Horoscope Tips and Tricks

Here are some of my favourite horoscope tips and tricks from my time as the columnist at Elle, Vogue and online Harper’s Bazaar. I’ve also edited extracts here from my book 2020 Vision (Penguin). This is tailored to your personal birth chart

Here are some of my favourite horoscope tips and tricks from my time as the columnist at Elle, Vogue and online Harper’s Bazaar. I’ve also edited extracts here from my book 2020 Vision (Penguin). This is tailored to your personal birth chart.

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47 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, I’m really intrigued by the finished/new start job situation with Capricorn. I have one job that I make money from that I quite like and also a hobby (blog/YT) that I started around 2008. I’m now thinking of launching a beauty/wellness business hopefully this year. How does this look for me I have 03 Aesculapia, 13 Diana and 23 Salacia in Capricorn.

    Many thanks!!

    1. You have Pluto conjunct Uranus at 17 and 18 degrees of Virgo in your Sixth House, which rules your job, but also rules your body, and the full spectrum of mind, body and spirit as a way of life, a challenge, or sometimes a calling. You are ambitious (your Capricorn signature) and also rather independent on a professional level – commitment and binding agreements suit you less well than space and freedom, which is your Diana in Capricorn in the Tenth House talking. If you have a long-term goal here, and you are thinking across 2019 and 2020, you will find you can aim for the classic Capricorn ‘slow and steady wins the race’ approach along with a fair amount of steady social mountaineering to help your career goals. The trines from transiting Saturn to your Virgo pattern, and then best of all Jupiter in 2020, will really help you. You’ll be speaking to Generation Virgo, born in the Sixties like you. Have a look at Uranus in Virgo and Pluto in Virgo generations on this website and elsewhere, as it may help you start your research. We/they are not like anybody else!

  2. An interesting and helpful article. The item “Sixties Virgos Are Intense” made me feel a lot better, very useful insights. I would say from experience that it’s not just the Sun Virgos from the Sixties that can be a challenge to deal with. The two most traumatic relationships I have encountered in my life are from someone born in 1965 and someone born in 1966, (neither is Sun Virgo, Aries and Capricorn I think), but both are volatile, hot-tempered, relentless workaholics. It has been emotionally-scarring and confidence-shattering (for me as a Sun Cancer) to be on the receiving end of their controlling, critical behaviour! I’m not sure what they are doing in my life, or indeed what I am doing in their life, but I think that there is a karmic factor in the drama somewhere.

    1. Thank you! It is possible that these two people you knew born in 1965 and 1966 had other chart factors in Virgo alongside Pluto and Uranus, which may explain the workaholic behaviour. Virgo is of course the ruler of their Sixth House and it is associated with daily chores, necessary tasks, duty and service. There are quite a few people out there with their Sun conjunct Uranus in Virgo, or Sun conjunct Pluto in Virgo, and that makes the whole business of career and employment so much more than just a job.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for the info on the cusp, I always found that confusing! Also what if you were born with Saturn in Cancer (4th house?) I also have Jupiter in Cancer, so maybe that helps?

    1. Actually you have a large stellium (cluster of factors) in Cancer in your Fourth House. You are defined by your family and your house or apartment. Your household or home town. Your homeland. Most of all, the family tree with all its long roots into your culture, history and heritage. The North Node (karma) moves through Cancer and this zone of your chart from November 2018 so prepare for a long, backward look – about two decades back – as closure is now possible, karmic rewards are coming and the circle turns for you in 2019. For more about this side of yourself and your life, hit Search and look up the Fourth House.

  4. Jessica,

    This post is so powerful. It’s truly a survival kit!

    am I undergoing a Neptune cycle?

    1. You have Neptune going across Panacea at 16 Pisces – he is very close at the moment. Neptune transits are confusing, because you encounter people, organisations or situations which show you a different kind of reality to ‘real world’ reality. To be born with Panacea in Pisces in the Twelfth House is to cover up (Twelfth House) your own escapes (Pisces) from what is normal, everyday and ordinary. Panacea offers remedies and solutions. Sometimes, this is about drugs and alcohol. Medical marijuana and gin, or something illegal. Neptune crossing Panacea is a gentle reminder not to tip the balance in favour of unreality. I have also seen this pattern when people spend 6-12 months vanishing from normal life as if they were submerging like sea birds, only to rise later from a time meditating in a monastery. As always with Neptune transits, look for the red and yellow flags, the lifeguards, the lighthouse and the sign with the fine print rules. A vacation from reality is lovely but don’t get in over your head.

  5. Re: If you have Capricorn factors from 1 to 15 degrees then your career has ‘finished’ since 2008 but you have restarted it, right?
    How spookily accurate! My career as a successful artist nose-dived during the global financial downturn of 2008. I sold my spacious house, which was also my gallery, and moved into a tiny cottage in the sticks, licking my wounds and turning my back on the world. Everything imploded. I got cancer.
    Some ten years later I feel better than ever, sold the cottage and bought a property in the heart of a central Victorian town in Australia. I’m about to re-launch myself in November, bigger, better, stronger – like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.
    You couldn’t make this up! K

    1. Thank you. Yes, astrology is spookily accurate, as you say. Congratulations on making a massive comeback like this, K, as you are now well and truly on your next big Tenth House/success cycle. Even more congratulations on surviving cancer. You are relaunching in time for your Jupiter Return in Sagittarius in the Ninth House so a great part of your happiness in 2019 will come from a foreign country, nationality or culture which seems so foreign to you, even in Australia. You may also teach or study very happily, either formally or in a more informal way. It’s your time.

  6. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for this article. Very interesting about career finishing up to 15 degrees of Capricorn. My Moon is 15 degrees and indeed my career finished then!!! That is amazing. Has not really relaunched. Maybe too late for me? However I still have later degrees in Capricorn, 21 degrees Ops, 23 degrees IC and 27 degrees Minerva. There is hope of something particularly dazzling with family in terms of career at a later stage. Given that my MC is in Cancer (family), is that then something that could happen?
    Many kind thanks to you for your constant generosity in writing these really elucidating articles and your response.

    1. Thank you! Astrology is quite amazing in terms of timing, as you’ve seen. Your later degrees of Capricorn in your Tenth House of career are really the clue here as it will take Saturn and Jupiter in 2020 to really complete a massive cycle of change for you. Then, from Christmas 2020, you get the feeling you’re almost done. From 2023 you are. You have either totally altered the way you climb the mountain, or you’ll find another mountain.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Love the terrible twos as well. Hope the message gets out there.

    We have had a property on the market since November and finally accepted an offer from people who have been haggling for many months on Friday 27th July going into eclipse with contract signatures on Monday 30th. The timing is totally out but it should conclude within 89 days and before Jupiter changes to Sagittarius. On the other hand if the contract falls through we will not be too disappointed as we only 1/2 want to sell. But eclipses, retrogrades…. a how not to! Perhaps subconscious sabotage!

    1. Patricia, you have certainly been affected by the retrogrades – not just Mercury and Mars – but so many other heavenly bodies are stalling or retracing their movements. Keep an eye on this one. You have Proserpina at 19 and Neptune at 20 Scorpio, almost exactly conjunct. When Jupiter finally goes to 19, 20 Scorpio later this year that is the biggest and best opportunity in financial terms, for 12 years. That seems like a more promising time for either a sale, purchase or the conclusion to negotiations. He will be ‘on’ your Neptune and Proserpina in the Eighth House. That is very much about a holiday from reality, to your total advantage, but also a major role for you as the ‘person in the middle’ or in the immortal words of Spinal Tap, the lukewarm water between the fire and ice. You’ll be well placed to go between X and Y in terms of the money, then. Just try to conclude this before you go into that epic Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio once the Halloween pumpkins arrive. You can hit Search to read more about that.

  8. Thanks Jessica
    I have a few placements in Capricorn and my career has transformed from 2008. Although on the sirface things are now stable at work, my career has plateaued and I have been sensing things will end in ghe next few years with this role. Any insights always appreciated!

    1. You have placements right through to 26 Capricorn at the every end of the cycle, so right up until Jupiter and Saturn change signs at Christmas 2020, you will be seeing career transformation, or just plain life direction transformation. Then, very suddenly, you realise it’s the start of a new era. You have an Aquarius stellium in the Eleventh House of people power, communities, groups and friends. Once Jupiter and Saturn both go into Aquarius from the end of 2020, and Pluto into Aquarius from 2023, it is being part of a circle of people, working together for a common cause, that will change your life forever. For more on what to expect, hit Search and the Eleventh House.

  9. Hi Jessica, I have Saturn in my 4th house…can you explain to me what this means as far as not renting or buying? what are the dates I would need to look out for? I was hoping to purchase my first home or investment property within the next 5 years…does this mean it’s a no go during this period? Thank you.

    1. I’m going to correct this feature (Mercury Retrograde) as it’s about transiting (travelling) Saturn in the Fourth House, not natal (birth) Saturn. You have natal Saturn at 14 Cancer square the natal Moon at 14 Aries, though, so you may want to avoid the periods when transiting Saturn is at 14 Capricorn, because it will form what is known as a T Square and that’s unnecessarily hard work. Keep watching the planetary positions in your weekly horoscope and also on the front page of this website.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    I love the new look and thanks for another great article, I am sun Capricorn with a stellium in Virgo and Scorpio not sure what this means in the bigger picture.
    Oh and don’t forget to come to Australia.

    1. Thank you Sandi, I will pass that compliment onto James, Justin, Alyas and Jodi. I will be back in Australia on 1st October and Joanne Madeline Moore and launch Sun Sign School in Melbourne in February at The Abbotsford Convent, with an online session too – so I’ll let you know about that. A horoscope tip I forgot to include, but will now, is the simple business of eyeballing your chart and seeing which sign repeats so often. Virgo is your repeat sign. Uranus, Pluto, Juno, Vesta, Ceres are all in that sign. They are all in your Sixth House of work, and the body. Any time the Moon goes through Virgo, once a month, there is a huge focus on that for you, and you are given a chance to make progress, based on what you were doing about four weeks earlier. It’s worth tracking the Moon in Virgo.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    I have Moon 23° Capricorn 21′ 00″, Juno 16° Capricorn 19′ 01″, Salacia 28° Capricorn 40′ 03″ R.
    I am struggling for a big career break from 2015 on-wards, currently situation is bad and I am searching with no luck, looks like difficult times ahead. Please advise.

    1. You have ambition, patience, respect for the system (or the establishment) and will make it in the end, as all strongly Capricorn people do, climbing slowly and patiently to the top. The reason you are having difficulty is the transit of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, along with Mars Retrograde in the same sign. This has never happened to you before. It will actually never happen to you again in your lifetime! You will be very happy to see everything you have been trying to grow in your life, start to do just that, once Jupiter (growth, expansion, reward) moves to Capricorn at the end of 2019. During 2020 you will be given every kind of help, to assist you in your career. Until then keep trying different ways to improve your situation. Part-time study, part-time training, research in your chosen field, networking, volunteering, seeking mentorships and so on are all classic Capricorn-style tactics which can help you.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    I have been thinking about a cosmetic procedure for a long time now and have decided to go ahead with it sometime this year. When looking for a good period for the procedure should I be looking at factors in Aries or the position of Venus? I have previously read that having Venus in your sign was generally a good time.

    1. First House is Aries and that’s where you may want to start. If it was me I would wait until Uranus was well out of Aries, into the second quarter of 2019. Uranus is going back and forth and that’s just a bit too erratic for cosmetic surgery. If you are in no mad rush you may want to wait…

  13. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for these great pointers – especially the advice on moon transits (and alien astrologers!).
    I’m intrigued by the idea of mistakes in a birth chart being used by the universe to communicate with us, nevertheless. I recently corrected my birth time on my chart (making it 20 minutes later), which shifted the degrees, but not the signs, of my IC, MC, ASC, DESC and Ops. This altered some conjunctions and moved things around to (I presume) form different relationships between all the factors. Have I thus altered my future do you think or maybe only affected the timing of some future events? It’s still possible that neither of the times I used are completely accurate!
    I’m liking the changes you are making to the site – well done to your team!

    1. Thank you for the compliment about the website changes, I will pass that onto James, Justin, Alyas and Jodi. Mistakes are absolutely valid in astrology because it is divination, not science. Tarot cards fall out of the pack all the time and are meant to be read. There is no ‘wrong’ in horoscope casting as it’s just like casting the cards. You are altering your future with what you do which is fine. Quantum mechanics proves this is the way the universe actually functions anyway. Have a look at YouTube and the BBC documentary on parallel universes with E, the lead singer of Eels, whose father Hugh Everett III discovered multiverse theory. It explains what you have been up to!

  14. Hi Jessica
    Many thanks – I get lots of wow moments reading your work.
    Like some of the other readers’ questions I have several Capricorn factors (Saturn 01, Psyche 05, Mercury 11, Fortuna 19, Sun 27), and I too experienced a ‘finishing’ of my career in 2015 just as Pluto went back and forth over 15. I’ve had three years out of the rat race when suddenly an opportunity to return to a corporate role landed in my lap – forgotten what it was like for employers to want me again! The offer was made on the day of the eclipse (27th) so I’m wondering if this will actually come to fruition? I had one interview when Pluto was at 19 and I know through bitter experience what that can mean! You mentioned “If you have Capricorn factors at 15-29 then your job will also ‘finish’ now through 2023, but it will relaunch you professionally..”. I’m just wondering if Pluto is done with me for a while so I can actually start earning again and wondered what you thought. x

    1. Wow moments are good, thank you. Pluto is not done with you, much as you’d probably like an easy life, and this cycle is intensified by not only Saturn there but the South Node moving into the same zone (Tenth House) from November. You will see a massive shift in the balance of power in your chosen industry, field or profession in January which begins just before Christmas. Find the chair in the game of musical chairs and tune into the music. Keep moving and you’ll be dancing in 2020. From 2023 you can relax as it’s over, capital O for Over.

      1. Hi Jessica, I read your response to T and I could not help thinking we have similar scopes. I have Capricorn in:
        Sun 07
        Mercury 25
        Fortuna 22
        Minerva 11
        Salacia 18 and
        South Node 29
        How does this fall professionally.
        Thank you in advance. You are incredible!

        1. Thank you. This is a total transformation of your ambition, position and mission which began in a small way last Christmas and will escalate in 2019 with the most amazing breakthrough and turnaround in 2020. The South Node in Capricorn at 29 is something you will see very obviously in November 2018 as you have your Nodal Return. Whatever was going down, thematically or symbolically, in your career or education about 20 years ago is returning. There is unfinished business from that time – a reward to collect or some kind of soul debt to settle. This is part of a total and sweeping change affecting your status, social position, rank, and most of all your curriculum vitae.

          1. Hi Jessica, thank you! do you see the total transformation in the same field I was in 20 years ago or doing something new altogether?

  15. Funny post about the cusp thing! I am in fact one of those many people lol. According to my birth chart I am Sun Libra and Asc. is Scorpio and when I go to read horoscopes, sometimes my birthday (October 23) falls under Libra and other times Scorpio so I am always confused at which to read. So instead of reading both, should I only be reading Libra on your site?

    Aside from that, I want to thank you so much for your insights and inspiration. Your astrology helps determine so much of my path and I want to make sure I am following correctly.

      1. Lol thank you. Yes it seems I came about 4hrs too early for scorpio sun lol

  16. Thank you for this, especially regarding Saturn ‘on’ our stuff, lol! I have an old college pal whom I love dearly, but my Mars at 6 Leo doesn’t work opposite her Saturn at 6, and I think conjunct her Moon and NN at Leo (if her birth time right). My need for independence in relationship (Aquarius stellium) totally conflicts with her need for heavy, latched on, ultra close friendship and group belonging. I can enjoy frequent contact for a bit, but then I need to go my own way, and then ugh , claustrophobic and frustrating! Incompatible perspectives.

    1. That’s really interesting. I did not mention synastry in quite a long Saturn in Capricorn feature I just filed, but it is one of the age-old truths of astrology that anyone who has Saturn at the same degree as your stuff – will feel heavy, leaden, hard work and generally malignant in some way. It works the other way too. Your Saturn by sign and degree will show you who makes you feel like wagging your finger, withdrawing, putting up barriers, building walls and feeling generally ‘older than your years’. I have Saturn at 3 Pisces and people who have planets at 3 Pisces make me feel about 200 years old. It’s really interesting!

  17. Hi Jessica,
    My daughter was born 2 days after my birthday so our suns form a lovely conjunction in Libra.. She came with Saturn conjunct her sun at 1 degree so her Saturn also conjuncts my sun. Her elder sister has Venus at the same degree and my Uranus is there too so we have a pile up which is both sweet and sour. Sun Saturn seems tough, what do you make of that aspect and of our combined planetary pile up. My girls are 10 and 7.

    Thanks, Laura

    1. A lot of focus there on Saturn, at the same, or within one degree’s difference, of major points in your chart, your daughter’s chart and her sister’s chart too. You don’t mention your husband or boyfriend, Laura. That is interesting in itself. Where is the old man in all this? Because for all of you, this is very much about Dad/Daddy. Sometimes this is grandfather or uncle, of course. That’s your whole answer.

  18. Jessica – I recently started following you. Libran’s have been turned upside down! Can you direct me to a book/blog that will explain to me what are houses and how I can use your insight to translate to my birth chart. I am somewhat confused but eager to learn! Thank you for all that you do!!

    1. You have a Grand Cross in your birth chart and it is being triggered by the transiting (travelling) planet Pluto. This cycle always brings tests of self-control and willpower. If you can master yourself and rule yourself, then you change who you and change your world. The alternative is to feel helpless in front of formidable people or organisations and allow ‘fate’ to take you back and forth. So you know what to do! Your Grand Cross consists of Mercury 17 Libra in the Seventh House, MC (Midheaven) 17 Cancer, IC (Immum Coeli) 17 Capricorn, AC (Ascendant) 18 Libra and DC (Descendant) 18 Aries. This is known as a ‘cardinal Grand Cross’ and it is very rare. You can pick up all the free ebooks from this website as a Premium Member and also hit Search to look up individual placements to find out more. In a nutshell, you only get this cycle once every 240+ years and it’s intense. It does pass, but as you will be experiencing Saturn also triggering the Grand Cross and then the South Node and North Node, it will really help to see 2018, 2019, 2020 as a three-year time-span, and go slowly but surely through this period giving yourself a great deal of time and space – perhaps more sleep and rest too. It will be the making of you, but you need to know what is going on. You will notice it most with your career, unpaid work or university degree, but at the same time, in the relationship you share with your former, current or potential partner. There will also be questions about home and family.

      1. Thank you for the reply!! Oh my the Grand Cross sounds terrible! I have to stay that I am moving ahead with determination and courage. I know many events that I have recently experienced were out of my control, but I have to face this with courage and take small steps forward. I have learned to master my fear and trust the universe these past few months and that has given me determination to change what I can. I am taking this time to rest and prepare for next steps…although 3 years is a LONG time!!! You have hit the nail on the head in exactly all the areas that you mention are being impacted.

        1. A Grand Cross is something to work with – not terrible – but do look up Sacred Geometry on this website to see how to make that pattern work. The Beatles actually shared a Grand Cross and they broke up the pattern by adding ‘the fifth Beatle’ to the mix – Sir George Martin. They then brought in different places, like India, which also broke up the pattern (countries have horoscopes too) and so the cross turned into a beautiful new design in their charts. The trick is to add people and places.

          1. Thanks for the uplifting note. I will look these up – I am actually in the process of changing places people …. more importantly I am understanding that I choose to control my future which is loosely defined within my natal chart restrictions. Will keep you posted – thanks again, this meant a lot to me!

          2. Oh wow wow wow – just picked up the 2020 Astrology book – I learned soooo much. I now understand what a stellium is – and understand myself SO much better. What an amazing gift you are sharing with us. Thank you Jessica! Looking forward to continuously learning!
            Much love and gratitude.

          3. Thank you Sumita. That is a really lovely review of a book I am so fond of. You can keep using the information in there beyond 2020, too. Just follow the cycles.

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