Eclipses! Astrology 2018- 2019

Eclipses cover things up. They leave you in the dark. They take place when people conceal the truth or when you have a blind spot.

Eclipses! Astrology 2018- 2019


Eclipses cover things up. They leave you in the dark. They take place when people conceal the truth or when you have a blind spot. They can be partial, like the eclipse on Saturday 11th August 2018. They can be total, like the Great American Eclipse of August 21st, 2017, which was witnessed by Donald and Melania Trump, wearing protective glasses.

Eclipses fall across one sign of the zodiac, in a pattern, so that you experience cover-ups and blind spots regarding just one department of your life, as part of an unfolding story. This story involves a lot of subterfuge. Eclipses show where you can fool people or dupe them, for whatever reason. An eclipse does just what you might think, looking at this illustration from TimeAndDate.Com. It obscures your line of vision, but it also masks other people’s line of vision too.


The Leo Eclipses of 11th August 2018 and 21st January 2019


On Saturday 11th August 2018 the New Moon and Solar Eclipse will be in Leo. Back on January 31st, 2018, the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse was also in Leo. Going further back, on February 11th, 2017 the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse was also in Leo. The last Leo eclipse in the sequence will take place on January 21st, 2019, with a Full Moon in Leo. I hope you can see how one unclear situation after another, for two years, contributes to a patchy picture. In a moment I will look at how this has affected your horoscope, in terms of your Sun Sign, which is your public destiny. Your public face. First, though, let’s look at the Aquarius eclipses which have also taken place in 2017 and 2018.


The Aquarius Eclipses of 2017 and 2018


These began in a chain on August 7th, 2017, with a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. On February 15th, 2018 we had a New Moon and Solar Eclipse. On July 27th, 2018 we had a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. This last eclipse was the Blood Moon which so many people photographed. That was the end of the chain.


Which Areas of Your Life are Affected 2017-2019?


As you know, there are two kinds of astrology. Public and private. The public side is your zodiac sign, star sign or Sun Sign chart. This is excellent for accurate prediction as it shows the headlines of your life. If your life was a newspaper story, this would be it! (The story behind the headlines is told by your personal birth chart, which as a Premium Member you have access to).


At the same time that you have been affected by eclipses in these areas of your life (below) something else has been going on. The North Node and South Node (karma) have also been in these two signs. I’ll look at that in a moment.


Aquarius eclipses have been about your friendships. Your social life and social media. The groups, networks and circles of people which affect you the most, like a team or club.

Leo eclipses have been/will be about your children. About godchildren and young relatives. Youth, as a whole and young people. Lovers who could make you a parent, aunt, uncle.

Aquarius eclipses have been about your role. Your career. Your position, mission and ambition. Your work history to date and the aspirations you have for the future.

The Leo eclipses have been/will be about your family tree. Ancestors and new family members. Your house, land, apartment or property. Your town or country.

Aquarius eclipses have been about your relationship with foreign people and places. Your travel agenda. Any history or future plans for emigration. Universities and publishing.

Leo eclipses have been/will be about Twitter and your online life. Your emails. Your telephone calls. The media, from television, to newspapers, to radio. Books and podcasts.

Aquarius eclipses have been about your money, in relation to second and third parties. Houses, land, apartments, business interests and cash bound up with partners or family.

Leo eclipses have been/will be about your own money. Your debts and assets. Your own values. Your personal possessions, house or apartment. Your personal business assets.

Aquarius eclipses have been about your former, current or potential partner. About your enemies, rivals or opponents. The person on the other end of the scales from you.

Leo eclipses have been/will be about your image. Your name or brand. Your profile or reputation. Your personal appearance. Your photographs, YouTube clips or media.

Aquarius eclipses have been about your daily routine. Your wellbeing and fitness. Your workload. Your part-time or full-time employment. Unpaid work. Your lifestyle.

Leo eclipses have been/will be about your secrets. What you cover up and hide from other people. Your inner life. Your unconscious. Your soul or spirit. Your astral body.

Aquarius eclipses have been about your children. About godchildren and young relatives. Youth, as a whole and young people. Lovers who could make you a parent, aunt, uncle.

Leo eclipses have been/will be about your friendships. Your social life and social media. The groups, networks and circles of people which affect you the most, like a team or club.

Leo eclipses have been/will be about your role. Your career. Your position, mission and ambition. Your work history to date and the aspirations you have for the future.

The Aquarius eclipses have been about your family tree. Ancestors and new family members. Your house, land, apartment or property. Your town or country.

Leo eclipses have been/will be about your relationship with foreign people and places. Your travel agenda. Any history or future plans for emigration. Universities and publishing.

Aquarius eclipses have been/will be about Twitter and your online life. Your emails. Your telephone calls. The media, from television, to newspapers, to radio. Books and podcasts.

Leo eclipses have been/will be about your money, in relation to second and third parties. Houses, land, apartments, business interests and cash bound up with partners or family.

Aquarius eclipses have been about your own money. Your debts and assets. Your own values. Your personal possessions, house or apartment. Your personal business assets.

Aquarius eclipses have been about your image. Your name or brand. Your profile or reputation. Your personal appearance. Your photographs, YouTube clips or media.

Leo eclipses have been/will be about your former, current or potential partner. About your enemies, rivals or opponents. The person on the other end of the scales from you.


Leo eclipses have been/will be about your daily routine. Your wellbeing and fitness. Your workload. Your part-time or full-time employment. Unpaid work. Your lifestyle.

Aquarius eclipses have been about your secrets. What you cover up and hide from other people. Your inner life. Your unconscious. Your soul or spirit. Your astral body.


Eclipses! Astrology 2018- 2019 and Your Karma


This Leo and Aquarius weather in your horoscope has been unusually important because the North Node has also been in Leo, and the South Node has been in Aquarius. The North Node shows karma which is a challenge to deal with. Why? Because you experience the same-old, same-old in relation to the area of your life (above) that Leo triggers. You can try to make changes, and you probably have done, but you keep being sent back to the same situation, with other people saying or doing the same things! What is the point of that? To get you to change your response. To alter your habitual reaction. This has the effect of making your more patient, more accepting, more philosophical, with a richer sense of humour – perhaps. Having the past repeat itself (even back around 19 years) also allows you to move towards closure.

Yet, at a certain point, the North Node in Leo vanishes. It does this on Tuesday 6th November 2018 and that is the end of your Leo ‘weather’ for many years. There will be one last blind spot or cover-up, regarding the Leo-ruled areas of your life, at the eclipse on 21st January 2019.


Blind Spots and Cover-Ups

By now, in August 2018, you should be aware of at least one mystery slowly being revealed – and it will typically concern either the Leo or Aquarius issues in your chart. There is often an ‘Aha!’ moment as you realise how blind you’ve been. You can also have a Homer Simpson moment when you want to say ‘Duh!’ and smack yourself in the forehead for not realising something.


Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un and the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse of July 27th, 2018


Kim Jong Un returned the bodies of Americans who lost their lives during the Korean War, to American soil, near the time of the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 27th, 2018 as part of what Donald Trump claims is a peace agreement between the United States and North Korea.

Look at the cover of TIME magazine. Kim’s head, juxtaposed against the flag behind him, is eclipsing something. Likely, the truth. It will take some time before we know about the full cover-up.


Eclipses are Neutral


It’s really important to remember that eclipses are neutral. I see a lot of amateur astrology on Twitter when every single eclipse is treated as bad news. This is completely wrong. An eclipse is just what it is! The new beginning you would normally see on a New Moon is concealed, covered up or you just don’t see it, even though it’s in front of your face. The crossroads, inner conflict or ‘split’ in your world that you would see on a Full Moon, is hidden – or invisible to you – on an eclipse.

These mysteries can be for the nicest reasons. A woman going through IVF keeps her pregnancy a surprise for her husband, waiting until his birthday to reveal all. A man is secretly helped by his friends, who want to take care of his debts. Eclipses can protect. A child is not told about her father’s illness, for example.

It is the other patterns which fall around an eclipse that colour it. If there are negative patterns involving a negative planet like Saturn, for example, what is concealed can be very dark and difficult to deal with. A classic example is a crime cover-up. It really depends on the whole chart. A surprise 50th birthday party for someone can be planned on an eclipse and the person will never know! Not surprisingly, illegal activities are also hushed up on eclipses, too.

Eclipses also coincide with the ‘mask’ that people wear in order to make things look good or avoid a disaster. This is normal in public life. In fact, every single time we have an eclipse you should look at what famous figures are up to. They are frequently covering things up, because they have to. It’s part of their job. Let’s look at Princess Diana in 1982 as evidence of that – and in fact, 1982 as a whole, in your own life, or your parents’ life.


How 1982 Changed Everybody’s Lives


The most eclipses you can possibly have, in a single year, is seven. We experienced that in 1982. If you are old enough to remember that year, think back to what was hidden in your life. What did you hide from other people? What was concealed from you?

If you are not old enough to have been around in 1982, your parents would have experienced that year of shadowy half-truths, and obscured events and stories.

This was the year that Princess Diana fooled the world by pretending to be a happy wife and mother, when she was suffering from bulimia – and dealing with her husband Prince Charles’ secret love for Camilla. On a more personal note, in your own life, you may have been powerfully affected by someone who was acting undercover in some way. Ducking and diving. This is exactly what happens to the Full Moon and New Moon during an eclipse. In 1982 we had a Full Moon in Cancer on 9th January. Cancer was Diana’s Sun Sign but also Camilla’s. The Sun was in Capricorn, the Moon was in Cancer.

In Sun Sign astrology, Capricorn is Cancer’s Seventh House of love, sex, marriage, separation and divorce. Camilla was also fooling her husband – and the whole world was fooled by the newly married couple, with their new baby on the way. Andrew Morton’s book about Diana, written with her full secret co-operation, makes it very clear that 1982 was about deep crisis in her marriage. Yet – nobody knew or saw.

The Cancer eclipses of 1982 were about the public face or image of Princess Diana and also Camilla Parker-Bowles, both born with the Sun in Cancer. The Capricorn eclipses of 1982 were about their marriages and affairs. I hope you can see how this kind of astrology works. You don’t even need a personal birth chart to see how eclipses function. Yet – it is also your personal birth chart, if you are a Premium Member, that will reveal the details, dates and timing of your own story. Let’s look at that now, in respect of 2018, 2019.


Eclipses in Your Personal Birth Chart


If you are a Premium Member and have your personal birth chart, the Fifth House of your natal horoscope, ruled by Leo, is where each of these eclipses, including the Great American Eclipse of August 21st, 2017, has left you wholly or partly in the dark. The concealed motives or hidden truths have blocked you from seeing the whole picture where pregnancy, babies, children, young adults, youth or past, present or potential lovers are concerned. Not just any old lovers, either. The kind who can make you a step-parent if you get married, or make you a parent, naturally or through adoption.

Leo in astrology is the King or Queen with a line of succession – heirs to the throne – who inherit the influence of the monarch’s personality and often, the bloodline. It can be about young people as a whole. If your career involves paid or unpaid work with a younger generation, that is often the case with Leo eclipses. On a more personal note, Leo eclipses are about your sons or daughters. Your godchildren. Your nieces or nephews. Remember, this is your personal birth chart. The story-behind-the-story which you read about, in terms of your Sun Sign, which is your public horoscope.

You are seeing it with the two royal families in the White House and Buckingham Palace. Donald Trump’s sons and son-in-law are in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, as the Mueller enquiry continues. Prince Harry has married into the troubled Markle family and his bride’s father was missing at the wedding. Long before Harry met Meghan at the altar, the astrology was really clear about cover-ups. You can see the original prediction here:

Do You Have Leo Factors at 22, 28, 11, 18 or 1 Degree?

The eclipses fell at Leo 22, 28, 11 degrees and will fall at 18 degrees on August 11th, 2018, and finally 1 degree on January 21st, 2019. If you have factors in your chart in the Fifth House, in Leo, at 22, 28, 11, 18, 1 degrees of the sign, then 2017 and 2018 will go down in your personal history as a time of blind spots! This is either your own blind spot, or others have been unclear about things or even left completely in the dark.

Your own chart will tell you if the experience of these eclipses (which will affect you until January 21st, 2019) is positive or negative. I recently had a reader write to me, asking me if I thought the recently separated woman who was looking after his dogs when he was away, had any romantic interest in him. Well, no, except she had also managed to meet his mother (feeding her cat, also when she was away on holiday). Was he just in the company of an animal-mad female? His chart said, she wanted him, but she was covering it up, until her divorce came through. She had also managed to get her young son involved in feeding the cat too, so in the subtlest way, her family and his family became linked.

You will have your own story. It might be difficult, depending on your chart, and what you did in the past. The North Node of karma, past life debts and credits, and the need for closure (going back 19 years) may bring about a situation which is hard work for you. Perhaps you had an affair with a young woman and left her to pay the price of an unwanted pregnancy. That karma may now return, and the typical secret-keeping of an eclipse may well be the fact that she had a DNA test at the time and is about to produce the papers.

Are you getting a feeling for this Leo weather? It ends soon, but however it has manifested for you with the world of babies, children, young people or lovers (past, present, potential) you will get closure on many matters by January 2019. At the same time, the eclipse rules hold. What are they?


Do You Have Aquarius Factors at 15, 27, 4?
If you have Aquarius factors in your personal birth chart at 15, 27 or 4 degrees then the eclipse weather of 2017, 2018 has directly affected you, in terms of your friendships, your social media and the group or team commitments in your life. The eclipses have created permanent mysteries in your Eleventh House, which rules your inner circle, but also the network you share with other friends and acquaintances. You can read more about the Eleventh House here. This is also where you have been experiencing karma, from around 19 years ago, but as the North Node leaves Aquarius in November 2018, you are now nearing closure.

We enter a mini ‘Age of Aquarius’ from Christmas 2020 as on December 17th that year, Saturn well and truly moves into Aquarius and your Eleventh House of friends and groups. Jupiter moves into Aquarius on December 19th, just two days later. You may well find that as you unwrap the presents under the tree and hang up your stocking for Father Christmas, some mysteries and enigmas from 2017 and 2018 come to light. This seems very likely. Christmas parties tend to bring friends and groups together, don’t they? The Aquarius eclipses of August 7th, 2017, February 15th, 2018, July 27th, 2018 might at last reveal a secret tale.


The Eclipse Rules – Permanent Unsolved Mysteries


Eclipses conceal, they never reveal, but here are the rules. The passing months or years may show a little of the mystery, or bring you patches of truth – but the whole story will never be fully known. Whatever goes down on an eclipse, stays down. I mentioned Princess Diana in 1982, before. We will never truly know all the details of that year, in terms of the royal love triangle. The fact that she has passed away seals the story. Incidentally, as you may know, Diana lost her life near an eclipse. Another cover-up.

Eclipses have a way of working their way to the surface, but the crossroads decisions that people took on a Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) or the new beginnings they commenced on a New Moon (Solar Eclipse) always remain an enigma. In a moment I’ll look at how Carly Simon used the eclipse weather to have a classic hit record.

If you have seen an eclipse live, seen a clip on television or social media – or just taken the time to look at photographs of the varying kinds of eclipses out there – you will see that an eclipse delivers exactly what you (don’t) see. It is always about an incomplete picture, like a jigsaw which is finished on the table, but missing pieces. Or, someone spilled black ink over the centre of the illustration. This is the permanent picture, forever. A snapshot in time with parts missing or concealed.


What Do Carly Simon and Isaac Newton have in common?


As the sun can only be viewed by the human eye safely during the few seconds or minutes of a total solar eclipse, you are in danger of damaging your retinas if you do not wear protective glasses. At the age of 22, Isaac Newton blinded himself for three days when he tried looking at the sun in a mirror. An eclipse in astrology is a symbolic blind spot.

The March 7th, 1970 total solar eclipse even found its way into Carly Simon’s hit You’re so Vain, where she sings, “you flew your Lear jet up to Nova Scotia / To see a total eclipse of the sun.”

Nobody knows who the subject of the song is. Warren Beatty is just one of three men rumoured to be Carly’s narcissistic former lover. The eclipse (in Pisces) clearly played a part in her relationship. Even today, people who hear the song are in the dark about its subject. Carly Simon gave the whole world a blind spot and 50 years later, we still don’t know! That eclipse made her a star.


Eclipses and the Night


Always be aware of what takes place at night, on an eclipse. This is for the very good reason that shadowy activities take place in the dark. Even if the eclipse happens in the afternoon, local time, check the night before and the night after. Solar Eclipses can only be seen during daytime, when the New Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth – yet – it may be the night ahead that literally puts you in the dark.

If you think of the Sun as a night light, spotlight or bright torch, illuminating and exposing what is there – you will realise that eclipses are like a blackout. In 1973 Pink Floyd made Eclipse the final song on their famous album The Dark Side of the Moon. At around 1.37 minutes in, you can hear the doorman of Abbey Road Studios, Gerry O’Driscoll, answering the question: “What is ‘the dark side of the moon’?” with: “There is no dark side in the moon, really. Matter of fact, it’s all dark. The only thing that makes it look light is the sun.”

Months or even years after an eclipse, light dawns. We say that we ‘wake up’ to the facts. There is often a truth exposed. Camera flashes explode, if you are famous. This happened to Princess Diana, long after 1982 was just a painful memory. We woke up to the truth about her family.

On a lunar eclipse the Full Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow.


Whatever Happened to Sarah Palin?


The longest duration in which the moon completely covered the sun, known as totality, was during the solar eclipse of July 22, 2009.

Sarah Palin resigned as Governor of Alaska on July 26th, 2009 under ethics investigation. She had been put forward as a candidate for Vice President of the United States almost one year before.

The Solar Eclipse of July 22nd, 2009 was in Cancer. Cancer is the sign that rules Sarah Palin’s Sixth House of work (her Sun Sign is Aquarius).

That eclipse marked the end of her potential as the first female President of the United States. Forever.


Using Astrology’s Eclipse Tricks – What Tintin and Christopher Columbus Knew


Eclipses are times of intrigue, trickery, blind spots and sometimes con jobs, but they can save the day, if you know how to use them. Did you know an astrologer helped save the life of Christopher Columbus?

Columbus sailed with a copy of an astrological/astronomical almanac created by a man called Regiomontanus. Even today, some astrologers still use what is called the Regiomontanus house system to make predictions.

Columbus knew that on Thursday, February 29th, 1504, a total lunar eclipse would occur, beginning at moonrise. He tricked a local Arawak chief with this secret knowledge and probably saved his own life, and the lives of his crew. Food supply had stopped on the voyage. The Arawak people were starving Columbus and his men. Columbus told the chief that his own Christian god was very angry and would obliterate the rising full moon as punishment.

According to Columbus’ son, Ferdinand, the Arawaks were so terrified by the eclipse that came, as predicted, that “with great howling and lamentation came running from every direction to the ships laden with provisions and beseeching the admiral to intercede with his god on their behalf.”

This story is retold by Enid Blyton in her book The Secret Mountain. You can also see it in Bugs Bunny. Mark Twain fictionalised it in his novel, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.

My favourite version of the eclipse trick legend comes from Tintin. Do you know it?

Tintin and Captain Haddock find the Temple of the Sun but are sentenced to death by the local Inca prince. The prince tells them they may choose the hour that the Sun god, will set alight the pyre on which they will be killed.
Tintin has, however, chosen the hour of their death to coincide with a solar eclipse, and so the Inca prince implores Tintin to make the Sun show its light again. At Tintin’s command, the Sun returns, and he and his friends are set free. As Captain Haddock would say, ‘billions of blistering barnacles.’


What Eclipses Tell Us About Astrology and Stonehenge


What are the odds of the Sun and Moon appearing to be the same size to us, when we look up at the sky? They are not. The Sun is actually 400 times larger than the Moon, and 400 times further away. A tiny fractional change and we would not even see a total solar eclipse. Yet, the world is geared ‘just so’ for people watching their horoscopes. Made for our eyes.

It feels like a world made for horoscope prediction, owing to these freak occurrences. You don’t need a telescope to see the Sun and Moon. They’re ‘just right’ in terms of being visible to our eyes. They also suggest, by the optical illusion of their similar sizes (and the tremendous coincidence of their round shapes) that they are equal but different. Just like your father and mother, in fact. Man and woman. Sun and Moon.

The Moon is rather like your mother in that she goes through regular monthly phases, like a menstrual period of around 29 days. She is always the same, but she always repeats. The Moon can be used as a timing device for pregnancy, even today. What are the odds of that? How on earth, literally, did the Moon end up cycling around 29 days, just like a woman’s period?

Astrology is based on these powerful and astonishing coincidences, which Carl Jung labelled synchronicity. We seem to have ended up in an astrology-friendly world just made for prediction. But why? The answer lies in the multiverse. Quantum mechanics tells us that there is no single ‘real’ world. There are many, many worlds.

You and I have just ended up in the one where astrology happens to work, and the Sun and Moon do appear the same size to us,  even though the Sun is 400 times bigger than the Moon – it’s just right for horoscope watching, set against the background of the constellations of the Zodiac – and it was just right for our ancestors, to make predictions – probably about babies. Maybe about all of life’s complexities. Why else did they dig 56 holes? The plan of Stonehenge can predict eclipses. It took a computer to tell us that, back in the 20th century!

The Aubrey Hole circle at Stonehenge (3000 BC) has 56 holes because there are three cycles of the lunar nodes, the North Node and South Node, in twice 28 years. Then, as now, they were about karma. Things repeat. They repeat, in order for us to gain closure.

In November 2018, you will approach closure with the Leo North Node cycle and Aquarius South Node cycle, just as your distant Stonehenge ancestors did. The imaginary zodiac with its famous symbols – lion and water-bearer – is no more real than any other reality – but if you feel it, and know it, it will work uncannily for you.

The Stonehenge people were Sun watchers and Moon watchers, because it helped them survive. It enhanced their lives. This was the oldest kind of astrology. They clearly believed.

This is how we predict the future in astrology, in this weird world you and I inhabit (one of many) where it works so well. Watch! You too can predict the future or have an awakening about the past – even as far back as 1982, the year of seven eclipses.

As you know, there are two kinds of astrology. Public and private. The public side is your zodiac sign, star sign or Sun Sign chart. This is excellent for accurate prediction as it shows the headlines of your life. If your life was a newspaper story, this would be it!

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  1. Hi Jessica! Thanks again for such an awesome article. There is always a lot of relevance and timeliness to your articles. Indeed, I’m feeling the pressure of Leo eclipses even though I’m a scorpio with a sag stellium. I feel like the Aqua eclipses would carry the outcome of past karma from the Leo eclipses – it’s so interesting. I’m not able to completely answer the children question in my life. I’m not married or in a relationship but would like to be. I’m not sure how youth would fit into my life but I would like to inspire them though my career and personal life. I don’t know if I would ever completely incorporate them into any aspect though or I’m afraid that if I do that my vision for the future won’t pan out in a desirable way. I need to figure this out better before I get close to a partner? I’m also sure that if this person does not have the same views on the future and youth as me, then it would be fruitless to start a relationship? Right now I seem to be in a traffic jam with my travel, work and romance agendas but I also enjoy it. I always like to use astrology to make positive changes and open my mind, but this is is one place where I’m really stuck. Thanks a ton for any advice and my warm regards to you, Sanam.

    1. Thank you very much, Sanam. Ops at 4 Leo conjunct Vesta at 4 Leo in your Fifth House is a hotspot in your horoscope – it describes how you see the world of babies, children and young people. Ops is really about how you deal with challenges to find successful solutions and Vesta is about situations where one male and two or more females ‘dance’ around each other. You sometimes see it with baby boys (like a nephew or godson) who have their mother, aunt, sister and other exclusively female faces around them. You also see it with men who need a harem of female admirers to feel secure. The Fifth House and Leo are about lovers as well as children, for obvious reasons. This hotspot in your chart is being triggered by the North Node, very close by now, at 5 Leo and it will move onto 4 Leo shortly. So, there is an old story here, like an old theme song, which will be played one more time. This is your chance to get closure. Once you do that, you can close a chapter from your past and move on. Sometimes Leo/Fifth House is also about large-scale matters involving children or young people, and that may also be the case with you.

  2. Cancer with Leo at 18, also Minerva in Virgo at 18. Looking forward to seeing what unfolds! You’re the best, Jessica, this is so interesting to watch! 🙂

    1. Thank you. You do have quite a large stellium in Cancer, in your Fourth House of home, family, home town, homeland, houses, apartments and flatmates/households. You might say, your destiny has revolved around changes with these, far more intensely, than might be the case with other people. Thus, you have built up a history and the North Node in Cancer from November will ‘rewind’ you in terms of karma. This means what you owe other people, and what they owe you. Classically this would be a parent, sibling, or even an old flatmate. There are very likely to be boomerang situations involving a specific house, apartment or town/country. Until May 5th 2020 you will be spinning your wheels, but you will also gain closure. Look at what happened September 25th 1981 to March 16th 1983, particularly with family or flatmates, or any moves you made. There are likely unresolved stories hanging around that need a proper ending, or maybe a more complete, whole ending – and the Node cycle will open that up.

  3. Hello Jessica!
    As a longtime reader of your site, you still amaze me w/ your accurate eclipse predictions…you are truly blessed in your gift.
    I have stelliums in both Leo & Aquarius…can you please look at my chart and tell me what you see regarding positive or negative patterns/outcome of this eclipse series with NN in Leo & SN in Aquarius?

    Many thanks and many blessings to you, Jessica.

    1. Saturn at 26 Leo and your MC at 3 Leo (if your birth time is strictly accurate) stand out as the most important features of your chart, in the light of these eclipses. You were born with Saturn (the burden, the hard work, the lessons) in your Fifth House, which rules sexual relationships, unplanned pregnancies, IVF, adoption, step-parenthood, nieces and nephews, sons and daughters, godchildren and all youth affairs. It’s about the generation which inherits the influence of your personality – the ‘heirs’ to your ‘throne’ and ‘kingdom.’ You have been in the dark for quite a long time about a former, current or potential lover. About a child, or children, or a youth project. Maybe a combination of these. The whole point of an eclipse is not to try and make up your mind or commit to a particular intention, while they operate. You could be flying blind for years. So, assuming that the August and January eclipses are not the time to commit, mentally or emotionally, is smart.

      1. Thank you for replying, Jessica.
        Indeed…thru my work I have contact with many children and youth & it was a long road w/ many obstacles. No prior pregnancies/children/marriage for me; my choice. Regarding “being in the dark for quite a long time about a lover” – I met my foreign-born Scorpio lover (DOB 28/10/1980) in 2016 & we became exclusive after the Feb 2017 eclipse (on Feb 26 during the Pisces full moon, actually). My lover has an older teenage child born in 2001; I don’t know all the particulars. Events w/ this man occur near eclipses. I’m not yet sure what will be revealed once the eclipses are over.

        Does my chart tell of positive or negative patterns around the outcome of this eclipse?
        ..I’ve noticed it touches degrees all over my chart, but as a novice in astrology, I’m having a hard time connecting the dots.

        You are wonderful to find time to reply…thank you very much, Jessica.

        1. Your work has carried the Fifth House transits, involving children and youth. Your lover’s older teenage child is also the story, here. You don’t know what has been happening with his 13 or 14 year old young adult and I suspect it is very important. You do have Saturn (hard work, life lessons) in Leo in the Fifth House so this is always going to be challenging for you. If events with this man happen near eclipses, then you may want to be especially wary near the upcoming August and January eclipses. Even making up your mind about him on an eclipse can put you on a hard fork in the road, and I don’t want you to do that. I will give you an example. I had a reader who moved in with a man way back during the 1999 eclipse, which was visible in Great Britain. They were both on the coast and saw the whole thing. Let’s call her Bridget, because I just heard that name clairaudiently! Anyway, Bridget found out, once the flat had been rented, and all his stuff had been moved in, that he was part of a cult (he had covered this up) which had the most bizarre sex practices. Anyone else would have fled but she was madly in love. Anyway – five years later – another transit hit the original eclipse point and she woke up. The tragedy for her was that she had wasted the best years of her fertile life with this strange man. They split, and he is still the same today. Fortunately she has now moved on! This is an extreme example but I thought I would tell you how eclipses can lead to poor judgement because men don’t exactly lie to us – but they withhold information – they leave us ‘in the dark.’ So bear that in mind. On the plus side, this endless Leo weather ends in January 2019 after quite an intense period involving the world of children, but also former, current and potential lovers. The karma is closed. The eclipses are done. If you think about Donald and Stormy Daniels you will see just how messy eclipses can be, as they do bring up the past – along with the Node – and for some men that is not what they want at all!

  4. I am sorry you have been put through this. Actually, your whole issue is your Libra patterns in the Seventh House of love, sex, marriage, separation and divorce. I am sure you can see that you were born with Uranus at 25 Libra as part of a stellium (unusually high count of factors) also in that sign. What has been happening to you is almost at an end, but transiting (or travelling) Uranus has actually opposed your natal Uranus. If you want to look this up further, it’s ‘Uranus opposing Uranus’ and it can be a shock. It is also the shock that sets you free. It will take great insight and perhaps the passage of time to show you, why you had to be released from a relationship and possible marriage or child with this person. Sometimes I see this pattern in readers’ charts and a year or two later, they realise how trapped they would have been with a man whose financial and work situation would have cramped their style – or trapped with a man who had very traditional views on parenting, and mothering, and women. This cycle is virtually over – Uranus moves back into Aries one last time – and then he is gone by early 2019. You certainly were affected by the Aquarius eclipses and I am wondering if a friend, or someone in the group, was keeping you in the dark. Never mind. That cycle is also over. You will be amazed at how much smoother and easier future relationships are going to be!

  5. Hi Jessica, thank you for your incredible insights. As a Cap, I wanted to see how this period affects property and cash from an inheritance that is in a foreign country. Based on the currency fluctuations, I left the funds in a bank in India where the interest rates were between 8 and 10% while in the US it was less than 1%. However, since the Trump trade issues, oil prices, etc., the currency has declined to a level that it would be a substantial loss to covert the currency to US dollars. You have written about cryptocurriences, fluctuations etc., with reference to Uranus in Taurus. With the Leo eclipse and how it relates to Caps and all your mention in previous articles about currencies, how do you see this happening. Thanks in advance.

    1. India will be revolutionised by cryptocurrency and the new ‘people’s banking’ which will be a way of life after 2023, powered by social media and communities of linked friends and acquaintances. It is the next logical step from eBay, Air BnB, and particularly Crowdfunding. This is where you need to keep watching everything that happens, because it’s going to change in a flash. People who backed Air BnB, eBay, Paypal and Crowdfunder have done very well because they saw the future before the future got started. India will be at the heart of this so make sure you constantly update yourself. Trump is not long for this world but from Christmas 2020 the world will see a revolution like no other, in terms of currency (one world currency – digital) and also ‘people’s banking’ using – perhaps – some of the community models that are around in India right now.

  6. Hi Jessica..A very interesting piece..which is absolutly spot on in whats happening to my family at the moment..My mum is march 27 1948 and cousin is March 22 both Aries..mum is executor to her sisters will..straightforward..sell apartment,pay funeral and whats left divide by her 5 children..but my cousin decided she wanted apartment,changed locks,lived in apartment and on day of cremation cleared out apartment.she took rosary beads from my aunt as she lay dying and throw them into a coffee cup..she doesnt believe in god and our religion..and is bringing her older sister to court 1st november this year for harrassment,which the older sister hasnt,This cousin has lied about everything to get the executors position and has horrible untruthfull statements to the court about my mam and her eldest daughter..and the week of eclipse sent solictors letter..her 3rd solictor in 4mts,to my mam asking if she wanted to hand over position and to keep it between themselves,week after the eclipse got a priest to ring my mum to meet her to discuss funeral arrangements..a total turnaround so we think shes hiding something like a financial document and cant claim it as shes not question would be, i keep reading aries for my mum ..but its also for my cousin…who has broken up my family with her actions and lies..,if good karma was coming how could it come to people who have done wrong and hurt so many people..?.we are have to wait to bring my aunt home to ireland to be buried.and she died 13th march..november maybe closure..hopefully case thrown out as we can prove her wrong..thanks Jessica.

    1. Thank you. I am glad the astrology is spot-on for you. Your cousin’s behaviour is absolutely foul and throwing the rosary beads off your aunt while she was passing was not a smart idea in a strongly Catholic family. I am so very sorry for your aunt in particular, who has passed to spirit, but has to wait for the burial back in Ireland. It is now at the legal stage. You have this vast number of factors in Cancer, in the Fourth House of family, which will be crossed by the North Node (karma) from 6th November 2018 to 5th May 2020, so you can see why 2019 and 2020 are the years that count. If your cousin is a Sun Aries and your mother is also a Sun Aries, this is the same message, because in their Sun Sign charts (their public lives) they also have the North Node of karma going through their Fourth House of family. This is going to take time. It goes way beyond the accusations of harassment against her own sister, and the apartment, as well as the will. This is about the non-financial karma which always revolves around forgiveness, at the end of the day. This has deep roots and may go into your grandparents’ generation and even further back. It also very much involves the priest. Without all the charts in front of me it is hard to tell you more than that, but take a deep breath and be prepared to pick up the very last piece of the karmic jigsaw with the family halfway through 2020. Then it is over. It really is finally, completely over. In the meantime light a candle and pray for help with the family. You will be heard.

  7. Hi Jessica ,
    thank you for all the great articles. I have Cupido and Fortuna in Leo and nothing in Aquarius, I think this eclipse is hitting a part of my chart involving my children. Are you able to tell me anything specific to do with my chart and this eclipse please ?

    thank you.

    1. You would need the children’s natal charts for specifics. Later this year, when I begin writing horoscopes for Family Circle magazine in America, I will be launching those on this website so you can take a closer look. You have enough in Leo and the Fifth House to have been kept in the dark about matters affecting your children, for the whole period that these Leo eclipses have been operating, and we have two more to come. People have been covering things up with you, or there has been fancy footwork behind the scenes and you’ve been quite blind to it. This is neither negative nor positive, it is what it is! The Fifth House also concerns former, current and potential lovers and you were born with Cupido (Cupid) there. Sometimes it’s as basic as a ‘friend’ who pops up again, who secretly has a crush on you – and children of his own. One very good way into this whole situation is to pull an Astrology Oracle card and ask ‘Which is the most important issue, related to my children or my love life, which has been least clear and least hard to see, during the Leo eclipses?’ That could be interesting for you. I have to say, Leo eclipse weather often coincides with Oscar award-winning performances from people who are infatuated with each other and hiding it like Billy-o.

  8. Hi Jessica, I’m a Cancer with have Leo at 17 degrees in Mercury. Any hints what this might mean?

    1. You have a Cancer stellium in the Fourth House of homeland, home town, the family tree, houses, land, apartments and other residences. This part of your chart also rules flatmates, past and present. Some or all of this is a huge part of you. A close or even distant ancestor may still be influencing your ambitions, for example, as he/she did what you want to do. Or – you are aware of what you have inherited from one or both parents. I had a reader recently with a Cancer stellium who was conducting yoga workshops in Thailand. Her father and uncle were both teachers so she had inherited the family gene for guiding people, even if she didn’t go into the education system. It may also be very true that your roots, original, heritage and culture is a dominant force in what you do with your life. We are now approaching the Node cycle in Cancer, which begins on
      Tuesday 6th November 2018 and runs until May 5th 2020. You are going to be taken back to the future, about 19 years, so that you can settle old scores, particularly with family or flatmates, and come full circle with property, your town, your country and so on. You may be owed. You may owe! The sense of obligation will increase as the cycle goes on. If there is anything unresolved with a family member, even going back as far as 1981-1983 or 1962-1964 then it’s karma time. The latter dates may of course coincide with the birth or a sister or brother, in which case you two knew each other in a past life. A parent or other relative may have also created karma with you when you were born, of course. The cycle will begin with a few clues and signs almost immediately and then you will slowly but surely be taken back to a point where you can collect uncollected rewards or make good with someone that – for whatever karmic reason, perhaps going way back into past lives – you need to make good with. You can do this with an entire country, by the way. This is the cycle when we sometimes find residency, visa or political issues with a country come full circle too!

  9. Dear Jessica,
    Will I have good job opportunity…
    Will I get promotion at current company I work for…

    Do you see any good prospects for me…
    Is there a bright work future for me to be successful professionally and financially…
    Thank You

    1. You have until November 2018 to complete karma around your career or university education (if you went to university) from 19 years ago and then the circle is complete. It really depends on what you were doing about two decades ago and what karmic debts and credits you accrued at that time, and you don’t say what you did, or what you do, so it is hard to assess. Thank you.

  10. Thank you so much for another excellent blog post. Always enjoy them very thoroughly.

    I do have both Leo and Aquarius. My natal Mars in Leo ( 06 degrees), but the main one seems to me that my Saturn conjunct Mercury in Aquarius (both at 16 degrees) will receive more influence over this time? Or should I consider both? What do you think it might be the implications? Thank you and very best regards!

    1. Yes, your Mercury-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius is truly important, over time. The recent run of Aquarius eclipses in your Eleventh House of friends and groups has left you in the dark somewhat. I had a good example of this recently with a reader who was involved in a major UK charity, only to find it was under investigation for malpractice. Another reader was in a political party with all kinds of machinations taking place behind the scenes! Eclipses do not have to be negative at all – but with Fortuna, Minerva and Bacchus also in Aquarius in your chart – your network or social circle really matters to you – so it may be worth remembering that you are still very much in the dark about what’s been going on. Even more importantly, the transiting South Node of karma has been conjuncting your Aquarius stellium, or going across everything you have in that sign. Thus, you have had quite a long period of karma collection and repayment with one or more friends, and groups as a whole. This ends in November 2018 and it may not be until Christmas that you realise how much closure has gone down. This matters! Why? Because from Christmas 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn both start their new cycles in Aquarius, the tightness, loyalty, co-operation, trust and solidarity of your particular group or social circle will become three times as important, and from Pluto’s entry into Aquarius in 2023, five times as important. In fact, the future belongs to you and your friends, using people power to achieve – within a community – what simply would never happen otherwise. This is a mighty cycle for you.

  11. I’m pretty sure if you hit Search you will still find what I wrote about relationships, marriages, divorce and separation when Jupiter goes through the Seventh House. It is not as simple (or basic) as meeting the man you will marry. If that was the case, every single Taurus person you know, who is single, would be engaged by now. In fact, it is very common for people in bad marriages to break up on this cycle as Jupiter makes it easy for them to do so. Essentially Jupiter is about repair work, healing, open doors, opportunities, growth and expansion. He will operate on whatever level you have created for him. He is about the thunder that brings the rain that fertilises the soil, and depending on what acorns you have planted, and how ‘clean’ the soil is, he can create rapid growth for you. So yes, people who did the work and planted the acorns some years ago will in fact get married this year, born under the sign of Taurus. Yet – if the ‘soil’ of your love and sex life is full of rubbish, uncleared weeds and so on, what Jupiter will do is filter the ground and clean things up, ready for new growth later on. You still have August, September, October and early November left to ‘weed’ the garden and get rid of anything or anybody choking new growth. I wonder if that is the memory of your husband or any emotional or mental baggage left over from what must have been a painful divorce? Uranus, Pluto, Vesta and Proserpina in Libra in the Seventh House of your horoscope tell some quite strong stories about partnership for you. As you know, transiting Uranus has been opposing all of those (including natal Uranus) through this period. That cycle is now technically over, and will practically be over in early 2019. That will come as a huge relief after years of stormy weather. You might want to look at each of those factors in turn. Uranus was the god who created at least 12 children and then rejected all of them. In turn, they rejected him, and they moved apart from each other, seeking independence and a new beginning. Pluto was the passionate and obsessive god of the underworld who fell in love with Proserpina and broke all the cosmic laws to take her. In the end he had to learn how to share her, with her mother. Vesta was the Roman goddess who presided over the Temple of the Vestales. These virgins protected Rome but if they lost their virginity they were buried alive and their lover was flayed alive. As you can imagine the atmosphere in the temple was toxic. The Pontifex Maximus was their ultimate authority and could order such a fate, so gender and power issues (one male, many females) preside when Vesta turns up. There are always issues for women about other women in the picture and how they make it work, with the man in question. Finally, Proserpina herself turns up in Libra in your chart! She was Pluto’s object of desire. She became a go-between, moving between the underworld and her husband Pluto, and her mother, Ceres, up on earth. Don’t worry so much about your Scorpio stellium person. You are more important than him. Look at some of the art, sculpture and mythology around these archetypes I have mentioned because I have a feeling they are at the heart of things. Consider the relationship with your own mother. How you feel about having babies (or not). How you feel about men who have baggage – wives and children from a previous marriage or relationship with a girlfriend, if they never married. Digging down deeply into this may help you clear the soil. Jupiter in my experience can produce rapid results, like a crop that springs up overnight, and it can come with a thunderbolt or thunderclap. Meeting someone new and falling in love at a party can be like that. The acorn suddenly sprouts in the ground and before you know it, it is turning into a young oak. Eventually the oak tree will become an oak grove. That is how the Romans saw it and our modern astrology is Roman in origin.Good luck!

  12. Thank you Lauren. Susan Miller is a good friend to me and I feel very lucky to know her, professionally. I am sorry you not only have a bad marriage but also the stress of wanting a child at the age of 37 – particularly made worse by finding out about your husband’s affair with his assistant in Puerto Rico. She should be ashamed of herself. You worry you are wasting time waiting for him to figure out what he wants to do, while the clock is ticking on pregnancy. You have a huge stellium (unusually high number of factors) in Libra in the Seventh House of marriage, divorce, sex, love and separation. Throughout this period you have been experiencing Uranus, the planet of revolution, radical change, upheaval and instability – right opposite your Seventh House, as he has been slowly passing through Aries, the opposite sign to Libra. There is some final closure on this cycle in early 2019. You will benefit hugely from this, and in fact your luck changes in November, with certainty either about separation or counselling at Christmas 2018. If it separation you will not look back and in fact will gain from breaking up. If you stay together this is also for the best and you will be blessed with a terrific advisor! So either way you are going to win out, with further results in 2019. You also have a major Leo presence in your chart in the Fifth House of children and babies. We have the North Node (karma, past lives) going right across that, until November. So I have to say, once you get karmic closure with this man – and actually, possibly with his assistant, who has ruined your marriage – it’s done. November, December 2018 looks like the biggest turning point in years and you will feel it immediately. It will be a merry Christmas, no matter if you agree to split, or agree to counselling. It will take some time to realise this, but if you had become pregnant during this Leo weather of 2017-2018 it would have been at the wrong time, in the wrong place, with the wrong man (him) with very difficult consequences, so even though you long for a child, you have been protected to some extent. You have the kind of chart which suggests children and young people will always be at the heart of your most important achievements. A baby is an achievement. So too is a stepchild. An adopted child. A fostered child. A godchild. Nieces and nephews who may as well be your children! The path to satisfaction and happiness with younger faces may not be cookie-cutter for everybody. I mention this because you need choice in your life. You desperately need the luxury of choosing, apart from the narrow options he has forced you into. Just playing with the possibilities in your mind can help let some oxygen into your marriage and your life. You are free to dream. Did you know Beatrix Potter never had children of her own, but married the right man late in life, and took on his nieces and nephews like sons and daughters? She left her lucrative Peter Rabbit estate to the next generation. If you walk in the Lake District in England today you will be walking on the land she gave to children, in particular, to enjoy. While you are waiting for the milestones of November, December 2018 you may want to open up your mind to the many, many, many different ways that younger faces can be part of your destiny, Lauren. He has in some ways chained you up, because all you are seeing is ‘waiting for him’ or ‘leaving him’ but actually the universe can offer you a huge spread of many different futures and you are absolutely free to ponder all of them.

    1. Thank you. There is no astrological chart pattern which ever tells you you should ‘never get married’ or even ‘never get married again’ but you do have a pattern which suggests partnership is very hard work. Some people like hard work. It will help you a lot to take apart the asteroids and planets in Libra in your Seventh House and look at what they mean. Jupiter, Saturn and Juno for example. Jupiter was an unfaithful husband who found it hard to stay loyal to his wife, Juno. Juno loved the benefits of being married to Jupiter – the prestige, the status, the abundant lifestyle – but suffered through his adultery. Saturn was actually the father of Jupiter in mythology and a great deal of fear existed in the father-son relationship. So, you can see, you are carrying a lot of archetypal experiences when you go through marriage and in fact you just divorced, perhaps because of some of these issues, affecting your former partner maybe – or yourself. You have Pluto at 21 Libra almost perfectly conjunct Juno at 22 Libra and here is another archetype – the controlling, passionate, dominating person who wants to ‘take’ a lover in every sense of the word. None of this should stop you from a second marriage if that is what you want. Yet, you may need to look at how you mythologise love, sex and weddings and commitment. What stories do you tell yourself about that? There is a lot of archetypal projection going on here and you may have all kinds of pictures in your head, or scripts, drawn from television, film, theatre, novels – this is a good time to take a deep breath and see exactly what you are expecting and acting out in your life. The art will help. Look at paintings of Pluto, Juno and the rest and see what it triggers for you.

  13. This is truly insightful and revealing. I’m particularly amazed about the 1982 section, which is the year I was born and shortly thereafter my parents went through a divorce. Quite a big moment for the whole family!

    I am still a bit confused about my Leo and Aquarius factors during the eclipses. All three Aquarius eclipse dates from August 2017 – July 2018, I have been with a partner… or encountered someone who apparently (as she claimed) my partner in several past lives. Pretty trippy, right? But more recently, this last eclipse has left my recent partner and I at a point where we are on a break. When I look back at it, it seems like there is no reason we need one. I know my Diana factor plays a role in that, but whether or not this relationship was meant to be, it’s very hazy… and I can see that this eclipse is a part of that, that both her and I are rather confused about everything. Anyway… is this have to do with my Salacia in Aquarius? As in a need to be in two separate worlds? Oh… and my partner (or former partner, I don’t know), is a Libra sun at 27 degrees… perhaps too close to my Libra Saturn?

    As far as the Leo eclipses go, I’ve never really had a sure sense of my own image, or how people percieve me. As a Leo male, I tend not to be typical Leo, although I have been told I’m a great performer (I’m a musician). However, my self image, or what I’m doing in the world… is also a bit unclear. From synchronistic events, and people telling me certain things… I’ve had the feeling that my “calling” is not in music but something else and not something conventional. Is this feeling tied with the Leo eclipses? The Leo eclipse last year was when I had really started to make some work on a novel. Not a coincidence I assume, right? Thank you for taking the time to read this, Jessica… but there is so much happening with these eclipses now!

    1. It looks as though 1982 was karmic for the whole family, if your parents divorced. To fast forward to your partner, your Libra Saturn is miles away from her Sun, so there is no issue with Saturn there. Looking at your whole chart, it seems likely that you’ve been blind to either the full story with her, or the full story with another woman – or even a man – who may have been interested in you romantically. That is a really common outcome of Leo eclipses. A potential lover, perhaps, who has been covering everything up (but trying to make moves in her own way) who may already have children or want them with you. If not, it is your Libra partner who has been concealing things, possibly about a pregnancy that never came to term in her past, or maybe her desires to have children/avoid children! Be hip to eclipses and never try to judge or assume, or take a pathway on them, as it can mean years of being utterly in the dark about what is actually happening. So, right up until January 2019 just allow for a 2-3 day period when you may want to defer judgement. The Aquarius eclipses are part of a much, much longer story in your life, which unfolds from Christmas 2020 and is life-changing from 2023. You say you are a musician. This is very likely about one particular band. It may also be a band, in a circle, around that band! This is fated in your life. There has been an unclear situation around these people for 1-2 years now and you may have recently woken up to the fact that there was more going on behind the scenes, concerning yourself, than you realised. This is part of a much bigger jigsaw which goes on for the next few years, and as I said, from 2023 it transforms your life. For now it’s a bit of a guessing game but later on you’ll piece it together. You’ll love 2020 for all that this group brings you (or the group, connected to the first group!)

  14. Hello Jessica,

    I’m a bit confused with it all but I have my moon at 18 Leo so the eclipse on 11 August will be right on it. I have recently reconciled with my eldest son but I’m yet to see him although we’ve been talking on the phone quite a bit. I see his children now and there is a new grandson born 22 May this year, another Gemini like me. I have two other sons and things are a bit off with them too. Eldest son is Aquarius, middle son Libra, and youngest Aries. They are all adults with their own lives. The youngest is gay but doesn’t have a partner yet and just seems to drift along. I think it’s the eldest and the grandchildren I’m more concerned about as if I don’t ‘toe the line’ they get taken away and over the years I’ve had to harden myself to cope with it. Your post on the Leo eclipse and mentioning of younger people has made me think. Do you have any advice to give me?

    Many thanks,


    1. Lesley, you are ‘speaking your chart’ as they say in astrology. You are a grandmother who just reconciled with your eldest son, and you have a Leo Moon which is directly in line with the intense Leo weather – both the eclipses and the North Node. My best advice for you is to go back 19 years, roughly, and see if there is any unfinished business or loose ends. Do you need to make an apology, or make some kind of gesture? Do you require that from someone else? Of course this may have been the birth of your child, at the time, or even a pregnancy that ended in miscarriage. Going back like this can help you close the circle karmically by November. The more you can find the time to really go over the Fifth House story in your life, and remember what you may have forgotten or even minimised at the time, the better. Then you leave things in the right place for another 19 years. These eclipses are your reminder not to judge or act too dramatically, on the day itself, and I would say the day before and after too. You can put yourself on a fork in the road that leads you right up a blind alley if you make up your mind on an eclipse. It is like taking a turn on the map and then for many years, travelling without lights. It’s best avoided.

      1. Thank you Jessica. I have tried to remember anything from 19 yrs ago and can’t think of anything. I’ll keep trying. Different thing altogether but I have moon/pluto conjunction in Leo and eldest son has an exact moon/puto square with moon in cancer. Things have always been strained.

        1. Actually, that Moon-Pluto conjunction you are seeing would not work in a modern astrology chart with asteroids – the widest orb is 0 degrees – and you have the Moon at 18 Leo and Pluto at 24 Leo in the Fifth House of parenthood. You may be experiencing something quite different with your son. It is very likely to be your Pluto at 24 Leo in the Fifth House, aspecting your Uranus at 24 Cancer, Neptune at 25 Libra, Ceres at 25 Capricorn, Ops 25 Pisces. That is a very tight pattern, with just one degree’s difference. It might be useful to unlock that. Uranus is in Cancer in your Fourth House of family. Neptune is in Libra in your Seventh House of marriage. Those are two big pointers right away. When you have a tight pattern like this, it never rains but it pours, and it is very likely that any transits of the outer planets at 24, 25 degrees trigger things quite dramatically with him, with partners and with the family as a whole. You may also find that in a full modern chart with asteroids, your son has triggers to your chart at 24, 25 so this is why you feel strain. There are ways through it. Hit search for all these factors, by sign and house. Have a really close look at Ceres in Capricorn in your Tenth House.

          1. Many thanks Jessica. I’ll investigate and see what i can find. It’s fascinating and very enlightening.

            Best wishes


  15. Hi Jessica,

    I have the north node at 1* Leo and the South at 1* Aquarius. I also have a stellum in Leo and Aquarius. Shared property has been significantly highlighted the last two and a half years in my life. Could you please tell me what you think the next few months hold and if the shared property issue will finish when I have my nodal return?

    1. Shared property is a Scorpio matter in your Eighth House and you have Fortuna at 25 Scorpio conjunct Uranus at 26 Scorpio in your private birth chart. In your public chart, you are a Sun Cancer person who is also having Eighth House transits, as you have seen, with the South Node travelling through that area of your horoscope. So you are having double transits, public and private, both in this zone of your chart. Late October is the timing on this, for two reasons. First of all Jupiter (solutions, breakthroughs, opportunities) will cross 25, 26 at that time and you will be relived to see a useful answer that changes everything, or – depending on the other party’s horoscope – an actual gain. Secondly, the transiting South Node in Aquarius will have almost reached 1 Aquarius. This feels like your world turning upside down (Uranus) in a beneficial way (Jupiter) while everything spins around on the Wheel of Fortune (Fortuna). Halloween, before and after, seems like a whirlwind but you get the pumpkin pie.

  16. Hi Jessica! The eclipse on January 5th 2019 will conjunct both my Sun and Venus, it will also sextile my mars on 15th degree scorpio.What do you think i may expect? Thank you so much!

    1. Just to confirm – you were born with the Sun conjunct Venus at 15 degrees and Mars also at 15 degrees Scorpio? I use exact orbs for prediction. Thanks.

  17. Hi Jessica, I have sun sign Leo and a stellium in Leo, 6 factors!

    I have been trying to conceive for a year and in June experienced a miscarriage, could this Leo weather suggest renewed hope for me going forward?

    Thank you x

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage and the year-long attempt to conceive a baby. As you know Leo rules the Fifth House of children in your chart. You were born with Sun, Mercury, Venus, Apollo and Aesculapia there. You have been dealing with a chain of eclipses which has kept you in the dark, or left you unable to see what was really going on. At the same time, the North Node (karma from this life and other lifetimes) has been slowly crossing your Leo factors. The karmic cycle ends in November. The last blind spot disappears from January 2019. I expect that you have incarnated to sort out old debts/credits with your partner and in one or more lifetimes you two have been through every aspect of what it means to be a parent, or try to be a parent. Even more recently than that there may be things you owe each other, or are owed. Sometimes we also find the family (your in-laws, or your parents) have a karmic path to take with you and the long road to parenting is part of that. You will have a distinct feeling of ‘the past is in the past’ from November and new clarity about your next step from January. You will probably feel as if a circle has been completed and you are right. With your Leo stellium you are the Queen who is meant to guide, mentor and ‘rule’ a younger court as you are a natural teacher, mentor and role model for children and young adults. You will do this many ways for the rest of your life, no matter if you are dealing with your nephew, or asked to pass on what you know to interns (for example). There are many, many variations on this theme ahead and you will derive huge satisfaction from all of them as you are a born leader. I wish you the very best with it all.

  18. Hi Jessica, thank you as always for your very thorough horoscopes and insights. I have a question regarding prenatal eclipses. There was a solar eclipse at 18 degrees Leo the day before I was born. I wonder if the August 11th eclipse will trigger this point? I also have Leo conjunct north node at 20 degrees Leo.

    1. The Sun at 20 Leo conjunct your North Node at 20 Leo in the Fifth House is central to your chart. You are experiencing the Leo weather right across this, and although I do not work with prenatal eclipses, it is absolutely true that your Fifth House pattern is about prior incarnations and the deal you have made with others in this lifetime to settle old past life debts and collect rewards from a previous incarnation. This kind of pattern is common in the lives of people who have experienced all facets of parenthood – from adoption, to termination, to miscarriage, to step-parenthood – and also spent much time teaching, mentoring or guiding younger faces. In this lifetime you choose a different path because you need to develop your spiritual qualities – like forgiveness, a sense of humour, acceptance, tolerance and all those other great things that we only ‘mine’ when we go through repeated scenarios or never-ending stories. This is very specifically about the relationships in your past where pregnancy was a big deal, or about the children you had (you don’t say if you are a parent or not) and also any godchildren, nieces, nephews or youth-related projects and plans. You will complete the circle and tie the last knot in November. Note the January 2019 eclipse – the last blind spot.

      1. Thank you Jessica, as always right on the money. I am a parent to a little girl who we had after 4 rounds of IVF. I always felt this was fated as transiting Jupiter was conjunct the Leo North Node pattern when she was conceived. We had another round of IVF earlier this year, trying for a second, which went very poorly. It looks like by November I may have more clarity. It is interesting, because for the last few months I have completely focused on my career ( which incidentally is not going well) refusing to deal with the fact that we may not have a second biological child.

        1. Thank you. Four rounds of IVF gave you a little girl, which is the most fantastic gift. You were very lucky to have transiting Jupiter conjunct the Leo North Node in your Fifth House. Now you are pursuing what you hope is a second IVF baby. You have Mercury at 6 Leo in your Fifth House so are a born teacher, actually, even to your own children, but you could easily provide guidance, mentorship or training to other people’s offspring or young adults. I am sure you can see how this current Leo cycle has coincided with the North Node in Leo but also with eclipses and we have a couple more to come. Then, from January 2019, this intense period in your life is over.

  19. Hi Jessica. Wonderful article; it’s very intriguing how eclipses can have such an impact. I was wondering what happens in a house like Aquarius with my IC when my family tree dies out. Due to infertility in my ancestors, I’m the youngest person in my adoptive family with the older members slowly passing away. Since I’ll never be able to afford kids, will Aquarius factors stop impacting me once my family is gone and I’m alone?

    1. What an interesting question. I have never been asked this before. Your Aquarius IC is about your family tree, going back several generations, and you will find a recurring theme, about friendship, groups, brotherhood and sisterhood. It is very common to see this in the charts of people whose grandparents or great-grandparents were involved in trade unions, the army, air force or navy. We also see it with Freemasons. Any circle of people who strongly influenced the life of an ancestor would be part of your DNA. I am sure you know your IC depends on a strictly accurate birth time, of course. You say you will never be able to afford children. I guess that’s up to you. Yet, it will be a new era within the family (or with a family you acquire) that changes everything. You will see why from Christmas 2020. That is going to be a very special Christmas. In fact, family life will transform you from 2023 after an unforgettable chain of events in 2021, 2022 and your Aquarius IC will really make sense to you. Your tree will not stop growing. It will reveal branches and leaves you never knew were there, or you will acquire new branches and leaves from others. Watch.

  20. Dear Jessica,

    I have the sun in Aquarius and Leo rising at 27° plus several factors in Aquarius and Leo. Seems that I can’t escape any of these eclipses ! Can you please help me understand how these eclipses are and will impact me ?

    Thank you

    1. The whole point of eclipses is really to get you to ‘wait and see’ while they take place and let the moment pass. It is usually a two-day period across the actual eclipse, as we have to allow the world to catch up with itself. When you make up your mind on an eclipse, or take action on something, it can affect you for many years. You may be flying blind, or operating in the dark, for a very long time! This does have a huge effect on your destiny. I had a reader who experienced the 1999 eclipse that way. She was rejected for a job at that time and she decided she would change her whole career. So she made up her mind to pursue finance/banking/business rather than the retail she had been rejected over – and became fascinated by a career path that utterly failed to deliver. In fact it took her years to realise she was being duped by a company which had no intention of rewarding her at all. Her personal birth chart was angled in such a way that the 1999 eclipse was particularly tricky for her. Yours is not. Yet, because you are strongly Aquarius-Leo, it would seem that a group, team, society, association, club or similar network has already been keeping you in the dark in 2017, 2018. You would have glimpses of this. Flashes of light that reveal there is more to these people, and their circle, than you probably realised. This is why I always advise to avoid acting/judging on an eclipse. Even if it’s positive, you should really try to avoid veering off on a fork in the road which involves travelling without your headlights on. The Leo eclipses are part of a general spell of Leo weather, involving the North Node in Leo, in your Fifth House. You don’t say if you have children or not, or want them or not. Yet, this is very much about children and their world. You are settling karma from about 19 years ago. A typical example would be a relationship where you could have produced a baby but did not. Or, likely, the birth of a boy or girl who is not old enough to go to university or take a first job – you have a role there. Without knowing anything about your situation it is hard to be specific, but do hit Search for Leo Weather.

      1. Thank you Jessica for sharing this.

        I have no children. Parenthood was a major topic 3 years ago but the relationship I had at that time ended (partly because we were not sharing the same will on children). I am currently single.

        1. So, you are being taken back to the choices you made about pregnancy three years ago, and you now to have to deal with the impact of those choices. This can manifest in different ways. For example, you have created space, time and energy in your life to become a stepmother, or to take on paid or unpaid work involving younger people (like coaching a football team, or lecturing university students). You have also made space for fostering, perhaps, or for dating a person who has children from a failed marriage. You will see choices along these lines cross your radar until January 2019 when the cycle ends, yet essentially this is about that fork in the road you took with your ex and which pathway it has put you on. Call it fate.

  21. I’m having a really rough year 🙁 My neighbor is suing me in court to shut down my in-home daycare business. Everything I’ve made this year has had to go to an attorney – so far 15K, with another 10K-15K easily before it goes to trial. When I look at my horoscope it looks good to me financially but this has dragged on for almost a year and the trial isn’t until January. We are going broke during this process…what am I missing? Help!

    1. This sounds very tough to go through and I am sorry you are spending so much money and also being made to wait. This all started when Uranus (the revolution) entered Taurus (income) in May 2018. You have the South Node at 1 Taurus and North Node at 1 Scorpio. A cycle you have never seen in your entire life began at 0 Taurus, back in May, and has crossed to 1 Taurus, so you are living through the world turning upside-down, financially. What you need to know is ‘transiting Uranus conjunct natal South Node’ and ‘transiting Uranus opposite natal North Node’ and it’s karmic in nature. By this, I mean that you and your neighbour have history, either in this life, or previous lifetimes, according to all the laws of astrology. You don’t say what the back story is to the attempt to shut you down, but obviously there is a story on both sides there. What the astrology says is – this dates back much further and you two may need to settle some scores which go beyond money, into other issues, and quite possibly into repeated lifetimes. You actually have a stellium (unusually high cluster) in Taurus and what is happening is the arrival of Uranus (the revolution) in Taurus in your second house, for many years to come. Do look up the Second House on Search to see what its deepest meanings are. You also have natal Uranus at 10 Scorpio so transiting (travelling) Uranus is going to oppose that. This is nothing short of a radical change of not only your finances and business interests, but also your values. Who or what you will not sell your soul for. Who or what you consider to be priceless. I appreciate that being so strongly Taurean you are very attached to stability, permanence, certainty and security. Taurus is a fixed sign and Taurus the bull digs her hooves into the soil. Yet, you are now in a cycle which will involve Uranus conjunctions and oppositions to the Taurus and Scorpio angles of your chart, which are all about everything you own, earn and owe. The best advice is to be open to change. All kinds of change. Every kind of change. This is rather like living in France during the French Revolution. You either accepted what was going on and were flexible enough to radically alter the way you lived and operated – or you got caught. Same story in New York in 1781. You either accepted that both the British government and the slave trade were history, or you hung on and got caught. On a far more personal level, even though you are feeling the typical effects of a Uranus transit – shock is often part of it – being forced to alter course is also typical – you are in a strong position to come through. In fact, you have Jupiter (with all his protection and good fortune) going across your MC at 15 and Juno at 17 Scorpio starting mid-August and carrying on from there. This is going to help you settle out of court (for example) or make/save money to offset the costs of the attorney. Your MC is dependent on a strictly accurate birth time, by the way. Yet, Juno at 17 Scorpio would apply no matter what time you were born, so even if your mid-August timing is out, because your birth time is slightly out, the Jupiter-Juno conjunction of late August/early September will really help you. Jupiter and Juno were husband and wife in myth. He is about expansion, opportunity, solutions, growth, win-win outcomes and positive new beginnings. She is about commitment, and who/what you ‘wed’ yourself to or ‘marry’. In Scorpio this is about the finance, the house, apartment or business – perhaps the possessions. This is a whopping pledge or promise and it will work for you so well, despite the instability of the Uranus in Taurus cycle. I strongly recommend you read up on Uranus because this planet is having the biggest impact on you, now past 2020. It typically knocks you off course. Why? To get you right away from a situation which would have trapped, confined and restricted you. It takes great insight to see that, and sometimes it is not until years later that you realise. You also need to use colour meditation to help your chakras and aura recover from the shock. There are many good YouTube videos which address this. You need a bit of repair work.

      1. Thank you for your reply! I can see already how it applies. I’ve had almost zero interaction with this neighbor, so it came as a huge shock when he sued me. I tried to talk kindly to him, but him and his wife are retired attorneys, and they just aren’t interested in anything but going to court. It’s a bit of a mess, and we have had to sue the realtor company who sold us our home 5 years ago. Turns out 24 hours before we signed our mortgage, there was a clause added to our property that stated there could be no commercial business or non-personal use. I’m 4 years into a successful business and just finding out about it 🙁 So while I understand the neighbor is annoyed (he helped negotiate the clause with the previous owner), we were never made aware of it and have proof of that. Later this month some important depositions take place for our case and if everything goes as I think it will, then sometime in September it is possible for the realtor company to want to settle the case with us – but that doesn’t mean the neighbor will. He seems to be enjoying having a lawsuit and being “back in action” after being retired for some time. At any rate, your post gave me a mini panic attack because yes, I strongly dislike change! I will start preparing now for the possibility- ha!

        1. Yes, it must have been a shock – Uranus often brings that to us, and it can be so hard to take at the time. I am sorry you happen to live next door to two retired attorneys. That clause about your property is undeniable. When you say your neighbour is enjoying being back in action, you may be right. You have to be very careful with this one, because it could go on far too long and eat up more time and money. I have to ask if there is anything about your home-run business which, in all honesty, you have to admit would have kept you trapped, restricted or confined? Anything that meant thinking in a box, rather than outside the box? It is really unusual for Uranus to shock us out of security for no reason. Usually that reason is that we are on a pathway that is going to ‘keep us small’ or keep us chained in some way. Your answer to that question could be very revealing. I would imagine that running work from home means no time out for home to be home – but this is your life not mine. Still, Uranus always turns up when we are about to head down a route that would confine us, and sometimes the shock/change happens because we are blindly choosing that path and the universe has other plans for us. It wants to liberate us from that, no matter what. I wish you well with this but you have to be a realist about your neighbour who very specifically got a clause added to the mortgage because he absolutely did not want a business carried on over his back fence. The man is also a fighter and a very experienced one. I can also see the Node spending late 2018, 2019, 2020 in Capricorn and Cancer so I would not want you to spend a long time on this when you could be doing other things. You obviously have a gift for the business you run and people want it. The question is, how, where, when and the rest!

  22. Jessica,

    This article is very enlighting. There is an endless supply of insight that flows through you; I am glad that you have decided to share your gift and that you have not made yourself inaccessible. I am grateful to have found you, and I sincerely hope that the nature of your work does not change (much) in the future as people become more aware of your extraordinary astrological-psychic ability and kindness.

    A few things stood out from this article and I would like to ask:

    My partner is a Scorpio 7/11/1982 with Venus, Jupiter and mercury in his 8th house who desperately wants children and I, at my 37, cannot naturally become pregnant because of previous severe endometriosis. As a result, I am in a constant state of anxiety about his desire to have children and my inability to achieve it without the significant financial coordination that IVF/egg donation entails. At the same time, it is almost impossible to infer from his very ‘scorpion’ personality what he thinks about the situation in a way that would give me peace of mind to know where we stand. We have had the conversation about children being essential for him, so I ask myself if I am overspending my time in this relationship when it very much feels that a cycle has been completed or if I should let time to work things out naturally as it would.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you, you are very kind! I am so sorry to hear you have had a history of endometriosis. He thinks children are essential and you are worried about the need for IVF which is expensive. We both know it does not always work. You have the North Node at 11 Leo and in fact, had your North Node Return in Leo, while this was going on. You have also had a lot of eclipses across Leo and the Fifth House of your chart, which is where we look for adopted children, IVF, miscarriage, termination, step-parenting, godchildren and so on. This can make it hard to see clearly what is going on and to be completely straight with each other. The North Node moves out of Leo in early November and that will come as a relief and a release. You then just have to watch out for that blind spot in January and you’re done with the issue. Well and truly. Normally when this happens, it does so because there is a decision within the relationship to pursue a particular course of action – or the relationship itself is laid to rest. Let’s hope Mr. Scorpio can see he is not living in the real world. He has to face the medical facts. I wish you well and hope the stress of this leaves you soon.

  23. SOS! I accidentally had my first open mic with my new musical solo project during the Eclipse (I forgot) , which also happened to trigger Psyche and Apollo in my chart. I don’t know what it means but I am kind of freaking out because it doesn not seem ideal for a launch (which wasn’t meant to be anyway, it was supposed to be a beta test to spot potential technical issues with my new set. Probably I didn’t spot them). What could the implications be and how could I prevent them? Also the next gig (slightly more official although the project isn’t complete yet) will be August the 15th. REALLY Don’t want to give birth to this during Mercury Retrograde (sigh) but I can’t turn off gigs as they are so rare where I live, so I am thinking of these as “beta tests” to help me practice. Plus I already used this new set for the first time in a collective theatre project back in June, although it was not public, it was a “first”. Which leads me to the next question: What can be considered an actual launch for a musical project? Unless you’re a signed artist and you have official dates , it is very much a work in progress (do one gig, see what hasn’t worked/worked, try again, change stuff, rinse and repeat…). You said that businesses and projects have many charts. When will I know what the “main” chart of my projects will be? (I hope not these ones!!!)

    1. Beta tests is a good way to think about it. You are rehearsing and refining what you do and you are using the ‘re, re, re’ of the retrogrades to help you get things right over many weeks. There is no sky fall with eclipses unless there is some difficult pattern being triggered in your chart. There truly isn’t, so just accept you can’t see/know all that is going on around you and leave it at that. The actual launch for a musical project is when things get signed or put online, with a date and name. Apple is a good example of this. The best chart for Apple is the one on a piece of paper that Steve Jobs signed many years ago. There were many other versions of Apple in business terms, but this was really it. If you want to make money from your solo project consider launching it properly before Jupiter (growth, luck, abundance) leaves Scorpio (finance, business) in November.

  24. Hi Jessica!

    How will this Leo eclipse of August 11th affect me personally? My 4th house is in 02:19 Leo, and my 5th house is in 20:05 Leo. I am an Aries Sun, and Taurus Rising. Could this mean a pregnancy for me?

    1. You have Juno at 25 Leo and the IC at 2 Leo in your Fifth House of pregnancy, stepchildren, adoption, fostering, termination, miscarriage, IVF and the rest. Your Fourth House is not Leo, that belongs to Cancer. You do in fact have a lot of decisions to make about a godchild (for example) or dating a person who has children from a previous marriage – another example. There may be a pregnancy choice too. All this comes to pass as the North Node heads towards 2 Leo, almost at the end of the cycle, which is over for good in November, in terms of the karma from what you did 19 years ago. The final eclipse in January 2019 ends the blind spots, at least, as you have been flying blind or operating in the dark quite a lot this year. A typical example of this is not knowing/not seeing that someone is attracted to you – for whatever reason. I recently had a reader who could not figure out why a particular man was always turning up on her travels, no matter if she went to Mexico or France! He wanted French citizenship and was pursuing her for residency purposes. Anyway – you will have your own story going on.

  25. I’m curious to know if in the case in which the eclipses are happening in your ASC and DESC as they are in mine, if it would be helpful to look outside of the natural house system as well. Certainly the money issues related to 2nd 8th house have been important to my Cap sun, but there is no ignoring the last 2 years of enemies and lovers past and present. Thoughts?

    1. Your Descendant (former, current and potential partners – and sometimes enemies) is in Leo (children, step-parenting and pregnancy potential) in your Fifth House, so I am not sure why you want to use another house system. The Natural House system is telling you exactly what has been going on. You also have Saturn in Leo in the Fifth House. You may want to read the long feature on Leo weather I filed about a year ago. In any case this climate change in your chart ends in January 2019 so you can move on.

      1. hi jessica,
        thank you. i’m not sure i’m following you. would you mind spelling it out a bit more? i’m honestly trying to get a firm grasp of how the natural house system works when it comes to ASC , DSC, and of course Karma … if my enemies are showing up in the fifth house due to ASC/DSC, and the fifth house is about let’s say courtship, babies and teaching the next generation … i’m having trouble connecting the dots here. i can say my biggest enemy who is also a former lover is cancer Sun and leo ASC. she is on a mission to destroy me. does her placement have anything to do with this? sorry if i’m requesting you to hold my hand here. but i’m not seeing the framework logically.

        1. I know you have had problems with this woman for a long time. Yes, the DC or Descendant can describe enemies, opponents and rivals as well as former, current and potential partners. It is ‘the other person’ on the end of the scales. Sometimes the scales are beautifully balanced and we have a two-way connection and sometimes they become so unbalanced that the issues become legal – the scales of justice. In the Natural House system your DC does indeed end up in the Fifth House, which rules parents and children, lovers and pregnancy, and the children you acquire through a partner’s younger circle of in-laws or godchildren, for example. It may help you to know that you are currently going through the North Node in Leo cycle, which has crossed your Saturn in that sign. Saturn is the heavy burden we have to bear – the hard karmic work we have to do – and we cannot avoid it. I am not surprised you have been in a painful situation in 2017, 2018. As it slowly moves past 6 Leo and over your DC (Descendant) the final period of closure comes. Remember we have also had so many Leo eclipses, all in your Fifth House, for quite some time. Closure need not even mean any contact with her. It may happen for quite a different reason, yet there is usually a ‘bump’ of understanding – a moment of truth – as the Node goes over anything in your chart. The North Node is at 5 Leo right now, enabling you to do just that. If your birth time is slightly out, it may take longer – your DC is connected to a strictly accurate birth time record – but in any case, it’s out of Leo in November and that episode is written out of your karma, if you have made every effort to try and balance the scales, even if only in your own mind. You will find life is a great deal more simple and uncomplicated once the last of the Leo weather ends. Read more about this by hitting Search for The Fifth House and also Saturn, as before.

          1. yes i felt it as the node crossed 6 leo, like whooooooooooo ….. it was a different world. seriously. i felt that happen. it was an instant. i’m just looking at things analytically at this point, as the money — theirs and mine — was present in this cycle as well, and the two overlapped only to the extent that as i was looking at my bad decisions when it came to partners, i was also quite positive that if i had been in a more positive place financially and thus my self esteem had been better intact, i would probably have recognized that i deserved better — or at least registered the red flags going in — before it became a mess with this woman. but as you said a few months ago in a different post’s comment section: as uranus was just about to hit 0 taurus, my node, my financials changed … like FLIP. so at this point i really am trying to form a concept of the interaction of AC/ with the natural house system. perhaps i am understanding my own situation and wish to visualize it as an abstract so i can use it elsewhere. the AC is so important, i find, and house systems built off it actually do work in their way, as you know. but yours is a predictive angle and quite powerful and the math is different. i like it!

          2. Keeping a journal is a good idea so you can spot the patterns. It’s easier right now because everything is repeating! I am sure this will work itself out. Getting used to Uranus in Taurus is the hard part. It takes time to really see what is going on.

  26. Hi Jessica,
    I need to clear one doubt here…. It’s said Venus has entered Libra on 6th August…. N then we also have eclipse season which covers up…n has A blind spot…. In such a case of planetary sky a question arises in my mind… What advise do u give to those who seem to reunite with their lovers or who have new love entering their lives….. What should be looked at in such case- the positiveness of Venus in Libra n Jupiter in Scorpio cycle that focuses on depth of intimacy n love or the darkness of eclipse that hides u from truth n keeps u in the dark…just wondering.? What should one do if love enters during such times?

    1. Venus in Libra is not really a big deal. She is a fleeting presence in your Seventh House of love, sex, marriage, partnership, divorce and separation and in fact there are no major cycles in Libra at all, in 2018 or 2019. Venus is about complicated relationships so for some people who have a stellium in Libra, there may in fact be the usual issues about jealousy, fidelity, mother-son relationships, love triangles and the rest. It’s really nothing to do with the eclipse unless a pregnancy or child is involved, but I would need to see the whole chart to review that.

  27. Hi Jessica and thanks for your article.

    I’m a Cancerian and I’ve been waiting for this eclipse! It’s spot on my Venus and might activate my Venus/Pluto conjunction which is trine my Moon in Aries. Have you any idea how this may play out over the next few months?

    At last my love life is revitalised and I am very happy but an estrangement from my adult son continues, causing heartache. My attempts to heal the rift, without recrimination, have not been acknowledged. It is all very sad although in other areas of my life I am very happy after many years of bleakness. Any comments you make on either area would be of interest.

    Thanks very much.

    1. Not sure why you have been waiting for an eclipse! I am sorry to hear about your adult son. This is in fact a Fifth House and Leo matter and I am sure you have seen how intense Leo weather has been dominating the skies for such a long time. In any case, your last bout with Fifth House issues is January 2019. I’m afraid I can’t say more without seeing a birth chart.

  28. Hi Jessica,

    I have Leo at 00 degrees in Proserpina. I’ve actually never seen 00 degrees in any planet or star (in relation to astrology). Can you enlighten me on what I can expect?

    Thank you!

    1. Proserpina at 0 Leo in your Fifth House describes how you operate as a go-between, connecting two powerful people, or two powerful organisations. The core of your rather precarious but powerful position involves a son, daughter, godchild, niece, nephew or stepchild. Depending on your work and interests there may also be paid or unpaid efforts which involve children or young people as a whole. Proserpina in mythology was the daughter of Ceres and wife of Pluto, fated to spend half the year with each. Keeping both of them happy was her lot in life! We sometimes see Proserpina in Leo in the Fifth House if there is child custody and a child must spend alternate weekends with a parent. Whatever your story, when the North Node moves to 0 Proserpina later this year, there will be an important karmic replay from 19 years ago, and perhaps even other lifetimes, which asks you to play the go-between role one more time.

  29. Dear Jessica,

    Thanks a lot for this very informative blog. However there is one thing is in the chart that is not very clear to me, I have DC in Leo 19 degrees but I am not so sure if the DC is interpreted like other planets and astroids in the birth chart. If yes, how could I be affected in the coming Leo eclipse ?

    Thanks so much.

    1. If your birth time is strictly accurate, you do have the DC or Descendant at 19 Leo in the Fifth House, using the Natural House system. So, your former, current or potential partners (Descendant) are important to you in terms of parenthood, adoption, or paid and unpaid work involving children and young adults. If you have a pattern of being with people who trigger these issues for you, then yes – your DC is definitely Leo and in fact you have been going through Leo weather with one or more partners in 2017 as well. Hit Search and look for Leo weather to find out more. Do skip the eclipses, though. You don’t need to spend years flying blind!

  30. Thanks Jessica for the wonderful writeup
    I’m way past nervous, I have a Leo Stellium with my sun @19.31 and vertex, Jupiter at 16. I only have one child
    I think she is a victim of domestic violence. I’m in heavy prayer for her constantly. She has one daughter and a son on the way. I’m sure theres secretS

    1. Don’t be nervous about eclipses but do be mindful. If you think your daughter is a victim of domestic violence and she has your grandchild and another coming – you need to talk. If you can’t do that you need a mutual friend or other relative to talk to her. This goes way beyond the field of astrology, so hit Google now and find out the right professionals in your town or city to contact now. You do have a Leo stellium and it is in the Fifth House of children and grandchildren and yes, the North Node and these eclipses are in Leo too. Use this as your reason to take action. Not on the eclipse, but do take action. Turn to people whose expertise you trust.

  31. Hi Jessica,
    Thankyou for your insite.
    Wow this is like a nightmare but it’s reality. My Capricorn partner left last week. Won’t talk it through with me at all. And he is now on Tinder. I clearly didn’t mean nothing to him after 3 years. I just don’t get how he can just leave so quickly without communication. I am having to pick up all the pieces on my own. We built this life together our home everything and now nothing. The babies comment. My ex only said 2 weeks ago marriage proposals and wanting children with me. And now he’s gone. I guess the babies comment is for him and he will get someone else pregnant instantly?? I just don’t get it and wish I knew this more in depth so I could have done more to stop it. I honestly genuinely thought it was just a rough patch and everything was going to be ok. I’m really not looking forward to the 11th August. Probably more dark pain I will have to endure. Please give me some sort of guidance, I am extremely lost right now.
    Steph. Xo

    1. I am so sorry Steph, what a shock. You built a life together and now your Capricorn partner is on Tinder. This sounds very strange. He was talking about marriage and children, and now nothing? Continue to breathe. You were born with Mercury at 1 Leo and Apollo at 2 Leo, next to each other, in your Fifth House of parenthood. At the moment, the North Node (karma) is in Leo, moving towards that spot. This can only happen every 19 years and it is happening now. We also have what they call your Apollo Return from Sunday 19th August as travelling (transiting) Apollo goes back to Leo! If you want to know what all this is about, it is about you and children. Take the focus off him. You are a born teacher, guide, mentor and instructor for children, right through from toddler age to the teenage years. In fact, you have what is known as a stellium or very high ‘count’ of Leo factors in the Fifth House of your chart. We find the Sun, Mercury, MC (Midheaven or life direction), Apollo, Proserpina, Vulcano and Psyche all there. Don’t worry about the eclipse so much – just remember not to judge or act too dramatically August 10th, 11th, 12th as it could send you off course. The same goes for the final Leo eclipse in January 2019. It’s like being shown a fork in the road and taking it, then driving without headlines, which you don’t want to do. So – try to leave things without making up your mind too dramatically as each eclipse swings around. The bigger picture is most certainly about the life choices you make to have children in your world. He has thrown you a massive curve ball, for whatever reason, and now you are playing a different ball game. I think you will know which game you want to play, after November when the North Node goes right out of Leo and the karma is done. I strongly recommend you stay away from Tinder and any social media where you can see what he is up to, but instead – focus on yourself and your amazing Leo patterns which reveal you have a lifetime ahead as Queen to a younger court. This may be your own babies, the children you teach – perhaps – or later on in life, people in their late teens or early twenties who come to you as interns. There is also every chance you could easily become a stepmother, adopt, foster and so on. I actually think you will do this on many levels. You would make a very good godmother, just as much as you would make a good natural mother. So essentially this is what this has been all about. Your own clear choices and certainty about how you want children in your life, why you want them, when you want them and how. I bet you feel lost but actually you are finding yourself. Hit Search to read more about Leo, Leo weather and the Fifth House. And keep breathing! Any conversation you have with him in future should come from a new certainty you have about the role children are to play in your world in future and what you want for those children. This is what this period in your life is all about and although it is intense, you will know inside out by November. That’s key and that will be the making of you.

  32. Hi Jessica,
    I have gone through an incredibly intense few years. It really amped up last summer and after reading your post, I think Prosperina at 28Leo was a major influence. She was ruthless about getting me to open my eyes and take off my rose colored glasses. I had no idea how mentally and emotionally abusive the relationship was that I was in until I had hit rock bottom. Between August 2017 and January 2018 my entire world got turned upside down and inside out.

    While I had sworn off relationships completely, I reconnected with a friend from my past recently. I was focused on recuperating and recovering from all the turmoil, when the friendship started to grow into something more. He is the complete opposite of my ex, respectful of my boundaries, and appreciates my assertiveness and straight forward manner. I’d rather scare him off early with blunt honesty than end up in anything remotely close to what I was in for the past 4.5 years. Did I actually complete something karmicly and start a new cycle in regards to relationship or might I be fooling myself again?

    1. Saturn at 26 Leo in your Fifth House is also a big one – the Fifth House rules pregnancy, contraception, termination, stepchildren and the rest – and you were experiencing the transiting North Node on 26 Leo when you were in an abusive relationship. Very, very hard to to through but it is over now. You may have thought the issue was your ex, but it was really about your own fertility – and the chance to have/not have a baby. You don’t say if you had children or not, but if so, that would also be the obvious issue. You complete the Leo North Node karma cycle in November and it is possible there is one more bridge to cross with the person you left behind, even if you don’t have contact. It is hard to say if the new relationship will take you towards marriage without knowing the other chart, but suffice to say – there may need to be a conversation about how you both feel about babies – by November. That would fit the cycle. Saturn is really the big player here. You may want to look up Saturn and also the Fifth House on Search. Later this year we will be offering partner charts so that could be interesting for you too. Something you will be relieved to know is that you have now virtually ‘done your time’ on these issues.

  33. Hi Jessica,
    I have only recently come across your site and have been amazed at the accuracy of the horoscopes. There have been so many changes in my life over the past four years, from moving countries to getting a degree to changing addresses that I feel I am a whole new person. However the one thing that still eludes me is love. I am an Aquarian while my former partner, with whom I had a deeply committed relationship, was a Libran. We had been together since 2008 and ended it in 2014 only to give it a shot again, last year. All our separations and re-unions have been influenced by eclipses though things came to a rather abrupt end (initiated by me) on April 29th this year. Can you shed some light on the way forward?

    1. Thank you. Your Libran ex has been experimenting with the idea of freedom and independence, by being in an on-off relationship with you. The excitement has been electrifying when ‘on’ has worked, and when the ‘off’ switch has been there, Libra has learned what it feels like to be genuinely free. Unfortunately this can be disruptive and destabilising. I suspect the whole saga will end when the North Node leaves Leo and your Solar Sign Seventh House is finally clear. That’s your Aquarian chart. You have to bear in mind that as a Libran, this person has been experiencing the South Node in Aquarius in the Solar Sign Fifth House of pregnancy, parenthood, and step-parenthood too. So you have both been tied by the same karma cycle for different reasons. Again, Libra sees the end of this in November. In your personal birth chart, which shows the private story, separate to the public story – I am sure you can see you were born with the North Node at 10 Leo, again in the Fifth House of parenthood, pregnancy and so on. You have been going through your North Node Return which is rare and important. This was always about conception – or the decision not to conceive a child – and that is the deeper karma between the pair of you. Again, when the transiting North Node finally goes out of Leo in November, you will have closed the circle and completed the settlement of spiritual debts and credits between you. We just have the final eclipse in January 2019 which is another blind spot so be aware.

  34. Another great post! Just saw through Twitter that Special Counsel Mueller is a Leo, born 8/7/44 in NYC. Interesting that there are so many Caps at the WH and that Mueller is a Leo with all of this eclipse weather. Here’s hoping that he shines lights on any cover-ups. Thank you for all that you publish!

    1. So interesting about Special Counsel Mueller. He is not the only Leo in this game. Barack Obama and Bill Clinton are also Sun Leo people. All is not what it appears in 2018. Susan Miller pointed out the huge number of Sun Capricorn people in the White House administration and there is no question that each and every one of them will experience the South Node of karma going over their natal Suns, from November 2018 until 2020. This will hark back to the period just after the Millennium for many of them, so there are questions going back all the way to 2000, 2001.

  35. Hi Jessica,

    Does this Leo weather suggest anything good for me? Could use a spot of good news.

    1. Uranus at 1 Sagittarius in your Ninth House is the hallmark of someone who ‘becomes the revolution s/he wants to see in the world’ with travel. In other words, be the change. You were born into the Air BnB generation who also use budget airlines to have far more holidays, or longer holidays than any other generation. When Jupiter crosses 1 Sagittarius from November 2018 you will love the special chance you have to travel in brand new directions. It really is nothing short of a revolution and the world may turn upside-down actually, but in a way that benefits you.

  36. Jessica,

    This is my horoscope for today, but…
    oh how much I wish to know more about this….

    Some things can be put down to experience, but the point about this Node cycle is that it will bring a new beginning in November this year, ahead of major healing and closure about your career, success or status, when you can lay the past to rest. It’s karma. Does that make sense to you? Yet, within weeks, it’s complete.

    Can you tell me more what does this means for me…

    1. Go back about 19 years to find out what unfinished business you have in your career, at university or with unpaid work – it must now be finished.

      1. Understood….
        And yes there are many levels of different things that are now coming to closure and yes it is finishing now…

  37. I’ve been a member for a while, and pleased with validation your brilliant articles provide. My insights are great until it comes to myself! Emotional involvement seems to cloud my judgement.
    I’m a mother of a semi independent 20 yr old Aquarian who left for uni last autumn n he is now in a relationship with a leo.

    My own on/off relationship with Aquarian older male seems to have stalled. We don’t live together. It’s long distance. Karmic issues seem to be the theme, but when we are together all seems well with the world.

    Feel like I’m in a period of transition. Know things have been hidden and heavy leo weather for me but any additional guidance would be appreciated. X

    1. Thank you very much. The Aquarius-Leo stories in your life, and the lives of the people around you, are still being triggered even as I write this, because the Nodes remain in these signs until November and we are not finished with the eclipses until January 2019. The central challenge of Leo-Aquarius is for the group to accept that the Queen or King does not necessarily have it easy, just because of the crown and throne. We saw this with the trade union movement in Britain in the 1980s. Arthur Scargill who led the miners found difficulties within the mining community. There is also another very familiar Leo-Aquarius theme – the Queen who faces rebellion from the court, or from armies outside the court. People power is very potent and an organised group is a threat to any monarch. Another analogy is King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Loyalty is always a massive issue on Leo-Aquarius weather – loyalty between friends, to the group as a whole, but also the need for any monarch to have loyalty from his knights. We are seeing a bit of this with King Donald at the moment. He is obsessed with who is loyal and who is not. Huge movements of people power (the group) have pushed against him in rallies around the world. He talks about a witch hunt. Witches were of course a community, back in the Middle Ages and their existence threatened those in power to the point where Joan of Arc was identified as working against God and she and her people’s army were defeated – the Dauphin also played his part there. Astrology is unusual because although you might think the story is about your Aquarian son and his relationship with a Leo woman, and your erratic relationship with an Aquarian man – this all has less to do with love and sex, and more to do with what you are all learning about monarchs, courts, knights, damsels, loyalty and the rest. I would have thought the line of succession would be the biggest deal of all, actually, and your son’s intentions to be a father (or not) seem to loom large here. You don’t say if your Aquarian man has children but that would be *the* over-riding factor in the lack of stability with him. This cycle ends, for good, in January so you have a bit of time to think about what has been going on, this last year or two. Have a look at the Fifth House and Eleventh House on Search because this is where it has all been playing out.

  38. Dear Jessica, thank you for this article, it is quite scary how astrology seems to resonate in my chart. I only have one planet in Leo, Venus the planet of love and in November 2012 I met my Leo lover who became my partner. I moved countries in 2014 to be with them but moved back in 2015 due to their ambivalence. I then returned again to their country in January 2017 and I am still here. Along the way I suffered depression, had to adapt to giving up my career and sold my house in the UK to buy here. I have not had closure since we broke up in May 2015 and I am still confused by my emotions for them. I think they were unfaithful and recently I think I started talking to one of the people who they may have had an affair with. This is my karma as I had an affair in 1999 for 3 months, I never asked them to leave their partner but it was painful. Is this Leo eclipse season about cover ups in my love life? It is interesting that you mention November 2018 as a release point as I am thinking of returning to the UK. I feel my work is done here and I want to release my karmic debt. What do you think?

    1. I am so sorry you went through a separation and depression. Not knowing if you were also cuckolded is also a very tough thing to have in your life. Libra rules love, sex, marriage, separation and divorce. You were born with Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, the MC (Midheaven), Diana and Apollo in Libra in the Seventh House. It may help to realise that you have gone through a cycle that can only happen once in your life and it is nearly over. Transiting Uranus – shock, revolution, freedom – has been in Aries, right opposite your Libra stellium, for many years. In fact, you have been through what they call the Uranus-Uranus Opposition. In short, everything you knew about partnership has been challenged. You are slowly coming to the end of this cycle and in fact, it is over for good in March 2019. You do of course have Venus in Leo at 0 degrees too, and that is really about pregnancies which did (or did not) happen and perhaps your affair in 1999 also triggers the past – if that person had children, you betrayed the children too – or if that person made a pregnancy decision because of you – for example. You will find the next few months is extremely helpful in tying up loose ends, gaining closure, settling the past. The reason for this is that Uranus will make his final pass through Aries, opposite your Seventh House, and the transiting North Node will go across Venus in your Fifth House of parenthood. That’s big. I suggest you hit Search to look up the Fifth House but also those individual factors like Venus, Diana and the rest. Yet, from March 2019 you will feel as if you have closed a book.

  39. Oooh, thinking about tomorrow’s (Saturday 11th August) planetary landscape and I have Vesta 14 Leo, Mercury 13 Leo and Psyche 14 Scorpio. What can it mean? Hopefully, finally, some movement on the job-change front. I need to get out of what I’m doing but can’t seem to get clear on if/what I should do online to earn money.

    1. People hang all kinds of strange things on eclipses, but they are actually times of concealment and sometimes cover-up. Not a great time to start anything, as you will be in the dark. I’m very tempted to put some videos of eclipses up so it is clearer what they actually do. This eclipse would normally be a new beginning with the world of babies, children, young people or sexual relationships as the New Moon is in Leo, at 18 degrees. That’s too wide to really have much of an impact on you, but what you will experience is the unusual line-up between Minerva at 14 Aries, Jupiter at 14 Scorpio and Mercury at 14 Leo. This does have an impact on your Vesta-Mercury conjunction in the Fifth House and Psyche in your Eighth House. There is indeed an important fork in the road coming and it will involve a much younger generation and also a question about finance, charity, property or business. It is to your total advantage, as you are being given great guidance and advice about the right path to take, from this fork. You may need to allow a couple of days either side for things to appear but you will be on the right track. I suspect this is about the eventual contents of your will, actually, and probably involving sons, daughters, godchildren, children per se (UNICEF for example) or stepchildren. Psyche describes what lasts forever and she is in your house of legacies.

      1. Thank you so much Jessica. You are so right, of course, about eclipses concealing, I was a bit flippant there. I’ll just to have wait and see what might be revealed later. What gives me the most comfort is trusting I’ll receive the guidance & advice needed at the time because these past couple of months have felt like too much fog to see the correct way forward or make any moves. FYI My Leo husband of 20 years and i don’t have a will but we have kids & property, so I’m going to file this little bit of info away in my mind because that does need to be sorted out. Also, your blog posts have encouraged me to push forward with plans to landscape the garden of our house (it’s been full of weeds for 4 years) & make the most of jupiter in scorpio (? i think) by Nov. Work on that starts next month, so thank you for your guidance.

        1. Thank you – it probably is time to make a will, you know – even if it’s years into the future it’s not a bad idea. Good luck with the garden!

  40. Hi Jessica

    What an interesting article! There have been many changes in my family life and friendships over the last 2 years and things are still settling down! I used to live in an extended family setup but over the last 2 years my dad and siblings have all moved into their own homes. I have never been married and wanted to know if there is potential for this in my chart. I am currently not in a relationship but would like to be in one. I have a stellium of planets in Aquarius and have Leo on my descendant. I am a sun Capricorn with moon in Aries. Also will there be any changes on the work front?
    Thank you.

    1. You have Uranus at 27 Libra and Diana at 28 Scorpio, so just one degree away from an exact semi-sextile in your birth chart, and Uranus is in the Seventh House of marriage and Diana is in the Eighth House of sex and money. These two symbols reveal upheavals on a regular basis (Uranus) which would be felt monthly, actually, as the Moon lines up with Uranus at 27 Libra every four weeks or so. That can make long-term permanence and stability in a relationship – never mind marriage – quite hard work. Every time it happens, Diana (a potent symbol of freedom, independence and single life) is also triggered, in your zone of financial commitment, mortgage and marriage. If you were to marry, it would need to be quite different to the classical picture of a standard marriage with 2.5 children and a white picket fence. You would virtually need to invent it. Starting in November this year, you enter a cycle which will take you to 2020 when every aspect of family, home and property will be examined as past karma from around 19 years ago – and going back into previous lifetimes – returns. Some pretty big decisions will come out of that but it’s likely to be your Dad and siblings. The North Node goes into Cancer, the sign which rules your people and your place, and it will take you back to the past with some recurring themes and old karmic debts/credits to settle, with closure in 2020. This is the last substantial transit we have in Cancer, actually, so it looks as though the place where you end up by 2020, is the place you’re going to be in for a long time to come.

  41. HI Jessica thank you for such a detailed and informative article. I am ashamed to say, given all the information you give us, that I still can’t work out what the eclipses mean for me, mainly because I don’t understand how to work out which planets are in which houses e.g. Fifth House. I have a Leo stelium and have had a tumultuous but energising two years-I left my Libra husband for Gemini with 6 grown-up children (which ties in with these eclipses relating to young people for Leo) and am completely leaving the person I was when I was married behind, going back to my pre-married self and also thinking about my online/public image. If you have any other thoughts I’d be so glad to hear them. Thank you

    1. So you left your husband for a man with six adult children, and went back to your pre-married self. You would expect to see a huge line-up in Leo in the Fifth House with that story, and you have it. Sun 6, Mercury 28, Mars 7, IC 1, Minerva 20, Vulcano 28. You are slowly coming to the end of a cycle where you have been left in the dark about a few things. Common sense says, there is no way you can have full and complete knowledge about the six adult offspring of your new partner! Assuming you’re married, you would be a step-grandmother if they produced children and that may well be what has not been shared with you, in 2017 or 2018. It is also possible that your ex-husband has left you in the dark about things. None of this is really a big deal – you just do housekeeping on eclipses – you avoid the actual days (allow 24 hours either side) to pass judgement or take action. You know all about this Saturday eclipse, now, and there is just one more in January. After that you may well find, over the next few years, how much you didn’t actually know about, in 2017-2018 after all. These things happen. Yet, you are also completing a karmic cycle with your partner’s children, and perhaps with your former partner too – and you’ll feel the door close in November. Try to balance the spiritual scoresheet as much as possible between now and then so you leave it in a good place for another 19 years. If one of the grown-up children is aged around 19 then I suspect there is a past life connection with him or her – and yourself.

      1. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain that to me Jessica. When I first became aware of this two year eclipse cycle, around the time I became a Premium member of yours, I didn’t believe anything radical would happen to me, but a 4-6 weeks after the summer solar eclipse last year everything changed and my life is now unrecognisable from how it was before. I had a vivid dream and such strong intuition about what to do next, I had to take a leap of faith and follow my feelings. It’s been a real bolt from the blue-totally liberating and mind blowing as I did not ever visualise where I am today. I’m very sad I had to leave my two cats though, who kept me company through lonely times in the marriage, although a new one started visiting my new home three days feels significant, happening around an eclipse! Your writing and information is so helpful, thank you, it’s inspired me to learn more about astrology, to interpret more for myself. And the youngest of my new partner’s children? He’s 19!!!

        1. Thank you for this feedback which is great for me as a pro astrologer – and I am glad your cats have sent you a new animal friend. Cats network psychically and they always come up with solutions! The youngest of your new partner’s children is 19? That is your karmic connection. You knew him before in a previous life. If he seemed vaguely familiar when you first met, now you know why.

  42. Dear Jessica

    Can I just thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time you took to respond to my email, it means a lot. No there are no children involved, I am a gay man. However I wanted to get married to my ex and adopt so I feel a loss for what is not there. I work with children so in many ways I am fulfilled and I have a special gift in this respect, which I acknowledge and respect now. It is interesting that you picked up on the fact I have so much libra in my chart, I have a lot of libra friends and a Libra brother! I do feel ready to come home now to England, older yes but more real and ready to start a new. I can’t stress enough how the last few years broke and remade me but I accept this needed to happen. Thank you again, great website, I forward to all my friends. Neil

    1. The Libra friends and Libra brother connect with your chart, and thus with you, and it can be like a magnet. In fact it will happen all your life. I hope you have a wonderful homecoming. Thanks Neil.

  43. Sorry, I do not think my reply to your reply got sent, must be a mercury retrograde!

    Dear Jessica

    Can I just say thank you for your detailed response, it was very touching that you took the time to write a detailed comment and look at my chart. Yes the Uranus-Uranus Opposition has been extremely challenging for me and I have questioned all aspects of life but particularly what love is and what I will accept to be in a relationship that does not serve me. I feel that my sense of identity is now real and raw but healing and I am starting to make practical plans to leave this chapter, the book even and start afresh. To answer your question, there were no children, I am a gay man but I wanted children with the last person and we talked about adoption and marriage. I still want these things but I am 49 in September, though I work with children so I feel I am important in young peoples lives, this is my life purpose. It is not easy to move countries but I am enriched from it, but I love the English, we are much misunderstood and often maligned, much like me. If it is meant to be it will flow effortlessly and in September I will start the process, hopefully by 2019 I will be back. Thank you again, with love, Neil

  44. Hi Jessica,

    I wondered if you could tell me what the upcoming eclipse has in store for me? I have several big decisions I need to make and could use all the info I can get.

    Love the new look of the website!

    1. Thank you. This current eclipse does land right on your Proserpina at 18 Leo in the Fifth House of babies, children, young people and sexual relationships – also youth projects and plans. Proserpina is how you bridge the gaps, connect others and negotiate the middle ground, usually between quite powerful people or organisations. That role is in shadow now, or you are being kept in the dark, or may not know the full story, Jim. That is why it’s always best to try and defer judgement until the eclipse is over. At the very least find out more before you go hurtling towards a particular person or line of action – next week would be the time to do a bit of probing.

  45. Thank you Jessica for another brilliant article, I have IC in Leo and mars in leo can you tell me a little about this please. Thank you Sandi

    1. Mars is at 24 Leo and your IC is at 0 Leo, so you are actually proceeding towards the end of a karmic cycle involving the pregnancy you did (or did not) pursue in the past, your godchildren (if you have them), projects involving children or plans involving younger people who are 20+ years your junior – the next generation, perhaps, or the one after that. If your birth time is accurate then your IC or Immum Coeli in Leo in the Fifth House, using the Natural House system, is about a family member who was primarily a teacher, parent, children’s entertainer, youth organiser or similar. Queen or King to a younger court – they would have been a parent who more like a mentor, guide and advisor, than just Mum or Dad. You have inherited this in your astrological bloodline. Issues around pregnancy, children or young people are also where you tend to push hardest, fight the good fight – but also sometimes cut ties. This long, karmic cycle involving the North Node in Leo has been about recognising what that has achieved for you, based on your past actions, and what you can do to settle scores now. This entire cycle ends in November and you will realise you have gone a very long way to settling situations which were never tied up or wrapped up the first time.

  46. Thank you so much for this information Jessica’s, I am so much looking forward to November. Thanks again for great information Sandi

  47. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for your consistent insight! I have a Leo stellium, and have been going through a weird time with my ex, he went back to his ex-wife but is now trying to see me again, saying he is in love with us both and wants to be with me but feels guilt about his not staying with her. I am trying to just sit on any decisions, at least until mercury is out of retrograde (his birthday is February 19 1965)- any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated!

    1. This sounds very much like Vesta to me, and this asteroid always turns up when one man tries to run a harem, even if it is only with two women. You have Vesta at 0 Virgo in your Sixth House of work and housework, so you tend to attract one ‘harem’ situations in your career, or even just doing home chores, as Vesta is always about one man, two or more women. The men tend to make the most of the situation because their ego feeds off the fact that women are competing for their time and energy. It is common in the charts of women who work in mostly female organisations but with a male superior. We also see it in families or households where there are a lot of women and just one man who rather enjoys the game. It is up to you, what you do, but Vesta has woken up in your chart as Uranus at 0 Taurus has trined her, for the first time in your life. Look up Vesta on Search. She can feel quite painful. Both to you and the former wife. Be very careful. The archetype comes to us from Rome, of course, where Vestal Virgins lived in a toxic community with a male authority over them – the Pontifex Maximus. If any of them were found guilty of having sex, they were buried alive and the man responsible met a grisly end. We do know that some women died this way. Thus, Vesta has a big ‘charge’ as they say, in your chart and it can feel quite dark and difficult. How do you fix Vesta? You contact the ex-wife and have a drink with her and a big laugh about him. If you can. You always cure Vesta by using female solidarity to get what you want. The clever virgins no doubt did just that.

  48. HI jessica, great post. Thought-provoking as always. I’ve had a challenging year professionally, with lots of uncertainty hitting my (Taurus) partner and I both. Our world has been tipsy-turvy with a complete reversal of parenting/breadwinner roles and both of us subject to decisions occurring behind closed doors (obscuring outcomes and limiting opportunities for consultation). I am sun sign Scorpio with a stellium in Aquarius and Leo in the fifth house. Am I likely to get my tipsy-turvy work/parenting situation righted, or am I likely to endure more uncertainty moving into 2019? Thanks again for your site.

    1. You have a lot of factors at 0 through 6 degrees and as you know, Uranus in his brand new sign of Taurus, has been travelling from 0, through 1, through 2 degrees and (despite a reversal in 2018) will be on track to keep going past 3, 4, 5, 6 and so on. You have had a small sample of this with your reversal of parenting and breadwinner roles in the partnership. Uranus tends to flip things. The best way to deal with this cycle is to surf the waves of change as they roll towards you and try to spin around with your new world every time it rolls. Limber up and stay flexible. The winners on any Uranus transit (and this hits your chart absolutely at its heart) embrace the unknown, the ‘shock of the new’ and the day as it comes. What you gain is thrilling freedom and independence which you never had before. What you give up, for a time, is security and predictability, but that’s what happens in a new world which is being invented every other week. Try to get on board with that and despite your strong fixed sign signature (Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo are fixed and dislike change) do your level best to put the past behind you and move on…and on…straight through 2019.

  49. Hi Jessica, I’m really enjoying all the great articles and comments here!
    I’ve had a rough year financially with several tax audits that are still ongoing. I’m hoping to be able to relaunch by business in some new markets (UK and US). The July eclipse at 11 degrees Leo was just on my Ascendant. Will things lighten up in 2019?

    1. Uranus at 1 Scorpio and Juno at 9 Taurus tell the story here. I’m glad you are getting a lot from the comments – which is where the real astrology action often happens. I am sure you know that we have transiting (travelling) Uranus at 1 Taurus in 2018. For the first time in your life, he is right opposite your birth or natal Uranus at 1 Scorpio. Tax audits have been a shock and are a huge source of uncertainty for you. Unfortunately this can happen on this cycle. You are essentially on track for a revolution. You were born with Juno (the commitment) at 9 Taurus so this is about the money, house, charity, shares, business, apartment, company and the rest. I think this is probably about your former or current partner, but if you are a solo flier it is about whatever you ‘married’ way back when. This may have been a business or company. Please know that your gift on Uranus transits is freedom and independence. Often from what/who you had no idea kept you so confined. When Uranus goes to 1 Taurus again, and then onto 9 Taurus, it’s really a radical change over 1-2 years for you. Forget about your Ascendant, although it may be connected to the world of children, young people or your lover. The real deal here is your Eighth House and Second House. Hit Search to read more about those. Give yourself a ton of time and space because you are essentially being asked to turn your back on the past, and everything you knew, and embrace a dramatically different future. It hasn’t really begun yet. Yet, you will be free. Capital F for Free.

  50. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for always responding with such detailed explanations. Really allows everyone to see the big picture.

    Can you please shed some light on my marriage? I’m struggling immensely right now and am unsure if we’re headed for a divorce. No children in the picture. I had wanted to foster kids last year, and he wasn’t for it. My husband was born in Guyana on October 16th at 12:15p.m. While we were content the last few years, I’m feeling incredibly suffocated this year. I really need to know if our marriage will work out, or if it will end. The not knowing part is killing me and draining me. I’ve had a lot going in the last couple of years on the professional front and personal front and feel drained. Will be marriage be ok, or is this the end? I really need to make peace with this. Any help you can offer is much appreciated.

    Thank you Jessica

    1. Sorry, I left out the year. He was born October 16th, 1977 at 12:15 p.m. in Guyana, South America.

    2. I’m so sorry. For the actual marriage we look to Libra placements in your Seventh House of husbands. We find Fortuna at 20 Libra, the MC (Midheaven) at 26 Libra and Venus at 22 Libra. That entire pattern across 20-26 Libra has been opposed (hit hard by) Uranus in Aries, the opposite sign to Libra, for the first and last time in your life. The worst is over in terms of the instability. I am sure you know Uranus is a symbol of freedom, independence and revolution in your horoscope. He has been slowly crossing 20 Aries, 22 Aries and 26 Aries so challenging all your Libra instincts to partner up. Of course your husband is also a Sun Libran and has the Sun at around 22 Libra, right on your Venus! At the same time that Uranus was opposing your natal Venus, the planet of complicated relationships, jealousy, passion and desire – Uranus was also right opposite his Sun, which is actually his male identity as father. You wanted to foster children and he refused. I’m afraid this is not a huge surprise when a man has Uranus opposing his Sun. It must have really affected the marriage and yet, please trust this information – the worst is over. Now, we come to the Scorpio side of your chart. This is really about the finances. The house or apartment you share, the costs you also share and any joint bank account, for example. You have a stellium in Scorpio in the Eighth House of your horoscope and I can see Pluto at 0 Scorpio, Saturn at 13 Scorpio, Panacea at 18 Scorpio and the South Node at 29 Scorpio. If you are absolutely sure you want to divorce then the best time to do that, financially, would be 2018 and preferably before the end of October. Why? Because Jupiter (solutions, opportunities, breakthroughs) is going to reach Panacea (the cure, the remedy) at 18 Scorpio and then move on to 29 Scorpio, between now and just before Halloween. There is nothing spooky about this. If you want out, then this is the best time, astrologically speaking, to get out. You only get one Jupiter cycle every 12 years. The fact is, you have four placements in Scorpio in the Eighth House, which is about sex and money, marriage and mortgage. For the first time in your life (lots of firsts going on) you have transiting Uranus in Taurus opposing everything you have in Scorpio. Uranus moves from 0, to 13, to 18 and onto 29 at the very end of this cycle which runs for many years. If your marriage is to survive you need to focus on the money, the possessions, the house, the shares, the business or the apartment and understand that what worked before 2018 is no longer going to work. This is a revolution. It is happening ‘out there’ in the world, for many years to come, and it has not even really begun, in terms of the economy, banking and the rest. Yet – it will also have its impact on your personal financial situation with your husband and if you two are going to be weather-proof over the next few years, you need to talk to your accountant, as much as you do to a marriage counsellor. You’ve done the Uranus oppositions to your Libra side, which is all about partnership, fairness, equality and ‘the two of us’ together. Now you have the Uranus oppositions to your Scorpio side, which is very much about sex and money. Try to use your Jupiter in Scorpio cycle as much as you can in 2018 – if ever there was a time to sort out the joint bank account (for example) this is it and get the best advice you can afford. I wish you the best with your journey through this astrological weather.

      1. Thank you so much, Jessica! Your response is very thorough and insightful. Will we both be ok if we separate before October? Is this relationship meant to be over? You mentioned that the worst is over, but I’m so exhausted and want to leave anyway. I’m struggling with the guilt that if I’m the first to leave, I’m the one breaking us up. I’d like to have kids, but since he’s shut down the idea of kids, I struggle with staying on. I’ve had some terrible experiences with his family during the course of this marriage. I haven’t been able to make up mind yet about leaving the marriage and am so confused. I need some clarity and a sign. Do you know I might get some clarity? Hopefully before October….

        Also, does Uranus opposing Scorpio lead to affairs? Thanks Jessica.

        1. You do sound exhausted and also confused. First things first. You are trying to sort things out on a bunch of retrogrades, including Mercury Retrograde, so it can be hard to know where you stand, or what’s what. You may want to give yourself a break and just sleep on this until at least September 3rd when at last Mercury is out of shadow and things begin to make more sense. If you do want to secure things financially, with your possessions, with a home and all the rest – try to start talking in September and have it in place by the third week of October. This maximises your chances of using the protective and fortunate Jupiter in Scorpio cycle in the Eighth House of your chart, which rules marriage and money. When you have some time to yourself, close your eyes and mentally picture – or just think of – a friend or family member who has passed to spirit and ask them to help you with a sign to guide you. You’ll know it when you see it.

          1. Thank you Jessica. Your guidance at this difficult time is appreciated more than you can imagine.

  51. Hello Jessica,

    In light of (and as you predicted) “there may be flash crashes” within the financial markets – I’m interested if you are intending on revisiting the crypto area in the short term.
    KR, Elizabeth

    1. There are so many cryptocurrencies, Elizabeth, but the one I am tracking is Ripple because the name suggests the Neptune in Scorpio generation born in the 1960s who are now in their fifties and more likely to have the money to experiment with in this brave new world. I’m collecting the data. Watch Ripple on the Jupiter-Neptune trine. Watch the U.S. Government too as the last time we had an exact trine, in early December 2017, they launched those radical tax changes. Big bubbles of Jupiter-Neptune and champagne for big business.

  52. Hi Jessica, I have many factors in Leo and it will be my birthday tomorrow….how will this eclipses affect me this year and next??

    1. Eclipses are just blind spots or cover-ups. The best example I can give you is what just happened with Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and Thomas Markle. That eclipse was in Leo, the sign of heirs, sons, daughters and offspring. So it was about the grandfather of what will be, one day, one of the heirs to the throne – and his daughter – and his son-in-law, a prince of the realm! There is really no point worrying too much about what you are missing or not seeing – yet your Leo stellium does make one thing clear. By November, balance everything you can with the world of children or young people. This may be your godson, for example, or unpaid efforts involving those 20+ years younger than you. The Node in Leo is about karmic closure.

  53. I keep seeing owls, and I mean a lot! About 4 weeks ago one was in the garden at lunchtime, then, I think it may be the same one, a week later. In a field nearby, one afternoon.
    I’m seeing them as statues on walls as I drive, a painting of one in my uncle’s summerhouse, a long overdue visit I might add. A lovely day!
    Also coming up in everyday conversation with people, comments such as, ‘ he is a wise old owl!’
    And yesterday, 4 ornaments in a row in the shop window I stopped by. Any thoughts Jessica?
    Other than that, my divorce is slow and hard, but I can manage it. The house/financial side to come….. I’m not so sure.
    And finally, the man I love, has told his wife he wants to leave her to be with me in the future. I sit and wait patiently, but have another man pursuing me. I see him as a friend though, he, something more I feel. He is divorced, sorting out the division of their house.
    His house is called Ceres…..
    Have you any insight please….. I don’t know what to think anymore?

    1. I am writing this in Bath, Somerset and my astrologer friends Nikki, Kate and I are seeing owls across the city. This is of course the home of Minerva, the goddess whose head remains in the old Roman baths. I love your owl stories here. Minerva is yelling at you. She is at 5 Libra in your chart and Chiron is slowly coming round to 5 Aries where he will challenge your Minerva to do the wise thing about your love life and also the divorce. Find some art featuring Minerva online and see what she is telling you. Tune into your wise old owl. At the moment, I have to say, none of this sounds like the kind of thing Minerva would sanction. But she is in you and in your chart and she is waking up so see what answers come. Minerva solutions often have a ‘wise old owl’ common-sense quality about them.

  54. Hi Jessica,

    I have a question about your 1 degree orb approach. Many have charts where they have patterns with 2 or 3 consecutive degrees involved. So for example, 0, 1, 2. Does one look at the 0,1 and then at the 1,2–or look at the three degrees as one? And then, is there a 1 degree orb of influence around that?

    Thanks so much as always for your amazing insights.


    1. Thank you for the compliment. I’ll use your chart as an example of the 0-1 orb degree rule that we use for charts with asteroids. You have the Sun at 12 Aquarius and Chiron at 11 Aquarius which is close enough to be a conjunction. It falls in your Eleventh House of friends and groups, so you instantly know that you stand out and shine (the Sun) and may in fact become ‘brilliant’ (the Sun) at feeding groups (Aquarius) and mastering the art of friendship (Aquarius, Eleventh House). Chiron is so close that we also have to say every time you do this, you get away with the so-called impossible, outrageous or audacious (Chiron) and teach others (Chiron) how to challenge what is acceptable, conventional and supposed to happen (Chiron, again). Saturn at 12 Sagittarius is also pulled into the pattern in your Ninth House of education, college and university, foreign people and places, travel and the worldwide web. So actually, you don’t get very far with the friends or groups before a fair amount of burden, fear, karmic and unavoidable work (Saturn) comes to pass. Just knowing this tells you that school, university, college, workshops or seminars are huge concerns for you. Panacea at 12 Libra and Salacia at 11 Capricorn are also pulled into the pattern, again using the 0-1 degree orb rule. So you’d have to say that your natural ability to fix relationships, and mend/heal/repair the people in those relationships (Panacea, Libra, Seventh House) is also woven into the pattern, and it is also very much about your ambition (Capricorn, Tenth House) to hit the heights (Capricorn) in areas of life where you are not really pursuing ‘real’ jobs or ‘real careers’ but roles, goals and projects which are an escape from reality. I hope you can see how this kind of astrology works. Psyche at 13 Virgo is also in there, too, in your Sixth House of workload, duty and service and there is something perennial and enduring about what you achieve there (Psyche) in the name of fulfilling your requirements to others (Virgo, Sixth House). So just having the Sun at 12 Aquarius means you pull in other patterns at 11 of any sign and 13 of any sign, as well as 12 itself. Chances are transits across 11, 12, 13 change your life and so do people with 11, 12, 13 degree placements whose charts fall ‘on’ your stuff.

  55. WOW. Thank you so much! Having an example like this really helps with learning how to put it together. When you have more than four chart points at similar degrees, it’s a bit of a challenge learning to synthesize it at first–I was a bit at sea. And you’ve given me a lighthouse:-)

    Love and light to you Jessica, and thanks again.


    1. It’s a pleasure. If you keep a journal you can see for yourself how the transits pan out in your chart, each time – keep watching the planetary positions.

  56. AS you know Jessica my son he died 31/5/2017 after i looked after him 19ys. I work in therapy (clinical hypnosis, subconscious), and work Youtube to heal/enlighten others, through psychic readings. My health has deteriorated brain tumour seizures unable to move or speak for some seizures, my work, my life my service to others work and home.Jake was Leo (my only leo aspect 6′ in fortuna) and me Sun Aqua Pisces rising and cancer moon. When Jake died my whole life stopped too as it all revolved around him my sun. Who i was, what i did, my routine, my home, all stopped and changed instantly. Its very interesting that i had two unconscious seizures one on July eclipse the August and one sizzle seizure on 2 days before the other eclipse in July. Still no word on how why these are affected from the brain tumor, its a mystery and a long waiting list for surgeon (a year) and my heart is beating erratcially on cycles, electric fault! Medication for that and seizures leave me sleepy but do help.
    Im exhausted drained and spread thinly. Things do improve and i feel like im slowly drawing out of my stunned stupor and crawling before walking as i make decsions about the who what where, i dont know me anymore or what i want. Everything that i knew as me, what i did daily my very title Mom of three, carer, all finsihed, stopped with him. The toll of 23 hours a day for last year of his life, has burnt out my body and the wires in my brain (seizures) wires in my heart.
    My moon is cancer my nodes in Taurus. Im glad that this eclipse season ends in NOvember it has changed my whole life and did resolve my 19 year son born that year placed in my arms, and died in my arms.
    The eclipse has left the details of my health unknown. And im still wondering around in the dark of whats next.
    I have learnt alot about me, things that were vitally important outside things i dont care about, and whats so important is the priority.
    How will things at home improve or look. Im thinking of selling and buying new, and work from home, also homebound due to health.
    What does work look like in near future. And will they find the answers of these seizures soon?
    Your guidance has been great and taught me alot about how to look for signs and use astrology in my planning.
    I would much appreciate some insight, im starting to panic a bit, desperate to know, on work home money health areas, i just cant seem to catch a break. Im hoping after November things start to be more direct, move straight forward.
    As always your time attention is generous and enlightening.

    1. The loss of Jake must be so painful but he passed in your arms, just as he was put there on the day he was born. I am not sure if you know about my old friend, the medium Margaret Dent, or the book she has left us, Love Never Dies (Bantam) but I urge you to borrow it from the library, or even buy it on Amazon. Margaret’s own brother passed in a road accident when he was very young and as a medium, she went through the pain of that loss, but also a huge journey in understanding why these great sadnesses happen. I am sure Jake was your teacher as well as your son. Please don’t panic about the future. I realise that your health is a deep concern and your money too. Your chart tells the story. You were born with the Moon at 29 Cancer in the Fourth House of family. We find Saturn (hard karma) at 27 Cancer in the same house. So, here we have motherhood (the Moon) but with great difficulty (Saturn). Apollo is at 29 Cancer so right on your Moon – Apollo is conjunct the Moon. Apollo is a symbol of leadership in the chart. Even though you are the natural-born mother within your family, you are also a born leader too. You set an example. The planet Mercury at 28 Capricorn is right opposite this pattern, by just one degree, actually. So your mind, communication, speech, literacy, use of the worldwide web, potential as a teacher/student, handwriting (all Mercury) in the Tenth House of ambition, is always at odds with your mother role. This is what they call a creative conflict in the chart. An opposition is always a challenge to try harder, try different ways to function and search for intelligent and unique ways to handle what does not feel right, or sit right. For more on this and what to do about oppositions, please hit Sacred Geometry on Search when you have finished looking at this reply. Why are you going through so much difficulty now? Well, Saturn is in Capricorn and he is slowly moving up to conjunct your Mercury and oppose your Cancer signature. This is a 29 year cycle. We also have the North Node and South Node poised to move to 29 Cancer and Capricorn in November. This is a 19 year cycle and Jake was born about 19 years ago. Uranus is moving to 29 Aries. This has not happened in your lifetime and is over by March 2019. In other words, your Cancer-Capricorn axis is about your place in the world, the family, your career, your life as a mother – and it is being absolutely reshaped by destiny. When Jupiter – solutions, good fortune, breakthroughs, opportunities – moves to Capricorn from the end of 2019, you will realise that 2020 is going to be the year that you finally see rewards for yourself. The seizures when you are unable to move or speak sound like an extreme manifestation of your Mercury in Capricorn (communication, the use of computers and telephones) in natural opposition to your Apollo, Moon and Saturn in Cancer (home, family) being triggered. Uranus is of course a symbol of electricity and what used to be called ‘animal electricity’ back in 1781 when the planet was found. Nerve impulses, in other words. This cycle passes in stages. You get rid of the Uranus transit at 29 Aries in March 2019, when it vanishes. You then deal with Saturn at 29 Capricorn and finally get the ultimate solutions of Jupiter at 29 Capricorn. Rather than passively waiting for cycles to complete, though, I urge you to find a notebook – even if it’s just a notebook from a car boot sale or a $1 shop – and create a journal around your Cancer-Capricorn oppositions. Use this website to look up Apollo, the Moon, Saturn, the Fourth House, Mercury and the Tenth House. You could also look up the North Node, South Node, and the rest. Start looking at creative ways of making that opposition between ambition, position and mission (Capricorn) and family, home, roots, family tree, the house, the apartment, your home town and homeland (Cancer) work for you. There are many ways to live out that opposition. It is also a very wise idea to find a candle – even a little tea-light candle will do – and use a quiet time in your day to close your eyes and connect with Jake in spirit, but also your family members or friends who have passed, who will be protecting him and looking after him. As my old mate Margaret said, ‘Love never dies.’ Your spirit guides, friends or family can also help you with the tumour and the seizures. Ask for help. Keep your eyes open and be aware that guidance may come in surprising ways. When it appears, follow it. See the sign posts, understand what is being sent your way and follow it up. Everything you have been through as a parent will help others, and in fact it is already doing so. In this way the highest expression of Cancer-Capricorn in your life will be to use your life as a mother (Cancer) in your paid and unpaid work (Capricorn) to show others the way up the mountain. Bon chance.

      1. Funny you should mention a candle. While looking after Jake, a craft to soothe me, i made luxury candles. One called “love” for all kind of love. I burnt this candle for the last four days of his life while i never left his side. I also sang our song, to bring him out of the coma’s, to the surface, was the last thing i did as he was leaving, he managed one last breath and said “mum”. Both Candle and song reached him. Then there was silence. I made several specific candles. I have many of the “love” left. The smell brings me back, but i burn it sometimes to spread love for others. I will burn this, just for us and connect. Thank you for your reply it brought tears to my eyes. See? Everything has a reason, and astrology pin points rather beautifully during the way.

        1. The candle is Jake’s message to you. Keep making the candles and with love. I wonder if you’ve tried putting Reiki symbols into your candles? My friend, and an outstanding Reiki master, Kerry McNally, has a good website to look at if you are curious about this.

  57. I forgot to mention my subscribers on Youtube have jumped up twice by thousands end of last year, and much faster this year too. 15,000 in 11 months approximately boost then sat, then boost again. Plus I’m reaching a much larger audience and great feedback.
    So boost in public life was spot on too.

  58. Hello Jessica,
    Amazing article! It gave me shivers the part about 1982… I was 3 years and 10 months (13/08/78) when my sister was born (28/06/82) and indeed, my life changed dramatically for the worse. I would have never imagined anything related to astrology and eclipses in particular affecting my life that year and that way! Thank you for enlighting me/us 🙂 I am quite lost regarding how the recent eclipses affect me, could you please help me understand more in my particular case, please? I’ve just celebrated my 40th birthday this week and I am single, with no partner prospects and childless, in case it helps. Yes, I would love to create my own family but without the right commited man I won’t even consider it. I have my Sun 20° Leo 31′ 06″ and my Moon 13° Sagittarius 51′ Thanks a lot!!

    1. The shivers are your spirit guide/s. Spirit walks into the aura and we register it as an electric situation. It sounds as if you need your chart done, as those questions are quite complicated and you are looking at very big questions. You need to know a lot more than the Sun and Moon if you want to get married and become a stepmother, a mother or an adoptive mother.

      1. That is always a good idea, Jessica. Mi intention was to learn more about how the last eclipses affect me, especially after reading the following, as I am a Leo (and Premium member too, so I have access to my chart)
        “If you are a Premium Member and have your personal birth chart, the Fifth House of your natal horoscope, ruled by Leo, is where each of these eclipses, including the Great American Eclipse of August 21st, 2017, has left you wholly or partly in the dark. The concealed motives or hidden truths have blocked you from seeing the whole picture where pregnancy, babies, children, young adults, youth or past, present or potential lovers are concerned. Not just any old lovers, either. The kind who can make you a step-parent if you get married, or make you a parent, naturally or through adoption.”

  59. Hi Jessica 🙂 God Bless you for taking time to write the most in-depth articles, ever!
    I’m new to the “natural chart”, so much info! I can use a little guidance. I was in a toxic relationship that in 2011 ended in bankruptcy. Here I am again and my finances have been rocked. I have a great job and career, just got a raise but I keep getting hits and falling further and further behind on monthly bills. It’s been a bit overwhelming. I’ve upped my “I am now living in abundance” affirmations to all day, everyday. I’m a pretty positive person just wondering if you hAve some words of wisdom to help me navigate the current energy. Thank you so much. I’m grateful just for the opportunity ❤️

    1. Okay so let’s look at your Taurus and Scorpio patterns and see what you can do about these bills. Mars 7 Taurus, Ceres 25 Taurus, Psyche 25 Taurus and South Node 29 Taurus. The first thing you need to know about this stellium (unusually high count of planets and asteroids and points) in your Second House, ruled by Taurus, is that your values are going to have to change. You can find out more about your values and money by looking up the Second House on Search when you have finished reading this. For the first time in your life, Uranus (radical change, freedom, independence, liberation, revolution) is in Taurus. He moved into your Second House in May 2018 and is here for many years. You will do much better if you are prepared to massively alter the way you think about money. What you will and will not sell out for. Who or what you consider to be precious. Please do this as soon as you can, because unless you change – to meet changing times – you are not going to enjoy Uranus at 7 Taurus on your Mars. Or the rest of it. Looking at your Scorpio factors, you have Ops at 13 and the North Node at 29 Scorpio in your Eighth House of ‘other people’s money.’ You are in luck this year, because Jupiter (solutions, opportunities, answers, rewards) passes 29 Scorpio in early November. Use that time to get the best advice you can afford and say ‘yes’ to a major way through and out – and up. Yet, this is a temporary cycle and long-term you need to go online, find out what is happening out there in the financial/banking/money revolution and see what works for you. I also suggest you space-clear. You can also hit Search to find out more about that. Time and again I have seen people ruthlessly space-clear their apartments or houses with great results. Uranus in Taurus is a huge world-flip. You have never known anything like it in your life. The last time we had this during the war, people massively changed their budgets and the way they thought about shopping – even food. Taurus can be very basic sometimes. Seriously, begin with a food budget.

      1. Thank you, Jessica. I won’t lie, at first glance that felt depressing but I know their has to be a blessing g hidden in all of this. My daughter just started high school in a private school. She worked hard and was accepted, I’m willing to work 3 jobs to make this work. I’ll yake any blessings you can send my way ❤️ Thanks again. I’ll begin working on my grocery budget. It’ll be a first

        1. That’s fantastic news about your daughter, well done. And you’ll do brilliantly at this. It does not last forever, but once the hard part is over, you will realise you just changed your entire way of looking at life. I have seen this cycle really hit women who are lifelong shoppers, or just unthinking with their budget. They then stop consuming and then get to like it. In fact their lives are never the same – far more simple afterwards – and they find that they are never in debt again, nor want to be.

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