The Libra Birthday Horoscope 2018-2019

Happy Birthday Libra! You will be shown ways to make or save money from your birthday until just before Halloween and should follow up every offer or opportunity.

Do all you can to put things in writing before Mercury Retrograde Shadow begins around 29th October. The long-term picture of your finances is unpredictable so you would benefit from having the most flexible arrangements possible with your property, business, shares, rent, bank account and so on.

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97 Responses

  1. This all sounds like great news to me. I feel ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work. I’m fortunate to be with a wonderful partner, but a big move cross-country is in the works for us. I feel nervous about it. Saturn has indeed been hammering home the point that I’m not in the right locale. Should we ground and settle, or should we take to the road and look for adventure? Any advice, based on my chart? My partner has four planets in Aquarius with Mars in mid-Taurus. Thank you always for your insight.

    1. It’s actually your partner’s chart driving this. It is very likely that he/she will want change from March 2019 and the urge to break free of the known, in favour of the unknown, will be very strong. Your DC or Descendant is 18 Sagittarius. This point in your chart describes your partner, so you are with an explorer anyway. When Jupiter moves to 18 Sagittarius next year, you may well find it’s game on for a big move or even a gypsy year of wandering. Why? Irresistible opportunities. I recommend you create a vision board or use Pinterest to dream big about travel or relocation in 2019 as you will be stunned at how much you get for nothing, or how ideally things line up. Jupiter can be very benevolent.

  2. HI Jessica,

    I love that my birthday is so close to the start of Libra – it means your birthday horoscopes feel alot more like a birthday gift!

    Pleased to hear that there will be less rejection and rejecting from November – I did read that right, yes? I like to think I’m a fairly good judge of character but I’ve been so surprised by the “rejection” I’ve experienced recently. Not sure I’m a typical Libran but I do think I am much happier when I’m half of a pair!

    I’m also only a week or so away from selling my apartment and am about to move to the other side of Sydney – never lived in the inner west. That will be an adventure.

    Looking at my chart, do you see any specific highlights for next year?


    1. Happy birthday Therese. Congratulations on your relocation in Sydney. You are strongly Sagittarian and will enjoy Jupiter in Sagittarius – he moves into this sign in November – and stays there during 2019. You will be offered the chance to study, part-time or casually, for the fun of it – and will be very tempted to take it further next year. This will change your world for the better. You will also find the same foreign culture or nationality comes up repeatedly and it works so well for you when you build the bridge. This may lead to the trip of a lifetime later on.

  3. Greetings Jessica,

    So my birthday is tomorrow the 24th. Would appreciate any incite or advice based on my chart?

    1. Happy birthday! Jupiter crosses your Moon in Sagittarius for the first time in 12 years, entering that sign in November 2018 and staying there throughout the year ahead. You ‘need to be needed’ by teaching, mentoring, guiding or lecturing – but you need to constantly learn in order to do that, either by travelling or travelling in the mind. A stunning chance to do just that, is at your fingertips by 2019.

  4. Hi Jess,

    What do you see for me please? No relationships to speak of this year, finances still very tight as well as work cut back and not enjoyable at all.

    1. Your Sagittarius stellium in the Ninth House of travel and travel in the mind will be triggered in the most fantastic way by Jupiter in Sagittarius in 2019 when you will be tempted to retrain, upskill or learn for the pure joy of it and also have one of the most memorable vacations or relocations in years. You are strongly Libra and this sign finds it very hard to go without love and sex but can sometimes make the wrong choices rather than be alone. You are also strongly Scorpio and this sign rules sex and money – the marriage and mortgage. There is inner conflict here though as you have Diana in Scorpio and she begged her father to release her from the trap of being a wife and mother! So you are at odds with yourself. You want a man, but you do not want a man. Likely, because of the realities of being a stepmother or a mother. Only you can really sort that out and using The Astrology Oracle may help you dig a bit deeper. You are in two minds according to your chart so as a result you are getting ‘no relationships to speak of’. Have a look at Diana in the Eighth House in your chart, and Diana in general.

  5. Thanks Jessica! Some of this – about money, rivals- I can already see! I am currently in the early stages of dating someone I have known for over 30 years. I’m wondering where it will end up, and as he lives away from me (and has still a divorce to get through) I can see that what you say about partnership may make sense Will it be an unsettled period for us?
    Also he has a Sagittarius stellium (incl Jupiter conjunct my dc) so I’m interested to see how Jupiter’s move into Sagittarius might affect us.

    1. It’s hard to say without a chart for the other person, or any birth date, but your shared Sagittarius factors do suggest a relocation for one or both of you in 2019, or at the very least the holiday of a lifetime. You have Ceres at 2 Leo. You don’t say if you have children, or if he does, but Leo rules your Fifth House of stepchildren and fertility, and your own offspring. The North Node of karma crosses Ceres (though is gone by November 2018) and this suggests the real question is the sons or daughters you/he had – or chose not to have. The karma needs to be closed, you see.

      1. Thanks Jessica- yes we both have children from previous relationships. His birth date is 25.11.71 time unsure but know it’s evening. Is this karma from a previous life together or just from our previous relationships with others?

        1. The children come first. The karma is from this lifetime but also previous lifetimes too. In fact the children may have been your parents! It can work like that sometimes.

  6. Heeeey! Happy Libra time! Thank you for the yearly birthday treats! I loved the dating one too – very true and I learned a lot about how you look for Jupiter! Again, I love that positive side of how you “show and tell”!

    I have a question regarding my personal year. I have had it w/the lessons. Even when Jupiter was in Libra, I felt like it was a lesson and more of a “rebirth” or transformation for me, which is growth, but it is still difficult. It’s like I had to learn how to live all over again. No fun and very different from the last cycle! As a Libra-Scorpio, it is important for me to have a partner. It is time! My question is: who, what, where, when, and/or how? I’ve used the oracle many times, but it confuses me…please help me understand better of what is coming up for my personal year. Thank you I’m advance! 😉

    1. If you want a partner and are confused by The Astrology Oracle, it may help to follow a basic reading. First, test the present. If your life was a magazine, which two cards would be on the cover and describe your main headline story? Create a silent space and ‘long’ time in your day to do this. Give yourself peace and quiet and do not rush it. Get the answer that makes your jaw drop, it’s so accurate. Then ask the oracle ‘What is the main obstacle in my way, stopping me from having a partnership?’ (Write these down as you go, so you can make more notes later in a journal). Ask ‘What do I need to do/pursue within 6 months to have a partnership?’ You will have popped yourself into a particular universe just by doing that. Stay there. Take your reading seriously and watch for signs/confirmation that you are on track.

    1. Louisa, the Libra New Moon is a better idea, and it also takes place when you still have Jupiter (good fortune) in Scorpio (financial returns). Try to do it well before Mercury Retroshadow though, from October 29th.

  7. Thanks Jessica!

    It’s been a challenging year for me and looking forward to some positive changes soon. Do you see any changes to my job/career? Also I feel like I’m ready for a relationship now. What are the prospects of that happening this year?

    Thank you so much!


    1. You’ll go back to the future with your career, from the month of November and into 2019. By this I mean you did some great things/good things about 19 or 20 years ago, and these will now be rewarded. You could call it good karma, actually. July 2019 is likely to shed light on this for you. Your love and sex life will be far more predictable and regular from March 2019. You have had years of instability and uncertainty here, but once Uranus changes signs in March, you will find that the ‘rejection dance’ as I call it, stops. The game of love, sex, dating, partnership and marriage has been one rejection after another, because either you have been turning your back on people or particular choices, or you have heard ‘No’ the other way – or been ignored, sidelined, undermined and so on. The ‘No’ game stops in March. You will really feel it, NP, so hang in there.

      1. Hi Jessica,

        Also will my current financial situation improve this year? Can I expect some kind of a improvement/relief in that aspect?

        Many Thanks!


        1. You were born with Uranus at 2 Scorpio in your Eighth House of banking, taxation, property, charity and business. You have a square with Saturn at 2 Leo and transiting (travelling) Uranus will move to 2 Taurus within months. You are being asked to change. Try to do that. If you hang on to the past it will not work. You only get this transit once in your life and although nobody likes shifting their basic position on money, shopping, houses, apartments, income and the rest – you must try to do that. 2019 is about adapting – surfing the waves – not standing still and trying to head them off by not budging. This can and does get easier but first, learn to surf.

  8. Hi Jessica, this is the first time I have submitted a comment. I’m sun in libra and have many other factors in libra also. To say the last 10 years have been difficult in terms of relationships is an understatement. I dated someone for 5 years & he married someone else in a blink of an eye. Then when Jupiter was in libra I went to America had an amazing holiday & met someone new ( he is Pisces ) This was also another disaster. I booked a ticket to go back & see him & a week before I was meant to leave he told me he met someone else. I have spoken to him a couple of times over the years since 2016 & just got back from my third trip to America only to discover through one of his friends he has had a baby and didn’t tell me! The day I left America he found out I was there & mad I hadn’t told him I was there. He continues to tell me he would like to see me again & have no idea why. I certainly don’t encourage that behaviour as he has a new family now. He hurt me a lot & have only spoken to him so I could try get closure but instead I continued to be shocked by his behaviour. I would really like to move on with my life already. More than anything I would like to have a baby but starting to lose hope on all fronts as every time I meet someone it’s just the same story over and over again. Do you think I will meet anyone new anytime soon as I want nothing to do with any of my exes!

    1. I am sorry you have had such rotten experiences in love, when you want to have a baby. You have Saturn at 23 Libra in the Seventh House of love, sex and marriage. That is hard work. We all have Saturn somewhere and wherever he turns up, you have to double your efforts, learn more lessons and accept that things take more time. It may be useful for you to look up Saturn and the Seventh House when you finish reading this. Pluto is also at 26 Libra in the Seventh House, so these two planets have been opposed by (challenged by) Uranus – the planet of revolution, shock, radical change, freedom and independence – as he passed slowly across 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 Libra in recent times. This would have coincided with your difficult break-ups. You will be relieved to hear the cycle ends in March 2019. Uranus leaves Aries and will no longer oppose Libra. Yet – you do have some lessons to learn about weddings, babies and marriage – not with another man, but by yourself. This will happen far more easily and naturally after March and then you can figure out how you are going to get what you want, which is a child in your world and a partner to share the load. There are many different ways into this, as you will see. In the meantime, get a work partner. You need ‘two’ in your life. This may be unpaid work, like a charity, or your regular career. Try to pair off that way. You are strongly Libra and it can help to find a duet (or even several duets) that have nothing to do with wedding cakes and rings, but everything to do with knowing how ‘two’ works. This balances your chart and your life. It makes the acquisition of sexual partnerships, and keeping them, less of a strain and often less of an obsession. I hope that helps. But – life will be so very much easier once Uranus has moved on.

  9. Jessica for this Libra the question remains related to my desire to have another child. Any positive indications in the next yea?

    1. You have Saturn at 15 Leo in the Fifth House of parenthood. It’s hard to say without the father’s chart as well, as he may also have Leo factors. In general, you have more work ahead and more waiting games with this pattern, and it may help to read more about Saturn and the Fifth House on search.

  10. Hello Jessica,

    Thanks for another great article. I read and comment on all of them.

    I don’t have any real direct questions, but from my chart could you please give me anything that you may see.

    I am Libran with Sag and Scorpio Stellium. I am single, constantly travelling, and still living week to week.

    Thanks in advance


    1. Diana at 6 Sagittarius is about to meet her father Jupiter when he moves to 6 Sagittarius. Your Ninth House (look that up on Search) is like a real house, with Diana resident there, with her dog and hunting equipment in the hall. She lives alone because she does not want to get married or have children. Her house, your Ninth House, is full of souvenirs from abroad. When Jupiter moves in around 8th/9th November, he’s her father come to stay and he will open new doors within the house and show her new rooms. That is exactly what is going to happen to you. It’s a house full of books, tourist visas, maps, computers and lessons going on, in every hidden space.

  11. Hi Jessica

    Nice to always read the birthday horoscope. I’m currently single and no interest in anyone romantically sexually or intellectually – although it doesn’t particularly bother me – I’m still curious if based on my charts you see anything specific.

    I’m also wondering about owning my own home and move out of mum’s home – though short on finances required but have started a little bit savings and so on – is there anything on this front as well?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Make your money saving or money making move, now through October 28th and not after that date if you can avoid it. Shaolee, you will be offered the right apartment or house at the right price in 2020, or find a relative, partner or friend makes it possible for you to move. This new place will be bigger and better than where you are now. Of course, you have to reach for it when it is offered. You would be amazed at how many people don’t!

  12. Hi Jessica! Does anything stand out in my chart regarding my career and marriage?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. You have the Sun at 29 Libra and Uranus is crossing 29 Libra for the last time. This is the last serious challenge to your marriage for some time but it needs to change to survive or it may not last the distance as it was, many years ago – the cycle ends in March 2019.

  13. Hello Jessica
    Can you please tell me what you Can See about this libra birthday , corresponding my astrological profil
    Thanks a lot

    1. You will take the holiday of a lifetime in 2019 following an incredible line-up of right time, right place, right people. The place will be much more than a vacation as you will become fascinated by an aspect of the local belief system, history, heritage or culture.

  14. HI Jessica,
    Does this apply to me if I have my moon and venus in Libra, while my sun and rising are scorpio?
    Wondering if you could let me know what you see in my chart as well as i’m trying to make a very hard decision about a life change.

    1. I’d love to tell you, as a fellow Jessica, but I cannot see a birth chart here. Try logging in, if you are a Premium Member. This does not apply to you at all if you are not a Sun Libra.

  15. Hi Jessica, I am going for an interview for a job that’s a bit above my pay grade but I would love to do so much. I am heading back to work after having my baby last year and Was wondering if u had any advice for the interview? Thanks so much A

    1. You are strongly psychic and will sense ahead of time what is required anyway, A, as you have a big Pisces chart signature. Yet – your chart says you are a good team player. Emphasise that on your C.V. if you have (for example) been involved with a club, team or charity. Make sure your employer knows you are friendly and keen to take your place within a group. This is actually who you really are, so it’s not a hard sell! Good luck.

  16. Hello jessica. I recently met a Gemini woman of which Iwe have many things in common. She lives in another country and I’m actually visiting her next month. I wanted to know what my love life is looking like the remaining of 2018 and also next year. Do we have a future together?

    1. If you are absolutely certain you are the only man on the scene, you could easily make a commitment in November, December – but as Mercury retrogrades at this time see if you can wait until January to actually lock things in, put signatures on the line, make your bookings and the rest. Yet, she is in a cycle when engagement, marrying or moving in with someone stands an excellent chance of success in 2019.

  17. Great article, Jessica!!! I’ve been dealing with rejection after rejection in my relationships since 2011 – so this really speaks to me. My birthday is tomorrow … where should my focus be?

    1. Happy birthday. You have done the full cycle actually as you have placements very early and also very late in the sign of Libra in your Seventh House of love, sex and relationships. Uranus, the planet of rejection, has been clashing with everything you possess, for many years. From March 2019 it is over and you can pursue quite a different path. Uranus in Leo in your Fifth House is a major clue, though. Part of you rejects motherhood, rejects other people’s children (your potential stepchildren) or even rejects parenting, physically (your body may not have been able to take a pregnancy). This is pretty natural and predicable with this placement but it does have a major impact on who you date, how you date, and who wants to stick around or not. Coming to terms with this means knowing yourself very, very well regarding the world of children or even adult children – look up Uranus and the Fifth House on Search when you finish reading this. It is not unusual for people with this placement to fall in love with partners who make being a step-parent or parent impossible, because they’re simply not going to last the distance. Thus you have a get out clause. You are not wedged into a position where you must take on somebody else’s child. You don’t say if you ever had a son or daughter but actually that’s the core story here, with all you’ve been going through. You fall in love specifically with people who deliver an end result each time and that is tied to these feelings about motherhood, according to your chart.

  18. Hello and thanks for the b’day post. Love your work. May I ask what you see in 2019 for me with business, marriage and grown children? Stelliums Libra, Scorpio and Leo. Appreciate it x

    1. Thank you and happy birthday. You will have your Jupiter Return in Sagittarius from November, and as this can only happen once every 12 years it is very important. Jupiter in Sagittarius will go back to the place he occupied at your birth. Hit Search and look up the Ninth House when you finish reading this, as it is set to be your dream ticket to an unforgettable 2019. Ceres at 7 Sagittarius and Bacchus at 8 Sagittarius are also in this house, which is about travel and travel in the mind. Journeys and journeys of the spirit and intellect. Foreign people and places will feature powerfully and you could easily make the most powerful new connection with another culture, country or region – in a lasting way. November and December may be wobbly, but your new bike ride is correct and you will soar into a new year full of exploration and wonder.

  19. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for the early birthday present.
    My one hope is for a much happier 2019 with a few things going my way for a change!!

  20. Hi Jessica! Sincerely appreciate you sharing all of your insights – I absolutely love your approach to astrology.

    I am a Scorpio sun with large stelliums in both Libra and Sagittarius. I’m curious to know your intuitive thoughts on the most important upcoming aspects for my chart!

    Thank you again!

    1. Thank you very much. You will take the holiday of a lifetime in 2019 and even move to a radically different part of your country, or the world, which educates you so much. A pin on the map will turn out to be so special to you. As I type this I can hear two Russian men chatting in the airport at Dubai so that’s a piece of synchronicity I will pass on. Next year is very, very special if you want to travel and travel in the mind. You will see the first clues in November, yet despite delays or changes by Christmas, you will be on your way from January 2019, literally.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    I enjoy reading your blogs. Can you please provide me with some key insights from my birth chart. I have been feeling very stuck and confused in the work and relationship areas of my life.

    1. You are strongly Gemini with a big Third House signature (look up Gemini, Third House, when you finish reading this). Do you keep a diary or journal? It would make you feel so much better and clearer. Gemini types do best when they write it down and get it out of their heads. You can rip it up afterwards. You will be given an amazing opportunity to study, retrain or upskill in 2019. It may be casual and part-time or formal. Just say yes. That will move a lot of things forward for you.

  22. Thank god for good news!!
    It would all be pretty perfect it would arrive a little faster because I’m getting desperate ahah

    The last few months have been so tough in relationships (rejection and disappearing acts every single time), at work (I’ve lost all my virtual assistant freelancing clients to find a great job in webdesign… but paying really really badly) and even at home (I’ve had to come live with my parents again because I don’t have money to rent anything for myself). Best thing that happened this year was an incredible solo-trip I did almost for free thanks to kind people I met along the way.

    When I finally start working on myself and learning how to love myself… Disappearing Ex (Pisces) comes into the picture again! Making me all hopeful BUT also fearful and scared… I guess I’m just a typical Libra and I need a relationship to feel that everything is well.

    I’m just praying that everything falls into place fast. With my money and career. With my relationships and with my independence!

    Do you see anything on my chart, regarding these issues, that I should focus/beware of?

    Anyway, thank you for the hope

    1. You are luckiest when you serve, so go back to the idea of serving – doing your daily duty in the most perfect detail you can manage. Virtual assistance is actually great for you with your Jupiter in Virgo in the Sixth House of service. You also design for the web which gives you the role of Queen and you have enough Leo in your chart to make that necessary. You say you’re broke. That’s not necessary. Try to find a lifestyle which combines your Virgo truth and Leo truth. It may be, for example, that you resume online assistance duties (or do that in the real world) but save your spare time for shaping the blog or website of your dreams. By the way, this is a complete home and work reshape, starting November and it involves lessons or rewards, karmically, from about 19 years ago. Look up Virgo and the Sixth House when you finish reading this. Baby, it’s you.

      1. Thank you for all the advice, Jessica! I will enjoy this time, until the 29th, to change my professional future for the better.
        Also, you mentioned a “complete home and work reshape” and… My cousin, who’s about my age, gave me the idea of living together and share expenses so… I’m hopeful that before November (or in November with caution), I’ll be able to move out.

        The disappearing younger ex I talked about… Yesterday (under the New Moon still) he invited me to have dinner. We will meet tomorrow. On the article you talk about a major shift with someone and a redefinition of what a relationship should be (perhaps with an ex) and how it will “allow you to lead a more stable and predictable existence”. I feel our relationship might fit the description. But you also mention that “from around 7th November, the revolution is back on until around March 7th, 2019 – for the last time!”.
        Should I gather that this renewal of our relationship will have a close expiration date?

        1. Your ex is part of your Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle which begins in November. He is either in transit, moving or just not settled and you would have to really change his life to make him put down roots. He’s a good person to have around. Lots of energy. Good ideas. Positive. He is your Jupiter (education, knowledge exchange) cycle in the sign of the traveller, the regional or global picture and broad intellectual or educational horizons. So he brings all that to you, in a fleeting way. He definitely needs to find the right home and work environment because nothing will happen in his life until he does. Over to you.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    in the past few years i’ve been looking for two things: paid work in my field – i’ve been fooled so much – and a relationship with a certain person. And money, also. But as you can see, nothing of the sort happened. I’ve been blind and really stupid sometimes, but i don’t really know wether believe in my book and writing anymore and what to wish with this person.
    Is there anything in particular in my chart that might help me taking a direction?

    Thank you for your time, always

    1. Please don’t call yourself blind or stupid, even ‘sometimes’ as you are nothing of the sort. You are strongly Sagittarian and from November 2018 your life will change for the better as you become aware of courses you can do (part-time or full-time) and education you can make a commitment to, either adding to the skills you already have, or upgrading and updating what you already have on your C.V. Even if there is a slow or uncertain start in November and December, please keep going, as it is only Mercury Retrograde standing in your way. From just after Christmas it all makes perfect sense and by January 2019 you could be well on your way to one of the most remarkable learning experiences of your life. This in turn will help you reshape your work as in 2020 Jupiter crosses your Moon in Capricorn in the Tenth House and you stand to gain from a new position, a promotion, an award or similar. In love and sex, I have to say – you were born with Saturn (which is very hard work and the eternal waiting game) in Libra in the Seventh House of marriage, engagement and affairs as well. It is very common for people with Saturn in the Seventh House to fall in love with people who are unavailable, so that they can comfort themselves with all ‘the feels’ (the endorphin rush of having a crush) and also feeling normal in society (everyone has to be in love with love in the West). Yet, by craving someone who is totally disinterested or quite unavailable they never actually have to get into bed with them. And so nothing happens. Ever. This can be just as painful as being in a bad marriage, but there is a solution. Teach yourself to drop the impossible dream. I suspect you’ve done this before. Is there a pattern of hopeless crushes? If so, life is too short. You could easily find a new date, by pursuing education, academia or part-time skill upgrades next year. It does not have to cost. A lot of education these days is perfectly free.

  24. Hi Jessica
    I would really like to know if there is actually “anything” wonderful coming up for me in the future. For me as a Libra, I am honestly and totally disinterested in having a relationship. Isn’t that interesting? wasn’t always the case but I look back on my life and have discovered that when I was looking for a relationship, it was only because I thought I “should” be looking for a relationship. So here I am free and easy and perfectly happy and comfortable with my decision to be alone 🙂 My question is though, that my life has been hard these last few years and I would love to have something exciting and meaningful occur. Since I have a large Capricorn and Scorpio stellium, I wonder should I be looking to those signs for clues of future events? My Libra sun seems to be so far removed from who I am really these days. I feel the Aquarius in Diana need for freedom more that anything. Thank you as usual for your detailed and very interesting article Jessica. You put so much effort in and excel with your information. So giving.

    1. Thank you. You have a stellium in the Ninth House in Sagittarius, which will be crossed by Jupiter from November 2018, and dominate 2019. You are a born student, reader and writer and may have excelled at English, Speech and Drama or languages at school. You are lucky enough to have been born into a family where travelling or even moving came very naturally and so have a better grasp of the world than most people. If you have taken every chance you have been given in life, you will have pursued higher education and may return to it – you don’t say if you have a degree or not, but in general strongly Ninth House people often move on to an M.A. from a B.A. for example. You are also quite a capable teacher, guide or mentor, however you choose to use that skill. In later life you may find you are teaching others in a more casual and less formal way. The world of books, publishing and libraries also belongs to the Ninth House and you could thrive here. All this ignites from November and by 2019 you will either be taking a class or happily joining one – perhaps several – and may achieve your greatest effort yet in digital or traditional publishing. An unforgettable holiday or relocation is also in store.

  25. Hi jessica, can you tell me anything about my love and work life? I’m a cancer, libra ascendent, single for 10 years now, and the libra horescopes resonates very well for me. Better than the cancer horoscopes. Life is been very hard in the last years but, at the same time, very very interesting.
    Thank so much and sorry for my bad english

    1. Please don’t apologise for the language barrier – I write and speak Italian so badly you would not believe it. You have a stellium in Cancer in the Fourth House of heritage, culture, history, home, home town, homeland, family tree, relatives and of course property itself – houses and apartments. Your whole life has been shaped by the highs and lows of this as it triggers the deepest feelings and emotions in you, and common sense or logic does not really enter into it. You feel what you feel. You need what you need. The Sun, Mercury, MC, Diana, Fortuna, Proserpina and North Node in Cancer suggest past life karma with a family member, for better or worse. Diana is the big one here because she asked her father to release her from marriage and motherhood, and you have her in Cancer, so a big part of you does not want to be at home with a pram in the hall. Not one little bit. I mention the Cancer signature in your Fourth House (look up both on Search later) because from November 2018 the North Node moves back into Cancer for the first time in around 19 years. You are headed for a tremendous period of past life karmic closure with the family, or in terms of your town or country. It intensifies in 2019. Some of what happens will relate back to life around the year 2000 for you. As your decisions about love, sex, marriage, living with a partner, parenthood and so on are related to this, you will come out of 2019 knowing yourself better and making decisions from 2020 which help you move on from all those past life debts and credits, as well as accumulated karma in this lifetime too. The North Node always sends you back, back, back. Then you build a different future.

  26. Oh goodness! That sounds exciting. I actually had a rough ride as a child and left school very young. However I have been a lifelong student of such a long list of subjects because there are so many subjects that draw me in. I tend to want to know everything I possibly can about my favourite subject of the moment. I have trained many people within various roles in my life and enjoy imparting information and showing patience while I train.
    Yes a family that moved was in fact my background, but unfortunately that was never a pleasant experience and due to that I have nearly become a recluse and find I can barely travel outside of my town as a result. Probably need to see a counsellor for that one :).
    The world of books and libraries has been my lifetime joy and you could not be more correct in that. Funny I always put that down to being a Libra. I am only ever sorry when my eyes start to fail me and I need to sleep or I would just read my life away.
    Thank you so much for replying Jessica.

  27. Dear Jessica: I am very well qualified with multiple degrees including bachelors, masters, PhD, and great experience. I have had a very hard time getting stable appropriate jobs, I founded my own company and it has been difficult to get work through this means also. Does my chart show possible improvement moving forward?

    Thank you

  28. Dear Jessica: I am very well qualified with multiple degrees including bachelors, masters, PhD, and great experience. I have had a very hard time getting stable appropriate jobs, I founded my own company and it has been difficult to get work through this means also. Does my chart show possible improvement moving forward?

    Thank you

    I think I am log in now

    1. I’m so sorry, but you’re still not logged in and I can’t see your chart. I would guess that you have Capricorn factors in your Tenth House without even seeing it. But do try to log in and I can see what is going on.

  29. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the glorious birthday horoscope.
    So much has happened this last year that personally, I feel that I that have been handed new beginning. Oh the possibilities.
    Can you give me an extract of where I am going from here.
    As always,

    Thank you

    1. In 2019 Jupiter in Sagittarius crosses your Ninth House and triggers your placements there. When a distant region or foreign country crosses your radar not just once, but twice or three times – follow up. The locals or the place itself is meant to be and will produce a huge amount of good in your life.

  30. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for the birthday present.
    Are you able to tell me finance and relationship side of my horoscope? I have a fulltime job which pays an average wage Launched an estore trying sell home decor products as I have free time. No sales but trying drive traffic. Since my break up family helped me financialy but can’t rely on them long term . I want to make my own fortune and want to be successful with my entrepreneurial side effort. Anything you could share? Regards..

    1. You have Juno (commitment) at 1 Scorpio in your Eighth House of business. You have chosen to launch your business with Uranus (the revolution) at 1 Taurus, right opposite. This is really hard work. In fact you have never had this transit in your life. You will find there are more obstacles from March 2019 when Uranus returns to 1 Taurus but it eases up after that. Be open to radically different ways of making or saving money on this cycle. If your birth time is accurate your also have your MC and IC at 10 degrees of the money signs, and Uranus going over 10 degrees will trigger that eventually. Ask yourself where the innovations and inventions are and look there, particularly (specifically) in the area of currency, banking, fundraising and business itself. You have that kind of chart. But bear in mind Uranus is never a smooth, predictable ride and he just moved in for many years to come. Keep trying online, though, if you persist with your ideas about the internet it will work for you – you are strongly Gemini – and in fact if you develop your language skills, that could work out really well.

      1. If you don’t mind me asking one more question?
        Is there a better time to launch the estore? I launched the store when Bacchus semi Sextile Jupiter.

        I haven’t connected the estore to Amazon yet. Is there a better time prior to mercury retrograde or the last time moon conjunct jupiter in Scorpio?
        Thank you

        1. You may want to wait until Uranus is right away from your natal Juno at 1 Scorpio. This is a rare pattern, in your Second and Eighth House of finance and business, and it’s extremely hard work. Uranus goes back and forth from 1 Taurus through to 2 Taurus in 2019 so you are going to have an unpredictable (Uranus) cashflow (Taurus) confronting (the opposition) your commitment (Juno) to your business (Scorpio) – for another year or so. You can’t really take Jupiter in Scorpio out of context with the rest of your chart and although that semi-sextile from Bacchus was nice, it’s not really much of a match for a very long opposition from Uranus. The very best favour you can do for yourself is use the conjunction from Jupiter to your Hygiea at 26 Scorpio which arrives soon. You were born with Hygiea (protection, screening, pre-empting problems, security against, insurance, safety mechanisms and ‘prevention is better than cure) in Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, property, business, charity. Jupiter arrives at 26 Scorpio for the last time in 12 years around Sunday 21st October. There is a great chance there to take care of the future for yourself. After that, you really do have to deal with the Uranus-Juno opposition though and it won’t really be until 2020 that it moves right off that axis.

  31. Hi Jessica,
    Can you take a look at my chart becuase I noticed it is different. I have always been Leo rising 16, with MC Taurus and IC Scorpio form the previous chart on the website. Thank you.

  32. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the Libra Birthday article..
    Can’t even find the words to say how difficult lufe has been for years now in every sometimes usecthe analogy of the pin ball machine, that’s how it feels yes.
    Is there anything in my chart that says something nice is coming soon?
    I have stelliums is Scorpio, Virgo and Libra, rather confusing to me.
    Thank you,
    Take care.

    1. Thank you. There are a couple of solid chances for you to make or save money coming in October – try to sign off on this, before the 29th if you can, Robsta. You get this cycle about once every 12 years.

  33. You are correct I have Jupiter and Saturn conjunt at the end of Capricorn. Hopefully you can see my chart now. It says that I am logged in .

    Thank You,

    1. Okay, so all you need to know is that you are going through a career reshape over the next couple of years (intensely) and yet by Christmas 2020 it’s mostly over. People or organisations which basically want to own you, or take over, or run the situation are a predictable and rather boring outcome of Pluto in Capricorn, but they will resign, be sacked, lose their jobs in other ways – as is always the way with Plutonians. You are having your Saturn Return in Capricorn at around the same time as your Jupiter Return in Capricorn so 2019-2020 is a big deal for you. You may find that you are forced to come up with a totally different way – of doing what you used to do. You will come up smiling. For now, get serious and get real about what you can do, what you need to learn or acquire and where you want to be in 2020, in a lasting sense!

  34. Dear Jessica,
    Dont know if you are still taking questions on this. Would be lovely to hear back.

    What you wrote is so close to whats happening in my life. Bizzarely and really very unexpectedly, I have fallen for a colleague when I have a great husband (gemini) and a daughter. The sensible me knows I need to reign in and not go down that route. However, the inner conflict and the constant pinning is something that has quite frankly surprised me as I dont easily go head over heels.

    Is there any advice you have for me? When does my love life settle down? There have been far too many ups and downs in the last 8 years. I was thinking its going to settle now but out of nowhere these new romantic feelings sprouted up. Of course I dont have a great marriage which I think has caused this. What does the future hold for me?

  35. Hi Jessica, can you see my chart now? Shows me that I am logged in. Same query as above. Just a name change. If it’s easy my birth date is 17.10.1979 12.59pm

    1. Actually, over the next 12 months, the best thing I can tell you is financial – you are strongly Scorpio and Taurus, so are emotionally invested in financial security, property, charity and/or business. You are set to experience a fascinating cycle when you have to figure out how much to hold, how much to hang onto, and how fixed you are going to be in your attitude towards all that you earn, own or owe. Cash is such a part of who you are over the next 12 months but with Uranus transiting Taurus and your Second House you have some major questions to answer about how flexible you need to be. I think this will be about your values. What you will and will not sell your soul for. Who or what you consider to be priceless. It’s a big year.

      1. Thanks for the reply, Jessica. I an actually strongly Libran not Scorpio or Taurus as I read from my birth chart. And I thought the Uranus in taurus is affecting my 8th house.

        Finances, to be honest, have really been all okay for a long time now. Its really my love/married life that has been going through a turbulent cycle in the last decade. Very unexpectedly, I have fallen for a colleague when I have a great husband (gemini) and a daughter. The sensible me knows I need to reign in and not go down that route. However, the inner conflict and the constant pinning is something that has quite frankly surprised me as I dont easily go head over heels.

        Is there any advice you have for me? When does my love life settle down? There have been far too many ups and downs in the last 8 years. I was thinking its going to settle now but out of nowhere these new romantic feelings sprouted up. Of course I dont have a great marriage which I think has caused this. When does it all settle down?

        1. You are strongly Taurus and Scorpio with factors in your Second House and Eighth House of finance. You are married with a child and have fallen in love with another man. I’m just going to repeat – you have huge financial issues to consider in 2019 – be a total realist about your money. Think about what would happen if you had sex with another man outside marriage and your husband left you. Even if you stay in your family, you still need to be right across the money. Have you seen what is happening to the stock market today?

  36. As a Libra you state that all communication should be finished by October 25 2018 what if I started some thing before that time but cannot finalize it, would it be safe,also my other question that I had posted Not to waste time libra 10/18/1938 .I am involved with writing ,communication, and involved in study at this time. Family problems have not improved in fact deteriorated.have put them aside and started to put me first at certain times. I wish to move (Problems) do you see resolutions this coming year for moving ,(by Myself) to a new location. And what success do you see with my communication project as far as making it worth while emotionally and financially……..I still have many blocks but finally am determined to move forward
    Thank you

    1. You have Jupiter (solutions, opportunities, optimism, growth, expansion) in Sagittarius in your Third House of communication, study and writing for most of 2019 and he moves in, as November 2018 begins. That is a fantastic new cycle for you. We have the North Node of karma moving into Cancer and your Fourth House of family in November as well. There is money ahead. Rather a lot of money. It needs to be shared, managed and distributed between the different generations, from very young to very old. Why am I hearing the word ‘Hugo’ clairaudiently? Perhaps it will be meaningful to you.

      1. GOOD DAy (my birth date 10 18 1938 between 4am and 6am) In your response to me you said you heard the word Hugo Clair audiently (did not know that was possible ) have wracked my mind and I am in dealings with people on property that have the name aruajo pronounce sometimes Arugo could it be that. I am interested in their house and have much to work out thank you for your response you also say rather a lot of money could that be starting in November 2018

  37. Thank you for your answer, i would much appreciate if you could tell me if i will move in 2019 and if alone

  38. Hi Jessica!
    Grateful for this expanded view of the year! Your weekly forecasts are always super helpful.
    I’ve been in a lot of loss the past three years… will 2019 finally bring some stability in career and where I live? I feel a bit wide open and wonder if opportunities will come to help me narrow down my path? And if money will be a loss or gain?
    Again, many thanks, Vikki

    1. Stability and permanence are not always what they are cracked up to be Vikki, and in fact you are in a change cycle when you need to surf the waves and see where the ride takes you. If you try to hang on too tightly to what you know, or whom you know, you would be denying yourself a most exhilarating adventure, so when you meet new signposts on the way, and know there might be a chance for you on those roads, you may want to try them. You are having Uranus in Taurus go over your chart and the smart money is on being flexible, adaptable and open to what comes. Invent a new way to be yourself and find out what it feels like to be free.

  39. Hello Jessica,
    Your insight would be greatly appreciated in looking at my chart to see if anything of significance catches your eye for the year ahead. I’m usually quite an optimistic soul on my Birthday, but lately not feeling to much. ☹️
    Thank you

    1. It’s your Jupiter Return in Sagittarius in the Ninth House, of travel – and travel in the mind. You only get this once every 12 years and it happens in November. There will be a huge opportunity or solution which allows you to pack your bags, take a course or class, or teach one. There may also be a worldwide web blog, website or digital publishing venture in tow, or a foreign face and place connected.

      1. Thank you Jessica,
        Well what could be more uplifting than expanding my mind through travel or learning something new !
        And speaking of that…
        I So enjoy touring your website. I can easily spend hours here Exploring the wealth of knowledge you so graciously share.
        What a gift you have !

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