How To Use The FANTASTIC Virgo New Moon

The Virgo New Moon on Sunday 9th September 2018 is one of the very best of the year - here is how to use it.

Do you want to use the FANTASTIC Virgo New Moon, coming on Sunday 9th September? It’s brilliant for new work projects, diets, fitness commitments, detoxing, fresh university or college challenges, voluntary efforts and your lifestyle. You can double that message if you have any Virgo factors in the Sixth House of your chart. Here’s how.

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202 Responses

  1. Hi Jess
    Can you give me some advise about my 5% Pluto in Virgo being pinged?
    Thanks Baroona

    1. Baroona, September is really about your North Node in Virgo in the Sixth House too. The North Node describes your karma. You have had one or more lifetimes in service to other people. You may have done your duty a soldier, for example, or as a housemaid. You bring that past life memory and experience into this one, which is why you probably have quite strong and compelling experiences with your work. You definitely do/don’t want to pursue a particular path in your career…the North Node usually operates as a feeling that you have ‘been there, done that, don’t want to do it again’ and I have seen readers with the North Node in Virgo react very strongly against the idea of even doing housework, for example, because they are reminded of past lives when that was all they did! You also have Pluto in Virgo in your Sixth House so in this lifetime you are here to control your work or study, and perhaps unpaid work – and to discover what it feels like to have power over your own destiny. There will be two events in September which show you this, exactly. One is about your own initiative and the other just arrives. By October you will really love the new path you are on with what you do!

  2. Hi Jessica, how exciting! I will await 9 September with anticipation. I have Pluto at 17 Virgo and Uranus at 19 Virgo, so it sounds pretty personal as well but I am not sure which area this may involve. Is it likely to concern my work (academia) or my health/fitness? Both have been an area for development so I am not sure. Thank you for any thought.

    1. September is about both your work in academia and your body. It is really unusual to see such a clear Virgo story in your chart and we have one, coming up, with the New Moon, Mercury and then Cupido all moving powerfully through the area of your horoscope where you sort out your sleep, your morning routine (the tiniest details, from breakfast to your teeth) and then your actual working day, including time out for exercise. You have arrived on the planet in order to discover that you take care of your own body and thus gain control. This sometimes means the most tremendous struggles as of course there are entire industries tied to supermarket and pharmacy chains which have an investment in controlling you! I am sure you know all about the devious experiments which are done in order to find out which fat/sugar combination addicts us best. This idea of taking back your power, becoming empowered, taking back control will dominate September. It is very likely to come as an invitation, offer or piece of news which makes you sit up straight and look at what you are actually doing, in terms of your lifestyle and body. You will also hear about a new project, appointment or other structural change in September which enables you to run things far more efficiently, and with huge enjoyment, from the final week.

  3. Hello Jessica,
    I am so excited about this too!
    I have lots of 17’degree points and a few Virgo asteroids that make me believe something special is coming on this new moon for me. Am I right?

    Thanks so much xx

    1. Yes – and you have your Cupido Return coming up. He moves into Virgo at the very end of September so the final quarter of 2018 is about coming back to what you love, in terms of your daily workload. Cupido in your horoscope is a symbol of what you adore, but also what others adore about you. This is quite clearly a skill, talent or ability you have made your own and the seed of that would have been there at school. You genuinely enjoy mastering this, in order to serve other people, but at the same time – they love this about you too. I have seen Cupid in Virgo in the charts of people who were very good professional cooks, for example. They delighted in cooking but their restaurant customers also gave the place starry reviews. September is a fresh start. October helps you carry that fresh start on. This will either be a project or plan within your existing job, course or unpaid work – or one that comes in from left field. I don’t think you’ll hesitate to say ‘yes.’

  4. Yay, I will definitely use this post to give me hope as I’ve had an absolute shit year and a half. I’m making progress on the body but not having work that I’m passionate about or brings meaning I s slowly (or quickly) killing me. I’m excited then about what you say about Cupido – who I have at 4 degrees Virgo in my natal chart. Does this mean anything ? Thank you xx

    1. You have the 28, 29 and 0 patterns which show the very end of signs, and the start of signs, being hotspots in your chart. I am not surprised you have been feeling the work issues. What is going on is Uranus slowly getting stuck at the end of Aries, and start of Taurus. Same degrees! Uranus is the planet of radical change and in fact it is the only thing that will work, yet it is very hard to do that when he cannot make up his mind and keeps going backwards and forwards. March 2019 ends this ‘stuckness’ in your chart. In the meantime, September will in fact bring a new beginning which makes a difference to how you feel about your days. You will have your Cupido Return in the Sixth House. Have a look at the Sixth House on Search when you finish reading this, because it’s about to be triggered in the most fantastic way for you. Look up Cupido (Cupid) too – I have written quite a lot about him in Asteroid Astrology, which you have as a member. You can expect a shift with your job, or actually within your chosen field, which suits you perfectly as September rolls on.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I do not have any virgo factors but I do have a big work project coming up starting first week of September which is going to involve lot of travelling. Also following my promotion in May, this month I have been given a big team direct and indirect reporting. All of this is making me dizzy and I feel so stressed up, as the management has put up a career plan for me in the next one and half year which successfully completed will earn me a top managerial position. Will I be able to withstand the daily workload and career pressure?


    1. Fiery, congratulations on your promotion. You would not be human if you were not feeling some stress about the change. Part of your issue is your wide open Pisces side, which has no boundaries, so you feel, sense or know so much of what others are thinking! It is very common for people with Pisces and Twelfth House patterns to register what others are up to, and take that on board, along with their own stuff. No wonder you feel overloaded. September is the ideal time to spend some time online finding a new way to balance your chakras and protect your aura. I don’t know if you have seen your own aura, but I can vouch for the fact that it’s all real – we do in fact have coloured chakras, which show up as an almost neon/electric hue – and the aura can also be seen. What is happening with you, is that your aura is open to others and so the changes that management have made, which powerfully affect others’ state of mind too – are also being taken on board by you. On a daily basis, like taking a shower, you need to attend to your aura and chakras so you are balanced and protected. If you want to borrow a library book, look at the work of Linda Williamson, who is the ‘medium’s medium’ and has some excellent techniques. Betty Shine is also very good and her work is on YouTube.

  6. Hi Jessica!
    Thank you for this wonderful Virgo diary dates. I’ve been trying to lose weight for a very long time. It’s been a battle since childhood. Even though, I work out very hard 6 times a week now, and eat clean, I cannot seem to lose the 25 pounds. I do have a virgo stellium and have always been health conscious. I’ve also seen a few endocrinologists, and have adjusted my thyroid meds and added testosterone pellets. Can you tell me what my issues might be? And if 2018 might be the year for a breakthrough? It’s been a lifetime battle with my weight. Thank you, Jessica.

    1. I am sorry you have spent your whole life trying to lose the same 25 pounds and also have a thyroid issue. This is very much a Virgo and Sixth House concern so let’s take a look. Sun 26 Virgo, Mercury 10 Virgo, Juno 5 Virgo, Vesta 6 Virgo, Minerva 26 Virgo suggests you do in fact ‘cycle’ every month and it is tied to your menstrual cycle. Have you looked at that? Hopefully your doctor already did. You can see that the Sun and Minerva are conjunct or at the same degree. Vesta and Juno are almost exactly conjunct, just one degree apart. Whenever you see that in a birth chart, you are set up for regular monthly rhythms, as the Moon will cross 5, 6 and then 26 Virgo across a 48-hour period, every month. This is very likely to tally with your period. There is a second clue here and it is about your attitude towards love, sex and marriage. You bring your body into that, obviously, but here we have some mixed feelings about that. Have a look at your real feelings about commitment – a journal would work very well for you, as you are so strongly Virgo, and that sign rules writing and diaries. I have seen readers before who paid lip service to wanting a relationship, or a husband, but actually deep down did not want that at all. Their bodies served them by growing ever bigger which meant the men they actually wanted, did not necessarily always want them. Getting real about their deepest feelings about partnership was the turning point and one reader gave herself permission to be free, if she wanted to be – with the result that the weight got lost. She did this through hypnosis using Paul McKenna’s books and CDs (the CD comes with the book, as you may know). Whenever we see Virgo we see the body, but the mind and spirit influencing that. Along with using a journal or notebook, you may want to keep a food and drink diary to see what is actually going on. September is your best chance in 12 months to make a new beginning. There is a fair bit of unconscious decision making showing up in your chart. The unconscious is ruled by Pisces and the Twelfth House in your horoscope and here we find Proserpina at 26 Pisces in opposition to Minerva at 26 Virgo and the Sun, also at 26 Virgo. Thus, part of you is in conflict. Because it’s unconscious, one way to unlock that is to keep a diary or journal and particularly to write down your dreams. I know a very good dream coach named Jane Teresa Anderson who is generous with her insights and information and I also suggest you find her website. It’s not fair that you try so hard and still have the weight problem. Beyond the physical, medical, body concerns – there is something else going on here – and in astrology it is about what you unconsciously think, fear, want or do! When you finish this look up The Twelfth House and The Sixth House and see how one works with the other in your life.

  7. HI Jessica, I have five asteroids in Virgo:
    Ops 16 Virgo
    Proserpina: 3 Virgo
    Panacea: 13 Virgo
    Bacchus: 9 Virgo
    MC: 24 Virgo
    Can you please tell me a little about how this new moon will influence my chart? On September 9 I’m traveling back from Europe to US after a short vacation back home 🙂

    1. I love the way so many readers have unconsciously chosen September 9th as their start date or end date for something! If your birth time is strictly accurate then your MC at Virgo suggests your calling in life is to serve. Fulfilling your service and duty to others is central to your life purpose and of course, taking care of your body, so that you are fit to serve. Even if your birth time is not 100% accurate you still have some important asteroids in Virgo in your Sixth House. Daily work, where others come first, and God is in the details, is where you find and provide solutions, where you operate as a go-between, where you give and receive pleasure. Coming back to America after time away is important because it’s your fresh start back at work, at college or with your unpaid work, if you do that. There is more to it than that, though. I think what you experience in Europe will have an impact on the way you want to organise your lifestyle in future and September is the turning point. However, as so many others in your field or work space have been on vacation too, it feels like there will be a ripple effect, from the changes other people make, that also influence what you do, and how you do it.

      1. It’s ‘funny’ that you said “unconsciously’ many people chose Sept. 9th. as a start or end date. This trip wasn’t even in my plans two weeks ago. More so, the initial reservation had a return date of Sept. 6th however I decided in the last second to switched it for the 9th. These past two years have been among the toughest I’ve ever had -on all levels and in ALL areas of life- and even though I’m starting to feel a little better I’m still struggling a lot with moments of depression and hopeless feelings in general.
        Thank you for your reply! I appreciate you and your great articles.

        1. You have chosen the right date for a restart. Depression is of course an illness and I am sure you have seen your doctor. Hopeless feelings are part of the malady, and are so hard to bear. Have you looked at the excellent Australian website called Black Dog? It’s a goldmine of information and resources. You can use astrology to help and September is a wonderful month to begin your search for some solutions. You should not have to live with this, it is like any other kind of condition and you do need assistance. Bon chance.

  8. Jessica,
    My Cupido (August 12,1974 his birth day) left, quit the job where I work and left such a powerful emptiness around and effected me so deeply…
    What is this Jessica…
    What is happening and why me…
    Why everything I wish for is forbidden to me…

    When Cupido asteroid, moves into Virgo on Wednesday 26th September at 5.19pm will there be someone or something to love for me…

    1. You have a Libra stellium in your Seventh House of love, sex, marriage, separation and divorce, so being single or married is profoundly important to you and you would gain from watching the Moon in Libra every month. Across a two-day period every month you will see the Moon going into this sign, which is the perfect time to fix the past, learn about why things didn’t work out, skill-up on the dating market and look for someone new. You can track the Moon on the front page of this website every month!

  9. G’day Jessica,
    with a stellium of 5 in Virgo, I am very much looking forward to a “health re-vamp”. The last 10 years of desk bound work has had it’s effects.
    Interestingly I will be in Bhutan 8-14 September on holidays, (then on to Kathmadu & India) and although joining a gym during that period will be out of the question, I do look forward to seeing how this period & location takes shape.
    Thank you for sharing your skills with us all.
    (17.10.60 – Sydney)

    1. It’s really interesting that you just ‘happened’ to book a holiday in Bhutan, Kathmandu and India which begins on that New Moon. Unless you planned it? This is going to be about your food (just for a bet) and perhaps other lifestyle changes you may not have thought about before, like meditation. Have a terrific time BB and thank you for the compliment.

      1. Dates booked as post mercury retrograde. We endeavour to not travel overseas during retro, nor make bookings that can’t be easily changed or adapt to a plan B. Most holidays booked 11 months in advance. I am “organised”
        1 of your many lessons I have taken on board.

        1. Thank you. I think we’ve all just seen how much chaos can begin on Mercury Retrograde Shadow. There were moments there in Australia when nobody knew who the Prime Minister was, or would be. And it all happened across classic Mercury devices like smart phones, on What’s App. You’re wise to travel with one eye on this crazy cycle.

    2. Hi Jessica! I have so much Virgo in my birth chart and have been dealing with so many of the issues you’ve been detailing in the horoscopes. I’ve just moved back to the States from London and have come back to a home still in construction. Since home there have been quite a few hiccups with friends (I’m not directly involved, but still stressful) & there is an always present drama with an ex who lives here. Trying to decide where to invest my energy and this new moon sounds hopeful for me. Any insight you may have additionally would be appreciated!
      Thank you!!

      1. You are one of those people for whom routine is Queen. If your home is surrounded by building work, that is your first step. You obviously had your regular schedule or lifestyle in London, but figuring out a new way to live your 24 hour life is absolutely crucial. Heavily Virgo people (your personal chart is dominated by that sign) can’t really do anything about friends, former lovers or anything else until they realise that life is a diary. If your diary, calendar or schedule is not as perfectly ordered as you can get it, you need to make that the September priority, despite the noise and dust of the builders – and create it like Lego, block by block. You will be amazed at what a difference this makes to how you feel emotionally. This is the perfect month to try and sort it all out. You need the details, actually – and this goes down to the milk you have in your tea or coffee, the direction your bed faces and above all, what’s on your computer. There is a huge need to put yourself first. You’re not doing it.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the good news on forthcoming opportunities as I have a lot happening around Virgo 18 Pluto and I need the kick start for both health and work.

    However a little less thrilled about the 20 Scorpio & 21 Capricorn rock climbing and abseiling in the next article on Australian politics since I ping there too. Quite enough “Et Tu Brute” for now, thanks.

    But as always, you are just incredibly gifted at picking the topics and providing education, ‘prophesy’ and caution.

    Best wishes for the rest of your weekend.

    Kind regards,

  11. I’m a Gemini sun with mars, pluto and uranus all in Virgo. However my mars and pluto conjunction square my venus and moon in Gemini. Will I be able to focus on getting things done that weekend, on making a fresh start, or will that square frustrate me no end?

    1. Hard so say without knowing the degrees – it’s very unusual to have a Mars-Pluto conjunction exactly square your Venus and Moon. I can’t see a chart here so knowing the numbers would help.

  12. Thank you so much for this article. I have been wondering what the new moon on my birthday would mean for me so this has been a really good insight on what to expect and where to focus my energy, thanks again.

    1. Happy birthday! You’ll set a great course for the next 12 months if you use that New Moon to focus, set intentions and keep a journal to follow up.

  13. HI Jessica your website is now my first visit every day! I really enjoy it and am learning from it thank you! I have Pluto at 3 degrees in my 6th house, I do look after myself in terms of diet and exercise, what should I expect or do with this aspect to work with this new moon positively.

    1. Thank you for this compliment, which I will pass onto James, Justin, Jodi, Alyas and Kerry. You’ll really gain from September as you will be shown new options for either health insurance or actual treatment/service. This would be not only about strictly medical issues but also therapies like massage, Pilates and so on. This will happen within a few days of that New Moon so keep your eyes open. It may be as simple as a great two-for-one deal on contact lenses, or a dentist in your area offering a great package. Going beyond these details, though, the core issue is actually work-life balance and as you have Mercury going right over your Pluto, watch him as he edges closer to 3 Virgo because you will have some news or information which changes everything and gives you control. This would be about your job, course or unpaid efforts as well as your actual lifestyle. One will work nicely with the other. It’s quite empowering and it will come via email, phone or a meeting where you just ‘know’!

  14. Hi Jessica,

    I love these insights that you bring us – thank you.

    I’m just about to celebrate a big birthday and my 20th wedding anniversary on 26th September. I adore my hubby but I think that issues with my weight have definitely had an impact on my self-confidence, in the bedroom as well as at work. Will this new moon be the motivation I need to kick-start a new health regime and launch a more confident me?

    Best wishes,

    1. Great timing BJY as the New Moon is on your side. Congratulations on your birthday and also 20 years of marriage – fantastic stuff. You need more than motivation, you actually need information- which you haven’t had to date. You were born with Ceres in Virgo in the Sixth House as well as everything else and her name is hidden in the word cereal. She actually ruled grain production – so corn, rice, wheat, oats and the rest. Sometimes astrology can be quite literal so have a look at that side of your kitchen! Ceres is also about compromising – give and take – so a strict or ruthless way of eating would not work at all. You would feel controlled by it, or other people/organisations and it is unlikely to make you feel right. As I write this in London, something very odd is happening, BJY. People are singing ‘Happy Birthday to you’ in a distant building and I can hear it. I’d take that as an omen. You will have a fantastic birthday and lose the weight. Seriously. I’m being shown a grid notebook with lots of little squares, or a schedule/calendar so it is really about making that work for you, your way, giving yourself a nice compromise with the reality of the supermarket. Only you can actually tailor this for yourself from all the available advice. Do have a look at grain though.

  15. I seem to have a lot of planets in Virgo.

    May I ask how this will affect me?

    Thank you.

    1. Essentially it’s been 12 months since you were handed this kind of chance to really scrutinise your lifestyle and your workload, not just with paid work, but with everything else you do, ranging from housework, to voluntary efforts, to gardening, to caring for any animals in the vicinity. You are now in a really good position to take stock of where you are most inefficient, or having your precious time and energy wasted by other people, or situations which are frankly long overdue for reshaping or even ditching. You may not have total vision about this until you have the New Moon on that Sunday 9th September, because although the Sun will illuminate, highlight and expose some issues for you – a very basic one would be the way your body serves your work – and the way you ‘serve’ your body’s needs – it will take the Sun and Moon to really show you the whole story. You can make efforts in this direction by yourself but it will be destiny which turns the wheel as events, people, news or organisations which pop up from the 9th will show you exactly what you need to do. There is one task or project in particular which requires good, constant energy from you and so you do need to sort this out. It’s time!

  16. Hi Jessica
    Amazing when you mention factors in relation to both work and health!
    I am going to now seek a third opinion from a Gastroenterologist to help finally deal with the root cause of my Diverticulosis!
    I had a most serendipitous meeting with a woman who had the exact same symptoms and the same attacks (in my case both times had me to going to the Emergency ward)I had previously gone through and she mentioned that her Gastroenterologist’s next step is to remove the section of the bowel that is the root cause of her attacks! I have just felt that I should wait for September before I get a referral as I have no confidence whatsoever with the two previous specialists. I have been through many operations but that they have been the best “cure” for me, so I am not worried at all about Javan operation.
    Also, there has been a quite a bit of backstabbing going on at work, especially with one Scorpio woman who seems to have “turned” on the staff, and things are very frosty!
    What can you see in my chart, Jessica?
    Many thanks, Maria

    1. Maria your timing is perfect. You were right to feel September was the month to go looking for answers with your Diverticulosis. I am sorry you have been through so many trials and errors with this condition. Use the New Moon to focus hard and set intentions and follow through for the rest of September as your chances of finally getting somewhere are very good. The work situation is also governed by Virgo and so you will also be helped here. The backstabbing is a symptom of something bigger, which is this Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn cycle, but the Virgo month ahead will help a lot as everybody sorts things out and wheels begin to turn. You are not the only one affected and one male has very low tolerance for the situation.

  17. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this. I was planning, for many weeks, to start exercising, maybe yoga, so I’ll do it then.
    I have my moon at 13, Juno at almost 4 and Aesculapia at 15. Can you please tell me how to read these best?
    So far, in September, I have a very important meeting scheduled on the 25th (for a new skincare related business – a partnership), and many things to do for my existing beauty product and a new remodeling business (in partnership with a friend). Not making money yet from any of these. :/ :)))

    Thank you so much, your advice is always priceless. 🙂

    1. Thank you. Your plans are dovetailing nicely with your horoscope. The Moon, Juno and Aesculapius in Virgo in your Sixth House work together, but at different times. The Moon describes your need to be needed. It is how you protect, care, nurture and ‘feed’ others. In the Sixth you do this with people at work, but also perhaps animals. Juno is commitment. You ‘marry’ the job or ‘wed yourself to’ service and duty for others. Aesculapius is directly about medicine, surgery, fitness, healing food, drugs, drink and health as a whole. This is a symbol of miraculous recovery and comebacks and actually, your whole chart signature is about someone who should be pursuing all kinds of pursuits like yoga or nutrition, for example. You have what it takes to resurrect others by applying what you know.

  18. Hi Jessica,
    I have a stellium in Virgo (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Vesta and Diana), with Diana located at 18. Leo and Libra also seem to be major factors in my chart. I am curious as to how this new moon will influence my chart.

    Thank you.

    1. Diana in Virgo in the Sixth House is waiting to wake up, actually. You are strongly Sixth House, and she resides there, rather like a tenant in the attic. Diana is a powerful and quite wonderful symbol of independence, freedom and autonomy. In Virgo in the Sixth she is about your need to pursue the great outdoors, or sport. She roams. If you look at art or sculpture depicting her or her Greek predecessor Artemis you will see her swimming, hunting, running, hiking – and that’s you. Because your Moon, Sun, Mercury and Vesta are also there, you will find a great deal of satisfaction and contentment from being free. Women Who Run With the Wolves is not a bad book to keep in mind. Diana required so much freedom that her father released her from the binding commitments of marriage and childbirth. Even women with husbands/wives and children who have this chart placement still seem to have lifestyles with a ton of separate space built in, particularly thanks to their careers. In September you will find Diana knocks on the door of the attic and wants to be released. Where she takes you will fascinate you. It is also the right place to be, not only for the sake of your body, but also your mind and spirit, as you are utterly dedicated to what you do.

  19. Hi Jessica, I am so glad to hear this good news, thank you! I work part-time doing maintenance for a community but I want to start up my own business (on the side first of all until it takes off.) I’m a builder/carpenter by trade but I need to do something which is less taxing for my body now I’m getting older. My problem is that I don’t have a “this is it!” feeling, despite having a few ideas. Could you give me some advice about where I can look to find more clarity (or perhaps you intuit something?) so I can use this New Moon to set the ball rolling. Many thanks for your time.

    1. Your career is Capricorn and your day-to-day work for others is Virgo so let’s see what you have there. You are right in the centre of a life direction reshape, as Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Capricorn sweep through. This is going to be long-term so you’re looking at 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 to get up the mountain. The peak is up to you. This would go way beyond what you are doing at the moment. Your body is telling you that you deserve a role which is more ambitious than part-time maintenance, actually. You do have it in you to want more from life than that and you have the craftsmanship, skill and dedication – plus that very useful gift for communication in your chart – to exceed even your own expectations. The ‘what’ will appear in time. September will start the process. The real issue here is a towering ambition and a really great achievement in 2020. It’s not that far away. You should also think about training/teaching/instruction as you have that kind of chart. You would be amazed how many people want to learn DIY for example! I’ll leave it with you. I am sure destiny will present you with the right choice and it is then up to you to climb to the top.

  20. Hi Jessica!

    I love all your posts and insights – they are so useful to help navigate through the weather of life!
    I have been struggling with my diet and work lifestyle for what seems like forever. The 9th September looks like a good time to start the diet and sow some seeds to start the journey to find a new and rewarding job. I have Psyche at 9 Virgo, Chiron 9 Aries, Diana 9 Pisces and North Node 9 Aquarius South Node 9 Leo. A lot of 9s! Can you offer any insights to help me on my way?
    Many thanks, Judith x

    1. Judith, you have an exceptional line-up at 9 degrees and Chiron is in Aries so you are heading for your Chiron Return in the First House of image. I think you could go beyond the actual body reshape, which will happen more easily than you imagined, and into other areas like hair, make-up, cosmetic surgery, teeth, glasses/contact lenses, style, wardrobe (particularly wardrobe) and the rest. You are entering a cycle when you will get away with the most astonishing things in terms of your physical appearance. It’s a highly experimental cycle and you’re at the very first step. So sure, use the New Moon on 9th September to launch a new way of eating and exercising, but think about the other stuff. I do recommend Pinterest for a vision board. Make it private if you want. Don’t edit yourself. If you could look any way at all, how would you look? That could be quite powerful for you.

  21. Hello Jessica,

    I’ve just become a Premium Member. Yay!!! So much to learn from you and your amazing team!

    So, I am curious about having Psyche in Virgo. In the past 3 years I have given up on my personal fitness regime and organization at home (closets are stuffed AND my belly shows the overextension of STUFF accumulated too). I just can’t connect with my SELF. Not sure how to reCONNECT. I strongly believe my physical self and home is connected, but even though my mind says get it together, let’s go, my body is not budging, because the other part of my brain that directs the action is on pause. Sigh. I feel that just typing this is providing a way to get moving forward. One step (type) is all it takes to begin the process. By the way, I saw a few butterflies 2 weeks ago and kept saying to myself, what does this mean, now I realize it was Psyche. Yet I don’t remember anything going on in my life at that time to understand what the butterflies were trying to say. Maybe it’s just meaning transformation is coming?

    Also, Taurus and Scorpio is blank in my chart (the silent 2nd and 8th house). Does this explain why I treat money so poorly? Yes, this Jupiter in Scorpio provided more money, to pay off debt I accrued. What a blessing indeed! I’d like to solidly a positive money relationship though. Not sure how to separate sadness from spending. That Sag stellium can be troublesome if I need to escape through travel but use credit cards to build debt. Such a merry-go-round. Geez Louise!

    Lastly, I have 5 Libra planets. I don’t do well in romantic partnerships AND as teacher I do NOT want a co-teacher in my room. I don’t see this partner stuff working out as it suggests a Libra stellium person NEEDS this. Boy am I not getting this! Any suggestions on how to tap into my Libra placements?

    (Oops…one more…how do I see trines, aspects, etc in my chart?)

    Thank you for your time. I am so excited about reading the premium content and learning more about myself (waving my Sag stellium flag!)

    1. Welcome to Premium Membership and thank you for the compliment which I will pass on to James, Justin, Jodi, Alyas and Kerry. There is a lot going on here and you are quite right to feel you want to space clear and declutter. My eyes are on your Sagittarius patterns in the Ninth House of travel and travel in the mind. You are about to enter the luckiest cycle in 12 years for vacations, sabbaticals, home exchange – but also embracing other cultures and nationalities. You need to clear a space for that. It starts in November. If you are not familiar with professional level decluttering and space clearing have a look at Karen Kingston and Denise Linn and their work, online. They are masters of this. I also wrote a long section on this in our book 21st Century Goddess with Jelena Glisic and Anthea Paul, which is on sale at Amazon. but as a general rule, ‘Have nothing in your home you do not feel to be beautiful or know to be useful’ to quote William Morris (more or less). Dream up your biggest and best fantasy vacation for 2019. Create a vision board at Pinterest. Space clear and wait. This will be so interesting for you. You could even end up moving, actually.

      1. Thank you Jessica. Phew! Exhale…”space clear and WAIT”, I shall do!

        Making room for future blessings sounds like a divine plan!

  22. Hello,
    I have the Moon at 18 Virgo, Cupido at 18 Sag and the South Node at 17 Virgo. Plus, other planets are at close degrees. I’ve gained a lot of weight since 2011 and suffered massive traumatic defeats with my fertility (lack thereof). Honestly, daily life has been crap since 2015.
    Will this new moon help to recalibrate? Thank you for any info.

    1. I am so sorry you have put on weight and also struggled to have a baby. You have the Moon at 18 Virgo in your Sixth House of the body, square Mercury at 19 Sagittarius. You also have Cupido at 18 Sagittarius, so that’s another square. A square describes what you cannot easily ‘square’ for yourself. There’s more as I suspected. You have Psyche at 17 Aquarius and the North Node at 17 Pisces and the South Node (karma, past lives) at 17 Virgo. I hope you can see how close all these factors are in your chart. You have what is known as a T-Square. A T-square is tension. In your case it is about your body. The Moon at 18 Virgo is conjunct the South Node at 17 Virgo, and they are both square Mercury and Cupido at 18 Sagittarius and also square the North Node at 17 Pisces. This all makes up the familiar T shape pattern in the chart. How do you fix it? You add people to it. You create new alchemy and patterns by mixing your chemistry with others – socially – or in a relationship. Find new people and bring them in. This may be a weight loss group, a yoga class, a walking group or whatever. I always use the example of The Beatles! They had a Grand Cross, which is even more challenging than a T-Square. They fought each other and the world, and then they added new people to their circle. The patterns or chemistry that emerged was amazing – terrific – and they became hugely successful. You can look up a piece I wrote on Sacred Geometry to understand this. Start on that New Moon and reach out to people. My final note to you is that the Node is about karma from past lives and it is very likely that you starved, or were on a restricted diet, in at least one lifetime. This is very common with the South Node in your Sixth House of ‘body’ in such an intense pattern. I don’t know if you have ever tried past life techniques (library books sometimes have great meditations for triggering memories) but it could unlock both your weight and fertility questions. I never recommend anything I have not tried myself, and I have been astonished at my own past life recall sessions with a trained professional!

  23. Hi Jessica
    I have Pluto and Uranus right at 17 Virgo, and several more Virgo factors, also my sun and Saturn nearly opposite at 16 and 19 Pisces respectively so my chart looks quite affected. Apprecaire any insights you have on areas to be aware of, many thanks!

    1. You live the Virgo-Pisces opposition. You are strongly Twelfth House and Sixth House so will probably already have created a way to serve your deep need to escape from the real world, at the same time that you need to work – and work very thoroughly and conscientiously. Some people do this just by swimming every day or heading straight for a long bath. Others factor in total escapism on the train home, by reading fantasy fiction or watching sci-fi series. We live in a world where people want you to ‘do’ the Virgo because of course it makes the wheels go round in your profession. Yet, doing your Pisces is not really encouraged. The Sixties was the last time the world as a whole embraced that need to drop out of ‘real’ and escape into something else. You’ll be made sharply aware of the conflict within in September but you are in a fantastic position to make a big change to your lifestyle, workload, routine or schedule that gives your Pisces side space as well as your Virgo side. For more on this read the Sixth House and Twelfth House.

      1. Thank you Jessica – ha yes that is quite me – split between one and the other. Escapism comes very easily with the Pisces signature, but I’ve been quite hard working through much of my life (less so last few years), and seem to have an annoying have a “do the right thing” gene – I looked up as you suggested and a lot there familiar!

  24. Hi Jessica, this is so interesting, I got back from vacation couple of days ago and started a long overdue decluttering mission, there will be several bags full of clothes for charity by the 9th… I have Sun in 17 Virgo, Cupido also in Virgo, any advice for using September wisely? Thank you for all the efforts you put into the website, great work!

    1. You are feeling your Cupido Return intuitively. If you are not familiar with Karen Kingston’s work at then take a look. The messages from her readers are particularly inspiring. This goes into decluttering but also rituals designed to commit to change. I met Karen many years ago and she analysed the ELLE offices from her unique perspective, using Feng Shui but also space clearing. There are plenty of different views on Feng Shui, but the actual work done on your home is the key. I have supervised a few space-clearing sessions in my time and the results were immediate for each person concerned. Cupido is about passion. You inspire passion with your work (paid and unpaid) but also feel quite passionate about it. This also includes domestic tasks. Sorting things out and cleaning them up can make a huge difference to how you feel. Something very special will come on this basis, late September through October.

  25. Good Morning Jessica,

    I have my moon in Virgo. I’ve never given that much thought before. I will make sure I do a body detox this month. Could you share any insights of my Moon and what this will bring in my work, life etc.
    Thank you as always

    1. A Lunar Return in Virgo for you will take place right across that period, as the Moon enters Virgo at 3.29pm (London time) on Saturday 8th September then remains in your own Moon sign until 4.19pm on Monday 10th September. Adjust for your time zone but use that weekend to clear your space, light a candle or incense, set your intentions, commit to them in a notebook, then track your progress through September. You will be very pleased you did.

  26. Hi Jessica,

    I’m excited about this new moon. I have my Pluto 17, 48 Virgo and Uranus 18, 18 Virgo. This will sextile my Neptune in Scorpio, and be opposite my Chiron and Ceres in Pisces.

    It squares my Psyche in Gemini.

    I am looking for new work opportunities and also selling a rental house.


    1. Find out the equivalent time for your zone and make sure you light a candle, clear the space, use a notebook and make your intentions very clear regarding work. September is very special as the Sun and Mercury will touch your entire Virgo stellium along the way and then Cupido will do the same, so it is time to commit to a new project or role, CG.

  27. Good afternoon Jessica,
    As always great information. I am curious thou, I have Pluto & Apollo & Panacea at 24/Virgo and I have MC 24/Aries. What does it mean when you have 3 sitting in the same place of your chart?
    Hope you have a wonderful evening,

    1. Good evening from London! I am just finishing up for the day and have a cup of tea in my hand as I go over today’s questions and comments. You have a stellium or unusually high number of factors in Virgo in the Sixth House. You can look up the Sixth House when you finish reading this, because it is where you ‘live’ a lot of the time. You were born with the Sun, Pluto, Apollo, Proserpina there and that is rather interesting as Pluto and Proserpina were married in Roman myth. You shine brightest when you serve others and do your duty as part of a system. You can do this even as your own boss or the top dog in the kennels! You are at your most powerful when you harness your formidable self-control to discipline yourself to follow the rules. Those rules are always about how you work, how you live, how you eat, how your drink, sleep and use your body. When you let other people or life itself take over and throw your hands in the air, you disempower yourself, so actually – being strong is really important, even if it’s just things like exercising once a day, or stopping yourself from heading for the sugar too often. Apollo is a leader and Proserpina is a negotiator so you were born to fit into a corporation, company or other organisation where others need you to make the wheels go round. You can and do. September will relaunch you on this path – just watch. The project or role will bring out your very best by October.

  28. Hi Jessica, can you give me an insight as to how this new moon may affect me. I have been struggling with some health problems both emotional and physical. I have also had ongoing conflict with dominating people. Many thanks

    1. You were born with Saturn at 14 Pisces right opposite Uranus at 14 Virgo and Pluto at 15 Virgo in your Sixth House of health and wellbeing. It is very important that you find a meditation method that suits you as mindful living will help you enormously. Saturn in Pisces in the Twelfth House is about your inner world. Your imagination. Your mind, not your brain, and your consciousness. It is also about your soul or spirit – your astral or etheric body – which mediums believe is connected to you by a silver cord. Saturn means hard work is required to manage this. If you are involved in any kind of psychic activity at all, like the Tarot, you particularly need to balance your chakras and protect your aura on a regular basis. Even if you are not consciously pursuing anything in that mysterious world of alternative time and space, at night time, you probably astral travel and your spirit or soul goes on journeys across those realms. While you are there you pick up all sorts of psychic flotsam and jetsam and so the need to balance your chakras and protect your aura is even more important. There are some really good authors on this subject online so have a look around. Betty Shine is particularly good – she passed away some years ago but I believe some of her work is on YouTube. There is a direct link between this other part of you – the floating, spiritual part – and how your physical body functions. In fact, physical problems often show up directly connected to the chakra which you are over-working, or ignoring. So, for example, if you are ignoring your sexuality, you may end up with problems in your pelvis, according to this way of thinking. If you have headaches you may be over-straining your intuition (the third eye chakra) or living far too wide open to the spirit world (your crown chakra). All of this is standard stuff in the world of pro psychics and I have studied at a couple of British institutions where nobody blinks an eye if you talk about your heart chakra – relationships – being directly connected to your own heart health, in the physical sense. I am not sure how far across this stuff you are, but your chart pattern is really striking and the Pisces-Virgo axis from the Twelfth House to the Sixth House is being well and truly hit by transiting Neptune in Pisces at 14, 15. So Neptune himself is conjunct your natal Saturn and opposing your natal Uranus and Pluto. That’s big. There is something going on here with your unconscious mind, your soul or your etheric (light) body and it may help to write your dreams down. I would also have a look at the work of my friend Jane Teresa Anderson online who is a scientist by qualification, but also a dream coach. You should also look up the Twelfth House and Sixth House on search when you finish reading this. The dominating people are down to something affecting so many of us at the moment – the Saturn and Pluto transit of Capricorn. You have Ops and Salacia at 21 Capricorn and Pluto is circling that, and Saturn is on the way. The thing to remember about these people is that as Tears for Fears sang, ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ and yet nobody ever can or does. The best way of pushing back is to run your own life and your own self. Create a new way of operating where you draw on your willpower and self-control to be mistress of your own destiny and make it work for you. It will. You will learn massive self-respect and self-reliance on the way and draw the admiration of others. You will also find that the golden rule with Pluto people – who take, and take over – is that they always come a cropper. You watch. They will be the architects of their own undoing.

  29. Thank you for these insights and the post! I have Pluto 16 Virgo, and like one of the posters above am in academia. September is a very important month for me in terms of legal matters. These will absolutely shift my daily life for years to come. Any insights on how?

    1. Mercury, Venus, Bacchus, Ops and the South Node are all in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of academia, travel, foreign people and places, publishing and the worldwide web. Looking further ahead, you will adore what comes to pass between November 9th 2018 to December 2nd 2019 as Jupiter (opportunities, solutions, luck) will pass across every single factor you have, and the digital or traditional publishing you are involved with at this time will take you higher than you have flown for many years. There will also be intriguing friendships with women, a great deal of joy on a social level, and a certain amount of karma fulfilled from about 19 years before – so around 2000. The legal matters in September – if they involve work or health, which Virgo rules – will be clarified and explained very clearly and the key to everything will be communication, communication, communication. It is hard to say more without knowing what the issue is, or who the other player is – and their chart.

  30. Hi Jessica,

    Will this Virgo New Moon on September 9th, help with wife and I trying to build a family through foster care? Can you try to give us some insight. My birthdate is August 1, 1968, Sun in Leo, 09, Mercury in Leo, 03, ASC 20, in Aquarius, Moon in Scorpio, 13, and Jupiter in Virgo, 08. My wife’s birthday is March 19, 1960? We are both so ready to have some positive and uplifting news? Thank you, Jessica:)

    1. Fostering is actually ruled by Leo in your chart, as Leo is in charge of the Fifth House of adoption, step-parenting, child care and child welfare. The heirs to your throne are not always your own. Sure enough you are a super Leo with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, the DC (Descendant), Fortuna and Cupido in that sign. Everything you experience will be karmic in nature as the North Node (past lives, debts and credits from this life) is also in Leo and in September and October 2018, it moves to 3 Leo, where it sits right on your Mercury. To be born with Mercury in Leo in the Fifth House is to be a natural mentor, teacher or guide to much younger people, no matter if these are your children or other people’s sons and daughters. When the North Node conjuncts Mercury in your chart, a story from about 19 years ago will be retold, or replayed, but in a different way. You cannot write the script because destiny will write it for you. This also goes back into past lives. I don’t know how open you are to the idea of reincarnation but in astrology the transits of the North Node are seen as repetition from other lifetimes, as you collect old rewards or make old repayments, on a spiritual level. You will find September and October profoundly important in terms of doing what must be done. It will all feel quite fated to you so you just have to accept what comes, but if you feel you have known at least one of the participants before, you are right. You have. I wish you the best of luck but one thing is certain – from November, the karma has been absolutely completed. What comes to pass will stand for another 19 years until the next chapter in this book of your life is written. Did you know you would make an excellent children’s writer, editor or storyteller? Teenagers and young adults too!

  31. Hi Jessica! I have my moon at 4 degrees Virgo and Apollo at 18 degrees Virgo. What do you think this new moon holds for me? A million thanks!

    1. You will experience your lunar return very close to Sunday, so you may want to use that whole weekend, through to Monday, to focus on your daily workload, your efficiently, your professionalism and also – your entire routine – which involves what you have for breakfast, lunch and dinner – but also how you treat your body. The New Moon is important, but that entire lunar transit through Virgo will show you what is possible if you use it.

  32. Hi Jessica, September the 9th happens to be my birthday, so I wonder what might lay ahead for me. I’ve also got a few 17’s in my chart, and a Virgo stellium.

    1. You have an astonishing line-up at 17 degrees which revolves around work, money, travel, foreign places and people – and partners. It never rains but it pours for you. You either go through extreme highs or extreme lows as a result of that, but have no doubt learned to deal with them all. I think the phrase is ‘swings and roundabouts’. When Jupiter goes to 17 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of worldwide web, export, travel, relocation, education, academia, publishing – your planet will expand – and you will be on the biggest and best adventure in years, either as an armchair traveller dealing with other cultures and nationalities, or actually packing your bags. This is set for the end of January 2019 and start of February with a second chapter at the end of June and end of September next year. It will feel like the most amazing new ‘book of life’ in your experience with three distinct sections. A beginning, middle and end – all to your total advantage. Jupiter will trigger those other areas I mentioned, work, lifestyle and partnership so you are most certainly in luck in 2019. Happy Birthday.

  33. Thank you so much Jessica for your response. I will most definitely read up on the topics you have mentioned. You are so spot on with the dominating people ! I am slowly regaining my confidence and my life, needless to say the dominators are backing down, and are quite shocked by me standing up to them.

  34. Hello Jessica,
    My question may have been missed in the Forum. It looks like two of us have been missed. Mercury retrograde?
    It’s about my Virgo stellium and this New Moon coming up.
    Thank you,

  35. Dear Jessica,
    Today is a really sad day for the environment in France as we just learned that Minister Nicolas Hulot (ex-journalist and real defender of the environment, born 30 April 1955) resigned. Hulot is very popular in France, because before entering the government, he committed his life to the protection of nature. To make it short, he threw in the towel because after 15 months leading the “Ministère de la transition écologique”, he realized that despite trying hard, nothing changes, mainly because he hasn’t got any support from Macron and the rest of the team. Lobbies of all sorts are too strong and constantly interfering. As Virgo is ruling the nature and the environment, I was wondering if anything positive will come out of this ? Thanks and take care.

    1. This is a symptom of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, unfortunately. I am sure you know Capricorn is the sign of the establishment, tradition, society, hierarchy, social status, social climbing and all pyramid-like structures from big government to big business. We are now seeing the death throes of this cycle, which ends at Christmas 2020. We will all wake up in a different world for New Year 2021, and diversity, equality and a united planet will rule, especially on issues like climate change, as we realise there has to be a genuine one-world government without corruption or bribery from corporations, which puts the planet first, for all the people, everywhere, all the time. This might sound idealistic but it is not. Jupiter and Saturn can only enter Aquarius, the sign of the group, very rarely. They do this in December 2020 followed by Pluto the transformer (every 2.5 centuries) in Aquarius from 2023. So it’s a new world order. Your minister will return. He will spend his time fruitfully with other like-minded people and when the moment comes, be back. The dinosaurs who are ambitious, social-climbing, ruthless, sold to ‘the system’ even in spite of their own souls, will end up nowhere. Some will actually fall over the cliff. Watch. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, then the South Node in Capricorn? Mon dieu, c’est karma and it begins in November 2018 and goes until November/December 2020.

  36. Thank you so much Jessica for this post. The date of the 9th September keeps coming up. I will be travelling back to my new home after a short visit home, and I hope the process of planting new roots will be better than I have experienced so far. I’ve made this move and I’m in my early 50s – it has not been easy. With Virgo at 19deg Uranus, 18deg Pluto and 12deg Minerva, how can I best use this new moon to make this move smoother? Thank you as always for sharing your gift so generously.

  37. You’ll have the Sun, Mercury and then eventually Cupido going across 25 Virgo but they also hit Saturn at 24 Aries via a quincunx the day before, so that may slow you down a little bit. It depends on what you mean by dramatic, Louisa!

  38. I wanted to comment that I can log in but not read any content. I would love to read it!

  39. Hello from north Queensland
    I wish you well Jessica,
    I’d love to know more about how this moon may affect me…and my life… which funnily enough I dont feel belongs to me anymore… hahaha…
    Yes I know dramatic …but to the point where I sometimes dont recognise myself in the mirror…
    From around 2008/-2009 up to this point in time I’ve had a few crazy yrs
    I Iost my husband, my work radically changed , and I began a new job in a completely different industry after retraining. Yet to me its not been a good change and I am struggling in this area. Then on top of that in the last 2-3 yrs my health which has always been good is now giving me some serious issues both physically and mentally . By that i mean it has begun to affect my ability to be myself, physically my immune system is affected and has begun to curtail my daily activities. This alone is making me feel like I’m going around the bend…Mentally im unsettled indecisive and agitated which is sending my usually relatively calm self into overdrive.
    I am normally a healthy positive and extremely active human , yet the last 10 yrs and more recently have been a riot … do you see a way through this for me with this up and coming virgo moon?
    Oh yes before i forget can you tell me what my stelliums indicate …l have 7 , wow, including virgo…i know its normal to have them.
    Thanks for your input Jessica I love hearing what you have to say
    Cheers for now Joanne

    1. Joanne, it sounds as if you have some Virgo and Sixth House patterns in your birth chart which could do with some assistance. If your immune system is an issue and also your peace of mind – that’s a classic sign of a Sixth House issue. Sure enough you have a triple conjunction. Mercury at 15 Virgo, the MC or Midheaven at 14 Virgo and Vulcano at 15 Virgo. That’s very unusual. You also have the Sun at 19 Virgo, Venus at 1 Virgo and Pluto at 4 Virgo, so your physical state and physical condition rules you. It describes what you are capable of, in terms of your workload, duty to others and whatever services you have to perform every day, no matter if it’s walking the dog or making the bed. How you feel physically absolutely dictates how much you can take on every day – and what you can take on. You are probably highly sensitive to prescribed or unprescribed drugs, by the way. Additives and artificial flavours and colours, too. I am sure you know exactly what sets you off! It is often the tiniest things with a Virgo stellium, because it rules the world of the very small. A single contraceptive pill can make some women nauseous as we know. Just a few nuts can set off serious allergic reactions in others. September is made for you. You are in a terrific position to get to the bottom of a major question about your physical condition, constitution and your mind/body/spirit connection. You will have your Solar Return, Mercury Return and we are also going to see Cupido crossing all your Virgo factors, so a person or organisation it is easy to love, will help you sort out your body. One thing that may help you is keeping a diary of everything that goes into your system. Track your moods on the same day. Look at your sleep. I don’t need to give you a lecture on exercise or fitness – I’m sure – and North Queensland has amazing beaches and plenty of yoga classes and bushwalks. This particular September, no matter how often you have tried something, or how ingrained particular food/fitness habits are – you will be given new information. Actually you’ll be woken up. It may be a book, local class, important conversation with a friend or a doctor enlightening you, but if you are open to change, change will come. It could actually be a rebirth for you. Reach for it when you see it.

  40. Hi Jessica thanks again for a great blog. My birthday is on 9 September with my sun at 15” Virgo. What do you see for me in this new moon? Thanks

    1. Happy Birthday for 9th September. You will pull everything together with your paid and unpaid work next month and the New Moon will provide you with a completely fresh start, or even a restart, with a project or plan that will work out very well for you. Organising your hours, obligations, duties to others and also your crucial Me Time is what September is all about and you will come out of with some dazzling solutions from people who have penetrating insight into your workload and potential. This month is also so tempting in terms of a major commitment you make to fitness, or to some aspect of your food/drugs/drink that you have been allowing to drift past you so far!

  41. Hi Jessica, thank you for the wonderful article. I was deeply affected by the recent solar eclipse and Mercury regrtrogrades. I have a few Virgo factors and would be grateful if you can see if the new Moon is of help to get a new work contract? I’m also planning on a new study course beginning this autumn but only if the finances work.

    1. I don’t think anybody enjoyed Mercury Retrograde in Leo, or the eclipses in Leo. A lot of people have been led a merry dance and also deceived on some level – or just not paid attention to something which is now catching up with them! Anyway. Life goes on. September is relaunch month for you. The Sun, Mercury and Panacea in Virgo in your Sixth House will work really well for you, as you have your Solar Return, Mercury Return and then the transiting Sun, Mercury and Cupido all slowly cross those factors in your chart. Take a deep breath and reorganise your diary. Rethink your daily schedule, in terms of your future ambitions. I am saving the best until last. You will be overjoyed at brand new connections in the world of academia or education which come very suddenly after November. You may go back and forth for a while until Christmas, but keep your dreams big. Your North Node in Sagittarius suggests you know this region, nationality, culture or country very well from another lifetime. Next year you will be travelling or moving, or just ‘travelling’ on the worldwide web, but as you are having your Jupiter Return in the Ninth House and also Jupiter conjunct Uranus, Neptune and the North Node in the Ninth House – the wow factor is huge. If you want help with financing study, ask your family or friends in spirit for help and watch for obvious guidance from this point forward. You should absolutely commit to higher education for 2019. A very special place on the map will provide you with more than what you require. It is also possible that the world of publishing will touch you in some fortunate way by late 2019. This may be digital publishing (blogs) or more traditional publishing (the book world). For more on what is possible look up the Ninth House and Jupiter.

  42. Jessica, I have Hygiea, Psyche, Moon and Ceres all in 2-10 degrees of Virgo. An unplanned pregnancy last month that did not last has derailed me both emotionally and mentally. We are trying again. Any reason for hope this time around?

    1. I am so terribly sorry that your pregnancy did not work out this time. Pregnancy is a Leo matter, and it can be found in any Leo placements you have in the Fifth House. You have Saturn at 15 Leo and Mercury Retrograde has been passing over 15 Leo so you did not get the full, final and fixed story. Mercury is the planet of information and news and when he appears to go backwards, life can also send you back and forth. As Mercury was in your Fifth House, it concerned a pregnancy. Saturn is hard work in your chart. There is no getting around it. We all have Saturn somewhere and you have him in Leo, also in your Fifth House of babies, children, young people, adoption, step-parenting, fostering, godchildren and young relatives. The Fifth House also covers young adults born 20+ years after you. Mercury crossing your Saturn was just a bit too much. You are now on track for recovery of mind, body and spirit as we have this brilliant new Virgo cycle, which is all about the body. So find what works for you, or ask your family and friends in the spirit world to send it to you – you will know it when you see it. This is recovery, repair, renewal and relaunch time and your Virgo stellium will be crossed by Mercury behaving himself – so this time you do get the answers, you do get the information and you do get the full story. We also have the Sun in Virgo revealing everything you need to know about your body – and then Cupido, which will actually let you enjoy your physicality, from month’s end. Looking further ahead, in November you will complete karma from this life and other lifetimes regarding pregnancy and children, and there will be a sense of closure and release. You will have done what you had to do. The North Node has also been in Leo in your Fifth House. If you want to know any more about this, just hit Search and look up Leo weather. I wrote a very, very long piece on this quite some time ago. Look up Saturn, too – and Mercury Retrograde – and the Fifth House. Then look up the Sixth House to see what is possible in September.

  43. Hi Jessica
    Hoping for some astrological advice that can calm my soul. Since july 13, 2017 I have been working closely with a group of physiotherapists who helped me rebuild my health from scratch. I also became good friends with them. I was diagnosed with a chronic condition when saturn entered scorpio. Jupiter in scorpio brought massive healing. But right on this full moon i said a lot of things to entire team in a fit of temper. The bridge has been burned and my heart is crying. Also i am leaving this place on the coming weekend so i may never see them again in life. The woman who is most dear has her birthday on 12 september. Please help me understand my karma.
    Thank you.
    Sun 15 scorp
    Moon 27 libra
    Mercury 2 scorp
    Venus 10 libra
    Mars 0 aries
    Cupido 29 virgo
    Psyche 10 sag
    Vulcano 11 gemini
    Jupiter 3 gemini
    Juno 29 leo
    Fortuna 19 scorp
    Minerva 12 virgo
    Diana 10 pisces
    Apollo 19 virgo
    Bacchus 17 sag
    Aesculapia 26 sag
    Hygie 2 scorp
    Panacea 2 libra

    Uranus 28 sag
    Saturn 29 sag
    Ops 22 libra
    Chiron 6 cancer
    Vesta 28 libra
    Neptune 8 cap
    Salacia 22 aqua
    Pluto 12 scorp
    Proserpina 19 aqua
    Ceres 17 pisces

    North node 12 pisces
    South node 12virgo

    Asc 2 scorp
    Desc 2 taurus
    MC 2 leo
    IC 2 aqua

    1. You know, Scorpio has nothing to do with your body. Nothing at all. Virgo rules your Sixth House of health, fitness and wellbeing, so when you read your chart you need to look for Virgo placements. You were born with the South Node in Virgo, so much of what you are experiencing is destined. In astrology the Node describes karma and the agreements you make as a soul, in your life ‘between lives’ as part of your commitment to grow and evolve when you are born again. So, according to stargazers, this episode with the people who were helping and healing you, was agreed somewhere between your last incarnation and this one. In fact you may even have been involved with one or more of these faces before. This is what is known as a soul contract. You also have Cupido and Minerva in Virgo along with Apollo. So, you have an unusually high Virgo ‘count’ in your chart. This is known as a Virgo stellium. You will gain a lot of knowledge by looking up Virgo or the Sixth House on this website and elsewhere. We have the most fantastic new Moon coming in Virgo on September 9th which will help you so much in relaunching your mind, body and spirit. Mercury, the planet of information and answers, will also cross everything you have in Virgo in the Sixth House in September. So ask, ask, ask what you need to know!

  44. Hi Jessica,
    I have a Virgo in a few signs, would you mind telling me how these might affect me.
    thank you so much. Sandi

    1. You will make a big new commitment to your body (the body comes first, the mind agrees) in September, along the lines of giving up gluten or adopting the local park as your new jogging spot. Sandi, this would not be the first time you have pursued the ‘new you’ ideal but this time you will actually do it. Even if your first choice does not appeal by the third week a second superior alternative will come up. New information, facts, statistics or knowledge will be there which helps your body too. It’s a bit of a wake-up call but it will get you on track. There are so many different therapies and alternatives around these days – it may be this that is the turning point for you – thanks to that Mercury in Virgo transit.

  45. Hi Jessica,

    Greetings from South Africa! I’ve recently become a member, and am loving your site.

    I was hoping for a bit of insight on my finances / career / travels (if you don’t mind). I am planning a career change around Feb 2019, and considering teaching English in Asia. I’m also deeply invested in cryptocurrency (which looked great Dec 2017).

    14-May-1983, 09:10 (-29.8586804,31.0218404)
    22° Taurus 56′ 11″
    12° Gemini 24′ 10″
    20° Taurus 25′ 20″ R
    05° Cancer 25′ 16″
    28° Taurus 08′ 58″
    07° Sagittarius 45′ 19″ R
    29° Libra 28′ 49″ R
    07° Sagittarius 42′ 39″ R
    28° Sagittarius 45′ 33″ R
    27° Libra 27′ 14″ R
    27° Taurus 19′ 04″
    28° Pisces 03′ 38″
    07° Taurus 36′ 05″
    23° Aquarius 54′ 41″
    10° Aries 51′ 49″
    10° Libra 51′ 49″
    25° Gemini 58′ 34″
    25° Sagittarius 58′ 34″
    01° Aquarius 59′ 25″
    21° Gemini 18′ 04″
    20° Gemini 00′ 49″
    13° Pisces 33′ 46″
    25° Cancer 23′ 43″
    01° Aquarius 02′ 05″
    22° Libra 07′ 09″ R
    22° Leo 30′ 17″
    14° Aries 04′ 50″
    17° Aquarius 33′ 24″
    23° Scorpio 42′ 41″ R
    13° Capricorn 24′ 41″
    23° Taurus 28′ 41″
    16° Scorpio 07′ 53″ R
    25° Gemini 18′ 53″ R
    25° Sagittarius 18′ 53″ R

    1. You have a stellium in Sagittarius in the Ninth House with Jupiter conjunct Uranus at 7 degrees. You’ll love what unfolds from November into late 2019 as you have your Jupiter Return coming. Teaching English in Asia would be perfect, but there may also be a second choice. It is common to feel spoilt for choice on this cycle and there is likely to be an extremely unusual, unique and quite unexpected turning point with your plans to travel, relocate, teach, study and so on – around December 10th to 14th. You may want to wait for the Retroshade to pass but from around Christmas Day you are on your way. Next year will be quite extraordinary if you ‘do’ your Ninth House which you can look up on Search when you finish reading this. Cryptocurrency or any other financial/property/charity/business concerns benefits from Jupiter on your Proserpina at 23 Scorpio which takes place from October 6th and 9th. You may want to complete everything well before Halloween though as we have a Mercury Retroshade and Retrograde from that point which is going to make Trick or Treat look straightforward. It’s so, so tricky. But – you will be the middle person or ‘bridge’ in a situation that benefits you as October begins. Long-term Uranus in Taurus will oppose your Scorpio placements and you need to be right across that, in the years to come, so have a look at what I wrote about Uranus in Taurus, also on Search.

  46. Hi Jessica. You do a fantastic job and your writing has been in the past few years so inspirational to me. I was wondering if I stand to gain from the upcoming weeks. I have Venus in Virgo at 18 degrees (the only factor of my chart at 18 degrees). I would expect so, with Jupiter crossing 18 degrees and the New Moon. Thanks a lot and thank you for being such an inspiration, I learned astrology from you.

    1. Thank you. I am glad to hear that. You need to look at the whole chart, but the sextile of Jupiter to your natal Venus from September 7th to 13th will wake her up – Jupiter was actually the father of Venus in mythology – so expect a rebirth of your desire to partner up at work, university or over your unpaid work – at the same time that Cupido, the daughter of Venus, is preparing to move through Virgo. That’s another good example of passion ahead, particularly with a person who is so integral to your job, for example, or your volunteer efforts. It’s always great to have a Jupiter sextile. September is essentially a relaunch. If your physical condition prevents you from working, then this two-way street will concern your body instead.

  47. Hi Jessica, thank you for your insight, you are spot on, I have given up gluten and recently had a major health scare, I thought I was having a heart attack, I didn’t have a heart attack but, I woke up and know that the universe is helping me, I plan to leave my stressful job in November.
    Once again thank you so much.

    1. Sandi I am glad the astrology was spot on for you. Please do reduce the stress – however you need to – and thank you for the validation about your gluten issue.

  48. So many people feeling stressed and looking for change. This new moon really does seem to have come at the right time. As a Virgo rising, i like the decluttering and organising advice. I have also been planning a body and wellness revamp so the Pinterest idea is a good one too. I am currently superstressed at work and battling with boss over time off that was promised. Hopefully new moon might change their mind.

    1. The trick with this cycle is to find what is easy, what you love and enjoy, what seems possibly too easy, and then do it. Paid or unpaid. Part-time or within the actual job description. It is really easy to get ground down by Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn but I was at a workshop today and we were discussing the end of the cycle (2020) and also the need to have portable real skills and life skills to ship through, after the system has gone and the people who support the system has gone. Your Vesta and Proserpina and Ascendant in Virgo will assist your mini relaunch. It won’t feel like an effort, you will find the universe comes out to support you so tune in, once, twice three times, because nothing that happens will be random.

  49. Hello Jessica ! My ascendant is in 4th degree of Virgo without planet’s there.Mercury retrograde in 3th house Scorpio with Sun and Uranus there.Im looking for job and I hope September will be happy for me.The new moon that we are waiting,has something to do with this and how will affect me?Thank you!

    1. It’s really hard to read your chart with this information so I’m not going to do it and give you a wrong call. Yet, the New Moon in September will help you – if you remember the key to that month is helping people, who need help – with their home, profession, course, unpaid work. The magic word is ‘delegate’ and the magic service is ‘more than 100%’ and then you’ll be able to do what you want. In other words, your own hours. You could do this part-time, part-hours, as you wish – you just have to serve. But be professional about serving. Think Jeeves in Jeeves and Wooster.

  50. Wow Jessica first rate I have just booked for healing/counselling on 9th, after being used and abused and cheated on all discovered recently worse July/August ever, miss my Pisces who I thought was a karmic relationship but found he was with me for my lifestyle so need to recover and find me but do I ever get any happiness in love? Beginning to question that after all this.

    1. Good timing with your 9th September appointment. The Pisces has a ton of decisions to make about past or future lovers in September and you will be part of that decision-making process, even though it’s over. If Pisces abused and cheated upon you, let the karma work it out. You have six Leo factors, did you know? Leo rules children, stepchildren, pregnancy and big choices about parenthood (yes or no, no, no). You don’t say if you are a parent or he is/was, but actually, that was the whole story – 2017 and 2018. Look up the North Node in Leo and Leo Weather on Search when you finish this because I wrote a lot about it, a few months ago. The good news is, of course you find happiness in love and actually from 2023 it transforms your life. Not changes. Transforms. For many years. Take a deep breath, though, as not every woman wants to go into that cycle!

  51. Dear Jessica,thank you and your team for very interesting site..became unavoidable for me in far away Bosnia,Ia hve Venus at 15 and Mars 16 of Virgo,Pluto at 3. My partner Sun 21,Moon around 10,Mars 11 and Venus 25 Virgo.I need a visa to visit him and apolued for it in July but no response.What are the chances now and shall we meet soon.Thank you so much

    1. That is a lot of Virgo for you two to share so one of the issues, now or later, will be your work status and/or his. You’ve applied for a visa to see your partner on Mercury and Mars Retrograde, you should have better luck from Monday 3rd September as nothing has been normal with computers, paperwork, phone calls and so on. Try again nearer the New Moon but remember you will have to clear all employment/work requirements for you or your partner and that will be the clincher.

  52. HI Jessica ❤️ You’re amazing. I’m fascinated by the time you put into answering everyone’s questions.
    I have a Virgo stellium. As a dancer, I have always been in great shape but I year ago or so I put on 25 lbs and I have lost 10 of it multiple times this year only to blink and gain it back. I feel self-sabotage is to blame. Is there something that’s jumps at you in my chart? I have considered talking to a psychologist.

    1. Thank you. You would gain by talking to a psychologist as although your head may be telling you to continue with dancing, because it’s something you trained for, and are no doubt very good at – there is something there disagreeing with you, inside. This explains the weight that goes on and off. Your body is acting out something your conscious self is not confronting, according to that Virgo pattern in your chart. Find out what that is. September is the ideal time. Good luck.

  53. I’m more than a bit wary of this new moon, despite having Jupiter in my sun sign. Frankly, the last time I took a leap of faith using astrology, I got fired for asking for what I deserved and have struggled ever since. I’ll look and see, but I’m extremely risk adverse at this point – barely making it as is – so I’ll keep my eyes open and hope something promising appears at last.

    Any hope my stars show you would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Wait, you got fired for using astrology? Do you mean you asked for a pay rise and lost your job? I don’t think I’ve ever written that advice (about asking for a pay rise) in any astrology feature or comment, though correct me if I am wrong. Your ‘raise’ cycle does not actually begin until November this year. You do however have the North Node at 19 Capricorn (karma in your career, as the North Node is past life debts and credits and Capricorn rules your Tenth House of jobs). For the first time in over 240 years Pluto is transiting 19 Capricorn. I could say more about this cycle but I am very concerned about the way you are using astrology. Hopefully not mine. Thank you. I am sorry you have been fired and are struggling. By the way, the Virgo New Moon can and does help.

      1. You did not at all advise myself or any of your other devoted readers to ask for a pay raise, so no worries there!

        It was January 30th, 2017, and what you had advised was that readers gather their courage and reasonably ask for what they deserved in matters of career – which I did on that very date. I know the dates well because I have saved the email a I received a day later dismissing me from my position. I kept it to make certain I hadn’t phrased my request in a harsh or overbearing manner, and I remember mentioning my dismissal in passing to you on Twitter at the time.

        I’m sure this is all going to somehow lead to my and my family’s greater good, but it would be a lie to say we haven’t struggled since, or that I am not extremely wary of using astrological timing in a way I never used to be before due to my faulty interpretation of the astrological trends at that time.

        It certainly was an excellent object lesson for me, and I will proceed with all due caution with whatever advice you care to offer on this upcoming cycle. I do appreciate the thought, time, and effort you go to in order to educate novices like me, and most certainly will do my best to apply it properly this time!

        1. I’m sorry that you have been put through this difficult work and employment situation. I’ve checked to find content from January 30th 2017 regarding the trends then with no success. Looking at my software, we saw a Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career within 24 hours of that date, and if you want to wind back the clock to see what was going on, it might help to look up Mercury, Pluto and also the Tenth House on Search or in the ebooks on this website. The Virgo New Moon and September as a whole (Virgo weather) will definitely help you. The trick is knowing that Virgo is about serving. I’ll give you a concrete example. I just gave an astrology workshop and a reader offered me a lift home, which was great, as my alternative was a long cab ride. She also suggested we have a glass of wine at her home, which was even nicer, and she then revealed she was the private secretary to a well-known figure in the British aristocracy. A relocation meant she was also leaving that job, but she gave me her business card and I realised I could introduce her to at least three likely new employers. That’s a really good example of Virgo thinking. Help out, fill a gap, and see what happens. This is really not about soaring ambition so much as honouring your clients, customers or employers and realising that it is finessing the details and putting him/her/them first which does the trick. You might want to look up the sign Virgo too to see what it’s all about. You have a good Virgo chart signature, with your Moon there, and you will experience Mercury, the Sun and Cupido going right across it in September, so if you want to relaunch your Virgo side, this is the time. Figure out what people need, even if it’s part-time online assistance working remotely – or just a local business/company that is short-staffed – and fill that gap. September is ‘extreme Virgo’ and the people who are about to do best will serve, serve, serve. I also strongly recommend you use The Astrology Oracle and get used to working with it, as it’s the most personalised possible divination you can find here. It’s by you, about you, specifically for you!

  54. Hi Jessica,
    It is amazing how the astrology affects us unconsciously. I’m definitely feeling the Virgo vibes! I’ve recently taken up pilates and am looking to buy a bicycle (although I might cheat and buy an electric one!). I’d like to add yoga as well. Your health is your wealth, as they say. I have a large Virgo stellium including Pluto at 16 degrees, so this new moon is significant. I thought the coast would be clearing for an epic period of expansion/development once Jupiter goes into Sagittarius in November, but your other posts indicate that it will be far from plain sailing (I’m using very watery metaphors here I notice!) in the latter few months of the year. I’ll be decluttering this week (but to be honest, reading on your website is so much more interesting than housework!). Are new prospects afoot for me in other areas or is this simply a body/health revamp? Thank you for your great articles.

    1. The New Moon in Virgo and the intense Virgo weather in September is only about your Pilates and bicycle – good move – and perhaps about your workload, daily routine, lifestyle/work style and particular projects, tasks, roles or jobs. It is your relaunch and it holds good until this time next year. Your big Sagittarius signature will be rewritten to your total advantage starting in November but check the piece I wrote on Mercury Retroshade as there will be some to and fro at the beginning, across November-December. Yet, by 2019 you will be in a better place geographically and/or intellectually and spiritually. You might say this far-flung region or foreign connection expands your mind.

  55. HI Jessica,

    I have Psyche 16 Virgo opposite Venus at 17 Pisces. May this new moon have an impact on the current turmoil in my professional and personal life? Many thanks

    1. It will help you a lot. The reason you are going through professional turmoil is the Capricorn ‘weather’ in your Tenth House of career. For the first and last time in your life, serious Saturn and powerful Pluto are both travelling together in this zodiac sign and house. Look up the Tenth House on Search when you finish reading this and you will see what it’s all about. Look up Saturn too. That is what you will feel most this year. Saturn is going 2-11 Capricorn now through the end of 2018. You have Mercury at 7 Capricorn, Apollo at 3 Capricorn so you are being ‘sat on’ by Saturn, as they say. The reason this Virgo New Moon helps you so much is that you realise if you dedicate yourself to serving other people with your skills, dedication and expertise (and worry less about the actual career parts) you will be able to control your own life, master your own situation and ultimately come out ahead in 2020 when you are in line for a fantastic new job, promotion, award or big hit. Now, though, the answer is to actually put the ‘job’ first – whatever that is – and prove to yourself and others that this is your priority. Your personal life is not affected by the Virgo New Moon. The key words here for you are ‘duty’ and ‘service’ and maybe avoiding doing others a ‘disservice’ for whatever reason. Customer or client care is your guiding light. The situation can and does get better over time.

    1. Your Ascendant at 27 Virgo is set to be crossed (or conjuncted by) the transiting Sun, Mercury and eventually Cupido. Contrary to popular opinion, the Ascendant is not about your appearance, so much as it is about ‘how you appear’ in terms of your reputation, role, persona, profile. You are seen as a person who is here to serve. If your birth time is strictly accurate, this has been the case since childhood when others naturally asked you to help out with housework or school tasks. You would have projected as ‘most helpful’ and later on in life, found that you sent a message that spelled ‘D-u-t-y’ to other people. None of this is who you really are. On the inside you are strongly Aries and Aries serves nobody except in times of conflict or war, when the Aries type bravely goes to the front line and does battle to serve his/her people. Yet, having a Virgo ascendant can be useful if you want to get ahead professionally or score points at work. Why? Everybody loves someone who makes the wheels go round.

  56. Dear Jessica
    Thank you for helping me understand the astrology of what went down with my new friends cum healers.
    I have to tell you that i have learnt astrology from you.
    Please help me here: i intend on moving base to London to learn creative writing. Considering my background and finances this is like a pipe dream. Where should i look for help as asking my father for monetary support will crush my self esteem and chances are he may not help me at all.
    I have narrowed down a particular academy and now I can feel London is calling me.
    Your advice is always appreciated. Thank you!

    Sun 15 scorp
    Moon 27 libra
    Mercury 2 scorp
    Venus 10 libra
    Mars 0 aries
    Cupido 29 virgo
    Psyche 10 sag
    Vulcano 11 gemini
    Jupiter 3 gemini
    Juno 29 leo
    Fortuna 19 scorp
    Minerva 12 virgo
    Diana 10 pisces
    Apollo 19 virgo
    Bacchus 17 sag
    Aesculapia 26 sag
    Hygie 2 scorp
    Panacea 2 libra

    Uranus 28 sag
    Saturn 29 sag
    Ops 22 libra
    Chiron 6 cancer
    Vesta 28 libra
    Neptune 8 cap
    Salacia 22 aqua
    Pluto 12 scorp
    Proserpina 19 aqua
    Ceres 17 pisces

    North node 12 pisces
    South node 12virgo

    Asc 2 scorp
    Desc 2 taurus
    MC 2 leo
    IC 2 aqua

    1. Be really careful with the money aspects as you have Mercury at 2 Scorpio (paperwork, commitments in your Eighth House of financial obligation, loans, rent) and Uranus the upsetter is moving to 2 Taurus and will not go away for a while. That’s a clash or opposition. Uranus is also right on your Descendant at 2 Taurus. Again, that’s not very helpful. You do have a strong Gemini-Sagittarius signature which is all about writing or public speaking – the word is the thing – so I can see why you want to do this. Yet it is not financially a great time to take huge risks. Are you on Twitter? Join the playwriting networks. Learn how to write for the theatre. There are many free courses, scholarships, groups and often lucrative prizes and awards for a beginner. Start there and it minimises the financial risk for you. You can still go to London and visit the theatre with your new mates!

  57. Hi Jessica,
    I have a lot of Virgo in my sign, what does that mean for me in September? Mars 10 Virgo, Uranus 11 Virgo, Pluto 14 Virgo, Ic 18 Virgo,Fortuna 23 Virgo, and Vulcano 8 Virgo. Thank you,

    1. Essentially you will need to convince someone who is treating you like a servant, either at home or work, or with unpaid work, that you are actually delighted to serve, but you also have to serve yourself too (you are not a machine) and you also need to ‘serve’ the others connected with the project, plan or issue. It’s like being the cleverest butler of all time. Jeeves and Wooster! Pluto is always about power and control issues, empowerment and how the reins are shared. September is the best month all year to discuss, negotiate and also to do some research, too, on the tiniest of connected details. That will really help you.

  58. What an interesting, but productive, month this will be! Can definitely feel the productive vibe, for sure. I have Psyche in Virgo at 22. Even though it’s a later degree, will this have any influence during the New Moon? Or perhaps Cupido moving into Virgo, it will make a semi-sextile with my Cupido in Libra. Any significance in this? Thank you as always, Jessica!

    1. The Virgo weather will touch your Proserpina and Psyche in that sign in the Sixth House, not in any life-changing way, but enough to make you aware that the magic word is ‘service.’ All work matters can be delegated to this one word and it will work wonders for you. So, for example, if you are having a disagreement with an employer, colleague, client and so on (I am assuming you have paid or unpaid work in your life) you address the issue by talking about ‘doing people a dis-service’ and ‘I have to put people first.’ And if you want to get people on side talk about doing your duty, fulfilling your role, giving it 200% and so on. It’s like Tinkerbell’s magic wand.

  59. This is so interesting! I’m particularly intrigued by what you say about Cupido & someone/something to love in terms of your body & daily workload – I’m currently waiting for my first baby to be born! She’s due late September so I’m fascinated to see whether she hangs on to be a Sun Libra like me or not. I can’t imagine her coming before Venus gets into Scorpio (like I have), so I’ll keep on prepping & nesting in the run-up to the full moon, which seems like a good Virgo use of the time. Any hints of which transits to look out for, or if you can see any clues to when she might come or what might be happening over the next month would be greatly appreciated Lx

    1. Too funny. I am sure your baby will look like a cherub too – Cupid to the life. Make sure that you get the birth time when your daughter arrives (the time the cord is cut) and I will have a quick look at her chart for you. Congratulations!

      1. Thanks Jessica, I will do! I can’t wait to see when she arrives & what her chart is going to look like! Lx

      2. Hi Jessica, our baby girl arrived on 24th September at 3.26am in London. She certainly looks like a cherub to us! I’m fascinated by what seems like a paradoxical combination of Libra Sun & Leo ascendant. I would love any thoughts you have on her chart if you have a chance to look. I was also intrigued to see how many aspects, especially conjunctions, her chart forms with both her parents – for example, her MC is tightly conjunct my husband’s Taurus moon, his Mercury conjunct her Moon & Neptune, we both have the Pluto/Venus conjunction with her, and his South Node on top of her Libra placements, not to mention my Venus on her Jupiter). I assumed there were would be aspects in our charts but this seems crazy! Lx

        1. Congratulations on your new baby girl. You have all been involved together in at least one past life, perhaps more, and the clues are with your husband’s Taurus moon. You have financial or property obligations – perhaps involving possessions – going back across your last incarnation together, and perhaps more than just one. There may be hints already as you will both obviously change your wills in her favour, and fate is now catching you at a time when the sums you do about your assets, debts, liabilities, wealth and so on – is particularly important. Your baby girl has arrived at a key point in history, too, with Uranus (the revolution) in Taurus (money, values, economics) and Jupiter (gains) in Scorpio (high finance, big business). She was also born with Venus in Scorpio, so what we might call ‘the pocket money years’ will be very interesting for her. Longer-term she is here to learn values from you, and you from her – what money cannot buy – what you will (or will not) ever sell your souls for.

          1. Thank you so much Jessica, I really appreciate you taking the time to look and reply. As always, your comments are disarming in their pertinence! Lx

  60. Dear Jessica, I have been reading and reading, trying to figure this all out, and the conclusion I have come to is that astrology is a lot like trying to read the Gaelic signposts in Ireland–just when you think you are about to get it, you realize that combination of letters could be anything! The last year, especially, has been full of emotional upheaval in my family against a backdrop of almost daily aggravation–things like mechanical failures and other surprise expenses and losses. The problem which is most occupying my mind now is my brother(11/15/74) and his family. He is one of those classic back pain to opoid use disorder cases. It has been an issue for almost 10 years, but reached a crisis point this spring. I did see a nosedive last summer, accelerated by my father’s death in November. My sister, mother, brother, and I have all been trying to help, but we live far apart, and have been fairly ineffectual. His wife (July 7,1983), while a victim in very many ways, has so many problems of her own, that she cannot help him. She has exposed him on social media, tried to get him fired from his job (he did get fired, eventually) so that she could better control him and qualify for more public assistance, and has belittled him for years to anyone who will listen. I believe he is the victim of the worst kind of manipulation and narcissistic abuse. She does not seem to have any empathy towards anyone, including her children. Rather, she exploits them for attention, monetary gain, etc. We tried to get his wife to pursue a court ordered rehab (she is the only one with that power), but instead she felt he needed to be punished and pursued the criminal route. My mother had to hire a lawyer to keep him out of prison and my siblings have paid for rehab, where he is now. He seems to be doing very well now, but he feels completely to blame. I am very afraid he will leave rehab, go back home to the same unhealthy situation, and relapse. I am also very worried about my 2 nephews, who are 16mos. and 9 years old. Their mother seemed willing to give up custody when the 9 yr. old was with me and my sister this summer, but my brother stopped that. I had thought until just last week that the baby was better off with her, but now I don’t think so. They almost went to a foster home, but the DSS has dropped the case against my sister-in-law. I’m not quite sure what it was all about. She says it was because she was so hysterical after she got my brother arrested. I hope to be able to get custody of them until my brother is well enough to take them, but all of that is a long shot. It’s such an unbelievable mess. My brother is the kindest, most tolerant, intelligent, capable person I know. I’m not the only one who thinks he is the best person they know. It is just so sad he is married to someone who doesn’t see him for what he is, and I know that this contributes to his problem. There isn’t much I can do, other than to send him letters reminding him of who he is, how we see him, and I also have sent some articles on addiction and the brain, and narcissistic abuse. It is a paralyzing worry. And I have many other things which should be occupying my attention. I could sum it all up by saying that I hope to be in a better situation financially and emotionally in order to support the people and causes I care about. Your insight is very valuable. Thank you. Jessica.

    1. This situation with your brother sounds very stressful and I’m sorry you are going through it. The issue is actually the nephews, aged 16 months and 9 years. Nephews and also your own children – if you have them – are ruled by Leo and the Fifth House. You were born with Mercury at 1 Leo, Venus at 1 Leo, and other factors close by like Apollo at 4 Leo and Hygiea at 3 Leo. We now have the North Node of karma proceeding steadily towards 1 Leo. This episode is over by November. You only get the North Node in this sign once every 19 years and it is here now. The karma is no doubt with your brother who has a past life connection with you, but perhaps also with either nephew and even his wife. You could make your brother the focus, his wife the focus, yourself, or your other family members. The astrology says, put the nephews first. I’m sure you have spoken to counsellors or other objective advisors about the children. This is a hugely emotional issue but you are strongly Leo, naturally want to take the lead and perhaps there are other ways of doing it. The North Node then moves onto Cancer, the sign of family, in November and remains there in 2019, where it will cross your Sun, Ascendant and Minerva eventually. Again, this is karma. It goes from Leo (children) to Cancer (close relatives) and then finally leaves you alone, for another 19 years. If this feels like a crossroads it is. Have a look at Leo and the Fifth House on Search when you finish reading this to see what is going on. I hope this message about the nephews helps. I would also say, if you have children of your own (you don’t say if you do) they should also be the absolute priority here.

  61. What a coincidence! My husband 7/15/65 6:05 am havre de grace, MD US will be starting physical therapy next week for his arthritic knees, and got prescriptions recently for his high heart rate and for quitting smoking. Is there anything showing in his chart to be aware of at this time or to help things along??!!
    Thank you Jessica for working so hard and providing all this insightful astrology to us all!!!

    1. Great timing. They say ‘a new broom sweeps clean’ and that is what this New Moon will feel like in Virgo. This sign has always been associated with the body and it’s an excellent time to quit smoking too.

  62. Mulling over the best way to proceed with an idea for a book which is intensely personal to me, and those I love, when – a beautiful grey feather floated into my kitchen the other day thru a half-open door.
    Looking at all my 16, 17 and 18 factors, this may be the push my little universe has needed!

  63. Thank you very much! I do have my own children (2 girls,19 and 30) to think about, and it is a huge consideration in all of this, particularly financially. My husband and I are waiting for our house in the city to sell, which will be a huge relief. I may be deluded in thinking this will set us free to do it all–build a house here in the country, invest in farming, help our children, and take on nephews! As far as love goes, we all have plenty of room for those boys. What you said about my brother was very interesting. I have always felt very maternal towards both of my brothers, especially Michael.

  64. Hi Jessica,

    Hoping I can kick back and relax with the new moon. I’ve been conquering one major health concern and also, I do feel that there is something else underlying, as for years I have suffered with erratic sleep anxiety and a tension in my throat. I have an appointment on Tuesday, just after the new moon. I would like to know if there is a good time for starting a three week treatment of radiotherapy or more so, if there are any harsh transits coming up to avoid.

    Would appreciate any insight

    Thank you

    1. You are in the right place at the right time to begin your radiotherapy as we only have one month a year with such intense Virgo weather, and Virgo rules your Sixth House of mind, body and spirit. Mercury in Virgo gives you answers to questions. Real answers! The Sun in Virgo sheds light on what you need to do and know. The New Moon in Virgo is a new start. Cupido in Virgo means you’ll really like the people you deal with – one in particular. Anxiety, poor sleep and tension in your throat are all referenced in Claire Weekes’ book, Self-Help For Your Nerves. The lump in the throat is a symptom of anxiety. I am sure you are feeling anxious about all that you are going through, but you are not alone and others have been there before you and are also – like you – dealing with this. Visualisation helps. See yourself steering your yacht over stormy seas – which are temporary – and mastering the waves. There is a real feeling of empowerment and self-trust when you do this. You get to know yourself, respect yourself and even be rather amazed by yourself. And it does not last. You have spirit with you, by the way. You are being helped from that side of life. Keep steering.

  65. HI Jessica, I am curious as to what types of initiatives are supported in September by the New Moon in Virgo relative to my natal Sun 18 Taurus and Ceres 16 Capricorn. Is there such a thing as a transit forming a grand earth trine to natal placements? How could I best ise this energy and opportunity?

    Thank you!

    1. Mike, the rules are different for this kind of astrology (with the complete family tree of asteroids) and we only use 0-1 orbs. So, much as I’d love to tell you this is a grand trine, it’s just two trines. But there’s no ‘just’ about it as the Sun, New Moon, Mercury and Cupido will all move through your Sixth House triggering your prominence, stand-out qualities and natural brilliance with all Taurus and Second House matters. This may be finance, economics, charity or fundraising, business or a gift for buying/selling. At the same time, you are a real player when it comes to the social ladder, and any large organisation, profession or industry with a hierarchy and triangular construction. That is Ceres. So you’d have to say that the temporary importance of particular work connections, unpaid work contacts or similar (Virgo transits) helps you so much professionally and financially in September. These earth transits are about the chance to ground yourself firmly in the material world. You’d also have to say that what you create or launch now with the trines to Ceres at 16 Capricorn will pay off long-term when Jupiter moves to 16 Capricorn later on.

  66. Hi Jessica,
    As always, very nice messages about coming new moon in Virgo, thank you for that! Would you please give me some hints about my horoscope, I am Virgo Sun, and as a premium member my data are available. I am struggling with unemployment for almost 2 years. Would this issue be settled soon?

    Thank you!

    1. You are strongly Virgo and two years is a long time to be without paid or unpaid work. September will turn it around but you need to go back to what Virgo is all about – service. This is the maidservant sign, and even former President Barack Obama has a Virgo chart signature which is why he appeared so committed to putting the American people first. It is time to start doing your duty and perfecting the skills and abilities you have, to the highest possible level, so you can offer them to those who need you to be the wheel in their machine. You can do this by educating yourself, training, seeking an internship, volunteering – none of which is paid but all of which is priceless – or by seeking part-time or full-time employment where you give, give, give. This cycle is not about the most glamorous or sought-after big-time career of your life. It is about playing your part. There is a huge difference between Virgo and Capricorn, say, or Virgo and Leo. So do your Virgo and Sixth House side. It will work this month. Look up the Sixth House on Search to find out more about this side of yourself and your chart.

  67. Thank you Jessica,
    I have been lighting a candle and asking for spirits help. Good to know.

  68. Dear Jessica,

    My astro data is below. Today is my 40th birthday. I had two completely awful years during which time my life more or less turned upside down. The troubles started shortly after my nodal return in Nov. 2015 and everything went downhill from there. I am currently in a very difficult civil law suit and my emotional, financial and employment situation is terrible. I may lose my home soon because of my deteriorating financial situation. There will be a meeting soon to discuss settlement with those I am suing following which I may get a financial settlement, but I am not optimistic. Also, I have an employment offer, but I have to move away for this job and I fear that moving away will further destabilize my emotional state. I am looking for some answers and something to be optimistic about and look forward to on my birthday. Can you please look at my chart and tell if you see any positive changes coming up?

    Sun in Virgo 15°12’2″
    Moon in Scorpio 20°36’25”
    Mercury in Leo 27°45’29”
    Venus in Scorpio 0°53’16”
    Mars mars in Libra 22°14’44”
    Jupiter in Leo 0°32’30”
    Saturn in Virgo 5°26’31”
    Uranus in Scorpio 13°19’12”
    Neptune in Sagittarius 15°34’47”
    Pluto in Libra 15°22’44”
    mc in Cancer cancer 6°19’40”
    ascendant ascendant in Libra 5°2’36”
    northnode in Virgo27°18’18”

    1. Okay this isn’t your whole chart but you can’t afford one month’s membership so I will look at your Tarot. I can see the financial challenge right away just by finding Venus at 0 Scorpio as Uranus (which turns the world upside down) has been right opposite at 0 Taurus. Between now and 8th September 2019 you will be happily lost in a group of friends, probably with two women, or one woman and a man in touch with his female side. It’s terrific. It’s emotionally fulfilling, very committed, very close and there is a real sense of Three Musketeers – ‘All for one, and one for all.’ There is also abundance here. This may be an overload of resources, perhaps money, or other ‘supply’ as the Three of Cups shows three celebrating people surrounded by a harvest of pumpkins and fruit. Do use what comes your way with these people. Turn it it something you can store up for the future, or strike deals and make the most of it. My eyes are on your Neptune in Sagittarius and the fact that fortunate Jupiter is crossing it for the first time in 12 years in 2019. This to me looks like multicultural or international friends and a lovely holiday from the real world. Enjoy it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. By the way – Jupiter at 20 Scorpio is also set to cross your Moon in Scorpio. There can and will be a big answer about your money, house, business or apartment before November too.

  69. Hi Jessica

    Thanks for the prompt in twitter to come join the conversation. I have some serious career/job decisions to make in the next 30 days and then more in the coming year, but the next 30 days are going to be crucial.

    What signs should I look for and what clues should I follow to find the best path.

    Thanks for all you do.

    1. Thank you. You have a stellium (unusually high number of factors) in Virgo in the Sixth House of work, duty, service, lifestyle and daily routine. You should certainly use Sunday to clear the space in your room, or your home – and perhaps your computer if you have time – to welcome in something brand new, which allows you to well and truly do your duty for the world, drawing on all your skills, talents and abilities to serve others. If your decisions are crucial it is not surprising, as you have the Sun, New Moon, Mercury himself (your Mercury Return) and Cupido all going through Virgo and your Sixth House, until October. Trust the process. The key is wanting to do the right thing by others and put them first. This may be your actual job description, a policy or mission statement, or the demands of a particular project or role. Forget everything else. Forget politics, power and control issues, ego, prestige, status or success. The absolute trick to this cycle is to know that you can serve, and to want to do that, first and foremost. This may be ‘the people’ or the public, the customer, client and so on. Follow your nose with that and you won’t go wrong. Read more on Virgo and the Sixth House on Search when you finish. Use the New Moon Sunday 9th, Monday 10th to clear a space in your life to set new intentions. Say it out loud or write it down. Make sure it’s heard by the universe and yourself, in your heart. You are here to do this!

  70. Hi Jessica,

    I have a tense family issue with my sisters regarding our 90 year old mum{Sun in Capricon}. who is still active but frail. Currently, she lives with my older sister. I relocated back to my homeland after several years overseas due to husband job. Mother and daughters have karmic relationships. My IC is in Virgo. Service and Duty. Would there be a peaceful solution on how to care for Mum amongst the sisters ? Thank you for any helpful insights.

    Hi Jessica,
    My sisters and I have very tense conversations on how to care for my Mum who is in her nineties, frail and still active. Mum is sun in capricon. Currently, she lives with my elder sister. I have my IC in Virgo of service and duty. Would there be a peaceful solution coming from this new Virgo moon. Any insights would be appreciated. Thank you. E.

    1. I am sorry about the politics between yourself and your sisters, with your 90-year-old mother at the heart of it all. You have Vesta in Cancer in the Fourth House. That’s really the whole story here. There is a male involved – perhaps her husband, your father who has passed on, or perhaps the male partner of yourself or one of the sisters. Have a look at Vesta on Search. She always turns up when women compete against each other. It can feel very painful and intense as I am sure you know. It may well be ‘what Dad would have wanted’ that is the story here, or is somebody’s husband having a say over finances or property, perhaps, or the will? We always have to look to the missing male with Vesta. You will be relieved to know that once the North Node moves into Cancer and your Fourth House, in November, you are on the last karmic path for many years. Once you complete this karma you do not have to do it again – not for another 19 years anyway. It just means settling old scores, repayments and collecting rewards with the family from this and other lifetimes. This is the last major transit you have in Cancer and your Fourth House for a very long time and once it’s done, it’s done, so you can move on. Have a look at the North Node in Cancer, Fourth House, Vesta on Search to explain it in more detail.

  71. Hi Jessica
    Thank you very much for your quick response. My dad has passed on. Mum is staying in her flat that she paid for it.
    Thanks for the insight on finances, property and will which is accurate. I will look at NN in cancer fourth house. Perhaps you can tell me who is the missing male in Vesta ?
    My elder sister ex husband ? or my two sisters husband s?

    1. I am glad the astrology is accurate. The male who is involved in your Vesta situation will be the brother-in-law who encourages a harem atmosphere with his wife, female relatives, daughters and so on – including your mother. He will be the man who encourages the women to compete against each other for his approval or attention. Vesta can be toxic but the solution is for the females to join forces together and use the situation to their advantage, not the man’s!

  72. Hi Jessica,
    I love the look of the relaunched site. I have Cupido and Psyche in Virgo and would love your insights on how I should make the best of this new moon. I have been looking into finding some good dance studios to take up dance lessons. However, I’m a little wary as I had a less than satisfactory experience at another dance school earlier this year. Anything I should know?
    Thanks so much.

    1. The dance school you tried which didn’t satisfy you last time, chimed with the strange Leo weather we have been having (one eclipse after another) and Leo rules dance education as it is something that binds the generations together – little girls love ballet and tap-dancing as much as senior women – and teaching/studying is part of the Leo Fifth House story in your chart. Now we are in much easier times, you should have a look at what is possible, Agnes. I think there is more to this than just your 2018 lessons. I do feel that you have done this in a previous life (South Node in Leo) and in fact will pass on what you know to the next generation, or the generation after that, in the fullness of time. Lovely!

  73. Dear Jessica, just wanted to thank you for your insight on the day. I spent it reorganizing my routine, with some long due changes planned for this week and it was very productive indeed. Since it was “beginnings day”, I also spent some time thinking about a project that I am very excited about these days. I wasn’t expecting anything in particular, just doing light research. Then I lost track of time, got struck by a lighting bolt of inspiration, got into hyperforcus and woke up that I had written the first page of this book I have in mind (which is weird, because I never start writing straight from the beginning) ! I looked at the clock and it was 9.09 pm – exactly New Moon time where I live. I had forgotten about it! It got me a little emotional! Also because I thought of last week’s Tarot Card, the Book! And yes, it has to do with a foreign place!! It’s all very exciting. Thanks! Your loyal italian superfan 🙂 x

  74. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your informative advice in your blogs. I have a large stellium in Virgo and the last 2 months for me have been an emotional roller coaster. I feel I’m at a crossroads in my life and approaching my 2nd Saturn return. What is strongest in my mind is finally shedding these extra 25 lbs I’ve been carrying around these last 20 years, finding part time employment that is fun and satisfies my need to serve and settling down with a partner to share the rest of this life with, I’m with a good man.
    Anything advice is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

    1. It’s a pleasure. Looking at your chart, I would say forget numbers (25 lbs and 20 years is so specific) – you are strongly Virgo and this is a ‘perfect, defined, specific, detailed, number-crunching’ Virgo statement. It also gets in your way. I will explain. You have the kind of chart, that every time you ‘do’ your Virgo and focus on statistics, another side of you rebels. You have other zodiac signs in your chart that just can’t deal with that level of precision focus and of course it puts the pressure on to achieve – perfectly – which another side of you also dislikes! So in general I would ditch the numerals. Who cares? The other stuff is also just part of the trip, if it happens. A job and a man. Go back to your body. The other things are likely even if you never, ever did lose the weight. You have that kind of chart where it’s going to happen anyway. Yet – your body will thank you for finding something you genuinely enjoy that also happens to be good for you. You control it. Not the experts, the professionals or anyone else. You have this major Pluto in Virgo signature in your chart. You have to use your self-control and willpower to do it, but you’ll enjoy it. It has to be unique, tailored to you, nobody else and the attitude behind it is the key. It’s for you and you’re not measuring or timing. The other stuff would happen anyway, please remember that, fat or thin, it would happen anyway! But it may as well happen when you are healthy and have a long life ahead of you, right?

      1. Thank you so much for your kind words, through tears of gratitude. I am always so hard on myself….

  75. Hi Jessica – I was wondering if you could please provide some insight as to how this new moon may impact my health (long term GI issues), career, love life and finances? I have Virgo in Juno and Aesculapia. I am scheduled to do a lot of business development long distance travel between mid September to mid October), and the guy I am really interested (a fellow Pisces) is now single as of last Monday. Thanks so much, and love the new website (especially the link to one’s birth chart at the top of pages such as this).

    1. The Virgo New Moon is about exactly that. Business development travel September-October and you’re across that already. I call it ‘white shirt weather’ so double points if you packed that in your case! The single Pisces has more than just you admiring him, but he needs a drink and a conversation. He’ll talk and talk. Let’s hope it is with you.

  76. Hi Jessica, your incredible insight is amazing! Looking at my chart, I have the following in Virgo: Uranas 5, Pluto 12, Juno 25, Vesta 27, Ceres 16, MC 10, IC 10. I also have Panacea at 17 in Scorpio and Salacia at 18 Capricorn. After an 8 month rest from work, I would like to go back into consulting. Until now, I have not been serious about which way to go – fulltime or consulting and recently have been contacted to do consulting work. How do you see the Virgo effects in September with so many Virgo factors. I am eager to network and build on my experience and talent to commence my consulting work especially with so many Capricorn factors between 15-29 and the south node in Capricorn. Thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you. The offer about consulting work is typical of Virgo weather. You’re actually reshaping your whole career. The Capricorn signature in your chart is triggered now through Christmas 2020 so you are in this for the long haul. The consulting is really part of something much bigger, over the next 2-3 years and it would involve cultural/language differences in a way that helps you expand and explore the world. You will be amazed at how quickly things come together this month if you do say ‘yes’ to this. What is required here is a cool, clear head for organisation even though the situation is quite complex. Longer-term there is a lot of power within an organisation, or behind its players – movers and shakers – and you would become part of that if you were happy to join.

    1. Elena, the South Node is karma from other lifetimes so you have been in service before, perhaps many times. It is very common to find the South Node in the Sixth House when people have been chambermaids, housemaids or ladies’ maids – or served in the army, air force or navy. Daily routine and a strong sense of obligation either come naturally and easily, or there is a huge push against it! It really depends on how you felt about it last time around. You will have a choice about paid or unpaid work, or even just housework, in September. It may seem small but it’s big.

  77. Jessica,
    I have lots of planetary factors at 16 and 17 degrees. How should I best use the energy of this new moon?

    1. September for you is really about levelling with employer, colleague, employee or client and saying ‘This is how I work best.’ And also ‘I can’t work like this’ – but in a way that works! You’ll definitely have this as an issue by the third week. You are not a robot and you need – whatever you need. You will also be invited to promise yourself some lasting (years long) lifestyle changes by October. Could be giving up sugar, cigarettes – could be taking up a fresh-squeezed orange at breakfast or whatever. Yet it changes so much!

  78. Hi Jessica,

    As true Virgo sign, I like to be of service and help others along the way but I had given so much of myself that I feel anxious and emptied out. 

    I guess it’s time for a new approach and strategy.


    1. Justina, this is your Virgo side talking. The Sun, Mercury, Mars, Cupido in your Sixth House of duty, service, obligation, order, routine and perfectionism are running you. You actually do have a fair bit of ‘push back’ in your chart against Virgo so when you overdo your Sixth House, you find the other signs/houses dislike it! You are quite Leo. So, at a certain point, you have to be the Queen. You are not the staff. You can be the staff some of the time, but do yourself a favour and if others do not respect your throne and crown, make other plans. You do have the rest of your life! You are being affected physically by uber-Virgo service, which is a sure sign that it’s gone too far. Come back to your Leo. A really useful exercise is to step back from yourself as if you were a stranger assessing the situation! The other thing to remember is that actually, nobody is forcing you to do anything. You are accepting/enduring/putting up with. So if you don’t, that’s that.

      1. Thank you so much, Jessica.

        This is one of the best advice I have ever received!

        It’s time to look for my crown that I have thrown away long time ago.

        Probably I have always believed that I should be behind the scenes, doing the hard work (Virgo side) while others take a centre stage!

        A quiet truth, a hard reality but also this is a turning point.

        I will try my best to come back to my Leo side.


  79. Hello! Happy New Moon to you! Will you please tell me a little bit about what to expect w/my Cupid Return in Virgo? What can I expect? I feel good about this especially since my work/daily routine has been heavy/hectic these last few years and feel a little bit off track w/diet and relaxation. Hours at work changed (school pushed back one whole hour messing things up for me w/commute, making dinner, living, etc.). Hopefully something good comes out of this September. The song “wake me up when September ends” comes to mind, idk why…anyway, thank you!

    1. September actually goes beyond hours and scheduling, or food. It is about a much deeper issue, which is the need to be practical. You have to respect the fact that your mind, body and spirit are not made of metal. You’re a whole being. Going to work, making dinner and the rest are all…work. It is amazing how people will understand, when you understand an issue yourself. Yet, they won’t really get it unless you get it. I expect you have had a conversation in the last week or two which has triggered a bit of self-questioning. Keep on that, it was Virgo weather and rather useful.

  80. Hello Jessica,

    I have four factors in Virgo in my 6th house none are at 16,17 or 18 but close. Could you please enlighten me on how these will work for me in the Virgo new moon.

    Thanks again for your time and knowledge.


    1. It’s really just a commitment Kane. I say ‘just’ but these things are big, even though they bring in the small details of everyday life. The way you work. The kind of exercise you do. What you eat and drink. Doctors and meds, healers and health. There will be a couple of promises to yourself by October and they will work out very well for you. It’s not totally new. You’ve done it before, but this time it’s bigger and may last longer. Even, for the rest of your life. There is also a pledge to yourself about work, full stop. As The Clash once sang, ‘Who gives you work and why do you do it?’. The answer may surprise you. There is a major question here about education, academia, courses, workshops and also informal learning – just your own DIY education.

  81. Hi Jessica,

    I’m a Leo (Sun) with Sag rising and Pisces Moon. Stelliums in Pisces (Jupiter, Juno, Vulcano, moon, IC), Cancer (mercury, Venus, Saturn, Minerva, Cupido), Sag (north node, Neptune, ascendant, Diana, panacea) and Libra (Uranus, vesta, prosperina, Pluto).

    Venus is 18 Cancer, south node 17 Gemini (I married one!!!) Juno 18 Pisces, north node 17 sag, and prosperina 19 libra.

    I’ve been having ongoing issues with health (autoimmune and food problems/digestion), Husband and home (renting and having lots of issues getting anything done even when urgent things arise. The house is likely contributing to my allergies. Looks like it’s time to move soon but not sure when or where). Amongst all of this I’m studying full time – doing well but challenging being ill, running the home and family etc…

    I was hoping things would improve. Your insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    L M

    1. I’m terribly sorry about your food and allergies. LM, you may benefit from space clearing. I am sure you have heard about this. I am not the expert; Karen Kingston and Denise Linn pioneered this many years ago. It’s decluttering, but more. You have that classic Pisces-Virgo opposition this month and we associate Pisces with confusion/muddle and Virgo with order/organisation. It may feel like it’s too much of a drain on your energy to even think about sorting out just one drawer – but visit Karen’s site at to be inspired. Your body is the key to everything and you have to begin with that. Yet, having a clear space, even on your computer or in your middle kitchen drawer, is going to help you sift and sort and get some clarity. Overwhelm is often fixed by just…decluttering. Hit Search here to find out more about that. Your Gemini will be up for this, the New Moon just fell in your husband’s Fourth House of home. New beginning.

      1. Thank you. This makes so much sense! I actually went through the house over the past few days and got rid of a lot of stuff. Everything is immaculate (for now), until the others start dumping their stuff again. Husband is actually the worst offender. When there’s an inspection you have no choice but get it done, so, sick or not, I have to work so hard to fix up what they can’t be bothered doing.
        I’ll head to the site today.
        I was reading about a Pisces IC, and that I may have a relative with a drinking problem? That rings true, but not a Pisces relative… my husband instead. Finally admitted it. Intuitively I knew (plus the smell of alcohol and the personality shift). I hope it’s over. Not a happy drunk is all I can say. Enough is enough.
        I’ll get o this clearing then.
        Thanks again! So needed to hear this.
        L M

        1. I am sorry you keep cleaning up the house and then have your husband dump his stuff there. Can you set rules or re-set rules or is that impossible? Yes, the Pisces IC can show a relative who was/is an alcoholic. If your husband has a drink problem then he will have no boundaries about the house or anything else. He needs medical help, as you know. I hope that removing the clutter and mess from your home helps begin the process of junk removal from your life and that includes a husband with a drink issue. Do visit if you haven’t done so already. The letters from readers to Karen Kingston are so fascinating. You would not be the first person to go through this. Good luck LM.

  82. Hi Jessica,
    With my chart having several factors @ 13, 14, 15 degrees Virgo – are they a bit too far from 17 degrees New Moon?
    Waiting & hoping results from medical tests to finally yield a Correct diagnosis with options for Real treatment.

    1. You have a crowded Virgo house – the Sixth House – so although the Moon isn’t holding hands with anything there, she is certainly a big house guest for September. You also have Mercury and Cupido coming to stay. If you visualise this house as a place where you keep your fridge (and food), your pantry, your water supply, your medicine/prescriptions, plus also your doctor/healer/trainer (in a spare room!) and with one huge space set aside for your housework, daily workload and the rest – you get an idea of what if feels like to have a New Moon move in, with all her ‘Fresh start’ action plans, alongside Mercury – who wants to talk – and Cupido – who is all about the passion. September is jam-packed and you will have your results, of course, one way or another, and then figure out next steps. Maybe allow October too as Cupido hangs around.

  83. Hello Jessica,
    I like your astrological advice.My 2nd house is in Virgo,as most my natal planets.Can you give me insight into my financial situation with the New Moon and other transits?

    1. You have Mercury at 21 Scorpio and Uranus at 22 Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finances. Your Virgo placements are not in the Second House in the Natural House system which I use on this website, they are in your Sixth House. As you are concerned about money, use the solution or opportunity which comes when Jupiter passes 21, 22 Scorpio – 26th September to 5th October – allow 24 hours either side for world time changes. You only get this kind of astrological pattern once in 12 years. This has nothing to do with the Virgo New Moon. It has everything to do with Jupiter as a symbol of optimism, growth, largesse, abundance, hope, expansion, solutions and improvements. If you want to see how your Mercury-Uranus conjunction operates in your chart, go back about 12 years. And then another 12 years. Each time Jupiter passed by, you would have seen a quite enthralling (Uranus) electrifying, liberating moment of truth about all that you know (Mercury) and communicate (Mercury again) about insurance, taxation, property, banking, mortgages and so on. Scorpio is about family legacies or sexual and financial partnerships. For more read ‘Eighth House’ on Search.

  84. Hi Jessica, another great read as usual…when will your new book be available for purchase in the US?…Also, what on earth in my chart is stopping me from moving forward. Examples, look at new homes, get excited think it’s doable and then it’s a nope that won’t work…go look at new cars because mine is going back soon as the lease is up and everything I go to test drive then don’t have in yet…it seems like from big things like this to the smallest thing becomes a let down, At first it was like oh well this sucks this is life sometimes but now it’s like WTH, or Jesus Mary and Joseph as Mom would say. Also, my job search has turned up zip, sent my resume out to so many places and not one bite…Thank you

    1. Thank you. The new book, The Secret Language of the Stars, is scheduled for publication in Britain in early 2019 and will be available from Amazon in hardback. Your home, car, job search is taking place in the middle of a ton of retrogrades – Mars is a prime culprit – but from October 10th he is out of the Retroshade and you will stop going back and forth. On October 1st, Pluto goes direct in your Tenth House of career (ruled by Capricorn) and that particular retro period is also over. You’ll start over in October with at least one plan you had, maybe two or three – to your total advantage. In fact, in October you will realise there was a silver lining to this cloud. If you had not been forced to go the long way around, you would not have discovered Y or gained from X.

      1. Funny how I so believe life goes that way as I always see the big picture after (if A happened then B and C wouldn’t have happened) but it’s frustrating when you’re in it…Take nightmare Trump for example if he didn’t become President him and his crooked entourage would still be getting away with there illegalities, women may not have come forward to open up about abuse, to run for elections, people now know what they will not stand from there government and personally…on and on…I don’t think this would have happened had Hillary won, I think the Republicans would have tormented her and still be in charge going forward instead of on there way out (good riddance) we are seeing things we would not have seen and people are being held accountable. Thank you Jessica, you’re the BEST and I cannot wait for your book.

        1. The big picture with the American horoscope goes all the way back to Ronald Reagan and his Alzheimer’s while in power, but also the American voting system which saw Bush elected via chaos – and now Trump elected even though Hillary Clinton would have won in many other countries. In other words we are talking amendments to the constitution or even a radical ‘rip it up and start again’ approach – by 2020. Thank you for the compliment and I hope to have good news on books soon. Asporea are working on it.

  85. Hi Jessica, I have my Moon 17 Virgo, so it sounds quite personal but I am not sure which area this may involve. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!!

    1. Laura, the Virgo weather continues in September as a reminder to put your mind, body and spirit first when it comes to work. You have a tremendous sense of duty and you give a great deal, but the time has come to get real about over-stretching yourself mentally or physically. Take a long look at all that you are doing, at home and with your paid or unpaid work and try to be a realist about your diary or schedule. You also need to take a deep breath and really address the issue of what you owe yourself, as opposed to what you owe other people. Don’t be pushed around on this issue. You are not a machine though people expect you to run like clockwork! Try to front up to this/them with your best ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ invisible T-shirt. By the time you get to October you will have taken giant leaps for yourself which will help you so much in future. Good luck!

  86. HI Jessica,

    Thanks for the great article. I have been following your writing all year, and it’s helped me understand the retro and direct planetary movements among other transits.

    I have been wanting to land a job w/ better visibility and higher pay all year but no success so far, after multiple job interviews. The Sept new moon came with a lateral move offer in my current company but I had to take a pay cut to move to a role that’s I believe would be more aligned w/ my career direction.

    I am still interviewing outside my current company, not giving up. Also looking at higher studies next year in 2019. Do you have any pointers?


    1. Thank you Peter. I’m sorry you have been through so many job interviews and then the mixed offer of a pay cut with a new job! You’re thinking about study, too. With all career issues we look to Capricorn and the Tenth House of your chart to see what is going on. Sure enough you have Venus at 11 Capricorn, Minerva at 0 Capricorn and Bacchus at 21 Capricorn. You are being strongly affected by the transit of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. It does have a happy ending. From the end of 2019, across 2020, Jupiter (opportunity, solutions, growth, expansion, rewards) goes into Capricorn and your Tenth House and you will be thrilled at what comes your way. For now, you have to do the work. In fact, the waiting game is part of the eventual breakthrough. Capricorn is the mountain goat who climbs to the top of Everest from the ground, taking one step at a time in freezing conditions and often with obstacles on his path. That is what you are now dealing with. Tough weather. You are curious about study – great. You have Neptune and the IC in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of academia and education and starting in November 2018, Jupiter goes into Sagittarius and your Ninth House for the first time in 12 years. This is going to be terrific in terms of what you gain in qualifications or knowledge and it would involve people from another region or country. Treat what has been happening to you as the once-in-your-lifetime combination of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and keep going, if you believe in what you want to achieve. Study in 2019 – don’t worry if there are delays or changes in November, December as these will be sorted out from January 2019. Remember Jupiter comes along at the end of 2019 to right a few wrongs and in 2020 you will have the total reshape of your ambitions which has been suggested all along.

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