Dating Virgo in Astrology

If you only have five minutes to get to know somebody, their Sun Sign is an excellent guide. With just one piece of information – the date of someone’s birth (never mind the year or time) – an astrologer can draw up what’s known as a Solar Chart

Life is often about the rest of her life for the Virgo woman. It’s speculative. Hopeful. A promise of bigger and better – or just more, more, more!

The Virgo man is a passionate speaker and a compulsive generator of ideas and opinions. He is also secretly braver than even he consciously understands.

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18 Responses

  1. Jessica,
    This was my daily horoscope today:
    “Uranus in Taurus rings revolutionary changes. No point in denying or avoiding the reality of the chemistry you share with he, she or they. No point in avoiding it either. Cut and trim your life the way you cut and trim anything overgrown. The future is calling you with this person. ”

    And totally resonates with me, but he (August 12, 1974 birth day) is a married man…
    So I have to denying and avoid….

  2. Hi Jessica,
    Great article! Can you elaborate further for me based on my chart? You’re spot on about wanting more in romance, etc. as a female Virgo. What about self sabotaging behaviors when it comes to love? Will I ever find true love? I’m currently married buy there is no romance or fulfilling feelings in my marriage. I wonder if it’s me and my trust issues sabotaging my marriage…… any insight?

    Thank you Jessica!

    1. You have Pluto at 0 Scorpio in your Eighth House of sex, money, marriage, property, divorce, death and possessions. Pluto wants control and is also passionate to the point of obsession. This has been a pattern with you for years, and the bank account, house or apartment is always part of the deal. (If you are curious about this look up Libra and Scorpio on Search as you have this combination of signs). Essentially, for the first time in your life, Uranus the planet of revolution is moving to 0 Taurus, right opposite Pluto. Everything you used to do, think and feel is being challenged. The forces of change can set both of you free if you are prepared to be quite radical and pursue independence. That is really what a Uranus transit is all about. Look that up too. This is good through 2019. Uranus opposite Pluto asks you to particularly look at the money!

      1. Hi Jessica,
        wow! wow! wow! Just read libra & scorpio article that you wrote, and re-read it a few more times as well. It even had my words “self sabotage” that I wrote above in the article! I understand that want/need to feel more romance and passion, and understand that it might be an illusion, but the feeling is so strong that it’s hard to ignore or sweep under the rug even when I’ve educated myself by reading more of your well-written articles. Does mean that this cycle will set me free from my marriage? to pursue independence? I understand that money will be a focus, but I’m not really sure how it applies to me….does it mean I need to save more, or invest more on stocks or crypto? Sorry to sound so glib, but I’ve read up on the 8th house and I can’t seem to figure out where it applies in my personal financial life that I need to explore further…

        Thanks Jessica!

        1. It’s hard to comment on marriage without your husband’s chart. Freedom can come in many different ways, though, and you will take the holiday or a lifetime or even move to a completely different part of the map, in 2019 – your life will change as a result of switching locations for a vacation or permanently – if you accept the invitation from the universe which is coming. In fact, you will learn more than you thought possible.

  3. Hi jessica, thanks for keeping us posted!
    My query is again on my career, relocation, financial freedom and sense of belonging. I am hearing from new employers again and times but at the end of the day, nothing works out and situation becomes silent. I have tried hard for my career to go ahead and now with motherhood involved I am not able to push it more. Do i understand the end of my career and financial freedom and i have to keep on being dependent on my better half for my living and stay in the country where i feel isolated, its not now that the situation thats not worked out, its couple of years that the rejection is being repeated and i took it as another step towards my success and decided to go ahead. What do u think my start suggest, does a place change and a field change of career works out for me? The field change is not working out btw. As i already have been trying it out. So i feel so depressed thinking that i am done with my career path as its not taking me anywhere.
    Regards and best wishes!
    Thanks for taking time out.

    1. Don’t feel depressed about your search for work, but do commit to education, training and new skills. Sagittarius rules all these and so does Jupiter (Guru in India – the teacher) and you are very, very lucky to have Jupiter in Sagittarius in your chart. In fact, you will experience your Jupiter Return in the Ninth House in November. Do all you can between now and then to learn what you need to know, to become a treasured employee. Think about other languages, cultures and nationalities in particular. Does your ability translate? This will help you find what you need. Even simple things can help you like auto-correct on your computer. Every employer wants that, particularly if the work is online and international, and yours might well turn out to be just that. There is a whole new industry of part-time, home-based work out there and it covers the globe, is paid by Paypal and relies on ‘one world’ thinking from people who are great with a computer keyboard. There are a few things to think about there.

  4. Hi Jessica! I definitely don’t experience enough the power of now, but I identified much more with the Virgo male part (but I’m a woman)… why the difference in the first place? Btw, I love that Nick Cave is Virgo too! Hugs x

    1. You have Juno at 2 Virgo conjunct Vesta at 3 Virgo and that’s a commitment to gender situations at work where one male has authority and influence over two or more women. So you’re male-identifying, which is interesting! In modern astrology the asteroids and planets are either male or female archetypes and it does matter…thank you.

  5. that link between jupiter and taurus for virgo females and their dreamer/pisces partner/descendant jibes well with the year of the dragon, indeed. as jupiter is present in taurus on the year those otherworldly dreamers are born … or are you talking about something completely different?

    1. People who are born in Year of the Dragon (Asian astrology) incarnate when Jupiter passes through Taurus, both in Vedic/Indian and Western astrology. This cycle may be there while they are in the womb, awaiting incarnation, or in their first year on earth. This is very interesting to Western astrologers, because in every Dragon year, when Jupiter (Guru to the Indians, the Year Star to the Chinese) makes a standstill or station, we also see huge patterns involving Pisces or Neptune. John Lennon was born in a Dragon Year, incarnating with Guru in Taurus/Jupiter in Taurus and he has that signature in his chart. ‘You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one’ as he sang in ‘Imagine.’

  6. Loved the Virgo profile , thank you Jessica . Amusing and true . I too Identified with the male part more than the female I have Vesta at 00 Gemini , nothing else at 00 though Mercury in Virgo at 15 deg Pluto at 7 Virgo I have always said I have a Mans brain , particularly when I was younger , now ‘Im not so sure . Pluto in Virgo is that control over my life /work /health I’m guessing . I’m very fussy about food , work and my home ,ETc

    I so need to hear the Power of now as a reminder , I am always off into the future planning the next chapter and how to get there it lifts my spirit and I feel like there is a purpose to the now . For some reason the thought of staying the same just drives me nuts . I like changing every thing my home , my town my self , my image my clothes , my hair my future , my Career . Fantastic Article !

  7. I got engaged last week with an Aries Sun/Aquarius Rising/Scorpio Moon. This will be my second marriage so I am nervous. I am wondering what you can see in our compatibility and when would be the best day for wedding next year? You have written so many wonderful pieces. Thank you.

    1. You are strongly Libra and have a lot of factors there in the Seventh House of marriage. Chiron in Aries will oppose your Libra factors for a time, so you will be challenged, confronted, taught, educated, lectured and reshaped by your husband, or the people around him. In terms of a best day for a wedding, it really depends on your priorities. Is this partly about the house, apartment, lifestyle, security and wealth? Or do you not care about that at all, and are madly in love with someone for whom finances does not matter either?

      1. I am surprised to hear that I’m strongly Libra. As far as priorities, it is a bit of everything for me at this age. Thank you Jessica.

        1. You can track your Libra side now through the third week of October, actually, as the Sun in Libra will conjunct all your (many) Seventh House factors. The spotlight will turn on a former, current or potential partner and illuminate who and what matters most to you. Balancing those scales is key.

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