The Apple $1 Trillion Astrology Chart

The Apple $1 Trillion Astrology Chart set for 2nd August 2018 shows exact horoscope patterns with the birth of the organisation back on 1st April 1976 and the personal astrological chart of Steve Jobs born on 24th February 1955. Read on to find out how you can time your new business or company right, with Jupiter the lucky planet.

The Apple $1 Trillion Astrology Chart

On 2nd August 2018 Apple made history and became the first public company to become worth $1 trillion. As the BBC reported, quarterly results showed a boom, from the people who gave you the iPhone – and also the MacBook Air I am using to file this feature. The really great thing about astrology is that you can see how it was done. And you can try some insider tips and tricks to make sure your business, company or launch copies some lucky Jupiter patterns which Apple accidentally had on that historic day, 1st April 1976, when this famous photograph (Pinterest) reveals that period in the Seventies when hippy Steve Jobs (below) with Steve Wozniak, signed on the dotted line. 

April 1 1976 Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs and  600x408 - The Apple $1 Trillion Astrology Chart

Why 2nd August 2018 was ‘Trillion Time’ for Apple’s Astrology Chart

The two Steves just happened to make Apple real, back on a day when Jupiter the planet of abundance, great timing, good fortune, solutions, breakthroughs, expansion and growth – sat right on 1 Taurus. You may know Taurus is the money and business sign. What was also uncanny about that date was the North Node (karma) at 14 Scorpio, the high finance sign, and the South Node (more karma) at 14 Taurus. Again, this is a classic ‘cash signature’ in the chart for a business.

The two Steves were joined that day by Ron Wayne, who, according to Wozniak, typed the entirely of the partnership document “out of his head right in front of us.” He would eventually leave Apple.

Had Ron Wayne seen an astrologer, she would have told him to stay on board. Because, one day in the distant future, on Thursday 2nd August 2018, Uranus – the planet of revolution, liberation, freedom, independence and radical change – would reach 2 Taurus, the money sign, and land right on the ‘birth’ Jupiter of Apple – by just one degree. Mars would time the moment by hitting 2 Aquarius.

Even better, transiting (or travelling) Jupiter would reach 14 Scorpio at the same time, landing right on Apple’s karmic North Node at 14 Scorpio and opposing its South Node at 14 Taurus.

How often does this happen? Once in a company’s lifetime. What is even more astonishing is that the personal birth chart of Steve Jobs lines up with the pattern.

So, does Steve Wozniak’s – and more on him in a moment. Yet – Steve Jobs was born with so many factors at 2 and 14 degrees. If you’re a Premium Member you’ll hear me talking a lot about these kinds of line-ups. I’ll accept maybe one degree’s difference, but if there are precise matches between a company’s chart factors, those of its founder – and the transiting or travelling planets – you can make a prediction. The dominance of Jupiter in the story makes that prediction about huge gains and opportunities.

Steve Jobs - The Apple $1 Trillion Astrology ChartSteve Jobs was born with Mercury at 14 Aquarius. The planet of computers in the sign of friends and groups – and social media. He also had the North Node of karma at 2 Capricorn, an ambitious sign, and the South Node at 2 Cancer, which is about his family, home and property. He also had Chiron at 2 Aquarius. Again the sign of friends and groups. Chiron is a teacher who pushes past boundaries.

Astrology works even after we pass, and the Jobs chart, as well as the Apple chart, was well and truly triggered on 2nd August 2018 as Jupiter passed by at 14 Scorpio and Mars and Uranus made a rare square pattern at 2 Aquarius and 2 Taurus. This was exactly on Steve Jobs’ Chiron at 2 Aquarius. This is a fireworks display in astrology. Now, what can you take away from that and how can you use it for your own business? The great thing about the horoscope world is, you can run even a very basic astrological chart (like this one, below) free from What you are looking for is matches between yourself and the business or company you are founding, on the date you have in mind. You can see Steve’s Aquarius, Cancer and Capricorn patterns – below.

Look at your partner if you have one. Wozniak was born on the 11th of August 1950 with Mercury (computers) at 13 Virgo (work) very close to that 14-degree mark. He was also born with Neptune (escapism) at 15 Libra (partnership) also very close to the 14-degree point, and Chiron was at 15 Sagittarius, the export sign. Importantly, Wozniak was also born with the North Node at 0 Aries and South Node at 0 Libra (partnership, again). This is very close to that 1/2-degree position! The money sign Scorpio is represented in his chart by Mars at 0 Scorpio. Again, this is very close to the 1/2-degree mark in the Jobs chart and also the original Apple chart.

Jobs chart Mercury 14 Aqu North Node 2 Cap South Node 2 Can Chiron 2 Aqua  407x600 - The Apple $1 Trillion Astrology Chart

Looking for Jupiter in the Money Signs, Taurus and Scorpio

You are literally in luck in 2018, as Jupiter (abundance) is passing through Scorpio, the sign which rules assets, property, possessions, finances, shares and business interests. This only happens every 12 years. Jupiter will not be back in Scorpio for over a decade. The other money sign, Taurus, is something he will cross through eventually, but for now – if you want the Apple factor in your new start-up, you’ll use Jupiter in Scorpio. Isn’t it amazing how this humble piece of paper marks one of the luckiest ‘random’ dates in business history? It’s the Apple Computer Company Partnership Agreement.

There have been so many incarnations of Apple since then. Some astrologers use its other sharemarket and business milestones to predict its future . Here’s the thing, though. Sometimes it’s the actual ‘first day’, no matter how modest and humble, that is the birth of your company, business – or the launch of your video, song, book, website and so on.

APPLE contract 1 APRIL e1533387143463 600x471 - The Apple $1 Trillion Astrology Chart

Jupiter in Scorpio and Your Personal Birth Chart

Steve Jobs was born with the North Node of karma (very important – always look at the Nodes) at 2 Capricorn in the Tenth House of success. If you are a Premium Member, you can find out this kind of information in just a few seconds, and always keep your chart online at this website, so you can refer to it.

Jobs had the South Node at 2 Cancer, which wasn’t so important to Apple (it rules the family) but he did have Chiron at 2 Aquarius in the sign of group endeavours and friendship, which helped his particular business a great deal. It’s important to match the horoscope factors to the essence of your idea or company.

On the day Apple became real, fortunate Jupiter was at 1 Taurus, trine Steve’s North Node at 2 Capricorn and sextile his South Node at 2 Cancer. It was square his Chiron at 2 Aquarius. Always use Jupiter to line up with your stuff! Pay particular heed to anything in Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus and/or Scorpio as these are the finance and career signs.

We’re on track to see Jupiter move across 14 through 29 degrees, from August 2nd until he leaves the finance sign of Scorpio in November. So check your Premium Member birth chart. Do you have factors that chime across 14 through 29 degrees, that chime with the nature of your business or idea, or in the work/money signs? At some point Jupiter will line up with that.

As an extra bonus, if you have horoscope factors at 0, 1, 2 then Uranus (freedom, independence, liberation) will be passing across 0, 1, 2 Taurus while Jupiter is moving from 14 to 29 Scorpio. Those are two epic, slow-moving planets, triggering the finance signs. Can you play with your horoscope, and the transits of Jupiter and Uranus, and the intended date of your launch or contract? I know some astrologers who will happily spend days doing this. It’s called an elected chart.

You have to hang in there. You have to wait for Jupiter to swing back around again, 12 years, then 24 years, then 36 years into the future, but if we follow the astonishing Apple/Astrology example – you’ll gain – if you work your chart, and work the company or product chart too, in synch with your own horoscope. The Apple $1 Trillion Astrology Chart is a really good example of how someone can accidentally stumble into terrific timing for a small business. Jobs’ node in ambitious Capricorn was about karma, though – so it seems that here, his own fate took a hand. And finally…

No Chart is Perfect! Don’t Let Perfect Get in the way of Good.

When you have two wheels with all their patterns – yours and your new business – you are never going to have perfection. Conflicts and stuck areas can also show up, along with the fortunate Scorpio and Taurus aspects. Looking at the Apple chart in greater detail, it is possible to see their lows as well as their highs.  In fact, given that Uranus and Mars are notorious for triggering revolutionary moves, this rather revolutionary company seems certain to meet protests or other problems sooner rather than later. Yet – it’s undeniable. Apple was born with Jupiter luck on board – and so was its founder. Don’t let ‘perfect’ get in the way of good, or you’ll never launch your company or idea at all! Yet – while Jupiter is in Scorpio in 2018, do use it.

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28 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica loveee this! I just happened to accidentally find myself a highly successful personal mentor in the world of spiritual writing for children… I can see I have loads of factors from 14 to 29 … at least 16 to be exact! I also have Taurus and Scorpio factors too…so is this a good time to put in the preparation work with Mercury Retrograde and all things being relatively equal…is this likely to be a fruitful adventure for me? I’m beyond excited at the possibilities! Thank you x

    1. Thank you. You are quite right about Mercury Retrograde being preparation time if you are writing for children. Mercury rules writing, Leo rules children, and he is back and forth until 3rd September. You want to launch this year. Ops at 20 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance and business is promising. She was Jupiter’s mother in Ancient Rome and Jupiter himself will move to 20 Scorpio and ‘meet’ his mother in September. Try to begin this on Sunday 23rd September when Jupiter at 20 Scorpio conjuncts your Ops at 20 Scorpio, and we also find Jupiter’s son Bacchus (pleasure) at 20 Libra making a nice semi-sextile. You also have Ceres at 1 Taurus in your Second House of income and on Sunday 23rd September, transiting Uranus (the revolution, freedom, independence) will be at 1 Taurus along with Mercury at 1 Libra. That’s a radical change to your money, possessions, charity commitments, business interests and overall values. Uranus sets you free, so this goes beyond actual money. Try that to ‘begin the begin’ and you can allow a day either side, so into Monday (allow for world time zone differences and daytime business hours). Report back!

      1. Oh thank you big time… I’ll print out your reply and highlight those dates…and most definitely report back!! xx

  2. Hi Jessica! I’m I right in assuming that it would be good for me to start my beauty/wellness business when Jupiter hits 22 in Scorpio (got 22 Neptune) and not when it is 15 (got 15 Apollo) as Mercury retrograde? But the “holiday from reality” Neptune is maybe not so good to line up with when starting a business? Thank you!

    1. Yes, Jupiter at 22 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance and business is a fantastic window to use. Natal or birth Jupiter is at 21 Gemini in your Third House of internet and multimedia, so it is very close. Basically use the transit of Jupiter across 21, 22 Scorpio which aspects both and make communication your priority. Your Ascendant at 22 Libra is also woven into that pattern, and assuming your birth time is accurate, you would gain from promoting yourself then – have a look at how a partner or ‘other half’ of some description could help you with that. Monday 1st October and just either side of that is a good date to remember for these patterns.

  3. Hi Jessica
    Thanks once again for another interesting article. I was born with ops 14 R in Scorpio. I was made redundant ( early feb 18) after having just bought my dream home late Oct 17 – any good news on the horizon?
    Thank you

    1. Your North Node and South Node at 0 degrees Gemini-Sagittarius were hit by Uranus suddenly arriving at 0 Taurus. There is good news, as Jupiter (solutions, opportunities) crosses 0 Sagittarius in November 2018 so by the end of the year you will see options, not possible in 12 years, to study part-time or full-time and ‘upskill’ if you wish. There is also another possibility, and that would involve travel, moving (believe it or not) and a very happy involvement with people who are miles apart from you, either in terms of where they come from, their culture, nationality or their way of life. It would feel like travelling in the mind, to take on this project or role – yet there may also be literal travel.

  4. Steve Jobs was fired from Apple and then called back to rebuild the brand, which he did. Does this affect the company horoscope?
    I started my business just the day after Mars went direct (not ideal, I know, but had to happen that way); it was slow and languid for around two years, after which I had to completely tear it down and build it from the scratch – this time under better astrology. The name remains the same. I can’t change that. But everything else was rebuilt. Does this matter in astrology?

    1. Yes, Steve Jobs was part of an organisation with an exact Mercury-Pluto opposition, Mercury at 10 Aries clashing with Pluto at 10 Libra. Much as their financial success is written in the stars, Apple also has serious politics dating from that moment they all signed! An old trick in astrology (but a good trick) is to relaunch a difficult business. This does mean rescinding the original agreement and making rather bold moves to reshape and rethink the organisation, though. The rebuilding and the new date together make it a new company and if you time it right, it will be reborn under far better stars.

  5. Hi Jessica, fascinating, amazing insights as always. My birth chart profile shows 6 taurus factors and 2 scorpio factors. How do you think jupiter in Scoirpio will affect me. I have been stuck in limbo career/business wise for the last 2 years. It has been very frustrating. Do you see a change coming (hopefully for the better)? Would be ever so grateful for your thoughts. xx

    1. You are a Taurus who has been experiencing the transiting (travelling) South Node in Aquarius in your Tenth House of career, in your Solar Sign chart. The South Node is ‘repeat, repeat, repeat’ and it can feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall. If you are curious about the South Node do hit search. The stuck feeling will end in November 2018. Further ahead, you will be amazed at how much can change in one year, as from Christmas 2020, Jupiter and Saturn go into Aquarius and you will be offered serious new options, no matter if it’s a promotion, new job or new project for 2021. Even further ahead from 2023 there is a total transformation of your career. You have a stellium in Aquarius in your Eleventh House in your actual personal birth chart so that is another clue – you would be deeply involved with a group, team, club, society, or other circle of people from Christmas 2020 and this will change your life. Look up Aquarius and the Eleventh House too. One of the reasons you have been stuck is the slow transit of the South Node through this sign as in your personal birth chart it has been offering you repetition in your Eleventh House of communities and friends. It’s like being in a band which keeps recording the same album for two years!

  6. (Posting my query again.)Wow Jessica, you are so rigt on time to post this topic. I am about to register a company in Canada, which already has branches in India and US, seeing my birth chart, please suggest the right time for me to do this? I will be obliged and consider it a birthday gift from you. .

    1. Registering a company is best done when Mercury is behaving himself, as you really don’t want the trickster side of this planetary cycle when you are trying to launch. You should wait for your Jupiter Return at 1 Sagittarius (foreign people and places) which takes place to your total advantage on 15th November 2018. On that day Jupiter at 1 Sagittarius will trine Salacia at 1 Aries, the sign of self-promotion. You were also born with Fortuna at 0 Leo so that is pulled into the pattern, with just one degree’s difference.

  7. Hi Jessica, this is a superb article. I started my own small venture on December 1, 2015 but only formally incorporated it last year on August 9. It does concern foreign ideas, change and fashion. So far everything has been constantly changing – how can I use my chart to my advantage in business? Also, I’m giving a very important speech / pitch that will help me convert my current company into a total tech venture. The date for this presentation and the location are very interesting. It will be on August 28th in Ukraine. In my chart I have Proserpina at 28 degrees Scorpio and Chiron at 28 Gemini. In a reply to an earlier query you mentioned that this alignment makes me messenger girl. I am fascinated by the number 28 now … does this mean anything and can I use it? I also have a lot of stuff between 14 and 29 degrees in my chart. Also, I can’t seem to separate my Sag stellium from my working life. My nodes are in Aries and Libra respectively. I always battle typical people and situations and then end up doing some kind of balancing act with them. I feel like this conflicts my sag stellium which is all about sudden growth and freedom. Eventually I will blend the two then? Isn’t astrology also about convergence and happiness? Appreciate all your advice and insight. Thanks a ton, Sanam

    1. Thank you Sanam. Your chart, overall, is about Venus at 24 Scorpio and Proserpina at 28 Scorpio in your Eighth House of business, which give you all the classic hallmarks of a negotiator, a ‘dealer’ and a wheeler-dealer particularly in sexual relationships where money or property is in the picture. At the same time you can ‘flirt for England’ as they used to say about Paula Yates, and do so in strictly business or financial discussions. Proserpina is very much the go-between or middle person, and Venus is the seductress and charmer. As Jupiter is poised to go across 24 and 28 later this year, that is really what you should focus on. It is also quite true that Chiron at 28 Gemini will be involved. This can only happen once in 12 years and it’s the biggest and most important transit sweeping your chart. In fact, what you create at that time could reward you in 12 years’ time when Jupiter again moves through Scorpio.

      1. Thank you Jessica. That is such accurate detail. Any idea what is the exact date for Jupiter to move between 24 and 28? I’ll keep checking the positions on the front page regularly, as well. Hopefully it happens while Jupiter is still in Scorpio although I’m very excited for Jupiter in Sag. Sanam.

        1. Sure, Jupiter goes across 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 Scorpio from October through November. The Mercury-Jupiter conjunction on Monday 29th October is best avoided, though, as although it falls at 27 Scorpio, Mercury (negotiations, news, discussions) is also retrograde shadow from that day forward and a lot of people who don’t understand astrology are going to get caught by that. Hit Search to see why Mercury Retrograde 2018 can be tricky. Yet if you can pull most of your financial, charity, property or business moves off before 29th October, you’ll see the benefits via a solution or opportunity.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    I hope all is well.

    What a fascinating post, and thank you for pointing out the opportunity here. I went to look at my chart, and I found my MC at 18° Taurus, and my IC at 18° Scorpio. Working within one degree on each side, I found the following;
    Venus 17° Taurus
    Saturn 18° Capricorn Retrograde
    Uranus 17° Leo
    Vesta 17° Capricorn
    Ops 17° Cancer
    Cupido 17° Pisces

    I placed a red dot by each position on the wheel with the intention to draw angles, and I’m overwhelmed. Am I on the right track working within one degree on both sides of my MC/IC? Also, 17 is my birth date if that’s anything. Or, do I look at my MC/IC and Saturn 18° Capricorn Retrograde only since it’s exact?

    Please let me know what you think? Thank you!


    1. Thanks Jeff. Yes, you are doing this right. The patterns around 17/18 are worth tracking as you will be helped enormously by Jupiter at 17/18 this year which will trine Venus in Taurus (business, financial and property relationships between yourself and another) and also sextile Saturn in Capricorn (helping you rethink your career). Jupiter will square Uranus in Leo, which is really about younger people, but also personal relationships, and so this is beginning to look like something which is not just financial, but also about heart and soul. Jupiter will sextile Vesta in Capricorn, which is about the female-male dynamic at work, and trine Ops in Cancer, which is very much about your family, household, apartment or house – there will be solutions there – as Jupiter was in fact the son of Ops in mythology. The trine to Cupido is really about secret desires and that’s your business! You are watching Jupiter most closely in September and in fact on September 11th the Sun at 18 Virgo will sextile Jupiter at 18 Scorpio which is very close to triggering the whole pattern. People or organisations which also have 17 and 18 degree placements will play their part, but this is obviously a passing financial, business, charity or property solution – or opportunity – which benefits you enormously and can only occur once in 12 years.

      1. Thanks! I can see these patterns right now. As far as this being personal, I have Psche at O degrees Taurus, so with Mr. Revolution retrograding, he reaches 1 degree on September 15. Remarkable.

        That date, is when I have an art opening for this show that I’m working on a piece that’s about my soul, presented in 6 panes of a reclaimed window, and is when I leave on my trip to Paris, Turin and Bologna.

        Truly amazing.

        Thanks again!

  9. Hi
    You amaze me with all your work. No one does analysis like you.

    What time does matter?
    Is it the starting time of our projects? or time you push the “publish” button? or the time you advertise?

    I started creating this shopify store when Ops and Bacchus conjunct in Taurus. It is taking a lot of time to carefully vet the suppliers and products and setting up my store. I worry a lot but there is this blind optimism that you could sell anything if you reach the right group of people. On Sep 23, my brother will push the “publish” button because he has Jupiter in Gemini. My second brother will make the first purchase.
    I am all hopes.

    Thank you Jessica. Have a wonderful day. Saru

    1. Sunday 23rd September is calculated on London local time so you may want to adjust for your city. Pushing the ‘publish’ button is the birth of your enterprise, Saru, and the aspects on the day are 2.53am Sun enters Libra (a partnership shines) at 0 degrees. At 3.45am Mercury (the internet) at 1 Libra is quincunx Uranus (the revolution) at 1 Taurus. Jupiter at 20 Scorpio will semi-sextile Bacchus at 20 Scorpio and 20 Libra respectively at 6.04pm. It’s not a perfect day, but it’s a good day (don’t let good stand in the way of perfect) and as Jupiter and Bacchus were father and son in mythology and symbolise benefits and pleasure – a store sounds about right. A Jupiter in Gemini brother involved with you online is always useful!

  10. Hello Jessica!
    Wow, very interesting article! I find myself always learning from your astrology!
    I’ve been wondering when is a good time to submit my manuscript for publication. My mentors are pushing for it now (clearly they don’t follow astrology!) I’m hesitant to submit in Aug given the Mercury retrograde & having been trying to wait until after Sept 3 (retrograde ends). Looking at my chart, I have a large Aquarius stellium w/ smaller stelliums in Taurus, Scorpio & Sag w/ lots of factors 14-29. I have Jupiter 26 Gemini…but I’m thinking it might be too late by the time Jupiter runs over 26 degrees & I have other factors in the earlier degrees.

    Looking at my chart, any advice when is a good submission date?

    As always, many thanks and many blessings to you.

    1. Mercury Retrograde is good for first drafts, dress rehearsals and work which you just know will need to be rehashed. By itself, this cycle isn’t such a big deal as it’s in Leo and your Fifth House. Unless the book is for children or teenagers, it’s unlikely to be too affected. Really, you are playing a long game here, and it’s Sagittarius and your Ninth House which you need to track. The news is all good there. Jupiter goes into Sagittarius in November and will ultimately conjunct Neptune in your chart by 2019, so that’s a big holiday from the real world and an escape from the ordinary and everyday. You’d have to guess that the book finds a foreign publisher with that combination, too. Actually, Neptune lends itself to multimedia, beyond paperbacks – so have a look at that too.

  11. Thank you again and again for such fascinating reads! I wonder if you’d consider my husband’s chart? I’m the Premium Member and if it’s better to, I’d be glad to sign him up just so you could consider. We have the misfortune of his having been born in Australia and they didn’t record a time. 🙁 [I’m loathe to put all his birth information straight into here, forgive]. He has natal Jupiter at Sag 1… Sounds like, from reading others, that 11/15 is a very opportune time. He started a business 2 years ago and is about to launch into a “virtual” version of it. Fascinating that “it” is archery, considering his Jupiter is in Sag, the Archer. Would your suggestion be to wait until 11/15 for this launch? I don’t know if you deal with Yods, but it looks to my amateur reading as if it’s exactly opposite his Jupiter in Sag…and of course, I’m unable to interpret that if correct. Please advise if I should sign him up to be fair to asking this question. Thank you ever so much!

    1. We’ll be rolling out charts for partners by the end of the year, so don’t miss that. Yet, there is a reasonable amount to say here about your husband. He will have his Jupiter Return in Sagittarius in the Ninth House in November 2018 which is great news. Is it archery? How astonishing. I don’t work with yods, but in general, the moment that Jupiter hits 1 Sagittarius he may want to make his virtual business official. Thursday 15th November is pretty good – Jupiter at 1 Sagittarius trine Salacia at 1 Aries (Salacia is escapes from the real world; Aries is actually the sign of the Roman army who used bows and arrows). Friday 16th November finds Jupiter at 1 Sagittarius conjunct Bacchus (pleasure) also at 1 Sagittarius which would also work. He’ll do very well with tourists, foreign people and places or trips away with this one.

      1. VERY kind of you to answer! And oh so interesting!!! Shared immediately – with great gratitude. On the lookout for “partners charts”… great THANKS!

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