Dating Capricorn in Astrology

If you only have five minutes to get to know somebody, their Sun Sign is an excellent guide. With just one piece of information – the date of someone’s birth (never mind the year or time) – an astrologer can draw up what’s known as a Solar Chart.

The Capricorn woman is awfully strong. The unyielding, masculine planet Saturn is her ruler. She has uncompromising values.

The Capricorn man is often, and mistakenly, described as a frightfully serious, social-climbing, professionally ambitious, pinstriped pessimist.

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18 Responses

  1. This was a fun read. Pondering if I have relatives with Aries in their charts. I’m a little nervous, Jessica, of Saturn heading for my Sun (7* Cap) real soon. Life has been challenging. And I’m hoping it eases up a bit.

    1. Thank you. Saturn will pass 7 Capricorn and conjunct your Sun for the first time in 29 years, which is a big deal – in your Tenth House of position and ambition. He will semi-sextile Vulcano at 7 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friendships and groups. Vulcano is a symbol of power and self-control which comes from self-mastery of strong feelings. There is also a trigger to the Sun-Ceres square you have natally as Ceres is just one degree away at 8 Aries in your First House of image, presentation, reputation and appearances. So late November is worth watching, as transiting Ceres herself goes over 7 Scorpio in the final three days of that month while Saturn also sits on 7 Capricorn. You already had a taste of this in March so this is either the next part of the story, or – same music, different soundtrack. It’s always a good idea to slow down when Saturn is around, and give yourself more time and space – sleeping, resting and so on. You can hit Search or your ebooks to find out more about this planet.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I need your help, please. Which out of the remaining days in October, is the best time for me to get a website up and launched (doing my old brand)? I’ve re-read a number of your blogs trying to narrow it down. The dates below come from your blog – 6 Months Good News Horoscope.

    Is Friday 19th a good day for me? I’m willing to pull all-nighters to get this relaunch, launched. I know, I can tweak the website content, images etc. to get it perfect in the months ahead, but I really want to get it out there and live on the luckiest days possible before my Jupiter in Scorpio luck runs out.
    Also, I need to get an ABN set up, and since this one is more $$ related moving forward is there a day/ days that are the most aligned to Jupiter and my chart moving forward. This one can be done at another point if there is nothing right.

    Monday 15th October – Mercury conjuncts Venus in Scorpio
    Tuesday 16th October – Venus conjuncts Bacchus in Scorpio
    Friday 19th October – Jupiter in Scorpio semi-sextile Sun – this is an important day with Bacchus and Mercury in Scorpio making beautiful patterns too.
    Sunday 21st October – Jupiter in Scorpio trine Hygiea
    Tuesday 23rd October – Bacchus in Scorpio trine Ops
    Friday 26th October – Sun conjunct Venus in Scorpio
    Monday 29th October – Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio – very lucky – but be aware that you will go back and forth with the discussion or paperwork from this point forward as Mercury is Retrograde Shadow! Allow for that in your planning as things are going to change or be held up.

    Sorry, it’s last minute request. It’s taken a lot of soul-searching to try to figure out if I wanted to have a public profile again. I’m needing to ‘create that future’ you talked to in this weeks reading.

    Truly, I would be eternally grateful for your guidance, since this is HUGE for me to be putting myself back out there and would like to know I’ve done all I can to re-start/ relaunch on the best days. I’ve contacted two old clients on 8th October – since that was a good day you noted, they have both come back very positively and I will be having a chat with them to explore their networks etc. So, I’m really starting to make the move forward and make the ball start rolling.

    Hugely grateful as always for your insight.xx

    1. It’s okay to pour yourself intensely into something last-minute. Jupiter can be quite kind! You certainly want to get moving before he moves on, and before that Mercury Retroshade begins. Most of those aspects are great. Try Friday 19th October. I like the fact that it takes you to 21st October, from one good pattern to another. It is also a weekend which gives you breathing space. Good luck. What you plant now will reward you in 12 years as well.

      1. Thank you for your kindness and your wisdom. I will give this everything I’ve got, and try not to try myself in knots. xx

  3. Hi Jessica,

    following on from a previous query regarding Saturn transits, I would appreciate your insight regarding an upcoming Saturn conjunct IC transit. I am experiencing a very challenging and scary situation at present and wanted to know if this is all connected and how things will pan out. Thanking you in advance.


    1. Jeanie, there is money there, and you need to throw money at the problem. I take it this is connected with your own physical or mental health. You obviously need a doctor, surgeon, healer or therapist. You were born with Pluto at 18 Virgo and Uranus at 19 Virgo in your Sixth House, which rules the body, but also your ability to take on a full workload. We have Chiron at 18 Pisces in your Twelfth House right opposite. This is really not so much about Saturn, as transiting Pluto himself. He is at 18 Capricorn, so aspecting this tight pattern in your chart. Very occasionally the issue is about family members or partners who are ill, or dealing with mental illness – but usually it is the person whose chart is in front of me. Don’t be blind to the potential money that can be made or saved, or received. That gives a spread of options – choices are required here. You need the best affordable and available answers here. You have Cupido at 20, Neptune at 21 and Bacchus at 21 Scorpio. This was just recently crossed by Jupiter (solutions, opportunities) and something was planted for you, or put in place for you. Mercury crosses 20, 21 Scorpio (in your Eighth House of insurance, loans and the rest) on October 24th and 25th. Take this chance and turn it around swiftly.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for another great read. I understand Capricorn is going through a great Karma at the moment, however I just don’t see or feel it, it just seems like same old same old on the treadmill off the treadmill, and hard work which I’m not afraid off but does life eventually give us a break?

    1. Thank you Sandi. The most important thing I can pass on about your life between now and 31st December 2018 is that victory is sweet. It can feel amazing to actually win the day, win the game or (perhaps) win the battle. Especially if dearly held ideas and plans are at stake. It can also be quite remarkable to be on the winning side. Jupiter in Sagittarius is your friend. He moves into this sign and the Ninth House of your horoscope in November. You are strongly Capricorn, rather ambitious, want to be at the top – and you will be – leading the victory procession or taking your full part in it. Enjoy it. You only get Jupiter in Sagittarius once every 12 years.

  5. Dear Jessica, as a Cap with many factors in Cap in my chart, I long to work and make an impact but whatever I try (which looked so promising before I retired) does not seem to take off. I am trying to network with my contacts so that I can begin working in any capacity as a consultant or part/full time beginning 2019. Can you see my chart and provide some insight on timing and possibilities. Thank you!

    1. You are trying to do all this on a series of Retrogrades which is why people do not deliver what they promised, or reply to your emails. Networking is very difficult with Venus Retrograde in Scorpio (business) followed by Mercury Retroshadow in Scorpio (starts within days). This will all settle down eventually, give it a couple of months. You will be amazed at how many wheels go around after Christmas. You need to upskill or re-educate yourself and will be thrilled with a chance to do just that in 2019.

  6. I appreciate all the info you are sending out. One suggestion thou. Is it possible to touch on the different placement of each sign. Example.

    Early placement viragoes, mid placement and late placement viragoes. Their are several astrologers on u tube who are implementing this strategy.
    As for me being a late placement virgo Sept 22nd I find the astrologers who communicate this strategy are much more clearer and relevant for my self and others. Which is why they have such a large following.
    Thank you

    1. This is the decan method of astrology, separating the sign of Virgo (for example) into 0-9 degrees, 10-19 degrees and 20-29 degrees. It’s an old method and it works well, but it’s not my preferred system. At the moment!

  7. Hi Jessica,

    I have been thinking to start online dating to find a serious partner/husband with different nationality. Do you think it is a good idea based on my chart?When would it be the perfect time to start it?

    Thank you!

    1. You can start this any time, but destiny may well take over, so don’t assume anything. Over the next few years you will have the most unexpected developments in your life, and may have a child, adopt or become married to someone who has children from another relationship. One young face will ‘find’ you starting in March 2019 and by 2021 you will realise that you can only plan your life so far. Sometimes fate has to be your guide.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Is there a future for me in love? A new person has started at my work and he sounds so interesting. He’s just come back from working overseas for 10 years. The only problem is he’s 11 years younger and he has a fiance overseas. Is there anything you can see on my horizon, with Jupiter into Sagittarius? I’m a bit slack in that I don’t help myself very much, which I know I should. Thanks a lot.

    1. Jupiter in Sagittarius is not about love, sex or marriage – it’s about travel, education and publishing! I’m curious as to why you would want a relationship with somebody who is due to be married. You have Vesta at 25 Aries and Uranus just went back into Aries so perhaps that’s what is going on here! Vesta describes women who compete with other women for a man’s attention or interest. I suspect he is encouraging this. Don’t do your Vesta if you can avoid it, it’s rather painful. You can find out more about this asteroid by looking up Vesta on Search.

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