Astrology Predictions for 2018 Midterm Elections

Astrology Predictions for 2018 Midterm Elections suggest a rebirth for one political party. Who is the younger male politician with a Sagittarius chart signature on a winning streak?

America votes on Tuesday 6th November 2018 at 12 noon

This is an unusual day. We have what is known as a T Square building which typically feels tense and tight (all the T words). Uranus, the planet of rebellion and revolution, is at 0 Taurus square the North Node at 0 Leo and South Node at 0 Aquarius. This is a clear statement about the group (Aquarius) and issues about the leadership (Leo) based on the fact that everyone has such different tastes and values. It is a chaotic fight within the Democrats and/or the Republicans.

You can see this T-Square reflected in the Tarot card below. This is the Five of Wands, which shows a group of very different people (their differences are shown by their clothes). Who’s in the mess? The Democrats or The Republicans?

Five of Wands e1538975539182 - Astrology Predictions for 2018 Midterm Elections

I am sure you can see that one person feels as if he/she is doing all the work and carrying the load. Another person is a loudmouth – spouting off without listening. He or she has assumed the leading role but does anyone feel any loyalty?

Look carefully and you can see the initials L.A. hidden in the crossed wands, which are sometimes called staves.

What are you seeing in this card? My readers are spectacularly psychic, in my experience.

Why November 6th 2018 is Unusual in Astrology

As a lot of astrologers have been pointing out, November 6th is full of really big moves in the heavens. One of them is the planet of rebellion, revolution and radical change – Uranus – moving back into the sign of Aries. Uranus enters Aries retrograde right on cue for this election. We also have Venus at 27 Libra conjunct Ceres at 27 Libra at this time and the Sun at 13 Scorpio trine Neptune at 13 Pisces so it’s no ordinary day.

The 2018 midterm elections will surely be a referendum on Trump. These general elections held in November every four years, near the midpoint of a President’s four-year term in office, will decide if the Democrats can gain control of Congress, or if the Republicans can keep their hold on the legislative branch. They typically show low voter turnout, but – as we’ve seen – astrologically this is no regular day! Democrats are hoping for what they call a Blue Wave. Are they right to hope?

This man is a huge player in the 2018 Midterms. He is young, fiery, has something to say, is a committed speechmaker and columnist Knight of Wands e1538977088908 - Astrology Predictions for 2018 Midterm Electionsand has the zodiac sign Sagittarius emphasised in his horoscope.

You can see him riding the horse, the Sagittarius symbol, with his message in his hand. That branch is a symbol for a microphone boom in a television studio, or a microphone at a radio station or rally. His luck is with him. We know for a fact that November finds Jupiter entering Sagittarius for the first time in 12 years, so the patterns in his chart, in this zodiac sign, will be crossed by Jupiter by 2019, bringing him tremendous good fortune. His timing is right. His time has come. Who is he?

The Christening of a New Era in American Politics

The Ace of Cups is a really interesting card to see in this three-card line-up of all that really matters in November 2018. We normally see this when a baby is due to be born or Christened, as the cup represents the font. It is always a sign of a spiritual birth or rebirth. Despite the turmoil and in-fighting we’ve seen in the first card, and the rather stunning debut of the younger male politician in the second card, it is the third card that sends the strongest message to the United States.

You can see the Aquarius node again here. (Part of that T-Square). Aquarius in Rome was actually the name for a water-bearer who supplied the baths and all public water supplies. This is the cup carried by the water-bearer. Aquarius is a symbol of ‘everyone pooling resources’ and sharing the same space. It is really about the community; the circle; the collective.

Ace of Cups e1538977172965 - Astrology Predictions for 2018 Midterm ElectionsThis is a huge wow-factor resurrection for either the Democrats or the Republicans. Can you see any more coded messages in this card? The letter W is on the cup. The dove is a dominant symbol. So is the Roman Catholic Holy Communion wafer – which you might also interpret as a cross in a circle.

There is really no point in asking ‘who wins’ in a two-way contest like this. Especially when Donald Trump has given two conflicting birth dates to the authorities and we have at least two different birth times supplied by his office.

Yet, you can ask ‘what wins?’ and get some clear answers from the Tarot and Astrology. What wins, at the end of the day, is a man who is blazing a trail – younger, Sagittarian-dominated, possibly fire-sign dominated as a whole. He’s on the move, either travelling across the country with his message, or actually packing his bags. He has Jupiter the lucky planet on his side.

What else wins? The party best prepared for rebirth. The party most suited to a spiritual ‘Christening’ or branding moment. A Christening is really about a naming ceremony. There is a feeling here of a party being renamed or rebranded.

Who else might win? Well, if the party which is besieged by in-fighting and disharmony can unite, it can do anything. I do feel Los Angeles is a factor here. What are your thoughts and feelings about these cards, and the astrology, for the 2018 midterms?

Astrology Predictions for 2018 Midterm Elections can be made with both Tarot cards and astrological timing. What will voter turnout be like this year, how big will the Trump protest vote be – and which party is overdue for a rebirth? (Image:

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43 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    I hope all is well.

    Kevin De Leon, who is running against Diane Fienstein is a Sagittarius. His birthday is December 10, 1966. His Senate dustict in CA is in Los Angeles.

    His family is multicultural, and his parents are from Guatemala, so in that way, he represents the future demographics of the USA, if it survives. So, that could be the rebirth.

    I won’t predict anything for the midterms. I hope, and I’m working to get Democrats elected. I have a grim view of the future I’m sorry to say. The Supreme Court was the last branch that wasn’t fully compromised. That just changed.


    1. Thanks Jeff. Amazing – Kevin De Leon (Leo is hidden in his name and that is a fire sign) sounds like a contender. I will add to this story later this week as we start pulling in photographs and birth dates. The fact that he is from Los Angeles is pretty interesting!

  2. Morning Jessica I’ve literally just read this on sky news Taylor Swift has a Sagittarius Sun. she has a massive following and so far this post has had over a million likes. It’s not just her fan base which could make a significant difference at the polls other celebrities seem to be liking what she’s doing too, they could rally together, predominantly based in LA perhaps? She is voting for the Democrats in the very republican state of Tennessee as she’s obviously registered to vote from that state although she doesn’t always live there now. I think she could help swing this vote with her voice and followers. Keen to know your thoughts.

  3. Meant to also add to my previous post. Taylor Swift has just come out publicly now for the Democrats whilst her longtime feud with fellow musician Kanye West who very publicly on SNL last week spoke of his support for the president and the Republicans. I’m pretty her personal feelings towards Kanye are in the mix here somewhere too in her decision and timing to post this declaration.

  4. Thanks for this post Jessica. The first person that comes to mind is Michael Avenatti although he is not running for a mid-term seat. I believe he is an Aquarius hence the references with Ace of Cups and maybe he also has many Sag factors or Sag rising? He lives in L.A. and has been doing informal campaigning in swing states. Things feel grim here in the U.S. for many of us. I am hopeful for a change with this election.

    1. Stormy Daniels’ knight in shining armour – he looks similar to him – he is certainly fiery – and there is the Los Angeles connection. I’m fascinated now, I need to find his chart. Thank you!

      1. Hi Jessica – you’re welcome! And just yesterday Avenatti launched a super PAC called “The Fight” and you can find it here: I love his fire and feistiness! He also has posted to his Twitter a key issues position paper. He’s holding a rally in Texas next week at the exact time as a Repub rally – I can’t wait to see how that goes.

        I hope you can continue giving guidance to us for this year and next year – I am quite discouraged with the political climate and the general state of things in my country and since I run a small business any economic blips tend to have a big effect on me. Being able to afford health care is a huge issue. Sadly, we are turning/have turned into a kakistocracy

  5. Hi Jessica!

    Does it have to be a man? Red wave/blue wave? How about a “woman wave”???

    T-square? Trump is the biggest T word influencing American politics at this time….

    But! Los Angeles is not Trump country.

    I’m feeling a strong need to move out of the US and back to NZ, mostly because I feel that things are going to go downhill in America for quite a long time to come. I have five factors in Sagittarius myself, so am wondering if Jupiter in Sag after November will give me good luck for what I feel I need to do. Could this be true?

    I want to see humans “progress” to learn to live and work with less emphasis on materialism, and more focus on saving our planet. The republican party doesn’t align with that….
    Thank you!


    1. I hear what you are saying, Kris, because women are a dominant feature of the 2018 Midterm. The Tarot singled out a man, though. I know Los Angeles is not Trump country but there may be another reason why L.A. appears in the crossed staves. You’ll love 2019 with your Sagittarius stellium. You could easily go back to New Zealand and then, from there, travel around that region. You’ll also be shown a workshop, seminar or other fascinating new educational experience you find irresistible. You’ll be surrounded by books next year and adore it.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    Could the young man be Beto O’Rourke? If he can turn Texas Blue that would be a huge upset for the Republicans. He was born on 26 September 1972 so that makes him a Libra not a Sagittarius. But everything he stands for is truly Sagittarian.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Taylor Swift is Sag, Rihanna is Aquarius. Rihanna is not a US citizen, being from Barbados, but she urged her fans to vote anyway. Two strong young women with huge followings and many female fans and supporters.

    They have both done songs with reference to horses and taken photos on horses, with horses, and so on.


  8. I’m curious about Beto O’Rourke running for Senate in Texas. I don’t know his factors, but he came to mind when I was reading your description. He has been visiting all of the counties in Texas to talk to people (something no one before him has done because TX is so big), and he’s given some amazing speeches emphasizing community and healing. I’m not in the same state, but I started following his progress after listening to a speech that went viral. Because Texas is so huge, his victory would be huge for the country as well!

    1. Beto O’Rourke is right across my radar. Thanks so much for your comment. Beto’s biggest problem will be with the Democrats as a whole. I’ve been given some of his data by pro astrologers and it’s really clear that there is in-fighting, on top of in-fighting. He needs to find allies and partners within the party itself and then they can rebuild.

  9. Dear Jessica,

    I know little about American elections, but have a question how it could affect my legal case on 6 Nov against Saggitarius politician. On 6 Nov the South node will conjunct my Sun at 0 Aquarius, North node conjunct my Asc at 0 Leo, Sun And Venus conjunct my North node at 27 Libra and oppose my Chiron at 28 Aries. This case will mean a lot for my further carrier direction. Thanks a lot!

  10. The Knight on Horseback is such an evocative image…

    For my money, it would be great if it was about Andrew Gillam ( current mayor of Florida state capital Tallahassee) who is running on the Democratic ticket for state Governor riding the blue wave into office.

    wiki says he was born in Miami FL on July 26, 1979 so that makes him 39 which is young by industry standards.

  11. As soon as I read the article, the first person who come to mind was Cory Booker who is a Senator from New Jersey. I just looked up his Natal Chart and found that he is a Taurus with Mars in Sagittarius! If you follow him on twitter, you will see just how dynamic he is.

    The Midterms will be facinating to watch. Hope the democrats come through. I am a Brit, but the whole world is suffering because of Trump.

    Keep up the great articles Jessica xx

  12. I live in Texas, USA, and just ran Beto’s chart. He’s verrrrrrry Libran! He has Sun conjunct Pluto in very early Libra, with Mercury and Uranus also in later degrees of Libra. His Neptune is the only major planet in Sagittarius, at 2 degrees, but a 12 noon chart gives him Sagittarius rising.

    1. I’ve seen him in action (on camera) and I instantly realise why so many Americans (and particularly Texans) are excited about this man. He is not like the rest. Let’s see if we can get an AA Rodden Rated chart for him. Neptune in Sagittarius would fit, even if the birth details are slightly out, and I think this Tarot hero is rather Neptunian – he has slightly unfocussed vision, if you look closely. He’s a visionary and an idealist but he’s not quite grounded in the real world yet. Interesting.

  13. Jessica, it could be Eric Swalwell, 37yrs, 1st term congressman from California. Sun scorpio, moon in Aquarius, with mars and neptune in sagittarius, plus 4 planets in libra and north node Leo. WIKI quote – “Swalwell has been mentioned as a potential presidential candidate in 2020, and has publicly expressed interest in such a prospect. He could be your man….

    1. Oh, Mars and Neptune in Sagittarius. How very interesting. I might have to come back to this feature with another Tarot reading, because we are also seeing suggestions here about Avenatti, for one. I do think that our card here describes the new, historic cycle of Jupiter in Sagittarius and that is really about expansion, growth, travel, education and college – so this would seem to be the policy area that skyrockets, because of this man.

  14. Hi Jess
    I just read this article then later today Elizabeth Warren has just published her DNA test, indicating a plan to run. She is a Cancer sun but could she be a “W” contender?


  15. Hi Jessica,

    Barack Obama is fighting hard for the Democrats and really making blistering attacks on Trump – finally someone is. We heard he would support the Dems but I don’t think anyone expected him to come out like a champion prize fighter in the ring.

    Things are very out of balance with US politics and the bomb scare this week sort of put a lot of things in perspective.

    I think the young man may be Barack Obama coming to the rescue. You wrote something previously about his political comeback, this is a comeback of sorts.


    1. The timing of the Midterms in America is really interesting, because November 6th is so close to the November 8th arrival of Jupiter in Sagittarius. There are a couple of other massive changes in the heavens then. Uranus goes back into Aries and the North Node goes into Cancer. The South Node goes into Capricorn, same day. When you have outer planets moving signs for the first time in 12 years, and the Nodes moving position for the first time in 19 years, it’s historic. This feels like a historic political switch for America. You would also have to say, the past is catching up with particular politicians. You’d be looking all the way back to 2000 and 2001 for that.

  16. As soon as I read this I thought Beto O’Rourke! But sadly he is not a sag he is born on sept 26, and has a mountain to climb in the state of Texas, to say the least. Any thoughts on him? A victory in TX would be great for the Dems. Thanks for posting about this!


    1. Beto seems destined for bigger things than Mid Terms. I don’t have any particular Tarot messages about Texas, just Los Angeles, but maybe you can pick those up from the cards NK as you would know more about Texan symbolism and identity. Sometimes the truth of the Tarot comes in a flash. Astrologically, I have to say the message this week is ‘change.’ We have Jupiter changing signs. The Nodes changing signs. Uranus changing signs. This never happens!

    1. Thank you. I could not place him, but he seemed so familiar. He looks so much like Bobby Kennedy. Wow. Again and again I have my spirit guides pointing to Beto.

  17. How about the impressive Democrat Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles, a Rhodes Scholar, Environmentalist, Jewish, Mexican who was born February 4, 1971, an Aquarius! He is articulate, smart and a realist. Although he is not yet running for national office he represents the future of American politics and the type of individual we need to bring the country back together. Perhaps he will come forward after the midterms. Those in Serve America PAC running for office this year are the most impressive national group of well educated, dedicated people running for office We have seen in a long time. The website Iisting of candidates is very, very encouraging to everyone but especially those who are fed up with politicians. It is not just the US that is at risk, the future of Democracy in the world depends on Americans doing the right thing. The Trump glow effect is making other regressive politicians successful in countries like Italy and Brazil. Germany is in trouble. The world is depending on Americans to turn back the tide of demagogues who are exploiting prejudice, ignorance and using social media to spread their misinformation. The next generation needs to step up in every way to save the future. We all must do everything we can.

    1. Eric Garcetti has not been on my radar but he is a man whose time has come. This will take place Christmas 2020. Seems like a long way into the future but the mood is right and the voter age demographic is right from that point on as Generation Aquarius are coming through. Aquarius is about diversity, community and equality. So Eric ticks boxes. I don’t have chills with him the way I did about Ronan Farrow, Beto (massive chills) and Taylor Swift so I have to turn to my guides for this. I do think you’re about to see a massive revolution in the United States. There is no way you can keep going on with this heavy Capricorn weather (traditional hierarchy, a tiny number of people at the top). Jupiter changes signs now. The Nodes change signs. Uranus changes signs. That’s huge.

  18. Not a policitian but an influential journalist, Ronan Farrow could be a possibility. He’s getting the word out – Knights are active. His mother is also influencing him, she’s an Aquarius.

    1. That’s great. I have chills about this. Also about Taylor Swift. This is usually confirmation from my spirit guides. This feels like a big blue wave and a return to old-fashioned American values. I have to say, the astrology this week is radical, fast and – take a deep breath. Ronan Farrow is a classic knight isn’t he!

  19. Hi Jessica,

    Vote are still being counted in more than a dozen races. Stacey Abrams is Sag, she has a stellium in Sag, let’s see how this works out for her with Jupiter on the way. Oprah already went there and so did Barack Obama.

    Georgia’s election was fraught with suppression and corruption, they need a re-do. Total chaos there.



    1. Thanks CG. I thought my colleague Kyra Oser was astonishing with her Tarot prediction for November. She said investigative journalists would crack this. Let’s see. This is a really good example of how Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius can sometimes be a good thing – alongside Jupiter in Sagittarius – most unusual. But the recount will re-re-re-really help Stacey – who is a Sun Sagittarius, of course.

Comments are closed.

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