More Horoscope Tips and Tricks

What you’re about to read is Part Two of Horoscope Tips and Tricks. My favourite inside scoops gathered from my book 2020 Astrology (Penguin) and a few years of people-watching at magazines like Elle, Vogue and online Harper’s Bazaar.

This is Part Two of Horoscope Tips and Tricks. Read Part One here.


The Moon by sign and house shows how you mother people. In Libra and the Seventh House you do it with your lover or partner. You are his/her mother. In Scorpio and the Eighth House you do it through finance and property. You redraw your will when you fall in love or have a child. Is someone dreadful at taking care of a situation? A person? A project? A place? Chances are he/she has the Moon in a sign relevant to the situation, but a Moon surrounded by tough patterns.

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12 Responses

  1. Love love these tips and tricks! Thank you for sharing again! I have a Leo question for you, dear Leo Queen. How does Jupiter in Leo in my chart make me lucky/benefit me? I totally get that anything involving children or lovers brings me opportunities, but how about in the 11th house? What does that mean? And how can I make this huge for me especially now during Leo season in the SCORPIO year? Thanks again, Jessica!

    1. Thank you. Jupiter at 6 Leo is in your Fifth House, not your Eleventh House, using the Natural House system which I prefer for accurate prediction. Jupiter in the birth chart reveals how you are protected, helped, ‘born lucky’, privileged and rather powerful. If you go back to your childhood you will see it was at work, even then. You were given benefits (Jupiter is ‘the greater benefic’ in old astrology) that other children were not, which later on in life, help you with developing good relationships with the world of babies, children and young people. Lovers, too, who can bring stepchildren, pregnancy, nieces and nephews into your life. Godchildren are also of central importance to the Fifth House. Even when things are at their toughest, human angels will appear to help you, with Jupiter in the Fifth House. At its very best, this is the mark of someone who devotes time and energy to younger people and as a result, changes her life. This will be the case from the cradle to the grave as it always is, with Jupiter.

  2. Jessica
    I love love love these tips and they ring true !!
    Is mercury retrograde now? For Virgos and Gemini? For how long?

    Also I have a stellum in Capricorn with Saturn @18, Jupiter @ 3, my moon @22 … & also Vesta @ 22, & Salacia @16… what does all this mean in terms of my work?

    Love your work
    Thank you for your generosity in sharing your gifts
    Aries S xx

    1. Thank you. Yes, Mercury Retrograde is upon us, which is why the ‘delete’ key on my MacBook Air has now lifted off the keyboard – and also why extreme weather (the European heatwave) is leading to transport and travel chaos. Your Saturn, Jupiter, Moon, Vesta and Salacia in Capricorn in your Tenth House of status, success, ambition and achievement will take you a very long way in 2020 if you do the work now through then. In fact by Christmas 2020 you would be congratulating yourself on climbing to the very top of your own personal Everest. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it.

  3. Jessica, thank you, your writings are very informative and great food for thought, the problem is that your website is becoming a bit addictive for me…

    I was always wondering… my Saturn return in Leo 2005 to 2007 was one of the best, most productive and lucrative times in my life, not a difficult experience at all. How do you explain that? also how would you advise somebody with Jupiter in 0 Cancer and Lilith in Cancer in the 12th house to tap into the good luck of this house and planet? But you don’t use Lilith, I think…

    by the way, I did buy a house with Saturn in my 4th house in libra, yes there were issues but did not turn out bad at all, although it was not the forever house I was thinking it would be… Thank you again!

    1. Thank you. Your Saturn Return in Leo 2005-2007 took place in your Fifth House, which rules projects and plans regarding children and young people, your son or daughter, your godchildren, young relatives who are like children to you, sexual relationships which may end in pregnancy or step-parenthood, and all roles where you teach, mentor, guide and set an example to people born 20+ years after you. Saturn is very hard work and involves a reasonable amount of fear and some tough karma. It has nothing to do with being productive or making money as it is in your Fifth House. Money and work are really Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn matters. Whatever you learned about relationships or the world of younger faces 2005-2007 was a separate issue.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for these tips and tricks, it helps when trying to learn more about astrology. I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind. My Jupiter is in Scorpio at 8°, so although it was in my sun sign Libra last year and it is supposed to be lucky when it moves to the sun sign, the luck is to be found in the sign it is in at the time of birth? I thought this might be true but was not sure. Jupiter also moves into my moon sign next. My other question is about the rising and moon signs. My rising (Pisces) and moon (Sagittarius) are also signs that I will read and pay some attention too, I am wondering your thoughts on this and do you advise that we read these when reading your daily, weekly, monthly horoscopes. I have wanted to ask you about this for a while.


    1. Jupiter is the lucky planet and when it conjuncts (sits on the same degree and zodiac sign) as anything in your chart, it is always fortunate – in terms of the life area ruled by the sign. Venus at 20 Scorpio and Neptune at 28 Scorpio are in your Eighth House of finance, charity, property, possessions and business, in your personal birth chart. So when transiting Jupiter moves to 20 and then 28 Scorpio over the next few months, you will be given the biggest and best opportunity in 12 years to go for a solution, an opportunity or a huge new step, very likely involving a complicated relationship (Venus) and certainly a holiday from reality (Neptune). You are also wondering if you should read your Rising Sign or Moon Sign when checking your daily, weekly and monthly horoscope. Never do that or it will be quite wrong! Just read your Sun sign, which is Libra, N.

  5. Hi Jessica – Loving all of these tips and tricks. They’re greatly appreciated and super informative. Thank you!

    I’m still absorbing lots from your immensely detailed blog posts and this post has made me a little more apprehensive:

    (Comments were closed for that post hence me posting here).
    Are you able to offer me some guidance particularly regarding the ‘look for Taurus and Scorpio factors.
    If you have more than six across both signs then May 2018 is also going to change your financial future’

    This worries me because I have I have 11 factors across Taurus and Scorpio and am anxious about how this will affect me financially. I have been experiencing a low point re my finances. This started in 2017 and continues even now. (It has made me consider some career changes I have to make – something you picked up on in my last question).

    Would appreciate any guidance.
    Thank you.

    1. No need to be anxious, but do be ready to examine your values. If you used to be a shopaholic – shopping recreationally rather than because you needed things – that may need to alter. If you used to be a saver/hoarder, that may also need to flip around. Uranus in Taurus, long-term, is about many years of deep shifts in the way you earn money, save it, spend it and think about it. You have an exact line-up at 3 degrees of Scorpio/Taurus so you are experiencing this quite early on – certainly by this time next year you’ll be forgetting about some of your oldest assumptions and expectations, about the money, charity, house, possessions, business, shares or apartment. People with 0 Taurus and Scorpio patterns who experienced this first can give you some idea of what to expect. Readers who have this kind of chart pattern have found themselves downsizing to become free of debt and trading the expensive rental arrangement they used to have for a different lifestyle. I have also seen people rejecting their old line of work in favour of different roles, which pay more, even though it’s a revolution in terms of how they make their living. Others have done what they thought they would never do – wind down their companies because it no longer fits their vision. Essentially this cycle, which is at the baby-steps stage now, is about being thrown new independence, space and freedom – genuine liberation and liberty – but at a price, in terms of what you used to think of as the never-changing world of your finances. You may actually find the price is worth paying. You’ll trade the known for the unknown, the old for the new, in order to break free of who/what confines you.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    I wanted to ask a question about my chart as i am a little confused. My ASC is Sagittarius…does this mean that this is my first house? Capricorn my second, Aquarius my third and so on?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. In the Natural House system your Ascendant (AC) at 23 Sagittarius is in your Ninth House of foreign people and places. You also have an unusually high number of Sagittarius factors in your chart, also in the Ninth House. So you are a born explorer and if you have not already emigrated, done some serious travelling or committed to work with another nationality or culture, it may yet come your way by 2019. The last chart I saw like this was for a person who took a top job in Antarctica! Look up the Ninth House when you finish reading this, as it’s the story of your life.

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