The Virgo Birthday Horoscope 2018-2019

This is the cycle when ‘foreign’ can mean in the next state or county, or just over two hours on a long train trip, even a ferry ride can take you to another world, with its own language. One of the hallmarks of this cycle is that you are often offered a variety of mediums and sometimes technology to experiment with, to get your message across in a new, more interesting way.


You will be thrilled with the biggest and best relocation in years, if you intend to switch to a new apartment or house in 2019. The right place at the right price – or even a different arrangement which involves house-sitting, or a family member’s generous gesture – will benefit you.

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74 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for this interesting birthday prediction. Can you tell me please what will be the most important theme of the next year for me, seeing my stellium in Leo and passing NN and my stellium in Sagitarius and comming Jupiter? Or will be the main theme of the next year influenced by both areas representing by these signs? Could it be happy year for me?

    Thank you very much!

    1. You have enough of a signature in Sagittarius in the Ninth House to do something really great with this Jupiter in Sagittarius transit which begins in November. I would put my energy into that, if I were you, as Jupiter only comes along every 12 years and he is an ancient symbol of growth, expansion, big solutions, new beginnings and overdue improvements. You could actually draw on what happened around another 12 years before, the last time he was here in Sagittarius. In general you would be looking for all Ninth House life areas to say ‘yes’ to life. Hit Search to read more about the Ninth House if you have not already done so. What you create in 2019 is very interesting because soon enough, we see the South Node also go into Sagittarius so that’s good karma, if you have created it, a little further on.

  2. Thank you!! I look forward to reading this every year. Earlier in August I finally realized something I really really want to do with my career/life. It too me so long to learn to listen to my intuition, but I finally got it. I still have time to get this rolling and get momentum before the November date, correct? I’ve been generating new ideas for all 2018 and it finally led me to a happy place and now I want this seed to grow!

    Thanks again!

  3. Thank you Jessica for the Virgo Birthday year ahead. I am already on the move – interstate doing a recon, winging it all one might say. Do you believe this coming year will be fertile ground for action and stability at the same time? On a positive note – I am starting to need roots …
    KR, Elizabeth

    1. Diana at 24 Scorpio in your Eighth House is about to wake up, Elizabeth. You were born with this symbol of freedom, independence, exploration and autonomy in the house of property, finance, business and charity. This is in your personal birth chart. Diana’s father Jupiter will pass her at 24 Scorpio between now and November so you will have the best opportunity in 12 years to be a free spirit financially. You should be able to save or even make money as a result. Then, from November itself, your Virgo chart shows wonderful chances to house-sit, relocate, renovate, redecorate and the rest. But – with Diana wanting her space so much – it seems very likely you’ll roam.

  4. hello jessica,
    I have four aspects with virgo….most of them in retrograde. Will this effect me badly in the year?

    1. Not at all. Retrograde isn’t bad, though it’s your Neptune at 22 Sagittarius you will enjoy the most in 2019 as this is the escape from the real world via foreign people or places, that makes you feel as if you are on holiday from the everyday – and you will have a stunning opportunity to take both feet off the ground next year.

  5. HI Jessica, totally unrelated but I have no idea where to post it! I just re-read my monthly horoscope and it’s a bit weird for me…because basically I am just following up with a surgeon for some surgery that I am requiring. He is definitely knowledgeable, smarter than the average bear, so I had a chuckle at the whole multiverse/solid gold thing…obviously his birth data is not available to me…but is there any way you can give me insight as to whether he is the solid gold man? I’ve been to hell and back with surgery so it’s like a breath of fresh air talking to someone who really knows their stuff! I look so forward to Tarot Tuesdays and thank you again for all your incredible work you do!


    1. It’s hard to say if he’s solid gold or not, but you are going in for surgery during Virgo weather. Have a look at your weekly horoscope too, as I have written a long piece on the Sun entering Virgo and why it’s all about your body. I am sorry you have been to hell and back with your medical care, but he sounds like the right person, at the right time – this is going to be such a time of clarification and enlightenment for Sixth House issues. Have a look at the Sixth House on Search when you finish this, as it’s about to be lit up for you.

  6. Hi Jessica, I’m sun Virgo, and wow… has this blog spoken to me, or what… Comments/dates etc on projects, plans& ideas are extremely helpful to me. Thanks you. Any thoughts on house moving in late 2018/2019, with Uranus 17, Aesculapia 17, Fortuna 8 in Cancer?,

    Blogs are brilliant. I fully appreciate your work… Thanks again Jessica,

    1. Thank you so much. You are very likely to move, not only because your Virgo chart brings you the most stunning opportunities in 12 years to relocate, but also because of the North Node going over your Cancer signature in the Fourth House of property. Look up the North Node in Cancer when you have finished reading this. It moves backwards in 19 year cycles so I don’t think it would be too surprising if something about life around 2000 came back to you, symbolically, across 2019, 2020 in terms of your home. It may be family, home town or homeland too. It will feel like the closure of a chapter and the finishing of a story in your life, from around that time. Watch your weekly horoscope as a Premium Member and in fact this website as a whole because I will give specific dates about property when Jupiter draws closer to his new cycle and give you more information on how to play it, as the year ends with Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius too, so you need to watch that and get the timing right. Yet, in general, you should be pretty happy with outcomes for your house or apartment in 2019. This does feel like more than just another move, though, because of that epic North Node transit across your Cancer placements. As U2 sang, it’s ‘A Kind of Homecoming.’

  7. I mentioned the owls last week. I was relaxing with the man I have been dating casually, on Tuesday, it was a lovely still night and a barn owl was hooting away in the darkness. Another one! It sounded wonderful.
    This man wants a relationship, but I have my lover, ( I have not seen him since April), who is currently starting a divorce from his wife for me. My lover told me previously to accept any invites out as he can’t visualise our outcome.
    The new man is very taken with me, he sees the way we met as fated. I wonder if you see a romantic direction for me?
    The Neptune forecast is obviously applicable!

    The house forecast rings true, I have to divide our assests for the final stage of my divorce from my alcoholic husband if you remember, I wonder how that will work out?

    And my work presenting is going wonderfully, but I will need more money as I’m alone now and I also want to do more with my life. I feel like a dog straining at the leash, until someone releases me……. then I’m off!

    1. Owls hooting are quite unusual so it’s wise to tune into Minerva in your chart to see what they want you to pay attention to! Minerva is of course in Libra in your Seventh House of love, sex, marriage, divorce and separation. Try to remember what your casual date was saying at the time…

  8. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for the article. I’d be interested to know about the Jupiter in Sagittarius transit. The last time this happened I got wedded to my husband (who is a Sagittarius). I’m particularly keen to know the weather leading up to the December 7 new moon that you mention. My Husband’s DOB: 09/12/1980. POB: Islamabad, Pakistan. TOB: 13:30

    1. Every Jupiter cycle ‘moves on’ the one you had 12 years before, so you evolve upwards in a spiral and go onto bigger and better things each time. You married last time and now you have this cycle again. This is about the partnership and expanding it, improving it, and taking it further, if you are both happy (a very common outcome is a birth in the family, a new business, one partner’s new job, a house move or am ambitious trip away). If you are unhappy it’s usually a whopping solution.

  9. Hi Jessica, great post as always!
    I have a lot of Scorpio factors and have been through a pretty tough time over the last 12 years, most probably made the wrong choices etc. And still coming to terms with how to move on from love.
    I’m looking at relocating, to buy a home of my own as renting where I live due to house prices being too high and it being impossible to buy here but property is significantly cheaper where I am looking to move to. I am in negotiations for a new job ther but worried as it means an upheaval for my daughter who is 9. A Gemini I feel that is a chance I have to take but am worried that it will be the wrong decision. I am a single mum.
    Should I take a leap of faith? It does look as if I should from your post but have previously tried to relocate and it all went wrong?
    Thank you if you are able to reply.

    1. Rachel, if you have a lot of Scorpio factors then in recent years you have been put through the long Saturn in Scorpio cycle, which can only take place every three decades. Saturn is a symbol of tough life lessons and long learning experiences in the horoscope and he ‘sat on’ or conjuncted everything you had in the Eighth House of money, houses, apartments, sexual/financial relationships and family inheritance. You want to move and buy somewhere new to save money on high rental. You’re worried about your daughter if you do move and don’t have a partner. Big questions! Let’s have a look. Okay, the situation with your daughter is not going to be easy-peasy but that would be the case even if you had a husband and she was 20 not 9. I expect her father or her father’s relatives are part of the story here, as is often the case when there are big questions about who or what has control! Maybe she’s feeling controlled by you, or vice-versa. Even a child can do that, as we all know. It’s not a huge issue but it’s there. Much happier are your prospects for saving money or even making it now through early November. You were born with Ops at 22 Scorpio and Bacchus at 22 Scorpio in the Eighth House, which of course rules property. When Jupiter (solutions, opportunities, breakthroughs) moves to 22 Scorpio a huge door will open, a solution will come and an opportunity will be irresistible. If it was me, would I move to save money? Yep. Ops is about epic answers and Bacchus is about pleasure and enjoyment. You just won’t have this chance again for another 12 years. Right time, right place, right situation. Even if it is your Plan B, not your Plan A, things will come together for you over the next few weeks but particularly when Jupiter goes to 22 Scorpio – around Friday 5th October looks good – Mercury at 22 Libra semi-sextile Jupiter at 22 Scorpio that day – and Mercury rules negotiations. Your daughter and any possible issues about the balance of power with her/around her is no longer on your list after 2023. In fact life will feel completely different.

      1. Thank you so much for replying, it really is much appreciated.
        I have felt like I have been treading water for years and with no progress whatsoever, it is great to hear the positive aspects about the house and area move.
        Obviously, I worry about my daughter and her settling in etc, but it should be better for both of us. I am going to go for it!
        Thank you!

  10. Hi Jessica,

    What do you think, as a Virgo am I going to find love in 2019?

    Thank you,

    1. You have a Libra stellium in your Seventh House (unusually high number of Libra factors in your house of love, sex, marriage, separation and divorce) so it’s not surprising that’s your only question! You’re on a learning curve while Chiron in Aries moves opposite all that, and some of your ideas about what love is, will be challenged and changed over the next few years. Not just 2019. As a general rule, if you are watching dating possibilities, always track planets in Libra – you can see them on the front page of this website any time.

  11. Hello Jessica, thank you so much for the forecast and your work. I just found you recently, but I’m amazed at how much I learned already. Changing to and understanding the natural house system made a big difference!

    My question for the year to come has to do with work and money, which is inevitably linked to my family’s stability and well being.
    I feel like I’ve been on a long road of hard work to be able to do the work I do, and it now needs to pay off financially. I have a small company that works with education, research and sharing knowledge in the crafts and manufacture area. I had to invest in a lot of ground work before it became what it is today, creating real knowledge and quality education, but at this point I’m still the only person running the company and I’m reaching a breaking point, as it feels like I need to get help and expand for it to be sustainable.

    What should I expect from the year ahead regarding this matter?
    I’m considering expanding the activity to another city, to be able to capture more audience, but it will require investment and partnerships.
    I’m also considering applying to a doctorship as to academically validate the research and education I have been doing on my own.
    2018 has been a tough year. It hasn’t gone wrong, but it has required 10x more effort to get things done. I feel 2019 has to change things.

    Also, we are set to buy a house until the end of the year and move in 2019. It does feel like the right house at the right moment, as you predicted. I really hope it is.

    I appreciate any guidance you can give me.

    1. Thank you very much. I prefer the Natural House system to Placidus, Koch and Equal House because of its pinpoint accuracy – it never ceases to amaze me. It sounds as if you need to look at any Virgo and Sixth House placements in your chart, and Capricorn and Tenth House placements, as your company sounds great, but you’re a one-person operation. You are thinking of capturing a market in another city and also thinking about a PhD – and not only that you are moving in 2019! Sure enough, like all successful self-made people, you have a Virgo stellium. Look up the Sixth House when you finish reading this reply as it strongly applies to you in all its aspects. The Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Juno are all in Virgo. You will always be protected with work matters and will have a series of huge peaks throughout your life, as the Sun and Jupiter show how you shine, but also how you succeed through natural good fortune and a pretty big safety net. Juno is about commitment and in fact she was Jupiter’s wife so this is a clear picture of someone who is married to the job. Saturn is hard work – there is a fair amount of burden to carry, not just with the daily grind, but also with your body. As we have the Sun going through Virgo right now, late August through late September is the time to get real about your body, mind and spirit. Restart your diary if you have to. You have massive decisions to make here about expansion, investment and also the house move and yet the reality is your body has to come first. It’s your equipment. With the Moon and Neptune in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of regional differences, foreign people and places, travel and the worldwide web you are going to love 2019, as Jupiter in transit (travelling) will cross both of those spots in your horoscope and big doors will open. Don’t jump the gun. If you are not in any mad hurry to expand or sign up for study, you may want to wait until Jupiter changes signs to Sagittarius on Thursday 8th November 2018 as from that point forward, your chances skyrocket with both academia and export, and possibly the employment of a new person in another region – or to help you co-ordinate that kind of expansion. You only get this cycle once every 12 years and it’s coming. In the meantime take a deep breath, honour your Virgo side and really use that fantastic New Moon in Virgo and Mercury in Virgo cycle through your Sixth House in September, to restart your entire lifestyle, with one eye on the workload and the other one on your body. Sunday 9th September should go in your diary as that weekend through to Monday is terrific for a fresh start. Double your chances by space clearing too – decluttering and then rethinking your space, both in your home, office and on your computer will make the biggest difference then. It’s a very, very Virgo moment!

  12. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for such detailed blogs. Can you please advise if I will have a relocation or move this upcoming year? Also, in 2001, I moved out of my hometown country and moved to the States. Between 1999-2001 were pretty rough years on me and I had attributed it my teenage years of confusion. Reading about the homecoming piece makes me wonder what’s in store in the form on karma related to my birthplace and the relocation aspects. I have no kids and in the middle of a possible separation from my marriage which is hanging over my head. Any clarity you can provide is much appreciated. Thank you, Jessica.

    1. You have a Cancer signature in your Fourth House of home town, homeland, family and property so you’ll find that the North Node in Cancer cycle usually coincides with a major event there. When you emigrated to America in 2001 the North Node had been going right across your Moon in Cancer, just one placement you have there. When you finish reading this reply hit Search to look up ‘North Node in Cancer’ as the cycle begins again in November this year and will dominate 2019 as well. I am sorry you may be separating from your partner but the future looks very bright. You have Mars, Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of travel and emigration. Jupiter, the planet of fantastic timing, opportunities and solutions moves into Sagittarius, also in November, and stays there throughout 2019. Think seriously about foreign people and places as an option to expand your life and improve your situation. Look up the Ninth House too! It all seems to start for you in November, with quite a bang.

  13. Hi Jessica

    While I have a Virgo stellium, I am a leo sun but was not sure where to post this query., it’s noy exactly related to the Virgo birthday year.

    I would so so so very much appreciate your guidance as I just quit my job ( without anything else in hand) and am clearly worried if I will find something I will really like and as importantly when – I am a bit strained on my finances ( and have a personality which I if I am not constantly doing something I will drive myself mad)

    However the place/People in my work place were horrible and mean and petty and I wanna going nowhere – I felt if I did not do something and seize the day so to speak myself and get out of that negative zone, I would keep spiralling downwards into a depression.

    Trying to be brave but am scared of the unknown. Appreciate if you can provide any insights both on the job and finances front, also if you think it maybe better to start something if my own instead. Thanks so very much in advance I really appreciate that you are so accessible and patient with the queries…. thanks again

    1. Your timing is right. The Sun just moved into Virgo and we will also experience a New Moon and Mercury in Virgo in September. This crosses your Sixth House of work. For more on this, look up the Sixth House on Search when you have finished reading this reply. You were born with Saturn, Mercury, Apollo, Panacea, the North Node, Proserpina, Venus, Mars all in Virgo in the Sixth House. This is an unusually high count of chart factors so it’s a Virgo stellium. When you mention depression, that’s not unusual with Saturn in Virgo in the Sixth House. You need to organise meditation, yoga, swimming, running walking or some other physical activity you do every day – if you already do it, great – but review it in September. If you do nothing at all it is time to get in touch with your Virgo side, which is all about using the body to help the mind. There is solid evidence that physical activity raises endorphins which can help with depression. Your doctor should be the expert here, of course! Yet, astrology can help by letting you know who you are. You’re almost an honorary Virgo and people born under this sign are here to pursue the mind, body, spirit connection. You are also here to serve other people and do your duty. Nobody wants to work with horrible, mean or petty people – and you won’t have to. However, you are at your best when you put others first, do the hard work, do it really well – to the point where you are indispensable – and become a valued, trusted and relied-upon person within a larger system. The former Australian PM Julia Gillard is not a Virgo, but she also has a Virgo chart signature. Yesterday she mentioned that it had been an honour to serve her country. Not to lead it, but to serve it. Use September and the enlightening transit of the Sun through Virgo to get to know yourself and this sign better and write down a list of what you want to do, the hours, your skills and the rest on a piece of paper and leave it next to the bed. Ask your spirit guides to help direct you towards the right role, or roles, and follow the signs. Heavily Virgo people do really well if they understand that ‘routine is queen’ and September is the month to roll up your sleeves and get real about a new daily routine tied to 1-2 jobs or perhaps one job and a little retraining or education. If you can pull this off you will be delighted at 2021 which will be one of your most successful years on record!

  14. Thanks so much Jessica for responding and the guidance, truly appreciate. Will ask my spirit guides for advice on what is best for me at this stage of my career and life. Bang on with regards to routine – I so require one to feel a semblance of normality in my life

  15. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks so much for the birthday horoscope for 2018-2019. I am curious what the rest of this year and next year have in store for me. Currently, I am still having a hard time getting over a bad breakup that ended last year with a Leo, and I have started a new job that does not suit me at all. I’m hoping the new year will be better than this year, because so far it has been quite depressing. Quick Notes: I have a Leo stellium amongst others, and no children with no plan to have any.

    1. I’m sorry you have been going through such a rotten time with the end of your relationship and the new job. There is a little bit more karma to go with your ex-partner as the North Node in Leo is yet to reach your Venus in Leo. This will take place as you go towards November, when this cycle ends. You may or may not have contact again with this person, but you will feel a shift in November itself, as the North Node finally leaves the Leo/Fifth House of your chart. The Node is about old lessons and rewards, from this life, but also other lives too. I am sure I don’t have to tell you that what happened was actually about your path to parenthood (yes, no or maybe) and you were put on a fork in the road. It will make sense over the long-term as you realise that the position you move into with godchildren, your future partner’s nieces and nephews, stepchildren, perhaps your own children – would never have happened, had you not had that break-up when you did. Your stellium in Leo means ‘it never rains but it pours’ in the game of love and you do have choices. In fact your options look intriguing. Even something as simple as the Moon going in and out of Leo once a month is worth watching as it either helps you fix the past, so you are better prepared for future love, or it may actually bring a key person centre-stage. The new job that does not suit you is typical of the cycle you’ve been experiencing, too, as you were born with Neptune at 0 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, so your jobs tend to be holidays from reality. Sure, they’re real, but on some level they are also an escape. You recently had Saturn passing 0 Capricorn for the first time in around 29 years, and it hit your Neptune, so a Reality Check, capital R and capital C, was what came your way. You will be promoted, gain an amazing new project within your current workplace or find a job you love when Jupiter goes to 0 Capricorn at the end of next year – as you start to see the Christmas decorations in the shops. What you unwrap will make you very happy. Until then, you will gain enormously in skills and experience. One thing I would say is that you need a group, team, club, society, union, association or similar outside work. Very much so. I hope you have one – it’s where your luck is.

  16. Hi Jessica

    Always love starting my birthday year with your forecast.
    Would love to hear your opinion on twin flames, especially in this cycle…Or is it just Neptune that I have to thank?!

    Love and light

    1. Thank you Lee. The idea of ‘a soulmate’ is actually something we gained from mediums and spiritualists. This is where the concept of the twin flame comes from – a person we meet in our life between lives, on the other side, with whom we agree to meet again, in this lifetime. This is where the old idea of love at first sight comes from. We recognise the person we made the agreement with – the other soul. It is really important to note that this does not happen to everyone. It’s just some of us! Yet, your astrological chart can show the connection, particularly if you have a lot of patterns at the same degrees, or matches between factors in actual zodiac signs and degrees. Rita Rogers, the brilliant medium who advised Diana, Princess of Wales, wrote a good book called Soulmates.

  17. Love this Birthday horoscope Jessica. I just recently was selected for a role that started the day before my birthday. So this birthday was for me such a contrast from the last couple of years without work. I am in the process of searching for living arrangements 2 hours away so that I am close to my new job. Although excited, I’m so leery that I can trust this good fortune based on what has transpired since 2014. Can you give me some insight to my potential living space and career prospects heading into 2019 based on my chart factors? Again, such great Virgo insights Jessica.

    1. Congratulations on your new job. You are strongly Virgo and indispensable as you know how to put others first, do your duty and do the work! You will find more wheels turn in September to send you on your correct professional path as you have really needed the ‘machinery’ of your horoscope to work all along. The New Moon, Mercury and Cupido will do all that. What you achieve in September is about the details. It is also about knowing what is required to make things function, just as they should – not for your own ambition or prestige – but to make everything successful right across the board. You could take this attitude into any role, actually, in September and it would help you so much. The bigger year of ambition is actually 2021 but a lot of what you achieve now will feed into that. Your living arrangements should begin with a search for the right doctor, dentist, gym, swimming pool, park, green space (and the rest) which serves your body too. Start with that and see what you end up with, it could be very interesting for you, especially around that New Moon period.

  18. Dear Jessica,

    I so appreciate all of the good advice. And as a Virgo girl all I have to say is woohoo! I can’t wait to move, I can’t wait to get another job, I can’t wait to get back into a good exercise routine, and I cant wait to go back home. I have Virgo -7 and Cancer- 4 stellium all over the place. Gemini and Libra -5 each. I do have a question about the 5th house though. Although I’ve tried to have children that has not been in the cards. I’m not sure what to do with all these Leo influences coming up which dont apply–fun, dating, etc. I would also like to have a partner, but that has been a problem also. Can you share from my horoscope when there may be an opportunity that does not feel like a lifetime of Neptunes?

    1. You have tried to become a parent and it hasn’t worked out so far. You have also not found a partner. Life has other plans for us, in astrology, and from 2023 when Pluto changes signs, you will find that all the issues about power and control (yours, or the other person’s in the dating jungle) will vanish. From that point forward it all becomes so much easier. You may be a parent by that stage and find that the pressure is off. In other cases it may be that you come to life as a mother, stepmother or adoptive mother quite late in the piece. The year 2020 will be a turning point for you as Jupiter the planet of solutions, opportunities and win-win outcomes goes through this area of your chart. Don’t sit on your hands until then. You have September 2018 to look forward to. You have a flair for quite detailed work, with a very close eye on the details and would be so rewarded by paid or unpaid work in this direction – you will find it crosses your path quite randomly in the second or third week of next month. Up to you!

  19. Hi Jessica, always love reading your posts! Is there anything you can tell me about my finances this coming birthday year. At the moment I am caring for my mother and sister, therefore, I guess, I mean how will the finances of my husband be….he is capricorn, 1-7-49. Thanks so much for any insight.

    1. You have Fortuna and Bacchus across 0 and 3 Scorpio and you are experiencing Uranus at 0, 3 Taurus for the first time in your life. Stay flexible. Keep moving. Keep things as open as possible, because you are going to go through a rebounding Uranus cycle by early 2019 and the opposition will challenge your arrangements with your mother and sister, and also your husband. Fortuna is quite random anyway – she is your ability to spin the Wheel of Fortune, high and low. You tend to do this with your money, house, apartment, possessions or business interests, without being aware of it. Bacchus is pleasure. You give and receive a lot of pleasure through the financial or material side of your life, yet here we have ‘shock, revolution, radical change’ Uranus challenging the habits and expectations of a lifetime. It’s fine. But it is like dancing in a storm. For more, look up all I have written on Uranus in Taurus because on a global level we are going to see cryptocurrency and money laundering jail terms/crises collide in one great big moment in time. It will have a trickle-down effect on you, which is why you need to keep moving and try to have many different options at your fingertips.

  20. HI Jessica, I really appreciate the detailed insights of your posts. I’m excited at your saying that Virgos may move abroad because I would love to do so again and it’s been at least 20 years since I last lived abroad! My birthday is tomorrow (woo hoo!) and I’m curious about what my solar return year will be like. I’m particularly curious about what it means to be one of the Virgo in Uranus and Pluto people (born in the mid-60s) this upcoming year. Thanks!

    1. Born with the South Node at 9 Sagittarius, you have spent quite a few lifetimes as a traveller, migrant or gypsy. When Jupiter crosses 9 Sagittarius around December 20-23 you will be blessed with an opportunity to do that again, either thanks to a Christmas visitor or guest, or because the time is right for you to pack your bags – or a crate. Happy Birthday!

  21. Thanks Jessica for such wonderful work. I am a Virgo with a Leo stellium in 5th house. I have a uni degree in both Business and Psychology and at present working towards a degree in counseling. All this hard work over the last 12 years now, I am hoping to run my own business as a Counsellor. But I am really enjoying my job running a business for someone else. What do you see for me in a career for the few years at least?

    1. Saturn at 23 Capricorn in your Tenth House tells the story here. For the first time in over 240 years, Pluto is moving to 23 Capricorn. You will also have your Saturn Return here, as Saturn himself is also moving to 23 Capricorn. Jupiter then joins in, during 2020. You have intuitively chosen this massive transit of your Tenth House of ambition, success and status to take on a degree in counselling! None of this is going to be easy but you know that already. Yet it will be so rewarding in 2020 when you are given opportunities, solutions and breakthroughs not possible in 12 years. What you are actually doing is climbing Mount Everest one step at a time, yet you will hit the heights in two years. One thing that is important to say here is that you should not think small. Think tall. You have Jupiter at 27 Capricorn too, you see, so you will have your Jupiter Return in 2020. This is when you reach the top and plant the flag and get the rewards. For more on this side of yourself and your life read up about The Tenth House on Search when you finish this. You are suited to marriage guidance counselling, actually, and also group therapy. Did you know that?

  22. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for such interesting posts, and for your generosity with information and advice.
    This one caught my eye because it seems I have a lot Virgo (um heaps..7 areas including Sun, Mars), and from reading the comments virgo relates to body mind spirit and serving, so I guess I’m meant to focus on this a lot!
    After having kids I’m about to go back to study to re-train and do something in the field of psychology, which I feel drawn to. Although it’s interesting for me it should also lead to helping others, I like to learn but also mindful of trying to make it financially worthwhile. I’m curious if my chart shows this is a successful path for me or if I’m missing something, or anything else you perceive is important.
    I have other areas (stelliums?) x4 Cancer, x5 Libra, x4 Gemini, x3 Sag, x3 Aquarius, etc, but I guess it depends where they are all placed?

    1. Perfect timing. You were born with Jupiter at 28 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of academia. You can look up the Ninth House when you finish reading this reply. You will in fact have your Jupiter Return in 2019 and that is profoundly fortunate for any student. Neptune at 2 Sagittarius will actually be crossed by transiting Jupiter first, so the opportunity to take a holiday from the real world will delight you – and it will be timed around the week of November 19th. I expect you will also travel then or see a chance to cross regions or countries. Your DC (Descendant) at 19 Sagittarius describes your partners, be they romantic/sexual or purely professional/academic. In 2019 Jupiter will also cross this point and two will be the magic number for you. Your growing commitment to other cultures, countries or nationalities will play its part in the terrific duet that grows next year. You could ultimately take your psychology degree and train, teach, counsel or act as an advisor in some capacity as your Jupiter in Sagittarius is very much about being a guru. In fact, in Indian astrology, the word for Jupiter is ‘guru’ itself. You do need to read what I wrote about Mercury Retroshade, though, as you will be affected by delays, standstills or changes affecting your academic or travel plans at the very end of the year, so you will need Plan B and C – at the very least.

      1. Gosh, that’s fascinating, thanks Jessica. I’ll look up those aspects as you suggest and try to understand the astrology a little, as well as plan for mercury retroshade this year and next year! cheers

  23. Dear Jessica, thank you so much for your helpful subjects and I really enjoy your site and read its contents word by word. Every week or month that you promises something hopeful is going to take place, I counts days and nights. I am a Virgo born on 8/29/1965 in Tehran. After 22 years of marriage, my ex-husband (born on 2/20/1965) cheated on me and I divorced 4 years ago. I am an educated woman with Ph.D. but unfortunately, I cannot forget that event and I have broken heart that is very annoying and hurt me a lot. I have a big question, will be he (or people like him) punished in this lifetime or not please explain about it? I know every things about forgiving but I really, really can’t.
    I have an apartment that I am trying to sell it and replace it with a better one to live with my son. It is about one year that I cannot sell it. Also, I have an invention that I am going to start a new business and it is not going well too. Would you please tell me when and how I am going to get rid of all and enjoy my life? Thank you in advance for your kind reply.

    1. Thank you. Your former husband’s betrayal must have devastated you and unfortunately some Virgo people have been in that cycle and not had a great time. Neptune is a symbol of other realities and other worlds and you woke up to find your husband was there. Cheating was essentially his total lack of grip on the real world. At least the divorce is behind you. I can’t see either chart here but your husband will have his karma with any new lover/s by November and may in fact be realising, even now, how blind he has been to something or someone. He’s an Aquarius with the North Node of karma in his Seventh House of partnership, you see, but he has also had a chain of eclipses. The last one is in January 2019. You’ll be overjoyed with your new home by 2019 but see my notes on Mercury Retroshade about timing at the end of the year. If you are not in a raging hurry to move then think about doing so after Christmas. You will be delighted to see house or apartment options from November but astrologically, the smart money is on January and beyond. I am not sure about your new business – Premium Membership will give you a chart and that will show me your Tenth, Eighth and Sixth House which is what matters.

  24. Hi Jessica,
    I have been enjoying learning about the Natural House System and the post on many of the asteroids that I wasn’t familiar with. I think that I must have begun my initial studies of my chart under the Placidus system because I thought my main house focuses were 9 and 10 and they seem to be 5, 6 and 7. It appears that I may have many things in my chart that will be affected in the coming year, but I am having a hard time understanding how they will come into play. My husband and I are raising our three teens and the past few years have been exhausting, to say the least. I was hoping that smoother terrain was on the horizon and was wondering if you had any insight on this. And also if there are any insight on other main themes that I should be aware of in the coming year.

    Thank you so much!

    1. I used to practise astrology with the Placidus system when I started out, but I soon found it showed life through the eyes of a man, and particularly a monk, which in fact he was. This is why it is so popular with men in astrology and particularly men who don’t have girlfriends or female lovers. (Strange but true). All house systems reflect their inventor or the person who popularised them. I like Natural House because it owes nothing to anybody, it’s just the pure signs in the pure houses they rule and who knows where that came from! Amy, your chart shows some lovely Sagittarius patterns in your Ninth House of travel, study, education, teaching, academia, knowledge, foreign people and places, the worldwide web and publishing. You will love what comes up November 2018 into November 2019 as one opportunity after another will take you higher. A place on the map and its people that has hitherto been undiscovered by you will be centre-stage for all the best reasons. This goes way beyond a vacation or relocation; it’s an education and will pull in one of your children.

      1. I can appreciate the Natural House owing nothing to anybody. I also found it quite insightful in going through some older posts since I was indeed on an overseas journey to the UK in May that required quite a few logistics falling into place. And there is accuracy for my oldest son (2/22/00) in the Pisces birthday horoscope in that after some changes in choices during July, he is about to move back to our last city. According to the N. Node moving into Cancer post it seems quite possible that karma involving the second son (8/17/01) will also be a factor. Of course my daughter (10/21/03) could always come into play since many influential people in my life seems to be Libra (husband, mother, grandmother) and that is my N. Node.
        I can’t wait to see what comes up!

  25. Hi Jessica
    Thank you so much for your wonderful articles. I really look forward to them. I have a crazy amount of Virgo in my chart. I’ve had a trying few years in my live life. Will this next year be the one where I find love?

    Many thanks!

    1. Teri, Virgo has nothing to do with love and sex, but everything to do with your workload, body, daily routine and lifestyle. One look at your chart and I can see your South Node at 29 Libra in the Seventh House of relationships, marriage, separation, partnerships and divorce. Why is that a big deal? Because you have been put through Uranus at 29 Aries, right opposite. This is the cycle which often brings shocks, radical changes, upheaval and situations which mean we are never quite the same again. You will find your life is remarkably smoother after March 2019 when Uranus is gone for good. One of the reasons this has been so affecting is that you have a huge chart pattern around 29 degrees. Sure, the South Node describes your past life karma with your former partner (s) but you also have the Moon at 28 Aries in the First House, Chiron at 28 Pisces in the Twelfth House, Vesta at 29 Scorpio in the Eighth House, Minerva at 28 Sagittarius in the Ninth House and Psyche at 28 Virgo in the Sixth House. It never rains but it pours for you, Teri, because when it’s good, it’s fantastic – and when it’s not good, so many areas of your life are all affected at the same time. Give yourself a ton of time and space between now and March. Perhaps the best way to understand what has happened to you, and what might still happen (if you enter a new relationship before March next year) is this – it is enforced freedom. Nobody ever wants or asks for Uranus to oppose their South Node in the Seventh House, or indeed to aspect their Moon, Chiron, Vesta, Minerva or Psyche at the same time. Yet, this is the planet of independence. It liberates you from circumstances which restrict and confine you, even though it takes great insight to see that and admit it. Try and dance in the electrical storm. It’s over pretty soon. You can look up anything I have been talking about here on Search or in your ebooks to find out more. One lifetime tip – with Vesta in Scorpio, be very careful if you get involved financially, or in property, with a lover who has another woman, or women (plural) in his life. It may be his former wife or he may have a couple of daughters, or a mother/sister around him. You can read more about this by looking up Vesta.

  26. Hi Jessica Thankyou so much for Virgo Birthday ,been waiting and hoping for change in my Birthday year . Life has been very tough for 12 years . Lies, deception, heartbreak , Neptune at its best . Family illness , Hoping for change …new love ( Libra in Venus ) can’t help wanting that . I have so many planets in Virgo . Sag near next then Leo Will there be a light at the end of the tunnel for me ? Would really appreciate your thoughts . Blessings to you x

    1. You have a massive stellium in Virgo in the Sixth House so your body controls your mind and spirit, and by changing your mind, you can control your body. It goes in a loop. More than most people you need an outlet, every day, for your ‘temple’ as they call it in the East – your physical self. If you already pursue this, you will take it to the next level in September when we also have a lot of Virgo weather illuminating your chart. If you do nothing at all, you will hear about (or read about) something that seems absolutely right for you. It may be yoga, swimming, hiking, walking, tennis, Pilates, meditation, football – whatever. You were born with the North Node, Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Diana, Apollo, Hygiea and Ops in Virgo in the Sixth House so you will experience your Solar Return, Mercury Return and Cupido crossing everything you have. That is life-changing. This goes beyond your physical fitness into issues like prescribed or unprescribed drugs, alcohol, food, nicotine, additives, sugar, food intolerance, veganism, macrobiotic diets and so on. Are you aware of the huge impact that anything has when it goes into your system? Perhaps you already know about this, but again, September is a relaunch, rebirth and renaissance. You will also love a special new project or plan which draws heavily on your ability to perfect your skills or craft and be of service – spectacularly so – to others. This will appear by the third week. It may even be a new job or voluntary position. Make the most of this extreme Virgo weather. Tip – look up Diana on Search and find the art relating to her online as well, because this goddess is well and truly going to wake up next month!

  27. Dear Jessica, thank you so much for your words. Today is my birthday and I am crying while I am writing this reply. I hope my dreams come true. Unfortunately I cannot apply for Premium Membership from Iran. I wish you the best in your life.

    1. Please do NOT cry on your birthday. If you have the Sun in Virgo, all you need to know is that from November 2018 you are in the most fantastic cycle in 12 years for finding the right apartment, house or other residence that you need to truly feel at home – a real sanctuary. Lucky timing and all kinds of natural advantages will appear and although the situation will go backwards and forwards until Christmas 2018, from that point onwards you will be looking forward so much to the New Year, as you will be able to move. If you are happy where you are living now, or even just reasonably content, you will be thrilled at redecoration, renovations or improvements to your local area which make it a far happier place to live. Looking even further into your future, from the end of 2019 into 2020 you are in a terrific cycle involving godchildren, nieces, nephews, young people or perhaps even your own baby or a new stepchild. The wheels will turn from late 2019 and in 2020 you will be so happy to guide, mentor and lead the way for a much younger face in your world. I am waving to Iran from London and wish you the happiest of birthdays. Hang in there.

  28. Thankyou for taking the time to look at my birth chart . I am exhausted . House bound Mother I look after. Son at home work …apart from wanting a knight in shining armour turning up .I need to start somehow looking after me .This Virgo weather just might help me . You are right with your advise. You have made my day giving me your time and amazing knowledge. Bless you.

  29. Hi Jessica
    Thanks k you so much for your response – it’s really helpful!
    All the best

  30. Hi Jessica,

    I always love reading your horoscopes although always sigh when I read about Neptune because as as Virgo, I can definitely can relate to the lack of clarity since 2008 in my love life. Can you see any improvements for me there in the not too distant future? Also, I’m thinking of returning to study and from what you’ve said in your weekly and annual forecast, it sounds like it could be a good thing (although a fairly long process).


    1. Thank you SB and as for love, sex and marriage – the answer is children, stepchildren or adoption. When you answer that question you know the rest as until 2023 your relationships are dominated by questions about this and you don’t say if you are a parent or not, want to/can be a parent or not, or are prepared to be a step-parent. I also don’t know if you are already in a relationship or married, yet that’s the entire solution to your confusion. Figuring out the sons, daughters, and the rest. Returning to study will work spectacularly well for you as Jupiter goes through your Ninth House of education and academia, retraining and part time learning, from November. It may well relate to what was going on around 19 or 20 years ago as you have Jupiter going over your Node.

  31. Thank you for your response Jessica. I don’t have children but would definitely like one child at least. My last relationship broke down 2 years ago although I hear from him from time to time. Not met anyone serious since him, just had a few dates here and there. Would definitely like to be in a relationship that might end up in a family!

    1. You have Mercury, Uranus and Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House of love, sex, partnership and marriage, and astrology is about cycles, so although you have been through a break-up during the transit of (travelling) Uranus in Aries, right opposite your Libra placements, in time what you have learned in these years will help you with a new relationship. You are going to experience transiting Chiron in Aries opposite your Mercury, Uranus and Pluto over the long-term. He is a teacher and part of his skill set involved healing. New dates or lovers will educate you about your ideas regarding marriage and although it will be challenging, it will not be as disruptive as all you have been through. And that, by the way, will never happen again. Have a look at Libra, Seventh House, Mercury, Uranus and Pluto on Search or in your ebooks to see what you’re all about. A little self-knowledge in astrology is a really useful thing.

  32. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for the birthday reading . I was born at the very end of the sign, Virgo sun and moon , Sagittarius rising (my birthday is next week). Have had a rough last decade or so on multiple levels. Just wandering if you could let me know which astro aspects will influence me the most in the coming year. It would really help me to know . All the best to you.

    Thank you

    1. You are quite strongly Sagittarian and have a stellium (unusually high cluster of factors) in that zodiac sign in your Ninth House. The Ninth House is about travel and also travel in the mind. Soon after Jupiter changes signs in November 2018 you will realise you have many more options than usual with the worldwide web, publishing, travel (moving or emigrating are also possible), academia, education and all kinds of study and teaching, including home study or informal mentoring of others. It is pretty common for a couple of things on the list to cross over, so you may become involved with a European or Asian connection affecting work or university, for example, and travel, or have them travel to stay with you. The luck goes on through 2019 as one door after another opens for you. There will also be a healing moment of true repair or recovery from a difficult time you went through some years ago regarding exactly the same thing – Jupiter will cross your Saturn. Jaz, if you had a block about school or college, for example, or had a tough time with a different culture or nationality, for example, that would now be opened up for all the right reasons, so that ‘the light can get in.’

  33. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for your usual thorough and insightful readings. Your birthday readings are birthday gifts so I’ll say a very special Thank you for the reading. My birthday is toward the end of this week and marks a significant time for me, hitting the mid-century mark (21st, 1968). My ascendant is Capricorn and my moon sign is Virgo I believe.

    I have had a 12 year period of progressive changes, and what has felt like also a progressive dissolution or loss (lost or loss) of everything I knew, including myself. I find myself being more skeptical of any positive events or hope for the future, as a means of self-protection from re-experiencing what has become familiar disappointment of the last 4 to 5 years which have been results of the build-ups started 10-12 years ago and appears to continue, from my health, love, home, income, just all-around. The combined spectrum, degree and totality of the losses, without apparent or visible opportunities for positive change, are a first in my life up to this point. So I read your Virgo forecast attempting to balance hope with caution knowing it is not personalized for me specifically.

    I wish to ask how (if you can say) my recent 12 year buildup to the recent 4 year period of so much complete loss factors into my forecast. I have been trying to find the meaning or lessons within it, but have not been successful in this effort. I’d also like to ask what of love (not sex but sincere love). Is it absent from the forecast for the near future of upcoming years? And if there’s anything else to know in general.

    Many thanks for your time, and any insights.


    1. Eve, you are concerned about love and also very affected by the last 12 years, which is an awfully long time to be unhappy. This sounds like depression to me. Have you been diagnosed and are you seeing a doctor? Saturn is a symbol of this in the birth chart and it is there at 23 Aries in your First House of image, self-promotion, self-projection, appearance, name, title and ‘Me’ above all else. Not the real you, but the you who is online, for example, or judged by first impressions. Saturn is at 23 Aries in aspect to Venus at 23 Libra, exactly opposite, in your Seventh House of former, current and potential partners. This is very hard work and I am not the only astrologer who will tell you that. Saturn opposite Venus in a birth chart takes some time to sort out. Neptune at 24 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance and property is very close by, just one degree away. Your MC (Midheaven) is at 23 Libra and your IC (Immum Coeli) is at 23 Aries, and I am sure you can see at a glance how that lines up exactly in the same spot as your Saturn-Venus opposition. It goes on! You have Aesculapia at 23 Taurus in your Second House of money and finally, Psyche at 23 Scorpio. Eve, my jaw is on the floor at this pattern in your chart and I understand why you feel you have spent years trying so hard and only feeling disappointment with love, income and home. Some things occur to me. First of all, ditch online dating or app dating. It’s too painful. You would be much better off in group situations which involve something you like, or are interested in, among a number of people. This way you get beyond the pain of being judged by your face or shape, in a superficial way. Eve, you also need to know that you have spirit with you. By this I mean a friend or family member on the other side of life who is looking after you! So you are not alone. This idea of getting together with other people in a more natural way, allowing them time to get to know you as you actually are, will be far more comfortable for you than the superficial world of ‘Me’ for the sake of appearances. Even then, you would still need to do some basic ground work on the way you look, appear and present. This is not my area, it is the area of my old colleagues at Vogue and Elle, but I don’t need to tell you there are ton of ways you can get ‘Me’ sorted out to your satisfaction. As long as you feel secure that is the main thing. It may be body language, hair, the dentist, shoes – whatever! You can hit Search when you have read this to look up the houses of your chart which are affected by this 23 degree pattern. First House. Seventh House. Eighth House. Second House. This is all about marriage and mortgage, sex and money, love and the rent. I am going to suggest that you find your own way to be content with all this and it may involve never going there at all – or going there differently to the way the rest of the population does! The standard vision we are sold by the banks of a smiling couple, two children and a white picket fence does not make any sense to you and nor should it, because any time you go there, you hit this Saturn pattern with Psyche thrown in for good measure. What helps you? Other people. Adding new people to your life will break up the pattern, because new faces bring their own horoscopes, energy and chemistry with them, and it mixes with yours, changing what is there. For more on this see Sacred Geometry on Search. It is the best and fastest way you can begin to shift what is there. I always use the example of The Beatles. They had the most difficult charts in the world until they began to add people to their circle, then what was essentially a very, very tough pattern was added to, like a kaleidoscope, with new colours and shapes – and they became the greatest band of all time. To use this music analogy further, you have a soundtrack in your life you have been playing a particular way, for a very long time, and it has not made particularly beautiful music for you. I understand how tired of it all you must be! Yet, if you begin to try adding different people/new people to your world, you will add to the sound. It is not going to ever be easy-peasy for you, but it is certainly going to make you feel better in the long run. You have a charity chart. Did you know that? You have enough Taurus-Scorpio in there to make you a natural fundraiser for a good cause. If you have not already begun with that, try it. I hope this helps.

  34. Thank you so much Jessica. Your response does help. I am not depressed though I am environmentally impacted by the events that have occurred. I faced two breast cancer surgeries, heart disease, stroke, and facing cancer in organs now and new upcoming surgeries, the death of a best friend, the near-death of a child accompanied by a life-threatening diagnosis, losing my home, income and employment, and the end of a marriage engagement among multiple other events. The mention of appearance makes sense as this has been central in my exclusion from almost all groups due to a combination of multi-racial and multi-class identity and appearance in how I am seen by others. And I did start a non profit for 18 years and have dedicated my life to helping others, so the charity mention makes sense too. I am glad you see me being protected by a spirit. It affirms what I have wondered. The mention of new people in the circle had a chord of agreement within me as I read it, as my body “felt” it as true. Though numerous new people entered in the last decade, almost all were with negative consequences, so I read new people as also new people with different vibrations more akin to mixing with my own energy in a more positive way. Thank you for the time and heart in your response. It all makes sense and gives clarity as I seek illumination more than anything, so at least events have a semblance/indication of meaning and purpose. Thank you,

    1. Eve, you are surviving this and you will go to the next level now. Thank you for validating the astrology, as you say you have multi-racial and multi-class identity and you started a non-profit too. Please do explore those potential new friends, acquaintances and fellow likeminded spirits as you will find their horoscopes create new chemistry with your horoscopes and you may have your own “Beatle’ experience!

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