Your Aries Stellium and Destiny

On average you should have 2-3 factors per zodiac sign, like Aries, in the First House, which Aries rules in the Natural House system. If you have more than 3, you have a stellium. An unusually high ‘count’ in that sign and house. So, Aries is going to dominate your personality, more than it does other people, and the First House of image, presentation, appearances and reputation will play a much bigger part in your destiny.

Your Aries Stellium


In modern astrology we use asteroids and other heavenly bodies (like Salacia’s wife, Neptune, discovered recently) to interpret your personal birth chart. This means there are 34 factors on the horoscope wheel. There are 12 houses, or life departments, ruled by 12 zodiac signs.


On average you should have 2-3 factors per zodiac sign, like Aries, in the First House, which Aries rules in the Natural House system.


If you have more than 3 you have a stellium. An unusually high ‘count’ in that sign and house. So, Aries is going to dominate your personality, more than it does other people, and the First House of image, presentation, appearances and reputation will play a much bigger part in your destiny.




You’re sporty or athletic or do strenuous dance or yoga. You need a physical outlet for tension.

You take adventure holidays You never give in without a fight

You’re competitive in your career

You’re energetic, unafraid, competitive.




This is a fantastic sign to have in your astro-package, because it helps you to assert yourself to get what you want. An Aries planet which is being used properly can turn a dream into a reality. Your Aries Stellium can be used to push yourself towards what you most desire. It’s a goal-oriented, fearless sign and having it as part of your overall chart make-up is like having a tiger in your bag. It also helps you in those situations where you must defend and protect yourself. And along with the tiger in the handbag, there is a set of red armor in there!

Whatever interests or enthusiasms are described by the other signs in your profile — or by your Rising sign — Aries will crank up the energy behind them. This planet accelerates, boosts and ignites. It


is rather like having an outboard motor attached to some part of you providing the muscle and adrenalin necessary to do whatever you have to — or choose to

— do. You may have planets in other signs which describe various passions and interests.

Forget women who run with the wolves or men who lead the pack. Your Aries stellium guarantee you’ll run with virtually anything. If this side of you is strongly developed, you’ll probably be one of the very few people who can develop a passion for old-school male sport as well. The kind where head-butting and kicking are normal.




Two strands of the Aries myth lend themselves to sport: firstly, strength, and secondly, a true spirit of competition. They say personality is destiny. Well, that’s true for you. As slow-moving horoscope factors pass through the sign of Aries at any time, they conjunct (or trigger) your own Aries planets, asteroids, points and the rest. This wakes you up to your Aries side and you will find yourself becoming far more aware of your need to push, push, push. And rush, rush, rush!


Chiron will be in Aries from April 17th, 2018 to September 25th, 2018 which is your first taste of this new cycle. Then he goes back into Aries from February 18th, 2019 to April 14th, 2027.


During this time, you will experience the classic Chiron challenge to break boundaries, bend the rules, experiment and explore. Chiron was a music teacher in the Ancient World, but not like any other. He was a centaur. Half man, half horse. His very existence challenged people, yet he was also given the job of teaching herbal medicine. Chiron was found in 1977 the year that punk rock broke. He is your punk music teacher and as he passes through Aries and triggers your Aries stellium 2018-2027 Chiron will wake up that side of you which wants to come first and be first. Chiron is associated with audacity, daring and chutzpah by astrologers like Dennis Elwell and he is a symbol of the break with convention and tradition, just to see if something is possible, or acceptable. Chiron is about what you can get away with, so when it comes to your appearance, you will push the boundaries in these years. Cosmetic surgery? Gastric band? Purple hair? Maybe you are more interested in self-promotion. Secret identity online? Name change? Total internet reinvention?




One of the basic things I notice about readers with factors in Aries is that they always feel better after they’ve walked things off, or, in the words of one Mercury Aries woman, ‘sweated things out’. You don’t have to be a pro athlete to live out this sign in your life, but you will find that everything seems to come together better when your body is being stretched.




Aries planets, asteroids, points, angles and so on – in a large group – create you-versus-them situations more frequently than any other sign. Some Aries-influenced people consciously enter into fights, and some don’t ask for them, but seem to get them anyway. Your Aries Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars (and the rest) will often land you in two-way contests or three-way triangles, and the following scenarios are especially common and do affect your reputation. You may also have a name change (after divorce).


  • Husband versus wife
  • Mother versus daughter
  • Father versus daughter
  • Husband versus wife versus mistress
  • Husband versus first and second wives
  • Lover versus ex- lover
  • Business partner versus business partner
  • Friends versus friends of friends
  • Nation versus nation
  • Neighbor versus neighbor
  • Team versus team
  • Employer versus boss
  • Brand versus brand
  • Business versus business
  • You versus the world!




Eventually, your guests will trip over your skis, your trainers, your wet Bathers/swimming costume or your ‘serious’ walking boots. The worst-case scenario with the home is a kitchen full of angry notes between family or household members. People with a strong Aries side who live alone even manage to leave angry notes for their pets! When you renovate or decorate, you do it in half the time that everybody else does, but you tend to start off enthusiastically, then lose interest. You’re always dashing in and out.


When you cook or clean, you do it better than everybody else, as your competitive side comes out when you’re cooking for an audience. You are an impatient cook and spend a lot of time staring at the oven timer and sighing heavily. Don’t cook soufflé — it’s just not going to work. You eat fast food, often get home delivery and ‘nuke’ food in the microwave if you are typical of your Aries side. You might be slower and smoother if you have a lot of other factors in, say, Pisces (which is rather escapist and dreamy). Yet, if you are true to your Aries stellium you’ll want fast food at home or on the high street.




Aries is one of the least acceptable signs in our society, because its ruling planet, Mars, is so brutal. Mars was the God of War and represents pure aggression. In mythology and astrological tradition, he is dripping with blood and hungry for battle.


The socially acceptable face of Aries is sport and organised war machinery — the Army, the Navy, the Air Force. Also, sanctioned places where aggression, attack and defense can be played out — like the police force, politics and the legal arena. Corporate aggression is okay, too. If you are strongly Aries- influenced these general areas and themes may have already played a part in your life. Still, it is unusual for little girls to be told that scrapping in the playground is a fabulous idea, that becoming a general is the way to go, and that tough girls are good girls. This brings me to women with an Aries signature, who can find it harder to live out, than men do – our society still being old-fashioned and alpha male!


Society as a whole has always had a problem with women who have Aries planets. Its preference is generally for nice women, but I really don’t think the word ‘nice’ is what your Arian side is all about. Strong, tough, assertive, feisty and fearless are adjectives which are much closer to the mark.


If you try to pretend that your Aries planet isn’t there, it will squeeze in through the back door. Then, in what appear to be circumstances beyond your control, you have to face all manner of stresses, irritations, bitchfests and snarling relationships — all of which seem to take ages to resolve.


These long-running snarlfests are a total negation of what your Arian side is all about. Arian fury should be honest, plain, obvious and both aired and finished with as quickly as possible. It also


needs to go back to its true source. Complications seem to arise for Aries- influenced women when they either: a) Ignore the original source of their anger and end up venting their spleen on inappropriate targets around them, or b) Stretch out the purity of quick fury into something niggling and time-consuming like nagging, sniping, passive aggression or secret bitching sessions.




I don’t think any astrologer would recommend that an Arien type should just march over and bop someone on the nose — or indeed, throw a frying pan at them. But to pretend that you were not born with an Arien side, and have no connection with Mars, God of War, could end up making life very complicated. Perhaps unhealthy, too, as diluted anger becomes stress, and anger turned back in on the body has been known to reveal itself as illness.

There are many ways to deal with the inevitable battles or mini-wars that affect your Arian side. One way is to write it all down. Paula Yates — a fantastic Moon, Mercury and Venus Aries type, did this to great effect when going through the Bob Geldof–Helena Christensen– Michael Hutchence Press saga. Paula fought a long fight. I remember her with great affection – she was light on her feet, straight to the point, and was unafraid of life. All great Aries stellium traits, although she was a Taurus.


Vita Sackville- West was another famous Arian type stuck in a love triangle. Hers was between her female lover, Violet, and Violet’s male fiancé, Denys. Vita was famous as a writer and spectacular gardener, in that order, but her diaries are one of the most interesting thing about her: Here is her Venus in Aries side, cutting loose in September 1920:


I now hate him (Denys) more than I have ever hated anyone in this life or am likely to; and there is no injury I would not do him with the utmost pleasure.


Denys lived to see another day (Vita can’t have had too many frying pans available) but her furious diary entries highlight this fact about your Arian side: you can write your rage — or paint it, or play it out in the pool, or just take care of it by hissing from a distance.  Two Aries Suns — and enemies — Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, did a wonderful job of this when they filmed Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? In one scene, Bette’s character had to kick Joan’s. Crawford said ‘I’m not doing it. I don’t trust Miss Davis. She’s going to kick my teeth in.’ Those making the film said she was probably right.


There will be times when you must genuinely attack or defend, though, in which case your Arian side will be very useful, maybe even life-preserving. Finally, forget the personal: your Arian ‘Tank Girl’ side is a fantastic plus for whichever good cause or group goal you lend it to. It’s your Aries planets which make the difference.




A strongly Aries man is a real fighter and is at his best in a campaign for a cause he believes in. At his worst he can be belligerent and even violent, as you might expect with Mars dominating his chart. He will respond strongly to Mars transits (cycles) because Mars rules Aries. So, any time Mars changes signs – which you can check on the front page of my website – one brand new area of his life will become a playing field for him to run across. If Mars goes into the Second House of money, for example, he may be motivated to push harder for money owed to him or fight for a bigger expense account. If Mars goes into the Third House of the internet, he may end up in troll wars online.




What is great about your Aries stellium, no matter what gender you are Is that you act on things.


Aries is the difference between sitting on the couch worrying about things, and actually being motivated enough to do something about them. Chrissie Hynde, an Aries Moon, uses it to project her leather- pants image, but also to battle for animal rights.


Here’s a list of well-known women whose Aries planets have led them into some personal Battles Royal:


  • Joan Crawford (Sun and Venus in Aries) and Bette Davis (Sun in Aries)
  • Doris Day (Sun in Aries) and Martin Melcher
  • Chrissie Hynde (Moon in Aries) and McDonalds
  • Candice Bergen (Mercury in Aries) and Dan Quayle
  • Shannen Doherty (Sun in Aries) and Aaron Spelling
  • Vita Sackville-West (Venus in Aries) and Denys Trefusis
  • Whitney Houston (Moon in Aries) and Bobby Brown
  • Sarah Ferguson (Moon in Aries) and Buckingham Palace


You are potentially the most alarming warrior maiden or warrior ‘lad’ in the zodiac. If you are seriously taking your Mars for a walk, when you have a new Mars transit or cycle, in a new zodiac sign and house (life department) then you could become quite physically angry and aggressive. A punchbag at the gym may be necessary — or perhaps one of those blow-up clowns that bounce back when you pelt them. Your tactics are probably made up on the spot, because battles with you tend to be fast, potent and an enormous drain of energy.


A tremendous number of people with Aries planets succeed in their own businesses, or in fields where they are pretty much left to their own devices. If you have the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars here, you have enough energy, courage and confidence to make it on your own. The Aries number is One. It also rules the first house of the horoscope wheel. Being number one, and doing it by yourself, is a constructive way of channeling your aggressive Aries planets.

Some of you run one-person shows inside larger organisations. It’s also very common for Aries-influenced women to set up under their own names or to be strongly identified on a first-name basis with their clients or customers. If you have an Arian side, people tend to relate to you first, and what you have to offer becomes entwined with your personality. Your name leads the product or service.




If you have a planet in Aries, and strongly identify with the sign, then you are virtually a spiritual redhead. Mars, the ruler of Aries, has long been associated with the colour red. It’s interesting to see how this colour turns up in the lives of the Aries-influenced, too. Some of you are almost auburn — or almost auburn again. The fates may become your personal hairdresser if you are born with an Aries planet, or a strong Mars signature in your horoscope. You may develop a thing about red cars, red lipstick or red flowers, as well. It doesn’t matter what colour your hair is, though — you may still seem like a redhead if you are strongly Arian.




Scarlett O’Hara – The sassy, independent, and occasionally aggressive heroine of Gone with the Wind is one of many fictional Aries women (Lucy van Pelt in the Peanuts cartoons is another). Scarlett’s most famous feud was with Rhett Butler, but her cinematic spats are many and varied. Throughout the film, she is continually seen in competition with other women — most famously, her Southern Belle rivals at the auction where Rhett bids for her, and against the third corner in a classically Aries love triangle — Melanie, wife of Ashley. Her name also contains the famous Arian allusion to red. Her style is very Arian — impatient, brave, tough and full of pioneering spirit. If you need to take your Aries planets for a walk, hire the video, see the film on the big screen, or read Margaret Mitchell’s book. The author shared Arian qualities with her heroine and had planets in the other two Fire signs — Leo and Sagittarius — in real life, women with these signs in their astro-package often hook up together, too.




This stellium of yours in Aries allows you to be right on the edge of the first wave. This sign gives you a charge signal that can lead you into some pioneering areas: never too far ahead of the trend, but always on top of it. Your Arian side enjoys being first or being involved with the first wave of anything. This side of you likes to race off in new directions as quickly as possible.


In Rome, Mars ruled the legions – and part of their strategy was to intimidate their opponents with their advance reputation. They were famous for their armour. For their bloody track record. For their courage. For their aggression. Most of all, the soldiers of the Roman Empire were famous for charging right in and pioneering the quest for new territory for their country. Mars ended up with rulership over Aries at some point history has forgotten – but today, your stellium is still about pioneering and pushing.


It’s partly your competitive side that dislikes being left behind, but it’s also a genuine desire to champion new ideas or new trends, explore new territory and lead the field. Your Aries Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars (for example) is interested in opening up new areas. In fact, the word new has a hypnotic effect on most Arian types. This side of you is unafraid and enjoys risks: this tends to make you an innovator. Other signs in your astro-package may be slower or more cautious, but your Aries planets will always push you forward. You were probably living affirmative action even as governments were inventing a word for it. People with Aries planets typically dislike being last to catch on, or the last to know.


And this is one of the reasons Aries- influenced women in particular are so often identified with equality, breaking the glass ceiling or advancing women’s progress. It may, or may not be, the ethical questions surrounding feminism and equality that concern you, but you are unlikely to tolerate being last in any race, or the last to follow any new idea. The fact that you are a woman is irrelevant. The pursuit of the new is the thing that stimulates you, and if that means crashing through the occasional gender barriers as you race forward, you could probably care less. Anything that slows you down — including discrimination — just won’t be taken seriously.




Your Aries planets lend you a toughness that does your image no harm at all. It’s a kind of jodhpurs-and-leather-boots swagger, and it exists no matter what you’re wearing. I suspect Aries- influenced women could wander around in pink frilly caftans and still look tough. Mars, the ruler of Aries, was also known as Gradivus, or The Strider. The ancients associated your sign with striding out into battle. Many women project their striding Arian side straight into their wardrobes and live their lives in pants or jeans. More importantly, they tend to stride and swagger through life itself.




The words ‘me’ and ‘I’ are strongly associated with Aries, because this sign rules House One of the horoscope, where people develop a sense of self. Aries gone mad can be notoriously self-centered for this reason. Handled properly, though, an Aries planet can be wonderfully assertive. Most of you who have developed your Arian side will have no problem using the ‘me’ word or the ‘I’ word. Women who sing or write songs for a living tend to lean hard on this Arian sense of self to push their personalities across. Do you know any of these songs, below? You are listening to Aries.


  • You Don’t Own Me — Lesley Gore, Mercury in Aries
  • E.S.P.E.C.T — Aretha Franklin, Sun in Aries
  • I Want to be Free — Toyah Wilcox, Venus in Aries
  • Stand up for Your Love Rights — Yazz, Mars in Aries
  • Shut up and Kiss Me — Mary Chapin Carpenter, Moon in Aries
  • Stop Your Sobbing — Chrissie Hynde, Moon in Aries


Aries-influenced action women like Katharine Hepburn also give you an idea of this sign. Here’s a tip. If you want to see how strongly Aries you are, look at Mars in your chart. Does Mars line up (with exact numbers or degrees) with more than two other factors? You are powerfully Mars influenced and may be even more Aries than you might expect. Katherine Hepburn had what is known as The Mars Effect in astrology. She had Mars at 15 Capricorn aspecting her Midheaven at 16 Leo and IC at 16 Aquarius. In plain English that means she had Mars, the planet of war, near the angles of her chart. When you use the Natural House system, Mars winds up making a pattern that is characteristic of great athletes and military men.


Katherine Hepburn and John Ford were passionate golfers and their time off set was spent in competitive golf rounds at the California Country Club. According to Ford, their golf bets included this one: that if he won, and Katharine lost, she would have to forfeit her usual comfortable attire of slacks and a shirt and turn up to the film studio ‘dressed like a woman’.


The versus factor Katharine’s longtime rival and adversary was Louise Tracy, wife of Spencer — a classic Arian story of wife versus mistress. Her other famous battle was against the House Un-American Activities Committee in Hollywood.


Handling Arian anger As a child, Katharine was notorious for beating up bullies. As an adult, she channeled her anger into battles with the film studios, and into the women’s movement. At 65, she was still suing MGM.


As well as embodying the qualities of her sign, Katharine was also the genuine article and from birth, was known as Redtop to her family. Red was one of her favourite colours. She was also in the running for the role of Scarlett O’Hara, which eventually went to Vivien Leigh. One of her later roles was in the film Sylvia Scarlett. Self-starters! Katharine found her own career as an actress against her father’s will. Pioneering spirit! Most of her life was spent as a pioneer — she became a symbol of the New Woman in films, and popularized sportswear, pants and jodhpurs before they became fashionable. For a real insight into Aries ‘pioneering style, though, watch Katharine Hepburn in The African Queen. Tougher than tough! Apart from her infamous pipe-smoking on the set of Mary of Scotland, Hepburn was also famous for her ‘golf-course stride’ and her uncompromising nature. A sense of self! Katharine got this from her mother, who once said, ‘I want her to express her true self, fully! We never suppress her.’


In modern astrology, we use asteroids and other heavenly bodies (like Salacia’s wife, Neptune, discovered recently) to interpret your personal birth chart. This means there are 34 factors on the horoscope wheel. There are 12 houses, or life departments, ruled by 12 zodiac signs.

On average, you should have 2-3 factors per zodiac sign, like Aries, in the First House, which Aries rules in the Natural House system.

If you have more than 3, you have a stellium. An unusually high ‘count’ in that sign and house. So, Aries is going to dominate your personality, more than it does other people, and the First House of image, presentation, appearances and reputation will play a much bigger part in your destiny.

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54 Responses

  1. Hello Jessica,

    Thanks – so much information packed into your article! I have 3 factors in Aries (including Venus), so not quite a stellium. I have more factors in Virgo and Gemini so hope you will be doing similar articles for all signs. Is there anything you notice about the factors I have in
    Thanks in advance


    1. You are strongly Gemini and Mercury. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, actually. Your Gemini side shines in the Third House of worldwide web, languages, multimedia, education, publishing and communication of all kinds. Virgo is similar as both signs are about connections. In the 20th century that would have been the telephone switchboard at the exchange. Now it is about Twitter and email. M you will always need a diary or journal. It will actually make you feel physically better to write things down and express them even if you shred it later. The strongly Gemini-Virgo person lives in their head, by the way, so you need to swim, walk, do yoga, dance or anything else that gets you back into your body. Balance your chakras (use a YouTube video) so that you are not overdoing your crown, third eye and throat chakra and ignoring the rest. Mercurial people tend to be just that. You travel or commute more than most other people and are always on the move. You are articulate, know how to find just the right words to get your message across and by the time you retire (if you ever do) you will have some outstanding projects, publications or other achievements which reflect your way with words, ideas and images. The cousin or sibling you spent the most time with as a child has had a profound effect on you, as together you figured out how to read and write together. Your training in the English language, or another language, took place with that brother, sister or cousin and so the adult relationship today is really important, for better or worse. This also harks back to Gemini and the Castor and Pollux constellation – the heavenly twins. Sometimes twins develop their own private language. Mostly, though, Gemini symbolism is about the other ‘brother figure’ or ‘sister figure’ with whom you developed early speech. This is where the connection between Gemini, cousins and siblings comes from. It’s partly the constellation, but more typically, because the person you learn how to talk with, is the person who influences your headspace.

  2. I’m a Gemini but your Aries articles just seem to sum up my life!! Although I’m not so much into sport I do like to walk – it’s how I unwind and think. Your sentence ‘Many women project their striding Arian side straight into their wardrobes and live their lives in pants or jeans.’ so makes me smile – I’d add a good pair of boots to go with that. I’ve always felt uncomfortable in a dress…..
    I have an Aries stellium of Moon, Jupiter, Fortuna and Diana and sometimes I feel just as much an Aries as a Gemini. I remember you once describing Aries people as having go faster stripes and sometimes I have to remember to slow down as I can leave other people behind.
    Thanks for an insightful and life affirming blog Jessica!
    Pauline x

    1. There you go Pauline. You’re more Aries than Gemini. Thank you for the validation. You’ll always feel more comfortable living out your Aries side. Do you have a dog? Diana always walked with a greyhound. Actually, she ran!

  3. Hi Jessica,
    U are full of wisdom n so generous of u to always share with us ur wonderful knowledge….
    The first sign of zodiac !!
    How would my Aries stellium play it’s role in my destiny??
    I am Aries female.. 28 march 1977, 11:37 pm. India born
    I have a Aries stellium in my chart with my
    Sun Aries 7 degree
    Mercury Aries 20 degree
    Venus Aries 21 degree (r)
    Chiron in Aries 29 degree
    S. Node in Aries 24 degree

    My other details in birth chart are:
    Moon cancer 17 degree
    Mars Pisces 6 degree
    Jupiter Taurus 28 degree
    Saturn Leo 10 degree (r)
    Uranus scorpio11 degree (r)
    Neptune saggitarius 16 degree (r)
    Pluto Libra 12 degree (r)
    True node Libra 24 degree
    Mc Virgo 22 degree
    Ceres in Libra 4 degree
    Vesta in cancer 15degree
    Juno in saggitarius 0 degree
    Fortuna in Virgo 6 degree

    How would these placements play role in the bigger destiny of my life? Waiting to hear ur wonderful and amazing insights!! Still unsure how this year lunar eclipse affected me with my ceres at 4 Libra placement… Don’t know much how the coming eclipses n months would effect me…..and with ur current post curious to know what role my Aries stellium would play for my life?
    Regards to u always..god bless

    1. That’s a whole chart reading you are looking for there. You need to become a Premium Member and waitlist for a 2020 chart (2019 already closed). If you were born with Ceres at 4 Libra then the eclipsed Moon at 4 Aquarius certainly touched that. I am sure you read the general feature I wrote. An eclipse covers up. There is always a cover-up. An eclipse makes things go dark. You are always left in the dark. An eclipse makes it hard to see clearly. It obscures and obfuscates. So – given that Ceres is power and control issues – and Libra is about your former, current or potential partner – I hope you decided to steer clear of big decisions at that time. It may take months or years for you to find out what was going down. And you may never know.

  4. Hello Jessica,

    You have such insightful and highly detailed posts. Thank you, as well as your team, for having the courage to share your gift and talent with the world. I have Aries stellium as well as Sagittarius, Leo and Aquarius. I was born on December 25, 1971 in Kingston, Jamaica and now live in the US, from childhood. I am saddened that I am unable to get my accurate birth time due to the hospital not including the info on the birth certificate. I even contacted the hospital and they said a previous hurricane destroyed my records. (sigh) My mother claims I was born between 5 and 5:30 p.m. est but I don’t feel like a Cancer ascendant even though I am an elementary school teacher. As a Capricorn sun, I don’t even feel like the characteristics of a Capricorn! I am a single woman with an adult son (2/28/91 10:06pm est) who is going through his own emotional roller coaster.

    My question is how do I become a member and have my chart read if I don’t have the actual birth time which I hear is crucial information?

    Also, I’m appreciated by my students, peers and supervisors but I am not excited about my career which I didn’t begin until 33 yrs.

    Thank you for your time. Such a pleasure to read your work!

    1. Thanks very much for those lovely compliments, I will pass that onto James, Justin, Jodi, Alyas and Kerry. I’m sorry your birth time is not available. Use a 12 noon chart if you would like a chart, but don’t use the AC (Ascendant) MC (Midheaven) IC (Immum Coeli) or DC (Descendant) which are time-dependent. Those are four factors out of 34 factors in a chart you may not know, but that’s okay – you will still get 30/34 right! The only exception to that is any planet, asteroid or point which is at the very last degree or a sign, or first degree of a sign, so perhaps we could knock that down to around 28/34 but you would still be ahead. There are a ton of reasons in your chart why you’re a Capricorn Sun who doesn’t care about her career, by the way!

  5. Fun. Thank you Jessica. I am an Aries stellium. Always on the go and when I was young I would not accept men’s help specifically, saying I was an independent woman and I could do myself! It does scare and sadden me to end up in battle with other people though. I wonder what you might see in my chart about what I will tend to future battle? Thank you for the heads up for ways to enjoy being an Aries and possibly take the side road to avoid some self centered pitfalls. I do have a battle with my mother and now with my sister. My mother once told me people don’t like me when I am strong. Geez! Really? They are both Picses. I think I can be fair and soft but when I find disrespect watch out.

    1. No need to be scared about the thought of getting into battles – don’t get into them! Astrology is really about awareness and avoidance. The fact that you are fighting your mother and sister is a pretty useful clue. Focus on that for now. The biggest thing any Aries stellium person can do is put herself in the other person’s shoes. This is what Pisces types do naturally. Aries types are chiefly concerned with themselves as they are intensely self-aware and it can come as a shock to them, to realise that they have been invading other people’s space, rights or territory. The simple question ‘Is everything okay?’ can lead to an information download, sometimes, but it’s worth it. It’s not your fault if you are not aware of how you have been overstepping the mark. We associate Aries with stepping out, standing out, pushing forward, moving ahead, crossing the line and the rest – so it is very, very common for a strongly Aries person to unconsciously do this with others. You can also ask ‘Have I crossed a line?’. On the plus side strongly Aries people are the right women to have on your side in any kind of fight or campaign. They are fearless, fast and get things done. They are action women who pull things off, really quickly and that can be a relief for those who are slower to get started or less courageous.

      1. Thank you. My Pisces mother is by many many peoples accounts a tyrant and a liar with a healthy dose of narcissism to boot. Many lost relationships for her. I feel I have used my most independent Aries nature to pull away from a sick family dynamic. My sister who is an alcoholic and a lifetime thief seems to not know what to do with me so avoids me. I think sometimes as an Aries I ask hard questions about cutting through BS that others find very uncomfortable and prefer to discuss potential without end while Aries ask for action. I accept that as an Aries I can be too self focused. I entrain myself easily. Lol! Thank you as always …

  6. Hi Jessica sorry to ask another question so soon, but this one really befuddles me! I have the whopper of Aries stelliums but I’m probably about 1/4 of the Aries woman you describe…I can see my Saturn in Cancer squares off to my Aries moon and then I have my Mars in Pisces…is this what ‘softens the Aries jab’?; I won’t lie, I am a tad impatient and I hate injustice especially against children or the marine environment…but I was thinking this was more of the Libra scales traits speaking out? I’m so confused…how do I employ my Aries side in my day to day life without coming off as a bitch on steroids? I’m secretly afraid to step into my power as I feel that sounds like an arrogant self entitled term and I don’t handle conflict very well…UGH I know these aren’t Third World issues, but it’s hard to find out where I fit in in life sometimes especially at an age where I probably should have most of it figured out by now!? Much appreciation as always for your time and continued efforts for us all. xx

    1. Thank you. An Aries stellium is not just about a lack of patience or the need to fight for a cause. It is also about the First House, which describes your image, profile, self-promotion, name, face, online identity and all ‘Me’ issues. Have a look at the First House on Search because that is where a large part of you dwells. If you don’t identify with your Aries side, sometimes it can be useful to look at friendships which appear to have fallen by the wayside, and at break-ups with former lovers, as well as any splits within the family. The strongly Aries person can sometimes not see/not own her part in proceedings, but if you look at the life story, there are more bodies littered around than the last scene in Othello!

  7. I wonder what does it mean for me Chiron at 21 Aries??? Thank’s all I have of Aries in my birtchart…


    1. You don’t have a stellium in Aries at all, so this feature won’t apply to you, but to be born with Chiron in Aries in the First House, is to be like a music teacher from 1977 with a particular interest in punk rock, who wants to encourage people to experiment wildly with their appearance (spiky hair) their name (Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious, Rat Scabies) and their image in general. Chiron is about seeing what you can get away with and teaching others how to do that. Aries is about image, profile, self-promotion and ‘Me.’ I hope that helps you understand Chiron in Aries in your First House. The most famous surviving image we have of him, is as a music teacher. He was found in 1977 when God Save the Queen by The Sex Pistols was at Number One.

  8. Hi Jessica
    I’m addicted to reading your blogs … they are a wealth of information.. thankyou
    I have a stellum in Aries … my sun, Mercury, Venus , psyche.. & maybe my MC though I don’t know my actual birth time?
    What does this mean with regards to love?
    I read somewhere on one of your blogs.. that Venus in Aries is not so much about love as it is about image?
    I have a few exes and yes I was recently involved in a three person affair but I didn’t realize it at the time…. Mr Virgo was being very secretive .. ugh !
    I have 2 beautiful adult children who are the light of my life & their father Mr Leo & I now have an amicable relationship.

    Thank you for any advice at this loveless time in my life.

    Aries S

    1. Thank you Aries S and although you feel loveless, another way to think about it is – free! You have Uranus at 16 Leo and Hygiea at 17 Leo, so they are almost exactly conjunct. This is unusual. The conjunction happens in your Fifth House, which rules lovers and children. You actually found a Leo father for your two adult children and it is very likely his Leo factor/s fall around 16 and 17 too. What does it mean to be born with this combination? Uranus is all about chopping and changing. Also churning. So, nothing is ever still, stable or settled for long in your personal life. You are also never bored. You never stagnate, either as a mother, or a lover. This year is karmic. It is about completion of the past, not necessarily starting out on a new future. You have to close the circle with your old lovers and partners, as much as you can. They also have to close the circle with you. Obviously you cannot control what your former boyfriends do, but you can manage your own situation by examining your heart to see if there is anything you need to say, or do, or make good. From November the North Node in Leo changes signs and it’s over. Things are complete. Looking further ahead, it may be useful for you to hit Search to find out more about Uranus in your chart, and the sign of Leo, and the Fifth House. Being open to what is new, unexpected, different and sometimes a total revolution with your adult children, their children in turn, and also men who may have stepchildren is a good idea. We all have Uranus in our chart somewhere and it is a symbol of regular upheaval. People with Uranus in Virgo, for example, frequently lose their jobs, or their projects or are suddenly hired, or promoted. There is no stability. You have it in Leo, next to Hygiea, who wants you to protect the future, insure tomorrow and safeguard everything. I am sure your Hygiea does not really suit your Uranus side, which will always upset the apple cart, but hopefully you can find a way to reassure this side of yourself that life can’t be locked down like that, and that it is wise, sometimes, to be fairly accepting of an unpredictable existence. Learning to surf the waves of change is a smart idea.

  9. Hello Jessica,
    I have 6 factors in Aries, but I don’t recognise any of the traits that are mentioned here! In fact I am the complete opposite in almost every way! Do you think my time of birth might be wrong, or is it possible that something else in my chart is having an effect?
    I would be interested to know why I’m not what the planets are saying I should be!
    Thank you

    1. You are the second Aries stellium person who does not agree that she self-promotes, gets into fights, pushes hard and fast, goes upfront and the rest. I’m taking it on board. I take my readers seriously. Thank you.

  10. This resonates so much with me though I only have Chiron in 29 Aries. Could it be the Mars in Scorpio, the other co-ruler I think, and the many contacts Mars makes with other factors in my chart?

    1. Mars doesn’t rule Scorpio. But -yes – spot on. Mars makes many aspects in your chart and Mars rules Aries. This is the next deep layer of astrology which I will cover at some point. The ruling planet in charge of a sign, becomes crucial if it makes a ton of patterns. And the sign it rules goes up in emphasis. So your lonely Chiron in Aries suddenly takes up more space!

  11. Hi Jessica,

    I have 5 factors in Aries however I am not aggressive or competitive. I am actually a very people’s person and I like to get along to with everyone around me. I am mentally tough and always bounce back after life throws any curveballs. I love dancing and it does set me free and makes me happy. So I see some things that hold true for me but I don’t see myself as a trendsetter, leader, warrior, aggressive, competitive or angry person. Can you explain why some times the what is expected of a sun sign may not hold true for everyone even though their birth chart shows they are inclined to be a certain way.

    Thank you! As always this was fascinating to read.

    1. Aries stellium? Wonderful. It has nothing to do with trendsetting, though, and it’s really not about being a leader. Aries stellium people can be warriors, though, and certainly aggressive and competitive. I’ll take your word for it. You’re not seeing how you’re a heavy Aries person.

      1. Ha! Clearly I am not seeing my own potential:) as I started reading other questions and answers, I realized I need to analyze my reactions to different circumstances in life. Maybe I react like an heavy Aries and appear one to other people. Thank you for responding!

  12. Hi Jessica,

    Would you be so kind to shed a light on how my Hygiea, Aesculapia and Psyche might affect me? I am trying to evoke the feminine archetypes within me as having a retrograde Venus in Aries conjunct Mercury wasn’t enough for my Aries stellium :).

    1. Psyche is most important. They talk about your Psyche at your funeral you now, and in your obituary. Psyche by sign and house, and aspects, shows you where you take on tests and trials, triumph, and then become immortal. When you ‘do’ your Psyche you live forever. You have Psyche in Aries as part of quite a large pattern in that sign in the First House of self-promotion, image, appearance, self-advertising and ‘Me’ issues. This may end up being a photograph or portrait of you which lasts forever (like the little girl in the Pears advertisement, or Marilyn Monroe’s iconic face). It could just as easily be some statement about your name, which lasts forever. Most interesting, grasshopper!

  13. Interesting idea! I’ve never had a dog and am a bit busy supporting my elderly father who is in poor health at the moment to look after a dog too. But maybe when he passes over this is something I will do and start running too!
    thanks for the Diana insight Jessica
    Pauline x

  14. Hi Jessica,
    I have a definite Aries stellium and can identify with much of what you wrote…sports oriented, impatient, hate lines, clinginess, temper tantrums – especially when I was younger and in romantic relationships, and also a fierce advocate for those in need/ a worthy cause. However, those traits have always been balanced by my Pisces stellium – sensitivity to others nurturing and caregiving, dreaminess and meditation have all been large parts of my life path. Recently care for others has taken over though, and I’m still struggling to get my Aries dynamic back (Saturn square Aries?), but I think it’s getting a jumpstart with the current stellar traffic (fed up and, need to workout more again)! However, you’ve also previously pointed out my Capricorn stellium is strongly kicking in, and I’ve been learning about tests as well as pushing back (Pluto in Cap). Any feedback toward balancing these divergent elements? I’m feeling quite pulled in different directions these days.

    1. Saturn square Aries will inhibit your sporty, impatient, oomphy Aries side – that’s for sure. It doesn’t last though. In fact Chiron across your Aries factors will slowly but surely wake it all up again. You are pulled in different directions because of your Capricorn and Pisces side. I imagine you could blend all three by going to the local pool and joining a water volleyball team. The ambition to get the trophy (Capricorn) and losing yourself in the water (Pisces) would work neatly with the Aries bang-crash-wallop side of you.

  15. Hello Jessica,
    I have six aspects .Can you tell me what to expect? Specially the July 27th Did not effect me much to my knowledge

    1. Your name contains the Aries animal – the ram. You are all about being first in any competitive situation. Butting horns, locking horns, butting heads. July 27th would not have been at all obvious to you, because an eclipse conceals, it never reveals. You would not have seen or known what was going on, as this eclipse was total. You were totally in the dark. You will realise how much you did not see or know, months later.

  16. Hi Jessica,
    I have an Aries Stellium , are you able to offer any insight into what that would mean for me and my chart. I never really thought of myself as very Aries but there have definitely been times in my life where I have been stubborn and find myself pushing for certain things in my life. I feel like I want my life to move forward and yet its not happening quick enough,

    thank you.

    1. You are another reader with Saturn in Aries in the First House as well as an Aries stellium. Saturn inhibits whatever sign it is in, so strangely, you should be as pushy, energetic, fast, in-your-face, brash, self-promoting and image-conscious as any other heavily Aries person, but as Saturn describes fear, you are also rather scared by that. This may go back to childhood when a parent or teacher told you to stop being so loud-mouthed, or ‘rude’ or perhaps you hit another child (or threw your Lego at them – which we used to do) and were told off. Saturn resistance is pretty common. You have a right to be Aries, though, and to enjoy the rewards of being upfront and out there. So if you work hard on ‘Me’ you will power through Saturn and in fact be stronger for it.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    Fab new website! Looks great. I have a stellium in Aries- Mars, Jupiter, Chiron and Panacea. I’d love to know how it plays out in my life- I can identify with many of your points in the blog (so interesting) including being competitive, I love boxing and walking, as a small girl I never accepted help (I can do it myself), I think I have a strong independent streak and have always walked to the beat of my own drum. But I hate arguing, dislike conflict but perhaps by writing and walking regularly this diffuses any Aries pent-up anger? Have a big Gemini stellium of 9.
    Thanks Jessica.

    1. Thank you! I will pass that compliment onto James, Justin, Jodi and Alyas. You’re an uninhibited Aries stellium type who loves boxing. And you nailed your chart perfectly. You get rid of your pent-up Aries anger by using your huge Gemini stellium. Just rip the the diary. And try not to leave anything online that smoulders…

  18. Hello Jessica,
    I am very grateful for your website and insight! I have a lot of Aries in my chart as you can see. Interestingly my friends and family say they do not see me or think of me as an “aries girl” as I am quiet and blend into the crowd. Can I expect to see changes in my personality as of next year ? Do you have any words of wisdom you could offer me?
    Most grateful x

    1. You have Saturn in Aries in your First House, so although you are strongly Aries, you are scared (Saturn) of self-promotion and thwart yourself (Saturn) and even self-sabotage from fear (Saturn) where ‘Me’ is concerned. We all have Saturn somewhere in our horoscope doing this. You have it in a chart area associated with your hair, make-up, body, wardrobe, social media profile, self-advertising, public speaking, media appearances and so on. If you want to be out there and up there, it will take work. Yet, what people master with Saturn is often exceptional.

  19. Hi Jessica.

    I completely LOVE this article. It resonated with me. Obviously. With Saturn, Diana, my ascendant, Moon and North Node in Aries, I understand the “battles” of being an Arian woman and being told I wasn’t being feminine or “nice” when I stood up for myself or challenged the status quo. Growing up living in jeans and getting dirty to the horror of my very Venusian mother and wanting to hang out with the boys as mates.

    You mentioned all my favourite strong women like Hepburn. I am sure Ginger Rogers would be in there too. Vivian Leigh, a Scorpio, was certainly channeling her ruler, Mars, in such an inspirational character like Scarlett O’Hara. One of the best Aries-esque quotes (which I use often!) is by Bette Midler’s character from Beaches: “That’s enough about me. What do you think about me?”

    I hope you enjoyed writing this article as I had reading it.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. That’s so interesting that you grew up in jeans and being a tomboy, venerating women like Bette Midler. Is that where that quote comes from? I love it. I’ll try to remember her in Beaches (which I saw years ago) when I write more about Aries stelliums!

  20. Hi Jessica 🙂

    Is my Mars at 11 affected by all the factors I have around 13 degrees!? Besides, or including, my Aries stellium…
    Plus, looking back thru the years, whenever something went on around the 11 degree (13 & 21 too), especially an eclipse, it had a tremendous effect on my life…including people with factors around those degrees.
    Is it Mars, or the factors, or my North Node?

    Thank you so much.
    Have an amazing month.

    1. Anything at 11, 12 degrees will trigger a complex pattern you have with Mars and the Nodes – so it is worth tracking. You would also have synastry with anyone who has factors at 11, 12 degrees. The ‘what’ of the story comes from the actual heavenly bodies or horoscope factors involved and it’s worth hitting Search whenever you spot one. Mars is of course the Roman god of war and it is that side of you that wants to push back hard, or push forward, or push against – other people. Physical exercise where you pretend to be at war is very useful as an outlet! (Even ping pong).

  21. Hi Jessica, this is so interesting. I never realized the extent of the influence of my Aries stellium in my approach to life until I read this article. It’s huge! I am a Gemini with Gemini and Libra stelliums (plus the one In Aries)….how do they interact with or temper each other? Is one of these stelliums “stronger” than the other two? Just curious!

    1. You’ll flip your Aries and Gemini depending on who you are with. The classic Aries-Gemini person needs to keep a diary by the way – do you do that? Although you might need to shred it afterwards! Sisters or sister-like figures are big in your life and a lot of your ideas are framed by these women, or one particular woman.

  22. Hello Jessica!
    I’m not sure if the Descendant & South Node count as part of a stellium, as I don’t identify with many of the Arian qualities you describe in your article. Otherwise, I only have Bacchus in Aries but my Mars in Cancer aspects many other asteroids in my chart. Can you tell me what that means for me?
    As always, many thanks and many blessings to you.

  23. I’d always thought that my rage at injustice was a rather unusual trait for my particular birth chart but this explains it beautifully; I’m really impressed with your insight and accuracy, and I’m a chronic skeptic. It’s actually slightly embarrassing how on point everything is which makes me feel a bit predictable, but on the other hand, it kind of makes me feel as though there’s an order to the universe.

    Anyway, thank you for your excellent work!

    1. Ah, thank you so much! That is a lovely thing to read as I’m at my desk. Waving my tea. And yes, there is an order to the universe. It just takes a while for us to see it, then it all makes sense.

  24. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for your insights! I have the Moon, Jupiter, Chiron and Apollo in Aries and I certainly feel their influences. Can I ask you to take a look at my chart advise me on the next months – I am facing unprecedented troubles regarding my family, career and legal status; I guess Uranus in Taurus has to do with that as well (am Taurean).
    Thank you for your excellent website and astro-human work!

    1. Thank you Cata. You will be protected financially from November as Jupiter changes signs and in fact, from that point forward you stand to gain from foreign people and places, travel, regional differences or even a relocation. By 2019 you will be pleased you began to look at a different place on the map and its locals, even though there may be cultural or perhaps language or accent differences. The family situation is a bigger deal as you were born with Saturn (hard work) in Cancer in the Fourth House of family. Please do look up the Fourth House when you finish reading this, as I have written a long piece about this area of your chart and it directly applies to you. Essentially you have 19-year-old karma coming back from November 2018 which seems to be a big change month for you. From that point forward you will need much more time and space to deal with a relative as there is a past life connection here which must be resolved. It will likely go back about 19-20 years, but also resonate into previous lifetimes. Once it’s done, it’s done. The North Node will pass 14 Cancer, conjunct your Saturn, and you will do what you have to do. You will get closure and resolution and then you can move on. Don’t miss that chance to travel, or travel in the mind though – you will love it.

      1. Thank you Jessica! I am living abroad (born in Romania and living&working in Luxembourg for the last decade), does that qualify for foreign people and places? My ex-wife is born on 8 Oct 1977, she abuses our daughter and tries to blackmail me in several ways. I was asking you if I can get more guidance, maybe for extra payment. Thank you.

        1. I am very sorry to hear about this, but if your daughter is being abused you should go straight to the police if you have not already done so.

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