, when the story may change. This would be about the money, the house, the apartment or the precious possessions and the story would go back and forth. Be aware of that with your timing. Vesta may well be you and this man’s other partner (if he has one) or, say, his daughter – or females in your own family.

  39. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for this very interesting article. I thought I would have a lucky 2018 especially for finance, but the reality has been very different one. Not sure why… I feel like I have been on Scorpia weather forever. Any hope for 2019? Maybe finance linked to somehow career developments?

    I was born between 6-7 am, tried to find the right one via online software but probably it is wrong… I am Libra sun but not sure whether Libra or Virgo rising…

    Many thanks,


    1. You are coming to the end of the Jupiter in Scorpio cycle through your Eighth House of finance, property, charity and business. According to all the laws of astrology, Jupiter’s conjunction to your Mercury, Venus, Panacea and Psyche should have helped you, with money-saving offers, opportunities to increase your income, chances to fundraise for others and so on. Even if your birth time was out, it would not have affected that cycle! Sometimes people have a Jupiter transit and let things pass them by, or forget they happened (Jupiter has been with you for about a year). The lack of stability and sense of upheaval has been down to Uranus in Taurus, which has rather offset the benefits of Jupiter, as you were born with Mercury at 0 Scorpio and Uranus has been at 0 Taurus, right opposite (or very close by, at 1 Taurus) during the second half of 2018, challenging you to change. Uranus returns there in March 2019 so just be aware of that.

  40. Hi Jessica, great read! I’m planning to sale my property, hopefully before end of year. I have a gang of planets in Scorpio. How do you think it will go.

    1. If you’re still selling right now, you’re in the Mercury zone so just be aware of that. Mercury Retroshadow is followed by Retrograde and it may not be until after Christmas that wheels start turning quickly and easily. Get it in writing and read the fine print. Good luck!

  41. Dear Jessica,

    I have followed you with interest and much respect for years. I am so happy to be part of your community. I feel I need guidance and where better than astrology to find it! I have young children and have been floating along in casual jobs for 10 years now whilst raising the kids. Money has been tight due to one income but we get by. Can you see anything in my chart that suggests a career change, career success and when? I feel really stuck and confused like a dog chasing its tail when it comes to working, what I want to do, where I am going etc. I feel like I should be doing more than I am?

    1. The answer is upgrading your skills, abilities, qualifications (perhaps) and being a dog learning new tricks, not chasing her tail. You will have the most incredible chances to do just this from Christmas. You could apply or follow up from 8th November but be prepared for delays or changes if you do that. Your casual jobs have kept you going with the children, and you are now in the education zone. You will be amazed at what you can wangle – what appeals to you? There is income or funding available after that. Thank you for your kind comments too.

  42. Hello Jessica!
    I have several aspects in both Scorpio as well as Taurus. I recently completed an examination for some advanced qualifications for my degree and career. Results will not be available for several weeks (Dec likely), which should be around the time of this retrograde weather begins to resolve. There are so many changes and departures, many unexpected, happening all around me in my workplace and its administration; things feel very unstable. I’m in the process of looking for a job and these results (if a successful outcome) will determine the opportunities ahead. Accounting for the expected “stuck” weather during the current retrograde, can you offer any insight regarding timing & job opportunities? Possible relocation?

    Sending you love and blessings!

    1. Fear not. Wheels start turning slowly from November 8th with new solutions, breakthroughs, opportunities. Then everything goes back and forth until Christmas Day. Just after Boxing Day the wheels spin faster and faster, with the most welcome outcome in January. You will see a ton of reshuffles and uncertainty, some people on vacation and unavailable, others taking sick leave – it will all be pretty unclear until Christmas but then wow, things happen so rapidly.

  43. Hi Jessica,

    Just wanted to update you on a previous posting which I don’t think you read as it was still in moderation – so understandable given your popularity! Jupiter did bestow his blessings, and in a totally unexpected was – bit Uranus like! Yesterday I heard I was due a tax rebate from the last tax year which was a complete, and very pleasant shock! I thought perhaps my new job which starts in a few weeks might be something to do with it, but then it was originally offered end July but due to certain factors put on hold. Or maybe, thinking about it, it’s more to do with the nodes moving to cancer / Capricorn?
    The house and garden situation is moving on, and so interestingly, is all about who has the power. Those who can say “yes” or “no” to us and the compromises necessary.
    I have loads in Scorpio, including Ceres 16, I note Ceres is just moving into Scorpio and wondered what to expect of a Ceres return – could you spare a few words on this? Better still, and being very cheeky, could you do one of your blogs on this event?
    Thanks for all the posts.
    Best x

    Previous postings
    Your daily forecast to seems to really fit my life at present “You have years of experiments ahead if you plan to be renovating, buying, selling or leasing a home along new lines. By Christmas this year you will be pleased you persisted in the laboratory of life!” and I wondered how the Scorpio weather affects it. Recently my hubby and I were refused consent to make a lump sum from our home (bit of a story) but, interestingly, not a forever “no”. This seems to fit the Venus / Scorpio retro weather as we plan to appeal and are becoming aware of new facts that could help us. Funnily enough I feel reassured by all this. I feel compromise will be key and hear comes Ceres. All a bit spooky really.
    I’ve worked really hard for the last 6 months trying to materialise any finances due to me ( tracking lost pensions and PPI etc) so far no luck but I’m doing my best to maximise Jupiter in Scopio. It’s also my Jupiter return in a few days so I’m crossed all over!
    Do you have any advise on what else I can do to weather this?
    Many thanks X

    Ps I do find as I’m learning more and more through your writings and this great site that I try to work it out for myself rather than turn immediately to you – but there’s nothing like hearing from the expert herself

    1. Thanks for the tax return news – how fantastic. The astrology has been spot-on for you. Now, your Ceres Return in Scorpio is coming as 2019 opens and you will have to strike a compromise over the house, money, apartment, business, charity or possessions. There will be quite strong feelings with this but put the emotion aside. You two (or you plus an organisation or large group) will have to figure out something that is practical enough to live with long term. Unless it is practical you will never quite be comfortable with the trade-off. It may seem to be about the money or place/objects on the surface but it is actually about your own power and control in the situation. This will work out by February but be aware this is a process not a destination yet! Thanks for your compliments, you are very kind.

  44. Hi Jess
    Hope I’m not too late for my question.. I haveput myhouse on market 20 October to 7 December..silent auction that day. What are my chance of selling. The house belongs to me other parties involved, no partner
    Cupido 11 deg Scorpio
    MC 29 deg Scorpio
    Neptune 6 deg Scorpio
    Ceres 24 deg Scorpio
    Thankyou for your feedback if you read this

    1. Whatever you thought the story was pre-Halloween will be replayed, first two weeks of December, with a delay or change. Mercury backs into Scorpio! You may have to adjust, adapt and accept at that point. There will be a major period of compromise into January but then it’s done. By February, you can finish this chapter and close the book. You will have your Ceres Return in Scorpio in the Eighth House coming up. This means, make a deal. Put feelings to one side and do the divisions/the math. It will work out. Just make sure it’s something you can all/both live with long term.

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